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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 5, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- >> breaking news from california. a fireworks show mishap. sending shrapnel flying into a crowd, injuring dozens of people. we have new video just in from the scene. and a nation divided. the crisis in egypt shows no signs of slowing, as the violence grows on both sides. and captured. a prison escapee's freedom is short-lived because of a brave man. all caught on tape. and superhero husband. a particular picks the wrong home to break into. what many crime victims would probably love to do. good friday morning, everyone. i'm john muller. >> i'm tai hernandez in for diana perez. we begin with that breaking story.
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dozens hurt overnight at a major fireworks show. >> thousands of people were watching the professional display in the l.a. suburb of simi valley, when something went wrong. the mood at the july 4th celebration went from joy to chaotic in a split-second. >> yeah. oh. oh, my god. oh. >> reporter: a number of fireworks shells exploding just feet from the ground. the loud blast sending terrified people running for safety, as many dodged flying debris. >> a block of wood about this big came shooting down and hit the side of my leg. >> we had bits and pieces of fireworks coming at us. a round, cylinder block hit the person next to me. >> reporter: emergency medical crews rushed to the scene, treating 30 victims. some suffering shrapnel wounds. most suffering mild injuries.
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as many as 10,000 people were at the show. the malfunction happened just two minutes into the show. investigators are on the scene overnight, now working to find the cause. now, the platform holding those fireworks seems to have collapsed, sending those shells into the crowd. we'll have more on this story later on "good morning america." also breaking overnight, egypt braces for another day of mass demonstrations. >> outraged supporters of ousted president morsi say they will hit the streets today, in what they are calling the friday of rejection. abc's byron pitts joins us, now, by phone from cairo. byron? >> reporter: good morning, john and tai, from cairo. it's quiet now. but few people here expect that will last. tahrir square, the epicenter of the change and chaos in egypt is virtually empty at this hour. we expect it to fill up soon, as men, women and children by the thousands arrive for friday prayer. today will be the first real test of the leadership of the country put in place yesterday.
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interim president adly mansour was sworn in thursday morning here. today, it will announce constitutional changes and quite possibly will name the new prime minister. he was put in power by the egyptian military, who insisted they were only responding to the will of the people. egyptians by the millions went to the street demanding for the removal of president mohamed morsi, the country's first democratically-elected president. there's been massive celebrations here the last two nights. but there's also been bloodshed. supporters of the former president have also taken to the street. members of the muslim brotherhood have clashed with the military. people have died. hundreds injured. today, the muslim brotherhood has called for a day of rejection. large rallies across the country. and that could well mean more bloodshed. john, tai, back to you. >> all right. byron pitts in cairo, egypt, with that report. thank you. all of this tension is raising new questions about egypt's future. >> can the country stabilize and return to civilian leadership? or is it on the brink of civil
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war? abc's devin dwyer joins us, now, from washington with more. good morning, devin. >> reporter: good morning, john and tai. that's right. the next few days in egypt are seen as a really critical period. but with the new elections, still about 9 to 12 months away, everyone is watching whether both sides in this crisis can remain peaceful. with their president under arrest, egypt's muslim brotherhood is calling for a day of action. legitimacy is a red line, chant these demonstrators. they're vowing to defend egypts's first democratically-elected president, mohamed morsi. he was removed by the military one day ago. his supporters are holding rallies around cairo, defiant in the face of a military crackdown. piles of rocks are weapons of last resort. several protesters spoke with abc news. >> my life. my body. i will fight with my body. >> we want to die. >> reporter: the question, now, is will the standoff turn into civil war?
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egypt's military is fanned out across the city, armed with tanks and machine guns. security agencies are rounding up hundreds of aides to former president morsi for arrest. still, the new military-installed leader, a top constitutional judge, promises national reconciliation and tolerance. >> translator: i vow to safeguard the republican system and to respect the law and constitution. and to look after the interests of the people. >> reporter: peace and stability won't come easily for egypt. clashes between both sides have already left around 50 people dead since sunday alone. now, at the white house yesterday, president obama met in the situation room with his national security team. top u.s. officials have been calling their egyptian counterparts, urging them to avoid violence. john and tai? >> all right. devin, clearly this is a dicey situation for the obama administration. morsi was democratically elected. clearly, they haven't been very forceful in defending him. >> reporter: that's right. one word we have not heard them
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use is coup. the white house has expressed concerns about what happened in egypt. but right now, they're trying to emphasize a quick return to democracy. they don't want that country to descend into chaos, given egypt's importance in the middle east. a critical u.s. ally. officials seem to be signaling here that the top priority is stability more than anything else. >> all right. devin dwyer in washington. appreciate it. thank you. commuter rail service will resume today in san francisco. the trains stopped on monday, when talks broke down between the city's transit agency and its unions. bay area transit released a statement saying the labor agreement between the agency and unions will be extended for 30 days. seattle police picked up a nevada man with a stolen pickup truck full of weapons and explosives. investigators say when they stopped the unidentified man near the university of washington, he was carrying a scoped rifle, a shotgun, body armor and several molotov cocktails. so far, the man is not cooperating with police. south africa's president zuma and nelson mandela's doctors are disputing media
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reports that mandela is in a vegetative state. the insist he is in critical but stable condition and has a team of medical professionals taking care of him 24 hours a day. mandela's wife adds that he's sometimes uncomfortable but seldom in pain. in florida, the murder trial of george zimmerman resumes this morning. zimmerman is charged with the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. prosecutors tried to wrap up their case on wednesday. so, it's expected that will happen today. then defense attorneys can ask for a dismissal of all or some of the charges against zimmerman. a rather unique fourth of july event to help you. it happened at the betsy ross house in philadelphia. 13 youngsters, all from different countries, were sworn in as u.s. citizens. they then took turns ringing a replica of the liberty bell, to honor the 13 original colonies. nearly 8,000 people are becoming citizens this week. >> great story. let's check out the weather from across the nation. a threat of thunderstorms has flood warnings in effect from
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the gulf coast to the great lakes. storms across the rockies. it will be clear along the west coast. >> temperatures in the northwest don't get out of the 70s. mid to high-80s in the midwest. hot, humid and 90s along the northeast corridor. great day for the beach, though. >> sounds like a plan. he brought sexy back. but is justin timberlake even too much for youtube? and is she alive? the disappearance of madeleine mccann captivated the world. but the case went ice-cold until this morning. plus, turning the tables. a man and his wife come to find a person in their home. wait until you see what the husband did to the suspected burglar.
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it's a work day for wall street, where traders are nervous about today's june jobs report. the monthly jobs number is critical to wall street because the federal reserve plans to phase out its economic stimulus plan, as the nation's unemployment rate dips and is now at 7.6%. holiday travelers know, that airlines continue to add fees for things that used to be free. by 2020, the fees expected to double. one expert thinks that fees will be checked bags on international flights or to reserve a seat in coach. another says it will be shocked if airlines don't adopt fees for carry-on luggage. apple is big hit by a lawsuit from an unlikely source. it's being sued by boston university, which claims the iphone, ipad and mac book infringe on a patten filed by one of its professors. the school wants a cut of all of its profits. and more bad news for apple. we are social names the iphone 5 the most hated smartphone on the
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market. by contrast, the galaxy s4 was named the most loved smartphone. and youtube isn't a fan of justin timberlake's new video. it's called "tunnel vision." he has more information on his twitter. >> too hot for youtube to handle. >> you see a lot there. >> i guess we're not showing the most salacious parts. >> the g-rated version. >> kind of a trend. robin thicke did the same, as well. >> getting a lot of attention, too. when we come back, ashes in the air. a violent volcano eruption is disrupting flights to the united states. and talk about a daredevil. a man repels down the brooklyn bridge with only a hose. police now on his trail. if you're seeing spots before your eyes... it's time... for aveeno® positively radiant face moisturizer.
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welcome back. that erupting volcano has forced the cancellation of more than 40 flights in and out of mexico city and another major airport. several big u.s. carriers are among those cancelling flights, just as a precaution. the volcano that forced those cancellations has been erupting virtually every day for about 20 years now. checking your road conditions, for those on the roads today. it's going to be wet along interstate 70 and 40. flooding is possible on the major roads across the rockies. >> if you're flying, not a volcano but the weather causing some delays probably in the atlanta, new orleans, snantty, nashville, and denver areas. an american mother and daughter are being prevented from leaving brazil. the mother and her 6-year-old daughter went to brazil in late may so the girl could see her father. about a month ago, mother's and daughter's passports were
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seized. the congressman from massachusetts is on the case. >> we intend to follow up on this. we've done it twice. we're going to pursue this, and make sure, based on the family's request that the passports be returned and they have a safe trip back home. >> brazilian authorities are refusing to return the passports until the father/daughter visit happens. they are legally divorced. and he's never paid child support. there's a stunning development in the cold case of maddie mccann, a 3-year-old british girl who vanished six years ago. >> this morning, scotland yard says maddie could still be alive. >> reporter: what happened to little madeleine mccann? >> these are my shoes. >> reporter: as investigators are pursuing new leads with new potential suspects. >> this is an important moment for madeleine. >> reporter: madeleine went missing from this hotel room in portugal in 2007, as he parents kate and gerry ate dinner at a nearby restaurant.
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they quickly became prime suspects, questioned by portuguese police. launching a worldwide campaign to find their daughter. >> please. if you have madeleine, let her come home to her mummy, daddy, brother and sister. >> reporter: with no breaks in the case, portuguese police gave up. but scotland yard announced a new investigation and new hope. >> i still genuinely believe there is a possibility that she's alive. >> reporter: if she were alive, that little girl would look like this today. a top force of 37 police officers and detectives have sifted through more than 30,000 documents and will now investigate 38 new persons of interest. in a statement, the mccanns called the move a big step forward towards bringing whoever is responsible for madeleine's abduction to justice. and possibly rescuing a little girl, whose disappearance remains such a mystery. laas h london.
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medical examiners in arizona have completed autopsies on those 19 myer fighters killed in the line of duty last weekend. all died from smoke inhillation. they were in a manageable forest fire. but violent winds stoked the flames and caught them by surprise. the parents of two teen girls seriously injured in a parasailing crash in florida say the girls are making progress. they were parasailing off panama city beach in windy conditions, when the line snapped. they slammed into a condo, and hit a power line before landing on a parked car. both girls suffering severe head and neck injuries. but the parents say they're hopeful. >> i can't even express, on behalf of our family and fairchilds, the outpour of caring and prayer. >> lots of prayers.
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you know, we just need everybody to keep praying for us. >> alexis has taken a few steps with a walker. sidney is in critical condition but has been communicating with nods and gestures. new york police are looking for a man caught on camera repelling down the side of the brooklyn bridge. he made it down to construction netting and then scaled on to a nearby rooftop and vanished. after a sweep of an area, police say it was a stunt, not an act of terror. once the would-be daredevil is found, he will face charges. a convicted rapist who escaped from an ohio prison was picked up after one day on the run. james myers walked into a general store less than ten miles from his cell. customers recognized him and managed to tie him up and hold him until state troopers arrived to take him back. another suspect getting tied up to tell you about. this comes from oklahoma. a couple heard some glass break wednesday morning. and then, there was unexpected moving around in the garage. when the suspect emerged, the
4:20 am
man of the house hog tied the guy, tying his hands and feet behind his back. the man's wife is nine months pregnant. >> shattered glass all over the place. a raccoon didn't do that. and he was like, oh, god. >> what were you thinking when you watched him hog tie the guy? >> that's my man. i was really proud of him. >> i'll say. it's an awesome sound byte. after the suspect was restrained and police were on the way, her husband left for work. he's never been in a rodeo. but he does work with horses. the suspect faces burglary charges. that's my man. >> she's so proud. >> she should be. up next, "the pulse." we're going to show you how youngsters are using twitter to reach celebrities and teach them proper grammer. and he did it again. the reigning hot dog eating champ does it again. how many did he push down this time? [ male announcer ] they say he was born to help people clean.
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all right.
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it is time to check "the pulse," the stories you'll be talking about all day. starting with something that's not breakfast-friendly. the annual hot dog eating competition at coney island. >> joey chestnut devoured his old all-time record, downing 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes. on the women's side, petite champion, sonya thomas, had another win. >> look at their faces. they're trying to die. >> no thanks. the latest chapter in the saga of the former beauty queen versus the donald. she's going to have to pay him a lot of money. >> you may remember. she had called the pageant fraudulent and trashy. trump sued her for defamation. and a judge upheld the decision that she should pay him $5 million. she claims that award will financially devastate her. finally, kids at a school in
4:24 am
brazil are playing grammar police. they are selling stars. >> video games, old movies, that was a long bus ride. but we here. so, shg, maria said she's a fa. and watch out, it's we're here, not we here. >> and from daniel radcliffe. it have been an age in i haven't tweet. daniel tweeted back. your tweet has two mistakes. it has been and amazing. >> that's pretty good. to be fair, this is celebs. they don't use perfect grammar. >> i don't even use perfect -- >> it's a fun with exercise. >> it is a fun. and they're tweeting back to celebrities. it gives you an added incentive to make it exciteding. for some of you, local news is next. >> for everyone else, we have a visit back to liberty island, eight months in the making.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone on friday morning at 4:28. still a holiday for many were. >> we are here but today the commuters are getting a break. bart workers are back right now. the trains should be running this afternoon. that doesn't mean the labor trouble is over. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at lake merritt bart station to explain. amy? >> look what i have to show you: absolutely nothing. for commuters nothing never looked so good. the picket lines are gone. the strike is over. for now. the trains will start running at 3:00 this afternoon. the strike is not permanently over. they have agreed to extend the
4:29 am
contract for 30 days. they will still be negotiating during this next month. the old contract is in effect. union representatives are determined to keep fighting for the workers. >> we believe we will be able to get a contract in 30 days. we are putting bart on notice they have 30 days to right this ship and ensure our members get the contract they deserve and the riding public gets the bart service they deserve. >> two top state mediators and representatives from both sides left the caltran building in downtown oakland with suitcases saying it has been a long week. both sides, including bart's general manager, say they are far apart on discussions over salary, pensions and health care. they admit there is a wide gap. they need to shrink the gap. ed mediators recommended the extension for now to get the trains running. at 3:00 this afternoon you can
4:30 am
ride a bart train. they will have until august 4 when this extension will expire. reporting in oakland for abc7 news. >> 4:30. negotiators complain of a lack of involvement from the general manager of bart who was at the bargaining session and spoke after and thanked the state mediators for hammering out this resolution. early in the day the leaders held a rally to demand she become more active in the negotiations. the signs in the background with her picture read "where's grace." >> many people have today off but if you don't here is information on getting around until the bart trains run at 3:00 this afternoon. a.c. transit will rate on a regular weekly schedule. extra buses on some express routes. san francisco bay ferry is on a regular week-day schedule and so is muni,


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