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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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next we are on t
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the tape comes down, and the commute is back on. but can the two sides in the bart strike so bitterly divided come to terms in the next 30 days? good evening. i'm ama dates. carolyn johnson has the night off. >> and i'm dan ashley. the trains are running, but for how long? that's the big question. alan wang is live at the bart station tonight. alan? >> dan and ama, it has been a costly week for everyone. people who had to drive cars have paid more in parking, gas and toll fees. bart employees haven't been paid. and bart says it lost $3.9 million in revenue and the cost of busing people around. the sight of those trains coming in is bringing a lot of relief.
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they rolled in shortly after 3:00 this afternoon. the first bart train since the strike began on monday. >> i'm happy because i couldn't have done it for more than five days. >> the trains were sparsely populated during the evening rush. there seemed to be a lot of uncertainty. >> have i to admit i was a -- i have to admit that i was a bit nervous because the trains weren't running for a few days. >> describe the feeling. >> relief, but a little anxiety that it was not resolved. it could be back in a month. >> a 30-day extension of bart's contact -- contract came at the urging of state mediators on thursday. but there is a lot of work to be done. >> we are far apart in areas important to us, safety, health and workman's compensation. >> at last word the unions wanted a 4.5% raise per year. but bart was still offering 2% annually for four years. still both sides have reason to be optimistic.
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>> one the trains are moving again so that takes the pressure off everyone. the passengers are no longer impacted. >> how has it been? >> same as normal. dealing with my customers and giving them customer service. >> what do we all get? we got our rides back, but we suffered. i am a little disturbed by it. >> there was a consolation prize for some east bay residents. the train ride to this evening's giants game against the dodgers. alan wang, abc7 news. >> even though bart is back up and running again, this will likely be a busy weekend on the bridge and bart. for the latest realtime traffic conditions, you can download our exclusive ways app on your smart phone. to download ways for free from apple's app store or from google play. our morning news team will be back on at 4:30 a.m. on monday guiding you through the commute. abc7 morning news anchor eric thomas and kristen sze and leyla gulan will be back as we
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return to a regular commute after these days of striking. developing news in san francisco where police want to find a man involved in a robbery and brutal attack of a woman this past weekend. the assault was captured on surveillance video. before we show it to you, we warn you that the images are disturbing. the video shows the victim already on the ground. one of the attackers walks back to her and kicks her in the face with such force that she drops unconscious. three robbers have been arrested. police are still searching for the man who kicked the victim. >> extremely lucky to have that video. it is very rare to see crimes actually occur in the video scope as well as the clear suspect description and image captured. >> the attack took place on market and do dolores right after the pink saturday event. police are not calling it a hate crime. they are also looking for more possible victims of the robbers. an autopsy is scheduled to determine how a campbell couple died in the utah wilderness. the bodies of 70-year-old
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ulrich and his 69-year-old wife, paw tresh shaw were found -- patricia were found near the popular wave trail. it is mesmerizing multi colored sand stone with the southern border with arizona. they were hiking the wave and it was 116 degrees on wednesday. excuse me, it was 106 degrees. they believed they died from excessive heat, but an autopsy is scheduled to be performed. three people remain hospitalized after a fireworks explosion injured 39 people in southern california. this happened during last night's fireworks celebration in simi valley which is just north of los angeles. investigators say one device detonated early. it set off a train reaction which shot other fireworks directly into the crowd of spectators 3 fifty feet away. -- 350 feet away. a family in the front row thought they had the best
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seats of the show, but they were caught in the line of fire. >> you heard the first boom and then we were there in the front and it shot at our faces. >> you could feel the heat coming at you. saw a lot of hot ash, hot air, the fine debris hitting you. >> the display was created and executed by a new york company that works with the new york mets, the republican national convention and nasa. san jose authorities reported one major emergency last night. in east san jose, a child lost one finger playing with fireworks. >> you hate to hear that. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. you notice a dramatic drop. let's check in with meteorologist sandhya patel with live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> dan, we are out of the triple dig -- digits. the heat wave is over. antioch 107 today and only 86 degrees. let's show you live doppler 7hd and you can see why we saw the drop in the temperatures. it is the marine layer and you can clearly see it over the
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course and over parts of the bay. it is 2400 feet deep. it is certainly deep and the visibility is down to five miles and half moon bay where it is foggy. you can see a very gray sky from our high definition emeryville camera. temperatures are 56 san francisco and 60 in oakland and 59 in san jose. 55 in half moon bay. i'll let you know if this cool down will continue for the rest of your holiday weekend when i come back. ama? >> thank you. cheeses sold at some whole foods stores have been recalled after one person died. whole foods issued a recall for the f ri ar cheese. it could be contaminated with listeria. customers in illinois and minnesota were hospitalized after eating it. one of them died. they sell cheese all over the bay area, but these specific cheeses are only sold on the east coast and through the company's website. >> there are thousands of aping shoes students at the college of san francisco and they have reason to be worried. the value of the education
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they invested time and money in is in real jeopardy. sergio explains why. >> a small group of students and instructors met near the north campus of the college of san francisco. they are fighting a decision to pull the accreditation of the school. >> it is not going to happen. we are not going to let it happen. >> plenty of improvements have been made since the accrediting commission of community and junior colleges called for changes. the best thing students can do to help is continue to sign up for classes. >> students need to tell all of their other student friends that the city college is open and accredited and it is offering high quality, affordable education. >> any credits earned after next summer could be tough to transfer to other schools if the decision to pull accreditation stands. popular programs could be in jeopardy. >> the city college is a wonderful training program. people who want to get restaurant training have to go to the private institution.
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>> the culinary program is one of the best education bargains in the region. students can earn a two-year culinary certificate for $2200. tuition at a private academy can cost as much as $19,000 each year. >> i think people need to stand up and let public officials know and let the governor know that this is unacceptable. we are not standing for the closure of city college. >> the hope is to pressure the accrediting agency to ease sanctions against city college. they are planning a march next tuesday from the downtown campus to the department of education. in san francisco, abc7 news. coming up tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, breaking news. a watermain break in san francisco. >> and the anger of the father of a woman killed by a fall entry. why he is so frustrated of what happened after. >> and a victim identified 11 years after the ago on the world trade center. >> agoing like a bunch of spoiled babies -- acting like
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a bunch of spoiled babies. >> why one team
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breaking news tonight. crews in san francisco are trying to plug a watermain break. >> sergio is live with the latest on this. sergio? >> dan, right now there is a team from the san francisco department of water that is here on scene. what they are trying to do is deal with a watermain break in
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this neighborhood. we saw that the water is actually pushing up out of the asphalt. let me show you what is happening. it is actually running down the streets, down a culvert and into this one particular home. you can see right there how it is flowing pretty fast and into the garage of this particular home. there is some debris that is even being caught up there. it has been flowing like this for probably the last 45 minutes or so. i am going to have you -- stan, go ahead and show over there that there is somebody standing there as well. that person there, that is a second home that is being affected by this watermain break. at the moment, we understand that the teams are trying to actually turn off several valves so that they can cutoff this water. this team from the department of water is trying to divert a lot of this water that is flowing into these homes so this will be channeled down the street. it is not really clear how long it will take to get this water diverted, but of course we are going to be here for awhile to keep tabs on it and see how things are going.
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reporting live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> what a mess that, sergio. our reporting continuing on twitter on abc7 news bay area. the parents of a young woman killed at a freak accident as we reported to you are upset at how the camp handled her death. they say for two days they heard nothing from the camp's operators. nick smith has their story. >> i sent a very, very strong e-mail to the camp director this morning. >> the parents of 21-year-old anna are frustrated by the way things have been handled by the camp after the death of their daughter. because no one from the camp has contacted them for two days. >> what is wrong with you people? do you have no grace? do you have no conscience? do you have no em paw -- empathy? do you not feel anything? why would you not contact her father? >> she is described by friends and loved ones as full of life and vibrant. she was killed when a large oak tree fell on her while
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children and other staff members were eating breakfast near the campfire. it wasn't until after anna's father fired off an angry e-mail to the directors of the camp that he finally got a response. >> as it was explained to me it was deemed a crime scene and they couldn't get the word out faster. >> an answer that both parents are finding hard to accept. abc7 news did reach out to the camp for a response, but we have not heard back. >> it should not be necessary for a grieving father to be up at 5:30 in the morning and to write such an e-mail. >> after words were exchanged and his frustrated -- frustrations made clear the camp directors allowed her body to be escorted back to the bay area. >> he volunteered and said i don't want staff to go on this journey by yourself. >> now as a father prepares to bury his only daughter he is reminded of the memories he says he will always keep. >> she left me a voicemail and both messages are just so beautiful.
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daddy, i love you so much. do you know how much i love you? i don't want another parent to live the day that we had to live on july 3rd. >> she will be memorialized next tuesday at the uc berkeley alumni house. her service is expected to draw hundreds. at uc berkeley, nick smith, abc7 news. 11 years after his death a firefighter killed in the 9/11 attacks at new york's world trade center have been identified. the remains of 37-year-old lieu lieutenant jeffrey walls were collected in 2002. they were retested and identified only recently. walls followed his dad's example and became a firefighter in 1992. he was killed in the north tower leaving behind a wife and baby son. the italian team in america's cup pulled out of the official race claiming the design changes to their boat are unfair. the team made the threat to pull out and at issue is the recommended design changes imposed by the regatta director for safety reasons. they are appealing to an
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international jury scheduled to meet on monday. the reaction was swift and blunt. >> i just think it is babyish. they are acting like a bunch of spoiled babies. >> you are all men. you spent over a billion dollars. you should be in the water racing. >> the italians also pulled out of the team store where cup merchandise is sold and they couldn't sell their products, prada handbags. it is not part of their team gear. that bickers won't help. >> not at all. windy today so they couldn't take part in that, but a nice cool down though. >> it was a nice cool down. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with i think, sandhya, more of the same, right? >> yes. we did see a 15 to 25-degree drop today thanks to the sea breeze and the marine layer. now for the america's cup on sunday the winds will be lighter. we are expecting them to be out of the west at 10 knots. hopefully they will be able to get the race underway. as you look at live doppler 7hd you can see low clouds
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along the coast and even in over parts of the bay already. so we are starting to see the gray cufnlg expanding as the ma -- coverage expanding as the marine layer continues. overcast skies and the temperature, santa rosa 56 and 57 in napa. it is still comfortable in fairfield and los gatos in the low 60s. here is a look from our kgo roof camera looking toward the roof camera. you can see the winds are actually light here, but it is gusty in spots like fairfield right now. low clouds and fog overnight. the cooler pattern holds tomorrow and then it is going to be slightly warmer sunday, monday and tuesday with a weaker sea breeze. tonight we have the cloud cover and it is going to make its way in toward some of the valleys. so first thing tomorrow morning starting out with the low clouds and the fog. you may even run into some mist and drizzle along the coast. keep that in mind. it could be damp in the morning for your plans. midto upper 50s first thing in the morning. the temperatures will be
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running cooler than they have been in days past with the heat wave. highs for your saturday afternoon, 80 degrees in morgan hill. 73 santa cruz. 76 in san jose and 79 los gatos. 72 in mill pea dison the peninsula. sunshine by the afternoon. 73 in palo alto and 72 redwood city. upper 50s near the coast and much like today, a little breezy. you will see some lingering low clouds near the sunset district. in the north bay 50s coast side. most other areas are pretty mild. 70s, 80s, 78 in santa rosa and 74 for vallejo and up toward ukiah. 89 degrees. 70 in oakland and 72 newark. head inland and the temperatures will be running a little bit behind where you should be for this time of year. 80s san ramon and pleasanton and 83 in livermore and 84 out toward antioch. if you are gying to the game tomorrow, the giants take on the dodgers in the afternoon at 4:15. at&t park, 62 at game time and
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then dropping to 58. it is going to be mostly sunny, but breezy. take a sweatshirt or light jacket if i were you. here is a look at the forecast and it will get warmer. sunday upper 80s. monday, tuesday, low 90s inland and low 60s coast. cooling off midweek. temperatures will be falling back below normal with mid80s inland and upper 50s coast side. this is really the cooling trend we experienced today long overdue. people are talking about it on facebook and twitter. i asked what do you think of the cool down? they love it. abc7 news has another great resource for you to follow. live doppler 7hd for the latest conditions rain or shinement get video forecast and power outage info and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> i am going to tweet you right now. >> sandhya delivers. >> speaking of being on your phone we have a new smart phone app to help you keep track of the weather and the bart strike that was on going. >> you will be able to watch
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live breaking news as it happens . the app is easy to download. go to for the details. and remember if you have the ew one. app you will need to the old one is going away soon.
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the giants were hoping to return to at&t park and turn things around, but a former teammate made sure their losing ways would continue. matt cain has pitched well against the dodgers in the past, but this time cain was not able. juan uribe had a nice one. he doubled with the bases loaded. l.a. broke it open with six runs in the third. ramirez drives in puig.
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cain threw 75 pitches and two and a haired thinkings. and then a bases loaded triple. cain was done. the last twof with this homerun off kikum. the giants have now lost 10 of the last 11 and fall five and a half games back of arizona. the a's were at kansas city. the yellow hot dog is the -- wiener. tommy malone was as good as that joke was bad. he add shutout until the 9th. oakland ep oned up -- oakland opened it up. a triple into the gap and he went two for three in the 9th. he gets on base again and a run scores. cocoa crisp had three r.b.i and that made it 6-0a's. the royals rallied for three in their half. he gets the last two outs to earn the save.
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dating back to the last season and he has 40 straight saves which ties the franchise record. the a's are a half game ahead of texas in the al west. the warriors gave it their best shot, but in the end, allstar center dwight howard chose houston and not golden state. however, the warriors did acquire another quality free agent. he has agree agreed to a 4-year contract. he is athletic and plays great defense and he has a career average of more than 15 points a game. to get him golden state had to clear a lot of salaries, so they traded three players to utah. the jazz got the warriors' number one pick in 2014 and 2017. plus they got multiple second round picks. golden state had to renounce the rights to jaret jack and landry. the warriors had to pay a steep price, but they keep
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their core together and get an allstar player. the nhl free agency period is also underway. san jose has signed logan couture to a $30 million deal. he lead the sharks with 21 goals in the shortened lockout season. they also acquired kennedy and defenseman hanley. this abc7 sports is brought to you by river rock casino. it will be djokovic and andy murray in the men's final on sunday. >> it has been a good tournament. >> they will be cheering for murray, the first brit to win wimbledon since 1936. >> that would be exciting. >> could be history. >> thank you, rick. well, coming up, talk about history, this is a first pitch like you have never seen. >> a japanese gymnast with a top that
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here is a look at your wake up weather as you start off your saturday morning
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plans. it will be a little on the gray side. light wind and possible mist or dries -- drizzle near the coast. you can see they are not really rising at 8:00 a.m. mid50s to low 60s. sunshine bay and inland in the afternoon. lisa argen will be here at 5:00 tomorrow morning. ama, dan? >> we are ending with a wild piece of video. most first pitches at baseball games are usually duds. >> here is one that could take a minute to wrap your mind around. a rythmic gym nays -- gymnast threw a strike. >> the crowd and announcers and players were awed by herbal and flexibility. and her flexibility. she actually flows it over the plate doing this. how much practice does that take? one more time before we go. oh there we go. the big wind up. >> there she goes, wow. good pitch. >> sign her up. >> so jimmy kimmle live is next. channing tatum is on, take
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note. >> you don't think he is attractive. >> no, not at all. >> have a goodo'b
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"jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- channing tatum, director paul feig, and music from pharrell williams with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for watching, thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i appreciate it. if you're wondering


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