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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 4, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ahead what negotiators revealed to abc7 news following another late-nightmare no one session at the bargaining table. >> look at the bay bridge toll plaza. something we have not seen in days. a morning commute that is not back up for miles. everyone is slowing right to the toll gates all because of the fourth of july holiday. >> that looks good. fireworks are still on for san francisco's waterfront despite the strike, ahead, the help that transit is helping for those coming into the city. >> good morning, everyone, at 6:00 a.m. >> happy fourth of july. >> you were talking about the lightning strikes and weapon talking about that with the weather conditions we have to watch out and check with leyla gulen for mike this morning with weather and traffic. >> thanks, ladies, we are going to experience a bit of an early fourth of july celebration, certainly santa rosa and sonoma county did, with the thunder and
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lightning strikes that occurred to our north. they moved inland with live doppler 7 hd picking up quite a bit of fog. so this is heavy fog at this time and that is starting to burn off this afternoon. for the next 12 hours we will experience a cooler start, 70 inland and 68 at the bay and 58 at the coast. the temperatures will climb by 4:00 p.m., 104 degrees is the average high inland and 90 around the bay. only 70 at the coast with a dip by 7:00 p.m. the hot temperatures should cool off by tomorrow. right now as we look at our roads, we have slower conditions and not over the amount pass with top speed from tracy to dublin.
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on highway there is a tap on the brakes to concord. bart is not serving because they are still striking but a.c. transit is on a holiday schedule with muni and adding a few extra buses to benefit up the service. i can show you the maze or the golden gate bridge or bay bridge, there is the maze over to 580 without a hitch. >> day four of the bart strike and negotiations will resume at 11:00 and amy hollyfield will continue. in a new interview with the "san francisco chronicle", bart
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general manager says negotiations could take time. and the general manager talked of her workers saying and i quote, "i have great employees and they are doing a great job and they care about the extraing public. at the same time, i think it hadn't sunk in with them that the bay area has suffered considerably over this period of time." we asked the strike captain about her comments we are out as lock as it takes. she is going home to sleep at might and we are out here as long as it takes. that is the difference between us and her. workers do not know how the negotiations are going they are not briefed. they are glad to see both sides are talking. they were at the table all afternoon into the night and meeting again today at 11:00. the board of directors has called for a closed session meeting that also is going to take place this morning and workers will hold a rally at the lake merritt station at at 11:00
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so it will be a busy morning in oakland. >> bart is offering bus shuttles to san francisco this morning we have coverage from walnut creek. >> the shuttles just arrived at bart. if you are headed to san francisco tonight for the big fireworks show, do not plan on taking one of the shuttles. he -- they will not be available. there is limited service. we saw a dozen people lined up at the walnut creek bart station in need of a ride. today, bart will provide three buses to san francisco starting at 6:00 a.m. and each bus has 50-person capacity and it could go early if they are filled before 11 a.m. and chatter buses pick up at five bart stations, el cerrito, walnut creek, west oakland, dublin/pleasanton and
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fremont. in the afternoon, buses depart the terminal in san francisco starting at 4:00 p.m. going back to the five east bay stations. riders say it is a holiday but they still need to work. this hassle is because it is not so much of a schedule, it is hard to find when the buses are coming to pick you up, they do not -- they do a good job but there is no promised schedule. there are shuttle buses available but everyone admits any are missing riding bart. because of the bart strike transit is adding extra service to help the riders get across the bay for fourth of july fest its in san francisco. they are increasing the typical holiday service adding 11 extra buses for twice the frequency all day long.
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the line from oakland to the transbay terminal in san francisco and the line from berkeley to the transbay terminal will have four extra buses and the two lines run every 15 minutes rather than 30 minutes. in san francisco, muni is starting holiday service over the holiday weekend including america's cup. some people will skip a trip to the city and celebrate closer to home. but, still, 200,000 are expected if san francisco for the fireworks show. ferries are a popular alternative because there is limited service. commutes lined up to board ferries to the east bay with lines stretch down the embarcardero. here is a look at routes available for commuters, alameda main street to san francisco,
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oakland to san francisco, and vallejo to san francisco. ferry officials estimate that ridership has tripled since the bart strike began on monday. stay with abc7 news for complete coverage with the latest developments on with the latest on negotiations, up-to-the-minute traffic maps and commute options. you can download our exclusive abc7 news waze app to navigate the freeway and follow us on twitter@abcnewsbayarea for instant updates. >> as we have been telling you, lightning strikes off 9 pacific ocean created quite a show show and this happened last night, creating concern of the potential if wildfires especially with i being so dry and so hot. 9 lightning along with the conditions are a dangerous combination. in a moment we will check with leyla gulen on live doppler 7 hd to find out if more lightning is expected today and where you might find it. with the high temperatures this
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week, remainder that fireworks are banned in many bay area cities. you can still cap fire works everyone at the bay and the fireworks show in san francisco at bi39 is still on despite the bart strike and shows at san jose stadium and in oakland at jack london square. >> last thing you want is people with illegal fireworks to start fires. >> absolutely. we have dry conditions. the high temperatures today will end. it will cool off but fourth of july came early for folks around santa rosa and sonoma county because of thunderstorms that moved through 50 of the pacific and making their way eastbound. right now, there is going to be a couple of areas of low pressure bringing the temperatures down by 10- to 15-degrees by tomorrow. we also will expect possible
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showers on mohammed or tuesday. from our camera toward the bay bridge, the subhas -- sun has risen and we have clear skies over the bay area. 61 now in san francisco and oakland. 66 in mountain view and sitting in santa cruz. from our emeryville camera you can see the temperatures are dipping tomorrow, saturday, and sunday. now to traffic. we can see the traffic is moving along pretty well but we are looking at sun slowing on the san mateo bridge and the drive long 580 coming into castro valley. as we head over to 880, where we have an accident involving a taxicab, that is south of 84, and probably blocking one lane but so far it is not causing
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delays. right now the san mateo shows how this is hazy sky but certainly traffic is empty on the road from hayward to foster. thank you. 6:10. >> the wildfires in arizona that left 19 dead is continuing. there is a new honor for the fallen hotshot crew. >> egypt is celebrating their own revolution on this fourth of july with constitutional uncertainty facing the country.
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>> covering correct, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on this fourth of july. it is 6:13. we have a gorgeous picture looking at bay with the sun rising over the clouds in the
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east bay hills. it is going to be beautiful. also, a hot one. leyla gulen? >> berkeley police are looking out for a man who impersonated a campus safety escort, walked a student home and propositioned her. this is a police sketch of the suspect described as 6' tall and 200 pounds with long blond braided hair. we have photos from the website of the uniforms official campus escorts wear. they are yellow or blue with a university-issued i.d. badge with a link to the photos at >> the wildfire that killed 19 firefighters in arizona is now 45 percent contained and has damaged or destroyed more than 100 homes and buildings and nearly 600 firefighters are tackling the blaze that burned 13 square miles. they came off the line yesterday
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to salute a procession of vehicles left by the 19 hothot crew members killed on sunday the. >> egypt has a new leader after the military everthrew the democratically elected president^. there are new fears of what ahead for the country including a possible civil war. president obama said that he is deeply concern about the situation in egypt and is calling on the military there to hold new elections as soon as possible. >> in cairo, celebrations of independence with thousands of protesters cheering thous step of the first dly elected president, morsi, a year after he took office in a revolution. it was the second revolution that played out with breathtaking speed as the world watched in split screen on tv as
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tens of thousands rallied against morsi in tahrir square. the military chief announced morsi was out. now he is under house arrest. a top constitutional judge was sworn in this morning to lead the country until they have new elections. some egyptians celebrate, morsi supporters are diants calling it a military coup and vowing to fight. >> whoever landed this wants to spill the blood of the egyptian people morsi said. >> this coup is opposed violently by some factions particularly the muslim brotherhood which could lead justice department down the road of civil violence that would be terrible. >> the white house and president obama is closely monitoring the situation but not taking sireds. egypt is the closest criminally in the middle east receiving $.6 billion in aid each year second only to israel.
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>> under federal law aid must be cut off to any country whose leader is deposed by a military coup but it is not automatic. rebound could decide to keep the aid flowing because a judge, not a general, is now in charge in egypt. >> we waking up to a gorgeous fourth of july. leyla gulen? >> we are. we saw the sunrise. it was beautiful it will be a hot day the as we look at our live doppler 7 hd we are starting off on a cooler note. we had early authorities. they are being pushed to the northeast. we had an early fireworks show in santa rosa and sonoma with high clouds over the bay area. right now from our mount tamalpais camera, what a gorgeous sight. a beautiful sight.
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it is going to burn off later this afternoon bringing high temperatures. in the south bay, 99 degrees in morgan hill and 92 in san jose, and 79 in santa cruz and 92 in sunnyvale and along the peninsula, 71 at half moon bay so comfortable if not cool, and 87 in san mateo and 91 in redwood city as we continue into san francisco and 78 is the high downtown in the north bay and 104 degrees in cloverdale and triple digits and 95 in sonoma with sunny skies and hot temperatures and the east bay has cooler condition and 82 in berkeley and oakland is 83 and 90 degrees and inland in the triple digits so 102 in pittsburg and 104 in antioch. we have a day game and a's take on the cubs at first pitch at 1:05 with first pitch. our lows are going to be in the
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upper 50's to the lower to mid 60's and that fog will come in so if you are headed over to san francisco along the waterfront to watch the fireworks, your visibility could be hampered. the seven-day outlook shows hot today, cooler tomorrow, saturday will have temperatures ramping up again by the beginning of next week. in traffic we have a stalled taxi. this is in hayward along 880 northbound at 238. it is blocking one lane and c.h.p. is on the way to try to get that pushed over to the shoulder. we do not have any delays as yet. as we head in the south bay through san jose all the roadways are at top speed at 280, 101, everything is looking clear and 85 from 101 to cupertino we do not have problems. mass transit showing egg on a local day schedule with no bart in service. a few extra buses are added to
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act tran it and muni. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. you will need your sunglasses eastbound. traffic is moving smoothly. from emeryville into san francisco it is smooth. >> thank you, leyla gulen, at 6 :20. the steps city college is taking after finding out they are losing accreditation and what it means for students. >> first, "7 on your side" and consumers reports are on a taste test for bison
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>> welcome back, everyone, on thursday morning the fourth of july. there is the macarthur maze in oakland. it is wide open. a sight for sore eyes if commuters. hopefully most people do not have to commute today just enjoying a day off at 83 togethers in oakland and 67 right now. warm, warm, warm. get ready. this fourth of july weather is normal. >> when i mentioned hotdog you were salivating. now we will talk burgers. grills will be busy. if you are looking for something beyond beef or turkey, consider bison burger. "consumer reports" and "7 on your side" looking for a burger. >> looking for a healthy burger choice. you may want to try a bison burger with sales topping $240 million as more discover this
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statey -- tasty alternative. >> bison burgers began to be offered three years ago and now they sell 300 a week. >> it has taken off quickly. >> bison can be expensive, sometimes twice as much as beef. but nutritionally it is a solid choice. according to the usda grass fed 3 ounce patty has 152 calories and senator grandmothers of fat less than broiled 90 percent lean beef burger which averages 184 calories and ten grams of fat and less than a broiled 93 percent lean turkey burger which averages 176 calories and ten grandmothers of -- grams of fat. >> the tasters thought it was lean beef physical -- until they tasted it side-by-side.
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>> most bison is 90 percent lean which is great if fat is a concern. for some that can make it too dry. to get a juicy wise -- bison burger add onions or mushrooms half a cup for each pound of ground meat. >> by mixing in the vegetables you get a more moist burger and the meat will go further and reduce the cost. >> this summer, bison can offer a tasty option you may just "flip" for. >> another tasty way to keep the bison burger moist is to add in sorecraut or a special rub. >> an accident in the sierra
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kills a scamp course lore from kills a camp counselor from the bay area. >> the bart strike continues. we will find out what the general manager said about how long it could last. >> another day of hot temperatures. our day planner shows a cooler start but we will have excessive heat warning in affects until 8:00 p.m. tonight for the inland valleys. the full continue day forecast is a
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> fourth of july, america the beautiful. how about bay bridge the beautiful? this is the toll plaza. look how light the traffic is because of the holiday. not the huge backup we have seen in the past three days as we interday four of the bart strike. >> if you looked closely you could see smile on the faces of the drivers. i am katie marzullo here for eric thomas this morning. traffic looks good. leyla gulen has weather. >> thank you. what a difference a holiday
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makes. as we look at our live doppler 7 hd radar satellite we can see how the thunderstorms to the north have been continuously moving to the northeast. we are starting to see dry conditions that brought in the drizzle and a beautiful light show. as you look from the mount tamalpais camera, look at that breath taking view, the sunshine rays are showing through the clouds and it is a gorgeous start to what will be the hot day. it will be the last of the triple digit days because of the areas of low pressure off the coast bringing in the marine layer of cooler air. behind it we will have another area of low pressure that could bring potential showers monday or tuesday. as we lock right now this is from our roof camera the bay bridge and higher clouds and current temperatures are 61 in san francisco and oakland is at 66 and 68 in mountain view and
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60 along the coast and santa cruz. a comfortable start but it will ramp up. the full seven-day forecast is ahead. now the roads and track. i am seeing yellow popping up on the san mateo but it is moving fine right now. maybe just a few extra cars on the roads. mostly, everything is green. that means folks are staying home for the holiday. that is music to everyone's ears. we have one construction project that could slow things down for bridge work northbound one and northbound 101 with a few cars moving on-and-off the president reagan bridge headed to and from sausalito. mass transit, everything is running on time at the moment, however, we are going to run on the holiday schedule. the only two transit agencies that are adding buses are muni and a.c. transit to help out with the bart strike to get folks into san francisco and from the east by.
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i will have more on that if a little bit. kristen and katie? >> day four of bart strike and negotiations are paused this morning after a late-nightmare no one session that ended just after 11:00 p.m. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has more on the limited bus service available. >> but, first, amy hollyfield is in oakland. >> look behind me you can see the strike is still going on, a holiday but the picket lynn is active this morning and the bart general manage says in a new interview to the "san francisco chronicle" the negotiations are going to take some time. negotiators were busy yesterday spending the afternoon and the night at the table and they are scheduled to talk at 11:00 this morning although it is the fourth of july. they will not say how the negotiations are going with in specifics but the workers say they think it looks positive.
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>> they are working on it and they have not walked out on it, really, so we are hopeful they will get something going tomorrow or the next day or some time in the near future. >> the bart general manager is speaking out about the strike and tells the san francisco chronicle "my bork -- workers thought they would make up for the last negotiation not thinking about the last four years and that we need to look forward." she also is mindful when she offering something, the riders and the taxpayers are paying for it. negotiators go back to the take at 11:00 this morning. >> thank you, amy hollyfield, and now we continue with cornell in walnut creek. >> all aboard for san francisco shuttle buses that arrived at the walnut creek bart station. if you are headed to san francisco for the fireworks, do
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not plan on taking a bart shuttle. they will not be available. there is limited service this morning for the folks who still need to get to work. we counted 25 people lined up at the walnut creek bart station this morning. today, bart will bring three buses from east bay stations starting at 6:00 a.m. if they are filled before 8:00 a.m. they will leave early. charter buses pick up at five bart station: el cerrito, walnut creek, west oakland, dublin/pleasanton and fremont. in the afternoon three buts depart starting at 4:00 p.m. and back to the five east bay stations. we talks to a man catching a flight this morning from san francisco international airport. >> i believe in plan "b" and plan "a" doesn't work we should have plan "b" but i grew up
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knowing to have b.r.c. >> 6:00 a.m. shuttle is taught convenient with his flight much later this morning and he said he has no choice because the bart strike is on. >> stay with abc7 news for complete coverage of bart strike with the latest developments on we have the latest on negotiations, up-to-the-minute traffic maps commute options and you can download the exclusive waze app to help navigate the freeways. follow us on twitter@abcnewsbayarea for instant updates. >> fours with city college will appeal a decision to take arm the accreditation. angry students protests yesterday afternoon when they learned of the decision. the commission says the college has failed to address problems
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that were identified last year. pending appeal the accrued dangerous will end next july. the administration says classes will continue next year. a freak accident -- stated the family and friends of an east bay woman. annais rittenberg was killed when a tree fell where she worked at camp tawonga as a counselor outside of yosemite national park. four other staff members were injured when the tree fell. no campers were hurt. they were inside eating breakfast when it happened. her mother is trying to make sense of her daughter's death. >> this is the most terrible tragedy. she was a life sentence. why didn't the damn tree fall open saturday when no one was going to be at the camp? >> the tree may have fallen because it was weak from disease. >> 200,000 people are expected to crowd the san francisco water
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s front for spectacular fireworks show. we will show you the preparations. >> first, the opening ceremony today for the america's cup and the dispute threatening the entire race. >> check out the bay bridge. clear color
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>> as we look right now we do have a ridge of high pressure that is still sitting over us right now. that is going to be replaced by an area of low pressure bringing in cooler temperatures. today is the last day with imposive eat. remain very hydrated and use lots of sunscreen. the ridge will bring us showers over monday and tuesday.
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here is a look at the golden gate bridge. we have lots of fog to start off. that will be the story for today. a cooler start and it will start to. what up significantly. we have moderate levels of tree and ragweed and ozone and u.v. index is extreme. from the sutro tower, it is a gorgeous view with the sunshine coming through the clouds and the low cloud layer and fog are rolling in over san francisco. the next few days, tomorrow, we see a drop in temperatures by 10 or 15 degrees inland and five degrees by the coast and saturday and sunday we have seasonal conditions. in traffic right now, we have a stalled taxi which is in the east bay through hair along -- hayward at eastbound 238, still blocking one lane so c.h.p. needs to make their way out there but because it is a holiday it is light as we like to say and the drive time traffic across the richmond san
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rafael bridge is looking pretty good. kristen and katie? >> leyla gulen, the opening ceremony for the america's cup will be held this afternoon at the america's cup pavilion on the waterfront of san francisco but the start of the quest for the oldest trophy in international sport is in question. an international jury will meet monday to decide whether to uphold the safety recommendations made by the director that require larger heavy wings on the rudders of the boats after a sailor was killed. team new zealand and prada team are protesting the changes. >> fireworks will spark across both sides of the bay tonight. it will be so exciting. we will run down the major bay area shows. >> we are a few hours away from a fourth of july tradition with the bay area's j
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>> covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, happy fourth of july. it is 6:44. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, scarcely a car. you can see the smiles on the faces of the driver, almost, as they enjoy the first easy
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commute this week since bart went on strike on monday. >> not having bart could be a problem tonight for the 200,000 people expected to crowd the san francisco waterfront to get there for tonight's fireworks show. you are looking at the mortars and shells that will be used to launch the fireworks display taking more than a month to prepare and will be over in 23 minutes. it begins tone at -- tonight at 9:30. in richmond, you could see the fireworks last night part of the independence eve celebration. >> i heard something. the other bay area locations where you can catch fireworks: alameda county fair groups and berkeley marina in concord at the park, and livermore, and pleasanton hill at college park high with a list of fourth of july at abc7 news
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from fire works to parades thousands will turn out for the rose, white and blue parade put on by the alameda business association giving people a chance to show their patriotic spirit. >> on this fourth of july the most serious hotdog eating will begin this morning well before you fire up the drill at 9:00 this morning, the nation's hotdog eating contest, or the nathan's hotdog eating contest is underway with competitors weighing in. at 210 pounds is san jose native joey chestnut holding the record downing 68 hotdogs and buns. for the women, 100-pound sonia, the black widow, with a record of 45menting dos and buns. >> how confident are you to win seven in a row? >> confident in my ability.
6:47 am
i do well i should be able to blow away the competition. just finding my rhythm early. >> that is a well trained athlete. the former champ from japan will skip and compete in a rival contest. >> it sounds good until you see they wolf down the hotdogs. >> and the statue of liberty is opening for the first time since super storm sandy. the first boats left for the island from new york and new jersey at 5:30 this morning and a large crowd is expected for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and financial officials will be there. some repairs to the walkways are underway but much of work is complete. >> wall street is closed today because of the fourth of july but this is other business news. >> more americans will be celebrating america's birthday as the economy ticks up.
6:48 am
here is the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. with the economy involving, more americans are feeling patriotic or at least in a partying mood. 164 million americans land to celebrate in some way whether it is seeing the bombs bursting in air or a backyard cookout or a parade. the record in the category, two thirds surveyed say the cost of fast will not impact the fourth of july spending. gas prices are down from a week ago. you will not have to break the bank to feed a party of ten. rices have risen the past year, the american farm bureau found the average cost for summer picnic for ten is $57. a menu including hotdogs, lemonade and potato salad is less than $6 a person. >> guests at marathon -- guests
6:49 am
at marriott now have a swipe check in and this is as the hotels try to keep up with the competition. now a check of weather and traffic. mike nicco is off but no worries , leyla gulen brought the heat and sunshine. >> as did you, ladies. live doppler 7 hd shows radar satellite with early thunderstorms moving across the coastline and inland and they have been continually passing to the northeast of us but we still are left with plenty of fog and low clouds rolling in and we will look at it from our mount tamalpais camera, you can see a beautiful layer of low clouds blanketing the hillsides and mountains moving inland and that will bring cooler temperatures for the morning but that is
6:50 am
going to change today. here is what the clouds and fog will do the next couple of days and we will see a couple of areas of scattered showers the next couple of days and possibly monday and tuesday, as well. we have excessive heat warnings inland with hot temperatures. in the south bay we are at 79 in santa cruz, and comfortable there and a great day to head to the beach and moot -- 92 in milpitas and 70 degrees in pacifica. much cooler there. in san francisco, 78 degrees and sunshine. with some clouds. 80 degrees in sausalito. we are climbing up 101, 90 this petaluma. 104 in cloverdale. very high temperatures, drip people digits in many areas. 80 in richmond and 83 in oakland as we move inland and 90 in castro valley. 105 degrees in brentwood with excessive heat wanting.
6:51 am
use the sunscreen but try to stay indoors. we have a game today, the a's or taking on the cubs and it will be a day game to high u.v. index and 78 degrees to get us going and to get your hair cut, you can do it of with the 7th inning. we have fog rolling in impeding the visibility for the fireworks happening in san francisco. just a word to the wise, very comfortable temperatures in the upper 50's to lower 60's for the bay area and here is the seven-day forecast, cool tomorrow and it will continue to cool down on saturday before temperatures start to head right back up again on sunday, monday, and tuesday. >> the roads show a pretty good trip making your drive anywhere in the bay area, and we do have an accident, though, just reported northbound 87 and that
6:52 am
is blocking one lane but right now we seeing green conditions so no slowing with a stalled car eastbound 80 on the lower deck of the bay bridge at treasure island with top speeds in both directions. our mass transit running on time but on a holiday schedule with a.c. transit and muni adding extra buses. caltran will add extra trains from san francisco after the fireworks. kristen? >> we have the top story on day four of the bart
6:53 am
>> we will continue team coverage on the bart strike with amy hollyfield in oakland. amyst. >> good morning, casey, this is a holiday but it is going to be a busy day for the strike here for the bart strike. there is a rally scheduled for workers at the lake merritt station at 11:00 this morning and that is when both sides and
6:54 am
the mediators are scheduled to go back to the table. the bart board of directors has called a special meeting today behind closed doors also at 11:00. bart general manager is speaking out about the strike and tells san francisco chronicle it is probably not going to get re1068ed this week. she says it is going to take some time. so, how do you move around during all of this without the trains? abc7 news cover is covering that from walnut creek. cornell? >> yes. at the walnut creek bart station if you are headed to san francisco tonight for the big fireworks show, do not map on taking one of the shuttle buses because they will not be available but there is limited service this morning for pokes who still need to get to work. a lot people are shrined up right now and today bart will provide three buses from east bay stations to san francisco until 8:00 a.m. and they will pick up at five bart stations walnut creek, el cerrito, west oakland, dublin/pleasanton and
6:55 am
fremont. the afternoon come at 4:00 p.m. from san francisco back to the five east bay stations and the lat h last bus heads out at 6:00 p.m. tonight. cornell, thank now that. >> the holiday traffic and leyla gulen and we want to know more about the hair cut at the a's game. >> it celebrates america's armed forces, you donate $10 best 7th inning and it is if free democrat alliance, so a fun way to honor our armed forces. as we take a look right now a beautiful shot from the bay bridge toll plaza, with few cars from the east bay to san francisco just how we like it after the week we have had. as far as weather is concerned, we will be seeing pretty warm conditions today and we starting off on the cooler side but patchy clouds and fog return
6:56 am
tonight and that could hamper your visibility of our fireworks display in san francisco. the low clouds are hovering over san francisco bringing cooler conditions and in certain areas we will see a drop of temperatures but higher in san francisco at 78 degrees and five-degree increase since yesterday. it will be nice but excessive heat warnings for inland folks so you want to stay in the air conditioning and stay covered. >> fired up the grill but not at the peak hours. >> we continue on-line and open twitter and facebook and the mobile devices with the new abc7 news app. >> back in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" leaving you with another picture of the maze with little picture on this fourth of july weekend. happy independence
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good morning, america. chaos in cairo. hundreds of thousands of people jamming the streets after egypt's president is ousted by the military. he vows revenge. as a new spt sworn in this morning. rescued. breaking, new details on nine people saved at sea, missing for four days. no food. no water. no gas. and slammed by storms, praying their boat wouldn't be flipped. how they were found. a hole opened up and it -- it is in the hole. it sunk in. >> sinkhole shocker. the earth opens up in the middle of a busy intersection in the midwest. a driver swallowed up. water rushes into her car. frightened witnesses trying to reach her.


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