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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 7, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> wreckage still lines the runway as investigators try to piece together what happened. >> we're in for ama daetz tonight. major developments in the crash at sfo. >> the ntsb has been on the scene less than 24 hours and the investigators are releasing a wealth of information on what went wrong before the flight crashed. >> a third runway opened late today at sfo so now three of the four runways are operating which should help russ flight delays. >> reports phloem san francisco fire chief that a rescue truck racing to help victims may have accidentally one over a teenager involved in the crash. >> we have live team coverage. reporter: ntsb investigators have two hours worth of cockpit voice recordings to work with leading up to the crash. and 24 hours of the flight data
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recordings. so far, first look shows everything was smythe -- smooth sailing until the last seven second before the crash. these photos show investigators looking at the cabin and debris from the crash of asiana flight 214. they will have a mountain of evidence to collect and analyze, including cockpit voice and data recordings. captured on the plane's black boxes. they were flown overnight to the ntsb washington, dc lap. results show the plane roaching the rein runway at dangerously slow speed and got to go into a stall. ntsb chair debra hersman said seven seconds before impact the crew realize they're below the air speed and the engine throttles are idle. >> we're not talking bat few. we're talking about a significant amount of speed below 137. >> then just four seconds before impact, a cockpit alert, called the stick shaker, warns of a
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stall. >> this is both an oral and physical cue to the crew that they are approaching a stall. >> then just one and a half seconds before impact, the crew calls for a go-around or attempt to pull up and try to land again. hersman says the engines responded normally when the crew tried to throttle up but it was too late. the ntsb says until the few seconds before the crash there were no indications of any problems, and sfo's air traffic control tower only realized there was an emergency when they saw it. >> handling appeared routine until the controller noticed the aircraft hit the sea wall. the controller declared an emergency. >> video to please go online and send that in to the ntsb. that could be valuable evidence, valuable clues for them in their investigation. you can see all of the ntsb
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investigation photos on our web site at at sfo, abc7 news. >> speaking of those photos, here's a look at a few of them released by the ntsb investigators. they show the wreckage that investigators will carefully examining to determine what led to this crash and we have all the ntsb photos for you on our web site. you can find them at >> take a look at the video showing the crash. we highlighted another plane on the left side, taxiing by the crash as it happened. a united plane getting ready for takeoff when the other plane hits the runway. it flies, sending up a dusty cloud. the plane twirl and then smoke starts coming out. we talked to man on the plane who said there was a lot of confusion when flight 214 crashed. >> the people on the right didn't know anything happened, and people on the left heard a boom and people saw things
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flying by. then apparently you look close there and you say the tail of the plane lying completely separate, and then some wreckage, the landing gear, and fire coming out. >> he said three hours on the plane before it was finally toed back to the gate and was able to rebook his flight to japan. >> now to help treat the injured the blood centers of the pacific opened donation centers in millbrae and san francisco. 182 people were hurt with a wide range of injuries. john a.l.ston -- alston is live at san generals general hospital. >> we're now down to 17 patients here. two more released this afternoon. six in critical condition, including one child. today mayor lee was here to address reports that a san francisco fire truck may have hit one of the passengers after the crash. mayor ed lee came to talk about this visit to crash victimized
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but the questions were about a report that a fire truck might have hit one of the two girls that died. >> it wasn't verified and i would suggest to you that both the fire chief, the coroner's office, and of course the chair person of the ntsb would have direct information about that. >> the coroner is attempting to determine a cause of death. one of the survivors showed up at the hospital today to visit her eight-year-old son. >> i jump down. >> was there a slide? >> no, no, slide. i just jump down. >> the 38-year-old woman did not slide down the emergency chute as she and her son bailed from the plane. >> he told me, mom, we must go out and he run out of the plane, and he jumped down first, and i come out. >> the chief of surgery at san francisco general says the most seriously injured victims were sitting in the back of the
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plane, which slammed on to the runway. >> i think they were restrained and that some of them had injuries that looked like they were the restraints, just like in a car crash, only more severe, and flexion type injury where the spinal cord and the the final kole -- spinal column has been freaked. >> the mayor says the ntsb will be creating an assessment, finding out where all fire vehicles were on the crash site at the airport. live in san francisco, san francisco general, abc7 news. >> well, the parents of one of the two girls killed in the crash or obviously completely devastated. the father said this morning he was worried to death about his daughter. this picture is moments after the parents received the call confirming their child had been killed. the parents are coming to the u.s. to work with authorities now. alan wong talked with people who traveled to the u.s. with the girls. such a tragedy.
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>> the chinese consulate opened its doors this weekend just so it could help the people who lost their documents in that crash. now, among the people who were in that crash, they were surprised the number of people who actually walked away from it, but among those who were hospitalized, they're seeing the same type of injuries. >> chinese consul general says there were a number of back injuries. he and the consulate paid a visit to a student who came from china. >> we were there and the girl is in stable condition but i was talking to the doctor that she needed surgery. >> translator: the chair moving. the people out to the seat.
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reporter: 45-year-old man says the oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling and everything went dark. there were screams and what seemed like forever as passengers waited for instructions. he decided not to wait. >> translator: i stand up, try to leave. reporter: his wife injured her ankle in the scramble to the exit doors. 141 chinese nationals were on board, including his tour group of 23 from shanghai. >> what kind of injuries do your 23 tourists have? >> two people serious in back, still in the hospital, cannot move. >> the tour guide says the 40-year-old man and 50-year-old woman were undergo back surgery near san francisco. the rest of the group suffered minor cuts and bruises. >> yang and his wife will stay in san francisco with the injured tourists and one other while the rest continue on. >> today we go to the --
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>> despite the tragedy the group felt this was a once the a lifetime trip and they should try to make the best of it. >> that group lost a lot of their belongings, in fact all of the passengers lost a lot of their belongings to today the tour group will stay on schedule. today from monterey, l.a., las vegas, bryce canyon, and zion national park. they will not miss a beat. reporting live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> meantime, relatives of victims of the flight are on their way to san francisco. many boarded a plane at south korea earlier today, fighting through a crush of reporters. this man's mother and sister both survived the crash but he wants to head to san francisco to be with them. >> the ripple effect of this crash still very much being felt by travelers at sfo. there were cancellations and significant delays once again today. sergio quintana is live at sfo
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where thousands of travelers are trying to make do here. >> the good news is that sfo is now operating with three of its runways. the fourth is still shut down, obviously, as part of this ongoing crash investigation. but some flights are leaving on time. passengers, however, are notice something really major adjustments to their itineraries. inside the international terminal some passengers scheduled to leave today showed up early, hours early in fact, but there are lots of passengers here who couldn't fly out yesterday. so they're on standby, hoping to catch flights now. many air carriers are waiving fees to reschedule flights that were rescheduled because of the crash, and all of those passengers who are having to reschedule are investing lots of time on the phone and with ticketing agents to get them to their final destinations, and even when passengeres get onboard, their planes, some are not leaving immediately. i talked by phone with one man who has been on an air china
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plane to beijing since 11:30 this morning. >> people switching into shorts and everybody sweating and uncomfortable. >> they were stuck at the gate . the good news is that plane did just take off about 15 minutes ago, and unfortunately there is no shortage of unhappy passengers. hopeful travelers here at sfo. there are still dozens of delays, both departures and arrivals. also some cancellations. reporting live at san francisco international airport, sergio quinn tan that, abc7 news. >> still to come at 6:00, we hear first hand accounts of a massive fire that forced nearly 100 people out of their homes. >> how state prison officials hope to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the prison system. >> what knocked this surfer off his board.
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>> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. temperatures this weekend a little below where we should be this time of year, but get ready, the warmup is coming. we'll look at the seven-day forecast and let you see which da
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good evening, and we have more on the air disaster shortly but some other news as well. one person is still unaccounted for, nearly a hundred people displaced after a massive fire at an apartment building in
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redwood city. >> the hallmark house apartments on woodside drove, and woodside drive will be closed until midnight tonight. reporter: sleeping residents woke up to fire alarms, thick smoke and flames. >> 12 inches thick of smoke, coming through the front door, under, the sides and top. i opened the front door, and it was just a blanket of smoke. >> the only other way out was the balcony. that's where melvin within wait. he situation at his neighbor's was worst than his own. >> huge blast of flames, two feet in diameter. coming out rapidly like a blast furnace. reporter: more than 100 firefighters responded to the building and moved fast, plucking more than a dozen people from balconies. they rescued or located 97 people between 72 apartments but one man is still missing. they don't know if he is inside. this six alarm fire was still
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flaring up more than 12 hours after it started, making it to dangerous to go in. >> it was in the third floor and we are struggling with the roof covering materials and hidden fire, because of the original fire, the building is too unestablish, and so there's some areas of fire we can't get into. >> 21 people went to the hospital, including three firefighters. 36 people are staying at a red cross shelter. one man tells me he opportunity know where he'll go next but won't be his apartment at hallmark house. >> fire was coming up. i didn't bother to look. >> the fire department did bring in cadaver dogs at one point but couldn't go inside, so they sent them home. the dogs well be back tomorrow morning when authorities begin their investigation. it's too soon to tell what started the fire. >> a state lawmaker is calling for condoms to be made available to prisoners to stop the spread of sexually transmilted diseases, and oakland say
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september myman says prisoners have unprotected sex which leads to h.i.v. and other diseases. he wants the department of corrections to distribute condoms in five prisons by 2015 and expand the program to the 33 adult prisons no later than the year 2020. >> new zealand's america's cup injury scored foe first opinions thanks to italy not participating. sky 7hd was over the bay as the boat raced against nobody. this was the first race in the louis vuitton cup. italy boycotted the race why it waits for a ruling by the international jury tomorrow aring its protest to structural changed ordered for the yacht, use, r. >> could have won in a row boat. >> yeah. >> a nice day for sailing. >> it was and leigh glaser has a look at the forecast. >> leigh: it certainly was, and the wind on the bay, maybe not as brisk as those participants
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may have wanted, but hang on. we'll get a little bit more wind the middle part of the work week. live doppler 7hd picking up a wall of fog, just banked up there near the coast, already starting to push through the golden gate, heading over towards oakland right now. you can see the animation. it was really intrusive this morning and then eroded back off the coast, and we actually managed to warm up nicely today. in fact here a look at the highs. 90 in antioch, livermore, 90. north bay, 79. accept -- santa rosa, 79. half moon bay saw sunshine and warmed to 67. 9 in san jose. speaking of san jose, live shot from your fair city right now, from our san jose cam. san francisco right now, 64. san jose, 73. we have 68 right now in santa cruz, and our mt. tam cam showing you that fog already
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starting to make inroads in across the bay, over toward berkeley and oakland. santa rosa, 71. los good ats to -- los gatos, 78. here's a look at the forecast highlights. clear sky now but the low clouds move fur their inland overnight tonight. get ready for the next couple of days, with warming temperatures inland and then does look like things will start to cool down, the sea breeze will pick up wednesday, this, and friday. here is our fog animation for tomorrow, beginning at 11:00, already starting to move in for the 5:00 a.m. commute time. looks like the north bay valley areas are really seeing the fog bank there. also around the golden gate bridge, maybe a little mist and drizzle by 10:00 we should start to see this pull a little about off the coast. overnight lows tonight, with the east bay, mid-to-upper 50s, then go for mid-to-low 50s, and the fog, a little mist and
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drizzle. halfthis is the setup. we're going with high pressure building in for at least two days. it will push the storm track to the north of us. but as we get into wednesday, thursday, friday, all of this will shift south, and this low pressure right up here will bring us the clouds and some cooler temperatures as we head into wednesday and thursday. in fact, here's the trend. a week ahead for livermore, in the 90s monday and tuesday, and then check out by thursday, mid-80s. even san jose the next couple of days will be the warmest days of the work week, empty and tuesday. by thursday and friday, mid-to possibly even some low 70s. so enjoy the next couple of days. san jose, 83. milpitas, 78. peninsula, palo alto, menlo park, mid-70s, downtown san francisco 67. santa rosa, 82.
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oakland tomorrow, 74. castro valley, 75. 0 interior east bay, upper 80s near 90 for antioch and brentwood. the seven-day forecast, two mild to warm days, and then as we get into wednesday, thursday, ins and, temperatures drop, and the sea breeze picks up back into the 80s. >> just ahead here, what happens when you're stranded because of a disaster such as the crash at sfo? seven on your side's michael finney is their talk about what the airlines are required to too. >> and we'll continue or team coverage of the disaster with an exclusive look inside one of the fathering places for chinese students who survived the c
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>> the crash of asiana flight 214 at sfo got us wondering what the airline is required to do for passengers. >> and then there's the questions about what must be done by other airlines who had to cancel flights, leaving hundreds stranded. >> what right does the passengers have who are on asia san ya airlines flight use. >> a lot of talk about this. because it's an international flight the montreal convention and international air carrier treaty is applicable. if the airline is found to be negligent, most passenger whose were severely injured would be
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eligible for a $300,000 families of those who died would be entitled to the same amount. >> what about passengers who were delayed or sent to other airports. do the airlines have to put them in a hotel? >> less than you think. for domestic flights the contract of carriage is a contract you agree to when you buy a ticket. most offer compensation in these circumstances. the airlines must get their passengers to their destination within a reasonable time. that has -- has been inserted to mean days, not hours. >> there have been reports of price gouging at local hotels from doubling doubling and tripe rate. is this legal? >> in the state of california it may not be moral but certainly is legal here. higher prices don't officially become price gouging until a state of emergency is declared by a government authority, either local, state, or federal.
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>> certainly in poor taste. >> it is. we had reporters out today trying to spot this, and could never find it today. that didn't mean it didn't happen yesterday. and if this should ever happen to you, stop the person and say, i know what you're up to i'm going to call the media, specifically michael finney. >> still to come here on abc7 news at 6:00. we'll speak with a former top executive at toe who will give us an inside look at landing at this airport. >> and you'll hear what investigators are really saying about the pilots in the cockpit before the crash. >> what caused this deadly and explosive train cash in canada?
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>> good evening. our coverage continues of the asiana airline flight that crashed at sfo yesterday. >> three of the airport's four runways are back in operation. >> the runway next to 28-left is still closed and will be until investigators clear the wreckage
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from the flight. >> right now dozens of arriving and departing flights are still delayed or cancelled as a result. >> sky 7hd captured photos of asiana flight leaving sfo. the airline will continue to flight after investigators try to determine the cause of the crash. >> we're live from sfo with more on what they'll know tonight. reporter: it's only been a day but the ntsb released quite a bit of information this afternoon about what was going on in the seconds before flight 214 crashed, and again, it is early in the investigation. two factors are clear. >> handling appeared routine until the controller noticed that the aircraft hit the sea wall. reporter: too slow and too low. without drawing any conclusions why the ntsb says air -- asian na fli


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