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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 7, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> oh my god! oh, it's an accident. >> oh, you're filming it too. >> oh my god. >> the moment of impact of flight 214 captured on camera. and tonight there is word the pilot may have had very little experience flying this type of jet. good evening, everyone, i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. in for ama daetz tonight. new focus on the asiana pilot at the controls. lee kang-kook had only 43 hours of experience with the boeing 777, the plane that crashed, and it was his first time landing the plane at sfo. >> the ntsb revealed lee and the captain trying to abort the landing seconds before it crashed. warnings went off in the cockpit
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before it crashed. and preliminary finds from the flight data recorder show the plane was flying below the target speed. >> now we have live team coverage on these developments, and some amazing survival stories. let's start with the investigation into what went wrong. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live at sfo tonight. laura? >> reporter: hi, dan. we're learning tonight the pilot of this plane had lots of experience and other types of planes, like 747s, but not this one. still, the ntsb is not ready to call this crash pilot error. the pilot of the asiana flight that crash landed at sfo saturday had never flown a 777 into san francisco before. a spokeswoman for asiana told reuters, quote, it was lee kang-kook's maiden flight to the airport with the jet. he was in training. even a veteran gets training for a new jet. >> everything is on the table right now. it is too early to rule anything out. >> reporter: the ntsb isn't ready yet to assign blame for
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the crash that killed two people, butter in initial findings indicate by the time the crew of asiana flight 214 realized something was wrong, it was too late to do anything about it. the information comes from the two black boxes, the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder shown in these photos released by investigators. >> no prior distress call or requests for special support or problems were noted in the air traffic control tapes. >> according to the ntsb timeline, seven seconds before the crash, the crew realizes their airspeed is well below the target of 137 knots, four seconds before impact, instruments alert the crew the plane is about to stall. and at 1.5 seconds, the crew calls for a, quote, go-around. reached by television, aviation expert john nantz was stunned by the ntsb's initial finding. >> seven seconds before impact, of course, he didn't know he was going to have an impact.
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but seven seconds before getting to the shoreline, recognizing that they've got a problem there at the point in time they're probably already 20 to maybe even 30 knots below their expected airspeed is just unexplicable. >> reporter: the ntsb says the next step is to interview the crew to find out exactly what they were thinking and how they acted and communicated in the moments before the crash landing. >> we've just been here for a few hours, not even a full day yet. we have preliminary information, but we have a lot more work to do. >> reporter: now, the burned out remains of flight 214 will likely stay here at sfo for the rest of the week. that's how long the ntsb said today it will take them to fully examine the wreckage. coming up in 30 minutes, we'll talk about a device called a stick shaker. it was in the cockpit. it was one of those devices trying to warn the pilots about this imminent threat. at sfo, laura anthony, abc 7 news.
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>> all right, laura, thank you. this is one of the two chinese students who died in the crash. 16-year-old wan linjia was on her way southern california for summer camp. she was part of a youth group of chinese high schoolers who were also planning on visiting cal and ucla. she was sitting in the back of the plane when it crashed. on her social media page, wang wrote a message to her friends on friday just a day before that flight saying simply go. her parents learned the devastating news through a phone call from san francisco. this photo shows them being comforted by parents of students at the school in china as they gathered to learn news of their children. in another major development today, one of the two girls killed in that crash may have been run over by a rescue vehicle on the tarmac. the chronicle quotes fire chief joanne hayes white as saying the truck was racing to the scene of the crash when the girl was struck. it's not known whether the girl died from injuries in the plane crash or being hit by the fire truck. mayor ed lee addressed it late
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this afternoon. there. >> are lot of reports that were given to me, some substantiated, some not. and i cannot go into detail about that. i won't. because they're unsubstantiated. >> the san mateo county coroner tells the paper the victim's injuries are consistent with being run over by a vehicle, but there are not yet autopsy results. in the meantime, we are getting the first pictures from inside that plane. the ntsb released this photo today. you can see how the force of the landing buckled the seats badly. tonight some of the survivors are sharing their stories of survival and also one of heroism. katie marzullo is live with that part of the coverage. >> reporter: you can see the wreckage of the plane still there on the runway. we've been watching other planes take off and land all around it all day and all night. now imagine seeing the plane actually burst into flames and then realizing your dad is on that flight.
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eunice rah heard about the plane crash like everyone else, on the news. >> i knew he was flying from asia so he was definitely on asiana airline. and i knew he was coming in the afternoon and those came together. oh, god, you know, i thought no, i thought no. >> reporter: she went to the balcony of her millbrae apartment. >> from what i could see from my vantage point, i saw a huge burst of flame. i've never seen a fire. it was extraordinary. the clouds were just black. >> reporter: eunice text herd dad. >> first i sent was are you okay? are you on plane? he said i have escaped, safe. >> reporter: eugene rah took these pictures after he reached safety, a terrifying close-up of the crash, and flight attendants attending to passengers. he says the crew was incredible. one woman in particular. >> oh, she was crying. she was in tears all over. but she was carrying -- helping
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like a man twice as big as her and try to get him out of the plane and helping other people and other crews as well. she was amazing. >> reporter: so much of this story is amazing. it's amazing eugene and hundreds of others are alive, but eunice says it's not enough. >> when i hear things, people saying it could have been worse, it could have been all of them, it could have been 50, even 10, i just think about the two casualties that didn't make it. and my prayers -- i can't even begin to recognize how their families must feel not being able to reunite. some people are never going to heal from this. and i think that my dad is going to take some time. >> reporter: one other note, eugene's original seat was actually in the back of the plane, but at the last minute, he was upgraded to business class, which of course is in the front. he is actually a million miler with asiana airlines, having flown that much. in millbrae, katie marzullo, abc 7 news.
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>> what a story, katie, thank you. that unforgettable video showing the asiana disaster as it unfolded was captured on cell phone by a man who happened to be watching flights take off and land at sfo. lilian kim is in the newsroom tonight with that part of the story for us. lilian? >> reporter: fred hayes was about a mile away from sfo when he began recording. it's the only video that surfaced so far of the plane on impact. >> look at that one. look how his nose is up in the air. oh my god, oh, it's an accident. >> oh, you're filming it too. >> fred hayes couldn't believe what was unfolding right before his eyes. >> oh my god. >> oh my god, you're filming it. >> oh my god. oh my god. it's kind of surreal. my wife gina, you know, she took it pretty hard. we did. we all did. it was, you know, a tragedy. >> reporter: hayes says he started videotaping when he noticed what appeared to be a united airlines jet aimlessly taxiing around. but soon after, asiana flight
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214 caught his eye. >> i seen his nose up in the air. and then, you know, and then i just totally locked on him. and i thought he was going to take off and go up. and he just kept going down. >> reporter: aviation experts say investigators will no doubt watch this video over and over again. aviation consultant mike mccarron says the video corroborates what has been described by the ntsb. >> clearly he was too low, because he hit the edge of the seawall there. and what the ntsb said today, below airspeed as far as the aircraft and the headwinds they were facing. too low and too slow seems to be the issue right now. >> reporter: hayes says the banging echoed across the water. he said he heard several booms as the plane hit the seawall before coming down hard and skidding and careening off the runway. he says he is still in a bit of shock. >> you know, we're just really happy that, you know, it was minimal, you know, and not everybody on the plane lost their life. >> oh my god.
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fred hayes is from south of sacramento but was in town this weekend to watch the dodgers play the giants. he says it was difficult to enjoy the games after having witnessed the plane crash. in the newsroom, lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> i'm sure he'll never forget that. lilian, thank you. remarkable video. the san francisco police department is asking media outlets to share their pictures of the asiana airlines crash. investigators especially want to see aerial footage of the accident, which can be very telling. send us your pictures to youreport at tonight survivors of the crash staying at several peninsula hotels are getting help from airline representatives. take a look at cell phone video from inside one of the hotels. survivors are being interviewed by the ntsb investigators and they're being asked to fill out paperwork. representatives from asiana airlines as well as united airlines, a star alliance partner, are helping in the process. a korean woman who was on board the flight told us how she is feeling.
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>> i'm am okay. but two members of our team is injured. and so he was hospital. but he go out. >> she and another passenger walked along the shoreline because they wanted to see the remnants of the plane crash they survived. they also took photos of it from a distance. there were 141 passengers from china on that flight, many of whom lost their travel documents. the chinese consulate in san francisco opened this weekend to help them get replacements that includes a bus full of people going on a west coast tour. some in the group must stay in san francisco to be treated for injuries. the others decided this is a once in a lifetime trip so, they got on the bus today and say they will try to make the best of it. >> can you imagine how hard that would be to just go on. >> yeah. well, much more on the crash at sfo coming up here, including another plane on the runway, the
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one in the video when the asiana flight went down. passengers on board that other plane describe the moment of impact. plus, survival strategies where. you should sit on a plane, and the other things you can do to make sure you survive a crash if the unthinkable happens. hi there, everyone. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. temperatures the last couple of days a little below where we should be for this time of year. but tomorrow we will start to rebound. the warmest day you can expect this upcoming workweek. we'll take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. and if you wish, you can express your support for victims of flight 214 by sharing this badge. it's on our facebook page, and on google plus at abc 7
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covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> when you look at the wreckage of asiana flight 214, it's hard to imagine everyone made it off the airplane before it went up in flames. so how can you increase your odds for survival if the unthinkable happens? here is abc's david wright with advice from the professionals. >> reporter: this 727 is about to crash -- on purpose. seconds before impact, the pilots abandon ship, leaving crash test dummies, cameras, and computers to record what happens next. it's a science experiment conducted by the discovery channel to measure the survivorability of a plane crash. one conclusion, bracing for
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impact like they show on the safety card, actually works. >> i suspect this one may have a concussion and that one may have a broken leg. >> minimizing the chance you'll get knocked out or worse. another conclusion, passengers at the rear of the aircraft are generally safer, especially in a nosedive crash like this one. the crash here at sfo was slightly unusual in that the plane appeared to belly flop tail-first. the two passengers who died were seated near the back. statistics show that the chance of dying on a scheduled flight here in the u.s. is 1 in 14 million. >> riding on a commercial airplane has about the same amount of risk as riding on an escalator. >> the danger not just from the impact itself. smoke and fire start fast, as we saw here in san francisco. within 90 seconds. this simulator used to train flight crews how finding an exit can be tricky. but it's essential to get out fast. >> if you can't instantly determine the source and severity of the smoke, then you must consider it to be a threat
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to the airport. >> reporter: according to the national transportation safety board, 76% of passengers survive even the most serious crashes. the faa's advice, sit within five rows of an exit. make a mental note of the exit. sit on the aisle. and don't sleep during takeoff and landing. >> that's david wright reporting on the survival strategies. very good information. coming up new at 11:35 tonight, the unique conditions the pilot faced at sfo that may have made it difficult to land. plus, the very latest of course on the crash investigation. and our reporting on the crash at sfo continues on twitter at abc 7 bay area. and the latest at 4:30 a.m. and go to abc7 to see the photos of the crash scene that the ntsb released today. on to other news today. bystanders in marin city tonight threw rocks at a sheriff's deputy trying to find a man he said tried to run him down that deputy suffered a head wound. this started before 6:00 when the deputy recognized a man,
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stopped in a car as someone driving with a suspended license. the deputy approached the car and pulled his gun. the deputy says grayson then drove right at him. the deputy fired several times. grayson got away. >> all right. we hope you enjoyed the long holiday weekend back to work. let's take a look at the weather. >> leigh glaser here now. >> already a pretty good fog bank developing right near the coast. and just the latest frames with live doppler 7 hd. you can see it already moving through the golden gate bridge, heading up towards tiburon, as well as san rafael-richmond bridge. and even towards the bay, the san mateo coastline there, as well as over towards hayward and oakland. yes, a foggy start. low clouds. you better believe it for the early morning commute. here is a look at the the golden gate bridge, with the dense overcast, already developing there. san francisco 57. 60 in san jose. here is a shock to my rooftop
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cam. bay bridge overcast not there right now. still seeing some clear sky there. but temperature-wise, still holding a little bit of heat. in fairfield, 60. livermore, you're at 60. and los gatos 60 degrees as well. the exploratory cam, eyes on coit tower. here is a look at your highlights. look for the low clouds and dense overcast to spread inland tonight. warmer inland the next couple of days. so enjoy that. and then it looks like things will start to shift around and we'll start to cool by wednesday and thursday. heading out the door tomorrow morning, this is our 11:00 time period right now. fog forecast by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. you can see much of the bay area, especially the north bay protected areas. that strong westerly wind out there tonight, just pushing it inland. and that could possibly pose more flight problems at bay area airports. keep that in mind. by 10:00 tomorrow morning, it should start to move back off the coast. and we are looking for plenty of sunshine by tomorrow afternoon.
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overnight lows tonight, the warmest locations inland with antioch 58 degrees there. one of the coolest locations will be half moon bay at 51. by early tomorrow morning. and the pacific satellite show high pressure will be building in by tomorrow afternoon. storm track stays to the north. the slight warming on monday and tuesday. those will be the two warmest days this upcoming workweek by wednesday. all of this pushes to the south. and we'll see that little trough of low pressure move in. and that's what is going to cool us down, come midweek. so enjoy some 80s. san jose tomorrow, 83. 78 for milpitas. the peninsula, after some morning overcast, get ready for temperatures to come up a few degrees. mountainview 80. it will be breezy at the coast. half moon bay, 62. san francisco, morning overcast, afternoon partial clearing. 67 degrees there. petaluma will warm to 78. 82 santa rosa. napa 80. hayward 73. oakland, one better at 74 degrees. and back up into the upper 80s to right near 90 degrees inland
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locations, brentwood and antioch 90, and concord, you'll warm to 87. looking out ahead, my seven-day forecast, monday, tuesday, the warmest days. and then the winds will shift around thursday, friday, bringing in more low clouds and also some breezy conditions. cooler weather in store for the latter part of our workweek. and mike nicco will be here tomorrow morning with an update. >> thank you very much. mike shumann is off, but a lot of sports to talk about. >> including history across the pond. >> last year andy murray was in tears when he lost to roger federer. this year just tears of joy. coming up with a chance to make history. andy was dandy at wimbledon. and for the
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this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> andy murray made history today at wimbledon. after coming so close last year, murray was determined to become the first brit to win the men's titles since 1936. to do so, he had to beat top seed novak djokovic. this is one of the best rallies
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of the day as murray in the near court covers a whole lot of ground before finally winning this point. with his long-time girlfriend kim sears looking on, murray wins the championship as djokovic's return goes into the net. the drought finally over for great britain as murray takes the title in straight set, 6-4, 7-5, 6-4. the a's club the royals as josh reddick's bat heats up. and the dodgers again leave the giants feeling blue as they
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the struggling giants were facing the dodgers and their old nemesis, clayton kershaw at at&t park. barry bonds among the sellout crowd, chad. this diving grab. gaudin allowed one run and four
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hits. he gets yasiel puig for one of his nine strikeouts. kershaw went eight strong innings. he too gets help from his defense as puig robbed guillermo quiroz. puig might end up in the all-star game as well. tied 1-1 in the ninth, ellis breaks it open with a bases loaded double off sergio romo. it will roll to the wall. dodgers win, 4-1. the giants have lost 11 of their last 13. tomorrow they host the mets. in kansas city, the a's have a board toll low colon look-alike as one of their fans. five runs in the second. josh reddick with the two-run double. eric sogard then brings him home. it looks like reddick is starting to break out of his season-long slump. this two-run shot in the third made it 7-1a's. reddick tied with four rbi. sogard and jed lowrie went deep.
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10-4 the final. lou -- lowry with the splash landing. >> later on the show we'll talk about golf and the tour de france. still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00, what we're learning about the pilot's experience behind the 777. and now video on the moments of impact and exactly what the pilot was asking for seconds before this crash. plus, we'll take a look at the unique challenges of flying into sfo. we'll be right back with another half hour of abc 7 news.
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news.
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>> and good evening once again. i'm dan ashley, and i'm carolyn johnson. we're filling in for ama daetz tonight. the very latest on the asiana airlines crash there are reports the pilot of flight 214 was very inexperienced handling 777s, and that saturday was his first attempt to land at sfo. >> the ntsb revealed the pilot tried to abort the landing seconds before impact, and that the warnings sounded in the impact. also, preliminary finds from the data recorder show the plane was flying below the target speed. >> we also have new video of the crash to share with you tonight. >> this was captured on a cell phone by a witness watching the planes land from the shoreline. >> oh my god. >> oh my god, you're filming it. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> fred hayes was taking video of flights approaching the runway here when he saw flight 214 hit the seawall and kareem down the runway before coming to rest in a cloud of dust and smoke. >> you know, i thought he was going to take off and go up, and
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he kept going down. and then i thought okay, he is a little high. and then, of course, you know, the shock of seeing the accident. and hearing the noise. >> hayes says he hopes investigator can learn something from this video that helps them figure out what went wrong. you know they will watch it hundreds of times. we learned from the ntsb today that the cover and the flight data recorder indicate the plane approached the runway far below the recommended speed. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live at sfo with the latest on that and new questions about the pilot's experience. laura? >> reporter: hi, carolyn. well, it's really uncharacteristic for the ntsb to release so much detail as they did today so early in an investigation. but it does show some glaring problems with the final approach of this aircraft here to sfo. and we've learned simply that the pilot had very little experience inside the cockpit of a 777.
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the pilot in charge of the boeing 777 that crash landed at sfo saturday was in training. a spokeswoman for asiana airlines told reuters that pilot lee kang-kook had only 43 hours in this type of plane and had never flown one into san francisco before. >> we will not reach a determination of probable cause in the first few days we're on an accident scene. >> that includes pilot error. according to ntsb chief deborah hersman who revealed a slate of details in the flight seconds before the crash landing. the most stunning, it was clearly flying too low, and much lower than its 137 knot target speed on final approach to sfo. >> and we're not talking about a few knots. >> reporter: the information came from the plane's two black boxes, shown here in an ntsb photo. at four seconds, a device called the stick shaker activated in the cockpit. >> this is both an oral and a
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physical cue to the crew that they are approaching a stall. >> reporter: reached by phone, abc news aviation expert john nantz was surprised the crew didn't react sooner. >> >> this is inexplicable behavior. not just getting to that position low and slow, but also be so slow to recognize there is a problem. >> reporter: now the ntsb gave a lot of information today, but with zero speculation. it's interesting to note that the information about the pilot's inexperience came directly from the airline. earlier today, asiana's ceo made a point of saying he did not think this particular plane had any mechanical problems. at sfo, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> all right, laura, thank you. here is a look at what happened when the tail broke off from the plane. it ended up sitting on the runway with debris spread about 2,000 feet. the landing gear was near the tail, as were the stabilizers
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which were attached to the tail before the crash. the plane's body was left lying clear across that section of the tarm tarmac. >> keep in mind the vast majority of the 182 passengers taken to the hospital have now been released, but many of the handful who remain are in pretty bad shape, sadly. abc 7 news at san francisco general. >> reporter: crash survivor was supposed to be in san francisco on vacation. instead, she arrived at the hospital to visit her 8-year-old son who is also hurt. both jumped from the plane and not down the emergency chute. >> i jumped down by him. he is so brave. he told me, we must go out. and he ran out of the plane and had jumped down first. and i come out. >> reporter: the chief of surgery at san francisco general says the passengers who were most seriously hurt were sitting in the rear of the plane, which apparently slammed into the ground first. they had injuries to their
11:40 pm
abdomen and spine, including some cases of paralysis. >> we also saw some patients that had severe road rash as suggesting that they were dragged. we're not sure if those patients were outside of the plane and this is what happened to them. but both of those patients are alive. >> reporter: sf general had five operating rooms staffed and ready to go. some patients underwent more than one surgery, lasting several hours each. it was intense for doctors and nurses. >> you realize why you work here, why we do what we do. that we're an amazing team. we've taken care of very sick patients before. so that's not new. but obviously we'd all been through something very dramatic. it's just being thankful for each other. >> reporter: the chief of surgery had high praise for the triage efforts at the airport saying that without it, some passengers probably would have died. in san francisco, john alston, abc 7 news. >> now emergency crews brought a total of 182 crash victims to
11:41 pm
ten area hospitals for treatment. and the medical centers that handled the most patients are stanford hospital which treated 55 patients. two of them remain in critical condition. and san francisco general, which admitted 53 patients. six are in critical tonight, including a child. 18 people were taken to mills peninsula hospital in burlingame. five victims were admitted, most with broken bones and cuts. investigators tonight are also looking into mechanical issues at san francisco international airport that may have made the asiana airline crash unique. for instance, there is an electronic system that beams information to each plane coming in to tell the pilot if he or she is on the right landing path. at sfo, that system has been shut off since june because of construction. however, pilots can still rely on eyesight of course and knowledge to make a correct approach. >> and perhaps they found themselves too low, too slow as they came in over the water. maybe there were depth perception problems that they felt they were too high when they were where they needed to be.
11:42 pm
>> also at the airport there are a series of white and red lights along the runway telling the pilot if he is too high or too low. sfo officials are not sure whether those lights were in fact on. the two chinese students who died in the crash were part of a student group heading to a summer camp in southern california. 16-year-old wang linjia was sitting in the back of the plane when it went down. worshipers a the church in west hills remembered the crash during sunday services. families who were to host the students were among the first to offer their sympathy. >> i have three children, and i just -- it just struck me as a mom to think about sending my children off on a wonderful -- what was to be a pleasurable trip, and to have something like that happen. >> west valley christian says it's received word that the students have canceled their trip to southern california and they'll be heading back home to china. the san francisco department of public health is offering grief counseling to anyone who witnessed the crash or who has been affected by it.
11:43 pm
that includes travelers as well as airport workers, staff, and first responders. anyone who needs help should call 311 and ask for mental health counseling. 17 counselors went to sfo yesterday to help victims of the crash. well, bay area residents have been responding for a call for blood donations for the crash victims. >> the blood centers of the pacific opened two centers to help with surgeries. >> a spokesperson there says all of their appointments were taken. people really came in large numbers. both the san francisco center at the masonic and turk and the millbrae center opened their doors to donors. >> the need is particularly high for o positive blood. now our coverage of the sfo crash continues. when we come back, the other flight on the tarmac during that crash, and what those passengers were most worried about. plus, an update on passengers still stuck at sfo tonight. and hi there again, everyone. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. the low clouds and fog moving in to be flight delays because of that tomorrow morning.
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we'll take a look at m
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> some of the people who witnessed the moment of impact of asiana flight 214 were aboard another plane on a taxiway close by waiting to take off. sergio quintana is live tonight.
11:47 pm
those people are certainly never going to forget what they saw. >> yeah, and they were also among those people who were delayed because of that crash. actually, 300 flights canceled because of that crash yesterday at sfo. tonight the airport is running with three of its four runways going. and barely now some of those passengers that have been delayed are making their way on to final destinations. in this dramatic video of asiana airlines flight 214 crashing as it approached san francisco international, you can see another plane on the taxiway waiting to take off. >> i was on the flight that was number one right about to go. and so it crashed to the left of us. >> reporter: he and his fellow passengers had a terrifying view of the crash. >> some people said they saw things go flying by, but didn't know what it was. then apparently, you know, you looked closer, and you saw the tail of the plane that was lying completely separate. >> reporter: his flight was later canceled, and now the day after he continued on to japan.
11:48 pm
but not everyone who was about to take off from sfo yesterday has been able to continue their trips. >> we happened to be on the tarmac when the accident happened to the left of us. >> reporter: she is traveling with nine teenaged students from texas on their way to beijing. they didn't happen to see the crash. >> we purposely have not watched anything. i don't want the kids upset. >> reporter: since their delay, she has been wrangling flight arrangements for their party of ten. they're now scheduled to leave a full day and a half late. >> so we were going to get another connecting flight from here to taiwan and then to beijing. and we leave here at 1:30 this morning. >> reporter: throughout the day, travelers at sfo saw some flight cancellations and lots of delays, and even when passengers were able to board their planes, they didn't take off immediately. >> everybody is sweating. everybody is hot. people taking off their pants for shorts, and everybody is sweating and uncomfortable. >> reporter: that man was stuck on a flight for five hours.
11:49 pm
they were on their way to beijing. that plane finally left this evening. reporting live at san francisco international airport, i'm sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> sergio, thank you very much. 300 flights canceled. >> and now they could be facing some weather related delays. >> that's right. meteorologist lee glasser is back with the live doppler 7 hd. >> some weather delays this morning as well. and we could have that same scenario tomorrow morning live doppler 7 hd already showing a pretty nice compact fog bank, already starting to move in to the bay up towards the richmond, san rafael bridge, and even down towards sfo. so that could possibly cause more delays at sfo, the main -- as well as other airports around the bay area tomorrow morning. look for scattered showers, isolated thunderstorms on the east coast. temperatures generally mid- to upper 80s. 86 for new york. we'll warm things up for dallas. 97. 113 for phoenix, and l.a. tomorrow afternoon 85 degrees.
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fresno 104. 96, sack faramento. once the fog starts to pull away from the coast, we actually have a delightful day in store for you with san francisco 67. 78 for palo alto. 90 for livermore and antioch, and santa rosa 82 degrees. monday, tuesday, the warmest days of our upcoming week, and then we cool things down thursday, friday, back down into the 80s. >> all right, leigh, thank you. we talked some tennis. now we want to talk a little baseball. >> rick quan is in for mike shumann. >> coming up in sports, the giants may be in a slump, but the athletics continue to roll. despite having just one player on the all star team, the f
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this abc 7 news sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> it took almost eight decades, but britain has its first men's wimbledon champion since fred perry in 1936. after coming so close last year, andy murray would not be denied. he battled novak djokovic for more than three hours. this is action from the third set. one of the best rallies of the day as murray in the near court displays the determination, covering a whole lot of ground before finally winning this point. with his long time girlfriend kim sears looking on, djokovic's return goes into the net.
11:54 pm
the drought is over for great britain as murray wins in straight set, 6-4, 7-5, 6-4. now to baseball. the struggling giants were facing the dodgers and their old nemesis, clayton kershaw at at&t park. apparently barry bonds is doing okay. chad gaudin pitched well. hunter pence helps him out with this diving grab. gaudin allowed one run and four hits in seven innings. he gets yasiel puig for one of his nine strikeouts. kershaw with eight strong innings. he gets help from his defense. as puig robbed guillermo quiroz. tied 1-1 in the ninth. aj ellis breaks it open with a clutch two out, bases loaded double off sergio romo. it will go to the wall. three runs score. the dodgers win it, 4-1. the giants have now lost 11 of their last 13. romo by the way refused to talk to the media after the contest. in kansas city, the a's have some big fans, speaking of big,
11:55 pm
oakland jumped out to a big lead with five runs in the second. josh reddick got it going with a two-run double. eric sogard brings him no home with a two-bagger past alex gordon. it appears reddick is starting to snap out of his season-long slump. this two-run shot in the third made it 7-1a's. reddick tied a career high with 4 rbi. jed lowrie also went deep as takes two out of three from the royals. the a's win, 10-4. tomorrow they're at pittsburgh. stage 9 of the tour de france was especially tough for britain's peter canal. he goes careening off the side of the mountain. he was okay after climbing his way back up. just a couple of scratches. it was a two-man race to the finish with dan martin becoming the first irishman to win a stage since 1992. britain's chris froome retains the yellow jersey and tomorrow they'll be taking it all.
11:56 pm
jonas blix won the greenbriar classic with his third straight 67. he finished 11 under par, good for a two-stroke victory. and this abc 7 sports report brought to you tonight by river rock casino. and it was thought that if murray won wimbledon, he was finally going to propose to his long-time girlfriend. they asked him tonight. he says he is still not ready tonight. >> oh, brother! >> hopefully she won't have to wait 77 years. >> no kidding. >> thanks. before we go, we want to share the latest on the crash of flight 214 with you there are questions tonight about the pilot's flying experience. yesterda yesterday was his first time flying a 777 into the sfo. he had flown other airplanes into the airport, but never this kind of jet. he was with a more experienced pilot who was assisting. >> two teenaged chinese girls from china were killed in the
11:57 pm
crash, wang linjia and her friend ye mengyuan. possibly saying the truck was racing to the scene of the crash when the girl may have been struck. however, no autopsy result have confirmed that yet. >> our coverage on the crash at sfo continues on abc 7 morning news at 4:30, and on of course, you can always follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> absolutely. thank you for being here. thank you for being here. i'm dan ashley, and i'm
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