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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 2, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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here is the headline part and striking workers are returning to the bargaining table. sky 7 shows you our commute developing in san francisco on day two of the bart strike. they're hoping to come up with an agreement that gets the trains rolling again. >> good afternoon, bart trains have been stalled on tracks
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throughout the bay area, sky 7 shows us empty cars here in hayward they've been there since monday morning. this afternoon, a sign of hope with bart announcing state mediators scheduled to talk at 6:00. both sides now say they are ready to talk, and they'll be at the bargaining table tonight at kf 6:00. >> here is a look at san francisco skyway now. you look live, you can tell traffic coming towards you, headlights coming toward you are cars trying to get into the bay bridge. once again today, traffic in this area on the skyway and so many other spots in the bay area pretty bad because of the strike. >> let's give you another view this, is our camera in emeryville looking towards berkeley this, is 80. usually jammed up like this on
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a regular commute. cars making their way towards san francisco. and of course eastbound traffic on the right side of the screen towards berkeley and beyond. abc 7 news is live in san francisco for us. where casual carpooling has been a popular option. >> this is the pick up point for casual carpoolers you can you can see lines filling up, quickly. regulars testimony us there are more people standing here since this strike began yet aren't enough cars to pick them up. we spoke to two people today. the first one is the first time carpooler so this is the maiden voyage. the second is a regular. >> when i go to walnut creek but there are no signs for walnut weekcreek? >> i'm going figure it out. >> i've heard it's hard to
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find someone picking up so i'm just trying to get anywhere in the east bay. i'll find my way from there. >> what she said is true. she was going to walnut creek but you can see the signs which point to different stories -- cities there is no sign for walnut creek. she sended up taking an ac transit bus. due to demand they've added two more pick up points near downtown san francisco z they're on spear street. we'll be back with a person who encouraged carpooling. >> thank you so much. >> let's check on road conditions right now. >> how does it look? >> looking busy right now. we're going to focus on the bay bridge now. we have a stalled big rig eastbound side of 80 and that is causing severe delays n addition to
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the cars that are just heading out on to the roadways now. so we're going to be expecting to see more cars this afternoon, taking a look at bridges, moving along at top speed as is the dunbarton we're going keep an eye on bridges and roadways this afternoon. to sigh how things are shaping up. if you're heading along westbound direction clear conditions of course, most traffic heading along in an eastbound direction we'll keep an eye on all of the directions. >> another busy day for ferries. out of san francisco i just passed these folks they're waiting in the warm sun but the line is long. it was another jam packed ride this morning for commuters skipping roads, ferries picking up the slack taking on triple number of riders.
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abc 7 news has more from oakland. >> these lines mark day two. hundreds of people arriving an hour before the first boat. >> we're not selling tickets on the boat. >> there are pros and cons. >> because have you to pay for park chg is $4 then have you to pay for round trip ticket it's $6:25 each way. twice as much as boy pay catching bart. >> one woman heading to south san francisco says the fer gee cleaner and faster. >> i think when the strike is resolved i think we won't go back to bart. >> this is a better experience. also our company reimburses us. >> san francisco base ferry serviced 18,000 riders. on a typical day, the number would be 6,000. the company is using all 11
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boats. >> we're going to be here tomorrow, the next day. >> one catch, the 4th of july is on thursday some ferries switch to a special schedule. you want to check that. also, parking is limited so carpool or try to get dropped off. >> sky 7 spotted one bart train on the move today. an eight-car train headed towards west oakland around 7:00 but this is not a sign prof gres, simply a train inspection. >> we've put abc 7 news producer ken miguel on the roads today he's in traffic near the embarcadero with our cell 7 technology. there is a slight delay in the audio, however, kenny how is it go something. >> it's slow going i out here.
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it's taking me just about seven minutes to go a tenth of a mile. 27 minutes just to go two blocks. and that is starting off at the embarcadero. very now passed green street. so it's slow out here. the thing is striking is that i'm seeing a lot of cars with just one person in them. so carpool may have been a better option but not if you're stuck on the embark dareo that is the latest from here. >> traffic back up caused some cars to overheat and breakdown once they made it on to the bridge. and that made morning traffic worse, one driver told us it took her two hours to travel just 15 miles from walnut creek to the toll plaza. tonight will be the a's first
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game since this strike began. the team encouraging fans to carpool to the games. officials say they believe they have enough parking to accommodate everyone. you should leave early if planning to head out to the coliseum. we'll take you live to the bus hu go. see how commuters are doing there. >> heat wave continue autos it sure does. pg&e issued a flex alert that lasts until 7:00 tonight. >> yes it's a good day, suddenly to be at the beach in santa cruz. doesn't that look nice? >> spencer christian is off. sandhya patel is here with a look at the accuweather updates for us. >> yes. beach is the place to go if you don't like the heat. as you look right now we have fog here. coastline that is helping. we have higher clouds moving
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in. from the south. southwest gusting to 30 at fairfield. this wind direction already starting to cool some of the north bay valleys like napa. temperature going down now. 115 in middle town. so it's steamy there. 90 in santa rosa. 90 in san jose. oakland, you're comfortable. 65 in half moon bay where the fog is sitting. warm nights, heat-related illnesses still possible. you can see our fog this evening, we'll see warm conditions inland. low 50s to mid-70s by afternoon still hot inland, mid 60s to low 100s.
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i'll be back with a 4th of july forecast coming up. >> we have a new smart phone app to keep you on top of the hot weather and bart strike. the app easy to down load. and if you have our current one, keep in mind you need to down load the new one. >> breaking news about edward snowden he has been holed upside moscow international airport searching for a nation granting him asylum. late today a plane carrying bolivian president was forced to land when vienna when information circulated snowden was on board the flight. the emergency landing after france and portugal refused to let the plane enter heer their air space. the plane was flying from moscow to bolivia. >> still ahead at 4:00 announcement from east bay
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park that's could affect your 4th of july plan autos a big mistake leads, wow, to this. what went wrong at the golden gate bridge today? >> and new at 4:30 we'll sail alongside one of the america's cup teams a piece of equipment that is at the center of a controversy in the upcoming race. >> taking a look live right now from sky 7 hd, that is san francisco skyway. coming into the city that is a 30-minute commute inching along. and i'll have details
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welcome back here is a lock at san mateo bridge. it's at the 13 minute commute unlike its sister to the north, the bay bridge. so this might be a good alternate. i'll tell you where hot spots are coming up for this afternoon drive. >> oakland police arrested a snekt a double homicide in a wing stop restaurant. this happened at wing stop on lake park avenue near lake merit before midnight. the 22-year-old and 26-year-old were shot and killed. several others were inside when this happened but were not hurt.
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police say after talking to witnesses and reviewing surveillance video it does not appear to be a robbery. >> yahoo makes another acquisition and southwest, a new offering. >> hi, emily. >> good afternoon. apple is looking to take on the tv market bloomberg learned the company nearing a deal with time warner cable to give subscribers access to channels via apple tv and learning that apple peered away from hulu. these moves after apple added content from hbo and espn to apple tv. yahoo ceo marisa myer makes another acquisition. the start up makes an app allowing users to turn photos, muse skbrik videos into short
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movies and stocks losing team ahead of friday's jobs report. why your bloomberg silicon valley index rose today. and flying southwest got more entertaining. passengers free to watch live tv thanks to a new partnership with dish network. dozens of on demand shows will be available on the planes. from bloomberg studios i'm emily chang, back to you. >> thank you so much. >> conditions not getting better for crews battling that wildfire that killed 19 firefighters. authorities are expecting powerful wind gusts that will make it more challenging to battle this blaze. officials say it remains
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unclear how many houses have burned. the fear is at zero percent containment. >> park workers called off a 4th of july strike after reaching a tentative deal. the union recommends worker as prove the deal reached last night. tentative agreement includes wage increases. >> which is good news for everyone that wanted to visit. >> it's hot but will cool off. >> yes. spencer chis schin off, is relief on the way? >> relief is on the way. you're starting to feel it on the coastline. so let me show you live doppler 7 hd.
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fog near the coast. it's starting to roll in this sea breeze is kicking up we're getting some relief. high clouds are adding to humidity in the air. asterisk indicating a record so far. 114 in n.redding look at death valley you think it's hot 126 degrees there. check out this beautiful view. you can see these neat-looking clouds. you'll see fog there. san francisco, 66 degrees, you're into low 70s so coming already down. 74 oakland, 61 in half moon bay. the view from our camera, also says it all there is the fog. and we're continuing to see filtered sun. it's 102 in livermore.
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here is the forecast. wide range of temperatures and cooler weather coming this weekend. so hang in there if you don't like the heat. i know some of you do not have air conditioning and it's unbearable. have you everything right to. two more days of above 100 degrees inland this air mass starts to shift away we'll notice inland spots coming down into 90s and 80s. overnight expecting warm weather again. 60s to low 70s along coastline. most areas into mid to low 60s so not exactly great sleeping weather. but relief coming up. 99 in morgan hill. near 100 degrees in los gatos.
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we'll see high, thin whis wis py clouds from the south. 65 degrees in pa fr pacifica. we'll see fog around 73 downtown san francisco. north bay communities 60s coast side. in clear lake, 109 degrees. 88 in san rafael. towards east bay, 81 in oakland. 85 castro valley. inland you'll be cooking again. 101 in san ramone. upper 60s coast side cooling to low 90s by friday. by weekend back down to normal. upper 80s inland so relief is coming up. >> some neighbors having a tough time dealing with the heat wave.
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especially when fans and window air conditioners are getting snapped up. >> david? >> do we need it today this, is one of 10 community centers open today and tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. because many people in san jose don't have air conditioning. enough is enough for this dad. he scooped up box fans to cool off. >> it's too hot. we've got a brand new baby and have to keep the place cool. >> it's important. >> yes. >> will three fans do it? >> i think so, yes. >> joanne complained they only blue hot air. >> they were sold out unless we drove to tracy. they just got a shipment so got lucky. >> if you have central air, won't you know? it conks out during a heat
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wave. >> i started looking and everybody has same issue autos this technician found a faulty ka passittor. everyone wants immediate service. and repair people are hopping from job to job late into the night. >> some guys aren't getting home until midnight. >> that is late. >> yes, sit. >> city-owned pools providing relief for children community senters serving as cooling centers. the pool here is open until 8:30. >> if you can northbound water all day long is that what you sfwhant. >> yes. >> in san jose, abc 7 news. >> coming up next alicia silverstone starting a breast mic bank for certain mothers. >> ground breaking behavior how researchers are using birds to help
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one lane on the golden gate bridge is closed to have. look at this. during the commute this morning the driver, from canada went through the wrong lane and got stuck trucks are supposed to be using wide
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lanes which are clearly marked, again. the toll plaza made repairs, traffic has been moving smoothly today. >> that is a major oops. >> actress alicia silverstone started a breast milk sharing program for vegan moms urging mothers to share their mic with -- milk with whoim cannot breast feed. the fda warns against sharing milk online because it isn't tested for diseases including hiv, hepatitis and syphilis, experts recommend using established banks. >> the watch dog group center for science and public interest claims long john virl's has least healthful meal in the nation saying big catch meal with fried haddock, hush puppies and onion rings contains 33 grams of transfat
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more than two weeks of the recommend add lotment. high levels increase your risk of heart disease, suffering from stroke and diabetes. a spokesman says it stands behind the data and will review request frtz cfpi that raises questions about it. >> still to come we'll have a live update on the ride home. you'll see what commuters heading out of san francisco are facing now. >> also, we're going to check if bart worked out kinks in its free bus s.s and big bucks to pay for that. >> why new zealand's team does not like
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we begin with our continuing coverage on day two of the bart strike. with some hope, finally. take a look at this ferry. it's just packed to the gills. that is not stopping gridlock though. of course you're looking at live pictures from sky 7. it's a very tight ride on that
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ferry. >> yes. ferry people are glad to see that business on board. bart leaders will be meeting again tonight at 6:00. their first meeting hoping to bring an agreement to bring relief to commuter autos alan wong is live with the ac transit bus hub for us. >> we're beginning to see some chaos here at the ac transit station. this is where the shuttle leaves for san francisco. take a look. that bus station back there around 3:30 that bus stop packed with much more, way more people waiting to get across the san francisco. some forced off the last one. it pulls into the stop, it got so hectic a man fell while
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people kept on scrambling on to the path. the driver tried to tell everyone there are many people and it was not safe to drive. >> this is like, i don't know. >> it's not safe. >> i hope they come up on a confession and able to resume with service tomorrow. >> that man responding to news bart will resume talks tonight. the driver only removed two people and drove off. a 15 minutes earlier a supervisor was here at the bus station regular laigt the number of people got on. he left and that that is when chaos broke out.
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passengers say it was more organized this morning we'll monitor this bus station and you can follow us on twitter. >> barlt free service proved popular. bart doubled the number of buses from yesterday ask added west oakland bart station. >> yesterday wasn't that bad got here about 4:30 it was well organized buses were there then it wasn't that bachld i work in the financial district. two hours to get home. >> bart spending $100,000 a day to previd these buses and taking a look at having more
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available tomorrow. out of san francisco buses will pick up passengers who purchased a round trip ticket this morning. >> people trying to get by. the strike is triggering confusion, look at this person. they're confused. several drivers approaching the toll gate only realizing they're not in carpool then trying to back away. very dangerous with cars heading fast through the lanes. there could tie up traffic. >> just never do that. >> that person didn't want a ticket is what it was. this saying goes what goes up must comes down. and now you can go look at the bay bridge. you can see traffic is building up. it's about a 45 minute drive.
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so for those using the bridge as an option, that is going to take you longer because you're seeing heavy swelling as awe approach 580. of course oakland a's versus cubs today, taking a look at 880. it's packed right now. that drive away from the maze just down to the kol seeism. here are other hot spots. 808 southbound that would with 30 minutes to 80 east and west. that is a peak at the drive. abc 7 morning news anchor and de la -- laila will bring us
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more and a look at how this is affecting your commute. >> california will move 2600 inmates out two of central valley areas saying most black, philippino and medically at risk inmates are vulnerable to this airborne fungus and must be transferred. when transferred less vulnerable inmates will take their place. >> new zealand's team is asking for a role change. >> as the yacht is hoisted you can see the winglet as tached to the rudders these are at the center of a controversy between the u.s. oracle team.
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the chairman ruled for safety reasons the size of the elevators may be increased that will give more stability and ruled elevators can extend beyond the frame of the yacht. >> it might be when driving into the side and slide down could be going out of line. >> grand dalton says they begin racing this week. new zealand says only oracle will benefit from the rule change. and you think bit there is only three things in the water, 2004 elevators. so they're important.
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>> all of a sudden we want back into the boat. >> first begins this sunday. the appeal will go will you before a five-member jury monday morning. >> an 8-year-old girl becomes governor for the day. her lesson today. >> how birds helping researchers with the next generation of robot autos cool shot moving into the south. fog below. it's baking inland. i'll let you know when relief arrives coming up. >> and this is live we're looking at packed conditions it's gooding to be at least a 30-minute commute heading away into the maze.
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maryland has a new governor and she's just 8 years old. >> she won an essay contest encouraging young women to pursue a career in public service. her essay was chosen allowing her to be governor for a day. she had a jam packed schedule today including a meeting with
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tiean's ambassador and swearing in two new state official autos stanford students taking a look at birds in flight to help build the next generation of robots. take a look at this video. taken with a high speed camera shooting 3300 frames per second. >> in their true speed the images are so quick. students hope this will help them design a flapping winged robot as nimble as a bird and more maneuverable than current robots. they hope to learn about birds in the process. those pictures fascinating. >> yes. >> it's gorgeous to watch that. >> yes. >> spencer christian is off but we're tracking this for you. >> we are. sandhya patel is here with the accu-weather forecast. on the heat. >> yes. it's been in triple digits inland. you know what is saving the coast is the fog. it's preventing you from getting too hot. high clouds moving in and you can see them across the bay
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area here filtering our sunshine. high temperatures out west is where the heat is at. 111 in phoenix. you want relief from the heat. heat warnings from fresno to yosemite. 113 las vegas. 79 in los angeles. here are the summer climates. 68 degrees, half 73. oakland still warm. 81, but not hot. cutoff from the sea breeze antioch is 102 degrees. one more day of triple digits then, we'll cool you off to 90s, low 90s.
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>> still ahead at 4:00 it's slow going out there on the road. a live driver's view of the commute up nee. a major failure for russia's space program how this can result in big danger to the environment. >> i'm michael finney. the money you'll safe this 4th of july, why airline ceo
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we want to take you live into the thick of the commute. >> and the heart. >> yes. >> in the middle of it traffic is awful. >> it does not look great. there is a slight delay in audio and traffic camera. >> it's still to say there is a delay in traffic is just being funny because it's at a virtual stand still. i can say i've moved very little and it's taken an hour and now 18 minutes to get four block as long the embarcadero. anyone looking to get home soon is not the way to go.
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i haven't been able to get off to take a look. that is the latest from here. >> wow. ken. all right. thank you for being out there for us. >> well, canadian police arrested two people they say were plotting to detonate bombs similar to those used in the boston marathon during a celebration. canadian authorities say the man and woman were arrested and inspired rather by al qaeda but did not appear to be linked to the terrorist group. police say they planned to detonate the bombs. there are environmental concerns in russia after an unmanned rocket exploded and crashed just after liftoff today. the russian rocket took off but just sexdz after the laufshlg it would bed and veered off course, broke into pieces and sent a giant cloud
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hovering over a nearby city. authorities have evacuated the area residents being told to stay indoors and keep windows shut. >> the president heading home following a visit to africa. he spent part of the final day with former president george w. bush. they made a brief appearance together commemorating the bombing in tanzania. mr. intush attending a summit on african women. there they are. they are promoting the rule of africa's first ladies bringing change to their country autos we want to support first ladies ash the world by convening annually to highlight the role that they can play in addressing pressing issues in their
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country autos they departed tanzania following an upbeat ceremony. >> some low income californians could get a big break on their auto insurance this year. >> yes. michael finney is here with consumer news and details on this one. >> yes. this is government inspired. there are some stories on it. the cost has declined drivers can purchase insurance for as little as $276 in most counties including san francisco, santa clara and alameda. that is about a 3% decrease from last year. to find a dealer go to abc 7 news dop and click on 7 on your side. >> and on 4th of july week gas
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prices usually go up because of the holiday. officials say the price has fallen 8 cents per this week. saying the average price is $3.96 a gallon. virgin airlines has been a maverick. most won't take to twitter to lodge a complaint but that is what he did. tweeting out a complaint from a passenger who endured a half dozen spots at caribbean airports at six stops. the complaint, however wasn't about virgin airlines but one that branson doesn't own. branson said he sent out the complaint as a reminder to focus on customer service.
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and new at 5:00 sizing up small craft beers. we've teamed up to see which give you best taste for dollars. and it's a tough job but some one has to do it. >> you're a giver. >> we appreciate it. >> there you go. >> the warning a california lawmaker has for anyone taking a loaner. >> yes, or a rental car. >> if you've got a parking ticket you may get a break. and actor pierce
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some emotional testimony today from a woman who lost her husband in a crash involving a defective loanar car. abc 7 news nannette miranda
4:56 pm
reports on efforts to get cars like that one off the road. >> beyond words we lost our beloved children and grandchild. >> hello? >> his son was a passenger in an out of control lexus that had an accelerateor stuck when he made that call. just before the crash. the 2009 accident killed all four people including off duty chp officer mark sailor, married to his daughter. the still-grieving mother wants lawmakers to do something. >> my family's live and sailor's lives are altarred forever. >> turns out he was driving a 2009 lexus the dealership
4:57 pm
loaned him. that stuck accelerateor played a role in forcing toyota to recall millions of car was the problem, federal law bans franchised car dealers from selling or leasing a new car under a recall, nothing stops them from loaning, renting or selling used cars where repairs haven't been done. this state senator is leading the charge. >> they shouldn't be on the road if we know they're unsafe. >> the california new car dealers association opposes the bill and says the photograph is coming up with guidelines and a recall doesn't always mean safety is compromised. >> the question becomes whether we should remove the vehicle out of the stream of commerce because of a door jamb sticker being mislabeled
4:58 pm
on a manual being mispresented. >> critics point out would it not have helped the sailor because toyota had not recalled sticking accelerateors yet. the committee postponed the vote clearly upsetting lestrella. >> i cannot comprehend why anyone would oppose this bill. >> oilt now becomes a two year bill on hold until january. in sacramento abc 7 news. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you very much. a sign of hope may northbound the stalled bart strike tonight. the had you negotiations that could get traffic moving again. >> live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center,
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sizzling inland today. i'll let you know if the heat wave will sizzle for the 4th of july coming up. >> the stall is over at the bargaining table. >> the same cannot be said as this live picture from the skyway shows you. the traffic jam is pretty bad. people try to get to the bridge. >> and the strike having an impact on america's favorite past time. >> and tonight we track how long it will take to get to the bay bridge. it can take 45 minutes just to go a few blocks. >> good evening. >> talks supposed to resume. we have live coverage on the new talks about to get
5:00 pm
underway. >> yes. talks mere here at 6:00 this is considered a neutral location here. there is kinld of an odd sequence of events this, afternoon, bart sent out a relief saying talks would resume before one major union about it. bart announced talks were back on. that is about 1:30 at 3:30 they announced they'd participate and fdiu represents mechanics and maintenance workers and the like.


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