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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 6, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. egypt erupts. scores dead in street clashes between backers and opponents of the ousted president. throwing rocks and bombs at each other. escalating anger against the military. and the big question this morning, is a key u.s. ally on the brink of all all-out civil war? and more breaking news. look at this giant fireball, after a train derails on the main town on the border. dozens of tanker cars carrying fuel ignite. it's all hands on deck for firefighters right now. caught on tape. a fugitive captured at the convenience store. the split-second decision by a man in stars and stripe, tackling an escaped convict at the cash register. the inmate is now behind bars. but who is this courageous
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customer? patriotic double-take. from george washington to ben franklin. >> is that your real name? >> what's it like to be a normal american with a larger-than-life name? good morning, everyone. dan harris is taking some well-deserved time off this holiday weekend. we're happy to have abc's new "nightline" and legal anchor, dan abrams. >> it's good to be with you. i was going to wear my red suit and blue tie. but i figured as the fill-in guy, probably not a great move. it is saturday, july 6th. we hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend. there's a lot going on. let's get to the breaking news overnight in egypt, where the violence has escalated, after the military ousted that country's first democratically-elected president, mohamed morsi. his backers have been in deadly clashes with opponents. abc's alex marquardt has the latest from cairo.
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alex? >> reporter: good morning, dan. it's the worst violence we've seen yet between supporters and opponents of ousted president mohamed morsi. it happened just a short distance from where we are here in tahrir square. and many fear it's a sign of much more bloodshed to come in this deeply divided egypt. egyptian fighting egyptian. a bridge in downtown cairo became the front in this deadly battle on friday night. opponents and supporters of egypt's ousted president, firing guns and fireworks, throwing rocks and molotov cocktails. after several hours of violence, the army finally stepped in and dispersed the crowds. violence raged beyond the capital, as well. here, the army opened fire on supporters of deposed president mohamed morsi, as they prayed. across egypt, at least 30 people were killed and 200 wounded. the target of this fury, egypt's military, which on wednesday, removed the country's first democratically-elected president
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to place him under arrest. protests supporting morsi drew tens of thousands of islamist supporters into the streets after friday prayers. >> where's my vote? i do vote in the box. and where? where is? >> reporter: these speakers are calling for an uprising, telling these supporters of morsi to take to the streets and squares across egypt, until morsi is back in power. there was a tense standoff at the military compound, where morsi supporters believe he is being held. then, soldiers fired. three were killed. >> the military has no spot in politics. has been tossed back into the political scene. the people are able to push it back where it belongs. >> reporter: the military is holding firm in the streets. aircraft buzzing in the skies above. so are the opponents of morsi, who called for mass rallies tomorrow here in tahrir and elsewhere. little signs that any of the sides are looking for
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compromise. bianna? >> so many people in the states wondering what this turmoil will have on gas prices or oil prices. alex, thanks to you. and staying overseas, all eyes are on edward snowden right now. the nsa leaker is on the run. and we're just hearing this morning he may now be able to leave moscow and find asylum in venezuela or nicaragua. but the he make it to either country without avoiding u.s. extradition? abc's kirit radia is following the developments for us from moscow. >> reporter: good morning. edward snowden has been stuck here in moscow's airport for nearly two weeks. but now, venezuela and other countries are preparing to throw him a lifeline. the question is, can he get there? on friday night, venezuela's president offered him political asylum. that after the presidents of nicaragua and bolivia suggested they were willing to do the same thing. the problem for snowden is he doesn't have safe routes to travel. he has to go almost to the other side of the globe. and most of his transit options are in countries that have extradition treaties with the united states.
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his best option may be to connect via cuba. there's a direct flight from here five times a week. the other option is on a private plane. the ones that could make it there without refueling cost over $200,000. so, not out of the question for a rich supporter who wants to help. and then, there's the question of air space. will the united states and other countries allow a plane carrying snowden to travel over their territory? as for when snowden can travel, less than an hour ago, a plane left for cuba and he wasn't onboard. he may be waiting for travel documents to arrive. until then, he and we will be here waiting. dan and bianna? >> thanks very much. now, to the george zimmerman murder trial. on friday, the prosecution wrapped up its case. the defense asked for the charges to be dismissed. and both the victim's and the defendant's mothers presented emotional testimony. matt gutman has the latest from our miami bureau. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, dan. that's right. both sides trying to use a lot of emotion here. that's because the central question in this trial on facing the jury is, what were george
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zimmerman's intentions that night? the prosecution spent nine days trying to prove that zimmerman shot martin because he wanted to. expect the defense to try to prove he shot him because he had to. this morning, george zimmerman's case is finally in his attorneys' hands. and the first witness the defense called friday, his mother, gladys. at question, the howls in this 911 call. >> do you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> who's voice was that? >> my son, george. >> reporter: moments later, rare emotion from zimmerman, who claimed self-defense as his uncle also defendanted him. it was another mother's testimony that captivated the court on friday. sabrina fulton, also asked about the 911 calls. >> who do you recognize that to be? >> trayvon benjamin martin. >> reporter: the grieving mother's testimony capping the prosecution's nine days of sometimes jarring testimony. >> these [ bleep ].
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they always get away. >> reporter: during which some of its own eyewitnesses seemed to weaken its case, including the eyewitness who saw martin of top of zimmerman that night. >> he was the one who was raining blows down on the person on the bottom, george zimmerman, right? >> that's what it looked like. >> reporter: perhaps no witness testimony more bizarre than that of the medical examiner. >> i don't understand your question. nobody knows -- >> excuse me. >> reporter: and saying he changed his opinion on earlier statements he made. no sooner did the prosecution rest its case, the defense moved to throw it out. >> what is before the court is an enormous amount of information that my client acted in necessary self-defense. >> reporter: the prosecution ready with this quick rebuttal. >> there are two people involved here. one of them's dead and one of them's a liar. >> reporter: now, the jury is not expected to hear george zimmerman tell his side of the story. his attorney tells me, very unlikely he will put him on the stand. that means the defense could wrap its case by wednesday. the jury could begin
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deliberations as early as friday. >> so many people want to know if zimmerman will take the stand. thanks, matt to you. we're lucky to have you here, dan. you've been following this case since the beginning. and you told me this morning you think the prosecution's case is in trouble. >> the prosecution's case is now in. they presented all of their evidence. and i do not see how a jury, as a legal matter, convicts of either second-degree murder or manslaughter. now, that did not mean that george zimmerman was justified. it doesn't mean that george zimmerman was right. it means that when the prosecution has the burden to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt, meaning they have the responsibility to disprove self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt. it is hard to imagine that of all the witnesses we've seen, that there is not reasonable doubt as to that up to this point. this is just the prosecution's case. and even amongst those
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prosecution witnesses, we have seen testimony which it's hard to imagine would not be perceived as reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury. but you can't predict juries. so, who knows? >> that's right. we're going to hear from the defense, as matt said next week. this could wrap by wednesday or thursday. >> yeah. guess who is back in the house with us, finally. >> who? >> you. >> oh, okay. thank you. thanks very much. >> great to see you. welcome back. >> thank you. thank you, bianna. dan, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. we're following breaking news right now. a train carrying 80 tankers of flammable liquid has derailed and is burning right now in the small town of lac-megantic in the province of quebec, and 130 miles from the border with maine. we just got off the phone with a witness who described this frightening scene. >> explosions. the sky was red, yellow. it was, like -- it was crazy. there was like the end of the world. >> and that entire small town is being evacuated. and there's been an all-hands call for help.
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we're learning more this morning about the company that staged the fourth of july fireworks show in southern california, that injured dozens of people just a couple days ago. more than 30 people were hurt when a shell went off prematurely, knocking over other rounds of the fireworks. the company bay fireworks of new york has had other accidents. in 2008, an explosion at a show in new york injured five people. and that same summer, a bay fireworks floating barge caught fire. the company says it is cooperating with the investigation in southern california. and chrysler is recalling more than 250,000 minivans. the models are the 2013 the dodge caravan, chrysler town and country, and ram cargo van. chrysler says a software problem is causing side air bags to deploy on the wrong side when there's a crash. the carmaker says the problem can be solved with a quick software fix. and an amazing tale of survival. a dog that got trapped under the hood of a car while the car was driving through three cities in florida. with the pooch wedged between
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the steering wheel mechanism and the front axle. eventually the dog was discovered wedged inside beneath the hood of that car. and the rescue crews had to dismantle part of the engine to get him out. the dog was taken to the vet and now is reported to be doing fine. bianna, back to you. we're going to turn to new details on a story we've been following closely this week. the terrifying ordeal of a mother and her 6-year-old daughter held against their will in brazil. the little girl went there to see her father. but now, that trip has turned into one, long nightmare. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: she is the little 6-year-old girl at the center of the international legal battle. ava and her mother, shauna hadden, spending the last month stuck in brazil. the mom who has full custody of ava in massachusetts, said her ex-husband paid for their tickets to visit him in brazil. but she says, it was all a trick. within days of their arrival, he took hadden to court.
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brazilian authorities confiscating their passports. hadden says ex is trying to keep ava in brazil. when are you supposed to get your passports back? >> i have no timeframe. i have no idea. >> reporter: now, hadden, is turning to facebook for help. her page, trapped in brazil, has thousands of supporters. her family and members of congress are fighting to get her and ava back to the u.s. >> i have no documents here. so, my thoughts are desperation and fear on a daily basis. >> reporter: now, a man with a similar story is speaking out in support of hadden. david goldman, whose son was taken to brazil by his mother. spent five years to get his son back. in 2009, he did. >> our country, our embassy, our state department should do whatever they can to issue this mom and this daughter passports and get them on the next plane home. >> reporter: today, goldman is critical of how brazil handles these situations. >> they seem to want to do their own things, almost sort of a rogue way of custody.
7:13 am
ignoring international laws. ignoring previous set, ordered custody rulings. >> reporter: he believes there's only one way for parents to protect children in cases like this. >> the only advice to give a parent in this situation is don't go. >> reporter: and the state department tells abc news, u.s. officials are monitoring the case. and what about that father? well, we've not been able to reach him or his attorney, dan. >> these international custody cases are really troubling. now, to a dramatic rescue captured on camera. a bride-to-be posing for engagement photos with her fiance, springs into action when she spots a little boy drowning in a nearby creek. diving into the water to save the child. now, she's telling her amazing story. and abc's rob nelson is here with the details. >> i thought that we were just going to come here, take a couple pictures. and be able to just go home. >> reporter: like any excited
7:14 am
future bride, becki salmon has already saved the date. but as these dramatic engagement photos show, she also saved a life. how far out into the creek was he? >> this is a little -- it's difficult to judge. about ten feet off of this rock. >> reporter: last saturday, a photographer was snapping engagement photos of the happy couple at this tranquil philadelphia park, when romance suddenly turned to rescue. a friend of the couple's noticed a 5-year-old boy struggling in the murky creek behind them, images the photographer captured. >> we turned to look. and i saw a little head bobbing under the water. looked like he was trying to get to the surface. and i took off. >> reporter: becki who happens to be a paramedic and trained lifeguard, sprang into action. jumping into the water fully clothed. her heroics also caught on camera. >> i had never seen the kid. and i'm never going to again. i would be in the water, pulling him toward me. >> reporter: her fiance, matt, an emt worker, said he was not
7:15 am
surprised by becki's quick thinking. >> if you knew becki, i don't think you would be surprised. the kind of things in her life. >> reporter: becki says she wasn't a hero, and it wasn't until the photographer posted the pictures on facebook, did the story begin to make headlines. >> i didn't know i was a hero. no. that's what i'm trained to do. >> reporter: the mexico wedding is still a year and a half away. and their home is filled with pictures of far less dramatic days. but this snapshot will always stick out. not just for the bad story. but of the bravery of the bride-to-be. have you rescheduled the photo? >> no. we called it a day there. >> reporter: that wedding is set for the end of next year in mexico. and believe it or not, it will be a waterfront ceremony. becki says she is fully prepared to come to the rescue again, even in her wedding dress. but, guys, let's hope that everybody can stay on dry land for that day. >> the child's mother was there,
7:16 am
right? >> reporter: the boy's mother was there. and becki said the mother was distracted by another of her kids. and that's when the boy got into that water. >> water-proof mascara for that wedding. >> reporter: exactly. good move. now, time for the weather. julie durda from wplg is in for ginger zee. hey, julie. >> good morning to you. good morning, america. take a look at these photos we captured. it's a soaking mess across tennessee, the panhandle. all dealing with rain since the fourth of july. some areas have received over 12 inches of rain. and it's going to continue. as you can see, we have some video of portions of the panhandle. florida, continuing to be soaked. with the showers and thunderstorms, all because of a frontal boundary that's stalling out over portions today of the ohio valley. take a look at the reason why. we have a dome of high pressure in place over the atlantic that's keeping the frontal boundary in place. and the bull's eye will be
7:17 am
tennessee in towards ohio. the panhandle will see an additional two to three inches of rain. locally heavy rain. flooding concerns will be a big issue with this system across the area. what else is going on from coast-to-coast? here, it's hot, hazy, humid. i brought the south florida weather with me up to the northeast. severe storms over portions of the dakotas. nice weather for the pacific northwest. finally seeing a break from that scorching heat they've been dealing with. hot, humid conditions for the >> bianna and dan, we are dealing with heat, humid and a scorcher here in the northeast. i hope you like summer.
7:18 am
here it is. >> we have you to blame. you brought that with you from florida. >> sorry. >> thanks, julie. now, to the excitement surrounding today's wimbledon women's finals, featuring two players who have never won a grand slam title and neither is a household name. but one could soon be after upsetting serena williams and becoming the darling to tennis fans. from our sister network, espn, lindsay czarniak joins us with this story. >> great to see you guys. looks like she's having so much fun playing. we're talking about sabine lisicki. she is allergic to grass, the surface she will be playing on today at wimbledon. but that's no problem thanks to medication. her emotional reaction to her success so far in this tournament has been priceless. now, she is just one win away from reaching a childhood dream. >> i'm speechless. i'm so happy. >> reporter: sabine lisicky. emotional, triumphant, gracious.
7:19 am
>> serena played a fantastic match. she's such a tough opponent. and you know, it's just amazing feeling to win this match. >> reporter: she's wimbledon's it girl in a tournament that's been marked by big-name players being knocked from their thrones by relative unknowns. >> absolute shocker. >> she's a fresh, new face. and we've seen serena and venus and maria sharapova at the top for so long. and they've been wonderful champions. but it's time to have some new blood. >> reporter: the new blood is 26 years old. and she went pro six years ago. she was coached by her father, driving across the country for tournaments because the family couldn't afford airfare. sometimes even having to withdraw. but she is living proof that passion and family support count
7:20 am
for everything. >> my dad has went from 8:00 in the morning to 9:00 in the evening to make it possible so i can play tennis. the love for the game just gives me the belief to overcome anything. >> reporter: and the dream can come true. >> as a little girl, you never know what's going to happen. and there's always a dream to play in the center court in wimbledon. >> this year, she could very well win wimbledon. she's reached the final. she seems to have the whole package, personality-wise and game-wise. >> reporter: sabine has shown she will not back down on tennis' biggest stage. rallying back to beat overwhelming favorite serena williams in the fourth round. and using that confidence to make it into the finals. she says she just truly believes she will win when she walks out on the court. >> great to hear her thank her parents. nice to see that. great to have you here, lindsay. thank you. and you can catch the wimbledon women's finals on our sister network, espn, starting at 9:00 this morning, where sabine will take on marion bartoli. and on this fourth of july weekend, imagine you share the
7:21 am
name with one of our founding fathers. you actually weren't at the contusional convention. but your name sake was. >> you have that in common. we're wondering what it is like to be benjamin franklin or thomas jefferson. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: benjamin franklin is alive and well. living in brooklyn. >> benjamin franklin? >> i have a tall latte for benjamin franklin. >> reporter: imagine getting this reaction every day. >> i was in a rite aid. i handed the lady my credit card. she looked down and looked at me and said, you better quit playing. >> reporter: we met with our benjamin franklin in front of his home on franklin street. >> it just kind of worked out that way. >> reporter: how did he inherit the famous name? is he an inventor? a diplomat? maybe a great kite flier. >> i can't tell you how many times i've been asked if i've
7:22 am
been flying kites. >> reporter: well, sort of. franklin is an acrobat and co-founder of new york's two-ring circus. but seriously, why the name? >> i'm a long line of four benjamin franklins. my great grandfather was a bit of an inventor. respected the original benjamin franklin. thought that was a good name for the baby. >> reporter: it may sound like a case of mom and dad having an odd sense of humor. but open any phone book and under franklin, benjamin, you're bound to find a few entries. head to hale, nathan, or adams, sam, and same thing. and that's where we found jefferson, thomas. >> if i check into a hotel. and i tell them, you can tell guests that thomas jefferson slept here. >> reporter: what else is good about being name affidavit a founding father? >> it's nice to see $100 bill. and think, that's me. >> reporter: and even if his starbucks order comes with a double-take. >> is that your real name? >> reporter: franklin has come to love his famous forbearer. >> i'm the other ben franklin. >> working these people on the phone. hello, thomas jefferson? hello, benjamin franklin?
7:23 am
coming up on "good morning america," caught on the fourth of july. a convenience store customer catches a prison escapee and holds him until police arrive. wait until you see the dramatic surveillance video. plus, grammy award-winner brandy joins us live. she's rocking the essence festival. she'll be with us. to benefit cancer research i rode across the atlantic. crossing an ocean with your body as the motor, it hurts. so my answer was advil.
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♪ ♪ got the sweetest heart music this morning on "gma." that's one of the hottest entertainers around. brandy, kicking off the star-studded essence festival three-night concert series in new orleans superdome. she'll be here live to tell us about the big holiday weekend show. so excited to talk to her. >> i'm looking forward to that. i'm dan abrams, in for dan harris today. it is saturday, july 6th. and continuing with the musical theme, we're going to take you inside an exclusive bash in a brooklyn warehouse, celebrating jay-z's new album. his beautiful wife, beyonce, among the big names partying. that's coming up. but first, a fourth of july hero, wearing a patriotic shirt, captures a violent escape con on the run. >> it happened in a flash inside
7:31 am
a convenience store and was caught on a security camera. abc's newest correspondent aditi roy is here. >> reporter: it is incredible. and the video is just riveting. the convicted felon managed to break out of an ohio prison. he landed at a nearby convenience store and never made it out of there free. he was literally caught on tape, in this dramatic surveillance video captured on thursday. prison escapee and convicted rapist, james david myers, tackled by a man in an american flag shirt who comes flying out of nowhere. he pins the fugitive to the ground and keeps him there for several seconds. >> i just walked over there, and threw him to the ground. didn't give him a chance to get a gun. >> reporter: mark cooper is the man seen here, pinning myers to the ground. he says he was shopping at the ohio convenience store where the fugitive landed. watch as myers walks up to the cash register and stays there
7:32 am
for several seconds, as he appears to pay for his tea and snickers bar. the clerk at the register said the whole time, she knew she was face-to-face with a rapist on the run. >> i was just trying to stay calm. i tried not to show that this is the guy they're looking for. >> we had a wanted picture right there at the register. >> reporter: that clerk recognized him and called police. the store owner also called 911. >> your escaped convict is at our store right now. >> reporter: cooper sprang into action, keeping myers on the ground, so workers could wrap the inmate in twine until authorities could get there. >> i was confident in my strength that once i grab ahold of somebody like that, he's not going to get back up. >> reporter: myers is back in prison. authorities want to thank cooper. he tells reporters, he doesn't want the credit. >> the hero label, you're not comfortable with that, i can tell.
7:33 am
>> not at all. >> reporter: myers was serving 30 years to life in prison. he was discovered missing the day before his capture. authorities haven't said how he escaped. another clerk told reporters she was actually shaking the entire time she was in the store. >> i can only imagine what that must be like when she recognized him and tried to be calm. >> reporter: incredible presence of mind. >> and the fact that so many different people recognized him from that poster shows you how effective these can be. >> the customer is a hero in my book. aditi, great to see you. back to ron claiborne for another check of the top stories. great to see you. >> we have more on the breaking news out of canada. a plane carrying a flammable liquid has derailed and is on fire. it's in the small town in the lac-megantic, in the province of quebec. about 134 miles from the border with maine. and abc news has learned that the entire town has been evacuated. and people are being kept at least 15 miles away. video from the scene shows all 80 cars on fire. flames leaping into the sky. firefighters from both countries, the u.s. and canada responding. and a call for all-hands gone out for assistance there. and at least 30 people
7:34 am
reported dead in violent clashes across egypt. thousands took the streets in cairo and other cities in egypt on friday. islamist supporters of the ousted president are being demanded he be returned to power. not one but two offers of political asylum for former nsa contractor edward snowden. nicaragua and venezuela have offered him political asylum. it's unclear how he would be able to travel to either country. snowden facing espionage charges in the u.s. is believed to be stuck in the transit area of a moscow airport. and finally, nba star dwight howard is headed to the houston rockets. i believe they're your favorite team. >> they are. >> speculation he would be leaving the l.a. lakers after just one season. to join the rockets, reportedly a four-year deal worth about $88 million. that's about $65 million after taxes, i believe. >> still a lot. >> still a lot of money in my neighborhood. time, now, for the weather
7:35 am
and to our julie durda, from our miami affiliate, wplg. >> good morning, everyone. it's the holiday weekend. a lot of you probably want to head to the beach to escape from the heat. it's a scorcher on the east coast, all the way to the northeast. want to warn you, there's a high risk of rip currents from florida to the carolinas. we have some video of north carolina. had to deal with the swells and very choppy seas just offshore by sunset beach. that's a big concern and a huge threat for you beachgoers. make sure you're swimming on guarded beaches. want to show you a water temperatures in south florida. we're seeing a water temperature of 82 degrees off the coast. temperatures ranging from the low to upper 70s. it a relief from the heat because we're seeing highs in the 90s along the east coast today. severe thunderstorms will continue over portions of the ohio valley. as we head to the west, you can see water temperatures much cooler. 53 degrees over the pacific northwest.b!kzx it will be a great day to head to the beach in south california. we're seeing dry conditions. it's hot there in sout
7:36 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by ashley furniture. dan? bianna? >> thank you. and coming up on "good morning america," brandy, live. the grammy winner tells us about her big fourth of july down in the big easy. and we're going to have a first look at justin timberlake playing a '60s folks singer, in an upcoming film by the coen brothers. [ voice on phone ] up high! up high!
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♪ got the sweetest heart the 2013 essence festival is rockin' new orleans. this is the 19th annual gathering of some of the biggest artists and performers on one stage together, with cultural and community events. >> the festival is in high gear after kicking it off with a knockout performance by brandy last night. and she is kind to wake up early this morning, from the big easy, to be with us.
7:41 am
brandy, first of all, great to see you. >> thank you so much. >> you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> this was the first time performing on the main stage at the essence festival. what was it like? what made it so special? >> this was my first time attending the essence festival. it was such a great experience to perform and be with my family and friends. my hometown is an hour away. so, you know, all my family was there. and to share that connection with the fans that were there was amazing. i'm so blessed to open it up. and see such amazing talent. >> there's so many other stars there, as well. >> i know. >> do you ever get star-struck? are you walking around saying, that's -- >> absolutely. absolutely. >> yeah? >> i just had a moment with jill scott and maxwell. you know, worked out the whole duet with maxwell.
7:42 am
>> you've been having quite a few moments this past year. your new album out. the first in four years. >> yes. >> you're also getting married, on a personal note. how are you juggling it all? congratulations, by the way. >> thank you. it's prioritizing and balancing and making sure you have the team keeping you on point and making sure you have everything lined up the way it's supposed to be. it's good. >> and your daughter is going to be your made of honor? >> she's 11. made of honor. she just turned 11. >> and you recently starred in tyler perry's "temptation," as well. >> yes. >> wow. what are you not doing? >> i want to do everything. i want to continue to keep going and living out my dreams. to be inspired at this time of my life is a blessing. and i just can't wait to keep moving. >> it's great to see you. been watching you the past few years, covering your amazingly talented career. and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. the backdrop does not fit new orleans. you should be outside. the jazz, and the musicians. >> i know, right? >> all right. great to see you, brandy. enjoy the festival. >> nice to see you guys, too. >> thanks, brandy. >> bye-bye. >> looks like a dan abrams legal
7:43 am
background. not brandy. coming up on "good morning america," this batman won't return. why christian bale doesn't want to be the caped crusader anymore. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain. it's hard to describe, because you have a numbness, but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something. once i started taking the lyrica
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♪ time, now, for a little "pop news." your eyes are not deceiving you. rachel smith is not here. instead -- you haven't been busy enough. gio benitez. >> she's a lot prettier, though. you can hold your applause. >> you can handle your own there. >> let's talk some pop. in case you're wondering, jay-z is still the king of hip-hop. and the queen, beyonce, knows how to help him celebrate his reign. the power couple danced the night away at a star-studded release party for jay-z's new album in a brooklyn warehouse this week. the album doesn't drop until next tuesday. but as part of jay's partnership with samsung, the first 1 million customers to download a special app got a first listen on the fourth of july. the full album was available to them one minute after the clock struck midnight. one of the tracks was co-produced by a 16-year-old girl. >> and it's dropping when? >> dropping soon. dropping soon.
7:49 am
>> dropping. and speaking of music moguls, let's talk about another taking over the silver screen. recognize this guy? that's justin timberlake. back on the big screen for a brand-new trailer for the coen brothers movie, "inside llewyn davis." he's playing isaac, a young folk singer trying to make it big in the '60s. it also stars kerry morgan. it is slated to hit theaters in early december. and big news about batman, now. a certain dark knight won't be rising again anytime soon. >> what? >> after starring in three batman blockbusters, christian bale is officially hanging up his cape. bale revealed to "entertainment weekly" said he won't be suiting up for the upcoming movie "justice league." telling the magazine he's had enough. what? as for who will fill bale's superhero shoes, dan abrams, the star says he has no idea. but that, quote, it's a torch
7:50 am
that should be handed from one actor to another. so, i enjoy looking forward to what somebody else will come up with. >> could be you. >> i'm disappointed. >> could be you. >> yeah. >> i'm looking forward to "justice league." that's going to be cool. >> yeah. it will be cool. and if you need an extra hand around the house, maybe you need a guinea pig or two. meet sammie and chelsea of maryland. they're not letting the fact they don't have opposable thumbs stop them from picking up a couple chores. these little guys have got to be the most talented guinea pigs on the planet. and they're pretty popular, too. they have more than 18,000 followers on twitter. >> they wash cars? they barbecue? >> look like stuffed animals. >> yeah. very cute. >> i love guinea pigs. i used to feed them for friends when they were off on vacation. >> they're very cute. >> i love guinea pigs. i used to baby sit them once? >> what hasn't gio benitez done? great job. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
7:51 am
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time flies when you're having fun. that's it for us. we want to thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! and make sure to watch "world news" with david muir later this evening. dan and julie will be back tomorrow. >> yes. >> and gio. we'll see you doing something. all right. we have much more coming up. stay tuned to abc news. of course, abc news online, on yahoo! >> welcome back, ron. >> thank you. thank you.
7:56 am
it feels like a month because it was a month. >> yeah. >> covering the mandela story. >> is there a guinea pig you want to baby sit? >> i don't know. we need some. >> i baby sat a guinea pig once. that's how much i love guinea pigs. gio benitez. good morning, i'm matt keller. a group of activists that planned to cut down trees today are posing nude. the move comes after plans by ucsf to remove the trees behind the medical center over fire concerns.
7:57 am
today's demonstrations kickoff at 11:00 this morning. police have security concerns ahead of soccer team in the south bay. they face off in san jose and promoters of the match after a brawl broke out in las vegas. they met with authorities yesterday to review security plans after a match on wednesday was stopped when fans stormed the field. another brawl delayed the las vegas match and several players were ejected. they will hold a cleanup after successful 4th of july celebrations downtown. a neighborhood cleanup will be held from 9:00 to 11:00 this morning. those interested in helping out should gather at the parking lot south of "l" street south the marina. good morning to you. we do have clouds hanging out over the boy from
7:58 am
exploratorium camera but we do have sunshine over in oakland and cloudy in santa rosa. livermore, sunny and los gatos coming in at 58. so the plan for today is the temperatures will stay cooler than average. you can see right now we are about four degrees cooler than yesterday at this time in san jose. we'll get into breezy winds and few clouds around itself bay. a couple of 80s making their way toward inland east bay this afternoon. next on "abc 7 news" at 8:00 a water main break floods several homes in san francisco. how one resident reacted to three feet of water suddenly rushing into his home. today will be the first full day bart trains are rolling on the tracks since the strike ended. could the resumption of servic
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, i'm matt keller in for katie marzullo. let's start with a quick first look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning to you, matt. here is look from mount tam. we're seeing low clouds and fog and sunny in san jose and 58 degrees on our coast. pretty foggy in half moon bay and winds have been


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