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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 5, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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here with a small crowd. the platt form signs were showing waits of 20, 30 minutes or more for first trains. some just flew through without stopping. then one did and aan announcement it was headed for millbrae and to get on if that is where you wanted to go. commuters are relieved to have bart back. >> strike. i really don't know how people come to the city from the east bay without bart. >> i want to sks ls make sure workers get a fair share, too. i want to recognize struggle and know it's been tough. >> i got chills. the newspaper this morning said it's on strike. and when i saw the bus booth said trains running i got
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goose bumps. >> we've been covering commuters a lot this week and many people talked about how difficult it was to take the alternatives to get in and out of the city. but the commuters we've talked to today some had never made it. tried and not been able to get in or in this case of the last man talking about the chills he said he just gave up and spent two nights in the city because waits difficult to get back to the east bay. this is good news for giants fans trying to get to at and t park for a game tonight and over the weekend. >> thank you what. did it take to get to the 30 day cooling off period? that part of the story. laura? >> will, gates here went up at 2:45. what it took to get to this 30 day extension was a little bit
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of good will. two sides twr nowhere in agreement. the gates are up. the trains may be rolling again. that is a battle between bart and two major unions far from over. >> we're far apart on our package and areas that are very important to us. safety, health, and workman compensation are sticking points ask things we must have in face plais in order to get our workers back to work, safely. >> this 30 day extension came at the urging of state mediateors after it was clear two sides are still far apart. >> this action to take was to get this cooling off because it creates a much more
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inviting atmosphere to get a deal so that takes pressure off everyone. >> everybody will be working hard just as they have. >> whatever happens those who relie on bart are relieved. >> i'm happy bart is back, working. people were working trying to find ways to get to public transportation. >> people doum get back in full motion gofg back to work getting lives back on track. >> you can see people are flowing in here tonight we just saw fanses on the way to the game. trains are back on track for the talks, the unions tell me that they will meet internally, then with, mediator next week.
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there are no talks face-to-face scheduled any time soon that we know of. tonight at 6:00 we'll take a look back 34 years at a strike that was much longer than this one. >> small crowds gathered to catch a ride on buses waits a big change from earlier in the week. long lines stretched down the block because of the holiday weekend bart provided just seven buses between five stations and san francisco today. the buses will be running again tonight for commuters purchasing tickets to take them back to the east bay. >> this is the welcome sight. rates downtown parking lots headed back down. many lots raised rates to take advantage of the demand, one lot charged $70 per day on july 4th. today, not so much. back down to $30.
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priority parking told abc 7 news it raised rates to keep spaces available for hourly parkers now don't forget our exclusive waze app to check on your commute. down load for free from google play. >> all lanes of interstate 80 through placer county have reopened. the fire broke out just north of sacramento. smoke blew across helping major visible problems. patrol closed the freeway down as a precaution. >> san francisco police are investigating the robbery skb brutal attack of a woman this past weekend that was captured on surveillance camera. before we do, it's disturbing.
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the victim on the ground, defenseless, then wham. one attacker kicks her in the face with so much force she is knocked unconscious, makes you sick to watch. these three robbers have been arrested police are searching for the man who kicked the victim. >> lucky to have that video. it's rare to see crimes occur in the video as well as a clear suspect description and image captured. >> at tacks took place on market and dolores street after the pink saturday event. police nort calling it a hate crime and are looking for possible victims. >> a private security guard now faces double murder charges police say the suspect admitted to shooting two wing stop employees but his family claims he was defending himself. he and a friend ran into the restaurant freezer fearing two men were about to tack them.
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the victims were shot after they went so see what's happening in the restaurant. >> a 4th of july tragedy in richmond a fire works related fire killed a couple and burned their son. firefighters had the fire under control but could not save the couple. abc 7 news reporter john alston is live now tochl plain how this happen sod quickly. >> one victim, a 29-year-old son is on life support with third degree returns over his body. some relatives lived in the house here, parents lived in this converted garage that went up in flames. the flames at 2:30 in the moshing were fer negotiateus, trapping a bus and wife on
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n.richmond. >> the noise saying take me out, take me out. >> you know? because they were saying help me. i can't go out. >> the 56-year-old and his wife died of smoke inhalation. they imgreated from laos. the 4th of july began with a loud party involving lots of alcohol and illegal fire works according to authorities and neighbors. >> he were jumping over firecrackers and works and we thought that is unusual. you can get burn that had way. you know? >> after the party ended the 29-year-old son who is said to be mentally challenged somehow contact on fire tried to go back to his parents setting the garage ablaze. authorities gaigt whether he
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may have tried to jump over them. family members gathered after stopping by the fire scene. this man is the brother of the woman who died. >> she's friendly, very nice. took kaifr of the family. this family will now have to plan funerals. >> meantime, 30 people were injured in an accident. authorities still are not sure what went wrong but they say a fire works show may have detonated early knocking over other mortars. >> pretty spectacular, everybody started screaming. >> going into crowd sooting up in the air, smoke started
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billowing everywhere. >> we had bits and pieces of fire works coming at us. >> victims range from 8:00 to 78. four people were injured but none of the injuries is life threatening. >> a san francisco dog that fell ill on wednesday from eating a poisoned meat ball continues to recover. the 7-year-old dog is receiving care in an animal hospital. the condition is stable. police are still looking for those responsible for leaving about 50 poison meat balls on a twin peaks street. vet says meat balls appear to contain poison strict mine. they're checking into possibility that a second dog may have been sickened by the tainted food. >> new jobs data shows more americans are working. employers hired 195,000 workers.
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unemployment stated because people are now looking for work. and the unemployment news helped a surge on wall street today. mobile game maker zynga showed gains on the market today. >> and still to come apple's new legal battle and a university that is behind it the illegal fire works show through droou a big crowd leaving behind a big mess. >> a modern day pope on the road to sainthood. >> fog to the rescue. i'll let you know if this is
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fire investigators looking into the cause of rej taigs fire, you can see fire works exploding investigators aren't sure if they caused flames. fire reported at 9:15. crews found residents trying to put out the fire in their backyards. the fire burned two and a half hours before crews managed to bring it under control. >> officials tell us the fire was not fire works related. a viewer sent thus picture. sky 7 was above the flames and by the size of the flames it looked as though the fire could grow quickly. >> illegal fire works did light up the skies in san
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francisco this, was the spectacular show that look place. police kept busy responding to dozens of calls around the city for illegal fire works shows. this morning cruise swept mountains of spent casings and garage strewn all over the streets. it's clean up time in san francisco. thousands camped out to catch fire works. there was a lot of paper and fire works on the grass. this year, more garbage and bins were put out and rangers were on hand to enforce a ban on bottles and barbecue grills. >> bodies of a campbell couple have been found in the utah wilderness apparent victims of the heat. wednesday, a 70-year-old and
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his wife, a 69-year-old were hiking in rock formations called the wave a popular attraction in the canyon wednesday's heat exceeded 100 degrees. >> one of the most popular popes in modern history will soon become a saint just eight years after his death. why the vatican is giving him this honor and what bay area catholics are saying about it tonight. parishioner as tending mass were excited about the news today that pope francis cleared the way for john paul ii to become a saint. >> i am excited. he deserves it. >> it's good to have a contemp rarey saint.
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it adds credence to the role of sainthood weez pope from 1978 until 2005. a vatican spokesman confirmed a second miracle healing of a woman who prayed to him which made him eligible for are sainthood. john paul was a beloved pontiff something of a globe traveling rock star. >> those a pope we can connect to. well well traveled guy. >> he also inspired a generation of young catholics to be excited about their faith. a legacy lasting through today. >> i think that the catholic church should be going from pope john paul has done and what he is sort of implemented into our church, i think that if we can continue to do that the catholic church shoulding well. >> this move isn't popular among everyone. john paul ii criticized for his handling of the sex abuse scandal and his view of the
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role of women on the search. -sh-church removing a five year waiting process for the last step before saintshood. pope francis waived rules to honor pope john 23. in san jose, matt keller abc 7 news. >> golden state warriors landed an all star and olympic gold medalist. he told warriors will be a great opportunity. he said i'm trying to win a championship. coming up how they made room to pay for the big contract. >> a big on governor brown's desk would allow california transgender students to pick tifs that fit them best that. means students born one sex but gender identity is another
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can choose the bathrooms and locker rooms they're comfortable with it's frustrating and difficult and it can hinder a student's ability to exceed. on top of the challenges that exist for all students. >> critics say they may encourage male students owe join womens' teams. >> a lawsuit filed this week aims to stop sales of the iphone 5 and ipads. boston university kuss apple of infringing on a patent from one professor covering an electronics semi conductor generating blue lasers. analysts say could reach $75 million. >> well we hope you had a wonderful 4th of july.
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yes we're back in the comfort zone. temperatures big drop today. 15, 25 degrees so we're back, like i said where we need to be. right now i'll show you what it looks like in fairfield. 21 degrees cooler as you look at our live doppler 7 you'll notice fog lingering along the coast. about 2200 heat. 26 degrees cooler in concord in san francisco looking at 20 degree drop in novato. winds now gusting you can see wind direction bringing cooler air in. so about 2025 miles per hour. from our camera you can see
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our cooling influence is the fog back. temperatures 61 in san francisco. 66 in oakland. half moon bay 57 degrees, still lingering fog here and temperatures 81 in santa rosa. warm spots into mid-80s. 79 in fairfield. you can see cleaner air thanks to sea breeze, cooler pattern holds tomorrow, warmer weather but no heat wave expected until after seven days we're out of it. notice low clouds and fog we're going see it heading well inland so first thing in the morning cloudy start except for a few locations.
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could be misty along the coast. numbers looking good for the rest of the weekend. 80 in morgan hill in the south bay. on the peninsula, 67 in millbrae. upper 50s near the coast. breezy, downtown san francisco 63 degrees, daily city, 57. 75 sonoma into clear lake area into 80s for east bay 70s in oakland. head inland. temperatures about the same as today. maybe slightly higher, 80 in pleasanton. accu-weather forecast temperatures rebound the second half of the weekend. we can see clouds clearing out. upper are 50s to upper 80s numbers into low 90s monday, tuesday. warmer inland then temperatures falling mid to
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latter part of the work week. and at least it's more comfortable right? >> a lot. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> just ahead here is your chance to visit local museums for nothing. >> yes. you need to act fast to get in on this finney's fri
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to do is call that number. >> good enough, thank you. >> sure. >> less tense now. >> yes. we are. >> up next world leader who
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state energy officials are giving consumers props tonight for reducing their energy use this week. a flex alert called this week asking consumers to cut usage between noon and 7:00 p.m. officials at california independent system operator running power grid noticed an immediate drop off at noon so i guess a big hand to all of them. >> yes. absolutely. >> coming up at 6:00 anger from the family of a woman killed when a tree fell on a
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summer camp near yosemite what. they say the camp needs to do. >> some cards promise to let you check bags free when you fly. but explaining why it isn't always as easeo as it seems. >> new help for people with sinus problems so severe they need surgery. invention from one company helping people avoid painful side affects. >> an unlikely candidate has been named one of the world's unlikely candidates. >> the cover story come was a front page of him shirtless. a few page spread points out his attributes like power and wealth. >> he announced he and his wife are getting a divorce. >> he's like matthew mcconaughey. >> world news is next. i'm dan ashley from all of us
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her, thanks for watching. we'll see you again this is "world news." tonight, holiday horror. the fireworks display gone terribly wrong. the stampede that followed. the catastrophic mishap. fireworks rocketing straight into the crowd of thousands. tonight we learn how it happened and how the patients are doing right now. crisis in egypt. firefight erupting from the streets of cairo. military taking aim at supporters of the ousted president. is a key american ally now on the brink of all-out civil war? a mother's testimony. the dramatic moments, trayvon martin's mother on the stand. and hear tonight from george zimmerman's attorneys who are demanding acquittal. and "made in america." with a simple question on this holiday. those flags in your neighbor's yard and yours too, where were they made? and one thing that changed late today, getting action.


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