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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 1, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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on. i am kristen sze. >> the traffic is on the freeways. right now you can see our engineer is headed eastbound on the bay bridge. bart workers are on strike so trains will not run today. >> that is right. they have renewed contract talks that fell apart over the weekend between bart and the unions but i am marveling we can see the traveling live report as dick drives away the bay area. it is heavier than normal in both directions with reporters covering the impact on the commute across bay area. leyla gulen has a look at what is going on. >> we have a brand new accident reported in san francisco but before we get to that we will look at the other bridges around the bay area, the cartinez and benicia bridge both at top
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speed. 67 miles per hour and 70 miles per hour is too fast but it does not appear anything is affected. the richmond and san rafael bridge is clear in both directions at 57 miles per hour getting you define -- define richmond and the north bay. good conditions but for san francisco where we have a new accident at northbound 101, a crash is blocking two lanes with a little bit of slowing southbound. northbound side, though, is still fine. the 280 extension is clear up to 80. not a problem headed into san francisco but 101 is affected. 200,000 riders and not get to work the usual way with bart on strike. heather is at the bart station with how talks crumbleed between
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bart management and the union. >> there is honking in solidarity. i spoke with the computations -- communications spokesman and are surprised the strike has materialized with picketers here since midnight. negotiations did not look so great last week with a move from bart headquarters to neutral ground over the weekend did this to improve the situation. union negotiators walked away from the table at 8:30 last night saying they were add -- at an impasse over wages and medical and pension benefits and safety. the threat became a reality with an apology at midnight when the contract expired. >> it is with regret we announce we are on strike. we regret this decision. we apologize to the riding
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public for the lack of sensitivity by the boards of directors and bart management staff to take into account the impact this strike will have on the bay area. >> bart thinks they had a good offer on the table and it, too, is disappointed but the unions didn't want to talk through the night. mediators could be reaching out to try to resume talks today but no one is optimistic that is going to happen possibly tomorrow, the last trains departed at 1:30 this morning and stopped running at 2:00. they would usually start at 4:30 but that will not happen today. those who normally would be manning the trains and stations are, instead, manning the pick the lines across the bay area. >> the bottom line, you need to find an alternative to get to work. our reporter is at the bart station where riders are showing up with a different form of
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transportation. >> there is a lot of confusion. we were just standing in front of a long line of people and they made a mad dash and i don't know if you can see people racing over to the street where they realized buses were waiting. they were not sure if they were headed to oakland or san francisco but they all rushed over just if case. there is a lot of confusion and anxiousness. people wonder, hope, how will they get to work? this is not an option. this is the video of the last bart train until further notice after the strike was announced. this forced commuters to work on plan "b" and some decided to take their chances with the bart shuttles available today. there is not a lot of room on them so some got to walnut creek at 2:45 this morning for a 5:00 bus. >> i commute to san francisco
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and i will have to change buses in downtown san francisco. it is great to have the shuttles but i am not sure but i hope my boss will see i am on my way. >> the stakes in the east bay where you can catch a sugar shus walnut creek, dublin/pleasanton, and fremont but space is listed. they are saying bart is only able to offer service to 2,000 to 4,000 passengers each day in each direction. usually it is 400,000 passenger load. you will take your chances. it is available. keep that in mind. fellow passengers are here early getting a jump on things. they are asking us questions and racing an and not sure where to go so there is a lost confusion and people admit they will be lending as they go.
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casual car pooling is an at enough some may consider. there are 20 or more spots in the east bay where you can catch a ride for car pooling with pickups between 6:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. and usually marked by signs. passengers taking advantage of time and toll savings and are dropped off on fremont street in downtown san francisco. the evening pickup is between 5:30 and 7:00 p.m. >> a trouble spot is the bay bridge toll plaza where abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is. >> i was going to say so far, so good, but it is rapidly changing. we are starting to see congestion. officials are bracing for a very big slow down. in the 5:00 hour, 16 lanes are
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open. we are starting to see a big backup in the cash-paying lanes. i talked to caltran and they brought in extra toll takers brought in an hour and a half early to accommodate thousands of extra cars coming through here this morning because of the bart strike. they picket a lot of extra commuters to hit the road this morning, all toll takers now on duty and we have six dedicated fast-track lanes. if you do not have fast-track it is $6 to cross the bridge until 10:00 a.m. when the rice is is -- price is $4 until the afternoon commute. transportation firms urge commuters if they can to car pool, casual car pool or, really, to telecommute if you can. we are seeing a large backup to the bay bridge toll plaza and we
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have been keeping an eye on it. you need an early start. you can stay updated with the new abc7 news app, the latest up-to-the-minute traffic information in the green right now so traffic is flowing smoothly. you can take it on the go with the latest on road conditions and commute alternatives and we are streaming our newscast right now which is available for the ipad, inphone, or droid device and it is free at >> you may see bart trains
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running today. that is for maintenance. they will not stop. leyla gulen has more. >> they are not going to stop. this is to keep the tracks in shape. if you see the trains it is not that they are improving but they are trying to keep the tracks in shape and keeping the trains running. right now for the most part the bay area is moving at top speed. it is loading up, though, at bay bridge toll plaza so we have a lot of cars cash-paying lanes stacking up. we have heavy traffic coming away from the central valley. bumper tobumper-to-bumper traffr the pass. an accident in san francisco northbound 101 at 280 is blocking one lane but no delays. in san jose, this is 280 away from 17 and in cupertino that is a six-minute ride. all is clear and quiet in san jose and that can change.
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we will see what is going on in the word of weather. mike? >> good morning, everyone. our radar and satellite shows you could see a few clouds developing along the coast with a slight marine layer so some of that is pushing through the gap across san francisco and headed to the east bay. we will see if there is any effect on flight arrival delays with thunderstorms in the high country yesterday and more today. even to the south. high clouds are streaming in this afternoon. after we get rid of the low clouds at 10:00, visibility is four in santa rosa and everyone is okay the bayshore line is not in the excessive least but the rest of us are but for the coast. it has been extended until 7:00 wednesday. the heated will hang around longer. now more news with eric and kristen. >> our coverage of basketball strike continues after the break. how will a.c. transit try to pick up the slack with employees
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threaten to walk off the job? >> a look at westbound 580 through oakland using our cell 7 technology that brings traveling reports. you can see right now traffic is building and it is still manageable and traffic is moving nicely but we will bring you the shots throughout the thursday casts. >> view of how it is moving or not moving at the bay bridge toll plaza with the backup there with no metering lights on yet and expect this to pick up as the only goes along. >> we put together a full range of resources on the web site at from the latest on bart talks to more on commute options and downloading our exclusive waze traffic app to negotiate the freeways it is
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all bay area, this is abc7 news. many of the cities affected by the bart strike that happened this morning, 5:14, and a.c. transit says their employees will not walk off. yet. abc7 news reporter is in oa matt? >> a few have shown up for the s to san francisco. four people on the and a.c. transit avoided 9 strike
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for now. the couple lowsest toe couple closest on the bench woke up an hour early to make sure they could catch a bus to san francisco. another bart rider said she did not realize she would have to take the bus until she woke up. >> how inconvenient? >> extremely. >> did you wake up early? >> i would have if i remembered. i forgot. >> a.c. transit is expected to run a shuttle to the temporary terminal with buses every three to five minutes. the bart entrance is quiet. we are expecting more riders to head to the bus stops on 20th. >> and katie marzullo is at the transbay terminal in san francisco where commuters end up
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if they take the bus no commuters yet but i talked to the security pardon and high called it the calm before the storm with the first buses rolling in between 5:00 and 5:30 it is still empty temporary terminal in san francisco. enjoy this view while you can. it will be a crush of commuters. a.c. transit is not on strike so those buses will come through and will run as many arrests available. bart is running charter buses between action and 9:00 and some bus stops have been moved out of the bart station. if you are used to catching the buses inside bart, the stop could be moved outside.
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and west cat has enhanced link service running every 15 minutes during the peak areas and 30 minutes at midday. all buses come through here, half a dozen bus lines use the terminal and they will be backed . now for those taking the ferry, wayne freedman will tack about that. >> here is the morning sun and commuters, a lot earlier than usual. san francisco bay ferry and right there and you can see the line of people, the folks on the history taking the first 6:00 am ferry to san francisco. the other line will form for south san francisco. people started showing up at 4:30 this morning. we spoke with the second man in
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line. this is jorje. >> you would normally be here? >> no. >> what is your fear? >> i am not from here and never relied on public transportation and i heard stories...i wanted to mechanic sure i get on. >> what are you doing in san francisco? >> we bring a lot of construction equipment to the guys so i have to get to work. >> every commuter has a different story. every commuter has another republican to get to work in san francisco. for every commuter, it is an inconvenience. although the ferries will be running every 45 minutes to and from san francisco, on this side you cannot just get in a line and get on the ferry. you have to go to the ticket office first and buy a ticket it, stand in line there and then get in line if this.
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first ferry is supposedly here at 6:00 this morning. there will be two. it could leave early. they are planning on a busy day. >> this has the potential to be a nightmare. leyla gulen? >> what we do not need are accidents which is what we have. mostly we are seeing top speeds in the bay areas but this is the eastbound direction along 80 we have a car and a big rig and the car is caught fire with spectator slowing headed along in the other direction and right now eastbound traffic could slow because of the accident blocking one lane and we will watch that. we have another accident northbound 101 at 280 not slowing traffic. we have volume building in the northbound direction and 280 extension moving along at top
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speed. we have a brand new accident in dublin with more details on that. right now we see what is happening along the san mateo bridge with extra taillights from hayward to foster city and we are looking at ten-minute commute to make it in the eastbound and westbound direction. mike nicco? >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd. it is quiet. we have been tracking the clouds that are moving in and it will dim our sunshine in the afternoon like it did yesterday. we are beginning to have excessive heat. pittsburg and antioch and brentwood, it is in the low 70's. we have 61 in san ramon, and in the hills, it is in the 70's so it will take an hour for the sun to overturn the atmosphere and get the 70's working towards you
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on the way to 100's. low-to-mid 60's around the bay shore and half moon bay is 55 and san francisco 68, and santa rosa 57, and right now 63 headed through san jose. what is going to happen today? it is not a "spare the air" day. we will have high clouds and sunshine, excessive heat again and all the way through wednesday and we will be more comfortable headed to the weekend. this is our seven-day forecast, and it looks like the 100's are possible on independence day and remote areas of the east bay valley and we will drop in the 90's and by sunday it is all back to average. >> our coverage of bart strike continues with a report showing our cell 7 technology to bring you traveling reports through the morning. 5
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>> good morning, the first day of the bart strike. right new you are looking at a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic appearing to be heavy if this time of the morning. we will continue the traffic impact from the strike throughout the morning. >> cash-paying lanes and the fast track lanes are moving. our coverage of the bart strike
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continues. at the bay bridge a behind-the-scenes employees is monitoring the road conditions using our cell 7 technology. dick, you are backed up? >> yes. it has been building. i am not in the fast track lane. obviously, i am not moving. it is the lanes that are used for fast track or pay a toll. the lanes on the left-hand side are backed up almost the better part of a quarter of a mile. on the right happen side of the bridge i am just now getting to the toll lazy taking five minutes to get here from every pavillion highway 80. it doesn't look like the metering lights are on the traffic is going westbound on
5:26 am
the bay bridge and it is starting to slow. >> dick, thank you. leyla gulen, usually you would not see that kind of backup yet in the cash-paying lanes? >> no. we can see exactly what we are looking at as far as the bay bridge. we will take a look and see how both sides show metering lights are not on yet. you can see the fast track lanes through the center and they are moving through fine. the two sides on the side is where the cash-paying lanes are with plenty of traffic. on the different bridges across the bay area, this is the golden gate bridge, four miles per hours from sausalito to san francisco and you are moving along at top speed. it is telephone minutes to head away from the maze into san francisco on the bay bridge. the next bridge shows san mateo at 12 minutes to get you away from hayward to foster city so
5:27 am
you can see lots of traffic now building as you push in the westbound direction and traffic eastbound, as will, but certainly worker is filling up at this early hour at 5:27. mike nicco, how is the weather doing? >>guest: if you like the heat, you will be satisfied. in the stop-and-go traffic with the temperatures soaring back in the 90's and 100's and you are not used to that, hopefully the car will be fine. something that is in the back of my mind. temperatures are aid to 20 degrees above average. the week ahead, livermore is indicative of what will happen by friday, out of the 100's finally, and if you traveling, thunderstorms in the desert and high country with temperatures 1308 to 112 through the central valley. kristen and eric?
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>> thank you. steel -- still more coverage of of the bart strike. >> we will tell you of all your commute options to get to work by buses,
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we begin with the bart strike and a picture from cell 7 technology through the bay bridge going 25 miles per hour, with more traffic than usual for this time of the morning and more people on the roads as bart stations are no longer an option. thanks for joining us at 5:30.
5:31 am
a things picked up earlier than normal. we have a couple of accidents to add to the mess. this is where we have an accident involving a big rig and possibly a car fire eastbound 580, no slowing in this area between highway four section but closer to berkeley and albany we will have extra cars. in dublin/pleasanton we have an accident blocking a lane westbound 580. it is bumper-to-bumper traffic at 30 miles per hour on the accident and still slow approaching the dublin interchange. on the central valley from tracy , 21 miles per hour and it is packed over the altamont pass with a 55-minute drive headed out of tracy. already, folks are getting a very early start.
5:32 am
right now in walnut creek you can see plenty of taillights pushing in the southbound direction away from the junction with highway 24 so busy conditions get an early start. drive safe. >> good advise. bart strike, contentious contracts new yorks between bart and the unions break doubt after midnight, then, employees announced they were walking off the job. abc7 news reporter is with us. heather? >> we are at the bart station which it has been quiet. the occasion am motorist honks in solidarity and a bart rider came on the bicycle expecting to fine the trains running and was disappointed. the members apologized and helped him understand the alternatives. the strikers is been here since midnight when the strike was called. the two sides were far apart
5:33 am
last week and despite some movement by both sides and a physical move from bart headquarters to more neutral ground at the caltran building the negotiators walked away at 8:30 and aunited states nod a strike at midnight when the contract expired. the sticking point is the same at from the beginning, wages, medical benefits and safety and pension. the university budges on wages coming down great 5 percent to 4.5 percent and bart came up from 1 percent a year for four years to 2 percent over the same four years. that was not good enough to keep the unions talking. >> we did everything we could to try and negotiate a contract to prevent this action. unfortunately, the district from day one never bargained with us fairly, never came to the table addressing our serious concerns of health and safety, of work
5:34 am
men's compensation program to protect our members injured on the job. >> the trains came to a halt at 2:00 am and management could be running some trains today to keep the system in shape but if you see the trains running, they will not be stopping at any stations or be carrying any passengers. mediators could reach out to try to get both sides do resume talks but no one is thinking that is likely. perhaps temperature. and now from the walnut creek bart station, amy hollyfield has that report. what is going on? >> we had a long line of people and look what happened. this was a mad rush from the station to the street and people realized the buses were parked on street and were not coming on to the station property showing
5:35 am
the confusion among the commuters. people got on the first bus that left at 5:07. the shuttles only hold 56 people so some got here at 2:45 a.m. >> why so usually? >> i want to make sure i get on the bus. they only have so many seats. they are only allowing 200 or 400 riders? i want to make sure i get on the bus. >> you have to get to work? >> yes. yes. ayou are a good employee? >> thank you, i hope my boss is listening. >> these are the only locations where you can catch the buses in the east bay: walnut creek, dublin/pleasanton, and fremont bart stakes between 5:00 and 9:00 a.m. taking to you west oakland and then san francisco. west oakland is a transfer station only. they will not pick up new
5:36 am
passengers. the number of people to be served depends on traffic and how quickly the buss can get an. they estimate they will serve 2,000 to 4,000 people which is a drop in the bucket considering they usually serve 400,000 people with the birth -- birth -- bart trains. >> many of them will end up at the guantanamo bay toll -- at ty bridge toll plaza where you can expect long delays. >> it looks like it is game on at the bay bridge toll plaza where we are seeing a big backup in the maze mostly in the cash-paying lanes. all lanes are open including the car pool lane. i talked to caltran a short time ago. they say it is all hands on deck. extra toll takers brought in extra early to prepare for the crush of cars expected to come
5:37 am
through today. pictures from 1997 show the last time bart was on strike. fewer people were taking bat then but it brought traffic to a stand still across the bay area. i reached out to friends on facebook over the weekend and a lot of people remember that epic strike. my picture shows it is smooth sailing in the car pool lanes, why casual car car pooling is a great opposite unless you have the option working only from home. >> i was here for the 1997
5:38 am
strike. leyla gulen, how is the traffic? >> good morning, everyone, we have a nasty crash along eastbound 80 and this is blocking all but one lane so only one lane is open a contribution crash involving a big rig. we are tracking a crash in dublin/pleasanton westbound 580 slowing traffic significantly. now a look at what is happening, your drive headed through the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are not on and the middle lane, fast track is moving fine but cash is moving slow. >> beautiful sunrise. that is the story. high clouds and sunshine along with excessive heat. while you were sleeping even if your house was hot the clouds were rolling in, we have four miles visibility and half moon
5:39 am
bay, seven, with no flight arrival delays at sfo. bay are show, no excessive heat advisory but it has been extends until 7:00. from our roof camera, the day planner the next 12 hours in the mid-50's to mid-60's and by 4:00, mid-sit -- mid-60's at coast. >> this is showing traffic coming from the golden gate bridge into san francisco. the golden gate bridge is clogging that corridor but so far, so
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, and san jose and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> a picture offer the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see it is bumper to bumper especially the cash-paying lanes where the backup is extending
5:43 am
beyond a quarter mile. the problem is the metering lights have now been fund on and according to leyla gulen, a full 20 or 25 minutes ahead of the normal time so that is only going to add to the backup as people hit the roads to try to get into san francisco this morning without bart train service as workers go on strike for the first time since 1997. >> the backup is well in the maze. it is going to be trouble. if you can telecommute, that is good today. cell 7 technology and our engineer is operating this and driving and reaching the airport exit area off 101 headed southbound. there is volume but it looks like highway speeds. some spots, though, it has been backed up. dick will show us all morning
5:44 am
where the trouble spots are driving around the bay area. >> and that could be busy with folks normally taking part to sfo. the a.c. transit is still running and have contract issues, as well, despite the union contract expiring at midnight they are still on the job. >> matt is in oakland with that story. >> the early bird gets the worm and the first bus. we saw the first bus to san francisco at 20th and broadway leave in the past 10 minutes and it is not so busy but several buses have picked people up. it is expected to get busy as the only goes. a.c. transit is not striking so bart riders have an alternative. >> today i was up at 3:00 to catch the bus.
5:45 am
>> have you nervous you will miss the bus? >> yes, i start at 6:30. >> a.c. transit will run a shuttle to the temporary transbay terminal. temporary no parking zones are going up to give more space for the extra buses this morning and if you are caught parking in the bus zones, it could cost you up to $300 this morning. >> 5:45. commuters taking buses will end up at the term that will in san francisco and that is where we find katie marzullo. >> look at the monitors at the temporary transbay terminal, not a lot of action going up there and they keep changing around and you can see on the top right-hand corner the blue line and bart line shows no arrival or departing lines because bart is not running. still waiting for the first bus. we expected them between 5:00
5:46 am
and 5:30 and that hasn't happened. they are probably caught in the backup we are seeing on the bay bridge. i talked with a superviseor for sol tran and they will provide buses from vallejo to the transbay terminal for those who would usually take bart to the city. the supervisor is here because the sol tran drivers have never used this terminal and they are on sight to help navigate arrival. the first bus is expected at 6:30. at the love buts are coming through here potentially with planned if you passengers, people who normally rely on bart and a.c. transit providing extra buses and bart providing buses. san francisco bay ferry is adding extra service this morning due to the bart strike
5:47 am
and abc7 news joins from oakland. you have been tweeting it is getting busy. >> they will need the extra service. behind me you can see two boats, and a long growing line of people. the first one arrived at 4:45 this morning and then there were two, then there were four, and now there are more than 100, all the people in that line on the left hand side going to the san francisco ferry terminal and none of them happy about having to do this. no one would normally be taking the ferry boat at this hour. they were here before the sun came up and now the sun is coming up and as the sun comes were they are coming out of the woodwork. >> without normally take this ferry? >>guest: no, i take bart. i am three blocks from the station. >> what do you maybe of this? >> we bart-geddon.
5:48 am
this is nuts. it would not be so bad if part redid the trains and they were clean and safe but get back to the table. get this over with. >> that is the sentiment in line. before they get in line they need to stand in another line to buy tickets to get on the forry boats. san francisco bay ferry has increased the service with two boats leaving every 45 minutes going at 6:00 a.m. which is in 15 minutes. the boats and people are here and the tempers are cool but this is going for be a very busy day. >> 5:40. >> nelson is a regular twitter follower of all of us at abc7 news so thanks for sharing your story with us on air. right now, leyla gulen?
5:49 am
>> we have a major mess along the 80 corridor from crockett to el cerrito with a few accidents. the first is westbound 80 at cummings skyway a multithey vehicle accident with cars across all lanes of the freeway. that is causing slow in that area, a little further to the south we have this accident involving several vehicles westbound 80 at willow avenue. look at backup blocking more than one lane. to bumper-to-bumper traffic on highway four. there is another accident involving a big rig so it is slow from the westbound direction over to albany and berkeley. we have 16 minutes between hercules and berkeley so that is a slower drive but not too bad.
5:50 am
outside at this drive, at 87 beyond the julian off-ramp it is moving along at top speeds with more details ahead. mike nicco? >> good morning, live doppler 7 hd showing it is dry this morning even with the high clouds, we have in moisture. the high clouds could keep us from reaching the potential high but still excessively hot. in san francisco, mid-to-upper 50's and headed into the ferry building at 59 and downtown at 56 degrees and the financial district, too, 60 in belmont and saratoga and 61 in union city and 75 in pittsburg and american canyon and santa rosa at 59. from the exploritorium, a beautiful reflections with the calm conditions in the bay war, high clouds today and sunshine, and no "spare the air" day with all the extra cars. that would have been really dangerous. dangerous heat law at least
5:51 am
thursday. the weekend is looking a lot more comfortable. it is 95 in san jose and now in cupertino and 100 around morgan hill and gilroy. in the 90's to redwood city and upper 80's around san mateo and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast today to near 80 in south san francisco. sausalito is at 86 but you jump 11 degrees to 77 up 101 to san rafael and mid-to-upper 90's throughout the north bay valley and along the east bay shore we go to 83. inland valleys we will be and 102 in 10 ramon and 1306 -- 106 in antioch. high clouds keep the temperatures up. we will have fog long the coast^. the 100's could hold on until independence day on thursday, with 80's at the bay and 60's at the coast. saturday and sunday is when the
5:52 am
temperatures will be back to normal. >> breaking news coverage of the bart strike continues right here. another picture from channel 7 technology, our cell technology showing you the sfo terminal that is not too busy but that is the end of the line for bart on the peninsula. people who who is taken bart to get there in light of the strike will drive.
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>> it looks okay here on the bay bridge but that is after the toll plaza traffic which is picking up. our an near is using cell 7 technology to bring a look at traffic conditions. he left sfo and headed northbound on we. how is it going, dick? >> good morning, it is going well. the commute on the peninsula hasn't been too bad so far.
5:56 am
i came southbound from san francisco to sfo, checked out sfo and everything is doing well at sfo but congestion at the united terminal. northbound now on 101 into san francisco and so far it is lighted, all lanes are flowing and this is true for northbound and southbound 101 at sfo. >> dick, you have logged many miles this morning. can you mention which were the spots which you really noticed this is heavier than usual? the worst spot has been the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, the cash lanes, behalfing up, the fast track lanes when i went through 25 minutes ago were moving. >> we continue at 6:00 with complete coverage on the bart strike.
5:57 am
employees are on the picket lines and we will tell you what led to the stalemate and talk about alternatives for commuters >> this is the oakland maze and a big jam up headed to the bay bridge tol
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> i am deeply disappointed it has come to this. tonight, we are going on strike. >> with that official announcement bart employees are on strike the hundreds of thousands are scrambling to make alternative plans with bart trains not operating. thanks for joining us. >> the first bart strike in 16 years is underway. workers walked off the job after midnight after failing to come
6:00 am
to terms on a new contract. >> the bay area roadways with leyla gulen so busy. >> it has been extremely busy and we have sky 7 headed toward a couple of crashes on 80. one of which has cleared but we have right now head along westbound 80 a multivehicle lanes with cars across all lanes and lanes are still blocked. westbound 80 at willow avenue this crash is blocking the lanes and it is bumper to bumper traffic. but this traffic eastbound 80 is cleared. the residual backup remains with spectator slowing, as well, in the westbound direction. it appears


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