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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 4, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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-- making news in america this morning -- >> celebrations erupt in egypt, as word spreads that their president has been ousted. what's next for the leaderless country in crisis? we have team coverage in cairo and washington. miracle at sea. american boaters are found after spending days adrift. new video this morning of their rescue. dynamic duo. the soon-to-be husband and wife were taking engagement pictures when the photographic rendezvous turns into a life-saving rescue. they have the dramatic images to prove it. and she's back. lady liberty set to reopen, just in time for the holiday. a look at what the statue really means and the superstorm that shut her down.
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good morning, and happy fourth of july. i'm tai hernandez. diana perez is off. >> i'm john muller. we celebrate our nation's independence. a constitutional crisis unfolding now in egypt. the president has been thrown out by the military. abc's alex marquardt beginning our team coverage in cairo. alex, what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, john and tai. just a few hours ago, around 3:00 a.m., we spoke with a top official in the muslim brotherhood, the party that president mohamed morsi belongs to. he told us that morsi has been arrested and is being held at the headquarters of the republican guard. this same spokesman also tweeted that top presidential aides were also being held. now, today, the man who will run egypt until a new president can be elected will be sworn in. he's a top judge on the supreme constitutional court. not much is known about him. but this is a signal to the egyptian people, to the world, really, the military doesn't want to be in charge. they're denying this is a
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military coup. they're saying they're simply responding to the calls of the egyptian people, which president morsi failed to do. the military already ran egypt, following the fall of president mubarak 2 1/2 years ago. and they don't want to do it again. but the fact does remain that they are very much in charge of this country. and the path forward from here is pretty unclear. meanwhile, the muslim brotherhood protests are continuing. a top official said yesterday if the military tries to depose morsi, they would flood the streets with supporters. even though those celebrations continued late into the night and finished just a short while ago, egypt is bracing itself for a bloody few days and weeks ahead. >> amazing set of developments there. alex marquardt, reporting live in cairo. thank you. president obama is calling for a quick return to civilian leadership in egypt. and he says he's concerned about the ouster of the country's first democratically-elected president. abc's devin dwyer joins us from washington with details. good morning, devin. >> reporter: good morning, tai and john. that's right. the u.s. is certainly walking a
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fine line here, with egypt, careful not to publicly support a military coup. but also be supportive of the egyptian people. in the streets of cairo overnight, celebrations of independence. thousands of protesters, cheering the ouster of egypt's first democratically-elected president, mohamed morsi, one year after he took office in a revolution. >> this time, it's our revolution. and it's going to remain with us. and it's going to remain in the streets until we get all our demands. >> reporter: it was the second revolution that played out with breathtaking speed, as the world watched on split-screen on live tv. as tens of thousands rallied against morsi in tahrir square, egypt's military chief announced that morsi was out, put under house arrest. a top constitutional judge will lead the country until new elections are held. as fireworks erupted over tahrir square, morsi supporters were defiant, calling it a military coup and vowing to fight. whoever planned this wants to spill the blood of the egyptian
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people, morsi said in an online video. >> this coup is opposed violently by some factions, particularly, perhaps the muslim brotherhood. and that could lead egypt down the road of civil violence, which would be terrible. >> reporter: at the white house, president obama is closely monitoring the situation. but not taking sides. egypt is one of america's closest allies in the middle east, receiving $1.6 billion in aid every year, second only to israel. now, president obama says that aid is now under review. and that he's deeply concerned about the situation in egypt. john and tai? >> review is an interesting word there. any chance they could cut that aid off? >> reporter: federal law says that any u.s. aid to a foreign country must be cut off if its leader is deposed in a military coup. but it's not automatic. it depends on, we understand, an analysis of facts on the ground. and in this case, because egypt's new temporary president
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is a judge, not a general, for example, that aid may continue. but we're hearing all options are on the table. john and tai? >> abc's devin dwyer in washington. thank you for that. >> stay with abc news for the latest on the crisis in egypt. we'll be tracking developments around the clock. and we'll bring you the very latest on-air and online. all right. back at home, americans celebrating independence day from coast-to-coast. most of the celebrations will take place under some beefed-up security. >> that's especially true in boston, where the city is still reeling from the deadly marmin bombings in april. the accused bombers had originally chosen july 4th as their date to strike. so, police say they're not taking any chances. and some scary moments aboard a u.s. airways flight from boston to charlotte after a passenger described as drunk and disorderly, claimed he had a bomb in his carry-on luggage. the plane landed safely in charlotte. the passengers had to sit on the tarmac for hours while bomb-sniffing dogs searched them and their luggage. they found no bombs. and that man was taken away in handcuffs. two american teenagers are believed to be among nine people rescued off the coast of honduras.
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they were lost at sea, after setting out on a 28-foot charter boat on saturday. they were found yesterday drifting 50 miles from their destination. the u.s. helicopter crew airlifted them to safety. they're said to be dehydrated and sunburned, but otherwise okay. as nelson mandela remains in critical condition, a feud among his family members is playing out in court. a judge has ruled that mandela's grandson must return the bodies of the three deceased children to their original burial site. the grandson moved the bodies as part of his plan to create a mandela shrine, hotel and football stadium. prosecutors tried to chip away at george zimmerman's credibility by calling his former professor to the stand. alexis carter testified that the stand your ground law was taught in class and zimmerman got an "a." but zimmerman told fox news he had never heard of the law before his shooting. zimmerman also claimed trayvon martin grabbed his gun. but a crime lab analyst testified martin's dna was not
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found on the gun. a tip from a friend of former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez has led investigators to a so-called flophouse. court documents say the search of a franklin, massachusetts, apartment that was leased by hernandez, has turned up key evidence, ammunition, and clothing he was seen wearing on video the night his friend was shot dead. hernandez is charged with that murder. major progress on that arizona fire that killed 19 firefighters. it's now 45% contained. it was an emotional moment as hundreds of firefighters and police paused to salute the empty vehicles of those fallen hot shots. the bodies are being returned from phoenix on sunday. memorial services are planned tuesday. time, now, for the july 4th weather from across the nation. still hot in the southwest. but a few thunderstorms around new mexico, arizona and colorado. mostly dry in the midwest and plains. gusty winds and heavy downpours along the gulf coast. pop-up showers and thunderstorms from western p.a. to upstate new york. >> mostly 80s in the eastern half of the country. warming up to 90s across the south. triple digits in sacramento and
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phoenix. you may not know his name. but you likely used his invention. this morning, a look back at the man who started it all with the first click. and summer camp tragedy. a counselor is killed in a freak accident when a tree came crashing down around a campfire. >> she loved life. she loved nature. she loved people. >> this morning, we're hearing from the victim's mother. plus, a tech-savvy woman turns the tables. how she brilliantly used her cell phone to track down the person accused of robbing her.
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this morning, an environmental group is sounding an alarm about pepsi products. the center for environmental health, says in many states, pepsi soda contains high levels of cancer-causing caramel coloring. coca-cola has done away with it. pepsi says it will eliminate it fully by next february. halfway through the year, pickup trucks are dominating new vehicle sales. the ford f-series, and chevy silverado top that list. along with the camry and accord in the number four and five spot. the compact car sales surged 73%. on this independence day, the patriotic smartphone. motorola has its first made in america phone. it will be fully customizable, allowing buyers to choose the color, and even create personalized wallpaper. you may not know his name, but huh use one of his
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inventions on a daily basis. he created the computer mouse. and was credited for playing the groundwork for the modern computer. he died this week at the age of 88. this fourth of july, can you guess the most patriotic brand name. according to a branding firm, it's jeep. the jeep brand topped 200 brands, followed by hershey's, coca-cola, levi strauss, and our parent company, disney. fish oil has been known to help with heart disease. incredible sight. swallowed up by a sinkhole. how does the driver get out of this one? how does the driver get out of this one? we'll tell you. about tryi adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for over ten years.
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let's take a look at the morning road conditions. slick at times in the interior northeast and great lakes. flooded roads across florida. a slick ride across the gulf coast. thunderstorms from new mexico to southern colorado. if you're flying on this july 4th, couple of airport delays to look out for, in atlanta and new orleans. back to the news, now. a california college student has died after getting hit by a giant oak tree near yosemite. annais rittenberg was a counselor. >> i was on the phone. is she all right? no, she isn't. and i said, is she dead? and he said, yes. and then, i lost it. >> four other adults were treated at hospitals after that tree fell while the children were eating breakfast. the tree took down power lines near the campfire area and the dining hall. it did not damage any buildings.
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an ohio woman managed to survive after her car was swallowed by a sinkhole. pamela knox was driving down a toledo street. she suddenly found herself inside a 10-foot-deep hole. she managed to climb out with the help of a ladder. they pulled her car out with a crane. she appeared okay but was checked out at the hospital. california lawmakers have approved a bill that would require public schools to allow transgender students to choose which restrooms they use. it would give transgender students the right to choose their restrooms, and teams, based on identity than chromosomes. a higher intake of fish oil would lead to a reduction of breast cancer risk later in life. nutritionists recommend one or two servings a week of oily fish, like tuna, salmon or sardines. james gandolfini's 13-year-old son is getting the
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lion's share of his estate. he will also give a fortune of chunk to that 8-year-old daughter. the rest of the estate will be divided up among the actor's wife and sisters. what started out as an engagement photo session in a philadelphia park, turned into a life-saving rescue, as this couple had the perfect pose, a little boy stepped off the rocks and into the water. the fully-clothed bride-to-be, dove into the water to get him out. the bride-to-be, her fiancee and the photographer are emts. after a car and cell phone were taken at gun point, she logged into her account. she dialed one of them, learned the suspect's whereabouts and turned things over to police. >> the cops followed the car, pulled him over.
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and they just took off. they made a u-turn with my car. they came back this way, down the street from the gas station. and when they made that turn, i guess it was too sharp, where they hit a hole. and they totaled my car. >> the good news, the suspects are in custody. the bad news, she's facing a hefty repair bill. a new coach in the league, just 36. >> he's stan. i'm neil. we're working the "sportscenter" desk in los angeles. >> and the boston celtics have found their new coach. brad stevens leaving butler for boston. the celtics got rid of their aging stars to lead their youth movement. steven, only 36. now, the nba's youngest coach. got a lot done in butler. led the bulldogs to back-to-back championship games in 2010 and 2011. six-year deal for him, worth $22 million. that's mat scherzer, if you don't have his baseball card. he has 6 ks in all 16 starts this season.
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and take a whiff. he had it going. jose reyes, adam lind. lind again. adam davis there. he's 13-0. the tigers win, 6-2. stan? >> thank you, neil. dodgers and rockies. pick it up bottom five. dodgers up 6-4. roland at the plate. you may have heard of yasiel puig. look at that. what a catch. hit that wall. that looked uncomfortable. he later left the game with a bruised leg. top nine, dodgers up 8-7. handley ramirez went four for five. dodgers win it 10-8. >> the guy's unbelievable. >> me? >> fun to watch. yeah, you. >> i thought you were talking about yasiel puig there for a minute. >> good luck with that celtics game. now, to a school sporting event where one parent had an unfair advantage, making it our "play of the day." >> david beckham left the other
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dads in the dust on sports day at his son's school in london. that's not fair. the second-place dad with plenty of determination. check him out. he is going for it. he was no match for beckham. in the mom category, victoria lost out to stella mccartney. keri washington is now a missus. >> the star of "scandal" marry d ed v. the wedding was attended by the closest friends and family. up next, in "the pulse," we'll talk about strange food at state fairs. that's nothing new. but you won't believe what's being served at one of them in minnesota. and a fourth of july tradition so popular, the town had to set a rule about how long roadside seats can be reserved. [ female announcer ] it's simple physics...
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or stomach and intestine problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. don't take celebrex if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. ♪ born in the usa i was born in the usa ♪ all right. time to check "the pulse," stories you will be talking about as you celebrate the
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fourth of july, starting w the art of getting a front row seat at one of the best parades around. >> people in annenburg, pennsylvania, spent the last few days to pick out spots for the festivities. they are lining up chairs to hold their places. >> the chairs started popping up as early as two weeks before the parade. this year, a 48-hour rule went into effect. >> and they're getting ready for another kind of fourth of july tradition on new york's coney island. it is the annual hot dog eating contest. joey chestnut is looking for a seventh win. >> he is trying to break his record of downing 68 dogs in 10 minutes. wow. on the lady's side, sonia chung, going for her third championship. last year, she ate 45 hot dogs, a new ladies' record. >> i've seen her. she weighs about 100 pounds. >> the black widow. >> don't mess with her. in minnesota, the state fair is offering a preview of this
4:24 am
year's menu. among the heart-stopping items you might find on it, candied bacon cannoli. tried meat loaf. and cocoa puff breaded cheese nuggets. the fair boasts the largest attendance of any state fair in the entire united states. >> i'm looking for the fried oreos. >> you have to go for the really crazy stuff. i'll try anything once. at least a couple of bites. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, just in time for the holiday, a national landmark is set to reopen. i'm here at my house on thanksgiving day,
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>> kgo news. >> happy fourth of july. i am katie marzullo. >> happy fourth of july. >> thanks for joining us. the bart strike continues on this holiday. the latest negotiations went on break at 11:00 last night. our news reporter is at lake merritt in oakland. when will the talks resume? was there progress? the progress -- they are still meeting. that is good news. the strike continues. we might see them out here for a while. the bart general manager says in a new interview request the "san francisco chronicle" she things they will take some time with the negotiations. negotiators were busy spending the afternoon and night at the
4:29 am
tail and scheduled to talk at 11:00 this morning although it is the fourth of july. they not say how the knows are going, no specifics are released. the workers say they are being kept in the dark. >> we don't know what is going on but we are supporting and staying together. in an interview with the "san francisco chronicle", the general manager for bart says customers, we are sorry. it is a devastation if those who do not have a car. workers say they do not know what is happening in the room at the table they are saying they are positive and looking at this as a positive that both sides of talking. they are hopeful there will be a resolution soon.
4:30 am
>> we will check with the traffic with leyla gulen. >> happy fourth of july. we have a car fire in santa rosa if you are traveling along eastbound 12. that is where we do have it. the freeways in the area are cheer. there is a little volume build ing southbound on 101 on 12. this is a crash northbound 280 with lanes blocked but not slowing anything down. we have construction eastbound 580 at western drive and cones will be picked up between 5:00 and 6:00 this morning. all in all a pretty quiet start. >> we have footage we shot overnight and those are lightning strikes. we saw lightning over the pacific ocean. the lightning will move to the neither corner of


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