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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 9, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> the hotel area is declared a federal zone. this is video of the family of the two victims of the asiana flight 214 arriving last night along with family members of the 13 chinese passengers still in the hospital and several local authorities from china. huge umbrellas were brought to shield the family from the media. parents do not speak with reporters and were taken from the tarmac at sfo. the families will meet with the classmates and go to the coroner's office to identify their daughters, ye mengyuan and wang linjia. security remains tight around the crown plaza as you look at san mateo county sheriff parked at entrance. no word on when the families are expected to leave the hotel. >> matt, thanks. federal investigators will continue interviewing the pilots of asiana flight 214 a process
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that began yesterday. there will be a new come point. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has the latest on that. amy? >> they have to finish the interviews. they will want to talk to the air traffic controllers at sfo about the communication seconds before the crash. they are looking at the pilots, their actions. they have learned the pilots were coming in too slowly on saturday morning before the crash and the pilot disconnected all computers and took over manually. they will look at the training of the pilots. the pilot was learning how to fly that type of airplane and had never landed one of these airplanes at sfo. >> he was an internetted pilot and prior captain but working on getting ratings on the 777 and initial operating experience from the 777.
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>> the investigation will continue today. there is no word on how much longer the runway will be blocked with the debris. they have to catalog every piece of evidence, of the plane that is out there. it could take a year to figure out the cause of the crash. >> the southern california agency that arranged for the students to fly to the united states are helping them out. the 16-year-old wang linjia and ye mengyuan were killed in the trash. the travel company was to greet the girls and students and teachers when they arrived and were here to sharpen their english skills and tour universities. the travel agency is assisting students and working with the chinese consulate to determine what the students do next. >> the san francisco fire department has confirmed all five fire truck drivers who responded to the crash passed
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drug and alcohol screening after the san francisco fire chief says there is evidence the fire apparatus may have struck one of the victims during the response. investigators are looking through airport surveillance video but are finding nothing conclusive. an autopsy will take weeks. the chief says her department will help. >> we are working closely with the ntsb conducting their investigation on all aspects but particularly on this aspect. >> the two girls were sitting in the back of the plane, one found near the broken tail and the other was down the runway next to the main body section. authorities are not saying which victim may have been hit. >> we are looking at the terrifying moments after the plane crashed because of video that captured the evacuation. the images are taken by an 18-year-old who heard a "thud" from the plane and pulled out
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the camera and caught these images of passengers going down the emergency slides. >> i went outside and saw the big cloud of dirt and i started recording immediately. she continued to record as the cabin caught fire. you can see there is a thick black cloud of smoke. passengers can be seen running away from the aircraft while crews sprayed the fuselage. >> most of the 182 hurt in the crash have been released from the hospitals. doctor say they are seeing a pattern of spinal injuries. the chief neurosurgeon says that it shows how violently the passengers were taken. among the worst injuries are crushed vertebrae and stressed ligaments. ten bay area hospitals are caring for crash victims. eight passengers are in critical condition including a child. san francisco general treated another nine patients yesterday for pain and muscle strains. they have been released. >> with only these of the four
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runways in operation at sfo, travelers are warned to be ready for delays and canceled flights. the airport says the runway will remain closed until they can remove the asiana flight 214 after the ntsb investigation is done. some passengers who were originally supposed to depart over the weekend are stuck at sfo unable to get out. a number of flights were diverted to oakland and san jose over the weekend. operations at those airports are getting back to normal. we will have the latest developments in the crash at sfo throughout the morning and tweet the latest developments with updates on >> there was a problem with another boeing 777 headed for san francisco overnight, japan airplanes say the flight returned to tokyo after a warning light in the cockpit indicating the hydraulic level was slow. the plane had 249 people turned
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back four hours after the plight and then finally arrived safely at sfo this morning. mechanics found a leak in the hydraulic system of the plane that remained in tokyo. >> a finger fog could be seen headed into work. >> a little bit is out there. it is thicker in some areas than this time yesterday as you saw with the golden gate bridge and warm air is coming in. because of the warm air there is more humidity coming over a cooler ground so we are seeing the fog form as we speak. if you are stepping outside right now, dress for 61 in antioch and livermore and fairfield and 62 is the warm spot and everyone else in the 50's with 58 in oakland and 54 in san francisco and san jose and 59 in novato and napa. you can see clouds are getting closer from the exploritorium at
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the bay bridge. temperature is around 52 to 56 through 7:00. the day planner is 60 at the coast with clouds and sun. 82 inland. from 60's at the coast to 90 inland and clouds at the coast at 7:00 and 58 and clear inland and 80. the golden gate br this morning -- remember, yesterday we did not have clouds -- temperatures will taper after today and ten degrees cooler by friday. leyla gulen? >> good morning, mike. we have construction and quiet conditions in terms of congestion but as we take you to the east bay to hayward this is where we have closings northbound along 880 you will find construction crews out there. to the north, we have another project out there, with slowing in the southbound direction possibly spectator slowing but northbound at 23rd avenue we will have cones blocking off lanes and connections, as well,
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so you may want did detour around that. in san jose, everything is moving along at top speed and 85 and 280 and 101, all looking clear. to the toll bay bridge toll plaza it is a breeze and looking clear and accident-free. kristen and eric? >> next, dramatic new images of the asiana flight 214 attendant being called a lifesaver and how she got so many passengers out of the bun plane. >> we hear for the first time from the three women held captive in cleveland for a decade with their words of thanks and courage. here is america's minute report. >> good morning, americans are spending again and using plastic. credit card use shot up in may hitting the highest point in three years, a sign that consumers are feeling confident.
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college students are borrowing more despite the doubling of interest rates on student loans. that happened because congress failed to stop the increase but rates could go back down now that congress is back in session. wall street and apple, two the major retailers are battling for your back to school bucks. promotions usually begin in july but they are starting early to compete for $84 billion that parents spend this time
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> an early look at the golden gate bridge and you can see the fog. low clouds. scattering of clouds elsewhere. mike nicco will look at that and the forecast ahead. >> following the crash of asiana flight 214 consumer groups and advocates call on federal authorities to thoroughly examine passenger safety. questions are asked of the
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configuration of passenger jets including the number of rows and seats. many wonder why planes cannot be set up with the same safety standards as cars. >> in general the airlines without any restrictions have shrunk the distance between seats and rows and the size of the seats. that needs to be reviewed by the f.a.a. >> the chair of the ntsb has the same concerns saying investigators will look into the performance of the airline sees on the asiana flight 214. >> we are learning more this morning of the flight crew on asiana flight 214, specifically, the last flight attendant to leave the plane. her quick thinking and fearlessness credited with saving many lives. here is our reporter with that story. >> she was the very last person to make it out alive assisting as terrified passengers slid down the chute and tried to make
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one final run to the back of the burning plane to be sure she left no one behind. >> i had to hurry, i could not think of the dangertory myself. >> she had a child clinging to her pack, running as fast and as far away as she could from the wreckage. others say she carried people twice her size to safety. >> she is so tiny, i could not believe how powerful, how strong she was helping other flight attendants and outside the plane after she got east plane she was running without any fear. she was brave. >> so brave she stayed to make sure everyone was okay, watching over as paramedics treated the passengers she just saved a i thought she had come from the terminal but she was on the plane. she is a hero. >> she is the sully sullenberger
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of flight flight. >> i tried to encourage the child and put him on my back and slid down. >> through it all the only thing on her mind was rescuing the next passenger. what she does not know she rescued all passengers one by one and she, too, was hurt broking her tailbone and only found out later when she was told by doctors. a true hero. >> it is 4:44. a coalition of city college students at san francisco and faculty and supporters will rally to speak out against the termination of the school's accreditation. they will march to the department of education, the commission decided last week to revoke the accreditation at the college effective july of next year. the commission wasn't satisfied the way city college addressed a dozen problems at the school including an excessive number of
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campuses and noninstructional faculty costs. >> commuters are learning the new eastern span of the bay president reagan will not open labor day weekend as planned. contractors say they need this will at least december to fix the system of the brick -- bridge system and reinforce bolts that cracked. when the work is done caltran says the engineers will need a four-day period to make the transition from the old bridge to the new bridge. >> oakland police are investigating the death of a man who clapped while struggling with officers yesterday morning on east 21st street at 23rd avenue. police were taking the man into custody for psychiatric evaluation and three began to fight back. he struggled with the officers and fell to the ground unresponsive. officers say they performed cpr but could not revise the man. >> wildfire burning right now has grown to 600 acres. it is burning near highway 50, half an hour west of south lake
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tahoe. the highway is back open after being shut down yesterday. no homes are in danger but a camp was evacuated. the c.h.p. says it started when a tire on a passing vehicle blew out. >> a couple of minutes ago we saw a picture of a foggy golden gate bridge so it must be summer here. >> absolutely. there is a lot of fog but it will not last with a ton of dry air at 4,000'. the fog will vanish rapidly when the sun comes up, quicker than yesterday. here is live doppler 7 hd, another dry start to our summer morning and we will talk about what will happen as we look at downtown oakland, sunny afternoon, warm this afternoon. high clouds and cooler tomorrow, we will keep an eye on the chance of thunderstorm south of monterey tomorrow into thursday as tropical moisture is coming up our way. that will bring us the high clouds. when we get through the cooling friend the warm weather will
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return just in time for the weekend. here is a look at the high pressure dominating our weather again. today, a little bit warmer especially inland and up to six degrees in some areas but as the high retrogrades to the west it will on the door with the clock-wise flow for the cooler, dense air mass of cool air to come on down and bring us back down below average for at least, say, two or three days. today at 86 in san jose, and 81 in milpitas, the cool spot. 90 in los gatos and gilroy. in santa cruz, about 75 on the water today. 80 in redwood city and low-to-mid 80's around los altos and everyone else in the 70's on the peninsula. 63 is the warm spot at half moon bay and daly city is about 60. we will top out at 67 downtown and 68 in south san francisco and to sausalito about 80. a lost low 80's in the east bay valley, and near 60 degree
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temperatures at the beaches. mid-70's to 80 along the east bay shore but hercules and fremont at 82. the warmest weather, possibly air conditioning needed, low-to-mid 90's in the east bay valley. how about we just play nine innings today? game at at&t park at 7:15, 63 under sun dropping down to 58 with clouds on the increase. they played 16 innings last night. then they lost. on an error. occupy. temperature in the 50's and cloud cover again. the seven-day outlook shows tomorrow up to six degrees cooler and same on thursday, and the 90's return inland by the weekend and 80's around the bay. 60's at the coast. leyla gulen? >> we are seeing traffic building over the altamont pass. it is busy there so early in the morning coming from tracy to dublin/pleasanton you will see top speeds at 57 miles per hour and it jumps up as you get
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closer to livermore and as you head into dublin/pleasanton we have this project that will last until 5:00 a.m., westbound 580 to the northbound and southbound 680 connection, will be shut down with cones picked up in 15 minutes or so. as we look at the drive time traffic, 85 from highway one in cupertino under 20 minutes and 880 southbound from hayward to san jose, that is 21 minutes, and 101 from petaluma to san francisco will take you a quick 35 minutes and when you get to the golden gate bridge you can see it is very foggy so you want to use your low beams, not the high beams. drive safe. >> three women held captive in a cleveland home for a decade are thanking the public for their support in a youtube video, the first time we are hearing from amanda, gina and michelle, after breaking their silence in a video posted overnight saying the encouragement of family, friends and the public have helped them to restart their lives. >> i thank everyone who has
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helped me and their family, through the entire ordeal, everyone would has been supporting us has been a blessing. >> former bus driver is now accused of kidnapping the women between 2002 and 2004 and faces 329 counts in the case and pleaded not guilty. >> confirmation hearings begin in the senate today for the man picked to be the next f.b.i. director after spending 15 years after a federal prosecutor being appointed to the number two position in the justice department in the george w. bush administration but best known for facing down the white house over a warrantless wiretapping program that he says was unconstitutional. the f.b.i. agents association supports him but civil liberties group are concerned he okayed abusive interrogations of terrorist suspects. >> still ahead, the amazing piece of san francisco history that construction crews may have dug up.
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>> archaeologists gathering at a construction site in san francisco according to a website. archaeologists may be unearthing a gold rush era ship. it used to be a former ship dismantling yard before the san francisco shoreline was infilled and expanded. the building next door turned up part of a large wooden ship when it was built in 2005. >> very long night for the giants, to say the least, and the fans at at&t park who
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ultimately went away disappointed after a 16-inning loss. at 12:40, the shortstop tied the game up at 3-0 in the 7th with a single up the middle and then there was score by the mets for the go ahead run. the giants did not score in the bottom half of the inning and mets win 4-3 and will meet again tonight. the good thing is brandon ended the lost "funk" what do you call that? >> slump. >> yes, a slop. that was a highlight. >> what about today's game? >> it will be as nice if not better than yesterday with more sunshine and were dropping in the upper 50's with increasing clouds. from the roof camera, you can hardly see the top of the bay bridge but there is a ton of dry air and the clouds will not hang around. san francisco is one degree warmer and oakland and san jose
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and fremont, five to six degrees warmer than yesterday including concord, so, the further you are away from the coast the more likely you will see the big warming friend the temperatures today through the central valley are 98 in sacramento and everyone else is over 100 into yosemite and 83 in tahoe with sun. 87 in los angeles. safe travels. leyla gulen? >> we have a new accident with construction in san francisco where we have construction project. it is the connection to southbound 101 the 10 the street and 80 and everyone that converges at the central freeway is going to be blocked off until 5:00 a.m. this morning with cones picked up in a moment as we jump from northbound 280 at sand hill road we have an accident but it looks like things are clear and moving along at top speed and out to antioch and highway four is moving along at top speed in the westbound direction toward concord.
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>> 4:55, abc7 news and the job journal are teaming up for another "hire" event from noon to 4:00 in concord. recruiters look to fill over 400 openings, new york life, the army national guard, contra costa county sheriff and pizza hut are among the companies hiring. >> san jose police will record the rates of every person they stop and question in an effort to documented of racial profiling. according to the "san jose mercury news" police will be following a new policy that requires them to record detailed information about so-called curve sitting detensions whether an arrest is made. >> california prisoners have are refusing meals, 30,000 protesting, the largest in history. 2,000 failed to give to work or attend classes yesterday. the protest is organized by inmates held in sellator -- held
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in isolation who have been in isolation indefinitely if they have ties to prison gang. they want a five year limit on isolation. >> here is the story you may find interesting, a new reason why you should try to get more sleep. a study says that sleepless nights can worsen couples' fights with people more likely to lash out after a bad night's sleep. those who are tired are less able to avoid and manage conflict and feel more negative toward their partners. the study is in journal of social psychological and personality science online. >> why limit that to a partner? >> we get along great for never getting enough sleep. >> abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is talking to the head of the ntsb about the crash at sfo and what she is revealing where the investigation stands
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this morning. >> the parents of the two young girls killed in the crash are now in the bay area this morning. we will tell you what
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thanks for joining us on this tuesday. >> today, crash investigators will continue to question the flight crew and the air traffic controllers guiding asiana flight 214 before it crashed at sfo. right now abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is here with the ntsb interview. >> welcome for


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