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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 12, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning at 5:00. >> mike says to break out the sunscreen today. >> it will be a bright are day for all of us. even at coast. the radar and satellite are dry. custody a great day to be on the golden gate bridge early but then it will be breezy. 76 to 28 is -- to 82 is the warmest. 75 in san jose and the fastest winds are at the coast but sunshine and temperatures up to
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62. now out the door with leyla gulen. >> we have an accident, a hit-and-run in hercules, affecting the on-ramp. right now, traffic is moving find out there but emergency crews are on the way and the on-ramp will be shut down until further notice. we have this problem that is along 580 coming out of tracy, metal debris, westbound 580, we are down to 39 miles per hour beyond the speedway and the rest of the commute loosens up further west and you are clear in livermore and toward dublin. right now, we will see what is happening with the san mateo bridge, a clear drive with some haze but the traffic is not hazy out of hayward to foster city. >> berkeley police are searching for a man wanted for sexually assault add boy in a public bathroom. the search is focused around the brooklyn marina at university
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avenue. an officer looked through every vehicle leaving the marina and this was police thinking the suspect is still probably in the area after the assault yesterday afternoon. he is described as african-american, with blond hair and green streaks. >> for this to happen in the middle of the day on a place where there is so much foot traffic is inbound. >> the child is physically okay and with his family. we will have more in a report with abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield next half hour. >> we have new details this morning of the worker would was killed in an accident at the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. construction work at the site shut down while state and local officials investigate the tragedy. matt keller is at the stadium with more for us. >> no one is here at the stadium after the site was shut down after the fatal accident. the santa clara city council
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made a statement at the meeting last night. >> we wish to express our sincere sympathy to the friends, co-workers and relatives and family of donald white. >> a moment of silence followed in honor of 63-year-old donald white. he died yesterday morning working on the ground floor of the elevator shaft of the 49ers stadium standing on a ladder when a counterweight struck him. he was the father of four and grandfather of three. his son says that four decades on the job he never had been badly hurt. >> didn'ts and dings but nothing serious, nothing requiring going to the hospital. >> after the accident all 1,000 workers were told to go him. they will start back up at the stadium tomorrow. osha and local law enforcement
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of investigating. the 49ers are scheduled to begin at mini camp next to the stadium. >> stay on top of latest developments in the stadium accident investigation at or follow us on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. >> colorado is burning several destructive wildfires engulfing the state including one that destroyed dozens of homes and forced thousands to leave. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is in the newsroom. >> the weather was cooler and the winds died down because the weather has been the enemy in the firefights. we have pictures from colorado right now and the crews are keeping their distance because of the weather conditions and the smock that is out there this morning near colorado springs
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where the largest of the four fires is burning in colorado called the black forest fire north of colorado springs and it is burning out of control. zero percent contained. yesterday afternoon winds gusted between 20 and 40 miles per hour and up to 100 degrees outside. the newest numbers are from the sheriff from el paso estimating 8,000 acres have burned and 60 homes have been destroyed and that number is expected to grow with 6,000 people under evacuate orders and some are desperate to get home. >> the roads are blocked off and i persuaded him to get us get our dogs. >> there are 150 firefighters on the ground and a touching moment captured on video a firefighter carrying a baby deer to safety. more help is coming today, cargo planes are expected to join the fight and officials say
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helicopters and an air tanker are at the scene. the other out of control fires are burning in the rocky mountain national park and canyon center. the weather should continue to improve with cooler, only in the 90's in denver and down to the 80's by the end of the week but no rain. >> the forest service is launching a review after a smoke jumper died. he was hit by part of a falling tree while fighting the fire in a national forest 150 miles northeast of reading. they tried to resuscitate the 28-year-old, the saddlebackfire was sparked by lightning on sunday and monday. >> officials are trying to determine what causes a tree to fall last night in san carlos at 9:30.
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no reports of injuries. >> water rates will rise in the east bay. yesterday, east bay directors vetted to impose two years of double digit rate hikes totaling 19 percent. the board approved 9.75 percent rate hike for fiscal year 2014 and 9.5 percent for 2015 to replace revenues lost because of reduced water usage during the drought with rates going up $8 a month for two years. the first-rate increase goes into effect july 1. >> the city council passed a ban on 4th of july fireworks on most beaches. they will be permitted on some parking lots. many residents have complained of noise and liter from the 4th of july fireworks.
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it takes effect next year. >> time for a check of the forecast. mike? >> thank you, the visibility on live doppler 7 hd shows most of us are unlimited but some haze at half moon bay at five miles and santa rosa at seven miles. temperatures are from two to 11 degrees cooler than yesterday and the 11 degrees cooler is along the coast with most of us in the 40's. we will be in the mid-to-upper 50's around the bay and a few high clouds but a lot of sunshine and a gorgeous sunrise. i posted a picture on twitter from mount sutro and the oranges are gorgeous and dark reds. passing clouds with temperatures 50 at the coast and mid-60's to near 70 and topping out in the low 80's inland in the warmest neighborhood and dropping back into the 60's away from the coast. the next three days show the two
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warmest days in the forecast thursday and friday and a cooling trend on saturday and more significant cooling trend next week in the seven-day forecast. >> we have a brand new accident south of 92 along 101. let me backtrack and look at the other accident we have, in hercules, westbound 80, the sunol valley road on-ramp shut down because of an injury accident, and we will be clear the let of the dry. foster city and north of redwood city we have a northbound accident blocking a lane. so far, we are look at top speeds in the northbound and southbound direction. in the altamont pass, the debris is still in the lanes slowing things westbound 580 and down to 39 miles per hour from tracy to live more. 101 southbound taillights making their way to 580 and it is
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clear. >> you may not be paranoid, your boss could be trying to get you. hmm...the signs are coming up in the bloomberg business report. >> you can support a local school and have dinner with marissa mayer. >> a new game plan for warriors' fans.
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>> covering walnut creek and burlingame and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> makes you want to say "what a beautiful morning." >> makes you want to sing. >> i do. a book picture of the bay, the glow of the mount diabolo, a right and breezy day with more on the day in a minute. >> a new poll shows the support of a majority of americans is holding fast if support of gays and lesbians being allowed to marry. and landmark rulings are expected the end the month by the supreme court. >> on capitol hill backers of far-reaching immigration legislation are turning their attention to support and counting votes after the senate
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pushed the bill through yesterday. two votes to place a bill formally before the senate and open them for amendments each drew 80 votes yesterday. it reflects a bipartisan desire to debate legislation to revamp immigration laws in the country and on the door to citizenship to millions. republicans will impose tougher term on those seeking legal status. san francisco leaders are trying to make the city more appealing for families. board of supervisors president is unveiling legislation to allow parents would work in san francisco to ask their employer for a flexible work schedule. employers would be able to deny the request if it creates problems for the company. want to buy a date with marissa mayer? she is being auctioned for lunch
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for charitybuzz benefiting aspire palo alto charter school and the top bid is $5,200 but you have until june 25. last month, apple c.e.o. held a similar auction sum going for $600,000. >> revelations of u.s. government efforts over e-mails are reviving interest in an old classic book of fiction. >> sales of "1984" are soaring, following all the reports of the u.s. government collecting phone and internet records on millions of americans. it is about a future fictional totalitarian state. >> and mortgage applications and waiting for reports tomorrow on weekly unemployment claims and
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retail sales. if you suspect your boss could be trying to get rid of you, you could be right. one in four have an employee they would like to see leave. younger managers are more likely to feel that way and what they do are criticize their work, cut their respondibility, cut them out of meeting and projects and communicate primarily by e-mail. at the new york stock exchange for the bloomberg business report. >> there is no off season for the warriors this their drive to build a new stadium in san francisco. the team president made a pitch to the chamber of commerce yesterday touting the design and talked of the challenges of building the 18,000 seat waterfront arena with concerns forcing the team to lower the height and traffic remains another concern on days that the giants play at home. >> we have to get this ride. our $1 billion investment will not look wise if we do not get the transportation right. we have a common interest with
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the giants and the neighbors. >> the warriors are teaming up to develop a social media app that fines available parking spaces during game night but you probably still want to check in the mass transit. >> we have a game today, the a's hosting the yankees again. we will do it again like yesterday. >> premium game. premium win. and now the seven daze of weather, a mini roller coaster, lack of cloud cover will contribute to the dryness and cooler conditions this morning. here is a beautiful picture from mount tamalpais you can see the colors already are developing here and as we look back to san pablo bay and richmond, sunny conditions and becoming breezy along the coast this afternoon, and it will be warmer the next two days and cooling again and it looks like it will be cooler the next couple of days below average and we will wonder next
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week, what happened to summer? over the top of us is our jet stream so we have the high clouds and the cool of the air is briefly moving away, behind this system, reinforcing a push for the weekend and one more behind that, for next week when it really gets cool outside. today, we will have mid-to-upper 70's and los gatos and gilroy at 80. santa cruz is sunshine and 74. low-to-mid 70's on the peninsula low 60's along the coast today in pacifica and daly city at 60 and mid-60's around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito at 67. we will start at 76 in petaluma and warm to 80 in sonoma and napa and around 68 at your beaches and berkeley and hayward, 70's are the cool spot and hercules at 76 is the warm spot and the east bay valley, san ramon and pleasanton, maybe shy of 80 degrees and everyone else is in the low 80's.
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7:05 is first pitch at the coffee and yankees and a's 62 degrees dropping down to 356 so a light jacket, typical this time of the year. temperatures are 48 i rosa and 49 in half moon bay and maybe a few more clouds compared to this morning. the seven-day forecast shows in the miniature warming trend we have for tomorrow and friday, mainly inland neighborhoods, notice the drop in temperatures four to ten degrees on saturday and dropping another two to four degrees monday and tuesday and that is 9 cool of the in the forecast. have a great day. leyla gulen? >> headed into san mateo, c.h.p. has moved the accident to the north and it is a crash involving a couple of cars and it appears one lane is blocked and we heard that possibly this was a barrier, debris in the lanes, and this is what caused the accident but right now we can see slowing starting to build and the rest of the drive in the southbound direction is looking clear. the drive time traffic headed are tracy, from the central
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valley to dublin, 32 minutes gets you there as you start headed to the altamont pass is where we will see the bulk of the slow down, 101 from san francisco to sfo at 12 minutes and 85 northbound from highway 101 to cupertino under 20 minutes. this is the bring -- golden gate bridge, 11 minutes from the waldo tunnel to san francisco. >> ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. australia woman goes for a swim. she is getting world-wide attention. >> and stories of innocent people convicted of crimes they didn't comity and how they won back [ male announcer ] technology. it's pretty amazing.
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>> good morning, at 5:23 on wednesday morning a look at the bay and the bay bridge, a gorgeous palate of greens, and blues and yellow, and mostly clear. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco for the trust. >> right now seven things to know. berkeley police are certaining for a man who sexually assault add little boy in a public bat room near the adventure playground much the suspect could still be in the area. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has a report from the scene at 5:30.
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>> two construction at 49ers stadium is on hold until tomorrow while state safety officials continue investigating the accident am death of a stadium worker. the 63-year-old donald white was killed while working in an elevator shaft at the site. >> three, developing news from san francisco where a high-speed chase involving a motorcycle ended in a crash. the chase started in pacifica. thspect was taken to the hospital. >> four, massive wildfires are burning out of control in colorado and the black forest fire has destroyed up to 60 homes and destroyed 8,000 acres. >> bart is asking for a state mediator to join contract negotiations with the two largest unions in a dispute over pay raises and contributions to pension programs. contracts expire at the end of the month. >> six, we are off to a clear and cool start this morning with a couple of days of warmer
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weather and then another cooling trend hits in time for the weekend. >> seven, cash-paying lanes are loading up on the bay bridge and we have an accident in san mateo causing slowing. >> when you order a burger next time you may want to ask them to hole the razor blade. a woman in mendocino county ordered a hamburger from the burger king. after she took her first bite she checked for onions but, instead, found a razor blade. the razor blades were stored above the condiments. inspectors are mandating better training. >> australian woman hopes to be the first person, ever, to swim from cuba to the united states without a shark case. the woman will leap into the ocean near havana and swim 100 miles to the florida keys. the trip is expected to take 60
5:26 am
hours and shell use a shark shield that sends out a pulse to scare away hungry predators. a woman attempted the crossing numerous times but has thrown in the towel because of injuries, jelly fish stings or strong currents or all of the above. >> it will be very, very tough. good luck to her. the morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. >> a late night homicide and what we are learning. >> snowden revealed the n.s.a. sweeping surveillance program and now the man who knows something about leaks is coming
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> wednesday, 5:28. thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> we will find out what the weather will be like for work and for baseball. mike? >> a lot of sunshine today. well start with live doppler 7 hd. this is how clear it is outside. and dry. we will get that forecast back up with a beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge. no clouds to inhibit the beautiful sunrise. probably as calm as it will be. you can get a picture of the golden gate bridge this morning please send it to us. i am sure it gorgeous. 76 to 82 is the temperature inland from 76 at petaluma to 82 at antioch. 5 in san francisco and 75 in san jose. the coast will be near 60. leyla gulen? >> we have a crash in san mateo
5:30 am
slowing things down. we have one lane blocked with debris if the lanes. northbound 101 is slow but the rest of the drive is clear beyond highway 92 continuing nobody. to the east bay, hercules, this crash is still in the clearing stages a hit-and-run accident with injuries. sunol valley on-ramp is shut down. it is looking clear to san pablo and to the south at 580 not too bad. a picture of walnut creek is loading up to highway 24. eric and kristen? >> developing news from berkeley where this is a unique suspect description in the sexual assault of a young boy at the berkeley marina. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more on the search for the man. amy? >> it would be harm to -- hard
5:31 am
to hide in a cried. police are gone. it is quiet. there is no crime tape around the bathroom where the assault happened but police had a quick response. look at the video from 1:30 in the afternoon. she started searching cars. police used a helicopter and motorcycles and dirt bikes. a 10-year old boy was sexually assaulted. he was playing on a popular spot for kids when he went to the bathroom and sexually assaulted. it was tough news for the parents to absorb. >> i have been here my whole life and never heard of figure like that happening. i am shocked. it is pretty safe. >> the man was hiding here it is thought and they checked the
5:32 am
area where homeless people hang out and it would be harm for hid to hide. he would standout in a describe described as a black man with monday air with green streaks. no arrests have been made. police are asking if you know anything or spot anyone that matches the description you will please give them a call. >> developing news from antioch police are investigating a deadly shooting that killed a young man. a 21-year-old was shot at 1:30 this morning near 18th street and taken to the hospital but did not survive. police is not released details on any suspect or possible motive in the shooting. antioch police are investigating the death of a man found in a home. officers were called to a house near canada hills drive at 6:00 and scoffed the body of a 70-year-old man inside. police have not released his name or details of how he died but it is treated as a homicide.
5:33 am
>> from san francisco, right now, a high speed chase involving a man on a motorcycle has ended in a crash. it happened on 19th avenue. the motorcycle driver crashed after slamming into two cars. the chase began in pacifica at 12:30 at highway one and 280. the motorcycle took off going at least 100 miles per hour. there is in word on why police officially tried to pull the driver over the he was treated on the scene and taken to the hospital. >> construction of the new 49ers stadium is on hold until tomorrow while state safety folks continue investigating the accidental death of a worker. last night the santa clara city council meeting started with a moment of silence in honor of the 63-year-old donald white. the veteran elevator install are died yesterday when he was hit by a counterweight working in a shaft at the stadium. he was the father of four. he worked on elevators for 43
5:34 am
years. >> he was a fun guy and liked to have a good time and was the life of the party. he was always very outgoing. >> grief counselors are on the site today and abc7 news reporter matt keller will havem. >> contra costa county firefighters battled a grass fire in antioch that started before 11:00 and burned 15 acres crews then contained it. the area is near the contra costa county bus yesterday. no injuries were reported. >> in fremont a suspect accused of kidnapping is scheduled for arraignment. the 23-year-old is held without bail after police arrested him on monday. investigators say he hid in the back of a 16-year-old's after she parked and shopped for grocery, and she returned and he forced her to drive to a remote
5:35 am
location. she managed to escape. police identified him from evidence found in the vehicle. >> the giants fan beaten nearly to death outside dodgers stadium is out of rehab and back at home in santa cruz county but not by choice. the family says their insurance stop paying for the rehab center where he was treated for the past two years after suffering a severe we brain injury after a giants and dodgers game. the family says in a blog statement they are happy he is home but they wish he do is stayed longer at the rehab center because it will be difficult providing the 24-hour-a-day care he requires. >> heads up you may notice the smell of gas in san francisco today. pg&e will vent natural gas this afternoon on 17th between clayton and douglas with crews working on a pipe as part of the utility safety enhancement and the pg&e says it is not harmful
5:36 am
and service will not be interrupted but if you are concerned call. >> bart is calling for a mediator to join contract negotiations with the unions saying negotiations with the unions have not made much progress. both unions represent train operators, station agents, and mechanics and maintenance workers. the unions won a three year contract with a percent pay raises each year. bart wants workers to contribute more to their health and pension programs. the contract expires june 30. >> hong kong immigration officials say they have no record of the n.s.a. worker who leaked confidential information of surveillance programs leaving their territory. law enforcement phones are trying to locate snowden would has not been seen since checking out of the hotel on monday. the aclu filed a lawsuit against the n.s.a. over the program and
5:37 am
google is calling for permission to disclose details on the demands for e-mail and other personal controversial transmitted online. >> before snowden this was another analyst would located confidential information that shook the country, daniel ellsberg changed the course of the vietnam war when he leaked the pentagon papers showing how the u.s. government lied of the vietnam war. the 82-year-old spoke last night in berkeley at st. john's presbyterian church of the latest scandal. daniel ellsberg called snowden a hero who risked his life. >> there has never been a more significant disclosure giving us the chance i thought might never come to really change the situation of total surveillance by the government. >> daniel ellsberg was brought to trial but the charges were dismissed when the judge discovered that the nixon
5:38 am
administration officials had tried to break-in to the office of daniel ellsbergs psychiatrist to discredit him. >> how about the weather for the bailey game? >> temperatures are much cooler than this time yesterday. especially around santa rosa at 45 and same in half moon bay and 46 in novato and napa at 50. 52 in oak and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50's and san francisco 53 and antioch at 59. right now, 55 in fremont. pretty in pink this morning and impending sunrise looks cool. now, the day planner, the next 12 hours, 53 to 58 is where we hang out with sunshine at the beaches, upper 50's and low-to-mid 70's inland. at 4:00, close to average and 58 at the coast to 82 and it will be breezy at the coast bringing us cooler weather for the evening and 55 to 69. moving forward, the two warmest
5:39 am
days are tomorrow and friday but not too out of hand in the mid to upper 80's and near 60 at the coast. the first of two cool waves hit saturday and i will show you the next one next week because it is coming in the seven-day forecast. leyla gulen? >> the bayshore freeway is the hub of activity and we have another accident in the southbound direction 101 and c.h.p. is making their way out there and going to move the car out of the lane and over to the shoulder but we are not only seeing slowing, this other accident we had appears to have been cleared northbound 101 we did taught see slowing but the drive coming from the san mateo bridge is moving along at top speed. back to hercules a 20-minute estimated time when the on-ramp to westbound 80 is going tory open and an injury accident and the rest of the drive is looking good and down to the split. over the a pat, 24 miles per
5:40 am
hour so heavy there bumper to bumper and you will see diminished speeds. 80 west to 580, the bay bridge tolls are loading up but, still, a nice drive headed to the macarthur maze. >> jaw dropping video of a stroll that nearly ends in disaster and lifesaving action of a man is caught on camera. >> black so powerful it lifted the roof off this school building with students inside and what investigators thing to led to the explosion. >> more battles between police and protesters on the streets of turkey with the meeting that could ease
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>> covering fremont, palo alto and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> an amazing story with amazing video, a dog training to become a seeing eye dog has passed a frightening real-life test. security cameras caught it on monday morning, the yellow lab named o'neal was guiding two employees, pretending to be
5:44 am
blind, when an out-of-control nearly ran them down. the dog heard the car first and got the two out of the way. a 94-year-old woman lost control while trying to work. the vehicle stopped and the driver was not hurt. >> this morning, seven students are recovering from mine overinjuries when a biller room exploded in a high school gym. it was so strong it lifted the roof 50 the building. this surveillance video shows it happened at a high school in santa ana and the blast blew doors off the hinges and sent smoke out of the building. the cause is under investigation. fire officials believe it was natural gas-related problem. >> on friday, 2,400 oakland teacher vote on a new contract for the first rise in five
5:45 am
years. teachers will vote on a one year retroactive contract that ends july 1 for a one-time payment of 2 percent of their salary and 1.5 percent raise. the school district and the union reached the deal on sunday, the two sides will be back to the table in the fall to negotiate a new three year contract. >> caltran and c.h.p. will team up to keep drivers from litering on the highways and to clean up what is already there. the maintenance crews in the counties will focus on picking up trash along the friends and highways, and officers will be on the look out for drive whose do not want to find the trash can and dump out the window. this is the 10 county anniversary of the liter clean up even. >> we have a new app to keep you on top of the weather and traffic. you can use it to watch our newscast on the go. many of our newscasts are streamed, and you can watch breaking news.
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the app is easy to download. go to with the details. you have to download the new app because the old app is going away. it is free. >> the sun is free and lots of it today like a sun buffet. >> great because the san mateo fair is going on. >> but if you get too much, you could get ... yeah. wear the sunscreen. san mateo county fair ought to be fun. the breeze will pick up in the afternoon so it will be most fun in the morning and early afternoon. live doppler 7 hd is dry and the winds will roll across the bay water into the delta community at 2:00 this afternoon through 3:00 tomorrow morning. from the west at 15- to 25-knots and faster over the coast with
5:47 am
northwest wind at 20 to 30 knots picking up right now through 9:00 tomorrow evening. from the east bay hills, toward mount mount diabolo there is haze but not a "spare the air" day but you may have to worry about the pollen but only moderate tree and grandson -- grass poll listen. a cooling trend this weekend and another one next week so, today, 76 in san jose and cupertino. inin gilroy we make it to 80. let to mid 70's on the peninsula and redwood city at 74, and 67 in millbrae and 62 at half moon bay to 61 in the sunset. middle 60's downtown south san francisco and 67 in sausalito and seven degrees cooler at
5:48 am
simpson beach. we will be in the mid-70's to near 80 in the north bay valley and oakland and new, a around 71 and pleasanton topping short of 80 at 79 and everyone else in the east bay valley around 82 degrees. yankees and the a's at the coffee starting at 62 and dropping to 56 but cooling into chilled stars by finish of the game. tomorrow and friday the biggest jump of temperatures are inland at two to four dend the significant drop at ten degrees inland and six degrees around the bay and four degrees at the coast and the secondary push of cool weather means we are below average but right now neither of the cooling trends come with a chance of rain. it will be dry. leyla gulen? >> we are taking the drive coming across the tunnel before you get to the golden gate bridge we have a new stall and
5:49 am
northbound side 101 as you come to the waldo tunnel so away from golden gate bridge you will sigh the lane is blocked and southbound need is not seeing problems. in hercules this is ten more minutes' it is clears the sunol valley ramp and there are clear conditions from hercules at half an hour to make the drive from antioch to concord. 36 miles per hour will be the top speed as you inch your way toward pittsburg and as we look down to palo alto and redwood city the crash is cleared and southbound 101 blocking a lane and everything is to the shoulder and clear conditions outside. we will look at the drive it is going to be a beautiful drive the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are taught on but we have a lot of buildup. we are getting a lot of entries
5:50 am
in the shell card gas give away, "like" us on facebook for a chance to win. if you are a fan you need to fill out the form on facebook starting tomorrow when we will announce a winner a day during the only news. >> the man accused of holding three women captive for a decade will be arraigned today, the 52-year-old castro faces 300 counts of murder, kidnapping, and rape. police say he kid named and kept the women captive in the home repeatedly raping them for years, and one of the women had a daughter by castro. the murder charge involving the abuse of one of the other victims that ended in a miscarriage. hit lawyers say he will plead not guilty. >> in turkey the prime minister has agreed to meet with protest leaders for the first time since the clashes began two weeks ago. meeting comes after violent crashes overnight with police challenging protesters and the prime minister is increasingly
5:51 am
authoritarian style. demonstrators hurled fire bombs and rocks and police responded with tear gas and water cannons. >> it started as a peace of sit in and has spread to 78 cities in turkey. >> walgreens is ready to to pay up. what they did wrong in bay area locations the. >> the true price women are really paying for the high heels. >> at 6:00, an unexpected purchase by pandora that isaúesp
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>> good morning, it is a watery mess and busy los angeles street. this gusher is a water main break that sent water across the blast threatening delays for morning commuters, with crews there and firefighters trying to repair the break but only one lane is opening in each direction so it is causing a mess. >> we will see how it looks this morning. should we have fire hydrants open? >> that is illegal. >> it wasn't in our childhood. >> now, our roof camera, we are looking at the port of oakland which is hazy and there is a lack of clouds.
5:55 am
temperatures today are warmer in san jose by three degrees and everyone else is a degree of where we were yesterday. i hope you liked yesterday. the high clouds from yesterday are down around los angeles and headed to palm springs. the june gloom, too, and 106 in palm springs, high fire danger if you are headed that way. is there traffic? leyla gulen? >> it is back, the action we had earlier, the fire truck arrived on the scene and it is blocking the lane, southbound 101, a fender bender has been pushed to the shoulder. the fire truck came and now they are blocking one lane. we do not have delays so that is good news. as we continue back up to sausalito, northbound 101 at the waldo tunnel, that is where we had one stall blocking a lane and a nice look outside, san jose to 80 from 7, a scant few
5:56 am
cars. >> the nation's largest drugstore chain will pay the largest fine, ever, over controlled substances reaching the black market. walgreens reaped a settlement paying $80 million by not reporting suspicious orders which allowed powerful painkillers into the hands of drug addicts and dealers. >> women already know this, but wearing high heels can be paris, frankfurt and painful. researchers from britain found high heels hurt after you have won them for one hour and six minutes. the pain is so bad that 40 percent of survivors admit to walking home barefoot because their feet hurt so much. >> so, would you suffer for
5:57 am
fashion? >> not with high heels. >> any heels? >> loud ties. >> only it will percent say they would suffer discomfort for fashion. >> expect corn dogs and rides and fun at the county hair but a bay area county telling visitors what they cannot wear. >> first, a child is molested need an east bay bathroom. the unique description police are now revealing of the suspect. >> chaos on the field, a dispute that low tide this big fight during the
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the search continues for the man who me live add young boy inside an east bay public restroom and what police are revealing of the attack. >> construction work on the 49ers stadium remains at a
6:00 am
halt today. there was the death of a worker yesterday. we are learning noodled of his life and family. >> in colorado massive wildfires forcing people to flee their homes as they struck to get the upper hand. >> at 6:00 on wednesday, thanks for joining us. >> we are getting the start of the sun that mike is telling us about. >> tell us more. >> lot of sunshine. good morning, even to the coast where we have limited cloud cover. a hazy start but it is dry and no radar returns, no clouds to be seen on live doppler 7 hd. the next 12 hours are starting off with high clouds making for a gorgeous sunrise and 55. we will hang out in the mid-50's with sun at noon and up to 70 which is average to cooler-than-average for the bay and 65 at 7:00. inland neighborhoods the next 12 hours we are starting off with high clouds and 57. low-to-mid 70's at


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