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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 4, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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typical ground rules normally negotiated we don't come to terms on. >> at the lunch break negotiators for fdiu headed to the bart station to brief members. >> this is wisconsin this, is michigan they want to break our union because if they can break the union, destroy workers in northern california there is nothing left. >> the team took issue with the bart's scheduling of special meetings that include item as louing the district to impose contracts on its unions. >> so a series of notices going up and going on. and they have to include thaefrg could be discussed. >> this employer will not emplimt on us without a fit that they didn't ask for and
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they don't see and they will regret. rhetoric is heating up. one concern is where is the general manager? union leaders claim in past sessions the gm was at the table but so far, she has in the been here at the building we'll be here and will have more for you tonight at 6:00. in oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you, laura. the strike could make people shy away from coming into the city tonight. let's check in with abc 7 news reporter john alston in the thick of the festivities. john? >> if traffic like soup during
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4:00 news it's like jello now. you can see it's thickening along the embarcadero and mission street. there are people getting on the bus to get out of town. he's parking lots along embark tarot started filling up this morning between events and new exploratorium as well as fire works show. this afternoon one lot jacked up to $70. sinbad, the restaurant next to the ferry building has seen customers showing up earlier to avoid traffic headaches. >> people are getting here earlyer because they're worried about getting here. but losing people that come in through bart. >> muni running trains and
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shuttles but treating this as a normal 4th of july despite the strike with no bart muni is expecting fewer people to come into the city. nobody using bart and fewer people use muni this evening. >> and stay with us for coverage of the strike you can find latest developments on our web site we have latest on negotiations up to the minute maps and commute options. >> an autistic teen has been missing since morning in redwood city. he is 13 years old, five eight and weighs 130 pounds last seen wearing a black shirt, blue jeans. he had talked about going to east palo alto to seat fire works. >> developing news in san francisco. a police officer rescued an
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elderly woman from a burning building this afternoon. a resident flagged down the police officer. the person told about a woman trapped inside of the home. >> this is getting that person out. i'm -- my understanding is that is that person in a bad stage. >> we're trying to protect live and property. >> the police officer needed treatment after suffering smoke inhalation. the fire sent two other people this to the hospital with minor injuries. >> it's been a gorgeous 4th of july, pier 39 was popular for families. many took advantage of the warm weather. spencer? >> it's subby as you can see.
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high temperatures so far up to 107 in clover dale. 107 antioch. 102 at fairfield. 101 in concord. 103 up north in clear lake. 97 san rafael. so this is the last day of the heat wave. taking a look at highs state wide and beyond. 109 inform palm springs but good news for us who are tired of the heat is that coastal fog surjz back tonight dropping temperatures but will it interveer with fire works? >> thank you, spencer. >> people get ready to celebrate tonight abc 7 news reporter is live outside of a
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fire works stand in newark with why location is everything when it comes to safe, sane wire forks. -- fire work autos anyone who is an adult can come to one stand here in newark to buy the fire works but they could be subject up to a fine of $50,000 just for possession of them. and enforcement can be toughest we've seen in years. >> is big stuff. and higher, the better. >> but tinder dry gas is-all over. >> we hope parents will watch, but of course we couldn't know. you snow what goes on after they leave here. >> vendors in newark required to pass out safety flyers which this customer took a moment to review as he held on
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to a fire works device. >> trying to let us know how to be safe. so you should be good to go. >> the week long heat wave as agencies on edge humidity drops and grasses poorly maintained vegetation around homes, homes themselves they become more susceptible to ignition autos minute can fi fire works where allowed setting them off may be illegal where you live. >> if persons are unwilling to allow us to confis state them. >> tonight to be a teaching opportunity for their kids. >> safety first, fun second.
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you teach them, they can grow up and have fun with it f they learn on their own they don't learn how to do it right. it ruins it for everybody else. >> one 4th of july celebration took on extra meaning. wayne, we understand it felt like a thanksgiving home coming for one family. here it's one of the places that is teeming with people today. thousands of people. they came here to swim and to have barbecues and picnics. we found a story never expected. i'm the cue master. >> a man with a grill packed with food. >> when it's 107 degrees you cook it at night.
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next day, you ain't over a 2,000 degree grill trying to kill out here. >> this became a tradition long before some of the people were born. >> ins i was a little girl and i'm up there in age. >> unlike others a 4th of july felt like a day of thanksgiving. >> what tr they doing in kuwait right now? >> burning up. they're burning up. >> spoken like a 30 years veteran home for just three weeks. last year he was leaving. >> could you think of a better 4th of july? >> no. >> it's about fire works hot dogs and a revolution mer than 200 years ago. for jay, being, and being with. >> we've got enough food, whoever come to eat. >> he'll be the fir take
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these people and hot day for granted ever again. >> very special. >> nothing like family and friends the america's cup officially opened today along san francisco water front. taking place along the embarcadero. that is where opening ceremonies whop wraped up a short time ago. racing begins on sunday when the cup gets underway. the winner challenges defending champion oracle for the cup in september. >> still to come don't fire up burgers just yes. a healthier substitute. >> mystery meat balls found in san francisco. >> what looks like a beautiful backyard water fall is far it from. how it disrupted homeowner
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holidays today. abc 7 news at 5:00 continues in o
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a warning tonight to dog owners in san francisco. several meat balls believed poisonous have been found along city streets sickening at least one dog. walking a dog supposed to be relaxing but owners facing the possibly poisonous meet balls left along city streets. >> not letting them eat anything. i am just keeping an eye on him. >> this 7-year-old dog was rushed to the vet. the vet says his symptoms are consistent with poisoning.
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>> this is a very rapidly absorbed toxin that gets in the sits tim within 10, 15 minutes so it's important people get to a vet quickly. >> another dog showing symptoms of the poisoning including agitation, hyper react activity to light and noise and seizures. dozens being found across the city including diamond heights, hays valley. and lower haight. >> so i was like what are you doing? he's like my god you didn't hear? so and so down street told me her dog is in the hospital because of the allegedly been poisoned. so he had two dozen balls. in his bag already his vet
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says he has a good prognosis. neighbors wonder if this is intentional. if so, why in the city of st. francis? >> i think it's terrible. i don't know when who could do that in this neighborhood. >> veterinarians say it's used in food to get rid of skunk asks raccoons and can be ingest bid other animal autos police seized 29 weapons from a home on jackie drive. they were able to access the home and occupant told them where to find the weapons. the resident appeared on the list of people not allowed to carry arms. >> it's been a soggy 4th of july for several residents
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after a water main break sent water into their homes. this is video showing water rushing from a house down the hill into a backyard. the water department says it's caused by a rupture in a pipe. workers were able to shut it off. >> ripped rocks out of the drainage system. there is water bubbling out. >> the water department sent out staff to work with affected homeowners. the break did not disrupt water service in the area. >> when you fire up the grill you may want to consider a new healthy choice for your burger meat. why poison is a good alternative.
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this restaurant began offering bison burgers and now sell 300 per week. >> i thought it would abe slow progress. but it seems to take off quickly. >> be aware it can be expensive. but it's a solid choice according to usda a grass fed patty has 152 calories seven gramz of fat less than a broiled 90% lean beef burger, averaging 184 calories and 10 grams of fat and less than a broiled 93% lean turkey burger, averaging 176 calories. and 10 grams of fat. >> they thought it was lean beef until tasting them side by side. then, they found differences in flavor. >> most ground bison is 90%
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lean. for some it can be too try. bison burger shop smart magazine suggests adding some onions roasted peppers or soughtied mushrooms. figure about a half cup of add ins per found of ground meat. >> you're going to reduce the kroft. >> this summer they can offer a tasty healthy option you might just flip for. shop smart says add in some sauryauft a rub. any flavorful steak rub works well with bison. >> when you chose today was a great day to grill. >> good thus i'm pro claim
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theegt wave to be over. as of tomorrow, or today, perhaps. sunny skies inland. a cooling influence in other tomorrow but right now, still warm. temperatures 72 degrees in san francisco. 78 across the bay. mountain view, 81. some warmer conditions looking live from our camera. 98 in fairfield. 100 in livermore. heat with us for a while. now a live view over the bay. heat wave winding down. fog returning to the coast and cooler pattern in place into next week. fog pattern at 9:30 tonight at the time of of the fire works will be like this, fog covering and hovering along much of the coastline.
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so should have good viewing conditions if the fog holds off for a while. so skies partly to mostly sunny. that hot air mass moving away from us down into our direction now from northwest a pool of much cooler air continuing throughout the weekend. overnight tonight still mild. low temperatures low to mid-60s. east bay loxz much warmer. on the coast tonight will be cooler with lows into mid to upper 50s.
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there will be patches of fog along the coast. fog burning back to the coast tomorrow afternoon. and we'll have a strong marine surge so 25 degrees cooler in inland locations tomorrow. than today, let's go to the south bay 78 in san jose. low to mid-70s. 72 low 60s on the coast. 62 in the sunset district. north bay warm but not hot. highs into mid 08s. 85 santa rosa. low 70s on the east bay inland east bay low to mid-80s. let cooling begin going to stay with us for a while.
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upper 50s to low 60s on the coast. abc 7 news has another great resource for you. you can follow live on twitter for latest you can get video forecasts and alerts power outage information. and tweets from your favorite team everybody favorite. >> exactly. >> thank you, spencer. >> a new smart phone keeping you on top of the bart strike. >> app is easy to down load. if have you a current app you need to down load the new one because the old one will be going away soon. >> why bart strike has one city planning a big 4th of
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july celebration, ever.
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traechl props going into one celebration it has something to do with the bart strike. nick is at berkeley marina to explain. >> i have to tell you that veterans of the display have told me they have never seen the kroutds fill up so quickly along sea wall drive so fast. the show is eld every year at the berkeley marina but this year, things are different. they're expecting a larger crowd for the show. the crew got there early to set up so they won't have to deal with traffic getting here. fern yez family had the same idea. >> we'll be here.
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>> making the trip all the way to san francisco without the convenience of bart wasn't an option. plan b went into action. >> have you ever tried to travel with this many children over the bridge? and get stuck in traffic? >> here is something you need to know. i learned all lots at the marina are full so if you leave around this time, planning to get a spot things have changed there is an overflow parking lot and they're using a subtle to bring people down here. so if you have not left you need to do so by foot because
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lots of full. >> good advice, thank you. >> taking a step back in time. >> traditional 4th of july celebration is just ahead in the bay area.
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coming up at 6:00 if you have to get your car repaired then the company issues a recall, can you get reimbursed? michael finney has the answer. >> how spying on embryos can help couples get pregnant. >> and a bay area nonprofit brings together israelies and palestinians to clear land mines near one of the holy sites see you back here at 6:00. >> they celebrated the old fashion wade in newark today. >> yes.
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young american patriots set the scene. there are plenty of volunteers and tests your skill. >> i wonder who did the best with the watermelon seed autos folks are having fun today, let's take a look at embarcadero now. crowds are gathering. traffic is pretty bad there now. >> it was soup earlier and jello now as far as traffic out there. we'll be watching that all evening. >> that is right. you can get a list on our web site abc 7 world news is next.
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thanks for joining us. tonight crises in egypt as massive crowds celebrate the overthrow of their government, a military crackdown is under way, trying to prevent a violent backlash. is this key u.s. ally on the brink of civil war tonight? wild weather, dangerous triple digit heat blankets the west tonight, fueling raging wildfires as storms in the east bring drenching rain and flash flood warnings. welcome back, just in time for the 4th of july lady liberty is once again open for business as the nation celebrates its birthday. good evening. we begin tonight with that crises boiling over in egypt.


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