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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 1, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> abc7 news start right now where breaking news. >> i'm deeply disappointed it has come to this. tonight we are going to strike. >> bart workers are officially on strike. bart trains will not run after last minute negotiations fell apart between the transit agency and the unions. abc7 news is starting half an hour early to hope you get through the first strike since 1997. >> that was a six-day strike and it was not pleasant. we have reporters covering the impact on the commute. it could be a slow and difficult commute.
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leyla gulen is keeping an eye on the highways and transit. >> good morning to you at home. right now we are looking at quiet conditions. of course, bart is on strike. no bart service will be available. the good news is a.c. transit not striking as far as we know. you can use that to get around. a lot of people are taking different types of transportation using scar pooling and a few added car pool locations. san francisco ferry is add additional routes and ferries. we are construction westbound side of the bay bridge with lanes blocked and cones are being picked up in anticipation of heavy traffic. along the eastbound, northbound side of 880 at a street and marine that boulevard lanes will be blocked until 5:00 a.m. at san mateo bridge it is looking
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like a nice wide open drive. pretty clear conditions. we will keep you updated on all the latest. do follow me on twitter with the latest details. if the traffic is not enough to get you hot under the car, the weather will. we will have a forecast from mike nicco but, first, kristen and eric. >> bart workers are picketing rather than getting trains out for the runs with talks crumbling after a weekend of little progress. heather is outside the station in oakland. what is the latest, heather? >> heather: these are members picketing here behind us at the station starting at midnight. negotiations were not looking good last week by thursday. a move from the bart headquarters building to neutral ground over the weekend did
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nothing to improve the situation. union negotiators walked away from the table at 8:30 p.m. saying they were at an impasse over the same issues that have been the big ones from the beginning: wages, medical and pension and safety. the strike's threat became a strike reality at midnight when the contract expired. >> with regret we are on strike we announce. we regret this decision. we apologize to the riding public for the lack of sensitivity by the boards of directors and board management staff to take into account the impact this strike will have on the bay area. >> bart is saying it things it had a good offer on the table and was disappointed when they did not want to talk through the night. immediate airs are trying to resume talks but it seems unlikely that will happen. the last trains departed at 1:30
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this morning. they would normally start again at 4:30 a.m. but that will not be the case because of course the people would normally man the trains are manning ticket lines instead. >> it is early. the key thing, if you ride birth you need to find an alternative to get to work today. our news reporter is at walnut creek bart station where people are showing up. >> this is what they are greeted with: a gate that will not open. people are already here waiting for a bus, one of the stations that will offer bus service from walnut creek to the city. people are here if a bus scheduled to leave at 5:00 a.m. with video of the last train running last night at lake
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merritt station in oakland. as the train headed in it left hundreds of thousands wondering how they will get around. we found people this morning who arrived for a 5:00 a.m. bus at 2:45 a.m. >> so early? >> want to make sure i get on the bus. they only have so many seats. they are only allows 200 or 400 riders on each bus. i want to make sure i get on the bus. >> trying to get to work? >> yes, yes. >> you are a good employee. >> hope my boss is listening. >> bart will provide buses from these stations. it includes dublin/pleasanton and walnut creek and fremont. consider an early start. look at fellow passengers, some are already here.
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they say they are not sure what to expect. there are no rules or guidelines and they remember the chaos of the last strike. though are nervous. they are here early. >> casual car pooling is an alternative many may consider using to get across the bay. morning pickups are between 6:00 and 9:30 at the car pool stops in the east bay marked by these signs. passengers cross together saving on toll and time and are dropped off on fremont street in downtown san francisco. evening pickup is between howard and full fullsome. cornell? >> good morning, guys, we are bracing for what could be an
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epic monday morning commute now that bart is on strike. right now at the bay brick -- bay bridge toll plaza. we have been here for a hour and it has picked up with people would normally commute at this our or folks who woke up and realized there is a bart strike and are trying to get a jump on the commute. folks who have fast track could find a big pay off because a lost cash-paying commuters who do not usually drive will come. fast track is $4 to cross the bridge. transportation officials urge folks to car pool, casual car pool or work from home if possible. we will keep an eye on your commute and it is smooth sailing
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through the toll plaza. >> to help the commute bring the abc7 news app on get the latest breaking news on bart and transit and commute alternates. this is the latest app. you can see there are live drive times and where the freeways are crud -- crowded. it is free. you can download it by going to >> we are watching the traffic and where the trouble spots could be, the hardest working woman in show business, leyla gulen. >> good morning, everyone. we are anticipating heavy traffic this morning. at the love folks are saying they will head out earlier and working from home with casual car pool and san francisco ferry
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will add some boats and center times leaving the east bay to head into san francisco. a wide shot of the bay area and everything is green. everything is running at top speed at this hour. highway four from antioch to pittsburg we are at top speed currently. it is still early at 4:10. at the altamont pass we have top speeds with not much traffic. you need an early start. a.c. transit will not strike as far as we know. more details on your transit coming up. now a look at the forecast. mike nicco? >> good morning. good morning, everyone. the radar and live doppler 7 hd
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shows dry weather but clouds along the coast. some are spilling across san francisco through the gap and could make their way to the east bay shore during the morning commute. otherwise it is quiet with four mile visibility in santa rosa and five at half moon bay, with possibility of flight arrival delays in sfo. the excessive heat warning, most of the bay shore is out of it down to 237 crossing the south bay. this is going to last another day, wednesday, at 7:00. that has changed. the day planner the next 24 hours you can see by 4:00 we are 100 inland and 88 around the bay and 66 at the coast. >> thank you. our coverage of the bart strike continues after the break.
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but, this is the guantanamo bay toll plaza which will likely back up for people who cannot drive bart. more on the bart strike and the alternatives coming up. we have a full range of resources on our website at including bart talks and more on commute options and from downloading our exclusive waze traffic app. you can get it all on one stop at
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 4:13 on monday. we are on use of the
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bart station. good news in another transportation region, a.c. transit said their employees will not walk off. yet. abc7 news reporter is here with more on that. >> there are plans in place for the bart strike. as you can see at 20th and broadway, this is normally a no parking zone, a bus stop zone on fridays and saturday only until 1:00 o'clock a.m. but there 10 temporary sign, a tow away zone from 6:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and now it is a bus loading zone and $283 fine for anyone parking here. across the street you can see where the bart entrance is here. it would normally be empty at this time of the day. during the weekday, that is. but it will be really busy at 20th. there will be a bunch of buses
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and shuttle services. the first bus is scheduled to leave at 5:33. a.c. transit will run a shuttle at the peak hours with buss running every three to five minutes. we will bring you the latest right here. >> with many commuters likely turning to buses one place that is busy is the transbay temporary determine natural in san francisco. katie marzullo? >> a ghost town right now. not a soul. not a bus. we know that is a very temporary situation. more than half a dozen bus lines come through the temporary terminal the today they are packed. the people riding the buts are probably going to have been sitting in the same traffic if more people take to their cars.
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it will be a rough commute. the good news is a.c. transit is not on strike. those buses and extra buses will be coming through here. bart is offering charter buses so those will be operating during peak hours at 5:00 to 9:00 and use the same ticket this evening. keep in minds your bus stop could be in a different location if you normally get on inside a bart station those bus stops are being moved to the street. there is enhanced transbay service every 15 minutes during peak hours. a smart choice to take the bus this morning. it will mean fewer cars on the road but guarantee a bumpy commute this morning. >> after cars and buses the third choice is the ferry. we will check with abc7 news reporter for the options.
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wayne? >> good morning. behind me it is not busy yet. the san francisco bay ferry has not a south in sight. they are deploying all vessels and will implement a special schedule. they are asking for patience and understanding. they say to expect delays. departures happen every 45 minutes at jack london square going at 6:00 a.m. until 8:45 tonight into san francisco. in san francisco the same kind schedule every 45 minutes going at 6:00 this morning, again. no buying of tickets on the boats in oakland. you need to buy tickets before you get on the boat in san francisco and they will take cash on the boats. they expect heavy service. we expect big lines. we have not seen anyone yet. >> wayne, thanks. all quiet now but it is only
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4:17. the picture is going to be different in a couple of hours. leyla gulen has a look at what is going on. leyla gulen? >> we have clear conditions. the map shows green mostly. that is good news. it is top speeds. if you traveling look along the peninsula into san francisco or coming down through the north bay and san rafael to the golden gate bridge everything is looking clear. in the east bay, certainly, that is our biggest concern. we have a couple of construction projects but not too much. what i could find is southbound 101 fulton road will be shut down for several hours. it is moving clear into santa rosa. right now you can see it is moving clearly. the caltrain cameras on the san
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mateo bridge and golden gate bridge and the bay bridge toll plaza, all moving fine right now. the forecast shows it will be steamy. mike nicco? >> it will be hot today. look how dry the air is, nothing on live doppler 7 hd. that is good. the heat index has been cooler than the temperature on the thermometer by a couple of degrees. when we hit 105 in livermore it will only feel like 102 or 1303. 65 right now. 73 in antioch. low-to-mid 60's until novato and santa rosa, mid-50's and same in half moon bay with 55. this morning, as we give you a high definition lock across the east, it is not a "spare the air" day with dangerous heat through wednesday but friday,
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saturday, sunday, it will be mother comfortable to be outside. the south bay will have 102 in morgan hill and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 90's, san jose 95, milpitas at 92, santa cruz only 87. south of san mateo, low-to-mid 90's throughout the peninsula and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast with cloud cover. 78 in downtown to 80 in south san francisco. that is warmer than yesterday. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 90's and 100 in napa. to the beaches we are looking at mid-70's. union city and fremont and castro valley, low-to-mid 90's. the east bay valleys, low 100's at 102 to 106.
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tonight, patchy fog at the coast, 50's there in to san francisco and 60's elsewhere and a few 70's around antioch and fairfield and cloverdale. the heat is going to peak tuesday and monday. 100 is still possible through thursday. finally by saturday and sunday temperatures are closer to where they should be this time of the year. beat the heat. >> coverage of the bart strike continues. we put one of our crews in the car for give a first-hand look at road conditions with our cell technology and this is crossing westbound on the bay bridge. they will be driving around like this all morning. we will give you a clear instant look at how conditions are now westbound bay bridge is okay. >> san mateo bridge shows light traffic and moving along.
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>> good morning on this on. bart is on strike. some are calling this bart arm golden. this is a shot over 580 and this is the 238 split. this is castro valley area which can get busy with folks headed over that way some taking 680 and some taking the 92 to get across the bay. we want to mention to you that with bart on strike we will have transit information crawling at the bottom the screen all morning. all morning long we will bring you real life updates on the bart strike using cell 7 technology. abc7 news has our reporter on
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the bay bridge westbound headed into san francisco. how is it looking? >>guest: good morning, eric. so far, the commute is shaping up to look like a normal commute. it could be heavier than usual. i am westbound on the bay bridge right now. i cleared the tunnel. i am coming into the san francisco anchorage. all lanes are normal. no backup at the tolls. the metering lights were off this morning. i am sure it will change as the morning unfolds. >> as we see, traffic right now is going well and dick will keep us informed. we will check back. >> in oakland, we will move on to another strike, traffic,
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though, first, with leyla gulen. >> around the bay area and our briggs. this is, i believe, the bay bridge toll plaza. you can start to see plenty of traffic moving through. it is early. we don't have this many cars. it is moving at top speed. we had an early project wrapping up. all lanes are open. golden gate bridge out of sausalito into san francisco, things are moving at top speeds and to san mateo bridge, it will be wide open from hayward to foster city but there are a few extra headlights and taillights eastbound and westbound direction. we will keep u update
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> what do we want? what do we want? what do we want? >> bart workers did not get the contract they wanted. officially bart is on strike. there is no bart train service today. bay area commuters need to put their backup plans in place. we have been on the air since 4:00 a.m. to help you get through the bart strike. >> we have coverage for you on the bart strike starting with leyla gulen who is checking the roads which could get jammed earlier than usual. >> good morning, everyone. we are checking all the roadways in the bay area. everything is clear and at top speed. we are seeing a knew extra cars on the road. i will show you where in a moment. we have an accident in vallejo eastbound 37 at columbus parkway up 80 you can see how that is causing slowing.
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a solo vehicle spinout on the shoulder causing spectator slowing. in san jose, this is along 101, 280. that is coming away from 17. there are hardly any cars on the roads. we will keep you updated on the latest on our website. >> how did the talks crumble? abc7 news reporter is outside the station with more on that. heather? >> members are here outside the station picketing. they will picket at a variety of stations across the bart system. they will strike in five-hour shifts starting at midnight when the strike was called. negotiations were tough. both sides were far apart from the beginning of the talks.


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