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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 3, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> we have breaking story with rescues underway at a summer camp near yosemite national park after a tree fell through a dining hall. this is where it is happening right now outside the community at groveland near highway 120. a spokesman is call this is "mass casualty incident," with at least two injuries. abc7 news is reporting that one of the injured has died. this is a summer camp for kids
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and families run by an organization based here in san francisco. we do not know brought campers who were injured are from the bay area. >> spokesman for the catch sent us this statement and i quote, "we are still assessing the situation. no children have been injured but there are adult whose have been injured." we have a crew on the way. we will bring you updates throughout the newscast and on twitter. >> good morning, our other top story today, day three of the bart strike and, finally, some progress. unions and the transit agency are scheduled to head back to the bargaining table in two hours. they resumed talks at 6:00 p.m. which ended before 3:00 this morning but this is no deal yet. the trains are not rolling yet and that meant another crowded commute this morning. >> and the bart commuters are frazzled trying to get anywhere.
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>> more maybes and gridlock on the bridge. >> actually, i never thought i would say this, but, finally, some good news. traffic has opened up with a slight delay in the cash-paying lanes. the commute started earlier and far worse than monday and tuesday with gridlock, frustration and many drivers angry about the bart strike. wednesday's commute to the bay bridge was terrible. a massive backup. some drivers sat in their cars for hours from places like antioch. one commuter showed his frustration this way, others were not as subtle. c.h.p. has extra officers looking for carpool lane violators and found many. >> you cannot ride solo. >> all the way to the left. >> she flames bart because she was forced to drive to work. she is feeling frustrated and
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angry. >> who wants to sit in traffic to two hours to get to work for eight hours and come home for another two hours, ten hours out of my day. >> c.h.p. caught lasts of drivers backing up on the freeway. officers say that is wrong. it is dangerous. it is illegal. we saw a lot of people doing that today and the driver wasn't cited but others were for pretty were driving backwards in the carpool lane because they were riding solo but c.h.p. says many drivers are keeping their cool behind the wheel despite all of this traffic. tomorrow is the holiday, independence holiday, so, independence from a lot of cars. >> many people again turned to buses today to get across the bay. a.c. transit offered expanded service although the agency and the unions are dealing with their own labor dispute. the two sides are holding more
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talks today and the buses are rolling. abc7 news looks how the commute went in oakland. matt? >> people taking the transbay bus were expecting another day lick this at 20th and broadway in downtown oakland an hour and a half wait in line to get on the bus and who knows what on the roads. this is what it looked like 24 hours later because of two bart shuttle buses making an unscheduled stop this morning. >> we are happy. we got a bus. >> unbelievable. i just got here i expected to be here for an hour. >> there were shooter -- shorter lines so it appeared the bart strike was over. >> we have already started the long weekend! >> it wasn't all smooth sailing, a window broke on the bus and the transits workers used duct tape to fix it delaying the frustrated passengers longer. the first bus was nearly full
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when it arrived at 20th and product way forcing the last four people to wait another half hour for the next bus. >> frustrated if. >> i took 9:303 and i was 15 minutes later to work so i took the 5:33 and i missed it by a one person. >> tomorrow is a summer schedule because of the fourth of july holiday. >> to help move people along at the same a.c. transit, a school bus picked up overflow of passengers with a seat on the school bus that otherwise would be sitting idle. >> the ferry terminal is see you longer lines than usual and katie marzullo talked with frustrated riders. >> you do not have to be a bart rider to be affected, the almeda ferry terminal is seeing long lines. it is a rude wake up for riders who arrived before dawn.
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>> i get up two hours early each day to start for work because i have to be this early. >> casey has been riding this ferry for years but had to make major adjustments this week. >> it is earlier each day. yesterday i was here at 5:30, today at 5:15. i want a seat and a place to park. it is crazy. >> some are reaching their breaking point. >> shame on the unions for doing this. not too happy about this, like a lot of people. it is a bad public move for bart. wish i had another way of getting do work i would never take bart again. >> since the bart strike began san francisco bay ferry has seen three times the number of commuters as on a regular weekday. in less than two hours bart and union negotiators will return to
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the bargaining table to hammer out a contract deal. amy hollyfield is at the lake merritt bart station in oakland where for now the picketing continues. >> this doesn't look like good news or like what commuters want to see but the mood here is a little different. the workers here say they are filled with optimum this morning because we saw this, negotiators putting in long hours at the table and they worked through dinner last night. they came to the table at 6:30 and they stayed until 3:00 this morning taking a break to get some sleep and they plan to come back at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. basketball workers say they consider this progress. >> it is always good, talking is good. if they do not talk nothing will get resolved. it is good to be able to iron out the differences and something good will happen. >> workers are hoping that the
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two new mediators at the table will keep the talks going and the dove brown sent them. we know they are talking but we don't know how the talks are going the we have reached out to both sides and they weather say they cannot discuss the specifics of what is happening behind closed doors. the workers say they are going to look at this as good news as progress and maybe this afternoon we will have news to report going back to the table in a couple of hours. we could have some news to report on the contract negotiations. stay with abc7 news for complete coverage of the bart strike and you can find the latest developments on our website at we have the latest on negotiations, up-to-the-minute traffic maps and commute options and download our exclusive waze app to help navigate the freeways and be sure to follow
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us on twitter. you will have instant updates on bart. >> coming up, police are searching for a gunman who shot a bouncer at a north bay nightclub and what led to the shooting. >> still ahead, more on day three of the bart strike. this is a shot of the bay bridge toll plaza with crowded roadways expected this evening where the oakland a's
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>> a double homicide in an oakland restaurant and today we learn that the victims may have been a case of mistaken identity. it happened at the wingstop restaurant before closing. dick smith joins us from oakland. this is new information. >> it is. police say that everything happened quickly and this is very much an active investigation. they have been able to confirm that this was neither an attempted robbery or a planned event. today, a man is in custody and they are actively looking if a second suspect. police say this is very much an active investigation. technicians are still in the process identifying and interviewing witnesses and process, evidence from the scene. before midnight on tuesday, two employees of this wingstop were shot and killed by two customers. abc7 news has been able to confirm that through the review of felt and sales receipt, no cash was stolen from the store or the two murder victims.
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oakland police would not go so far to confirm the shooting as a case of solid mistaken identity but he said, again, this was not an attempted robbery or a preplanned event. >> two customers were inside the restaurant and they had some time of contact with another individual or individuals and the customers felt threatened, they ran to the back of the restaurant into a refrigerated area. two employees went to the back where the refrigeration area was to investigate and at that point they were shot. >> by whom? >> by one of the customers. >> one of the customers, one of the frightened customs, opened fire the minute the freezer door opened. now, today, about two dozen residents and business owners of the lake share, lake park and grand avenue area couple to a community meeting hosted by area captains of the oakland police
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department. questions of customer security and business security were the topics. business owners are expressing problems with the limitation of law enforcement. one person has creative way to help with the problem. >> a search is underway if a gunman after a nightclub shooting in downtown santa rosa. it happened at epic social bar and lounge on mendocino avenue after 1:00 o'clock this morning. police say an unruly customer pulled out a gun and shot a club employee after the customer was escorted out for annoying other patrons. the 23-year-old bouncer was hit in the torso and had surgery. police are trying to identify the shooter. witnesses say he is hispanic, in his 20's, with long hair. we have developing news from
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egypt, a picture from cairo tahrir square where thousands of gathered demanding that president morsi step down. the military gave morsi a deadline to leave and that has passed. morsi is refusing to resign. the military will impose its own political plans if morsi fails to satisfy the protesters' demanded with report that a possible military coup is under way. mike nicco will have the forecast next. >> it will be a cooling trend with low clouds this morning, and those have moved out and the flight arrival delays at sfo are over and the sunshine will be murky but not a "spare the air" day with the cooling trend coming up and a timetable in a minute. >> hundreds of thousands of people are expected to pack san francisco tomorrow for fireworks and america's cup
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>> back to our top story, new developments on our breaking news, a tree has fallen on a camp in yosemite injuring 20
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people. we have a spokesman from cal fire on the phone. can you confirm what the casualty toll may be and talk about the rescue underway? >> when we received the call at 8:30, there were 20 reported injuries, we do have fire engines and multiple ambulances so far, though, several parents have been transported to area hospital by ground and air ambulance and we are working carefully with the sheriff to deal with what has been a busy morning for our crews. >> sir, we have one report that an adult was killed. can you confirm or deny that? >> that is not something we can confirm. like i said, at least one patient was transported by air ambulance in serious condition. what the result has been, that we are not sure. obviously, a very tragic situation with many children at this camp and adults in
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attendance so we have spent so many resources to assist. >> we have a picture of the dining hall before the tree fell. the report we had, sir, was a tree fell on this dining hall. is that what you are hearing? >> not sure what the tree fell on but it did fall and injured several patients whether it was in a building or outside, we are not able to confirm that. >> daniel, with cal fire, thank you for the information as rescue work continues outside of yosemite where there has been a terrible incident happen at a summer camp. >> in the bart strike situation, a's fans are encouraged to carpool and are back in the first place in front of 17,000 fans. a much bigger crowd is expected at tonight's game which included a fireworks show after the game.
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officials say between 15 percent and 18 percent of a's fans take bart to the games and the team is opening all parking lots at the coliseum and off-site lots. >> a lot families who come to san francisco on the fourth of july are making other plans to see fireworks because of the bart strike. last year, more than 182,000 riders use the bart to get around the bay area riding trains to avoid parking problems and 200,000 people are expected in san francisco this year to the 9:30 p.m. fireworks displace at pier 39 and opening ceremony for the america's cup races at 3:00 in the afternoon. >> we cannot control what happens there with bart but we can talk about the weather and hoping people get clear visibility for the fireworks. i think so. i think the clouds will come in after. now, the weather, everyone,
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notice it is quieter overland with thunderstorms rumbling and moving away from us so you have an idea how much moisture is in the hit and upper levels of the atmosphere and the reason why we see hazy sunshine not because of low level ozone, temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's half moon bay to san francisco and upper 60's in san carlos and low-to-mid 70's around the bay and the south bay and 79 in santa rosa and 84 in novato and 86 at san ramon and 90 in antioch which will hit 100. a beautiful picture from sutro tower and that is thing for rolling across the president reagan bridge and fondling it, again, a detriment to all of those tourist would want to take picture. a fun time to walk across because it is cool. the heat will hold on in the east bay for two more days and our summer spread could be 40 degrees from the coast to east bay and back to normal by the
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weekend. in san jose, can you see sunshine and high clouds and temperatures today will run anywhere from 4 to 16 degrees above average and the warmest temperatures are inland east bay neighborhood. this area is still under a watch and it was extended until 7:00 tonight and the bull's eye is on the east bay where we will have the most dangerous weather. in the up more 90's around los gatos and most of the santa clara valley is in the though mid-90's with mid-to-upper 80's on the if peninsula and millbrae is 80 and the coast will have partly sunny conditions and mid-to-upper 60's to mid-70's in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito at 78 but mid-80's to low 90's through the north bay valley and sonoma could be warmer at 94 and upper 70's around berkeley and oakland and 76 if richmond and let to mid-80's for the east bay shore and the 6th day in a row we will hit 100 inland. fireworks forecast tonight it will be 74 at first pitch dropping to 66 so you need a blanket and a sweatshirt on the
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field to watch the fireworks after they play the cove. tomorrow is day seven of triple digits inland and 70's around the bay and coast. after seven days, finally, it is over. >> and the latest weather information or bart strike information is on our new smart phone app to keep you on top of the hot weather and the bart strike you will be able to watch breaking news as it happened, the app is easy to download and go to for the details.
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>> back to our continuing coverage of day three of the bart strike and the effects on the bay area commute, the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza it is looking pretty good with bart scheduled to go back to the bargaining table in an hour and a half negotiating into the early morning hours and made progress but still, no deal, to end the strike. >> we will update you throughout the day. we hope you will join us this afternoon for abc7 news at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. thanks for joining us. tic music]
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♪ [cheers and applause] >> thank you. here we go. >> hi. [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. broadway giveaway week continues, and today's returning contestant has already won tickets to mary poppins for himself and a row in our audience. his next goal: to win the million. from haddon township, new jersey, please welcome david mcgill. welcome back, david. >> hi, everybody. [cheers and applause] >> well, we know you are a volunteer firefighter and also a pediatric home health nurse. tell me a little bit about what you do and why you like it so much. >> uh, basically, i go to someone's house and ta of their sick child, either


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