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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 9, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> investigators with the national transportation safety board are at the wreckage of asiana flight 214 at sfo right now. you can see the crews are wearing white jumpsuits. >> loved ones of some victims have arrived in the bay area including the family of two teen girls killed in the crash. >> we have coverage of the crash at sfo with, first, our reporter amy hollyfield in burlingame. what is ntsb saying this
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morning? >> we have a good view of the wreckage and the investigators working. what they are doing out there -- they have a big box out there. i asked about that. they said it is a trailer full of equipment. that is how they got the equipment out there. they are using g.p.s. on the runway to help locate all of the debris. the ntsb posted this picture of the chairman and investigator in charge, bill english, on the runway, discussing the progress. we asked her when they would move the wreckage and re-open the runway. >> we are certainly talking days, hopefully not talking weeks. we need to allow our folks to do the work and the salvage operation will be significant. >> today they plan to finish documenting the debris on the runway and along the seawall. then they will move to the plane. they will finish their conversations with the pilot and
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interview airport personnel with respect to the emergency response. we hope to talk to the cab ben crew about evacuation and deployment. >> investigators usually find a few factors froment to a catastrophe, not just one cause. if pilot error is to blame he would not take action. ntsb is not an enforcement agency. >> we make recommendations. people do not is to implement our recommendations. >> they are not alone they have south korean investigators out there on the runway. this is their second day out there. they are from the equivalent of the ntsb. they are doing their own investigation. >> the families of the two teens who died in the plane crash are staying at a burlingame he tell under heavy security arriving last night after an emotionally wrenching journey from china. they flew over the wreckage of
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the plane crash that killed their daughters. this is video of the crash site. abc7 news reporter joins us. matt, the crown plaza is under federal protection, right? >> yes, it is. a lot of activity is taking place this morning. law enforcement officials temperature me the ntsb moved everyone out of the hotel not involved in the asiana crash or the investigation. no one is allowed in without proper credentials. before 9:30 the san mateo coroner pulled into the parking lot at crown plaza and the coroner met with the families of the 16-year-old victims, ye mengyuan and wang linjia, and gave a brief on their daughters' causes of death. here is video of the families arriving at the hotel at 1:30 last night. they were shielded by umbrellas held by employees. the c.e.o. of asiana airlines is going to arrive at sfo in an
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hour and a half and will stay at this hotel. he made a statement's he left south korea. >> he said i am sorry for causing a great amount of sadness and shock due to this unintentional doesn't. i will do my best to resolve this accident as soon as possible. he met with the victim families at the airport in seoul. the south korean news agency says one father told him he was dissatisfied with the handling of the disaster and a spokesman said he will visit the hospitalized victims here while visiting san francisco. the chinese consulate says that the bodies of the young girls will remain at the medical center in san mateo and be released to a local funeral home when the parents sign the documents. >> the c.e.o. asian airlines met with the families of the two teen victims before they left to come to the bay area and offered
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his apositive joys. asiana airlines president bowed in respect to the family members in seoul. the father of one girl told him he was dissatisfied with the airline handling of the disaster. he apologized and gave the grieving father a hug. >> one victim was an accomplished pianist. we found new video from china of ye mengyuan if her final piano concert. the concert was from a chinese new year performance just a few months ago. chinese reports described ye mengyuan as a gifted singer, gymnast, and public speaker. >> we are learning more of what it was like inside asiana flight 214 from some of the youngest survivors, a family spent a month in south korea on the way home to colorado and the
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passenger jet slammed into the runway at sfo. >> everything stopped. i realized i was alive. i looked over and i saw my brother and sister. they were fine. i looked over at my mom and dad. they were on the floor. their seats fell down. i called their names out. they both moaned. >> the entire family was injure ed but no one was seriously injured. the mother. s in the hospital and others have been released. >> nancy pelosi spoke to congress about the tragic crash and heroic actions taken by the flight crew to save so many lives. her resolution included condolences of the family of the two teen girls killed. >> all of san francisco shares in the shock and grief. we will do everything we can do to care for those affected and their families. the sudden crash shook the
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ground of san francisco international airport testing the training, strength, and courage of those who will be the first on the scene. >> all of the responders, the moment the plane crashed will be recognized in congress when more members return from the scene of the airs fire tragedy. >> we hear from the captain of a united airlines jet waiting to take off a few yards away. this video provided by a when shows it parked on the taxi way. united passengers saw it unfold and their jetliner remained on the taxi way for three hours. united captain raised the attendants from both flights. >> the flight attendants on asiana flight 214 got all the people off the airplane most with minor or no injuries. this is simply amazing after what i witnessed. the less obvious heroes, the flight attendants on my flight provided calming comfort to over
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200 people keeping the mood of the cabin calm. >> our coverage of the asiana flight 214 continues right now on twitter with the newest information any time. the ntsb will hold a 2:00 p.m. news conference today, follow us at abc7 news bay area. there was a problem with another boeing 777 headed for san francisco overnight. japan airlines said that the flight returned to tokyo after a wanting light flashed in the cockpit indicating the the hydraulic fuel level was low. passengers were returned back to tokyo and they boarded another flight that arrived at sfo this morning. >> ahead, words of thanks. >> i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my family and my friends. it has been unbelievable. >> the three women held captive in cleveland if a decade speak if the first time since their
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ordeal. >> a bay area girl is a special guest the white house. why she was
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>> in arizona a memorial services underway to honor the 19 firefighters killed in a wildfire about a week ago. 30,000 people are expected to attend the service. the highly skilled hotshot crew was killed in a raging wildfire
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that overran them northwest of phoenix. these are pictures of the memorial service right now from prescott, arizona. the fire was the most deadly day for fire crews since the september 11th attack on america. >> the 97 people left homeless in a redwood city apartment fire are looking through the ruins to see what they can salvage. a man who was reported missing after the 2:00 a.m. fire is confirmed to have died inside his apartment. investigators believe that is where the fire started. 18 others were hospitalized for breathing problems. >> three women held captive for 10 years are making their first public comment. it has been two months since their dramatic escape. abc7 news reporter shows us the video posted on youtube with all three women giving thanks for the outpouring of support from the public. >> i wanten to necessity how happy i am to be home with highway family and my friends. it has been unbelievable the. >> if the first time the three
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women who were kidnapped in cleveland held against their will for a decade, are now speaking out. >> i may have been through hell and back. but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. with my head held high. >> in a video statement, amanda and gina and michelle knight are smiling enjoying happier times. >> help me. help me. i am amanda berry. i have been kidnapped and missing for 10 years. i'm here. i'm free. >> this was the 9-1-1 call that set all the girls free after allegedly being held captive by this man, aerial castro, accused of beating and holding them hostage if his house. >> i will not let the situation define who i am. i will define the situation. i don't want to be consumed by hatred. >> michelle knight was beaten so badly by her captor she needed
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facial reconstruction but rather than holding on to anger she and the others are grateful to all those who have reached out to help. >> be positive. learn that it is important to give than to receive. thank you for all your prayers. i'm looking forward to my brand new life. >> thanks to the generous dough nations of more than 9,000 people the cleveland courage fund set up to help the women start new lives has now raised more than $1 million. >> venezuela has reportedly accepted nasa leaker edward snowden's request for political asylum after revealing details of a secret intelligence program. last night, new excerpts from an interview with snowden and he accurately predicted how the u.s. government would react. >> they are going to say i have committed grave crimes and
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violated the espionage act. they will say i have aided our enemies in making them aware of these systems. >> a russian official tweeted earlier today that snowed were would be headed to venezuela but he removed a tweet minutes later saying he misinterpreted something he heard in a russian newscast. snowden is believed still holed up inside the airport in moscow. >> it is summer, you can see the fog. >> the fog is pushing through the golden gate and causing problems at sfo. some areas may need air conditioning today but i will tell you why you will not need it much longer. >> lots, caught on camera, the dramatic video from florida of a waterspout coming to shore. >> kaepernick like you have never seen him before, a revealing photo shoot that
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>> covering dallas city, dublin, los gatos and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> take a look at what popped up in florida. a huge waterspout came ashore in a tampa area neighborhood and turned into a tornado. amazingly no injuries were reported but it caused a mess including some damage. officials say it blew shingles off the radio of a home and knock over a few trees. >> want your kids to do better in school? keep a close are eye on the clock when it comes to bedtime. british researchers studying 11,000 children under the age of
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seven found kid would went to bed after 9:00 or when they wanted scored lower on reading and math tests. they think the lack of sleep may compare how well the brain absorbs information. the study is published in the the journal of community health. >> that is a problem with adults, too. >> that is my excuse. good morning, ladies and now what is going on in the forecast. a lot to talk about. we have dry live doppler 7 hd. the clouds have fadeed except for the coast. it is hazy outside as we look at sat light from 23,000 miles outside but not a "spare the air" day, the thickest fog is at half moon bay at 1.5 mile visibility. 63 in san francisco and oakland, the cool spot. a lost extra 60's allowing the
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bay shore and napa and only 55 at half moon bay but the mid-to-upper 70's around santa rosa and los gatos and concord and low-to-mid 80's around antioch and livermore. from emeryville camera, downtown oak, and what will happen today. we will have sunshine, a lot of it, and it will be the warmest day in the forecast with high clouds from thunderstorms to our south, and i don't think they will get to our neighbors and that will also include a cooler breeze with a cooling trend tomorrow, thursday, and friday, with summer heat back in time for the weekend. san jose this morning, you can see about total sunshine and a picture is not so hazy as it was over oakland. speaking of san jose, we will be the biggest winner with a jump up of six degrees. oakland is five degrees warmer and san francisco, only one or two degrees warmer. high pressure is bearing holding on and it is already pushed to the west because of the cold
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pool of heavy air that will come down and bring us that cooler weather tomorrow, thursday, and friday. before it gets there well hit where we should be for this time of year in san jose with the 86 and a lot of low-to-mid 80's around the santa clara valley and deeper in the valley, near 90 and santa cruz at 75 degrees and on the peninsula, we will have low-to-mid 70's around redwood city and palo alto and everyone else in the low-to-mid 70's at millbrae and san mateo. half moon bay is a warm spot with more sunshine and pacifica at 63. we will be in the upper 60's with more sunshine downtown and south san francisco, and sausalito at 70, and a light breeze coming off san pablo breeze keeping you in the north bay. oakland is 75 and a lot of mid-to-upper 70's on the east bay, and union city and fremont could top 80 and this is where you may need the air conditioning, low-to-mid 90's in the east bay valley. at the game, cannot guarantee an extra seven innings, but we will
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have nine innings for sure as a clear sky with temperatures around 63 and dropping down to 58 degrees. here is a look at the seven-day forecast the temperatures dropping six degrees tomorrow and thursday. mid-70's around the bay and 60 at the coast and 80's and 90's come back to the bay inland neighborhoods for saturdays sunday, and monday. >> mike, that you. whatting now, a peninsula girl and her mom are at white house this morning having lunch with first lady michelle obama. >> from menlo park, california, rose, age 12. >> rose is one of 54 winners in the nation-wide recipe challenge as part of the "let's move initiative," and says this is one of her favorite events. >> we get to see how talented
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and creative and brilliant all of you young people can be. we get do show the world. we don't just get to see it, we get to taste it! >> some of the dishes include ceviceh with man go and risotta with kale. >> kaepernick is more than just about tattoos for the photo shoots but here is a behind the scenes look strip down for the espn magazine "body" issue with other pro at least hitting the news stands on friday. he says he considers his arm to be his best physical skill. when asked if he would change anything he said his legs. >> he thinks they are too skinny but he is working on making them
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stronger. >> he is in good shape! >> just ahead, an update on the investigation into the crash
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>> possible big change in america's involvement in the war
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in afghanistan and how it could affect troop withdrawal. >> we want to update you on the latest on the investigation into the crash of the asiana flight 214 at sfo, the ntsb is interviewing the pilots of the boeing 777 that crashed and south cent officials are questioning them. the ntsb will hold another briefing at 2:00 this afternoon and well bring it to you live right here on abc7 news. >> the families of who teen girl whose died in the crash met with the san mateo coroner arriving under tight security at a hotel near sfo last night. >> from all of us at abc7 news, thank you for joining us.
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. joining me again today, my good buddy joy behar. we love you. i love you, as you know. you're doing so well here, $65,100. did you think you were gonna do well? >> well, i did pretty well the last time i did this game. >> you did when regis was the host, right? >> yeah, i did $125,000. >> wow, well, that's-- [cheers and applause] >> and so i thought, "you know, maybe i'll be okay." but i feel--i've lost my lifelines now, though. i don't have any-- >> you've lost your lifelines. but your number one lifeline is your husband, steve, right? >> not when i'm playing this game. >> no, i know.


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