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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 25, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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of the bay area is look at the north bay. over an inch and a quarter. so we have several new records for this date up in the north bay but it's winding down now giving way to an approaching heat wave. >> delays and cancellations at sfo. it's not just weather related. so far, 120 flights have been cancelled others facing delays up to two, maybe two and a half hours. officials say storms on the east coast are expecting flights. there are no reported delays in oakland airports.
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>> slick roads causing problems including a deadly accident. wayne? >> if you've gone to las vegas and place aid bet it would rain on this day, you'd be wealthy and lucky. most rain fell here in the north bay but damage was wide spread. in fremont a rainy morning set the scene for tragedy this, was interstate 880. the wreck blocked three lanes. chp is still investigating. this was the worst of it but not all of it. >> slick conditions blocked river road 12 hours. the two most notable accidents did cause damage elsewhere, too.
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on a normal tuesday getting 140 paying customers. today, only five showed up prompting the manager to wax philosophical. >> i don't think there would be a golf course. >> there was no one ahead nork one behind. it was near solitude. >> they cannot control my kid. >> we should add there was one business that did benefit today. movie theaters. long lines for matinees. >> thank you very much. happening now, members of five bart maybe yun yinz voting whether to authorize a strike. worthers have been casting their ballots in oakland all day long. the votes come as two sides failed to reach an agreement over pay and benefits. leaders filed a lawsuit
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accusing bart board of not negotiating in good faith. bart saying unions are trying to cover up demands for a 23% pay increase. the people that manage buses and ferries are meeting to talk about the service they'll need to provide if there is a strike. if there is a strike sate monster job. the trance bay commute is the biggest concern so far we know they plan to add 10 trance bay shuttle buses. take a look at how san francisco bay ferry service is going help. the sits tim operates eight vessels. cal train not going plan any routes or longer trains.
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there is not much more they can do. all of these things will help. transit operators hope they can come to the rescue. nobody can order casual carpoolers into service but hope is that trifs would use them as carpool pick up locations parking at part bart stations would be free if there is a strike. we have a link for you on abc 7 look under see it on tv. by the way now is a great time to down load our new smart phone app. you can sign up to receive alerts on all of the latest information on a possible strike. the app is easy to down load just go to abc 7 for details and remember you'll need to down load the new one because the old one will be going away, soon. >> the supreme court's long-waited decision on prop 8 is due to come down tomorrow
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morning. prop 8 approved in 2008 and if allowing same-sex marriage in california officials say weddings could resume by late july. abc 7 news spoke with one couple who hope they'll be able to have a legally recognized marriage soon. >> we are still hopeful and optimistic about what is going happen. >> supporters have planned rallies tomorrow all over the bay area. abc 7 news will have live coverage both on air and on line. >> an odd scene in oakland, take a look at this car that
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drove ni market. now we understand the driver was hurt but not badly he is spishlly considering how it happened this, picture to share with you. national security agency whistle blower edward snowden, who faces espionage charges as you know today vladimir putin says he will not turn over snowden because the us us and russia do not have a formal treaty and says snowden is in a an airport transit area in moscow. he is seeking political asylum. >> fbi trying to figure out how cash van yashed from a cargo container wai.z part of a $93 million shipment head together federal reserve that
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had been sent on a passenger flight. it landed yesterday. investigators believe waits stolen before the flight took off. >> the housing market is red hot. home sales rising to the fastest pace. san francisco seeing largest increase with prices up nearly 24 hrs. home prices in stit spiked 5% just from march to april. >> two listings one sold $121,000 over asking. >> what a change that is. experts say climbing rates and a growing inventory will help stabilize prices going
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forward. >> 500 jobs being constructed by a high rise apartment going up in downtown san jose. the city hoping it will attract more people david louie joins us live from the sky. david? >> two years now, the one story commercial building going to be replaced by a tower, 23 stories of rental apartments. it could be a catalyst for a new downtown a private group is spending a$135 million to build a high rise apartment. >> this will have families going into restaurants supporting neighborhood businesses. >> downtown has dozens of empty store fronts.
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just ask this man who moved downtown two years ago. >> at night, it's quiet. only on weekends you find something. after that, there is nudge goinging. >> the 315 unit tower can add 500 residents. the goal to have 2500 downtown residents with revit saigs. >> my goal is to make it cool. that means need a lot of residents on the sidewalks. revitalize the streets. >> there is 35,000 apartment units but this the first downtown project it takes a gamble whether it will make downtown a livelier place. >> for whenever people people
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don't seem to come downtown to do things. >> more family friendly environments. >> twhail change your mind living downtown? >> possibly. >> still to come portland verdict holding a lesson for anyone considering cyber bullying. >> halle barry goes to the state capitol lending her voice to a childhood issue. >> consumer reports teamed up with 7 on your are side to rate wireless speakers. stay with us. abc 7
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a sacramento man accuses
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amc theaters are kicking him out because of his religious attire. he says he was wearing a large knife worn by sikhs. singh says it's an important symbol of his religion. amc theaters says it's a matter only about the weapon not about religious freedom. singh threatened a lawsuit. >> actress halle barry used her celebrity status today testifying about the need to better project the children of public figures. abc 7 news joins us live from sacramento with more on senate bill 606. nanette? >> well, halle barry says to cast aside celebrity status to look at her as a mom she wants children to feel safe. frustrated she calls torment the paparazzi inflicted on her
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5-year-old daugtder she brought star pou to a proposal to crack down on aggressive behavior to photograph a public figure's chill. she showed lawmakers photos of a recent insid dent at lax with the child upset at group the little girl calls the men. >> i have to yell she's a child leave my child alone. my daughter sobbing and says to me mommy are they going to kill us? are they trying to kill us?. >> there is a law protecting children of employee who's work in places where abortions are performed. >> the law provided for weak penalties. >> senator proposes to increase fines to $10,000 and allow civil law snuts cases where children are harassed because of their parents occupation.
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>> i'm here to protect rights to take pictures and free speech. >> media and motion picture association oppose the bill because there are law that's crack down on paparazzi. they think it's written too loosely. we want to assure this bill does not encourage on ability to snap a pick zpur ensure it's aimed at aggressive conduct. >> barry says her child no longer wants to go to school, or anywhere, with her. >> they don't do this to other little kids. why can't you do something? i have to look at my 5-year-old and say because i no rights to do anything. >> the public safety committee approved the bill on the promise it will will be tweaked to support reporters and photographers.
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>> marisa myer took part in a shareholders meeting and had plenty of news to share. yahoo says user activity is up 10%. stock prices up 60% over last year. photo uploads quad rupe yeeleled since the company relaunched flickr. also several urged myer to do something about the firing of walmart worker autos in sweden two girls were convicted today for posting sexual insults about other kids on the instagram photo sharing site the remarks posted in december and spread on the internet. before that was shut down. an attorney representing 38 young victims hopes it will send a message you cannot remain anonymous and bully people in this way. the girls were fined and one teen has to perform community service. >> barns and noble auns
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announced it will stop naking the nook color touch screen tab blets and says it's e books are are failing to keep wupt competition. and is pushing the company to a net loss. barns and noble will continue to make the basic e reader autos krorts is partnered to a report of mobile speaker autos from our new app more people are using their tab blets to watch video and listen to music. until now the sound hasn't been very good. now, some are being advertised heavily. nicky minage has one to come to mind. >> i'm a speaker, dummy.
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>> consumer reports tested 20 speakers. they use blue tooth so you can play audio without having to plug it in. first testers evaluated sound quality in a lab. some sounded good. some didn't perform as well with the foft delivery disstarted audio testers looked at how easy speakers are to use and features each others. >> you want to be able to set up speakers and want controls to work well. you can use to charge device autos in the end the tdk speaker topped rating was top quality sound.
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can be used for phone calls all for about 150s oodz consumer reports says tests show sound quality is improving on mobile devices. however, none reached level that's can compete with what you get from using speakers like this. >> but it will get there? >> yes. there you go. >> i'll be back with a story of a woman promised a five star hotel and gets a run down room. >> not quite four stars? >> not for her. >> all right. tonight. >> june gloom in full affect. >> yes. we'll soon have the accu-weather forecast on your side. >> very good. >> yes. >> skies will be getting sunny and warm. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd.
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rains now winding down. we still have pockets of light showers and drizzle up in northern snonla county this, is the pattern animating radar image. you can see moisture coming up from the southwest towards northeast. areas of fog continuing into overnight hours. mount tam received as much as five inches of rain. 70s in oakland, 77 in san jose. another live view of a beautiful sky in emeryville. other temperatures 64 degrees in santa rosa. 67 nappa.
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fairfield, 73. 80s in livermore so mild out there. warm as well. 77 in los gatos. and taking a look at downtown san jose, skies clearing in the south bay, or beginning to. pashlg clearing tomorrow, and we'll have warm to hot weather by the end of the week. taking a look at satellite image there goes warm front that brought us this continuing path of humid, mild air passing through the bay area. and showers associated with it. little areas of fog and drizzle continuing overnight. and could see sunny skies into
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afternoon and milder conditions again we had today. and looking at livermore shows upper 90s over the weekend. so we've not hot weather coming our way. overnight tonight will be mild again with low temperatures mainly into upper 50s and high temperatures under mostly sunny skies under low to mid-80s. north bay highs 83 in napa. up to about 76 in oakland. inland east bay. and look at the heat building in. 102, 104 sunday and monday. temperatures dropping off on
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tuesday. now we have another great weather resource here for you. you can follow all weather developments on latest conditions rain or shine. great to get tweets from your favorite weather team. >> and ours. >> thank you. >> all right. just ahead a special honor for a crime fighting heroin ee. tenants complaining of violent harassment by their land loord lord. it's a story you'll see at 6:00 but cheryl and i will be here in just a moment.
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aitalian based team does not like a proposed rule change to the america's cup
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race and could go to court over it. the four teams worked with make the race safer after a member of the team died last month while practicing in the bay. italians say wilt not make the boat safer but will affect performance. the rudder elevator helps control the boats when they go up on hydrofoil. a jury will review this dispute. >> los angeles authorities today charged chris brown with misdemeanor hit hit and run and driving with out a valid license arousing from an accident may 21 in the san are fernando valley. if convicted he faces up to a year in jail. no word on how charges will affect brown's felony probation for the 2009 assault on singer rihanna. >> a san francisco woman honored for helping put an tond a scam targeting asian kmunlt. >> she says i did what any
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good citizen and good samaritan would do. >> she really did. she got a special commendation this afternoon. police say she led them to four people involved in a jewelry blessing scam. thief as approached victims and told them they'd receive a blessing in return for handing over belongings. and wong got sus spishus and led authorities to the culprits. the thieves found guilty last month. good for sure. >> great. >> yes. >> coming up next a nine-mile journey for police helping make dreams come true. >> yes how police officers came out on top in the efforts to sup sport
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in the newsroom coming up at 6:00 a positive report on charter schools tonight kids researchers say benefit the most from these schools.
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also, an oakland school district police officer filed suit against the district over fatal shooting of a young man. and from michael finney a woman found out you should be leery about hotel recommendations from people you don't know, even travel professionals. now, back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> 70 members of the oakland police department cut on their running shoes today. >> yes. it's an annual event and today, the alameda county district attorney passed a torch to police. >> this year officers had the most runners participating. it begins this friday in davis, good luck. >> most money and most officers participating well... >> thanks for joining us
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ladies and gentlemen. >> world news is next. >> from all of us this is "world news." tonight, supreme change. tonight, anger, argument. all sides weigh in after the supreme court rules on racism and the right to vote in america today. lightning strike. how two dozen boy scouts all got hurt by lightning, triggering seizures. and coffee jolt. millions of your taxpayer dollars buying breakfast for congressmen? tonight, our washington watchdog goes for answers. >> david kerley from abc. can i ask you a couple of questions about your coffee and food spending? good evening on this tuesday night. we begin with a monumental decision by the supreme court. changing the voting rights act.


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