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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 12, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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more serious turn in tonight's closing argument. check out what has been going down on the streets of one of the great capitols of the world. it looks like a war zone right now in istanbul, the largest city in turkey, one of united states's most important allies, the police and protesters going at it in what was one the capitol, and a place for tourists, including many people including this reporter and his wife, just months ago. here is how it breaks down, the president who has stood by u.s. on key issues from iran to syria is governing in an authoritarian style, you can weigh in on the
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nightline facebook page, or tweet us. thank you for joining us, world news will be next, tune into gma tomorrow morning. good night.
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>> alan wang joins us with the latest. >> carolyn, it happened just outside the adventure play ground. that man is on the loose. kids can come here because you can build with a hammer and nails and scrap wood and somebody else thought it was a good place to prey on kids. tonight police believe the suspect may still be hiding around here. sky 7hd captured police searching every vehicle leaving the berkeley marina. police say a child under the age of 10 was playing at the adventure playground around 1:30. >> you can explore. you feel like a pirate. >> the child apparently left the fenced in play ground and
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was sexually assaulted in this nearby restroom. >> that's horrible. i have been here my whole life and never heard anything like that happening. i am shocked. >> the child gave police a description of the suspect. >> at the t he was assault he was wearing a dark green shirt, dark jeans and black shoes. >> he is described as african-american with one very distinct feature. >> blonde hair with green streaks. >> it is weird something like that to happen in the middle of the day at a place where there is so much foot traffic. >> police searched the entire marina, but they think he may have disappeared into the brush where several homeless people are camped out. >> the people that live back here don't like child molesters. >> if the suspect still hiding there this homeless man named cj says he won't be welcome. >> if they are out there, they will tell you. >> police won't say where the child's parents were at the time of the attack, only the child is physically okay and
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is with family tonight. in berkeley, alan wang, abc7 news. developing news out of antioch where police are investigating a homicide.cers we officers were called to of ashoe circle around 6:00bo 70-year-old man was discovered inside a home. police have not released the man's identity or any information on a possible cause of death except to say they are considering this a homicide. a labrador retriever training to be a seeing eye dog passed a real life test in san rave tie yell. it cameras caught it all as it happened on monday morning. the yellow lab was guiding two employees with guide dogs for the blind when you see an out of control car nearly ran them down. the dog heard. the 93-year-old woman driving lost control trying to parallel park. she was not injured when the car crashed.
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construc 49er 49er stadium in santa clara has halted following the death of an elevator installer on the job today. cal-osha and local law enforcement are investigating. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has more on the man who died and what went wrong. >> we wish to express our sincerest sympathies to the friends, co-workers, relatives and family of donald white. >> the meeting started with a moment of silence i 63-year-old donald white. the elevator installer died this morning while working on the new 49er stadium. cal-osha says white was standing on a ladder beneath the elevator counterweight when the counter weight struck him. >> accidents just don't occur like this. >> but today it did. white worked for schindler elevator and was on the floor of the elevator shaft on the eastside of the stadium. after the accident all 1,000 workers were told to go home and grieve.
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some gathered for a briefing. >> we have been on a high the last few months talking about the super bowl and the finishing of the financing of the stadium. to have this hit was awful. >> construction of the new stadium began in april of last year. as a 49er fan, donald white was excited to be a part of the project. after all, he had worked on elevators for 43 years. >> my dad was a fungi. he liked to have a good time. he was always the life of the party. he was always very out going. >> i have every faith he will be there for every single game that is played in that stadium. >> and grief counselors were here today. they will also be available tomorrow. construction wil live inthursday. live in santa clara, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you. >> the niners released this statement, our thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and co-workers
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affected by the tragedy. the 49er family has lost a teammate. schindler elevator was fined $18,000 by cal-osha two years ago for a preventable accident at a palo alt work accident. cal-osha's investigation found he and another worker were not using proper protection at the time. the aclu announced a lawsuit against the security agency surveillance program. the aclu says the surveillance violates america's right to privacy and free speech. meantime they are looking for the nsa contract worker who leaked the classified information. the whereabouts of edward snowden are still unknown tonight. before edward snowden there was another am list who leaked confidential information. daniel elsburg helped change the course of the war and he spoke about this latest scandal. john alston was there, and
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john he had some strong opinions about this. >> the event wrapped up a short time ago. snowden is a hero who risked his life to benefit the country. elsburg had less kind words for president obama saying that his assurances should not daniel elsburg was the hero tonight. but the man who made history leaking the pentagon papers showing how the government am war and for praise for edward snowden who leaked information about the u.s. secret surveillance program. >> i don't think there has ever been a more significant disclosure than what he has made. it gives us the chance that i thought might never come to never change the situation of total surveillance by the government. >> inside th liberal crowd gave boos and hiss to obama and dianne feinstein, the chair of the intelligence committee because of the
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surveillance program that elsburg thinks could go back a decade or more. >> that was an impeachable offense under george w. bush. it is an impeachable offense under president obama or anyone else who continues that. >> snowden is not without critics. >> he is a traitor. the president outlined these are important national security programs to help keep americans safe. t >> the crowd here thought the surveillance was the threat. >> i think what is happening in this country is very dangerous to the very democracy that our fore fathers founded and to the future of the country. >> the debate is only just beginning. abc7 news. >> today google asked the department of justice for permission to publish the number of national security requests it receives. facebook followed suit with a similar request. you might be in need of an extra layer when you head out in the morning. let's check in with sandhya patel and a live look at
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doppler 7hd. >> yes. as you look at doppler 7hd, you will see very few clouds around right now. just a few, high, thin whispy clouds. the limited cloud cover means we will not be insulated tonight. that's why we are expecting you will need the extra layer. our live rooftop camera looking at the ferry building. the skies are clear. it is already 48 degrees in half moon bay. i will be back to let you know how chilly it will get or cool by morning and what changes you can expect as we head into the weekend. carolyn? >> see you shortly. following developing news out of colorado where livingdenf colorado springs have been told to get out as a fast-moving wildfire rips through a mountain community. the black forest fire broke out early this afternoon. it burned about 8,000 acres. officials estimate as many as 60 structures have been lost and threatening nearly 2,000 homes. record breaking heat and dry conditions are making it very difficult for firefighters.
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right now the fire is burning out of control. new at 11:00, an east bay lawmaker has introduced legislation that would add key safety features to lim the bill in the state senate would require limos to have two rear exit doors in the passenger compartment along with two windows that can be opened from the inside. just this past sunday 10 people escaped from a burning limo in walnut creek. last month five women were killed when this limo caught fire on the bridge in san mateo. also new at 11:00, bart wants a state mediator to join contract negotiations with two of its largest unions. the transit agency says negotiations with the service employee international union and the amalgamated transit unit have not made much progress. both units represent mostly train agents and the unions have proposed three-year contracts with raises. bart wants them to contribute to health and pension programs. contracts expire on june 30th. new at 11, brian stowe is
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out of rehab. the family says insurance stopped paying for the rehab center where brian was treated for the past two years. he as you recall was brutally beaten after a giants-dodgers game in los angeles on opening day in 2011. in a statement on the family blog, the stowes say they are happy brian is home, but they wish he could have stayed longer at the rehab center, and it is difficult providing the 24 hour a day care that brian requires. violent protests erupt in turkey and tonight the anger is spreading. what is happening to a nation considered an american ally. and a blast so big it lifted the roof off a school building with students inside. you can see it right here. we'll let you know what lead to this explosion. and the exact moment
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on the abc7 morning news. in turkey, government protesters clashed with police again tonight in us istanbul. they dodged rubber bullets and teargas trying to clear the city's taxen square that turned into a staging area for protest groups. the unrest spread to 78 cities across turkey. they are denouncing the turkish prime minister authorize tear yen style. four people have been killed since the uprising began on may 31st. several students suffered injury when's a boiler room exploded in a high school gym. the blast was so strong it lifted the roof of the building. look at this video. surveillance video. it happened around 7:30 this morning at valley high in santa ana. it blew the doors off the hinges and smoke billowing from the building. the cause of the explosion is being investigated, but fire
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officials believe it could have been gas related. and now an update on an abc7 news i team investigation, a bill to strengthen the personal rights of people under the protection of a public guardian passed the state senate judiciary committee. an i team investigation uncovered a case where the santa clara county public guardian was restricting visitors to people under its care without a court order. even calling the police on dan noyes when he tried to visit one such woman. the bill clarifies a conserve tee's right to have phone calls and personal mail. the next step is a vote by the full senate. new we have a nr android or iphone. you can use it to watch our newscasts live on the smart phone or tablet. >> reporter: do you have the app for news in the bay area?
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on air, on-line and on your mobile device we have your world covered. ama dates, abc7 news. let's get a check of our forecast right now. sandhya patel is here. >> don't leave home without a jacket or sweater. you can see why. most of the bay area is under clear skies, but we have this little line here that is just a few high, thin whispy clouds. here is the view from the emery view camera. 57 in santa rosa. napa and fairfield and livermore. los gatos 59 degrees. check out this shot. you are looking toward the trans america pyramid and here are the highlights. sunny and mild the next few days. we are looking at cooler weather for the weekend despite the fact that summer is just around the corner.
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here is why. one area of low pressure after another will be impacting our weather. we will continue to see cooler than average conditions in land. for your wednesday and again as we head into the weekend, but in between we will warm it up for thursday and friday. here is a look at the computer animation. you can see the whispy clouds and then in the morning we may see a patch or two of low clouds along with the high clouds mainly near the coast around 5:00 a.m. when some of you head out the door. it will be sunny everywhere and a mild afternoon from coast to inland. it will be breezy so expect them to kick up to 15 to 20 miles an hour. first thing in the morning, cool half moon bay 46 degrees and 49 santa rosa and napa. as you leave home make sure you bundle up the the kids are bundled up near the coast and the bay as well as inland. we will be seeing numbers in the 50s.
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the coolest spots will be on the coast and the north bay valleys. highs for your wednesday in the south bay 80 los gatos and 76 in san jose, sunnyvale, 81 in gilroy. beautiful day on the peninsula. 70 in san mateo. mid70s redwood city, loss altos, palo alto, breezy half moon bay, 62 degrees. downtown san francisco, 66 and getting you to 60 in daly city and breezy there for the north bay. 80s for cloverdale, sonoma. 79 santa rosa. heading to the east bay it is sunny, mild, 71 in oakland and newark. inland communities will be running a little below normal, but hopefully no one will complain. 81 in livermore, concord, walnut creek. 82 in fare -- fairfield. here is the forecast for the a's game. they are playing against the new york yankees. breezy, mostly sunny, 65 at 7:05, 10:00 p.m. dropping to the upper 50s. i would take a light jacket.
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accu-weather seven-day forecast featuring slightly warmer weather thursday, a little more friday. up to the upper 80s inland, low 60s coast. for the weekend cooling off, upper 60s inland and upper 50s coast side. >> thank you. wow, it was blowout tonight, larry, this nba final. incredible. >> it was an amazing game. but i will do a little weather also. >> oh sure. do you have live doppler 7hd? >> that's the thing. i don't want to take it. the forecast for san antonio, rain, as in raining a three's. >> that's meterological. >> that's meteor logically inaccurate? i will check the doppler. game three of the nba finals was a wipeout as carolyn mentioned thanks poo spurs re
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another blowout in the nba finals, but this time it was the san antonio spurs who exploded in the second half against miami. as i mentioned and according to doppler 7 -- live doppler
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7hd it was raining three's in san antonio. the story of game three, three-point shooting. danny green had the green light. seven of nine from downtown. he had 27 points. there is ginobili with authority off the steal by kawhi leonard with four steals. gary neil with the night of his life, 6 of 10 from downtown and finished with 24 points. neil going behind the back to leonard here for the dunk. the spurs out scored miami 63-33 in the second half. i mean, it wasn't even close. here is green again. the spurs set an nba finals record with 163's. the spurs cruz 113-77 and -- spurs cruise 113-77 and take is a 2-1 series lead. >> i have been a steady rotation guy. i was thankful i was able to
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stay mentally and physically ready for this opportunity to take advantage of it. >> we got what we deserved. they got into an incredible rhythm even in the first quarter. every shot they wanted they got. we did not disrupt them and then the three-po nie t barrage after that. >> game 4 is thursday night here on abc7. to baseball and the giants put sandoval on the 15-day disabled list. he is out with a sprained foot, and they may lose scutero. he left after getting hit by a pitch on the hand. the number one draft pick in 2011 and his major league debut for the pirates and here is his first strikeout. 99 mile an hour heat. orblanco goes downswing. a base hit off tim lincecum and two runs score. the pirates were on top 2-0. then in the fifth and pedro alvarez with a liner to third. he knock itself down, but there is no flai. no play.
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4-0 pirates. lincecum allowed four runs in 4 and two-30s. she trying to get out of the way here of a fast ball and it hits his left pinky. the x rays came back negative, but there is a concern about possible tendon damage. the giants will know more tomorrow. they lose this game 8-2. warriors forward harrison barnes threw out the first pitch in oakland. i think he picked the right sport. so did cocoa crisp. here it comes and there it goes. cocoa leading off with is a blast off the pride of vallejo. 1-0a's. in the fourth two men on for norris. high, deep and aloha is. colon said i am still fat and it doesn't matter. i love that line. he is right. six score less and lowry is turning the double play. she gave up four runs late. they hold on a score of 6-4. abc7 sports brought to you by
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river rock casino. i mentioned game four of the nba finals. the pre game is at 5:30 on thursday night and the tipoff a little after 6. we are so pumped because our guest will be jerry west. >> extremely cool. we are looking forward to that. larry, thank you. and listen up, what learned today about how long you should stand
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here is a look at your wake up weather. make sure you grab a jacket or sweater. it will be cool first thing in the morning, a few clouds. mid40s to upper 50s and not going up much by 8:00 a.m. mike niko will be here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thanks. researchers nailed it down. the pain associated with high heeled shoes kicks in for women. on average scientists discover high heels hurt of a 1 hour, 6 minutes and 48 seconds. the findings show the pain is so bad about 40% of survivors admit to walking home barefoot because their feet hurt so much. >> i can't do it. >> thankfully we are
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after the sale, google will continue to operate its mapping system. >> rough night at rangers ballpark, starting before the game. first a sinkhole developed behind the pitcher's mound. there it is. the ground's crew had to dig a 3-foot hole to fix the busted water pipe that caused it. they did get the job done. the grass is back in place an hour before the rangers took on cleveland. the visiting indians won 5-2. >> never seen that one before. >> all right. speaking of rough. let's talk about the miami heat last night. they were visiting san antonio.
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and game three of the nba finals. >> a moment of meditation there. it did not take long for the spurs to start raining in three pointers. they poured in an nba finals record, 16 shots from downtown. that and smothering defense against lebron james, way too much for miami. >> spurs win this one going away. 113-77. a blowout. folks. they take a 2-1 lead in the series. game three tomorrow night here on abc. surprising almost tit for tat. and miami blew them out in their last meeting. and killed them. a worse blowout than miami's. >> all the way done to seven games. you will see. always does. never a blowout. right. here's what the coach of the miami heat is saying, we deserved what we got. pretty interesting quote. he says, i didn't even recognize the team that was out there tonight. i am assuming talking about his own team, not doing a very good job. >> after you blow out a team it can be expected you might think you are in cruise control. when they start raining in three pointers at a record pace.
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