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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 16, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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you're a terrible liar. (laughs) captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> now on abc7 news at 11:00,
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the frantic search for a man last seen kayaking near livermore. and a dramatic rescue after a cargoes into the oakland estuary. we talk to the good samaritans who helped the family. the news starts now. >> started smelling the gas and the cops showed up and shut the street down. >> a massive evacuation in downtown san francisco. thousands told to leave and tonight roads are still affected and crews are just wrapping up. good evening. i'm ama dates. sergio is live in downtown san francisco where crews are just finishing tonight. sergio? >> ama, right now you can see that folsom street between fourth and fifth street is still squeezed down to two lanes. let me show you what started this all. that backhoe was doing work around noon and it punctured a natural gas line that has since been covered up and sealed off, but when it happened it triggered a
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evacuation of this entire neighborhood. pg&e crews remained into the night, but repairs to the ruptured gas line were completed a couple hours after it was damaged. the operator of this backhoe nicked this gas line. crews worked quickly to close it off. >> they started the excavation to get down to the pipe. you can picture giant squeezers off the valve. >> after it was capped, the gas company workers spent hours checking the lines to make sure they were safe. the checks had to be finished before switching the gas back on. that meant cooking in the wood fire oven was the only option at zero zero. >> meatballs and chicken and things like that. it is a good chopping of the menu -- a good chunk of the menu. >> it was ruptured around noon and started an evacuation of several city blocks.
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>> the cops showed up and started shutting the street down. >> he was inside with a couple thousand people at a convention. this is a shot whereabout 9 -- 9,000 people were evacuated and hundreds more from surrounding businesses and homes also had to be cleared out including some from nearby elderly communities. the vac wages -- the evacuation meant the father's day plans had to be adjusted. >> we went to see a movie. we came back and everything was clear. >> most had their gas restored. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> two men are being called heros after they jumped into the oakland estuary to rescue people from a submerged car. it is a story only on abc7 news. sky 7hd was above the estuary as paramedics treated the victims. the men were coming back from a father's day lunch. they saw the car in the water and people inside were pounding on the glass. one of them grabbed a knife from a woman who had also to bed.
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>> they shattered the glass and by that time the water was flooding in. we started pulling kids out and parents out and then they couldn't swim so we had to help them ashore. he was waiting on shore to see them and then we pulled them out of the water and it was a good father's day. >> the two children and the two adults got out safely. >> developing news in livermore, the dive teams will resume searching at daybreak for a man who jumped off the kayak early this afternoon. authorities say the 30-year-old man was kayaking with his sister when he decided to swim to shore. >> he took off his life preserver and jumped into the water and immediately began having difficulty swimming and wept under water and was not -- went underwater and was not seen again. >> dive teams from the alameda county fire department searched in the water for more than three hours tonight. >> an 11-year-old boy in oakland is recovering after being shot while sleeping in his bed overnight. police believe it was a drive
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by. the family says this isn't the first time someone has shot at their home. >> it was about 5:00 this morning when bullets pierced the walls of the home at seventh and adeleine street. >> we were sleeping and heard multiple gunshots. i was scared and snuck under the blanket. >> the family showed us the bullet holes in their home. one of tran's brothers was shot in the shoulder while asleep in this bed. he was a triplet and sleeping closest to the wall. >> he woke up and said why his arm was so weird. that's when we knew he was shot. >> he was sitting down. >> their brother should make a full recovery. this neighbor who does president want to be identified -- who doesn't want to be identified says the violence is such a shame. >> that's sad. that's really sad. >> he is concerned about her daughter and doesn't go outside unless she has to. this man waiting for the bus
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says this morning's shooting is par for the course. >> you kind of expect it, but you don't know when to expect it. >> they say this isn't the first time somebody has shot at her family's home. >> i remember years ago they shot where my room was and they shot through the windows. a few months ago they shot through up there which almost hit my dad. we have an oxygen tank up there and it could have blown up. >> her family found at least 12 bullets in their house. >> her brother is in stable condition and police are still looking for suspects. fremont police killed a mentally ill man with a knife. the woman says her son was flipping over furniture and attacking a door with a knife. when police entered the home the man confronted him. they opened fire and tried cpr, but could not resuscitate
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the man. pacifica is looking for a man who tried to abduct a 10-year-old girl. he approach the girl near santa rosa and beach boulevard. he tried to grab her, but she punched him, and she got away. here is a sketch of what he looks like. he is described as a white man, 30 to 40 years old and about six feet tall with a stalky build and brown hair. firefighters battle ited two grass fires that came close to homes. one near castro valley and alameda county and the other in contra costa county. lilian kim has the story from crockett. >> reporter: sky 7hd was overhead after the fire broke out. a huge plume of smoke could be seen miles away. michael was golfing and he drove over to make sure his house was okay. >> just wanted to make sure it wasn't the refinery going up because we live close to it. >> reporter: turns out the fire started along interstate 80 near the sky way off-ramp.
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it is the second time this happened in the area over the past couple months. the flames spread quickly and racing up the hill and coming right up to the property lines. >> my friend said oh it is a barbecue. i said no it is not. i walked out the front yard and said shoot, the hill is on fire. >> reporter: more than a hundred firefighters were called to help. crews were all over contra costa county. >> the condition didn't make it easy. they had to deal with strong winds in certain areas which made their firefighting efforts that much harder. >> thick brush didn't help either, but support from the air helped firefighters gain the upper hand. homeowners are thankful for their quick action. no houses were damaged. crockett residents are now hoping there will be no more fires in the small town this season. >> there is not much left to burn except over here. we hope that doesn't catch fire. >> in all it burned 45 acres. the firefighters will be monitoring the area in case of flare up ups through monday. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> sky 7hd was above two
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separate fires in castro valley today. the first began at 3:15 near gail drive. the dry brush on the hillside burned quickly. firefighters were able to keep the fire from reaching nearby homes. no word what sparked it. 15 minutes after the fire began a house caught fire. they used garden hoses to put out a fire. they arrived to stop the fire from spreading. the roof and the garage were damaged. crews battling the most destructive wildfire in colorado history are hoping to have it fully under control by thursday. steady rain helped firefighters this afternoon. the fire burning outside colorado springs is now 65% contained. two people have been killed and nearly 500 homes were lost in the blaze. let's head to abc7 news meteorologist leigh glaser for a first check on weather and live doppler 7hd. leigh? >> believe it or not, this is the last full weekend of spring because summer arrives the latter part of this coming workweek. believe it or not it will feel
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a little like summer, but we have to go through a couple of cool days first. you can see with live doppler 7hd we are seeing clear con -- conditions although the fog is near the coast. highs today, we warmed up nicely. 89 santa rosa and 89 antioch and 63 in san francisco. get ready for much cooler weather the next couple days. we will look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> leigh, thank you. tomorrow morning the u.s. supreme court could released -- could released opinions in the same sex cases. if the justices uphold that opinion same-sex marriage could begin again in california. the defense of marriage act could be the other opinion. that's the federal law defining marriage as between a man and woman. also tomorrow, legislation designed to pre veant -- prevent deadly limo fires will be before the committee in the estimate capital. it would require limos to have two rear exit doors in the
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passenger compartment and require two windows that could be pushed out from the inside. still to come, a scary end to a morning walk. a giant tree falls near a mother and daughter. how they narrowly escaped. and why the a's and the mare renners had to share -- why the a's and the mariners had to share a locker room at the coliseum. and $50 movie tickets? it could be the new reality. where it is start expght movie going for
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two people were nearly hit by a huge tree that fell in front of them, a mother and child who were taking a sunday wok when the -- walk when the tree fell. it blocked the entire road. they cut up the tree and moved the debris to get the road back open. in concord, contra costa county firefighters worked to save a woman who had somehow fallen into a drainpipe. it was just before 2:00 when somebody alerted authorities about what had happened. it is located behind a sports authority on concord avenue. firefighters had to call for special equipment to get that woman out. 1450e was not seriously injured. oakland police headquarters will be open to the public after shutting down because of a plumming problem. it started with a leak on june 4th and water dripped to the other two floors. the building was closed for clean up. after it reopened it had to be closed again for more problems. o-dot coliseum has a similar problem. sewage pipes backed up creating pools of stipgy
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water. the a's and mariners had to shower together in the oakland raider locker room. zeks -- six days in a row playing at the stadium was too much for the system. they plan to replace the carpets. we have new details about a candlelight vigil held by members of occupy the farm in san francisco. >> i want to sweat as i lay over the court. i want to taste the salt as i sweat jie. it is a poem about the virtues of farming. the vigil is for trees being removed at the former site of the hayes valley community farm. they tried to occupy the site earlier this week, but police moved them out. there were no problems at a yacht race that lost five people in 2012. five crew members of the low speed chase died in april of last year when their boat crashed into rocks. this year 34 boats competed in the race on saturday.
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it was cold and foggy with winds up to 25 miles per hour, but there were no emergencies. organizers implemented new safety measures this year like improved life vests, flares and lifelines on every boat. >> a lifeline is the wire that you can see going around the outside of the boat. you can actually lean against it and it keeps you on board the boat. >> the winning crew finished the race in five -- 5.5 hours. 7400 runners took off from the embarcadero this morning. they were required to go through security checks. the start and finish lines were enclosed for more security. 450e was -- he was the first to cross in 2 hours 25 minutes and 14 seconds. the top female finisher was the bay area's own anna britton with a time of 2 hours 42 mens and 25 seconds.
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it was a nice day for the runners out today. let's get to leigh glaser to find out what it holds for our workers. >> great day for dad. families are outdoing things and the best part of today was the low clouds and fog really burned off a lot faster this morning. we had plenty of sunshine. live doppler 7hd is showing you mainly clear skies. we do have a little fog right here, and that is going to move on in a little closer to the coast as we head through the overnight hours. you may have noticed the wind. it has been how long in some locations this evening. sfo25 mile per hour gusts. two hours ago novato had a wind gust of 36 miles per hour. that is down and san carlos got to 20 and 20 in san jose and livermore is not bad with a gust of five miles per hour. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge cam and you can see a little fuzziness there because we do have a little moisture in the air. 62 in mountain view and san
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jose 61 degrees. this is one of my favorite shots this time of year. no fog. this is from our tower cam and you can see the twinkling lights of the city and city hall right there in san francisco. temperature wise still quite mild. 59 degrees in napa and livermore 58 and 60 right now in los gatos. here is a look at our forecast highlights. we will cool things down a bit as we head into monday and tuesday. the wind will pick up as well and then as we get into thursday, friday and saturday get ready for summertime. that will bring us a little bit of a summertime heat as we enter the latter part of the workweek. we will look for half moon bay at 49 and 52 for san francisco and santee jobing you will see patches of fog overnight. 57 degrees. this is going to be the culprit, gang. the low pressure you can see it right here.
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a counter clockwise spin and dropping down from the aleutians. this will keep the cooler air mass over the bay area. look for below normal temperatures. the low will kick on out of here and the high pressure will build in. a fair weather maker and that will mean temperatures will definitely start to come back up by thursday and friday inland numbers back up into the 90s. 5:00 a.m., as you head out we will look for fog near the coast and possibly through the bay as well. and then it pulls just back to the coast by about 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. inland temperatures it is cooler and the sea breeze to contend with. 74 for san jose tomorrow. and mill pea dis72 and the peninsula and palo alto 50s at the coast where the breeze will be up. san francisco 63 degrees and a mixture of sun and clouds and 76 santa rosa and napa 76 and oakland 68 and we will go 68 for union city and inland is mild.
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livermore 79 and 80 for brentwood and tomorrow 77 degrees. monday and tuesday the coolest of the weekdays and then the winds will shift. that's when summer arrives after 10:00 and then friday, saturday and sunday it will feel like summertime. >> apparently. thank you, leigh. mike shumann is up and colin rush is in and we have game five tonight. >> game five and then it started good. just like all of these other games, one team takes over. the miami heat are on the brink. san antonio's old guard gets an old school performance from manu ginobili in game five of the finals. that's next in sports. >> i am traffic reporter leila and we picked two winners for the gas card give away, but we have five more to go. you have a chance to win $700 in free gas cards from shell. all you have to do is click the like button on our facebook page and fill out the
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entry form. if you are already a fan you still need to fill out the form. we will announce a new winner every day all week starting on monday on the8tgñ ñxqes0p
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it seemed as father time caught up with manu ginobili. a nonfactor in the nba finals until tonight. game five in san antonio and no team has been able to win two in a row in these finals. manu making his first start of the year to tim duncun. the big fundamental. miami's big three combine for 66. dwyane wade to lebron james and he had 25. four and a half seconds left and the first half and in bound to tony parker and plenty of time for him. spurs up nine at the break. third quarter and danny green is trailing. his 23rd three of the finals and he does -- he does it in four and a half games breaking ray's record. a handoff to green up top.
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24 for him and it jump started the run. ginobili is going right and fourth quarter and fading and hitting and he had 24 points and 10 assists and welcome back, manu, 114-104 the final. san antonio takes the 3-2 series lead and could close it out in game 6 tuesday night in miami. calon has found the fountain of youth and i guess it is in oaknd la. 40 years old and he could be an allstar. he is looking for his 6th consecutive win. gave up two runs in the second against seattle and then pitched five score less. he goes seven and strikes out three and improves to 9 and two. they are tied for the al lead. the seventh inning and josh donaldson and 10th of the year. second deck and his 6th of the year and oakland leads it 6-2. huge day. he can see him score and 10-2a's and they avoid the sweep. tim lincecum on the lil and not a good start. a walk to
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start the game, one of five. and then freeman drives it in with a hit to left center and it is a 2-0 game in the 6th. pena singles to left and torres, pick it up, buddy. what? he boots it. untorres like too. no hustle and pena is all the way to third. that's bad baseball. the old suicide squeeze. that completes the scoring and lincecum falls to 4-7 and the a's blank san francisco 3-0. still to come, and phil mickelson said this one hurt more than the others. lefty one miraculous shot short of the championship. and it was an
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aligned for phil mickelson. it was his birthday and it was father's day. he was the 54-hole leader head nooght final round of the u.s. open. a runner up five times and could he finally breakthrough? even the players were wrong about marion this week. they thought they scored well in condition. rory mac i -- mcilroy found
11:30 pm
out otherwise. tiger woods, his 13 over score the high nest a major for him. mickelson on 5 and his second double bogey in three holes to fall to two over. the birdie for a share of the lead and go that way and it does. he was talked about little, but solid all week. in contention and another birdie putt on 10. the 20-year-old, man he should be proud. birdie at 13 and he finished 10 over and tied for 17. mickelson is plus two on 10. and he needed this. approach from 76 yards. this ball has eyes. it is down and in. the eagle two and back to even par and he is the leader. three bogeys in his last eight holes while rose the birdie on 13 and the out right lead. and yes. to 18 and phil 2 over and rose in the clubhouse at one over. mickelson needs to drain the chip. he gives it a run and he got it there, but rolls it past.
11:31 pm
rose about a 2013 champ. an even par 70 and he wins it at one over for the tournament. the runner up and unprecedented 6th time at the u.s. open and it stings. >> it felt like this was as good an opportunity you could ask for . it hurts. >> in our second half hour we will hear about the the big five performance. this is brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you, colin. new controversy over a super bowl ring. was it really a gift to the russian president? and is he a hero or a danger? what is next for the nsa whistle-blower, edward snowden, and the next move. and the mega movie tickets. why $50 movie tickets are already becoming a reality. day with us.
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good evening. i'm ama dates. 234 tonight's headline people are back in their homes and businesses after a gas leak forced evacuations in san francisco. a construction crew ruptured a gas main at fourth and market around noon today. the whole foods was evacuated. the leak was capped three hours later. no one was hurt. pg&e is working to fix the damaged pipe. two men helped save a family trapped in a car underwater. it was submerged in the oakland estuary on doolittle drive. the men busted out the car's window and helped all four family members to shore. 234* livermore dive teams will continue searching tomorrow for a kayaker who jumped out of his boat. he was in the lake when he decided to swim to shore. he didn't make. it crews searched for hours today with no sign of him. what will edward snowden do next? he blew the cover on secret u.s. internet and phone
11:36 pm
surveillance. he says he is a whistle-blower protecting civil liberties, but others think he is a powder keg of secrets. >> the longer edward snowden stays underground in china, the greater they feel he will defect . a jackpot of u.s. security secrets. >> every day he is in china and i think it erodes his claim he is a whistle-blower. the information he has in his head and maybe on his person or on his computer or thumb drive is very available to the chai -- chinese. they are interested in it. if they haven't exploited it already, they will be. >> he told a chai -- chinese newspaper, those who thought i made a mistake picking hong kong think i should hide. i am not here to hide. i am here to reveal criminality. dick cheney says snowden is the enemy. >> it is somebody with access to classified information with
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enormous damage to the united states. >> edward snowden is a folk hero to some who rallied in his defense and condemned the u.s. for its intelligence huh poke craw see. hipocracy. >> it will be disclosed by the u.s. administration and demand an apology by mr. obama. >> the father of snowden's girlfriend said he never expected this turn of events. >> shocked he went this far with this information. >> now the question is how much further will he go? abc news, new york. >> right now the president is on his way to ire -- ireland to meet world leaders from the g-8 summit. first the president will make a stop in belfast to talk about sustained peace in the region. now it is to summit on a northern ireland resort.
11:38 pm
he is looking how to seek common ground on trade and taxes. the trip will include a meeting with the russian president vladimir putin. they responded to a super bowl ring controversy during a speech last week robert craft said in 2005 when he showed putin the ring he said i could kill someone with this ring and then walked off with it. he said it was a gift. a spokesman said the story is just an anecdote and not to be 4* taken too -- not to be taken too seriously. lucus will present his idea to the preside yow trust. there is art he wants to display at the lucas cultural art museum. he will pay the construction cost and an additional $800 million in endowments to run the museum. lucus and fellow director steven spielberg say the movie tri is in -- industry is in danger. they believe blockbuster are too expensive to make without
11:39 pm
charging more money. >> going to the movies will cost you $50 or maybe $100 or $150. >> there will be implosions with these mega budgeted movies. they will go crashing into the ground. >> their prediction may already be true. there are now $50 mega tickets being offered for the up coming movie world war z. they will get you into the movies a day early and kill woman with a digital -- and will come with a download of digital pictures and a small popcorn. tickets offered at a handful of theater usa cross the country. the man of steel soared at the box office. it other thanked $125 million in the opening weekend. a record for a june box office. this is the end -- "this is the end" earning $20 million. "now you see me" earned $10 million. "fast and furious 6" earned $10 million and" the purge" dropped to the fifth spot this
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>> the leading cause of blindness in this country is cataracts. the fda approved laser technology for cataract surgery giving patients not only precise removal, butkus stomp -- but custom correction at the same time. the health and science reporter carolyn johnson has the story. >> things were get -- were getting a little blurry, and i was beginning to not see people's faces as they approached me. >> but she didn't realize she had cataracts until she took a friend to the eye doctor and decided to get tested herself. that lead her to eye surgeon who specializes in laser
11:45 pm
cataract removal. she had surgery on her left eye. >> i could see all of these bright colors and it was like i was in heaven. it was an explosion of colors. >> now she is back for her right eye. they are one of two surgery centers with the technology. >> it creates the opening for the incision and it corrects the astgmatism. it is the opening to enter the cataract and the fragmentation which is the laser break up of the cataract. all of these things are customized for each patient. >> in angela's case it includes an astgmatism correction. >> at the want to nudge this up so it covers her eye. so i shift it just slightly to make the cut more accurate for her. >> with all of her parameters set, the laser gets to work. you can see the gas bubble it produces hoping to soften to make it easier for surgery. >> now it is making the cut so
11:46 pm
be can see that on the top and the bottom to correct for an astgmatism. and now it is making the opening where i have access to the cataract. >> reporter: and in less than a minute it is complete with unparalleled precision. >> it has a much higher rate of complications when you do manual surgery. you can't visualize. with a machine you have the beautiful imagery. >> reporter: her cataract is qekly removed and -- quickly removed and it can verify her intra:00 lar -- intra-ocular lens per screption during surgery. he stocks 2,000 lenses including bifocal and multi focal from three dozen companies to make sure he has the ideal lens for each patient. he says angela will never need glasses again. >> that's the beauty. she will have great vision for the rest of her life. the lens that we put in will out live all three of us combined and keep her prescription stable. >> within just minutes of the
11:47 pm
operation angela already sees the difference. >> beautiful. wow. >> carolyn johnson, abc7 news. >> out of pocket cost for cataract patients typically run about 1200 to 1800 dollars. it was father's day across the country today with one east bay community throwing dads a party in the park. tod os santos held a chilly cook off. but the live music was provided along with food and a best dad essay contest. and for all of those dads out there, we want to wish you a happy father's day. and the weather seemed to cooperate for dad. leigh glaser has look at our forecast. >> we saw clearing near the coast. a lot of dads got to go beach side as well. live doppler 7hd is showing clearing near the coast. but it is right there. the leading edge of some low clouds and that is what is going to move in here in time for the 5:00, 6:00 commute hour tomorrow. now, if you are traveling back
11:48 pm
east, right in this area in the southeast this is all eyes that will be on this side of the country for the potential of severe weather. chicago 84 and we will go 92 for dallas. the heat is on in southern california. check it out palm springs tomorrow 106. vegas 103 and 73 though for san diego. 79 for los angeles. we will look for 90s through the central valley and through fresno and 74 for lake tahoe. monday and tuesday are the coolest days of the upcoming workweek. temperatures on tuesday in the 70s. summer arrives on thursday night and then it will feel like summer friday, saturday and sunday. get ready for temperatures climbing back into the 90s inland and mid60s at the coast. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you. follow it at live doppler 7hd for the latest on the bay area weather conditions rain or shine. and you can get video forecast
11:49 pm
and spare the air alerts and power outage information and tweets from your favorite weather team. mike niko will be here 4:30 to 7:00 with an update. >> sounds good. thank you, leigh. >> and colin rush is in for shu and you wrap us up with sports. >> you know, my wife would say that every day is father's day for me. i come to work and watch golf and baseball and basketball. she is probably right. that old saying, always the bridesmaid and never the bride. it proves true for phil mickelson at the u.s. open. and if miami does president respond -- if miami doesn't respond, they will be
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it seems as though father time had caught up with manu ginobiliment he has been a nonfactor in the nba finals until tonight. game five, in san antonio. no team is able to win two in a row in the finals. manu ginobili with his first start of the year and dishing to tim duncun, the big fundamental. the big three combine for 66 and dwyane wade to lebron james. too easy. 25 for team james. four and a half seconds left in the fears half and that's too much time for tony parker. third quarter and danny green with his 23rd three of the
11:53 pm
final. he is breaking ray alan's record. sorry, ray. ginobili fading and hitting on lebron. he is back. 114-104 the fennel. san antonio takes a 3-2 series lead and the spurs can close it out in game six tuesday night in miami. >> i had a better overall game. to feel i held the team together it was a much needed moment in the series. glad to see it happen. >> in 2006 phil mickelson collapsed down the stretch and handed the u.s. open to jeff ogilvy. lefty said this one is heartbreak and hurt even more because he played so well. even the players were wrong about marion this week. they thought they would score well in soft conditions. mcilroy taking it out on his club. and a triple bogey.
11:54 pm
tiger woods his 13 over score the high nest a major for hem. and now a three-way battle down the stretch. mickelson on five. he falls to two over. go that way. go to the right. thank you. rose talked little about all week, but he was solid. in contention yet again and the birdie putt falls on 10. michael kim, the 20-year-old, and what an effort. tied for 17th and he should be proud. plus two on 10. approach from 76 yards. in for the eagle. lefty loving it. he is the leady. he is the leader. rose is the birdie on 13 for the out right lead. and he gets it to go. to 18 and phil is two over and rose in the clubhouse at one over. they need to drain the chip and gave it a good run of the
11:55 pm
-- and gave it a good run. the u.s. open champion and his first major win and an even par 70. he wins it at one over. mickelson with a final round 4 over 74. runner up an unprecedented 6th time. rose won it. >> it feels fantastic. i committed myself to putting a strategy in place that would work the next five to 10 years and deliver major championships. the first time i tried and tested it to come out with the silverware feels amazing. >> colon has found the fountain of youth. 40 years old and he could be an allstar this year. calon looking for his sikdzth win. 6th win. he goes seven and strikes out three. he improves to 9 and 2. the 9 wins tied for the american league lead. 4-2a's gone. 10th of the year. smith, gone. second deck blast and oakland leads it 6-2.
11:56 pm
a huge day four for five and knocks his third homer of the year. 10-2a's and they avoid the sweep. tim lincecum is on the hill and not a good start. one of his five walks and then freddy freeman drives him in and it is 1-0 braves. a 2-0 game in the 6th and singles to left and he will throw it back and nobody. and nope. there went the baseball. and then no hustle here. pena ends up at third. really? jordan schaefer with the suicide squeeze and this completes the scoring. lincecum falls to 4-7. and braves blank san francisco 3-0. nascar comes to wine country this week. jimmie johnson and the boys in michigan on father's day. engine issues for johnson with six laps to go. with three left in the race he is in second chasing biffle. biffle holds off harvick for the checkered flag. his first win since last august.
11:57 pm
finally the score of the night , first round of the golden gate sport and social playoffs and that is my team. crushed by the out crowd. these guys just got out of college and they are 22. 63-33 the final from telegraph hill gym. this report is brought to you by river rock casino. with me out there should have been more shots to go around. >> good effort. thank you, colin. that's it for this edition. the news continues tomorrow ete) eleanor bergen.
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23 weeks in, the o.b. noticed an abnormality with the baby. she's here today for a 3-d ultrasound to follow up. whoa. i know. well, there's a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid. doctors split on what to do here. some say wait as long as possible to take the baby, then clear it once it's out. well, if the swelling continues, the baby could have severe brain damage and possibly rupture the mother's uterus. well, that's the other camp. they say deliver the baby now.


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