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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 10, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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and with apologies to kardashian, the most anticipated birth of the year is the royal one. prince william and duchess kate have set off a betting bonanza. if popularity is any indication on the names, the newest heir to the one if the royal baby is named north. not likely. thank you for joining us on abc news, tune into "good morning america" tomorrow, and as always, we're on good night, america.
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firsthe main landing gear impacted the seawall and then the tail. >> the ntsb revealing new details of what happened when asiana flight 214 crashed at sfo. tonight the pilots who knew
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their plane was in trouble but didn't have time do anything about it. >> and the stunning revelation that two flight attendants were ejected from the plane and survived. >> we begin our coverage with john alston who has the latest from the ntsb. >> reporter: the pilots were trying to line up on the center of the runway during the final approach and thought the automatic controls were maintaining the air speed. video shows the debris field at the end of the runway, the first part of the doomed jet to slam into the seawall was the main landing gear, then the tail section hit. two flight attendants in the back of the plane were ejected. >> they were found down the runway and off to the side of the runway. >> reporter: the ceo of asiana airlines arrived in san francisco to meet with crash
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victims and walked into a mob scene. he left without answering any questions. the ntsb released information about the flight crew who had thousands of hours of title flight experience. the pilot was sitting in the left seat. it was his first time landing a 777. in the right seat, the pilot had 3,000 hours in that type of aircraft with 33 landings in san francisco. it was his first trip as an instructor pilot. >> they had set speed at 137 knots. and he assumed that the auto throttles were maintaining speed. >> reporter: the crew is required to monitor air speed during landings. the head flight attendant says after the plane came to a spot she was ordered to delay the
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evacuation. >> i knocked the cockpit door. the captain opened it and i i sd are you okay and he said yes, and i asked should i perform evacuation and he told me to wait. >> reporter: a third relief pilot said there was a problem with one of the emergency chutes. >> he described a chute that had deployed inside and trapped one of the flight attendants. >> reporter: and none of the crew was tested for drugs or alcohol which would have been required if this had been a u.s. airline. john alston, abc 7 news. you can listen to the ntsb news conference on our website. tonight we know from the ntsb crash investigators there were three pilots in the cockpit that day and a fourth in a seat elsewherep seat elsewhere on the plane. the two at the controls are under scrutiny for their
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experience, background and communication on saturday. lisa amin gulezian. >> reporter: the two pilots had never flown together. it was the instructor's first time teaching. >> the enters into an airport doesn't hold a lot of meaning to me. >> reporter: former american airlines pilot says both pilots were qualified to be in that cockpit and he said both should have been doing the same thing, looking at instruments, levels, speeds and most importantly, out the window. should it have been an easy day to land a plane? >> my professional experience, it should have been. >> reporter: it was a clear day with very little wind. this is what a landing at sfo on a similar day would have looked like. the ntsb is trying to piece together why it turned deadly.
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>> were they communicating with each other? >> reporter: some observers wonder if cultural differences played a role in the crash. aviation consultants say that airlines have been working on the issue of assertiveness since the '90s. >> they teach the crew members to be assertive and say i don't think that's right. it does you no good to defer if they fly you into the side of a mountain. >> reporter: but not all countries have adopted this practice. tonight we know which of the two 16-years-old killed might have been hit by a fire vehicle. the coroner told her parents that the injuries are consistent with being struck by a fire rig. tonight san francisco police confirmed to abc 7 news that the department's major accident investigation team is assisting
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federal investigators to determine just what happened on the tarmac. meantime the classmates and parents of the twoople who died in the crash are staying in a hotel in burlingame tonight all trying to cope with the shock and the loss of this. abc 7 reporter alan wang is there with that part of the story. >> reporter: access on to the hotel property is heavily heavily restricted because the ntsb has also set up shop here while they investigate the crash. but we were able to communicate with some of the students inside the hotel through chinese social media. so far the best view of america the chinese students have had is from the window of the crown plaza hotel in burlingame. some students stepped outside to pose for cameras but it's they have been unable to leave without an escort. desperate for normalcy they celebrated a female standpoint's birthday yesterday while
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sequestered at the hotel in burlingame. this is where the ntsb is interviewing the crew and passengers. students were given free glasses to replace the ones lost in the crash. a classmate of the two 16-year-old girls who died posted this picture and a message on chinese social media. my classmates on the second bump their seat belts unbuckled. next to me are seats that completely flipped with passengers underneath. the parents of the two victims were brought to the hotel after a long flight from china. you can see one of the mothers. they came to identify their daughters and bring home the bodies. another student responded to abc 7 news on chinese social media saying that they have not met the parents of the girls yet because they don't want to bother them. alan wang, abc 7 news. we're hearing from members
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of a scotts valley martial arts academy who were on board of that flight. all eight said they were shocked and raced to get off the plane after it landed. but some sprang into action acting as first responders for passengers badly hurt at the rear of the plane. >> we stayed with each of our victims until the emergency personnel got there. once they got there and took control of that person, we left them and went looking for more people. >> they lost their competition medals and all of their belongings but they are grateful they all survived. some covered cuts and bruises. some of the passengers who had minor injuries are recounting their stories of the crash and the chaos during escape. escape. >> reporter: after spending a month in korea this family couldn't wait to get home in colorado. they were sitting toward the rear of the plane. the eldest sibling describes the
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moment of impact. >> it is like we were all bouncing all over the place. i remember there being dust everywhere. and i was freaking out. and then it just stopped. >> when we all reunited, like my family and i, i was really glad. so i started crying. >> of course he did. joseph was treated for a minor fracture in his back. ester has a sprained foot. another sibling fractured a finger. two dozen of the 182 passengers hurt are still in the hospital tonight. san francisco general has the highest number of injured. 12 are hospitalized and five are in critical condition, including one child. stanford medical center has five people with one in critical but stable condition. and nine others are being treated at four area hospitals. we are not finished with our coverage. up next the passengers and crew who watched the crash from
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another plane you're going to hear from the pilot on board and his firsthand account. new details in san francisco's poisoned meatball scare that made two dogs sick. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist, sandhya patel,
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we are getting a gripping firsthand account of the asiana crash from the people with the most dramatic vantage point, a crew on a plane sitting on the end of the runway yards away. abc 7 i team reporter with the story. >> reporter: united flight 885 sat on taxiway f. the pilots going over the final checklist before leaving for japan, the 747-400 loaded with passengers when they spotted the asiana flight coming in. the relief first officer say said it looked like it was going
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to hit the lights in the bay. the aircraft made a fairly drastic looking pull up in the last few feet and it appeared and sounded as if they applied maximum thrust. but the thrust applied didn't appear to come soon enough to prevent impact. the united crew and passengers watched the plane hit the seawall and the landing gear and tail section sheer off. >> we saw it slide down the runway and out of view of our cockpit. >> this is 885 we see people at our -- in the immediate vicinity. they are alive and walking around. >> people are walking outside the airplane right now? >> yes. >> the united cockpit contacted control about the passengers walking on the runway. the pilot wrote it seemed like it took a long time for the
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vehicles to arrive. >> it's at the 28 number. >> between the runways there are people right adjacent to the numbers. we can see about two or three people that are moving and survived. >> roger. >> the pilot went to the main cabin. the passenger mood was concerned but generally calm. a few individuals were emotional as nearly every passenger saw the fuselage and debris field going 100 knots past our aircraft 300 feet away. at this point everyone could see the smoke plume from the 777. the pilot praised the flight attendants on the plane saying some were shaken but they all did a great job of comforting the passengers. dan noyes, abc 7 news. >> you can get alerts on the investigation on our smartphone app. you will be able to watch the ntsb news conferences live.
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the app is simple to download. for. if you have the current app you will need to download the new one. the abortion bill that divided texas politics is making its way through the state legislature. the bill was initially stalled after an 11-hour filibuster by wendy davis. it would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and hold abortion clinics to the same standards as surgery centers. the house gave the bill a provisional approval. in the east bay police are trying to figure out if fires in clayton were set deliberately today. five fires started along the walking path in lydia lane park. the firefighters had them out homes. they could threatenpolice police detained someone for questioning but released that person. police have information about poisoned meatballs that
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have sickened two dogs. we told you about this problem last week. the meatballs containing rat poison are lined up along buildings and places where dogs relieve themselves. most of them are found on crest line drive in the upper market area. a loud and frustrated crowd seeking to save city college of san francisco from beingstrippe stripped of its accreditation took their message to the u.s. department of education today. they held a pro test rally in front of the san francisco office of the department of education. the school was notified that it would lose its accreditation next july, a year from now. the college serves more than 85,000 students and has until the end of the month to appeal that decision but it's the students are worried about their education. let's get a check on the forecast now. >> yeah, fairly steady as she
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goes. sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> today's temperatures came up into the upper 90s to low 100s. it was a warmer day. but we'll see the numbers falling tomorrow. no major swings but cooler weather ahead. live developer 7 hd tracking fog along the coast and even other parts of the bay visibility is running low. watch out for the fog during the morning commute. here is a picture from our kgo roof camera. you look at the ferry building you can see some of the buildings down there in the fog. the temperatures right now, santa rosa in the mid-50s. 73 and mild in fairfield. from our emeriville camera we are looking to the west and you can see the fog in the distance. areas of dense fog in the morning. and that cool down continues on thursday. the fog, first thing in the morning, will be in over parts
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of the bay. tomorrow morning's commute will be murky in spots especially around the coast and near the bay. temperatures in the low 50s in santa rosa and napa. bundle up if i were you it will be cool with the fog and the temperatures will be falling. area of low pressure working toward the bay area. we're going to see a stronger sea breeze and this low is going to pull up the moisture that you're looking at to our south. leftovers of what was once tropical storm erick. it's a former tropical storm and that moisture will add humidity to the air tomorrow. watch the high clouds coming in from the south and eventually shifting off to the east. the clouds will filter the sun for wednesday afternoon. and by wednesday night it's back to the pattern of fog by nighttime and low clouds. and thursday will be cooler. high for wednesday, 82 in san jose. 88 in morgan hill. 78 in sunnyvale.
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77 in palo alto. coast side upper 50s. not a lot of change. breezy. you may see more sun with a south wind. 58 in daly city. 64 in downtown san francisco. in the north bay up to 83, santa rosa. san rafael, 79, upper 50s and low 60s near the coast. up to 87 in cloverdale. in the east bay, 72 in oakland. 77 in union city. fremont, inland spots you will be around where you should be. fairfield, livermore, 90 degrees. up to 88 in pleasanton. here's a look at the accuweather seven day forecast. mid-80s thursday. mid-50s coast side. temperatures the same on friday. by the time the weekend arrive, low 60s coast, low 90s inland. in that summer time range as we head into early next week.
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>> thanks so much. let's turn our attention now to sports and the giants. >> and a new star for the giants. >> that's something to be excited about. >> we're reaching. a new giant does make his debut in dramatic fashion. we welcome you to the leagues an leagues and san francisco. the rest of the game highlights will not be as entertaining,
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good evening, the all-star break cannot come quickly enough for the giants.
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a 16-inning loss last night and more misery tonight versus the mets. let's start with tanaka up from aaa fresno. he started in left field tonight. but it worked. andrew brown sends this barry zito pitch to left and tanaka makes the catch at the top of the wall. this is fantastic. robbing a home run right there. 3-3 game in the sixth. he's not catching this one. anthony reccer wrecks zito. he goes six and allows five earned runs. but in the eighth, two outs and bases loaded for marlon bird and this is a grand slam off jake dunning. that was his first pitch and it was out. the giants fall once again 10-6. the a's have another player at the all-star festivities in new york. cespedes has been chosen for the home run derby on monday.
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the a's and pirates in pittsburg. alvarez, that is connecting off dan traily. 448 feet. 1-0, pirates. top four, brandon moss. that's a missile off cole. two-run jack. we go to the ninth. and grant balfour in for the save. donaldson makes the save. this is balfour's 42nd consecutive save. hoop news, three additions for the warriors, maurice spates, jermaine o'neal and toney douglas will join the team. douglas played for the rockets and kings last year. soccer action, u.s. national team in portland. gold cup against belize. the earthquakes' player scored
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three goals and had a hat trick in the first half as team usa blows out belize. just call him wondo. colin kaepernick graces the cover of espn the magazine, no close clothes but a lot of muscle and a lot of inc. vernon davis wearing only his smile. the magazine is out on friday. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> that's me without the muscle doing the same pose. >> oh, boy. >> we're coming up
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here's a look at your wake up weather. you might need extra time for the morning commute. a cool start. temperatures in the 50s and 60s with light winds. might want to bundle up as well. here's the latest on the crash at sfo. the coroner identified thectim y victim likely hit by a crash vehicle. and the ntsb is interviewing the fourth pilot who was not in the cabin at the time. >> the instructor pilot assumed the throttle was set at 137 knots but found out that the actual speed was slower. two flight attendants in the back of the plane were ejected. both survived and both are still in the hospital. >> that is our report. thanks for watching.
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>> abc 7 news continues now on twitter, online, on
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