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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 12, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happening right now, berkeley police search for a man who sexually assault add child in this bathroom at the berkeley marina. >> this is the second day of the search of the man who attacked a 10-year old boy. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more from the marina. >> here is the playground. it is very popular. it opens at 11. police are keeping a close eye on it. look what this boy did.
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this is where you play. the bathroom is over this hill, easy for parents to say go to the bathroom but it is out of e. >> become with police officers made themselves visible at the marina after the attack on a child would said he was inappropriately touched by a man inside the bathroom. the attack was on a mother's mind preparing for a program for kids that relies on the bathrooms. >> not everyone likes the portables. if we have an countyist we might use that bathroom. >> the incident will change how she handles breaks. >> i wouldn't do that now, no, no way. >> police checked every car yesterday afternoon after the assault looking for a black man with blond air with green streaks. police are following up on leads. mid-morning, we sent one.
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carla thinks she saw the man in downtown berkeley. >> i walked across the crosswalk and he what in the crosswalk with me and it was the exact description of what i heard, he had uniquely whitish like dreaded hair and was weaved with white. >> we passed her phone number to police. before she meditated by the water, she reflected on what the man is accused of doing. >> it surprised me but there is so much of it that it's really sad. >> i have left several messages for the berkeley police to follow up on the tip we sent their way but i have not heard back so stay with abc7 news through the day for updates on the developing story. reporting from berkeley for abc7 news. >> it has been a violent weekend in antioch with three separate homicide investigations including one just this morning.
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around 12:30 a.m. a 21-year-old was fatally shot on d street near 18th near fremont elementary school and antioch high school. there is no word on suspects. police say the shooting is gang-related shooting. antioch police are investigating the death of a man found if a horseshoe circle. a roommate discovered the 70-year-old before 6:00 last night. the victim had hold injuries and the car was stolen were police are looking for 2009 gold bmw, two door, with personalized plates. an elderly man beaten during a robbery in antioch last month has died. the 83-year-old was found unconscious and bleeding on may 18 in the parking lot of the orchard hardware supply store. he died in the hospital yesterday. officials are conducted an occupy to determine his cause of death. a 15-year-old is in custody
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charged with robbery and assault. >> in antioch contra costa county firefighters balanced an overnight grass fire last night. the area is near the contra costa county bus yard. firefighters managed to get control of the fire before it burned any structures. >> pacifica police arrested a motorcyclist after a chase that ended in a crash which started at 12:30 when police spotted a 21-year-old of walnut creek speeding on highway one at more than 80 miles per hour. officers chased the man into san francisco where he crashed in a car. he was arrested at the hospital. >> construction at the new 49ers stadium is on hold until at least tomorrow while officials investigate the accidental death of a worker. 63-year-old donald white was killed at the construction site yesterday. the veteran mechanic was working in an elevator shaft when a large counterweight hit him in
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the head. the levi stadium contractor decided to keep workers home today after osha said it was their recall when to restart. >> the giants fan nearly beaten to death outside the stadium is back home in santa cruz county but not by choice. the family says their insurance stopped paying for the rehab center where he has been treated for two years. he suffered a severe brain injury after a beating in los angeles on opening day in 2011. the family says that they are happy he is home but wished he could have stayed longer at the rehabilitation center. >> happening right now, looking for anthrax if bay area mail facilities, a drill taking place in san francisco but it take on critical urge answer in the wake of an exposure to last month when five postalsal members were
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sent to the hospital. >> the drill is going on which most customers will not notice held an employees only facility. the post office police force say this is like kicking the tires on the machines that will recognize the anthrax and on the response to that exposure. among the san francisco agencies responding and helping out in the fire department which had trucks this morning, the object is coping with anthrax explosive from a letter or package coming to the processing center. first the machine is supposed to sniff out the bacteria and then the fire and help departments will be called in to evacuate customers. >> we will do an evacuation this afternoon. this time this morning this is postal inspectors working with the fire department and the health department going in and
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pulling evidence from the system. >> this drill was scheduled before and it is not directly related to the may 9 incident and at another san francisco postal facility where workers say they came into contact with some substance and had them itchy and light headed it was material that frayed off a conveyer belt and not farm -- harmful but it was good practice for what could happen in the future. >> thank you. still ahead an intruder messes with the wrong grandmother, a 9-1-1 call shows how a burglar almost ended up dead. >> a dramatic number in the number of homes destroyed in colorado
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>> developing news, firefighters in colorado are battling four wildfires that forced thousands to evacuate, destroyed many homes and are still raging out of of control. abc7 news amy hollyfield joins with new numbers on the devastation. the black forest fire is the worst? >> it is. now the sheriff says at least 80 homes are gone and that number
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is up from between 40 or 60 and the number is likely to reach 100. although there are no reports of anyone missing in the fire, some people did stay behind with their homes and the sheriff is worried some may have died. this is the newest video from colorado of the black forest fire, the largest fire burning and not at all contained. flames have charred 47 square miles, 8,000 acres, more than 2,500 homes are evacuated more than 7,000 people who are dismissed. while it is cooler today than yesterday, the sheriff says the winds are expected to pick up again and the conditions are unpredictable. >> if the wins double back on a property we identified as being salvaged, it could be consumed by the fire today. that fire is far from under control or extinguished. >> adding to the difficulty the black forest area does nut have a fire hydrant system so crews have to hill up water and when
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they do that, they lose time and square footage in their firefight. another fire forces 800 inmates to be moved because of heavy smoke danger. >> in ohio the man accused of holding three women for a decade made a brief court appearance today, and this is new video of castro entering a cleveland courtroom with his head down wearing an orange jump suit. the 52-year-old pleaded not guilty to hundreds of chaps including rape and kidnapping. the women were found in the cleveland home last month with a six-year-old who he fathered. the three women are all safe now. authorities say it was berry who managed to call for help. >> the former c.i.a. employee would leaked top secret information has surfaced again. in a new interview, snowden says
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he will stay in hong kong, and. fight any effort to bring him back to the united states to face champions. snowden tells the south china morning post he is not hiding from justice. he says he is using hong kong as a base city to reveal wrongdoing. right now, a senate hearing is underway in washington, dc, and these are live pictures, the head of the n.s.a. is expected to answer questions about the exposed programs. >> a 10-year old person girl whose efforts to get an organ donation drew national attention is getting a lung transplant today according to her family. sarah murnaghan has end stage cystic fibrosis. last week a official judge suspended a rule that prevented her from getting an adult lung. the hospital she is being treated is not releasing information but it could bring change for other children. another young patient at the hospital also went to court to be added to the adult donor
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list. >> meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> how about all sunshine? >> no cloud cover or drizzle for the commute or flight arrival delays at sfo but we have warmer weather on way but nothing is as extreme as we have seen and when we get beyond that we have cooler-than-average weather on the way and we will try to find some summer heat. >> plus, dramatic images from los angeles, the serious concerns for accident victims after the treat corner is turned into a virtual geyser. >> also, the jaw dropping video of a stroll that nearly ended in disaster, and how a dog
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a 35-year-old woman is in critical condition and two other people are hurt after the accident in downtown los angeles. what a scene. water from a broken hydrant shot high in the sky and a bus and a tow truck collided sending the bus town a store and mangled the cab of the drunk and left a hole in the building.
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in word yet on the cause. >> if san rafael, a seeing eye dog saved to people from being run over by an out of the control driver of the look at security footage taken monday at 4th and e, o'neal, the lab was training and two employes that were blind were in the way of an out of control vehicle that was coming down the sidewalk. o'neal got them out of the way. the driver was 93 years old and lost criminal while trying to parallel park. it is a miracle that no one was hurt. >> more dangers behind the wheel to consider. a how study shows hands-free texting is worse than texting while driving. searchers found aaa said surprising voice commands is more dangerous than actually using a cell phone. they say voice texting can take teach of a driver's attention and impair their ability to
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drive safely. researchers found the same to be true for talking. hand's free was more dangerous than holding the phone. in southern california a 72-year-old grandmother defended herself and her 85-year-old husband opened fire on an intruder. here is the dramatic 9-1-1 call. >> i don't know what to say but they are in our yard. they are in the yard. back up you son of a [blank]. >> whoa, she doesn't usually swear, but when she spot add man trying to break into the home, rage took over and she grabbed the 357 magazine mum and shot and then called for help. police arrived and arrested the man. >> she meant business. don't met with her. >> .357 magnum is not a small
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handgun. >> she was ready to use it. >> i shot once and it really hurt. >> now, turning our attention to the a's hosting the yankees and hoping for the same results. >> another premium game and it will be a great evening to baseball no matter where you are going or for graduation. we will look at the graduation and get the kids out of the way and drop on down to walnut creek where we have a graduation ceremony for north gate high school for 75 if you get this half an hour early by the time you leave at 6:30 it will be 64 degrees but it will be breezy. same thing for pittsburg as we head up there the pirates are graduating at 7:00 on the football field and it will be 76 and dropping to 69 and the breezes will pick up in your neighborhood with the same breezes in vallejo where we are going to have another graduating senior class from vallejo high school, the apaches, headed down
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and getting their diplomas at 6:30. here is radar, you can see live doppler 7 hd showing how dry it is and the winds are fast along the bay, and now through about 3:00 tomorrow morning, 15- to 25-knot winds and faster over the ocean, and this lasts through at least tomorrow evening, and a beautiful picture of downtown oakland and you can see the air looking pretty clear as we hook from emeryville to the south and it will be sunny, and become, breezy this afternoon, and the warm of the day is ahead of us the next few days and then a cooling trend and probably a deeper cooling trend for next week. we will forget the 80's and 90's that we have been dealing with and we could have 60's and 70's in the forecast after the next couple of days. you can see san jose is looking bright this morning and you will be one of the areas that is below average at 76 today, four degrees shy of the average high of 80 and you will share that
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temperature with cupertino and los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy you will get to 80. peninsula, low-to-mid 70's, comfortable, and 67 in millbrae, and 62 at half moon bay with the sunshine the sea breeze will keep you cooler and mid-60's downtown south san francisco and we have temperatures near 60 north bay shoreline and 76 to 80 to napa and 70 to 74 degrees for moments of the east bay shore and hercules is warmer at 76 and upper 70's to low 80's, close to average, in the east bay valley. here is the game time forecast, if you like last night's weather tonight is about the same, more sunshine to start and 62 at 7:05 dropping to a jacket-needing 56 at end of the game. we will have a few more clouds along the coast mostly wake up to clear conditions. the first batch of cool air is moving away and we are warming today, tomorrow, and also on friday, thanks to the high pressure. another system is coming from the gulf of class is bringing in
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the cooling trend and check out temperatures, they drop about four to ten degrees, maybe a little bit more than that, from friday to saturday and below average monday to use but we don't have rain coming with the cool pockets of air. it is that time of the year. >> we have enjoyed the new smartphone app for abc7 news to keep you on the latest breaking news and weather and traffic and it is easy to navigate. you can watch the newscast and breaking news live. on the go you can get the information officer mike with a section for facebook and twitter for the quirky stories. it is easy to download, even i can do it. >> the old app will be going away soon. the website is >> the unusual interruption at a san francisco school board meeting and a man derailed the
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meeting with four little words. >> heads up, drivers, we are look to make your summer sweeter, you could be a winner in the $700 gas card give away and it is easy to enter just "like" use for your chance to win and fill out the entry forms. if you are a fan you need to fill out the form on facebook and starting thursday we will announce a winner a day right here on t
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>> at 3:00 on "katie" stories of innocent people convicted of crime they did not commit and how they won back their freedom. the aclu steps into a beef with
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nevada and their role in the case for psychiatric patients given a one way bus ticket to california. >> a surprise marriage proposal where we do not see too many romantic encounters. a san francisco school board meeting ended with an "i do" the general manager said he was in love, and said a few songs chug "you are the sunshine of my life," and asked the board member on one knee, to marry him. >> education in love! romantic. >> lots of lessons there.
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[cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> thank you. hi, baby, welcome back. hello and welcome to millionaire. with $50,500 already banked and all of his lifelines left, lee yanco can do even more damage with the double money question still remaining. welcome back, lee. my hand has healed, but he high-fived me so hard yesterday during one of the questions. he got the answer right. it killed. it killed me. but i took one for the team because i like you. i like you a lot. i think you're a good guy. >> i like you too, meredith. >> however, however, this is your second time trying to get on millionaire, you told us yesterday.


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