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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 19, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> kristen: happening now, president obama is getting ready for a speech in berlin, but he is not getting the reception he got five years ago. >> eric: bart is set to make a major announcement about police reforms following the shooting of oscar grant. >> and they are accepting for this woman. they say she fell asleep on the beach and then just vanished. good morning. i'm kristen sze. >> eric: i'm eric thomas. will the temperatures be warmer, as well? >> yes, they will. in fact, it's going to be a slight uptick in temperatures. we still have the low pressure coming in. that is bringing cooler conditions than normal, but it will start to normalize
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later this week. as we take a look at exploratorium cam. this will be a pretty cool start for the day, 54 degrees and mid 50s pretty much across the bay area. you can expect to see temperatures rising to about 78 degrees inland and into the mid-60s around the bay. i'll have more for you coming up in just a little bit. for now, what is happening in south bay. we have a lot to get to. slowing in many places and high wind advisories. breezy conditions across the bay area but we do have a small. this sliong westbound highway 4 and dipping down to 15 miles an hour out of antioch and into pittsburg. we head over to the bay bridge, high wind advisory, san mateo bridge, 29 miles an hour at the tolls and metering lights have been turned on. so a little slow getting out of emeryville and into san francisco. let's go outside and it's going to be san jose and as we make the drive up to the shark tank. off-ramp, traffic is moving
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smoothly. we're coming up on 6:02 and happening right now president obama is in berlin where he is set to make an historic speech at fame use brandberg gated. katie marzullo joins us live. >> it really adjudicate begin any moment now. you can see people are waiting to hear his speech. we'll bring you back here as soon as he begins speaking. some history. gate is a symbol of berlin's reunification since the cold war. 50 years ago president kennedy gave his speech there. 450,000 people listened. kennedy gave his remarks facing the west. president obama will facing what was once communist east germany.
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he held a german chancellor merkel. >> i have enjoyed the arysdz of the german people but particularly impressed with the warmth of the weather. >> reporter: the president has visited berlin before during his campaign in 2008 and then senator obama addressed the crowd of 200,000 people. he wanted to give the speech at the gate but was denied. they said was honor reserved for sitting presidents. again it should be any moment now and we will bring it to you live and streaming his entire speech live on our website at happening today, reforms in atherton improve bart police procedures and passenger security will soon go under microscope thy are making a big announcement this morning. amy hollyfield is live at
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the bay bridge station in san leandro. how are bart police doing? passengers have opinions but chief wants to bring in an auditor. the chief wants to know if he has succeeded in improving public safety. if he has increased police visibility and if he has improved community relations with bart police. they were first audited back in 2009 after a bart police officer shot oscar grant to death. he was unarmed and shot in the back. that audit found all sorts of problems including a lack of discipline and poor relations with passengers. we asked passengers this morning if things have improved. >> i think they have done a lot better as far as response and how they handle everything better. i'm in the security field. i think like having maybe security on the bart trains
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will help because if something is going on and maybe it will help out more. >> here the man that will look at bart -- patrick oliver. he was the lead auditor nor the noble auditing team. that report was 300 pages long. hit a lot to say back then. oliver will be back to take a second look. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." >> eric: the talk of san jose's fight to bring the oakland a's to the south bay. its story first saw here on "abc 7 news." the city is suing major league baseball accusing the league and commissioner in a conspiracy to keep the a's from moving.
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they hope the lawsuit will speed up the process to bring the a's to the south bay. matt keller will have a live report from the proposed site in the next half-hour. "abc 7 news" was the first to break this news on twitter. follow us on abc news bay area. you can share your opinion on facebook also. two teens are under arrest after police say they car jablgd a man and his daughter at gunpoint in san leandro. oakland tribune reports it happened on castro street and san leandro boulevard when they ordered a man and young daughter out of their parked car. teen sped away and led officers on a chase that ends with a crash on golf links road where the teen was taken into custody. the san mateo county sheriff's office is searching for a missing woman. she disappeared from a
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beach. she was last seen a week ago with her boyfriend. couple apparently fell asleep on the beach when ward's boyfriend woke up she was gone. sheriff's investigators she may have been depressed and possible suicidal. in contra costa county, prosecutors have filed new charges against a former richmond high school coach after a third sexual assault victim came forward. 51-year-old baron edwards faces 39 felony accounts after amended charges were filed on monday, they say he molested a third girl in early 2000. he was charged with molesting two other girls in the 80s and 90s. >> happening now, firefighters are still stationed in fairfield where a grass fire spread to a nearby motel in cordelia.
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it started around 6:45 p.m. it spread to a motel 6 and row of pickup truck trees outside the motel. everyone was evacuated safely. the four motel rooms were damaged. flames got very close to a gas station with about 30,000 gallons of fuel underneath. >> another grass fire is out in the north bay. sky7hd caught the tall flames fueled by gusty winds devouring trees and dry brush yesterday. irt burned 124 acres before firefighters fully contained it. no structures were threatened and no evacuations were ever ordered. the cause is still under investigation. >> swarming winds and dry conditions continue to fuel a fire in yosemite. extra manpower has kept it from burning out of control. there are 2200 firefighters, three times as many as night before the cal fires
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says the fire started on sunday in an unattended campfire. it's 1900 acres and 800 homes have been evacuated. >> the san francisco board of supervisors has approved legislation to establish clearer and better guidelines for food trucks. measure by supervisor scott weiner says foot trucks mu mus be 57 feet from existing restaurants. new guidelines also allow trucks to park closer to schools and to operate on college campuses. he says the legislation is the result of two years of negotiations between the food truck industry, brick and mortar restaurants and others. >> eric: now a check on the forecast with summer a few days away. >> that's right. a nice comfortable calm day. seeing windier conditions, especially around the embarcadero. you can see the flags flying in the breeze. by 7:00 a.m., coastal fog, 58 will be high for inland areas.
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56 around the bay and 48 around the coast. come noontime, we are going to be seeing breezier conditions and mild temperatures. lunchtime, peel off a sweater, 73 degrees high inland. it warms up by 4:00 p.m. and cools back down for the evening hours. here is a look right now at our next few days. we can expect temperatures warming up tomorrow and friday and nice and warm on saturday. >> as we look what is happening on the roads, we do have a two-car crash, along northbound 280. it is involving at least two cars and possibly blocking one lane. southbound 280 is slowing because as you come up 101, no injuries reported. door avenue, stall blocking a lane. as we go out to the san mateo bridge, a high wind advisory as we make it out of hayward into foster city.
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ahead, facebook responds after a coast to coast outage leaves users unable to access the website. >> what really brought down twa flight 50017 years ago. >> and tesla issues a recall the problem with the pricy electric car and
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good morning, 6:14, a live look at berlin, brandenburg gates. president obama will be giving speech there shortly. after president obama's speech he is invited by andrea merkel to honor the iconic speech. can watch at president obama is expected to talk about world security without nuclear weapons. new video from new york city this morning shows the aftermath following a car crash into a store. take a look. this happened in the east village. it started when two cars crashed on nearby road and
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it forced one of the cars into a store. eight people were taken to the hospital. three in serious condition. >> new details dreamliner flight. passengers will be departed to go tokyo today. flight made an emergency landings after an issue with an oil filter in one of the engines. dream liners return to service in the last month following a month long grounding due to problems with batteries. this marks the 17th anniversary of twa flight 800 and new documentary whether the crash was an accident. six investigators that looked into the 1996 event off the coast of new york. they are all retired and they claim the ntsb forced them to stay quiet about a cover-up. skeptics have feared that terrorism or other criminal activity brought the flight down.
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280 people were on board when it crashed. >> bay area electric car maker tesla is recalling some of newest sedans. the company says some model s-cars made between may 10th and june 8th may contain weaken mounting brackets. from there has been no government recall but no customer complaints. tesla will personally pick up the cars at your location, fix the problem and return the cars to the owners within hours. >> eric: but they won't drive it like that. >> facebook is back online following an outage. here is an error message they received. the site went down last night and affected use others both coasts. outage affected desktop browsers. it lasted about half an hour. they released a statement calling the outage an
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internal issue in the web infrastructure. also new this morning, netflix is expanding its reach. overnight it's streaming service will be available in the netherlands later this year. they operate in 40 countries. users watch one billion hours of tv and movies per month. >> governments are raising concerns about privacy concerns over google glass. they have sent a letter to google chief larry page. they are asking him to explain the privacy implications of glass. the country's also want him to explain the steps google is taking. privacy rights are expected to ensure they are. as google shareholders meetings he compared the glass device to cellphone cameras. happening now, people have made their way back to
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the hotel. this is barn owl family. they are staying at marriott and according to the hotel manager, barn owls have taken up residence outside of room 1141. they are loyal guests and come back year after year. they are launching a naming contest. go to our website and click on see it on tv. >> i know you love that picture. >> a little faces. >> a little baby birdies. >> listen, the giants, they did great yesterday and we're going to do it again. curtain goes up 12:45. >> it's going to be warmer but cooler than usual but warmer later today. radar satellite, coastal fog and patchy clouds for today. as we take a look from
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sutro tower cam, what a gorgeous sight. this golden gate park and patchy clouds and very cool and very clear i should say sky. highs around the bay area, 78 degrees in morgan hill and sunshine, 72 in san jose. 71 in milpitas. as we continue along peninsula, 68, san mateo. 72 in redwood city. 57, pacifica. 60, half moon bay. san francisco, 65 degrees. 59, sunset district. 73, petaluma. sonoma and napa, 74 and 75 respectively and nice and clear sunshine today. 71 degrees in oakland. 69 in san leandro. 71 degrees in fremont. warmest temperatures inland, 78 in fairfield and 78 in brentwood. we're going to be 78 degrees in concord but a
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nice calm 73 degrees in pleasanton. giants take on the padres at 12:45. we're going to be starting off 65 degree temperature and pull down a little bit and breezy. make sure you bring the sunscreen. overnight lows will be in the low 50s and upper 40s along the coast. clouds and fog come back in. then it will burn off again for tomorrow. we're looking at warmer conditions tomorrow. here is a look at accu-weather seven-day forecast, you can see by thursday, we do have those warm conditions and friday, as well. saturday is going to be the warmest day before we begin a cooloff. >> in traffic, we do have a few things going on. we have a crash and debris in lanes, two cars ended up kleilgd together. we are looking at some southbound slowing in that area through oakland. northbound 101 at shoreline,
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stalled car here and blocking one lane in 85. walnut creek, coming your way highway 4 ten minutes to get to walnut creek. happening now, president obama is in berlin and he is at the brandenburg gates. he is just off to the side of the gated. he will address very soon. live picture. we're streaming this and we'll have more in a second. >> recent college graduate gets in a fender-bender and (birds chirping) [female announcer] looks like everybody's at our biggest sale of the year, the anniversary sale at petsmart. save 20% oall marvel® & dc comics™ toys and apparel, at petsmart®. [ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion has an active naturals oat formula
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that creates a moisture reserve so skin can replenish itself. aveeno® naturally beautiful results.
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6:24, angela merkel is speaking at the berlin gate. she is introducing president obama who will be speaking shortly. he will be talking about world peace without nuclear weapons and there is mr. obama listening in. we'll continue to monitor this when she does start speaking. >> also following that speech, "good morning america" and check with josh elliot, what else they are covering. >> hey, josh. >> good to be with you. in the bay area watching we do have lots to get to
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including news yesterday that dropped like a bomb. police have searched the home of patriots star aaron hernandez with the apparent murder of a man that authorities hernandez knew. there was something of a commotion at the player's home when investigators arrived. we'll have a full update for you. this morning also, shocking moment we now see in advance of johnny deppe's new film. being trampled by a horse. he will be okay. we'll take a closer look. stars attempting their own stunts. and kelly rowland is here to sing for us and to talk about her relationship and struggles and her relationship with beyonce. we'll have a full wrap on the big game, game six which has given game seven thursday night.
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>> eric: speaking of the game last night, checking, all the lebron haters are out this morning? >> yes, they are. it's a polarizing team. he is something of a polarizing figure. when it mattered most, he took that game and made it his own. he is one of the best players in the game and unbelievable game seven come thursday night to be seen right here on abc. >> kristen: who doesn't like a game seven. that is always great. thanks a lot. >> a wind whipped grass fire spreads to a motel. >> ahead at 6:30. frantic fight to put out flames and get guests out of the building. >> i'm matt keller live in san jose, we heard from the politicians to bring the oakland a's to san jose but this morning hear what the players are saying about a possible move.
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>> hazy is sunshine to get us going this morning. slightly warmer temperatures this afternoon and first day of summer coming up. i'll have the ful
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>> eric: good morning, developing news following from berlin, president obama getting ready to speak before the assembled crowd at brandenburg gates just introduced by chancellor merkel. >> human rights. [ applause ] >> mayor the distinguished guests, and especially the people of berlin and germany thank you for this extraordinarily warm welcome. in fact, it's so warm and i feel so good that i'm actually going to take off my jacket and anybody else wants to, feel free to. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> eric: you see president obama just taking his jacket off and speaking to the crowd. interesting if you notice, it's kind of right here with the reflection he is speaking behind the bulletproof glass. katie marzullo who is following the story will bring you the latest on what the president had to say. >> kristen: if you want to watch it live stream go to president obama took off his jacket but in the bay area this morning. you may still want to take the jacket with you while you go to work. >> eric: berlin forecast coming later. >> that is coming up. good morning everyone. taking a look at radar, satellite, patchy morning clouds and coastal fog will burn off this afternoon as we look at cam towards the bay bridge. some of those patchy clouds waking their way across the bay and breezy conditions,
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54 degrees is going to be our temperature in san francisco, oakland, 55 degrees. hovering in the mid-50s for most of bay area. that is about a few degrees change from yesterday. it will be warmer tomorrow. patchy clouds and following inland. you are going to be seeing a high of 58 degrees and 56 around the bay and 48 around the coast to about 78 inland and 70 degrees. let's take what is happening, a couple of accidents and debris in lanes that is causing a little halve only there. we go i along southbound 101 metal debris in lanes is causing cars to get some flat tires and causing a bit of some blockage on the lanes. everybody is moving over to the shoulder. hopefully chp can move things out of the lanes in oakland, at 98th avenue, we
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do have a couple stalled cars and debris in lanes here, as well. live shot for that. and we do have one delay, this is h-train san jose, five minutes, bart, muni everything else running on time. >> kristen: oakland a's players are reacting to stunning move by the city of san jose to let the team to move to the south bay. matt keller is live in san jose at potential site of a new ballpark. >> reporter: we're standing where the proposed stadium would be built. it's in a convenient place for public transportation. right over my shoulder is one of the main caltrain stations in the south bay. this is built for crowds, few blocks away is shark tank but a concerned move to san jose would mean for their oakland a's fans. outfielder brandon moss
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told the chronicle, it would be great for the bay area and san jose and major league baseball to have a nice new stadium. but you have to remember who got you there. and ryan cook said i know fans will make the drive others couldn't or wouldn't and that is not great. they don't want to lies the team bud major league baseball stance, it's limiting the city's economic potential. >> atmosphere in oakland than any other stadium that i've been to. i've been to many stadiums. it would be shame to see the team leave. >> cities like baltimore, san diego, denver and san francisco, urban ballparks have a transformative impact. >> we do this right it could be a catalyst for transformation of downtown. >> san jose leaders filed the lawsuit yesterday and estimate a new stadium
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could bring million and a half in taxes. they called the lawsuit an unfounded attack on the fundamental structures. oakland a's owner has expressed his desire to move to san jose but he says he is not in favor of legal action to solve business issues. >> kristen: we were first to break this story on twitter. you can get breaking news alerts any time. just follow us on twitter at abc nice bay area. new this morning, a young man and young woman showed up at san francisco general hospital overnight and told authorities they had been shot. police tell abc news their wounds have been superficial. they said they were shot in the bay view district but when police went to the scene, they say they found
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no evidence of a shooting. new this morning, san jose police say they have arrested three suspects in connection with a fatal stabbing last thursday. investigators say 21-year-old robert alvarez and 24 cassandra reyes were booked into santa clara county jail for murder. a 17-year-old boy was also arrested. last thursday, police found 56-year-old man suffering from multiple stab wounds in east san jose. he was taken to the hospital and died about an hour later. detectives have determined the murder was gang-related. >> eric: bart police chief is set to announce he is bringing in a national auditor to assess memories that have been imposed since the fatal shooting of oscar grant he wants to make sure bart police get the help they need. oscar grant was shot and killed by former bart officer at fruitvale station as officers tried
6:37 am
to cuff him. happening now, crews remain stationed in fairfield where a grass fire spread to a nearby mold last night. the fire started at suisun valley road around 6:45 p.m. they spread to a roof of a motel 6 and row of palm trees outside the motel. firefighters say everyone was evacuated but four mold rooms were damaged. >> eric: the reward to help find the killer of an emeryville man following a traffic accident is now at $30,000 this morning. 22-year-old man was gunned down after a fender-bender on a north oakland street late wednesday night. he would have turned 23 the next day. family and friends increased the reward in an effort to find his killer. a memorial service will be held a sacred heart in atherton. >> kristen: happening now, president obama is speaking in berlin.
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we'll bring you parts of his historic speech that he is giving right now at brandenburg gates. >> michelle shock went on anti-gay tirade. now, he is trying to make amends. >> live look from rooftop camera. take a look at the flags wing around the ferry building. we do have breezes out there. check with weather and
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welcome back. time is 6:40. golden gate bridge, simply gorgeous, patchy clouds will be around for the afternoon hours. we do have some winds, especially around sfo, 17 miles per hour. 6 miles an hour in oakland and 18 mile-an-hour gusts around the coast. exploratorium cam, current temperatures, 64 degrees. santa cruz, 54 degrees. and as far as the next three days are concerned we are going to be looking at warmer conditions going into friday and into saturday, 88 degrees and 78 degrees in the bay area and along the coast, 60 degrees. traffic we do have a couple things to get to. we have conditions in antioch along westbound highway 4. 20 miles an hour.
6:42 am
39 miles an hour before you get into pittsburg. a stall on westbound 880 --680 transition. things are moving along a little bit. very bright sun. no cloud cover to protect your eyes but bay bridge metering lights are on and heavy conditions coming out of emeryville and coming into san francisco. >> kristen: controversial indie folk singer michelle shocked is coming back to the bay area to perform after angering fans. she is doing a free show on june 30th sponsored by the san francisco examiner. her show at yoshi's was cut short after she went on anti-gay tirade. no word where the concert will be or whether protestors will show up. >> it's 6-42 three more
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chances to win free gas from abc7 and shell. >> and who is winning on wall street? here is a live look. dow is down 34 points. ahead we'll go live to bloomberg's jane king. >> and coming up first, president obama is in berlin, important speech just delivered at the
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happening now, looking at live pictures from berlin where president obama is speaking in his shirt sleeves at brandenburg gate. >> kristen: katie marzullo is monitoring the speech live in the newsroom. what are some of the highlights. >> it's been obama talking about the history and giving perspective as to why he is there at the brandenburg gate. he begin his speech about 15 minutes thanking everyone for a warm welcome and commenting on the warm weather. he took off his jacket and invited everybody to do the same. president the meat of his speech he is just getting to calling on world leaders to reduce the world's nuclear stockpiles. he wants a one-third
6:47 am
reduction in u.s. and russian arsenals. so far talking about the history and importance of why he is there at brandenburg gate. >> for two centuries, this gate stood tall as the world around it convulsedto due to revolution and republic, arts and music and science that reflected the height of endeavor but war and carnage that exposed the depths of man's cruelty to men. >> this is symbol of reunification. 50 years ago president kennedy gave his famous speech there. president obama gave a speech there in 2008 campaigning for the white house. he wanted to give it at brandenburg but they reserve that honor for sitting presidents only. now, he has his chance. go live to our website at
6:48 am, katie marzullo, "abc 7 news". >> kristen: you leave this part for me -- you know what, this is useful. and which one should i buy, which one is the best. no one went to the trouble to find out. >> eric: that is why i'm having you read that. >> jane king is live at hard hitting report and tell us about the interested in bay area real estate on the rise. don't soft sell this one. >> you know, all that news, you can really use. newest data company says searches on san francisco properties like people in other countries is on the rise. san francisco and los angeles, the only major metro areas where that is the case. foreigners like miami and
6:49 am
vegas are on the decline. new poll shoe a third of americans they are likely to hold back because of u.s. economy. stocks are pretty quiet. we do have a federal reserve meeting and get a press conference on the fed later today. bloomberg silicon valley index is trading a slight bit higher. consumer reports said vigorous testing on several brands of toilet paper. walmart white cloud came out on top. they based it on four criteria, machinery and people to come to their conclusions. they tested the strength of paper. also doing well on tests, great value and wal-mart brand and northern did well. they turned up? stinkers. essentials was at the bottom and whole foods was just slightly better.
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>> you knew you were going there. okay. keep rolling along. >> all right. miss utah did not win last night but after she gave a rambling to a question about the gender wage gap. >> our team as the leaders and we true need to try to figure out how to create education better so we can solve this problem. >> kristen: what happened? this is what she told jimmy kimmel. >> i hear the question and i just started talking. once i started speaking i couldn't take it back. you just smile. >> kristen: all right. and she says not to take herself too seriously.
6:51 am
we had fun with this, who could do that. >> we've all done and loss our train of thought. >> last time i was in the miss u.s.a. contest, i just ram bltd on. [ laughter ] >> it's true. it was very hot 33 degrees, sell see just that translates to 91 degrees very hot, indeed. we're not going to be experiencing those. and it will make way for a beautiful dai and sigh will not be 78 degrees inland. inland, 68 degrees in san mateo. north bay, 74 degrees in san rafael. 75 in napa.
6:52 am
74 in vallejo. sunshine, as well. 72 in san jose. we do have giants versus the san diego padres and started time is 12:45. bring sunscreen. it will be sunny come game time. we b have 6 mile-an-hour gusts in san francisco and overnight lows, low 50s and upper 40s along the coast. 49 degrees in santa cruz and half moon bay, cloud cover coming back over the evening hours. again, it will burn off. accu-weather seven-day forecast. we will see a warmup come tomorrow. 84 degrees inland and 76 degrees around the bay. 60 degrees on the coast. then come friday, first full day of summer. a couple degrees warmer. saturday a couple degrees warmer still. look at cooloff on sunday and beginning of next week, monday and tuesday, we're going to be back in the 70s on monday with a slight warmup on tuesday. as we take a look at our weather and traffic.
6:53 am
how it is affecting our traffic. high wind advisories on a couple bridges. southbound 670, we do have some metal in lanes causing some slowing out there. as you approach that, couple cars are affected at this hour. a here is a look at drive time traffic. 101 southbound out of petaluma to 580, just under 50 minutes. easy drive under 20 minutes out of woodside and into san jose. live picture, san jose, 87, julian off-ramp, and around pavilion, no accidents to reported out there. you know what, time to announce the winner of giveaway. rhonda jay, you have won $700 in free gas xrardz shell by liking abc news on facebook. we still have two winners to go. you still have a chance to
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get in on action. all you have to do is push the like button and fill out thee tri-form. we will announce another winner tomorrow morning right here. thank you very much. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go. >> abc7 morning news comes
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>> eric: seven things to know before you go. number one, bart officials will be calling for a national auditor today to assess reforms imposed after the fatal shooting of oscar grant. johannes mehserle shot him in the back knew years day 2009. >> number two, firefighters are watching for hot spots in fairfield after a fire spread to motel 6 last night. everyone was evacuated safely. >> number three, sports fans are surrounding off the san jose's lawsuit over moving to the a's to the
6:56 am
south bay. it challenges the anti-trust exemption. >> medical amm has changed obesity as a disease. >> they are taking it down to the wire. tomorrow night, spurs and heat, game seven, n.b.a. finals after miami's victory last night. it begins tomorrow night at 5:30 right here. >> and number six to get you out the door, you want to make sure you bring a sweater. cool start to the morning. by noontime, you can peel off the layers. temperatures ramp up around 78 degrees inland and traffic look at the maze, 80 westbound coming toward 3580. headlights moving right up to there. looks good out there. abc7 morning news continues with news, weather and traffic. >> we are always on at
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good morning, america. breaking controversy right now. bombshell claims from former senior investigators in the twa 800 jumbo jet crash. the whistle-blowers say it wasn't an accident. and there was a cover-up. they are breaking their silence this morning. also breaking overnight, police search the million-dollar mansion of new england patriots player aaron hernandez. the rising star being questioned in a murder investigation. and the evidence that could link him to the crime scene. close call. the shocking video just released of johnny depp trampled doing his own stunt on the set of "the lone ranger." riding his horse at top speed, the terrifying seconds caught on tape when he tumbled off. game over! there will be a game seven! >> and the incredible finish in overtime. the last-second surge by miami. lebron turning up the heat


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