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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 23, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. good morning, america. this morning, breaking news. nsa whistle blower edward snowden is on the move, leaving hong kong for another country. where is he heading now? and will he be able to outrun espionage charges filed by the u.s. for spilling top secret information? fire ball, a stunned crowd watches in horror as a stunt plane carrying a wing walker cartwheels, crashes, and bursts into flames killing the aerial daredevil and her pilot. how did this happen? war of words on the eve of wimbledon. the two top stars in women's tennis are locked in a bitter feud that's become downright personal. and hounds hanging ten. dozens of dogs catching waves for a good cause. we'll show you the winner's
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impressive moves. and good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news involving international intrigue and an american fugitive on the run. edward snowden, the man who told the world about the federal government's sweeping top secret domestic spying program, is on the move as we speak this morning. >> officials in hong kong say snowden who's charged with espionage by the u.s. government boarded a plane overnight and will soon land in russia, and this group, wikileaks claims to be helping him get away. we will speak to george stephanopoulos in a moment. but we begin with gloria riviera in hong kong. gloria, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. dan. it's been a stunning turn of events today. edward snowden, the man wanted on charges of espionage,
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manages to sneak out of the country. it was just after 4:00 p.m. when the hong kong government released a statement saying he left the country of his own accord. and what was a blow to the u.s. government, saying the u.s. failed to provide sufficient information, meaning hong kong could not legally arrest him and there were no legal restrictions for him to leave hong kong. reports are he boarded a flight to moscow, due to land in a few hours. later a tweet from wikileaks saying he's traveling with their legal advisers. the question is where is he headed? abc news has learned mr. snowden is booked on a flight from moscow to cuba but there's no guarantee he'll get on it, or the final destination, venezuela, ecuador, iceland have been floated as options. they don't have an extradition agreement with the u.s. or it's shaky. what about the information on
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the nsa he brought into hong kong? how much was he able to take with him when he left. dan, bianna? >> and now to george stephanopoulos, because so many people are wondering what does this do to u.s.-china relations, if in fact he is going to russia now. >> hong kong, is something. the united states would fully comply with the extradition request. pretty serious charge right there. one of the things we're doing is getting to the justice department, find out if they believe a mistake was made, or china playing games. no question, this is going to complicate the united states-china relationship. remember, just over a week ago, president obama met with president xi in palm springs, the chinese leader, trying to reset the united states relationship with china. cyber warfare right at the top, cyber espionage right at the top of u.s.-china relations. if indeed china is not cooperating, that's a big blow.
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>> and raises questions about the relationship with russia. because we're hearing this morning he could be booked on a flight to cuba and then to venezuela. is there any pressure the united states can bring to bear on the russians with whom we have an icy relationship to stop him from carrying out this itinerary? >> we're running it down. but apparently, there's nothing the united states can do as long as he remains in the airport if he land in moscow in transit to cuba. apparently he's booked on a 2:00 p.m. flight tomorrow to cuba. and then reports he would go to venezuela. if he stays in the airport, there's nothing legally the united states can do. >> and what perfect timing for you. you'll be sitting down with the head of the nsa, general alexander this morning. so many questions, people are wondering how was this man able to outmaneuver the united states, the top spy agency in the world, not once, but twice. we can't even locate him? >> that's a big question. he was accessing all of this information from hawaii, and the alarm bells didn't go off in a way that he could be stopped before he slipped out of the
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country into hong kong. and now on his way to moscow. big questions. general alexander has never given a sunday interview, no head of the nsa has. it couldn't happen at a more important time. >> thank you very much. and as george said, a big timely interview this morning this morning with general keith alexander, the director of the nsa. that's later this morning, this week with george stephanopoulos. thank you once again. and we move on now, she was a mother of two, a budget analyst for the federal government and a flying daredevil. her name, jane wicker. she was a veteran at wing walking, doing stunts on the outside of a plane. but this weekend at an air show in ohio, a mysterious and public crash. we warn you, the video you are about to see is disturbing. and abc's reena ninan is on the scene in dayton. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. it's a long-standing tradition, whenever someone is killed, they honor them by continuing on the next day with the show. there will be a moment of silence for the pilot and the 44-year-old woman who said she
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was well aware of the risks she was taking. this morning, we're learning more about the acrobatic daredevil who lost her life in this dramatic air show crash captured on video. jane wicker dedicated her life to the skies. a mother, fiance and pilot with 20 years experience. she can be seen on the website for the stunt group she founded, performing one of her most famous maneuvers. the same one she was attempting just moments before the fatal crash. >> we heard that horrible noise, and then boom. >> it was shocking. we came early to catch a closer look, and we never thought we would witness this. >> pilot charlie schwenker, a 35-year veteran was killed in the crash. friends say the duo loved to fly and shared that love with others. >> absolutely fabulous people. i was amazed about how much trust both of them had in each other.
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>> reporter: wicker was one of the sport's most well-known figures. featured in documentaries for the history channel and tlc. >> watch this, jane wicker, sitting on top of the world. >> reporter: at this ohio air show on saturday, in front of a crowd of excited fans, wicker's final performance took a tragic turn. >> this is a tragedy for what's a very small community. and our thoughts and prayers go out to those two individuals and their families. >> reporter: aviation experts say the crash could have been so much worse, but thankfully it occurred away from the thousands of spectators watching. ntsb officials have arrived to begin investigating. bianna. >> all right, reena, thanks to you. a bombshell on the eve of the racially and emotionally charged murder trial of george zimmerman. a big win for the defendant even before tomorrow's opening statements. a judge ruling audio experts
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can't testify about the most dramatic evidence in the case, a 911 recording of the deadly encounter with trayvon martin. here's abc's gio benitez with the story. >> good morning. this is how the defense team wants it. the state's audio experts say it's martin's voice on the tape. the defense says it's zimmerman. now jurors will have to decide for themselves. this morning, prosecutors charging george zimmerman with second degree murder may have a harder time proving who's screaming for help in the 911 call. does zimmerman fear for his life and kill trayvon martin in self-defense? or was that martin's voice? the prosecution's voice experts say it's the 17-year-old. but zimmerman's defense team has challenged the science. now so has the judge, writing in a ruling there is no evidence to establish that their scientific techniques have been tested and found reliable. >> the fact that the prosecution
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cannot present the voice recognition experts in the trial is a victory for the defense. because the judge is now allowing those jurors to listen to the tape and decide who they believe the individual screaming out for help is. >> reporter: even though the two sides have battled it out in court -- >> not unusual for scientists to have different views. >> sorry, i don't follow the difference. >> reporter: the tail of the tape has been a complicated one to tell. >> the pivotal evidence is who the aggressor was on that fateful night. and that 911 tape tells the story. >> reporter: analyzing the tape is no easy feat, and some suggest, even impossible. a voice analyst said he couldn't be sure whose voice is on the tape, because the recording isn't clear enough. >> there are standards for voice identification that this case doesn't match. >> reporter: and even though the
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state's audio experts can't weigh in, there's no doubt that 911 call will be a central piece of evidence in the trial. and that begins tomorrow with the opening statements. >> a big win for the defense. and as you said, opening statements tomorrow. we'll be all over the story. gio, thank you. meanwhile, there is a fierce battle in colorado. a dramatic stand against wildfires spreading across the state, forcing evacuations, including in the tiny town of south fork. which has served as a backdrop for big movies like "national lampoon's vacation" and "the lone ranger." clayton sandell is right there this morning. >> reporter: overnight, fire fighters called in new reinforcements from the u.s. military. today, two planes like these from the california air national guard will swoop into the smokey skies. the planes churn out 3,000 gallons of water or fire retardant in five seconds. they'll help knock down the worst of a dozen blazes that have torched more than 133 square miles of colorado mountains. the entire town of south fork, 400 residents, are still evacuated. flames are moving closer, but so
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far, every home has been spared. >> the fire pretty much made a turn. it would not burn in the aspen. that's a lot of what's over by south fork. >> reporter: fires are also burning in new mexico and arizona. residents near prescott got news they could go home. >> i really didn't expect it. i thought they were going to wait until the wind died down a little bit. >> reporter: but in colorado, as long as the forecast calls for hot, dry weather, nobody is going home yet. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> our thanks to clayton. back to gio for the news this morning. he's in for ron. great to see you. >> great to be here. great to be here, thanks so much. and we begin with the on going investigation into patriots' tight end aaron hernandez. state police officers and investigators spent hours inside his home saturday. hernandez is being investigated following the mysterious shooting death of his friend, oden lloyd. lloyd's body was found in a land fill just a mile from
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hernandez's home. a crash at a world-famous 24 hour race has killed an experienced driver. 34-year-old allen simonson died when his car crashed into the wall at the start of the le mans race, just ten minutes in. he was a member of the aston martin racing team. this is the 90th anniversary of that race. and this morning, a little girl at the center of an organ transplant controversy is out of a coma and responsive. sara monaghan, a 10-year-old with cystic fibrosis, had a double lung surgery earlier this month. she gained national attention with just weeks left to live, her family fought to get her on the adult transplant list. and take a look at this, emergency crews called in after a giant sink hole opened up in the ground in minneapolis. the hole is so wide, it took out half the road. it's 20-feet deep and created by a water main break. it could take two weeks before
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that sink hole is filled. and finally, it was probably not the kind of thrill roller coaster riders were expecting. check this out, 11 people were stranded hanging straight up in the air when a ride at an amusement park in china got stuck. it just started and was 90 feet in the air when it stopped. it took emergency crews two hours to get everyone down. i love roller coaster rides. i'm not sure i would be able to do that. i would freak out. >> let's hope the riders weren't just full off of hot dogs -- >> right. you don't want to be one car below from the guy who's got the hot dog indigestion. in that situation. >> that conversation is going in another direction. at least they weren't upside down. >> thank you very much. i do not like roller coasters. but we have an inhouse daredevil. her name is ginger zee and she's here with the forecast this morning. >> good morning.
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upside down and waiting in line for a long time, you have to go to the bathroom. that's what i thought. i don't know. you're welcome. let's talk about the super moon. we asked you for pictures of the closest and fullest moon. a lot of astronomers get down on us, say we pay too much attention to the full moon. isn't it beautiful? look at it. this beautiful shot from sacramento, california, a plane going across the super moon. from pennsylvania, and upstate, rochester, new york, and very own john, our new ep, executive producer from his apartment in new york city caught the super moon. thank you for all the photos. please keep sending them in. nice apartment. right. that was gio, i didn't say that. in new orleans, there's video from the super moon. he is actually looking at the sunset, turned around and actually saw the moon that had risen. so really great shots. of course, it's not all all good news. i just can't keep smiling in the broadcast. some bad news, severe weather. more on the way today.
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first, i want to show you what happened yesterday. there were certainly more than 100 severe weather reports. some tornadic. this one in nebraska. we've got the video for you. it almost looks transparent in the middle, land spoutish. but low precipitation. if we call it that. great video, no one was hurt. today, here are the areas on alert for isolated tornados, damaging winds and the isolated hail. minneapolis. green bay right on the edge there. des moines, omaha, kansas city, all the way back to denver. it's the same area that gets hit over and over. and it's not just severe weather but way too much rain. look at all the rain that fell in southwestern wisconsin. they are dealing with major flooding. almost a foot over the beginning of the weekend. i've got bad news. because there's more on the way. in the purple area, 1 to 2 inch range. this is the next 24 hours. a bull's-eye in just north of des moines here, iowa. anywhere in the northern plains and upper midwest has to look out for all that rain. it's beneficial in parts of northern california, abnormal
7:16 am
for this time of year. there in reading, down san francisco, you'll get a little bit. tat'sthe big cturf1 oha areg that's thg picture. let's check closer to hom. sun pillar. i've got something to teach you guys. ready? sun pillar. you can kind of see -- it's straight up. it's a faint one, beautiful shots. thank you for sending that in. and the end of a rainbow. who ever gets to see that? but in west virginia they did. very faint. but no pot of gold, unfortunately.
7:17 am
send me your photos @ginger_zee. keep looking for the super moon, if you didn't see it last night, tonight, it will be pretty similar. >> john invited us over for a viewing party. we'll be there. >> kegger. appreciate it. all right. summer is here. and we who have been hibernating are getting off the couch and out in the sun for outdoor exercise. this is a good thing, of course. but for those of us of a certain age, there is a risk of injury. and this morning, word of an experimental but promising fix. tonya rivero is here with the details. >> professional athletes have been using stem cells to treat injuries for years. now the procedures are becoming more widely available to the average joe athlete can reap the benefits as well. ah, yes, summer, when working out and looking fit is at the top of everyone's agenda. pushing weekend warriors to play hard, and sometimes fall even
7:18 am
harder. >> weekend warrior injuries are basically people overdoing. >> reporter: fear not, athletic aficionados, a new procedure could relieve the sports injuries in under half an hour. it's called a b-mac. a bone marrow aspirate concentrate, essentially using your own stem cells to ease the pain. >> stem cells are cellular therapy, as we call it. it's a strong anti-inflammatory. >> reporter: eli lifted weights for more than 12 years. but at 35, the pain got to be too much and he started searching for solutions. >> i think you always try to find the easiest way out. acupuncture, massage, icing it, heat. >> reporter: but nothing worked. until he met dr. raj. here is how a b-mac works. fluid is taken from the bone marrow of a patient's pelvis, then 15 minutes later, stem cells are separated and injected back into the joint where the pain exists.
7:19 am
>> this in itself is really a non-invasive procedure that can be done in a quick setting with almost immediate results. >> reporter: eli says he felt the difference right away. and now two months later, he is back working out and lifting weights as if he didn't have the pain at all. >> i was stiff for about two days and i decided to go back in the gym and feel it out. within two days, i was stronger than in a dozen years. >> reporter: it is still the subject of ongoing clinical trials and results are needed from a larger study before it's universally accepted. still, initial results of earl studies have shown promise. dan and bianna? >> so if i get that shot, my arms will look like that guy? >> go for it. >> love to see you in a muscle t. >> i'm going to take next weekend off. i will be back, and wearing gio benitez's suit. how do you like that? >> that's really out of the shape. >> that's what i want to see. >> gio is over there, he's glaring at me. >> as you can tell, dan's a bit
7:20 am
jealous. >> yes, slightly. >> you're in great shape. all right. now to the dueling divas of the tennis world. serena williams and maria sharapova. the top stars in women's tennis may duke it out on the court but they're already serving up a war of words off the court, and it's getting personal. jeff fi coffman has the story. good morning. >> reporter: and good morning to you. it sure is. the matches haven't begun, but they're already at it. these two super stars have their claws out in what is a nasty off-court cat fight. if this is sport, it's more like boxing than tennis. this corner, super star serena williams, and in this corner, top player maria sharapova throwing a right punch. >> definitely a little bit sad to hear about what she said about the case. >> in a pre-tournament press
7:21 am
conference, sharapova called out williams about the recent comments about the steubenville rape case in which a 16-year-old girl was raped and two teenagers were sent to jail. in a "rolling stone" interview, williams implied that the 16-year-old victim put herself in that position, saying your parents should teach you, don't take drinks from other people. williams has since apologized but the volleys get really nasty when they talk about love lives. williams on sharapova. if she wants to be with a guy with a black heart, go for it. nasty and confusing. sharapova's current boyfriend was rumored to be romantically linked to williams last year. sharapova, your serve. >> she wants to talk about something personal, her relationship and her boyfriend married and getting a divorce and has kids. >> reporter: ouch. a jab at williams and her rumored relationship with her coach. at a news conference this
7:22 am
morning in london, williams took a very different tone, extending an olive branch to her opponent. >> i personally talked to maria at the player party, and said i want to personally apologize to you. >> reporter: now on court, it's clear who the winner is, and the the last 12 times they have met, williams has beaten sharapova. if they do face each other here, at wimbledon, you can be sure it will be a match not to be missed. >> that net may come in handy for the two of them. jeffrey, thank you. coming up on "gma," the tennis showdown of a different variety. why two male stars suddenly turned their match into a strip show. >> i don't know what that sound was. also ahead, the facebook photo fight. a teenager suing for millions because of this picture of her in a bikini. wait until you find out who used the photo and why it made her so mad. and surf dogs, on a much
7:23 am
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there they are, the world famous amphibious dogs of california. all week on "gma," we have been featuring dog versus dog competitions, which culminate with the annual surf dog competition in cali. we'll show you the winner coming up. pretty big waves. four foot. >> that's impressive. the 8th annual. i've never heard of this, it's been going on for quite a while. get to that story later on in the half hour. good morning. i'm bianna golodryga with dan harris. it's sunday, june 23rd. also this morning, best tennis match ever. we'll show you the unforgettable head-to-head competition that turned into a court-side strip tease act. that's later in fixation. >> a lot of people looking forward to that. but a lesson in the dangers of posting risque pictures on the internet.
7:31 am
>> that's right, this is a story of a former high school student and the controversial way her school district used a picture she posted on facebook wearing a bikini. now she's trying make an example with a $2 million lawsuit. abc's lindsay janice is here with the story. >> reporter: good morning. she feels humiliated after administers at her former high school used a picture of her wearing a bathing suit to teach lessons about using social media. chelsea cheney posted this picture of herself in a bikini next to a card board cutout of rapper snoop lion on her facebook page. now the teen is accusing the high school of violating her rights by showing the photo to hundreds of parents and students in her georgia school district. >> it never crossed my mind this would ever happen to me. >> reporter: in a lawsuit, she said they used the vacation snap in a seminar on social media without asking her or her parents' permission. in an apology letter, the
7:32 am
director said he wanted to highlight the public and permanent nature of the media. >> take an innocent picture and put it in the context of the presentation was that night. >> reporter: cheney, who is now a freshman at the university of georgia, said the episode caused her traumatic, emotional harm. >> i cried a lot. it made my first semester a lot harder. i was always on my toes. >> reporter: school officials say no laws were broken and have asked a judge to dismiss the case. she is suing the school and the technology director for $2 million, because she says she wants to protect other students. >> i take it kind of like i was bullied by this guy, and i just don't want this to happen to another student. >> she is suing for violation of privacy, slander and other complaints. the lawyer representing the school says he finds it perplexing that she's suing for millions over a picture on the internet. it's an important debate. >> it's a fascinating case. no question. however, we are stuck on the
7:33 am
change of the name of snoop dogg to snoop lion. when did this happen? why was i not notified. >> years ago. a year ago. >> really? >> a year ago. >> dan thought you made a mistake. that's not snoop lion, that's snoop dogg. >> may have said that. >> that was a much older voice. that was dan's. >> that's my theory. i rarely use that. >> all right, thank you. let's go back to gio for a look at the other stories making headlines this morning. you also knew he changed his name. >> yeah! come on! >> thanks, gio, i will remember that. >> he wears your suit, yeah. >> all right, in the news right now. the nsa whistle blower wanted by the u.s. government on espionage charges is on the move. edward snowden left hong kong and abc news confirms he's booked on a flight from moscow cuba. the justice department disputes hong kong's claim the extradition request was unproper.
7:34 am
horrifying moments, at an air show in ohio. thousands of spectators were watching as a wing walker crashed to the ground. the daredevil and the pilot were both killed. no one on the ground was hurt. the accident is under investigation. right now, a massive wildfire is threatening the tourist town of south fork, colorado. the fire is growing. the flames have burned more than 130 square miles. hundreds of tourists and residents have been evacuated. and finally that iconic white suit made famous by colonel sanders of kfc sold for $20,000. the suit has been owned by a cincinnati man who said he got it as a gift from the colonel. hope they checked the pockets to make sure the secret recipe wasn't inside. ginger zee, i think we need white suits. >> dan is going to give us suits no matter what we do on the broadcast. yeah. >> don't do double-breasted anymore. >> he doesn't do double-breasted anymore, he says.
7:35 am
some of the heat. oh, my goodness. dallas, 95, not just hot, but muggy. let's see what it looks like in texas. a little bit earlier, a really nice start to the day. not just hot, but muggy. and we will climb temperatures to near 100 this week. and then new york city, look at a shot, a little bit hazy, and a very warm and summer-like day. really for so many from kansas city to memphis. jackson, mississippi at 92, new orleans at 90. orlando at 92. summer is really settling in. here are the temperatures. the next couple days. i mentioned, dallas getting up close to 100. 97 by tuesday. washington, d.c. into the 90s, as we start the work week. new york city, same deal, and chicago, some of the hottest weather of the year. 90 for their tuesday. fire dangers, not great news. 30 to 40 mile per hour wind gusts. the dry conditions and low humidity. not so wonderful in the southwest. i want to leave you with a look across the nation. for now that is the big pi
7:36 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by aveeno. dan and bianna, should we call him dan lion? >> i wish. dan dog. that might work. slightly better. >> dan-mal. >> yeah, that's what rachel calls me. all right, world war z. the waves were gnarly at the surf dog competition. how the hounds handled it. after a quick break. >> thanks, dan dogg. and why this is one of the most memorable tennis matches you'll see, and the game isn't even the best part. that's coming up next in fixation. the best part. that's coming up next in fixation. for aveeno® positively radiant face moisturizer. [ female announcer ] only aveeno® has an active naturals total soy formula that instantly brightens skin. and helps reduce the look of brown spots in just 4 weeks.
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and now to the dramatic and now to the dramatic conclusion of "gma's" week long dog versus dog competition. this is big stuff. >> it is.
7:41 am
it's the 8th annual aspca surf dog competition, and the waves were actually quite fierce. rachel smith joins us from los angeles with more. hey, rachel. >> reporter: good morning. the competition was fierce too. i'm on puppy patrol this weekend. first, wally, the world's ugliest dog. and today we're hanging ten with man's best friend. that's right. not your typical day at the beach watching surfers roll into shore, dozens of dogs were unleashed yesterday in southern california to get their doggy paddle on and catch waves for a swell time. surf's up, pups. more like 43 of them ditching leashes for surf boards. catching waves at the 8th annual surf dog competition at imperial beach, california. >> a lot of fun. >> reporter: but no walk in the park. waves were up to 4 feet high, and conditions were choppy.
7:42 am
they were fearless. >> it was pretty neat. looked like rough waves, kind of hard. >> reporter: scored on confidence, length of ride, and overall ability to grip it and rip it. >> we have dog surfing from all over the country, from the desert in arizona and nevada, and vancouver and even hawaii. >> reporter: more than 3,000 people hit the sand for fun in the sun with their best friend. raising thousands of dollars for a good cause, the aspca, in its fight against animal cruelty. and for the first time in the event's history, there was even a mobile adoption center. >> we have lots of adoptable animals on site. >> reporter: another treat for spectators, youtube sensation, tillman. >> he's usually the skateboarding bulldog, but he can actually surf. who knew? i'm rooting for him to win. >> you ready to surf? get your board. go get it. >> reporter: he got it, all right.
7:43 am
and the gold, after showing off his skills on the water. >> everybody give it up for tillman. >> reporter: it was a dog eat dog competition, but one that got everyone's tails wagging. amazing. and the fun didn't end with the competition, attendees and even the pooches kicked up their paws for dog massages. a doggone good time for a worthy cause. >> very worthy. a lot of animals who need homes in this country. bravo to tillman, great job. thank you, rachel. coming up on "gma," strip tennis, anybody? possibly the most bizarre tennis match ever seen. fixation is next, ginger is making weird noises. leave it here. it here. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service®
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all right, time for "fixation." we show you many, many videos, but this week we are totally focused on one thing that happened at wimbledon. it has nothing to do with the cat fight between sharapova and williams. wimbledon starts tomorrow, but without a doubt, the tennis match of the year has taken place. the world's number one player, novak djokovic squaring off against number 31 grigor dimitrov in a pre-exhibition match. they put on an incredible show. first, this was the ridiculous point this is only one point you are watching here. that had both men criss-crossing the court, 40 seconds of back and forth. the players, sprinting, stretching, and groaning with every volley. the shots behind the back, between the legs. keep in mind, this is only an exhibition.
7:49 am
djokovic won the point after running him into the ground and played to the crowd for an it will of applause. trying to catch his breath. >> you trying to catch your breath, as you can imagine, very exhausting. >> the play by play. there we go. >> and then take a break and decided to let the ball girls take over. handed the rackets to the girls and switched rolls and let them serve a couple points. level of play drops, but the crowd cheered on while the men stood at attention acting as the ball girls. and after a couple serves, the men got back in the game and finished the match. >> here's where it gets risque, as if that was not enough of a show, somewhere between games, the two players put on a strip tease for the crowd. >> the most exciting tennis match ever. :. >> everyone does that, right? >> djokovic got it started. he took off his shirt and swung it over his head. dimitrov took a little bit of convincing. he gives in, rips off his shirt. this is a questionable move, you'll see here, he decides to
7:50 am
donate it to somebody in the crowd. i tried this after i came home from running around the house with my wife, she's a little less enthusiastic than the people in that crowd. shockingly. >> i'm surprised the people in the front row weren't giving dollar bills. >> making it rain. absolutely. sorry, did i say that on national television? making it rain? okay. sometimes i need to use my inside voice. by the way, wimbledon starts on espn tomorrow. we'll be back with more "gma" after this quick break. back with more "gma" after this quick break. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function
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because we couldn't get because we couldn't get enough of the video we showed you, the strip tease at wimbledon, we are going to queue it one more time. so you can take a look. maybe in slow motion. there we go. we really like that shirt. i just wanted to look at it one more time. >> the shirt, right? >> in the meantime, thank you for watching abc news.
7:56 am
we're online at and we'll have more on this week with george stephanopoulos. >> and thank you to gio benitez for joining us. thank you for watching, everybody. we'll see you later.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
good morning. welcome to "this week." this morning, breaking news. america's number one fugitive on the move. >> edward snowden left hong kong. >> what went wrong. we'll talk to the four-star general who runs the world's biggest intelligence service. >> they provided critical leads to prevent 50 terrorist events. >> at the heart of the domestic surveillance controversy -- >> they told us they weren't collecting data on american citizens. it was a lie. >> and alexander, his first ever and only sunday interview. a this week exclusive. the round table on the politics, from the president overseas -- >> complacency is not the character of great nations.


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