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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 10, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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kristen and eric? >> in san francisco, firefighters are at the scene of a fire that turned and led to a major marijuana discovery. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is in richmond. >> yes. [ inaudible ] >> we apologize, obviously a problem with transmission. we will check with amy hollyfield later about the marijuana grow discovering after a house fire. >> walnut creek police are expecting to turn over findings of a weekend limousine fire to the c.h.p. for comparison to the deadly limousine blaze on the san francisco bridge. >> the latest happened when the
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limousine was about to take off to sonoma for a 90th birthday party and the fire broke out in an electrical system located behind the driver. ten women, most of them elderly, all managed to get out safely. >> we were able bodied, and we got out first to help the other ladies, and they were all like 90-plus. >> the owner of the company said the vehicle was recently inspected but highway is still investigating the may 4 fire that killed five women. >> man claiming that he revealed the government is collecting data from millions of americans phone and intent records is hoping to seem asylum. 29-year-old edward snowden was an intelligence contractor in hawaii and faces decades behind bars for revealing classified information over two national
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security agency, and he lives in fear of being tracked down and hopes to go toize land. >> i could have people come after me or any of their third-party partners. they work closely with a number of other nations. or, they could pay off the tria triad, any of their agents. >> officials say he was reckless and dangerous. the justice department has launch add criminal investigation. >> jury selection begins today in the neighborhood watch captain who shot and killed an unarmed teenager in florida. george zimmerman killed 17-year-old trayvon martin in february of 2012 and is charged with second-degree murder. the question of self-defense or murder will be answered by the people selecting from a 500 member jury pool. george zimmerman could testify at his trial claims that trayvon martin attacked him and george zimmerman faces life sentence if he is convicted. >> the supreme court could hand down a decision today on prop 8, the ban on same-sex marriage.
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today is another opportunity for the high court to issue a ruling on the controversial issue before its term ends at the end of 9 month. the decision on this could come any time in june. the court heard arguments in march and the justices are poised to rule on the federal defense of marriage act. if a ruling couples down today, we will bring you the ruling and reaction. >> public safety takes center stage tonight when budget talks get underway. the city council holds a hearing tonight and will vote on the mayor's proposed budget tomorrow. according to the san jose mercury news he is calling for more than $16 million to restore police officers pay and $8 million for staffing that has been paid for by firm grants due to expire. the total propose budgeted is $2.6 billion and coughs basic services like police and fire, the general fund of $934 million covered parks and recreation,
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transportation, libraries and reserves. $748 million is allocated for capital improve the months chug the airport, roadways and water treatment. >> this morning, sunnyvale police are preparing to look at felt to determine what led to the first homicide of the year. police found a man shot to death in a packing -- parking lot of a lounge. he was a security guard for the sports bar. another person was injured during a party at the bar. that person has since been released from the hospital. police will review video from the cameras for clues. >> it is 4:34. police are looking for a gunman who opened fire in san francisco while trying to steal an iphone. miss say they responded to a report of shots fired around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, and investigators say six men were approached by a man with a gun. >> boom.
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boom. it what so loud. everyone was hiding behind the cars and i didn't figure out what was going on until later when it started to figure out would that was, but it was sick, sick, sick. no one was hit, the robber took a wallet and cash if the victim in addition to the iphone. >> this morning, scotts valley police are searching for a man who exposed himself. officers released this sketch. police say he was wearing a white t-shirt and orange running shorts. a woman tells investigators he pulled up the leg of a his sports and exposed himself to her saturday night. police say the woman got out of the her car and chased the suspect but she lost sight of him. >> oakland police headquarters is scheduled to re-open today after a plumbing issue forced the building to shut down last week. it started with an overflowing toilet on the third floor on tuesday and the building on 7th briefly reopened the next morning but closed down again when "fix "was more complicated
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than thought and the dry out process left behind a lingering chemical smell and should be back to normal today. >> you had rain, eric? i am feeling left out of the weather action. what is going on? >> live doppler 7 hd shows the broad picture where the storms are moving again off mostly to the west. we will zero in on the storm to the southwest over lever more for an idea of where it is. it is right over wine country and the rolling hills. this will head across 84 to pleasanton with light rain through the 580 corridor to hayward. that is where we have rain and up to alameda so light rain is showing up there. over the last couple of hours there have been lightning strikes. it does not look impressive. if you live along 580 or to the
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south around union city you could get a little bit of a rain shower in the next 45 minutes. the day planner, storms are possible this morning and the chance to linger through noon and the low starts to pull away by 4:00 and by 7:00 we will be talking about temperatures that are below average again. you have a warming trend in the seven-day forecast and back in a minute with that. >> good morning, everyone, we have a few crashes to get to because of the rain causing slick conditions. if you headed to the drive look 580, if you are headed in the westbound direction you do see in more bore way an accident, a car went east road but we have debris in a lane causing a blockage and slowing. westbound 80 at carlson boulevard, this accident involving a big rig is blocking a lane. we have mostly green on the map in the eastbound direction,
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though, with some slowing. southbound 680, another accident, at brokaw road and a lane is blocked. to the golden gate bridge, we do have a high wind advisory and issued for the golden gate bridge, the richmond valve and -- the richmond-san rafael and the cartinez. >> developing news in san francisco, firefighters are at the scene of a fire that led to a major marijuana discovery. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is own the scene in richmond. >> look at the evidence, police just filled up this pickup truck with sacks full of marijuana plants. i asked an officer for the street value and he is guessing about hundreds of thousands of dollars. they got the original call to come here at 12:40 to 35th avenue in the richmond district in san francisco. there was a call that smoke was coming from the garage.
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they went in through the front door of the house, firefighters say it was complicated to get to the fire because walls had been moved inside the house to hide what was going on. >> when we beginned access into the rear we had trouble getting to the back because we discovered they had quite a bit of pot plants and a lot of wiring and electrical hookups in the back of the garage making it difficult to get back there. we found some fire in the rear corner of the building and debt units on -- kept units on the scene to knock it down quickly. >> no one was here and no arrests have been made, the house is still standing and it looks like they got the fire out quickly, and no major damage, with no major damage from the outside but the house is still here but the marijuana plants are on their way out of here. they are now going into evidence and police have confiscated them
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all and they think it is hundreds of thousands worth of marijuana plants and the smell is very strong out here. >> thank you so much. >> another food battle is on this morning in san francisco and next, the rules regarding food trucks that could be changing today. >> california lawmakers take it down to the wire again in hammering out a state budget. this year, though, it is not cuts they are fighting over. >> south africans are praying for the health of nelson
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>> covering all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> a look at embarcadero in san francisco looking across the bay, you do not see any rain in this picture, but, mike is finding some out there, some
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thunderstorm activity this morning, and a very active weather pat enright now and we will check with him in a moment to see how it could affect you planning your day. >> another victim of the southern california shooting rampage has died. santa monica police say 25 -year-old marcela franco died when she was with her father. her father died immediately. police say the suspect killed his father and older brother and shot and wounded four only people on the way to the college. police shot him to death in the college library and are trying to determine why he went on a rampage. >> there will be cooler weather but not after soaring temperatures claimed the life of a baby in fresno. a family was taking groceries in from the car yesterday and forgot the 15-month-old baby. an hour later the family realized the child was not in the house and found the boy
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still inside the car. he died at the hospital. temperatures outside topped 100 degrees and investigators are calling the incident "an accident." the parents will not face charges. >> new regulateses are coming that could level the playing field between food trucks and brick and mortar restaurants if san francisco. we have the new rules for you. >> the main post of the presaid joe a popular spot on sunday with two dozen food vendors have something for everyone including with the food trucks. >> they offer phenomenal foods. >> they will soon be forced to under go new rules and regulations in san francisco, brick and mortar restaurants have long complained food trucks have an unfair advantage given the overhead costs are lower. >> we want to have it so they can peacefully co-exist and consumers have choice. >> the supervisor has been working on a compromise for two years and now it is ready for a vote including a ban to keep new
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food trucks from setting up 75' of a restaurant and a maximum of three days a week in one location. the trucks will be able to park closer to schools and be allowed on college campuses and hospitals. >> right now the system is f of chaos because we have no standards in place and we are restrictive in other yeahs. we are trying to have a more balanced approach. >> if approve the new regulations apply to people like this woman who owns a restaurant and has been thinking of applying for a permit to operate in san francisco. >> there can be an agreeable agreeable...mid-way that can work for everyone. >> because the legislation was the result of all sides working together the proposed regulations are expected to be approved bit land use committee on monday and the full board the follow week. in san francisco, abc7 news.
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>> the legislation hopes to finalize a proposal on a new california budget meeting with the governor over the weekend and for the first time in the years the talks were not about spending cuts but were focused on how much tax revenue is projected to come into the state next year. the analysts pregnant -- predict the $100 billion, sufficient to come together on a budget plan for the new fiscal year going july 1. >> if you drive on a stretch of san francisco's market street this morning you will notice a big improvement. crews worked nonstop to lay down new asphalt and paint on market between van ness and 6th and filled in cracks and potholes with 1,300 tons of asphalt. they will re-pave the remaining lanes of market, east of 6th, and between stewart and third streets will be, worked on in two weeks. >> you like that the lane is cent? >> i do. it looks like a football field.
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>> you would think that. make it obvious, to keep safe. mike? how is the weather? >> a lot going on. live doppler 7 hd shows we have storm moving southwest away from livermore and right down 84, and it will head through sunol. you can see ahead of that system we do have some light sprinkles. in about, say, 15 or 20 minutes and up to 25 minute it will move through union city and hayward but it is losing its starch. we had red before and now we just down to yellow and that is the trend through the morning, scattered showers and possible a thunderstorm but it look like they are losing a lost their steam. here is the wet weather. remember it is moving backward, from east to west, and you are thinking if you live in richmond or berkeley and oakland it is coming your way, normally, yes, but it is headed to san francisco and south san
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francisco and colma and sausalito and all those areas are dealing with the wet weather and the best radar returns along alameda. as you hid over to the embarcadero, the bayview district, headed out to the marina district and sunset district we have the better radar returns. and muir beach has a little sprinkle and same in mill valley and product -- broadway and sausalito. >> the storms are pulling it over the ocean and pulling away from us over the high country. with the low to the south it is clockwise flow, it rotated to us. that means we are going to have some storms because the slow below us, but fading with the cooler conditions we will deal with that. more sun, but still cool tomorrow and a slow warming trend headed to the weekend. now, at look at your seven-day forecast, temperatures right now are in the 50's and we will stay
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that way at the host in the mid-to-upper 60's around the bay and lower to upper 70's inland neighborhood and we jump to degrees tomorrow, and two our four degrees more on wednesday, same on thursday, and we hold steady all the way through the weekend, so, today, we are getting the biggest bang for the weather buck of the now, traffic with leyla gulen? >> we have a few bangs, 4:49 as we go to richmond, we had an early accident in the westbound direction at the toll plaza and it was blocking a lane. a tow truck is on the way and we are down to 57 miles per hour in the westbound direction with a high wind advisory on the richmond-san rafael bridge. not too war -- too far away there is a big rig with paramedics on the scene with two lanes blocked. we have heavy conditions and you can track your own traffic with the exclusive waze app at apple
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app and google play. now, this is the toll plaza along the bay bridge coming from oakland to san francisco, not too many cars out there and seeing a little bit of light above the east bay hills but no accidents to report as you make the drive into san francisco. we also want to remind you we can make your commute more bearable this summer and we are giving away shell gift cards to seven lucky winners over seven days and each winner gets $700 in free gas a big thank you to our facebook fans like abc7 news for your chance to win $700 in free gas. you need to enter to win. starting on thursday we will announce a winner a day during the morning news. enter now at /abc7 news. >> human rights advocates in the bay area vow to continue to fight for democracy in iran as they prepare for a presidential
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election. dozens rallied in san francisco yesterday. organizers say 500 political prisoners remained behind bars in iran, and many of them are women. some of them helped a woman and two men, berkeley graduates held behind bars for more than a year in iran. >> when i was in prison, these other women became part of me. i am here, really, as an act of solidarity with them and the movement they are fighting for. >> organizers claim that iranian government is trying to block internet access inside a country to further stop political dissent. >> the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack at the international airport in kabul that left all the insurgents dead. seven targeted the nato headquarters at the airport, and the facility is responsible for the day-to-day war operations. police killed five attackers and two blew themselves up with
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suicide vests. they were armed with rocket-propelled grenade launchers and two civilians were wounded. >> former south africa leader nelson man tell that is in intensive care being treated for recurring lung infection. officials say the 94-year-old was listed in "serious but stable" condition. yesterday, members of his family were seen visiting the hospital where the antiapartheid leader is believed staying. mandela has been hospitalized several times in recent months. the last time, in april, for pneumonia. >> a philippine community goes all out to welcome home a hero, the special treatment the courageous k-9 will be getting. >> the battle over a popular men's store and some ne
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every dog has its day but few k-9s get a motorcade on the return home.
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look at in warm welcome. the dog arrived back home in the southern philippines and lost her snout and jaw? an accident is being hailed as a hero for saving the lives of two young girls. last year, the dog threw herself in front of a speeding motorcycle just before it was about to hit the girls and the deed caught the attention of people world-wide who raised $27,000 to bring the dog to uc davis pet hospital for treatment. >> a lot of weather going on out there. mike? >> there is. we are tracking it with live doppler 7 hd, and you can see the radar runs looked impressive as we pull away from livermore to dublin/pleasanton. if you want the rain, there is not that much falling from the storm but in the mid-part of the storm where the radar it is hitting it is full of liquid but just punching through the dry air below it. through the dublin grade and along crow canyon from san ramon
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we have a better radar return and we have scattered showers all the way across to the north of the san mateo bridge south of the bay bridge into the marin head lands. the scattered sprinkles and lightning and thunder from time to time, and that is starting to wayne as we head through the morning hours. we are the only game in town here, and it looks like that is the way it is going to be until the afternoon when another round of storms, possibly showers, develop along the sierra. unlike this morning they will not come back here they will head to the east. in the high country there will be rumbles of country and to the south, 73 in los angeles and 68 in san diego. now the traffic. leyla gulen? >> we are checking on this accident but, first, as we take a wide look at the bay area we see lots of green and that is the sprinkles mike was telling us about that could affect your
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drive so that means slick conditions as you make the drive from livermore and toward castro valley, oakland, and we are seeing some accidents as a result of this but go have this one, in fact, it is causing a huge backup out of east richmond, and westbound 80, a crash involving a big rig and we do have two lanes blocked and the paramedics are coming to the scene right now and we will see other parts of the bay area but right now 87 is moving clearly beyond the julian off-ramp. >> merchants in san francisco's mission district have lunched a petition to stop a popular men's store from opening on the corridor because a bookstore at 16th is there already and is being evicted after 25 years. the rent has doubled and the landlord is bringing in jack spade, a luxury plane's brand -- men's brand and locals don't like it. >> you come down here, read a
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book, meet different characters. >> zoning laws have kept the chains out of the mission and jack spade has ten locations so it does unlawful fall in that category but a public hearing is required after a business opens its 11th location in the united states. >> technical world is on apple this morning, with new products that the cupertino company will you will vein today as the world-wide conference in san francisco, and we following developing news in san francisco, the surprising discovery made by firefighters responding to
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