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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 2, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> we have breaking news right now. >> we still are waiting to hear from the district of the we have not heard anything from them. there has been a lot of information in the media that is again misinformation. >> this morning, bart contract talks are going nowhere fast. both sides are waiting for the other to make the next move. caught in the middle are
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hundreds of thousands of bart riders. good morning, at 5:00 on day two of the bart strike. thanks for turning to us for information. >> if addition to extra cars on the road because of the bart strike it will be hot out there and that could be a problem. leyla gulen? >> thanks so were. we have plenty of folks on the road getting a nice early start because of the bart strike. it is starting to come to a grinding halt over the altamont pass westbound 580 at not flynn road, we could have done without this, a car fire blocking two lanes and it is catching the hillside on fire. we down to 7 miles per hour out of tracy at 46 minutes, 15 minutes have been tacked on to the ride from tracy to dublin. 37 miles per hour from antioch and picking up in pittsburg and the dumbarton and san mateo
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bridge, all at to the speed. >> it is day two of the bart strike which is not only trying everyone's patience but it is siphoning millions from the local economy. abc7 news reporter is at lake merritt bart to continue the coverage. >> get ready for more millions coming from the economy. yesterday, bart was saying they would not describe the situation as an impasse but it sure felt like it. 29 hours into this strike and nothing has changed since the strike began. union members picketed and rallied at locations all across the bart system, across the bay area and that is continuing today. no talks were scheduled and no talks materialized. if the state immediate airs were at work trying to bring the two sides today it was behind-the-scenes and not something either was talking about. the unions called the last office of bart insulting saying it would take a better package to get them back to the table.
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bart says there is room for movement with north side having submitted the all-important last, best and final offer. the strike happened this morning at lake merritt and he is not aware of anything, negotiations or meetings of any kind scheduled for today. it is frustrating. we are right where we were last night when we left. or yesterday morning when we left. we are in the same place. >> same place, literally, and also on negotiations, the tricky issues are still wages, medical and pension benefits, safety for workers and passengers is a top priority for the union. bart says if financial challenges include maintaining and upgrading the aiming rail system and it just wants to bring the district employee action acknowledges if line with comparable agencies and what they offer.
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hopefully there will be a change in bringing both sides to the tae. >> thank you, fore san francisco mayor brown says if asked, he is willing to mediate bart negotiations. brown was instrumental in helping end the last bart strike in 1997. he says that he is willing to act as a mediator between the two sides free of charge. he suggested that san francisco mayor lee and oakland mayor get involved to resolve the strike. bart is trying to alleviate the crunch by expanding bus service that was popular yesterday. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the dublin/pleasanton station with the latest. amy? >> here is what the option looks like, boarding the bus right now in pleasanton and this option is gaining in popularity. someone if line told me she drove her car into the city
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yesterday but decided to try the bus today. she heard good things and bart is adjusting. these are the stations where you can grab a shuttle. they have added a location. can you now pick up a bus in west oakland at bstation on 7th street. that is new. you can still grab a round-trip ride at the other four stations that were available yesterday. in west oakland you can grab one between 5:00 and 9:00 and the overstates are available between 5:00 and 8:00 a free round trip, free parking at the station and we covered it yesterday in walnut creek and it went smoothly all morning. there were plenty of seats. this morning, we decided to check out the dublin/pleasanton with one commuter saying he left here on the bus year at 5:00 in the morning and he got to san francisco at 6:15 and said it was so easy he is doing it again today. bart officials say they do not want everyone to count on this. if you can work at home they suggest you do that.
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the buses are helpful but they cannot carry the same led they are carrying on the trains each day. >> let's check with abc7 news reporter at the bay bridge toll plaza. cornell? >> a lot commuters are getting a jump on the commute. we are seeing a lot of traffic. we have been seeing large numbers of cars converging on the toll plaza since 4:00 a.m. with more cars than usual no this time. we are seeing large backups in the cash-paying lanes. chances are many of the folks got stuck in the terrible traffic monday because bart trains were not running. day two of the strike and commuters are not taking chances and hit the road early. many drivers personsed some of
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the worst traffic in years with two hour delays from contra costa county alone to the toll plaza. we are waiting to see if that happens today. fast track lanes are ride open. carpool lanes just opened for the morning which is the best bet ifyou do not have fast track. c.h.p. is out in force looking for carpool violators. yesterday we saw plenty of them. >> some drivers thought the drive to the bay area or the bay bridge was a very expensive one the our cameras captured eight solo drives being pulled over if less than an hour in the carpool lanes leading to the bay bridge and cornell said it was a total of 24 drivers that c.h.p. pulled over for the violations. thatthat costs $400 for the tic. >> the evening commute was traffic nightmare for bus
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passengers and drivers, both. people would took the bus or used casual carpool endured long lines at the transbay terminal in san francisco and many thought leaving work well after quitting time would spare them a long way. they were mistaken. >> i said i would be late today. >> extra transit workers were called in buses headed to the east bay were stilled to capacity. >> we have the information you need to get through the bart strike including all your commute options at you can down led our exclusive abc7 news waze traffic app to help you negotiate the freeways and follow us on twitter@abcnews bay area for the latest on the bart talks when they resume. >> leyla gulen has been monitoring the drive.
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>> we are going to start off with the bay bridge where status quo at this hour is eight minutes to get away from the maze to san francisco. in the eastbound direction we have a project that will were what up at 6:00 a.m. and as you can see with the lanes being blocked it is causing a bottle mechanic and slow traffic coming from san francisco but it is changed and at top speed whether you head east of treasure island. in the east bay at 80 westbound at maze we are at top speed so a clear drive and 880 up to the maze is alonging clear at this 580 but it is not so clear on 580 at flynn road in the westbound direction at seven miles per hour, and 15 minutes gets you from tracy to dublin. we are 15 minutes from tracy to dublin for extra time at 46 minutes at 80 is the quick drive. mike nicco? >> thank you, leyla gulen, live doppler 7 hd showing the
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scattered sprinkles along 37. a few drops showing up headed to novato and from around half moon bay to san mateo and sfo a few sprinkles here as there from the south is moving across our neighborhood. that is making it feel warm and muggy this morning by our standards. we have the excessive heat advisory for the same areas, north bay away from the coast and the east bay away from the bay shore and santa clara valley and santa cruz mountains in the diabolo range. the next 12 hours, 50's and 60's and barely dropping from the 70's in the east bay valley before it ranches up to the mid-90's by noon and 103 at 4:00 and the heat is peaking today and tomorrow. kristen and eric? >> thank you, mike at 5:10.
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bay area ferries will be backed again today. next, what you need to know to make the ride across the water a smooth ride.
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>> welcome back, day two of the bart strike is sure to bring another wave of new riders to the bay ferry service. katie marzullo is at the ferry terminal to oakland. katie, it got a lot more busy. >> when it happens it happens quickly. the line has formed at the ferry
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terminal in oakland. a few people at first and then quickly the line has grown to more than two dozen people. no one wanting to take a chance and risk not being on the first boat but those i talked with say it went smoothly yesterday and there is an employee here from the ferry who says they were not running at full capacity yesterday but only at 80 percent. good news to report from at ferry terminal. a man is actually first in line this morning. >> it is frustrateing. there should be a better way to manage something as critical as bart than striking and not talking to each other. >> taking a look at the numbers from yesterday, 11 ferries were
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running and ten in san francisco bay and one from the golden gate ferry carrying 8,000 passengers. the additional ferry from golden gate will be back on the water today pitching in. i will give you a look at line that has formed at the ferry terminal with people anxious to get to san francisco for work. they dough not want to be late or risk not getting there at all. >> the lines there and on the freeway are getting longer, earlier than normal. >> could be smooth sailing but naughton at freeways. the car fire that we recorded over the altamont pass at flynn road is cleared so the lanes have re-opened. we are now looking at 41 minutes out of tracy into dublin/pleasanton. >> in san jose we have a construction project that will last until 6:00 a.m. northbound 880 between 280 and forest avenue the cones are picked up at 6:00 and northbound 17 there
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was early debris in the lanes. westbound highway 42, and from concord you will see that but not blocking any lanes. all mass transit except for birth is on time. in worries there. the bay bridge toll plaza is getting busy in the cash-paying lanes and metering lights are not on. now the weather and mike nicco. excessive heat again and you can see the clouds over the bay bridge toll plaza which is the mid-level moisture. live doppler 7 hd is tracking a few sprinkles along the coast and even the peninsula where a drop or two hitting the windshield so muggy for us. still tracking fog in your
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neighborhood and we will continue to do that through 10:00. check out the temperatures, everyone is in the 70's but for dublin/pleasanton at 69. concord is at 64. it is still 77 in pleasanton hills and antioch and bankrupt wood. 76 in pittsburg and danville. look at that 80 in the hills where the temperatures never really cool which is why we have a higher fire danger. we do not have the real winds but we we have dry air today or dry air in the afternoon the temperatures in the 60's everywhere but half moon bay and san francisco in the mid-to-upper 50's. you can see the hazy hanging around from the moisture and thing for along the coast as we look to the west and we are going to have hazy sunshine and more heat today and the heat could peak today. it will be around in a dangerous capacity through thursday and it will become more manageable through the weekend. the satellitee moisture
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coming up from the south and a monsoon kicking in and also it is riding over the dome of hot air. that is why we have hot and sticky conditions. that will change to only hot conditions this afternoon and 100 in los gatos. mid-to-upper 90's from redwood city south but temperatures are and 90 for san mateo and low 70's along the coast to near 80 in downtown and south san francisco to 100's in the north bay valley and mid-80's to mid-90's along the east bay shore and more 100's inland. the seven-day forecast shows we are looking at 100's through thursday. in oakland's grand lake district police have confirmed that two employees of a wing stop were shot and killed in a restaurant an the corner from the theater. abc7 news reporter is there.
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>> in the past ten minutes we watched as police brought out the body of the second victim. friends, family, and co-workers are the victims were watching an emotional moment for them. one of them breakdown in tears. two employees were shot and killed before they closed at midnight. the family members of a victim said his cousin worked in the kitchen in the grand lake district. a warning went out three hours before the shooting from oakland police about an increase in armed robberies in the area and police say third in other worded patrols and no word on suspects or arrests. the public information officer just arrived on the scene and we are going to speak with her in moments. we will bring you the latest information in the next half hour. >> thank you, matt. >> gearing up to be another
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challenging commute across the bridge in day two of the bart strike and this is cell, our engineer just merging on to 580 headed toward the bay bridge and he will give you a perspective of the growing backup with our. according to travelocity, orlando tops the list followed by with new york city, los angeles, south florida and seattle. that's "america's money," i'm john muller. [ beeping ] ♪ would you go back to when you got that less than amazing policy and go with esurance instead? like coverage coey do have toos to when you got that less than amazing policy like coverage counselor to help you choose the coverage that fits you. it's like insurance from the future. actually, more like insurance for the modern world. thank you! esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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>> day two of the bart strike and all morning we will bring you real time updates on the bart strike and the cell phone technology with our engineer on the move. where you are now, dick?
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>> eric, i am westbound 580 transitioned to westbound 80 ready to drop down to the toll plaza to go over the san francisco oakland bay bridge and the traffic is already backing up here. we have brake lights and we have had stop-and-go traffic coming from downtown oakland i merged on from harrison street on to 580 and it is heavier than it was this time yesterday. dick, transitionening to 80 to head to the bay bridge. >> now over to leyla gulen, we had tweets asking us how it looked today and could today be worse. >> it is not too pretty. the lights are nice but i have to say, the traffic is very heavy especially for this early hour of the morning. if you are traveling from emeryville are looking at
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continue minutes to get from the toll plaza. that is for the cash-paying lanes. in the fast track that is moving swiftly and you will get to the city in eight minutes. at the golden gate bridge we have traffic moving from sausalito and into san francisco at four minutes. that is status quo from yesterday, so, we do not see a lot of traffic moving from the north bay to san francisco. great, great place to be. the san mateo bridge is twelve minutes headed from hayward to foster city. look at the extra tail lights, we do have at least a 12-minute commute to the high-rise and into the peninsula so it is busy. now, mike nicco has the weather. live doppler 7 hd shows a few scattered sprinkles along the peninsula, and, also, to the south bay will move to the northwest the next couple of
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hours and what it has done to the forecast is made it humid and warm. so the temperatures are in the 60's and 70's but it is not a spare the air day this afternoon. >> more than 2,000 acres have burned in an arizona wildfire that took the lives of 19 firefighters. more than a thousand people came out to remember those firefighters yesterday in the town of presscott. the bodies were brought to the morgue. they were trapped by the flames on sunday. >> militants staged another attack and blew up a suicide car bomb in kabul today. they attacked guards with small arms fire killing four guards and two civilians. police say four suicide attackers were also killed. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.
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our owe coverage of the bart strike continues at 5:30. >> ahead, the he said and she said arguments the contract negotiations are taking and what bart is doing to ease the inconvenience for commuters. >> using cell 7 we look at our engineer driving through the slow bay bridge toll plaza the cash-paying lanes are backed up with carpools not bad and the fast track lanes, not bad,
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>> abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> breaking news is, of course, the bart strike. here is the effect on traffic, the bay bridge toll plaza, the cash-paying lanes. it is backed up and some cars
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are zipping by. that is the fast track. that is the way to go. >> or carpool. >> that is scary, it is only 5:30 and usually 5:00 is the start of the commute and it goes until 9:00 normally so this will be a long morning as we enter day two of the bart strike. thanks for joining us. >> more on the traffic right now with leyla gulen. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:30 as we look right now across the bay area a wide picture you can see we have quite a bit of green but in the strategic places such as along the bay bridge that is where we have quite the backup. if you make the drive over to the tolls, the metering lights are on and that is slowing traffic down especially in the cash-pay lane. the richmond-san rafael bridge is looking good. the pain is mostly felt over the altamont pass and we still have
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seven miles per hour as a top somebody from tracy. we have 51 minute compute from tracy to dublin because of an early car fire. it is still blocking one lane. that is causing the pinch in that area. back to kristen and eric. >> day two of the bart strike and this morning it is not clear when the sides get back to the bargaining table. now over to our transportation reporter. heather? >> still no trains running today but plenty of picketers picketing. this is happening all across the bay area. 29 1/2 hours, now, of walking around and around at the lake merritt bart station wearing a groove in the pavement compared to the negotiations going in circles and not really getting
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anywhere. picketing and rallying were the only things happening yesterday with each side waiting for something from the other. the unions say they need a new and better offer from the district to get them back to the table. at the same time, the union met with the lawyers yesterday preparing a response to bart's most recent offer can was from saturday. bart negotiating team went home at 7:00 p.m. saying it is just waiting for the union response and no talks materialized yesterday, this is not an impasse according to the district with plenty of room for movement because each side or neither side has submitted the last, best and final offer. >> we are sorry it has come to this but we don't have any choice. we have to make sure bart looks out for the safety of the
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employees and the riding public. they have reduced inspection and safety inspections. >> bart has said they feel the place for safety and security are 59 the weekly and monthly meetings at the district, with the district and employees and not the bargaining table but in the most recent offer they included to safety issues as a concession and movement toward the unions but the unions were saying that is a mischaracterization and it was nothing close to what theyering ago for. no talks scheduled today, nothing we are aware of, but it is early and maybe something will be put on the calendar for today to get both sides together. >> commuters would like that. thank you, heather.
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this morning, bart is expanding bus service across the bear as an alternative to the trains which are not running. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joining us from the dublin/pleasanton station. >> we are in pleasanton with plenty of shuttles available. look at this bus waiting to fill up. we hear a lot of positive feedback about this service. people said yesterday it was very easy and they are back if more today. this service starts at 5:00 a.m. and here is video of people boarding the first one this morning. we have seen two take off so far. one man took an hour and 15 minutes to get from here to pleasanton in san francisco and is gaining in popularity. >> i want to say it is good, but i wanted to save money and i decided to try the bus.
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>> more people and bart is adjusting, officials have added a station where this is available and you can now go to the west oakland bart station to pick up a bus with that availability from 5:00 to 9:00 and the other four stations from yesterday are still available today but from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. and this is a free round-trip to san francisco and bart folks say although this is an option and it is a good one, it cannot carry the same load as you will of the trains and they are still asking you work from home if you can and leave this option available. >> thanks, amy, no surprise the bay bridge toll plaza is turning into a parking lot. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard continues coverage from oakland. cornell? >> good morning, it looks like history is repeating itself from yesterday with a big backup.
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lots of drivers are trying to get a jump on the commute. we have seen large numbers of cars converging on the toll plaza since 4:00 a.m. and, like yesterday, we are seeing big backups in the cash-paying lanes, and all the way out to the macarthur maze. chances are that many of the folks got stuck in the terrible traffic from monday because bart trains were not running. day two of the strike and commuters are not taking any chances. the traffic from yesterday was the worst people remember in years with two hours to get here from contra costa county. we talked to caltran's and they have brought in extra toll takers to accommodate the commuters expected the next couple of hours. fast track is wide open. that isur best if you are
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not part of a carpool with the carpool lanes just opening and that is the best bet if you do not have fast track casual carpool if you can. but watch out because c.h.p. has been out in force this morning and yesterday morning looking for carpool violations. we saw quite a few yesterday. one gauge is when the metering lights go on and yesterday they were on at 5:40. >> that is correct. 20 minutes earlier than usual. they are on, again, right now so earlier. now, drive time traffic and we will see how long it will take out of track, 53 minutes westbound direction and traveling along 24 from walnut creek to 580, 16 minutes so not too bad and it slows down. as you head through the tunnel 880 northbound between hayward and the maze, that is now a
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30-minute commute is traffic is getting heavier. right now, the bay bridge toll plaza the sea of lights and you can see how it is starting to slow down and that is causing a backup at the maze and that is causing a little bit of a pinch from westbound 80. san jose, 280 away from 17 a few extra cars and outside we go with another shot of walnut creek, so, ten minutes get you in the southbound direction from highway four to the junction with highway four as you meet the intersection and that is where we will see the heaviest delays. if that is not enough to get you hot under the car our weather will, too. >> it will get hot later today and it is muggy outside right now with temperatures in the 50's in san francisco and not so muggy but you can see live doppler 7 hd picking up a few sprinkles around the marina district, richmond, to ocean
5:39 am
beach and to half moon bay. in the northwest the monsoon has pushed the moisture toward us. it will move away but leave the upper level clouds like yesterday and it will make it look like it should be a "spare the air" day but it is not. it looks clear around san francisco and our air quality is going to be below levels but we will have extreme sunshine again and from emeryville you can see the haze and the lower doing of clouds along the coast and our day planner is 54 to 68 through 7:00 and 66 at the coast and 96 inland and 72 to sizzling 101 inland by 4:00. be prepared. deify of 100-degree heat. >> day two of the bart strike and we have been giving you a rolling perspective and we will do this all morning with our cell 7 technology to show you
5:40 am
exactly what is going on, on the roads, our engineer is out there right now and it looks to be stop-and-go track. >> it is. i am on westbound 80 coming in, checked the ride from emeryville , and it is already backing up here and stopped at the curb, the final curve approaching the toll plaza, i am a mile from the toll plaza and 9 traffic is already stop-and-go and this is the spot on the left-hand side all you other feeders, 580, 24, 880, it all con vermonts down here and merges in with 80 westbound and this is where the backup is starting. we are nowhere close to the toll plaza. >> wish we could put two more people in your vehicle but we can't. are you seeing heavy use of the carpool lanes today?
5:41 am
the carpool lane is on the far right-hand side and you will see cars whizzing through and here comes another. carpooling is the way to go and those people appear to have no delays but everyone else, you can see what i am in right now. carpool is three people or expect an expensive reminder of that. >> from an area to the east of where dick was talking about, this is 24, highway 24, headed to the maze and look at the back up there with the toll plaza to the right and you can see dick showing us how it backed
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> on this tuesday, day two of the bart strike and sky 7 giving us a visual cue as to the effect the strike is having. this is highway 24, with the tail lights headed westbound. the backup is incredible to the toll plaza.
5:45 am
when you get to the toll plaza, it is stop-and-go traffic and even now the carpool lanes and the fast track lanes are backed up. >> we will have more on the bart strike in a moment. but breaking news in oakland in grand lake district. two restaurant employees have been shot to death inside a wings stop around the corner from the grand lake theater. abc7 news reporter is there. matt? >> we spoke with police and they gave us new details on what happened. they are not confirming on whether it was a robbery at the wing stop or if there is some other motive behind the double homicide. the police chief is actually here on the scene as part of the investigation and police say the two victims were in the mid-20's from richmond and workers and customers were inside at 11:45 and the two workers were shot can killed and police say this were two suspects and officers
5:46 am
are looking at surveillance video and said the suspects were not wearing masks. this is located in the grand lake district close to lake merritt. a wanting went out three hours before the shooting about an increase in armed robberies in the area. police were increasing patrols. a neighbor was saddened to learn of the double homicide. when will it stop? it is not just this neighborhood. it is all over the place. east oakland. it is sad. it brings me to tears. police will hold a meeting with the business commuter later today. if the surveillance video is helpful they will release that to the public. so far, no arrests have been
5:47 am
made. thank you at 5:47. we will continue our coverage of the bart strike. >> abc7 news reporter katie marzullo joins us at jack london square. katie? >> they are lining up. i am at the end of the line. the 6:00 a.m. ferry boarding right now and this is the very end of the line, and it wrapped an the building all the way along the waterfront and you can watch as people walk away from us toward the first ferry and it should be leaving in 15 minutes or so. if you are planning on taking the ferry from oakland this morning into san francisco, do not waste any time, do not delay, the lines are forming fast and furious and you will want to get here and be one of the first people in line. yesterday morning, a total of 11 ferries took 8,000 people into san francisco during the morning rush alone. i talked with a last people in line this morning and a man
5:48 am
would i asked to compare this morning to yesterday morning. i missed the first ferry yesterday by four people. i was a little late to work. >> you learned the lows son and came earlier? >> it is like a trampoline. life is like a trampoline. >> humor and good spirits everyone making the best of a bad situation. i am getting a lot of "it is what it is." you are look at video at sky 7 showing how crowded the ferries were. you heard the gentleman missed the first ferry by four people so every second counts during the bart strike. if you are taking a ferry, they are not selling tickets on the boat so buy at the counter or have your clip are card with you.
5:49 am
so mack some patience because we have backups all over the bay area because of the strike the. >> they are starting earlier today. leyla gulen? >> right now we look at the east bay to the maze it is slowing down at 580 and 880 and everything that converges on the maze is looking slow and 24 was not so bad earlier but now it is solid red and that is bumper-to-bumper traffic to 580 and the 8080 from albany to berkeley still at top speed. that does not seem to be quite as bad as the others and to the south, when you pass dub it -- dublin it is clear. on the waze app this is the amount pass. 580 from tracy is not something we usually see but it looks like
5:50 am
a lot of folks are taking the road to get around the delay because of an early car fire that is still blocking one lane. it really caused damage to this commute. that is now an hour to head out of tracy to dublin/pleasanton. in san jose it is not so bad. 87 beyond the julian off-ramp we have a few extra cars moving smoothly. tracking the sprinkles from your beach to mountain tan, that is where we have the best radar runs. they very light green to dark green so just sprinkles and nothing organized as far as rain or showers. we had that half an hour ago at half moon bay but it is falling apart.
5:51 am
half mile visibility at half moon bay because of the fog and the rest of us are not affected by this at all. in the south bay, all of us are in the mid-to-upper 60's. and los gatos in the valley, 69 and at 1,800', 82 degrees, even. today will even be warmer with the extra high clouds. 57 in richmond and 55 at half moon bay and low-to-mid 60's throughout the bay shore and redwood city at 62 and 70's inland lafayette, calistoga and brentwood low-to-mid 70's. the golden gate bridge shows the low clouds here and the mid-level clouds with no drops on the camera but this is an area that could be having a few sprinkles. hazy sunshine and more heat is
5:52 am
the first forecast highlight with dangerous heat through thursday but more manageable through the weekend. a colorful sunrise because of the cloud cover out there and the pollution and the humidity. temperatures today are 12 to 19 degrees above average. here is why. check owe the area of high pressure over the four corners backing its way toward us and putting the hottest weather over us today so the north bay and the east bay valley should reach triple digits and the warmest weather is in the mid-90's and mid-80's around oakland to 80 in san francisco and in the low 70's along the coast. the 100's hold on through thursday and then the tells -- temperatures drop 20 degrees after thursday. >> we will re-cap other stories in the area including a robbery that turned into a double homicide in the east bay.
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>> this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. what is headache. on the right is our cell 7 technology showing what is happening as you approach the metering lights.
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>> we are bringing you a re-cap of breaking news.
5:56 am
this is video from sky 7 where two were shot can killed at a restaurant in oakland's grand lake district. you can see police were over the scene still investigating. here is the video from the ground. we talked to some of the police officers and they say the two people were shot inside the restaurant at midnight and so far they are not confirming a robbery attempt with no gunman in custody but cornell bernard said the victims were from the richmond area and in their 20's. >> in arizona a thousand people came out to remember 19 firefighters killed while battling a wildfire. yesterday's memorial is one of many planned in the town of prescott. the bodies were brought to the morgue. authorities say the crew was battling a fire north of phoenix and they became trapped by the films on sunday. this is the most deadly wildfire since 1933. 2,000 acres have burned and 200 homes have been destroyed.
5:57 am
>> president obama ended the africa trip today at a memorial for americans killed in the embassy bombing in tanzania 15 years ago. he and former president bush place add wreath at the memorial in honor of the 11 americans who died in the attack along with the near simultaneous bombing at the embassy in kenya. mr. bush is in tansania for a superintendent on women. >> and there is a high profile bay area politicians who wants to step in the middle of bart strike disspew. >> long lines for ferries yesterday and now they are longer today. ahead, we are at jack london square in oakland to show you how long the wait is this morning. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the backup because of extra cars in the mix because of the bart strike. there are some cars getting
5:58 am
through at fast track and getting through at the h.o.v. lanes but, otherwise, it is a
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at 6:00, day two of the bart strike and you can see it is even more jammed than yesterday in the cash-paying lanes as folks try to get to work without bart. >> we have complete coverage of all the things that have to do with bart and, also, this


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