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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 4, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a new round of associations is underway right now in oakland on the fourth day of the bart strike. without the trains many will be scrambling to get to the fourth of july fireworks show. >> they are still talking, some striking bart employees say it is a good sign showing progress is being made at bargaining table. abc7 news amy hollyfield has latest. >> negotiators just walked into this building and are getting started. we saw members of both teams going in just moments ago.
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>> we working hard to get it done. both sides. they not allowed to tell us specifics of what goes on inside the room. the mediators say they will not allow it and they are under a gag order. one member of the union group said he is tired. he said year was a long day and in a moment of candidness stopped and talked to us. tired, frustrateed. that is the way to put it, frustrating. pretty frustrating. i have never seen it happen like this before and i have been with the district 23 hours. we have a couple of guys on the time, 26 years, 30 years and this is amazing.
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>> look at woman who walks up behind him. she makes a face at me and we both exchange a look realizing he is talking and should not be and she reminds hip they are under a gag order, pulls him away from the cameras and talks to him about what they are allowed to say and not say. he did say that he is frustrated. he is not getting paid, he is volunteering as a member of the union. they have been at the table for several hours. they are talking through a mediator so he cannot or won't say how things are going but you heard his voice. i asked if it was fair to characterize the voice as sounding tired and frustrated and he said "yes." at the picket line i asked a worker if she was surprised it lasted this long, on day four and she said, yes, she didn't think it would last this long. we are seeing some emotion creeping into this at the negotiating table account picket
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line headed into game four. everyone agrees it is good news that everyone at least is at the table. >> thank you, happening now in oakland, a look at lake merritt bart station where park worries have just start add mid-day rally. workers have been picketing here around the clock. today was no exception although it is a holiday. we talked to a bart worker's action who said being on strike is a job in itself. it is not the same as being on vacation. >> bart shuttle buses are running on limited service today. this morning, a few dozen people lined up at the walnut creek bart station to catch a ride into san francisco. nothing like the huge crowds we have seen in the past few days. we spoke with a commuter who says that bart would have been his first choice but it is always good to have a backup. i believe in a plan "b" when plan "a" doesn't work.
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i grew up knowing to have (b) or (c) plans. bus will run 15 buss from san francisco including for el cerrito, walnut creek, weather oakland, dublin/pleasanton and fremont. buses depart from the terminal in san francisco starting at 4:00 p.m. and will head to the five east bay stations. the last bus leaves at 6:00 tonight. >> with the bart strike on san francisco's muni system will have to pick up the slam as thousands pour into the city for the fourth of july festivities. muni will beef up the schedule for those headed to the fire works. >> we will have 200,000 on the embarcadero if the events we are trying to move people around san francisco to that location and we will have extra sugar lands running from caltrain, well have extra two car trains in the subway in to that location and the e line will run from caltrain into that area is we
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will have extra service for the evens to get to and if the events. >> muni has seen 10 percent to 15 percent increase in riders the past few days because of bart striking. >> the latest developments are on our website at with the latest on negotiations, up-to-the-minute traffic maps and commute options. you can download our exclusive waze app to navigate the freeways. follow us on twitter@abcnews for updates. >> it will be another hot one today. >> shaping up that way, leyla gulen is here for meteorologist mike nicco, with a check on the holiday weather. >> i dressed appropriately. did you feel that bit of humidity in the air? it developed into some isolated showers over san mateo and parts of the east bay. as we hook from our camera, south toward san francisco, we
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still see a bit of the fog and low cloud layer still blanketing much of the region. i will have your seven-day forecast in a little bit with the triple digit numbers coming up inland. >> thank you, laying, the unusual weather could be dampening the fourth of july fest its but it is not dampening the patriotic spirit. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is at the parade in danville where it got unexpectedly wet. >> happy fourth of july. the parade has wrapped up and folks are on way home. people expect to see floats and bands but the rain was a last minute entry and kind of a vice. bagpipes began the salute to the fourth of july with a parade as read, white and blue as they come, the oldest traditions starting 150 years ago.
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before the marching band could play one note, though, a dark cloud foxed over the festivities and there was rain. the morgan family was pretty surprised. >> great. we come every year. a pretty cool small town parade and everyone is nice and excited to be here. it is raining. keeping us cool. >> cool us down on this hot day. >> the rain clouds parted minutes later, despite the weird downpour, the parade carried on. >> wonderful having the over cast sky right now. it is nice. we have done it for years and years. >> in concord, it was about pancakes, the fourth of july traditional breakfast sponsored by the rotary club. it is so popular they can barely flip enough flap jacks to keep up with hungry customers. >> we will go through 800 to a thousand pancakes if a particular and when they are done we have hotdogs because
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this is america. >> today's rain did not last long at all. no pancakes were dampened. now we have nothing but sunshine. and someone standing behind me. we are in danville for abc7 news. >> everyone needs their 15 seconds. thank you for that. with the high temperature this week, a reminder that fireworks are banned in many bay area cities but you can watch the professional fireworks around the bay if san francisco at pier 39 and at jack london square in oakland, and concord at dave brubeck park, and pleasanton hill, at college park high and at richmond at craneway pavilion. there is a complete list on our website at >> spectacular kickoff to the fourth of july celebration in the east bay. you can see the fireworks in
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richmond from across the bay and it was part their independence eve celebration at the craneway pavilion the. >> richmond police will send officers to specific areas of the city tonight so they can respond quickly to people illegally firing guns to celebrate the fourth of july. the city will use the shot spotter audio system to pinpoint the location of any shooting. the audio sensors are calibrated to recognize the difference between gunshots and fireworks. officers say they will arrest anyone caught discharging a firearm in public. >> this morning, the san francisco police department are warning dog owners to be looking out for poisoned meatball after someone left them on the treatment we have a picture of them. police say a dog got really sick and had to go to the vet at eating one of the tainted, cooked meatballs yesterday. the dog owner and neighbors in the twin peaks found more of them in the area of burnett street.
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>> they were uniformly shaped like a mellon scooper thing of ground up meat with pellets in them and a bunch of pellets stuck in uniformly shaped balls of meat. >> the meatballs being tested. >> the opening ceremony for the america's cup will be held this afternoon at america's cup pavilion in san francisco on the waterfront. the startup of the quest for the oldest trophy in international sporting is in question. a jury will meet on monday to decide whether to uphold safety recommendations made by the regatta director. the recommendations would permit the use of larger, heavier wingless on the rudders to increase the stability after the accident that killed a sailor on the bay. new zealand and prada's team are protesting the changes. >> coming up open abc7 news, talk about a wrong turn. here the frantic 9-1-1 call
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after a sinkhole swallows a car.
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>> take a look at this, without any warning a giant sinkhole in toledo, ohio, swallow add car with the driver inside. you can see the car at the bottom the hole and on top of that a pipe broke when the hole opened yesterday and dumped hundreds of gallons of water on the car. frightened wants, unable to
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reach the woman, called 9-1-1. >> my god. my god. is there water filling up in the hole? >> yes, it is filling up. jesus, if you don't hurry --. >> they are coming with lights and sirens. >> they reached the driver and they warned her she had to move quickly because the ground was dangerously unstable. amazingly she was not hurt but went to the hospital as a precaution. >> egypt has a new interim leader this morning. the chief justice of egypt's supreme court was sworn in as the military launched a crackdown on the muslim brotherhood which supported the ousted president. it is quiet today in cairo's tahrir square a stark contrast to the crowds and jubilant celebrations as the military announceed president morsi has been ousted. since sunday, millions of
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egyptians took to the streets in what is believed the biggest roast ever. they demanded that morsi step down. >> today egypt's top judge was sworn in as interim president. the first step in the military road map to a new government. the army suspended the constitution but he declared new laws during the transaction. morsi is under house arrest and several of the top leaders of the muslim brotherhood party have been detained. the greatest concern is that this coup is opposed violently by some factions, particularly the muslim brotherhood and that could lead egypt down the road of civil violence which would be terrible. >> president obama issued a cautious statement saying that the unwas concerned that military removed morsi and he called for a swift transition to a dly elected government. each year the united states gives $1.3 billion in aid to
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egypt. the uncertainty there now puts the obama administration in an awkward position. >> it has been an important partner for the united states for so many years. >> under united states law aid to a country is suspended after a military coup. president obama did not use that phrase to describe what happened in general. >> leyla gulen, ahead with the forecast. it is a hot one. it is a holiday. >> we had summer rain to get us going and taking a look from the sutro tower camera toward the golden gate bridge we still have fog and low clouds rolling into the bay area. that will make way for some triple digit temperatures this afternoon. the good news is cooler conditions are on the horizon for us tomorrow and over the weekend. >> thanks. working out is hard work but there could be an easier way to she the unwanted pounds.
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researchers say the answer could be as simple
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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are you looking to lose a little weight? a study suggests drinking more water does the trip. research found that adult would drink to cups of water before meals lost four more pounds than those who didn't drink extra water. researchers say that water makes you feel full, leading you to eat less. they hand to spend money on a study to conclude that? >> it is a girl for lt. governor and his wife, jennifer. he tweeted "today we welcome the latest to our family, a very healthy baby girl, brooklyn." you are amazing jennifer. the lieutenant governor and his then pregnant wife and two children rode in the parade on sunday and joined old are sister montana, who is three, and one-year-old big brother, hunter.
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good looking brother. >> quick correction. in the long list of file works shows, alameda is actually tomorrow. forgive me. they will have two nights of fireworks, one tonight and then to alameda tomorrow. >> all week long. speaking of the water thing, if people are going to need to stock up on water and drink lots of fluids because it is going to an hot one. i have the full seven-day forecast in a little bit but right now, as we take a look from our lake tahoe camera, a gorgeous sight and we are looking out there on the lake and it will be warm there, as well. as we look at our live doppler 7 hd radar, we saw some summer showers and those showers are staged to the east of santa rosa, and that is going to make way for triple digit temperatures later on today. also, to the south of san jose and gilroy, we did experience showers there, as well, so, it is going to all warm up because
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we have a high ridge of pressure that will be replaced by a trough of low pressure over the next couple of days and that will bring in the morning showers and, again, more showers are expected for monday and tuesday afternoon. as we take a look at beautiful shot toward telegraph hill and coit tower from the exploritorium camera, you can see right now, current temperatures are 62, nice and comfortable in san francisco and it will warm up, oakland is 76, and mountain view is 79, the current temperature, in san jose, and already at 80 degrees so, very hot down this. the highs in the south bay are 92 in san jose and 99 in morgan hill, and to the north, santa clara at 93 and cupertino at 94, and in the 70's in santa cruz. along the peninsula, 91 in menlo park and cooler at half moon bay and pacifica, along the beach, and in the san francisco, 78 for a lie and 70 in the sunset district, and already, a sun
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splashed area at this hour. 93 in novato that is the high, up to 104 in cloverdale. pushing to napa, you will experience temperatures in the upper 90's. in the eat bay, though, 82 is expected in berkeley and 83 in oakland, and castro valley is 93 and mostly sunshine with a couple of areas of scattered showers. when you head inland you will see the triple digit temperatures, and that will end today, because the low trough of pressure is coming in to cool things off. we have a game tonight that will be the a's versus the cubs with first pitch at 1:05 and our lows tonight, roughly in the upper 50's to lower 60's across the entire bay area. the seven-day forecast shows we will be hot today, cooler tomorrow, cooler on saturday, and it all warms back up again at that time. >> thank you for that, leyla gulen. >> we also have your great information on the news app,
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abc7 news smartphone app and you can watch breaking news as it happened. the app is easy to download at with the details. the website is >> next, an american tradition, local boy joey chestnut aimed to
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>> coming up at 4:00, where you can go for the jeopardy challenge. we tried it matching wits with
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the toughent opponents. we look at a healthy alternative to beef burgers that is a substitute for vegetable or turkey burger in time for the fourth of july. >> bay area native and competitive hotdog eater joey chestnut did it again, the win we of the nathan's hotdog eating contest in coney island devouring 69 hotdogs and buns in ten minutes breaking his own record in the process. >> his record last week he ate 68. the victory gave him the 7th consecutive international belt and $0,000. and the black widow won for the women, 37 hotdogs.
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[cheers and applause] >> thank you, guys. hello, everyone, and welcome to millionaire. weing around here today because every contestant has a chance to win broadway tickets not just for themselves but for an entire row of our audience. [cheers and applause] and today's tickets are to a wonderful broadway show. if the contestant picks the row number--your row number in particular--you're going to go see mary poppins, which is a great hit on broadway. and all of your hopes, audience, hinge on today's first contestant. he's a chef from houston, texas. please welcome andy pickens. [cheers and applause] >> yeah!


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