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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 1, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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away from the bart strike deadline and talks have ended. this is a live look at bart where trains are running right now, but in an hour a strike could begin. good evening. i'm kyra clapper in for ama dates. the commute could be at atomorr. tentative agreements were reached on several items, but just hours ago they left the bargaining table to take the offer back to its members. we have team coverage on the bart strike threat. lilian kim will have tips on how to help you get around. we start with abc7 news reporter john alston who is live with the latest on negotiate -- negotiations.
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>> a strike appears imminent. we are in oakland and right now behind closed doors workers are waiting to hear from bart as to a possible breakthrough, but a few minutes ago a bart spokesperson says that offer would not be coming tonight. union workers are planning for a strike at midnight. from the moment union members left the talks it didn't look good. >> unfortunately we were just told they have nothing more to give us this evening. we are going to be going back to our union hall. we will be caucusing. we will be available until the contract expires at 12:00 midnight. >> we are deeply disappointed that the union has no longer responded in good faith and doing surface bargaining with us. >> at union halls picketers
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wasted no time getting signs ready for a midnight strike. talks lasting five hours. >> it doesn't do good when you leave the table early. it is bart tradition to go until midnight or past midnight. it is unprecedented to end so early in the evening. we are so -- we apologize to our passengers if this dozened in a strike. >> the unions were asking for a 5% raise each year for three years plus a 2% cost of living adjustment. bart was offering an 8% raise over four years with lower employee contributions for health and pensions. >> we doubled our waste proposal . they came down half a percent. that's where we are at right now. we doubled our proposal and they came down half a percent. >> go ahead and finish your speech. >> we let you frame our store. >> okay. >> union members say the bart raise would amount to only a $1 a year raise. >> our contract expires at
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12:00 and we will be on strike if the district does not come to it. >> today the govenor refused to intervene and called for a 60-day cooling off period. if there is a strike tonight the trains would run their final runs up until about 1:30 in the morning and then that will be it. we will stay with this story through this newscast and on twitter for any updates as this situation develops. live in oakland, john alston, abc7 news. >> thank you, john. and now to abc7 news reporte wio lilian kim with a look at what commuters could face tomorrow. lilian? >> if there is a strike commuters will no doubt face major delays except the ones who don lucky ones who don't have to go to the office. there are 400,000 people who use bart on a typical work day. most have plans if the trains won't be operating tomorrow. leah snyder is doing exactly what transportation officials want people to do. >> i am going to stay and work at home. i have the luxury to do that.
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as long as i have an internet connection and my cell phone i am pretty safe. >> but tens of thousands of people won't have that luxury. that's why other transit services are doing what they can to help. san francisco-based areas are doubling the number of available seats from 20,000 to 50,000. hours will be expanded from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. >> patience is key tomorrow i think. there will be a lot of people that are confused. >> to make matters worse, ac transit may go on strike this week in which case he will have to walk to work from his west oakland home to rock ridge. >> i have done it before. it is about an hour and a half. >> you are kidding. >> an hour if i am walking fast. >> the last bart strike was in 1997. it is unclear if traffic on monday will be worse or better than it was 16 years ago. more people will be able to tele commute this time around, but there are also 125,000 more bart riders than there were back then. >> for most folks it is reasonable to apect an
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additional 30 minutes either way. >> those who will be traveling by car are highly encouraged to carpool whether it is through friends and co-workers or through the system. >> that's what i did during the last bart strike. that's what i will do again. >> despite you will a of the inconveniences, the bart riders seem to be easy going through this whole thing. they don't seem to be angry, but they would like to see both sides come to an agreement as soon as possible. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. bart will be providing free weekday bus service to san francisco from four bart stations you can see on this map. tickets are on a first come, first serve basis and they will drop off passengers near the trans bay terminal where the riders can catch a bus back across the bay. and there will be free parking at any bart station or park and ride lot for carpools to meet. san francisco mta officials say they will expand casual carpooling for san francisco east bay travelers.
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and additional transit fair inspectors will be available to help muni customers. cal train will not add extra trains if bart workers go on strike. they will run temporary rush hour shuttle buses from the colma and daily stations and that's where riders can connect to buses heading into san francisco. san francisco mayor ed lee was walking in the pride parade when we asked him about the potential strike. >> i think they really need to be at the table, both management and labor. it is going to be so hurtful for all of us who are having our chance to be covered at this time. hopefully everybody can get the message out that we would like to get an agreement going. >> we created a link on our website to the options you have if there is a bart strike. you can also find out about casual carpooling or download the exclusive abc7 news ways traffic app to help you negotiate the freeways. it is all at
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under see it on tv. and to keep on top of the breaking news about the part strike, download our abc7 news app. it is a new app. and stay with us for continuing coverage of the bart strike threat. we will bring you any developments immediately as they happen. we will also check back in with report everies john alston and lilian kim live in half an hour. and join us tomorrow morning at 4:00 for a special edition of the abc7 morning news. anchors eric thomas and kristen sze and leila will bring us the latest on negotiations and a look at how r weekday commute. east bay commuters may need another way to get around if ac transit workers go out on strike. contracts expire tonight. officials and union leaders have negotiated all evening long. if the two sides fail to reach a deal by midnight they could agree to extend it and that
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would a strike avert a strike fr tomorrow. there would be one more work stopage. they will strike. many were making picket signs today. the union representatives claim the city is attempting to cut pay by 10%. earlier this week the mayor said the city has the funds for needed compensation and promise to work through the weekend to get an agreement. breaking news tonight out of arizona, and the news is tragic. 19 firefighters have been killed battling a fire. they were part of the granite mountain hotshots, an eliteew ty hand. the firefighters were forced to deploy their fire shelters that are tent-like structures meant to shield them from the flames and heat. the flames fuelled by gusty winds came up fast. >> in normal circumstances when you are digging fire lines, you make sure you have a good escape route and a safety zone set up. evidently their safety zone
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wasn't big enough, and the fire just over took them. >> this is now the deadliest wildfire involving firefighters in 30 yeast. we also just learned the fire destroyed about 200 homes in arizona. stay with abc7 news on facebook and twitter and our app for the latest on the story. and now for the heat wave across the west. now let's head to leigh glaser for a first check on the weather. >> we had a little bit of cooling today. anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees and the reason why you can see on the map on live doppler 7hd, we have a little more of a light fog and a cooler west wind that over took the bay area. the temperatures came down and here is a look at some highs. only 89 in napa, but it was 70 in san francisco and still very hot inland. 101 in livermore. and right now the temperatures
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are still very, very mild. 85 in antioch and compare that to 61 in san francisco and the temperatures now from 24 hours down 8 degrees in santa rosa and livermore and antioch you are down 7 degrees. more high heat, dangerous heat expected this week. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you, leigh. many people in the east bay escape the heat by going indoors. concord hit a high of 100 degrees today, but that didn't stop some shoppers and it didn't bother them either. >> if you are not used to it, stay indoors. if you are wanting to enjoy the sun, stay out there. might as well. >> i prefer staying in cooler weather. air conditioning if possible. or with lots of fans. >> also in the east bay, many folks took to the waters of lake merritt and some people decided hey, jogging was okay in the heat. in san francisco, marina green was filled with people playing
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with water balloons and ceets. you can check weather anytime at live doppler 7hd on abc and follow us on live doppler 7hd. still to come on abc news at 11:00, celebrating the pride parade, the weddings and how san francisco is headlining. and why it is going to cost you more to payoff
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new tonight at 11:00, at least one person suffered stab wounds after a fight broke out on bart this evening. bart police and the san francisco sheriff deputies searched for clues at the embarcadero station about 8:30. a total of four people went to the hospital. the situation delayed trains for a short time.
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two men were shot and wounded tonight near the civic center in san francisco. police tell us multiple shots were fired at 6:30 on larkin and grove streets. the area was crowded with people lingering from the gay pride celebration. the victims were eat shot in the leg and teaken to the hospital for evaluation. the gunman was seen running away. a wild police chase ended in oakland with the arrest of three men and a woman. the suspects crashed their car into a church on west grand and west streets. earlier police responded to shots fired and saw the car speeding away and tried to stop it on the bay bridge. the car, the driver evaded police and driive into oakland and no one was injured in the shooting. backers of proposition 8 lost a last ditch legal request to stop same-sex marriages in california. supreme court justice anthony kennedy sided with friday's lower court order lifting a stay on gay marriages.
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240 couples received licenses in san francisco today and 210 said i do. sergio has more from today's pride celebration. >> reporter: on any given sunday at a san francisco pride parade you would expect colorful floats with rainbow flags. given the historic supreme court decision, nancy pelosi says this pride parade is unlike any other. >> with the court decision, it is fabulous. >> more than 320 marriage licenses have been issued at san francisco city hall since friday's decision by the 9th circuit to lift the case. doors opened at 1:30 and couples lined up to tie the knot. they wanted to get married in 2008, but couldn't when prop 8 passed. they drove from fresno to get it done now. >> i laid back and it was like no need, it passed.
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so i wasn't going to make that mistake this time. >> the marriage licenses will be continued uninlet rupted. uninterrupted. justice anthony kennedy denied an appeal. >> i now pronounce you, spouses for life. >> some traveled for hours to get married now like wes adams and todd from los angeles. >> i am overwhelmed. >> i feel great. >> we waited 16 years. >> outside city hall, the pride festival president co-ed and it included another historic first, members of the military in full uniform recruiting. >> we want to reach a demographic. before don't ask, don't tell, we couldn't activelien gage. actively engage. now let's check in with leigh glaser with the forecast leigh? >> it was the west winds that brought temperatures down as much as 10 degrees in some locations. you can see a little of the
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fog going down the coast and will move inland a little bit. we may look at some of the light fog on the coast. a beautiful shot from the sutro cam and you can see that it is still mild out there with oakland 63. clear skies san jose and 66 santa cruz and 61 degrees. golden gate bridge is seeing clear conditions and livermore as well as fairfield holding the heat in. 71 degrees. coit to you wire is -- coit tower is all lit up for pride day. you can see the forecast. we will continue hot through wednesday. it looks like the hottest day, folks, will be on tuesday as mpatures are close to 110 degrees. then we have to wait a few more days after that. the cooling should begin as we head toward the latter part of our workweek. the pacific sat light, you can see the -- satellite you can see high pressure dominating and continuing that very large
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bubble of hot air over the bay area. it weakened and that allowed the on shore wind come pone nonet. component. tomorrow the winds will diminish and that's when the temperatures will really begin to heat up. an excess sich heat warning has -- excessive heat warning has been esh youd for the santa clear raw valley as well as santa cruz mountain thriewz tuesday evening -- through tuesday evening from 100 to 110 degrees. remember, i said tuesday could be the hottest day. there is a risk of health-related illness with this type of situation. here is a look at our overnight lows. we will keep it warm inland with the temperatures in the mid to low 70s and cooling it off a bit and backing off on some of the temperatures. the closer you get to the coast a little light fog will settle. 58 by early tomorrow morning. less of an offshore wind. the temperatures will come up.
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95 for san jose and 90 for redwood city and near 70 tomorrow for half moon bay. 78 for san francisco. in the north bay, getting close to the 100 degree range once again. 104 cloverdale and santa rosa. 100 for napa and even oakland will come up about 10 degrees from where you were today. 86 the expected high. 91 for union city. and high heat, dangerous heat once again, brentwood 106 and antioch 106 and 103 for concord. here is a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. tuesday is the hottest day. dangerous heat. near 110 degrees inland. near 100 at the bay. 70 tees coast and -- 70s at the coast and then we will come down on fourth of july. it will still be hot. dangerous heat at least for the next two to three days. >> thank you, leigh. and shu joins us for spots. for sports. >> the a's have taken four out of five with a win over st. louis while the giants got
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behind gumgarner with some run
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it the giants end a losing streak today. bumgarner get something run support from somebody other than buster posey. he kept it going and he takes h deep to left. his 12th of the year and 1-0 giants. then in the fifth and pence breaks out the heavy metal. opposite field and a two-run shot and his 13th. that's all of the run support bumgardner needed. in the eighth inning and he extended his hitting streak and they snapped their six-game losing streak. they won four out of five with today's win over the card --
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cardinals. it is their usual formula and timely hitting. these are the two cutest a's fans ever? those are dolls. two home runs and carlos beltran with a two-run shot. just out of the reach of the cocoa crisp. the a's are trailing 5-2. doubles off the wall and ball gets away from carpenter and he comes around and a's down 5-4. carpenter pops into foul territory. makes the catch and flips over the tarp for the out and he has game. bottom of four and he takes james westbrook deep to right. a two-run shot. and the a's pad their lead in the seventh. donaldson playing like an allstar and an opposite field homerun. it is 7-5. he gets carpenter to ground out and end the game. they take two of three st. louis.
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history was made on the lpga tour. it was something
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history was made on the lpga tour. she was the first woman to win the first three majors in a year with four majors on the schedule. it happened once in 1950, but there were only three majors then. she was the low amateur and is headed to oklahoma state in the fall. congrats to her. the 10th hole and 15 foot birdie. she had a 6 shot lead at 10 under and then on 18 and taps in for the win. she claims her third consecutive major and that deserves some champagne. year 6th this year and third straight victory. >> i am honored to put my name to somebody like zaharious.
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this is a great moment. i don't know what i just did today. yes, there is something very great, but it is scary to think what i am capable of doing. >> that is so cute. final round of the at&t. 19-year-old jordan speed with our shot of the day. it is on the bunker on the par first hole. hits the green and finds the bottom of the cup and that brought him within a shot of the lead. the day belonged 20* bill hoss. 10th hole and one of his six on the day. five under 66 and then on 18 he sinks the short putt and wins by three strokes taking home $1.2 million. fred couples started with a two-stroke day and couldn't keep it. it bounces on of a sprinkler head and well past the green. he finishes two shots back. the day belonged to kenny perry. check out his approach. it landed above the pin. it stops it a foot from the cup. he shot a 6 under 64 and wins
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his first major title of his career. this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. the golden state warriors are showing their pride. >> looking forward to it. thank you, shoe. >> -- thank you, shu. >> and the deadline is on. find out if bart goes on strike. and what to help you know if bart workers get off the job in 30 minutes from now. and a big blow for students paying back the loans. why interest rates will double in less
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back to our top story tonight, we are less than 30 minutes from the bart strike deadline. abc7 news reporter john alston is live at union headquarters
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in oakland with the latest on this developing story. john? >> and it appears that 400,000 riders and more than 2,000 workers will have their world rocked in the morning because the strike appears to be imminent. we are at the transit union where they are waiting to hear word from bart about a possible contract offer, but a few minutes ago i spoke to a bart spokesperson who says that offer would not be coming tonight. we have some video that we shot of strike preparations underway. members of the atu started loading up and preparing picket signs to various bart stations. some picket lines will go up at midnight. groash -- negotiations broke down after five hours of talks. the union says bart did not come up with a fresh, new offer. bart is saying it did and it would not in affect bargain against itself. >> we regret that we made no progress today.
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the direct has not yet responded to any of our safety proposals. we have received no responses on safety and the deep concerns we have both for our workers and the riding public. >> we reached 11 tentative agreements today. it would have been nice to take the momentum and finish the deal out. it is good to reach the tentative agreements, but on the big items we remained very, very far apart. >> the atu union says if it does not hear from bart at midnight, there will be a strike. trains will continue running until 1:30 in the morning. but then that would be it. if the strike does happen, riders may see some trains going tomorrow, but they will be run by managers who are riding the trains to keep the tracks tracks in shape and secure stations, but no passengers would be allowed on board. we are half an hour away as far as we are concerned to talk members. there will be a strike at midnight if they don't hear from bart in the next half
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hour, and they are not likely to. we will stay on top of this story throughout the newscast as well as on twitter. live in oakland, abc7 news. >> thank you for that. we hope you will stay with abc news. we will break into programming immediately as they happen. you can also follow breaking news on on twitter, facebook and your mobile devices with our new abc7 news app. and join us at 4:00 tomorrow morning for a special edition of the abc7 morning news. anchors eric thomas and kristen sze will bring you the latest on contract negotiations and leil will have an update on your commute. two women were swept to sea by a large wave on the coast. it happened at bonnie dune beach. they also pulled two men into the surf. they escaped to the nearby rocks and a coast guard helicopter rescued them. 24 people survived a
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frightening series of events when a charter fishing boat took on water. it returned to emeryville earlier this evening of the the boat encountered powerful swells moments before one fisherman noticed the watery merming from the deck. >> they needed buckets and we are bailing and bailing and bailing. we got to the islands and somebody handed us a portable pump and we got the pump working and drained out. >> one of the boat's motors then failed on the journey back to its dock in emeryville. a dangerous heat wave has sealed a fast-moving fire. 19 firefighters died after being encircled by flames. at least another 20 have been injured. and more than 200 homes have been destroyed in the fire. larry jacobs has more. >> the deadly heat wave is turning brush into a tinder
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box fueling wildfires like this one. after a frantic search for a dozen firefighters who went missing battling the wind-driven flames, word some of them have died. high wind from a passing storm caused it to grow from four to 2,000 acres and temperatures topping 100 didn't help. ginger sze says the triple digit temperatures are here to stay. >> we have another two to three days for most people of this extreme heat. look at the numbers. 116 for las vegas on monday and 129 in death valley and seattle is close to 90 and phoenix 114. all of that red is excessive heat warnings and advisories. >> officials in phoenix are working in the red zone. they are using a little refrigerator to cool down the iv bags. it allows them to bring down the body's core temperature quicker for those being treated for heat exhaustion. >> i'm sure they will notice a difference. >> other outdoor workers are
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doing their best to beat the heat. >> you have to make sure you stay hydrated. >> some thought they could pay the price. 3,000 people ran a half mare marathon in pasadena. 15 runners needed medical assistance and animals are suffering like us, perhaps more. >> we can handle it a little bit, but they have fur coats on. >> with no expected relief before july 4th, folks will have to join their dogs and cats in the shade. lay rejacobs. with the high temperatures this week that a reminder banney bay area cities, but you can catch the fireworks around the bay. in san francisco at pier39 and municipal stadium and jack london square in oakland. at the alameda county fairgrounds, berkeley marina and in livermore. in pleasant hill at college park high. in richmond at crane way pavilion. still to come, remembering
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a national tragedy. a san francisco highrise shooting and how it changed one woman's life forever. and if the bart strike threat is not bad enough, why you will need to dig deeper for gas money starting tomorrow. >> i'm leigh glaser. the temperatures came down today and going back up tomorrow. we'll look at your highs for monday
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a san francisco mass murder lead to the nation's first assault weapon ban. 28 years ago eight people were killed before the shooter took his own life at 101 california. abc7 news reporter mark matthews has the story of a san francisco lawyer whose husband was amoung the victim. >> on the 34th floor of this highrise, a 55-year-old failed entrepreneur stepped out of the elevator and opened fire with two handguns with hell fire triggers. >> when he got off the elevator and started spraying bullets the first people that were killed were jack and jody. >> jack and his client jody were in the conference room next to the elevator on the 34th floor. but this is not his law firm. he was supposed to be on a plane to los angeles that afternoon. >> you can see the bullet holes going through the
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airline ticket that lined the pocket of his jacket. >> 20 years later, and carol still did not know it was his friend, an attorney, that reserved the conference room that afternoon. >> it just happened that the deposition that was going on there went on for an extra day beyond what they expected. >> i didn't know that. >> urlich must have been meant to live. >> he was meant to take on this as part of his life it sounds like. >> what urlich took on along with kingsley and a group of san francisco lawyers is what has become the law center to prevent gun violence. >> i don't remember it very well, but i am told by people that i said something like, we can't just not do something. >> they were going to marshall their expertise and do what lawyers do so well and that is write legislation and be involved in creating laws that
2:46 am
would address the problem. >> in the last 20 years, the center's efforts have resulted in 30 state and local laws and gun deaths have decreased by 56 56%. >> i couldn't walk away from a problem and not be part of working for a solution. >> for kingsly, the problem is the 35,000 gun deaths that happen every year. friday night she was honored at the center's annual dinner along with senator dianne feinstein, the author of the national assault weapons gun ban. the gun ban that congress passed after being galvanized at the shooting at 101 california. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc7 news. if the threatened transit strikes are not enough, tomorrow we will be paying more for gas. a state tax increase of 3.5 cents will kick in. california now has the highest tax on gas in the nation at almost 72 cents a gallon. 40 cents is state tax. right now the average cost per
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gallon of unleaded gas is just more than $4. in oakland it is $3.96 and it is $3.96 in san jose. in a few minutes, rates on student loans will double. the interest rate will rise from 3.4% to 6.8%. both republicans and democrats have of on erred plans to reduce the interest rate, but none have been translated into a bill. it is estimated the higher interest rates will add $4500 to the cost of a four-year degree. the time of the google reader has come to an end. the mountain view-based company will pull the plug on reader. google announced in march that use declined so this is not a surprise. the reader allowed the read tore read news feeds on one central web application. i need a new aggregator now. now i know where to go. leigh glaser jie. and live doppler 7hd is showing clear skies and a little fog near the coast.
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it may visit you tomorrow morning for the monday morning commute. this is a tale of two coasts 70s and 80s along the east coast. it is heating up at 88, but it is hot out west. 104 in salt lake city and 113 phoenix. as far as california is concerned look at palm springs tomorrow, 121. death valley by the way today was 128 degrees. 88 in l.a. and 112 in fresno and even yosemite will climb to 106. quickly i want to leave you with numbers for tomorrow. temperatures in the bay area will come up. antioch 106 and 104 for livermore. 100 in napa and 78 san francisco. 95 for san jose and a look at our accu-weather seven-day forecast. the hottest day is near 110 degrees. on tuesday inland near 100-degree heat around the bay on tuesday. after that it looks like we will start to
2:49 am
see some cooling as we head toward july 4th which will be on thursday we'll let you know how hot it is going to be in your community. keep track of the bay area weather on twitter at live doppler 7hd. mike niko will be here at 4:00 a.m. because of the bart station with an update. >> thank you, leigh. and mike shumann has a preview of sports. gite golden state warriors are showing their pride. it touches home with a pioneer in their own front office. the man
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well, the golden state warriors are hoping to be a part of the san francisco landscape with their new arena on the waterfront. today in the gay pride parade they were well represented. the team had over 60 employees including warrior girls and entertainers join in today's parade. the first time they have been involved to this extent. the driving force as president and chief operating officer rick welch was the highest ranked openly gay executive in sports. >> this is one of the biggest
2:53 am
day of the year in san francisco. half a million people come out to celebrate pride and it is important the warriors are here. we will be a part of the city. we already r. we wanted to come out and show our support and we have a bunch of employees and entertainers. >> we need more like him. the giants end a six-game losing streak today in colorado, their longest in three years. the starting pitcher got some run support from somebody besides buster posey. he takes drew deep to left. his 12th of the year and the giants go up 1-0 top three. and then hunter pence and some heavy lumber of his own. giants go ahead 4-0 and that's all he needed. seven innings and lead only one run and struck out five. going to the eighth and he extended his hitting streak to 27 games. that's a franchise record.
2:54 am
they snapped the losing streak. the a's are loving this inner league play as they won four of five with the national league central. they took two straight straight from the reds and two of three from st. louis with solid pitching and timely hitting. how cute are these two? st. louis jumped on malone in the first. two home runs including beltran. he had a two-run blast just out of the reach of cocoa crisp. a's down 5-2 and moss doubles off the wall. ball gets away from carpenter. the a's are now down 5-3. 5-4. josh donaldson and get out and vote for him in the allstar game. he has game. bottom of four and he takes westbrook deep to right. two-run shot and it gave the a's a 6-5 lead and then they pad it. playing like an allstar and
2:55 am
vote for him. opposite field homerun. 7-5a's. he notches his 19th save. the game ending groundout. hisory was made on the lpga tour. she was the first woman to win the first three majors of the year with four on the schedule. in 1950 it happened, but there were only three majors back then. low amateur in the open and 9 over and headed to oklahoma state in the fall. congrats to her. 10th hole and 15 foot birdie and drops it. she held a six shot lead. unheard of on the open. tap in for the win. claims her third consecutive major. 6th win of the year. her third straight tournament victory. >> i am just very honored to put somebody to my name.
2:56 am
it is a big honor. this is a great moment. i don't know what i did today. yes there is something great, but it is scary to think of what i am capable of doing. >> how about one more major for the grand slam? nearly causes a big pipe up, but gets -- pile up, but gets out of the way. he took advantage of this one. he was able to hold off to win the second stage. the yellow jersey holds one second going into stage three. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. congratulations to park. a historic day. >> yes, absolutely. and that's all for this edition of abc7 news. stay with us for the latest on the bart strike. we will let you know what happens. and there is a special edition tomorrow morning at 4:00.
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for leigh glaser and mike shumann, thank you for joining us. as always, abc7 news continues now on-line and on twitter and on facebook and all of your mobile devices with our new abc7 news app. have a great night.
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this morning on "world news now" -- tragic end to a brave battle. breaking news from arizona where 19 firefighters have been killed. after being trapped in the wildfire. the biggest loss of life on the scene of such a blaze in decade. plus -- >> nelson mandela showed us that one man's courage can move the world. >> president obama makes a somber reflective visit to south africa paying tribute to a hero and embracing the emotion of the moment. also this morning -- >> i will move forward with my education. i won't stop. >> starting today, 7 million students will be paying twice as much interest on their loans. why it is happening and why some now say college isn't worth the expense? it's monday, july 1st.


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