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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 30, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, record heat wave. never before seen temperatures in parts of america this weekend. air rescues. at least one fatality. exhausted a/c repairmen. when will this heat dome go away? ginger zee reporting from the hot zone this morning. search for a killer. a man called 911 from his car saying another driver flashed a gun at him. moments later, dispatchers heard the fatal shots fired. police now investigating whether this is another case of extreme road rage. celebrity double standard. alec baldwin used gay slurs to threaten a reporter and his career appears to be unscathed. why did he not get the paula deen treatment?
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would you stay here? can you imagine a summer vacation in a water tower? an igloo? perhaps a house that looks like an owl? an extreme get away where the place you sleep is an adventure all its own. and good morning, bianna is off. so nice to have paula faris steering the ship with me this morning. >> oh, then the ship's going down if you have me running as capped. thank you for inviting me back. >> absolute pleasure. >> such a gracious host. >> yes, i do my best. >> good morning, everyone. there's a lot going on as we come on air this sunday morning. president obama making an emotional visit to the jail cell where nelson mandela spent 18 of his 27-year prison sentence. this after the private meeting with the family of the freedom fighter who is now fighting for his life in hospital at 94. >> 94 years old. the latest revelations from the fugitive edward snowden.
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did america bug the offices of our european allies? george stephanopoulos is here as he prepares for his interview with wikileaks julian assange this morning. >> and on a lighter note, as america goes bananas for cronuts, we're going to show you imitators popping up all over the country. we have the crognut, the croulant. >> cronuts spreading across america. we start with the millions of americans waking up today with day three under the heat dome. one of the worst heat waves in recorded history. ginger told me earlier. >> we want you to look at this map. eight states suffocating under this excessive and oppressive heat. when will the dome lift? ginger zee is on the case in las vegas. good morning, ginger.
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>> hey, guys. three more days of this at least. it's going to stick with us with all the records. it's already in the mid-90s. here in las vegas. i heard it look like i'm in front of a green screen, by the way. i promise i have the sweat stains to prove i'm here. look at the record temperatures. 123 in needles, california. that's the hottest in june ever. sacramento, 107. 105 salt lake city. that's four days in a row above 100. 108, san antonio. here in vegas, the all-time high today of 117. today, we begin day three of what is now a deadly heat wave. >> it kind of beats you up after a while. >> reporter: at least one person is dead in las vegas. and dozens have been hospitalized with heat-related illness. while the strip tied its 115-degree record for the second day in a row, southern californians and their pets are sprinting for shade.
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outside san diego, a hike got too hot. a woman had to be air rescued, sick from the heat. >> i remember seeing a lady. she was like, it's hot, i don't think i'll be able to make it down. >> reporter: and for the guy that lets us all stay comfortable, this is anything but. >> very busy. we started extremely early. i don't know what time we'll get done. >> reporter: it's not just the desert dripping in sweat. houston with a record high. bringing the homeless volunteers with water and ice. >> we send a van out to make sure they know there is an option. by the way, here's water. we'll see you tomorrow. >> reporter: in scotsdale, arizona, bikers are cooling off if pools and mountains. these ladies are saying dry heat my -- umbrella. in phoenix, this young man makes a refreshing discovery. while nicky the dog gets to his favorite new spot. are you ready for this?
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i've got the numbers for you. the high temperatures today well into the 100s here in las vegas. where am i? we're going for a high of 117. phoenix, 115. riverside, 108. death valley, will try to get to it does not end today. look at monday, tuesday, wednesday. we'll see temperatures well into the 100s not just in the southwest. seattle could hit a record at 91. boise, 103 and 106 on tuesday. death valley, a quick check for our friends there. that have traveled to see all the heat. 129 the next two days. we head toward the fourth of july holiday. it will get a little better by then. your nation's weather coming up. a whole lot of flooding to talk about, too. >> 122 degrees on friday. that's just a little bit better. excellent. i'm looking forward to that. ron claiborne is on assignment.
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rebecca jarvis is stiting in. >> welcome back. >> thank you. a wild scene in florida. police serge -- searching for a gunman after a driver is shot and killed in tampa. linzie janis has more. >> reporter: police say it looks like road rage. the victim called 911 just before he died. this traffic camera footage shows the aftermath of a bizarre fatal shooting outside tampa. police seen here carefully approaching the victim's car. unaware of where the shooter is. what they discovered, an unarmed man, shot and killed in his car. a potential victim of road rage. >> we know that at one point in time, this person did pull up beside him and show him a handgun. >> reporter: they know because the driver called 911, saying a man with a gun had started following him after he left a nearby store. then dispatchers heard gunfire.
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>> during the time he was on the phone with the highway patrol, they heard the shooting, a series of shots. >> reporter: it's an all-too-familiar scene. check out this brawl in the middle of a california intersection. >> these guys are fighting. >> reporter: the combatants, a lawyer and a retired cop. >> trying to run me off the road. >> reporter: in north carolina, police say this man, bradley turner, followed a group of young people he says ran him off the road. on camera, turner's wife hands him a pistol which he cox and event eventually fires. in this latest case of apparent road rage, a victim is left dead. while police are looking for the suspect. police say they don't know what may have provoked the alleged dispute. but incidents like this are a growing threat. according to the u.s. department of transportation, there have been more than 1,000 deaths attributed to road rage since 2007. >> linzie, thank you. a lightning strike at a summer camp sends three kids to the hospital. it happened in indianapolis on
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saturday at the goldman reform institute. people who saw what happened said there was no warning that the weather was becoming that dangerous. >> i felt so sorry. there is nothing you on could prepare. the sky didn't even get dark, really. just some clouds. it wasn't like when it's black you go to the basement. >> one of the kids is reportedly in critical condition this morning. opponents say the fight over same-sex marriage is not over in california. dozens of people lined up outside san francisco's city hall on saturday to get a marriage license. opponents have filed an emergency motion with the supreme court. they want the supreme court to block an appeals court ruling allowing the marriages to resume. it's a bit of an understatement to say the british royal baby-to-be is generating excitement. in lon elondon and here in the as well.
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it's expected to generate a lot of money. the birth of the little one is expected to create $370 million in spending over the next two months. $120 million of that will be just from royal baby souvenirs. from prince and princess-themed potties to limited edition krispy kreme doughnuts. with pink or blue filling. everybody get on board. make a little money on this one. >> all of the above. >> all of the above. a big surprise for drivers. in southern california. check this out. a giant hot air balloon was forced to land on route 54 on saturday evening. according to california highway patrol, the balloon somehow got off course, obviously. then it wasn't able to take off again. incredibly, the balloon landed between two highway overpasses and nobody was hurt. and finally, not a great way to start the tour de france. first off, a team bus gets stuck underneath an overpass at the finish line. just as they're about three kilometers away from the finish line. officials had to back it up. also let some of the air out of the tires before the racers
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crossed the line. also, you're seeing here what happened towards the end. while all that's happening, there's a wild crash. one cyclist falls taking down dozens of other riders behind him. and it's like a -- really a d domino effect from above. it looked so elegant. when you're on the ground, it's not such a pretty picture. >> can you imagine if they couldn't have moved that bus. there's no way to tell the cyclists, um, there is something large obstructing the finish line. >> move the finish line up a little bit. >> good call. >> thank you, rebecca, appreciate it. now to president obama and the first family making a visit to the infamous prison that held nelson mandela for 18 years. this, after the president and first lady spent time on the phone this weekend with mandela's wife, by her husband's side in the hospital. where he is in critical condition right now. abc's chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl is traveling with the president. >> reporter: good morning, dan. for the obama family, today is
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likely to be the emotional high point to the president's trip to africa. they're making a pilgrimage to robben island. the place where nelson mandela was held prisoner for 18 of his 27 years in prison. they'll visit the prison and the cell where mandela spent all those years. their guide will be an 84-year-old former inmate from the prison. this is somebody who president obama knows from 2006 when he visited here as a senator. toured robben island with the same former pridser in. it's a tradition of sorts that the island for the former inmates to give these tours. this place, such an awful prison camp. it was before that a leper colony. it now stands at something of a monument for the anti-apartheid cause. this trip, as you know, has really turned into something of a tribute to nelson mandela. with nelson mandela in critical condition, on life support. at every stop along the way, president obama has had something to say about mandela,
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talking about how mandela was his personal hero. someone who inspired him to get involved in politics. is a hero to the world. >> jonathan karl from south africa this morning, thank you. and a new showdown and fears of a potential civil war brewing in egypt today. at least seven people, including an american college student have already been killed in violent anti-government government pro tests. all on the one year-anniversary of president mohamed morsi's inauguration. this situation could all boil over just hours from now. alex marquardt is in egypt with the latest. hi, alex. >> reporter: good morning, paula. cairo is bracing for what are expected to be massive and likely violent protests against president mohamed morsi. the protesters here on tahrir square, which, as you know, is the birthplace of the revolution, are now loudly calling for a second revolution. even before the main protests
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began, two days of violent clashes between opponents and supporters of president morsi. many of those who fought side by side two years ago to oust the dictator hosni mubarak are now fighting each other. liberal opponents of morsi say he's trying to impose his muslim brotherhood values on the country. that he's done nothing to rebuild it. the opposition has been joined by their old enemies, supporters of mubarak. >> we are looking to have a better life, more democracy. we don't want any more of the muslim brotherhood. we're not convinced of morsi. and we're going to stay on the streets until he leaves. >> reporter: an umbrella opposition group called rebellion claims to have 22 million signatures on a petition calling for a new election. the brotherhood says the u.s. is siding with their opponents.
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around 150 people have been wounded since this new wave of protests began on friday and seven people killed. among them, 21-year-old american student andrew pockter. he was caught in a violent protest on friday where he was stabbed. his family said he was in egypt this summer to learn arabic and to teach english to children. he eventually wanted to move to the middle east. the u.s. is not taking sides. the president has called for calm today. but the u.s. embassy has closed today. president morsi has moved his family for safety. many are afraid egypt is on the cusp of civil war. dan? paula? >> it could be a long day in egypt. alex marquardt will be on the story for us all day long. there are new accusations from edward snowden claiming that the u.s. planted bugs of the offices of the european union in new york. the president of ecuador said he got a call from vice president biden asking ecuador not to give snowden asylum.
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let's bring in george stephanopoulos. >> good morning. >> good morning, by the way. the latest leaks, will they hurt the relationship with our allies? >> the accusation that we've spied on european leaders, it will hurt. i think they expected it. we've learned from snowden's previous leaks that we have spied on other leaders at the g8 summ summit. it's kind of accepted practice, even though when you first learn of it, you go, wow, how can we be doing this, looking at our own allies? we have to ask, how much more is out there? snowden took four laptops to hong kong. he and his associates have said there's far more to come. >> no one knows more about that question than julian assange. you have an exclusive interview. this morning on "this week." what do you plan on asking him? >> i want to know, where is snowden. the president of ecuador says his representatives haven't spoken to him since thursday. it seems like he's in limbo in
7:16 am
moscow for some time. we want to know where he is, what he's going to do, where he's going to go. hear how much more there is to be released. and more about assange's situation. assange has been holed up for a year in the ecuador embassy in europe. >> interesting television. quickly before we let you go. the president of ecuador said vice president biden made the call and he said no promises. >> no, no promises. he said that vice president biden was very polite. he had backed off earlier statements of snowden's arrival being almost a slam dunk. he said there's nothing that he can do before snowden gets to an ecuadoran embassy or ecuador itself. >> george will talk exclusively later on on "this week" to founder of wikileaks julian
7:17 am
assange. it's time now to go back to ginger zee. you're in las vegas. i wanted to remind you. not phoenix. >> yeah, no, no, that is where i am. the sign helps. the fabulous and fiery the last couple of days las vegas. we've been so focused on the weather in the west being so hot. it's been extremely wet in the northeast. we want to look at video, close to albany, new york, where they were cleaning up from all of the rain. they got six inches thursday into friday. and i've got some bad news, guys. there's more on the way. philadelphia with the wettest june on record are saying, are you kidding? yeah, more rain's coming this week. this is how much you can expect. some pockets there. they'll have easily one to two inches. some places, two-plus. that goes all the way from florida up through the northeast. we have a severe weather issue to be concerned with today. especially in west texas. you have clovis involved in there, too. and then the cooldown. well, by a couple of degrees. texas going to be a little bit cooler today in the 90s. look at that, austin, only 99.
7:18 am
and i'll leave you >> and we're now in the low 90s here in las vegas. some of the coolest weather i have experienced in the la couple of days. coming up, much more cool weather in the midwest. and i'm talking low 70s for some as high temperatures go. we'll be talking about it. stick around for that. dan and paula, back to you. >> for the people in the heat dome, we're talking about perhaps three more days of this stuff? >> yep, you've got it. three more days at least.
7:19 am
it won't moderate that much but it will end of the week. >> all right, ginger zee, braving the elements one again. as she does pretty much every weekend leer on the broadcast. thank you, ginger. we'll see you in the next half hour. now it's the billion-dollar battle. the tech titans who want to make the cell phone that you use every day, apple, the reigning champ. check out the new ad by apple's main rival, samsung. they're playing the cool card. here enlisting one of the biggest hip hop stars on the pla planet. and rebecca is back with more. >> people are about to get a nice surprise. if they are samsung owners. this week, 1 million lucky galaxy owners will get their hands on jay-z's new album three days before the rest of the world for free. it's all part of the fierce war smart foen makers are waging to win your business. >> we need to write the new rules. >> reporter: it's the latest attempt by samsung to rewrite the rules of cool. and unseat apple's iphone. the three-minute ad features rapper jay-z working on his new album.
7:20 am
>> the idea is to finish the album and drop it. >> reporter: viewers see him collaborating with some of music's hottest artists. only get glimpses of his phone. the first 1 million samsung customers to download the customized app get the album for free. contrast that with this. >> this is it. this is what matters. >> reporter: apple's new designed in california ad, showing how the product makes lives better. jay-z and timbaland replaced with school children. and grandparents laughing with their family. >> what you have is apple going after your heart strings. trying to appeal to the nostalgia that people feel for apple. >> reporter: just last year, samsung ads suggested that
7:21 am
iphones are for parents and the galaxy phones are for their younger, hipper children. >> they get you thinking about getting a mac. samsung, they get you in the family of their products. >> reporter: that means this battle for your business is much bigger than just which company is considered cool. and it's hard to believe, but just yesterday, iphone celebrated its 6th birthday. first on sale, june 29, 2007. since then, they've made 356 million of them. the newest iphone 5 version came out in september. the tech world guys are saying, we might see a new version this year, the iphone 5s. >> nice to see some competition for apple. we were talking about how effective the bribery is. the jay-z album. it works with parenting as well. >> the only way that test whether we're cool. do you have? >> iphone. samsung? >> rim, blackberry. iphone. and i have an old iphone. >> that means we're all old. i use smoke signals. >> how about a pager? >> we'll fax about it later.
7:22 am
coming up here in the broadcast, is there a double standard when it comes to celebrities? alec baldwin seems to be apparently unscathed after the homophobic rant he unleashed on twitter. but paula deen's empire is in ruins. why no baldwin backlash? would you stay in a tree house? >> absolutely. >> i would. how about a beer barrel? >> if there was a cronut in it. >> how about a wine cellar? that should be on the list. >> the croissant-doughnut hybrid mutating. going national. we'll have a taste test coming up here. >> did you say croissant? >> i did. no secondhand smoke in here... ...and no cigarette advertising around here.
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summer adventures. imagine ditching a hotel for a home with a million-dollar view or staying at a house that looks like an owl. how about roughing it in an actual tree house in vermont? we'll talk about a new trend in traveling. good morning, america. i'm paula faris. and dan, i have to admit, i always fant advertiasized as a live like swiss family robinson. and new york city, the home of the cronut. the croissant-doughnut mix. it's been cited sighted across america. it's being held under my nose. my plan is to eat 15 of these, light my hair on fire, run around for hours and then take a
7:31 am
nap. that's my plan for this sun. >> it's a sugar rush. coming up on "gma," we have competitors. a big taste test coming up. we're all going to get involved. but let me start this morning -- the question of a celebrity double standard. alec baldwin has emerged relatively unscathed after last week's nasty and reportedly anti-gay twitter tirade. against a reporter. >> all of this, meantime, the controversy over paula deen's racial slur from about 0 years ago costing her millions and ruining her reputation. gio benitez has more. >> reporter: we're used to hearing about the baldwin temper tan chums. perhaps never in the same week that another celebrity loses her empire over something she said. >> i want to apologize to everybody. >> reporter: it's the nationwide debate. pitting deen against baldwin. paula deen reeling after losing nearly a dozen major endorsements and partnerships
7:32 am
and counting after admitting the use of the "n" word in a recent deposition. the latest, random house canceling a five-book deal for de r deen as fans rally to make the first one a best seller before its release. >> this is so good. >> reporter: the former food network star apologized. as her million-dollar fortune continues the landslide, alec baldwin seems to be fine. >> even those who h hate me, the unwashed -- >> reporter: the star of "30 rock" fired off what is being called a homophobic slur on twitter. after a newspaper reporter accused his wife of tweeting during james gandolfini's funeral. among the tweets -- i'm going to find you you toxic little queen and i'm gonna expletive you up. baldwin later quit twitter and apologized in a letter to glaad. he said his tweets were not implying any issues of anyone's sexual orientation. but some vehemently disagree. anderson cooper tweeting, why does alec baldwin get a pass when he uses gay slurs?
7:33 am
if a conservative talked of beating up a queen, they would be vilified. like deen, baldwin is no stranger to endorsements. >> what's in your wallet? >> reporter: yet the face of capital one credit cards has not faced the backlash of de rks n. some say deen is experiencing a double standard. others say, not so fast. >> if alec baldwin dropped the "n" bomb the way paula deen has, you can bet he would lose his capital one endorsement. >> reporter: stars say the pounding against paula deen is too much. >> i'm a black man. i was one of the people that was offended when i heard it. it's too much. >> reporter: baldwin may survive his latest debacle, but it remains to be seen if deen can survive hers. alex baldwin's wife defending her husband using, what else, twitter? she says some of her best
7:34 am
friends are gay and she would never have married a homophobic man. >> rebecca, you came back today. filling in for ron claiborne. >> it was the cro-nuts. >> i said at about 3:00 p.m., yes, i will show up at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to do this job. thank you so much. great to be back. good morning. we want to get you caught up on more serious news. police are following up on a shooting on a highway in florida. man called police saying he was being followed on interstate 4 in tampa. a short time later, he was found shot and killed on the side of the road. no word on what sparked the shooting. protests in egypt. thousands gathered in tahrir square outside the palace. today marks the one-year anniversary of morsi's presidency. luxury carmaker maserati says it will make a car for the merely wealthy, instead of just the filthy rich.
7:35 am
starting price, $65,000. >> very thoughtful. >> entry level maserati. it's the super bowl for supergeeks. more than 1,000 competitors from 40 different countries were in the netherlands for the robo cup football tournament. they want to see robots play humans in the soccer world cup by 2050. my money is on the robots. >> dan is a robot. it's true. >> they have to speed the robots up. >> you should see me on the dance floor. >> why not now? >> no. >> not happening? >> save me, somebody. we're going to ginger in the hot part of the country. >> back over here where we don't have cronuts, that's for sure. we have been focused on a whole lot of water. even doing that yesterday, we all had a headache at the end of the day yesterday. the heat is almost impenetrable.
7:36 am
manhattan beach, they packed the beaches side by side. so many folks trying to get cool. in tucson, 112. not a record but not too shabby, they were playing in the sprinklers. enjoying themselves there on this summer break. we have to talk about how hot it's going to be. i want you to look at the numbers and plan ahead. all the water starts early here. 108 riverside. boise, 103. salt lake city, another 100-degree day. they only get three in an entire summer. they've had four in a row. let's look then at who is cool. the nation's air conditioner right in the middle of the nation. minneapolis, 79. chicago, we'll struggle to get to 70 on tuesday.
7:37 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by petsmart. i cannot tell you how upset i am that i'm missing the big shame spiral dan is about to go into. i'll save you, dam. >> nobody enjoys my shame spirals more than ginger zee. oddly enough. >> ginger, if you're ever allowed back to the east coast, i'll save you one. i promise. >> okay, thanks, paula. coming up on "good morning america," these are not your usual summer family getaways. where complete strangers rent out their homes, including my favorite, a tree house. and then there's the igloo. >> and barrel of beer as well. also coming up, a cronut by in other name. the new york sensation popping up all over the country. with new names and new recipes. we have some here for a taste test. keep it here. test.
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this is a huge vacation. we have to state the obvious. millions will be traveling. this year, millions are not going to a hotel. trying something very different. >> sounds a little novel. imagine taking big strips with
7:42 am
all the comforts of home by renting houses that belong to a complete stranger. many of these homes are an adventure all their own. here's abc's rachel smith. >> reporter: they're some of the world's 300,000 cool and quirky rental properties in 34,000 cities in 200 countries. on air b & would you vacation in a london water tower? an igloo dome in greenland? or sleep off a german hangover in this beer barrel? >> people are always interested in trying out new things. >> reporter: christian has rented out his properties to 80 air b & b guests. check out this 1940s two-bedroom, one-bath hilltop home with million-dollar views of l.a. this is like a hidden gem here in los angeles. this would be a more intimate way to experience a particular location.
7:43 am
>> it's the difference when cow move into a hotel and it's completely personal, there's no soul. you come to a house and you might see photographs of somebody and take the step back and look at life. a lot of people ask me if my dog could stay with them. >> reporter: it takes a certain breed to vacation in a dome in chile. a british house designed to look like an owl. or a tree house in vermont. here's how it works. suppose you want to rent this venice beach airstream. you'll pay a service fee to the website plus the total price of your stay and security deposit. air b & b forwards your money to the owner. who pays nothing. >> you can deduct a coffee mug from your deposit. if it's grander, like vandalism,
7:44 am
airbnb backs you up. >> you trust them with your house, belongings, rugs, expensive tough. i think people respect that. there's a mutual understanding. there's a misconception that you're going to somebody's house and they're staying there. most of the properties, you don't share anything with anyone. >> reporter: for me to stay in this pad? >> $500 a night. >> reporter: eh, eh, maybe for, like, a special occasion. >> maybe for you, cheaper. >> reporter: many of the 4 million airbnb surf in the net for the ultimate in couch surfing. for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, california. >> paula faris, what was your favorite house in that thing? >> the tree house. though, you know what? nothing could really compare -- >> not the beer barrel? >> i didn't see a wine cellar. potentially that. but nothing compared to "swiss family robinson." i want to live in a tree. >> a come's got to have her
7:45 am
fantasies. they're calling it the son of cronuts. paula is calling it a cro-postor. we're going to taste test. fixations up after this break. that instantly brightens skin. and helps reduce the look of brown spots in just 4 weeks. for healthy radiant skin. try it for a month. then go ahead and try to spot a spot. aveeno® positively radiant. naturally beautiful results.
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and it is time for "fixation." one thing about "good morning america," i think we can all agree we like to eat. >> yes. >> we love food. here in new york city, the biggest craze is the cronut. it's fried dough. it's exhibit a from the dominique ansel bakery. fried dough. it infuss the croissant with the doughnut. people will wait in line for hours. they only make about 250 a day. >> 250. in fact, our own nick watt went
7:50 am
to the bakery and found such a long line, he resorted to extreme measures. take a look at this. >> reporter: i'm not a professional bakery chef but see what i've done here, doughnuts, croissants. it's very good. and i don't have to stand in that line, either. >> how much do we love nick watt? like gucci bags and rolex watches, the cronut is swanning knockoffs. two bakeries in chicago have created their own version. one calls them crognets. we spoke with employees who said they're selling out on a daily basis. another one called gur sweets is offering their own croughnuts, with a "gh." they tell us the name is about to change to gurnuts. >> also, the cronut is going hollywood. with a west coast version making its debut.
7:51 am
just yesterday. the semisweet bakery is offering the croulant. the bakery has put a twist on the original. for now, it doesn't include cream right now. they're baked, not friday, not fried, because it's l.a. >> boo! boo! >> i'm waiting for one that is gluten free. >> one for you. dan -- >> i've had these. >> i've never had one. >> these cost five bucks. >> $5. it's going to drip on your suit. it's infused with sugar. rolled in sugar. cream filling. can we show everyone what they look like on the inside? hold on a second. we need a new knife. all right. we're going to eat some more. >> i'm eating. >> i want to try the crognet. net. especially my niece. the moment she pointed out my moderate to severe
7:52 am
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a big thanks to la boulangerie in chicago for flying these in from the windy city. >> it's carnage on the coffee table. thanks for watching. we'll see you later. table. see you later. treats. >> it's carnage on the coffee table.
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good morning. welcome to "this week." traitor or hero. high-stakes standoff over the world's most wanted fugitive. >> where is he hiding tonight? >> the exclusive with the other fugitive. the founder of wikileaks, julian assan assange. making history. the supreme court's landmark decision on same-sex marriage. a fight far from over, leaders on both sides are here. is this the start of a new culture war? our round table weighs in. and a lone star in texas shoots straight into the national spotlight. here this sunday morning.


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