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unlikely supporter back in the day. you will never guess. it is squeaky clean tim tebow. and hernandez got into a fight in a bar when he said the bill was not his. but tim tebow offered to pay. hernandez punched the manager and fled the scene. and the walmart rescue, the mother of that adorable little girl who was held hostage at knife point at the oklahoma walmart. she was outside the store while police negotiated with the armed felon who had snatched her daughter from her shopping cart. and that is where she heard the gunshot. she says she hugs her daughter tighter now. and free willy, a day in the sun? seven killer whales found themselves stranded off the coast of australia today. rangers from wildlife services
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helped and waited for the tide to rise again. they were able to return five of the whales to their home. i bet freedom never tasted so sweet or salty. and thank you for joining us, tune into "good morning america" tomorrow, and we're always on line at good night america, and happy fourth of july. we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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that breaking news is happening off the coast where dozens of lightning strikes could be seen flashing in the distance over the ocean. >> the concern is about the lightning here and its potential, of course, for sparking wildfires. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. we are also following new developments in the bart strike. we will have the latest on the negotiations in a moment. >> first more on the lightning from sandhya patel and live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> dan and carolyn, this is an intense lightning storm that just started developing in the last couple hours. let me show you live doppler 7hd. so far over 3,000 lightning strikes around a the state of california that includes our lightning strikes. let me take you in closer and we have our own radar, and it is tracking lightning from around point arena toward navarro and fort bragg. as you look at this loop it is taking you back the last two hours. you can seat stuff moving from south to north. it is monsoonal moisture and subtropical moisture that comes in in the summertime.
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oftentimes the thunderstorms develop in the sierra nevada and in northern california like we saw happen earlier this afternoon. but it has now intensified and moved in our direction. still a possibility of isolated thunderstorms tomorrowrn moing. i will be back with a look at the heat wave. your fourth of july fireworks forecast is comingp. >> thank you. now to the bart strike. negotiations continue right now at cal trans headquarters in oakland. we have team cufnlg and let's start with leslie -- we have team coverage starting with leslie brinkley. >> i have news for you. two, three minutes ago a cluster of negotiators on both sides walked out of the building and won't say a single thing and totally silent about whether they progress is being made. not a lot of optimism here. the good news is talks are continuing. the bad news is it doesn't look as though trains will be running on july 4th. >> what do we want? >> dinses of striking --
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dozens of striking bart, woulders chanted in front of, woulders chanted in front of these glass doors. behind them tense negotiations underway. >> we don't know what is going on, but weall. >> some drivers along grand avenue honked in support and others yelled out "get back to work." >> it is about safety. >> bart and union negotiating teams entered the building at 1:00 yesterday and some had small suitcases in tow. by 5:30 they took what appeared to be a dinner break. and then talks resumed. at 10:00, another break. bart issued a statement saying they received no indications that atu or sciu members will return to work on july 4th if and when an agreement is reached. getting trains running again will take time. >> to make sure they are safe for riders will take about 12 hours and could be longer or less.
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>> so again, a lot of mystery here. there are still negotiators walking out the door right now. bart saying that trains will likely not be running on july 4th. no one is talking about whether talks have totally broken off. what we have seen to indicate here are talks have broken off for the night and will be on going. we don't know if the talks will continue tomorrow or the following day or what the schedule is like. we are waiting for word on that. president aring live in -- president aring live in oakland, abc7 news. >> more negotiators leaving behind you, leslie. thank you. oakland a's fans who rely on bart to get to the coliseum had to find another way. many hit the road during rush hour traffic to get there. alan wang is live at the coliseum where the fans are heading home. alan? >> carolyn, these folks will get home okay, but earlier there was the potential of thousands of a's fans stuck in rush hour traffic. maybe it was the fourth of july holiday that softened the
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blow or the rush of commuters that left early, but somehow gridlock was avoided. in the midst of a bart strike, a sellout crowd of theater 5,000 fans took -- 35,000 fans took their chances and drove to the game. >> came from castro valley and the commute was better than i thought it would be. >> i thought it was going to be -- i thought highway 24 was going to be backed up. >> this was southbound traffic on 880 to the coliseum at 6:00 p.m. smooth sailing. but some fans still miss the convenience of bart. >> i had to park far and i am still waiting for my husband. >> crossing the bay bridge was still a battle for commuters going home. this woman tripped and fell while transferring from one bus to another at the west oakland bart station. >> i might say vibe is grumpy overall. >> some commuters have been trying to avoid the rush by waking up at 4:00 a.m. to go home at 2:00 in the afternoon. they are even giving up vacation time to leave early.
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>> we are not productive at work for waking up at 4:00 and working so many hours. >> we have to use our vacation time to leave early or we will be home at 9:30. >> it is frustration putting more into the commute and getting less back. alan wang, abc news. >> traffic getting out of san francisco and on to the bay bridge was tedious again tonight. here is a driver's view of the traffic from our cell 7 technology. about 6:00 p.m. it took 30 minutes to go four blocks on battery street toward the bay bridge. it was not as bad for people who left early. once again commuters lined up by the hundreds to board ferries bound for the east bay. they stretched down the embarcadero this afternoon and all of these people waiting patiently in the sun. ferry officials estimate ridership has tripled since the strike began on monday. >> muni is offering shuttle
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services in san francisco including the america's cup and the activities at the marina green. people say some of them at least that they are planing to skip a trip into the city and celebrate closer to home instead. still about 200,000 people arecc expected in san francisco tomorrow. now again it appears that those negotiations have just broken up from the evening. we saw people leaving behind our leslie brinkley who is live at the scene of the talks. if there are developments we will get you the information immediately on air and on twitter at abc7 news bay area. moving on, an unexpected freak accident has devastated the family and friends of a bay area woman. she was killed when a tree fell at a camp where she worked as a counselor. it happened outside yosemite national park. abc7 news reporter ama dates is on the story. >> this child was a life force
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and it is the most terrible tragedy. it is like why didn't the damn tree fall on saturday when nobody was at the camp? >> she is trying to make sense of her daughter's death. she was here at camp when a tree fell on her around 8:30 a.m. and killed her. >> across the leg there. you can see a larger building and it is behind that building where it occurred. >> four other staff members were injured when the tree fell outside the dining hall. none of the other campers were hurt. they were inside eating when it happened. the tree may have fallen because it was weak from disease. ana was in her second year. with the camp. last year she was a counselor. this year she was an art teacher. >> it is really very hard. we were so close. we were like -- especially now. she was my teacher now. she was teaching me. >> ana was a uc santa cruz student who volunteered at the radio station.
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she hosted a music radio show. they believed she had a bright future. >> i could see her as a music ole gist and i can see her as an edge cater. there was a lot of possibilities. she was a real doer. >> he said she was truly unique and will be missed. ama dates, abc7 news. >> new at 11:00, a discarded cigarette is blamed tonight for a fire that burned people out of a campbell apartment complex. teak a look at the bottom of your screen you can see people making a mad dash out of the building. the cigarette was in an ashtray on the balcony and it quickly set a privacy partition on fire. no one was hurt and the red cross is helping those displaced by the flames. >> a major blow to thousands of students. city college has lost its accreditation. angry students protested. the decision came from the accrediting commission of schools and colleges that says the college fell short in nearly all of the areas
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requiring improvement. students today had mixed reactions. >> i feel like the people are here to help me and i am willing to wait it out. >> they already downsized the college. they cut so many of our programs of our services. >> pebding appeal the uh -- pending appeal the college will end next july. classes will continue and the students will get college credit again at least through july. this just in from the bart talks. they said they are done with talks for the night and they plan to return at 11:00 a.m. on thursday. >> we are still waiting to hear if any negotiators or bart negotiators are done for the night completely. it will continue next thursday. up next on abc7 news at 11:00, celebrations on the streets of cairo.
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the changes and the daunting challenges for a country struggling with democracy. >> more on the lightning. el isa patel is next wi
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just a year after coming into office egypt's first democratically elected president is out, rethe militard the military and placed under house arrest. millions celebrate on the streets of cairo. the country's future is unclear. abc's karen travers. >> demonstrators remain in
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tahrir square late into the night continuing to celebrate the ouster of the democratically elected president, mohamed morsi. a spokesman for the egyptian army said in a televised statement that the country's constitution had been dissolved and the head of the constitutional court will run the country until presidential elections can be held. >> the justice of the court run the affairs in the interim president and until a new president is elected. >> elections will likely take place in the next 9 to 12 months. the celebrations self- self-tense days. anti-morsi protesters president president -- chanted "down with the president." >> you have to step down. >> the pro morsiking demonstrations were taking place. he continued to be defiant and he said "the revolution was stolen from us. who ever planned this wants to spill the blood of the
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egyptian people." the obama administration is walking a fine line. >> we are not taking sides. >> but what happens in egypt could have significant ripple affects. >> egypt is an anchor for the region as a whole. >> and it is a region still very much in crisis. a civil war raging in syria. the on going nuclear threat from iran and an unstable libya. in a statement president obama said the u.s. is deeply concerned by they jeption military's decision to remove morsi and called for a swift and responsible transition to a democratically elected government. abc news, washington. >> new at 11:00, uc berkeley police are on the lookout for a man who walked a student home and then propositioned her. she refused and he left. this is a police sketch of that man. he is described as 6 feet tall and 200 pounds and long, blonde braided hair and blonde co tee. goatee. the campus escorts wear a yellow or brew blew uniform
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and wear a badge. a napa restaurant is in big trouble for continuing to serve fla-gra. they said they were serving the food as a protest against the ban. today a superior court judge ruled that the illegal sale is not protected by freedom of speech. they report in 2003 how the ducks are force fed. it lead to the passage of the bill banning the delicacy. all-around the bay area the communities are gearing up for the fourth. thousands are expected to turn out to the 6th annual rose, white and blue parade. the parade that starts at 10:00 is put on by the alameda business association and it gives people a chance to show their patriotic spirit. >> people want an opportunity in a protected environment to be able to express their patriotism without question.
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that's what the fourth of july allows people in san jose to do. >> that's a great celebration. in redwood city, the chairs are already set up around the parade route. there are hundreds of participants including miss california. it starts at 10:00 a.m. in redwood city. i will be emceeing the fireworks show and you can catch my band at the waterfront stage at 7:00 p.m. right before the fireworks. >> it should be terrific weather for that tomorrow, but right now we are monitoring some lightning strikes. >> that's right. sandhya patel is back with the latest on that. >> we have our own radar on mount saint huh lena and it continues to track numerous lightning strikes. there are hundreds of strikes to the north of the bay area. i want to show you what it looks like right now and around point arena we are seeing lightning strikes and thunderstorms developing just west of the sea ranch. i am watching that carefully and as you notice that stuff is moving from south to north and it is heading up toward the mendocino and the sonoma county border. i do want to step aside.
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i did get a tweet from made in mendocino. there is even rain for the past hour and that was just minutes ago. we continue to see reports like this from the social media area. of course we are talking about the sixth day of the heat wave. it is 107 degrees today in antioch. it was 112 in ukiah. this was the tie for the day 113 between clear lake and calistoga. 100 in concord and 101 in fairfield. 91 san jose and oakland 84. 96 in san rafael. 68 degrees in half moon bay. we do have another day of this hot weather coming and that is why the excessive heat warning continues until thursday. the heat-related illnesses are possible so stay hydrated. in honor of fourth of july coit to tower is all lit up in red, white and blue tonight. an amazing shot. it is 60 degrees in san francisco and 67 in oakland. it is 70 in san jose and still
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pretty warm there. but it is 59 in half moon bay. from the high definition sutro tower camera, you can see a little fog there as we look toward downtown san francisco. isolated thunder possibility into tomorrow morning. it is sizzling for your fourth of july afternoon and much cooler weather is coming friday into the week end. as you look at the pacific satellite picture the hot air mass over us and hanging on for one more day with the triple digits inland and then it is all over. relief is coming and if you are head together fear works coming this way, it is looking fantastic. partly cloudy. sea breeze to 20 miles an hour. the fog is going to stay outside of the golden gate, at least until the fireworks are over. we will go with fog in the morning, fog coming in later tomorrow night and 68 at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. by 9:30, the temperature will be dropping to the mid60s. i would take a light jacket. the overnight temperatures, midto upper 50s. 60s, 70s, the bay and innd la.
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and inland. it is looking mild in most areas. the south bay communities 94 san jose and 98 los gatos. it will get hot in some areas on the peninsula. 92 in redwood city. 71 in half moon bay and a nice day in downtown san francisco and 77 degrees. occasional high clouds north bay. 94 santa rosa and neent 6 in napa and in the east bay, mid80s oak ped la, hayward and inland, 103 in livermore. the accu-weather seven-day forecast not as hot on friday. temperatures coming down to normal, low 60s coast and the numbers will stay within a few degrees, carolyn and dan, next week. >> you cannot rely on the trains to get tout fireworks displays tomorrow. the bart negotiations have wrapped up for the night. >> and the talks resume at 11:00 in the morning tomorrow. >> we will have to see what happens on friday obviously, but for the moment day four of the strike continues. let's move on to sports and baseball. >> larry was off. >> not a good day. the giants continue to struggle on the road. they are one and eight after the loss in cinncinati.
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it seems like a rare loss at home. and this is a game of inches. oakland missed it by tha mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
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their third straight win in the coliseum. colon on the hill and mar swraw had the upper hand. a sellout at the coliseum. 36,000 on hand. the second most wins in the american league. 11 coming in and gives up the r.b.i single to soriano in the first for a 1-0 chicago lead. let's go to the third inning. high and deep to right.
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reddick and a leap at the wall. does he have it? no. solo homerun and look again. missed it by an inch. 2-0cubbies. a's get on the board in the fourth. brandon moss and feast or famine? deficit cut to one. we move to the 9th. the a's dow the 3-1 and the tieing run at the plate. strikes out to end it. 3-1 the final combined with a texas loss. well, it is always a good test of a team's resolve to see how they resolve after having a no hitter. homer afterlling after the no hitter last night. abreu gets the first hit of the game in the opening frame and it gets the biggest hit in the fifth. upper deck, his first of the year. a two-run shot and the giants lead it 2-1. after bailing the giants out of trouble in the bottom of the fifth he hangs a change up and in the bottom of the 6th and it is a 2-2 game and we go to extras. lopez on the mound. look what i found. snags a come backer from
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philips in the 10th. but he couldn't snag a win in relief. in the 11th, two outs for chu and base hit to right and todd frasier scores and 3-2 the final and giants have won 9 of the last 10. san jose trailing in the 14th minute. throw goals in two games and a double header off the post. second try goes. 2-2 game. 84th minute. the game winner and fire and a 3-2 victory. quarterfinals at wimbledon. andy murray took five sets to finish off verdasco. the spaniard takes the first two sets from andy. he wins the third and then puts away the easy overhead to take the fourth. he evens it at two sets apiece. of course the fans are loving it from the outside of the murray leading it 6-5 in the fifth.
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murray survives a sigh of relief and he is on to the semis to face jersey. and finally corner back and the star of the scandal and carrie washington got married in hayley, idaho. the 36-year-old actress and 31-year-old athlete were married on june 24th. her parents were the official witnesses and one of his relatives performed the ceremony and broken hearts around the world on this one on both sides of the aisle. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> they are both catches. >> gorgeous couple. they are both really nice people. >> yes, on top of it. >> stay with us. final
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live doppler 7hd is
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tracking an intense lightning storm as we look toward the mendocino-sonoma coastline. isolated thunder is still possible in the morning. foggy near the coast. mild bay and inland. temperatures 50s to 70s. layla will be here 4:30 to 7:00. >> we will leave you with a quick update on the bart strike. members have wrapped up talks with bart for the night. >> they will begin negotiating tomorrow morning at 11:00. muni is offering the bus shuttle service to help people get around to the july 4th festivities in san francisco tomorrow. >> now stay with abc7 news for the latest developments. we will break in with programming as soon as the strike ends. >> thanks for watching. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time.isitorsy
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island hoping to ride the famous cyclone or ferris wheel may be disappointed today.
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an observation structure, the astro tower has been swaying in the wind. dangerous, the park's attractions. crews are scrambling to tear it down, but they may not be done today. after taking a beating from hurricane sandy, lady liberty will reopen her doors today. >> railings broke. flooded. the mess is cleaned up. they will visit the national landmark today. one southern california city just couldn't wait until today to celebrate our nation's birthday, so she kicked off things a little early. >> people in moorpark, california, treated to a fireworks extravaganza, lit up the skies last night. 24 hours before similar festivities get under way across most of the country. i don't mind a fireworks show 24 hours early, right? >> it's always a great thing to see. and i love the fourth of july because there's not a lot of prep. it's one of those holidays you can enjoy. >> you don't have to get dressed up. >> don't have to buy gifts. >> don't have to buy gifts.


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