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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 10, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thanks for starting your morning with us. >> we want to get you a check of the weather of the it is hazy out there this morning. >> it looks...dreamy. >> a lot of grayness out there. not necessarily all parts, though, but to the cost you can see live doppler 7 hd is picking up the best cloud cover. no radar returns. three mile visibility which is an improvement at half moon bay. the rest of us are okay. today, we will get rid of low clouds at the same time as yesterday. maybe a little bit slower. headed in the afternoon, we will have temperatures from 80 to 90 inland. we will have them from 64 in san francisco to 82 in san jose with
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74 in between at oakland and temperatures near 60 at the coast. leyla gulen? >> we have construction out there. one project is about to wrap up right now but, first, we have a report of a fire along highway 128 right near the lake with one way traffic control in effect and c.h.p. is saying it could be around for five hours. they are battling a fire out there and we will keep you updated. we have construction in the east bay, northbound 880, at 23rd to embarcadero through oakland and we will have a few lanes blocked. cones are picked up as we speak. remember, you have to slow for the cone zone. >> developing news on the crash at sfo, the ntsb continues to interview the pilots of asiana flight 214 we are learning more about what was happening in the final moments before the crash. our reporter is at the holiday inn in south san francisco. amy?
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>> the ntsb chairman is going to do interviews this morning and we will talk to her very soon. we want to ask about the automatic controls in the cockpit. here is new video the ntsb has released from the crash site of their investigation. they have finished their interviews with the pilots. they say that the pilots thought the automatic controls were maintaining the right airspeed. investigators have said the plane was coming in too slow. we have learned more about the evacuation. the pilot told authorities there was an emergency chute that wasn't working. >> he described a chute that deployed inside and trapped one of the flight attendants and his effort to free the flight attendant from that chute where they were trapped. >> another new detail released involves the flight attendants. investigators say two glide --
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two attendants were ejected. they were hurt but they survived. >> investigators have finished the interviews with the pilot and the crews saying they are making progress but they still have a ways to go. >> there is new information from a parent and teacher of the two 16-year-old whose died in the crash a chinese newspaper reporter interviewed the mother who wasn't going do let her mother go on the trip but she begged saying if she didn't go, wang linjia's best friend parent whose not let her go, so both parents relented. wang linjia was first in the second to last row but switched to the last row to be with ye mengyuan. >> two dozen of the 182 passengers hurt in the crash are still in the hospital this morning and san francisco general is treating most of
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them, 12 people are there, file of them are in critical condition including one child. stanford medical center is still treating five people, one of them is critical, but stable, and nine other passengers are being treated at other hops. we will have more on the crash throughout the morning with report on twitter and to see the photos of the crash scene and the complete news conference by the ntsb. >> all eastbound slaves of i-80 in emeryville have re-opened after a big rig and a van collided this morning. the crash caused the van to cash fire. the c.h.p. shut down all eastbound lanes while crews put out the fire and cleaned up the oil and greece that -- grease that spilled. the signature alert was canceled as leyla gulen reported and all lanes reopened before 4:30 this morning. >> a newly re-instated legal
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team at the state public utilities commission says that it will submit a revised proposal of $2.25 billion fine against pg&e by next monday. the fine involved the fatal san bruno pipeline explosion in september of 2010 that killed eight people and destroyed 8 homes. the fine would allow pg&e count past and future safety improvements as payment. the legal team resigned last month and re-instated two weeks ago. it said that the revised proposal would correct certain inaccuracies from the original version. crowds seeking to save city college of san francisco is taking the message to the department of education. they held a roast rally last night in front of the san francisco office and was notified last week by the
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accrediting commission they would lose their accreditation. the college served 85,000 students and has until the end of the month to appeal the decision. >> santa clara control will pray tomorrow after mosquitoes found in south san jose test pod for west nile virus the ground fogging will get underway starting at 11 p.m. in the order bordered by blossom avenue. the fogging kills mosquitoes can which carry the virus. work should be done by 2:00 a.m. friday. this morning, the berkeley humane society is asking for the public's help after the van was stolen over the fourth of july holiday week. officials say the van was in the parking lot. it isn't sure but it is so old so insurance will not cough the full cot of replacement. they have launched a fundraiser to try to raise $5,000 for a replacement van. later this year the berkeley humane society is launching a campaign to rebuild the shelter.
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you may recall much of it was destroyed three years ago in a fire that killed 15 cats. if you would like to help the humane society we posted a link on our website at >> samsung is breaking ground for construction of the headquarters in north san jose today. this is a sketch of the new ten-story office tower. the $300 million project is due to be completeed in 2015 housing 2,000 employees and more than a million square feet of office space. the employees will work in sales, research and development. >> at 5:0, we are looking forward to a warm afternoon, mike, but, first, we need the low morning clouds. >> you can see them on the roof camera as we look to the south to the ferry building, part of the bay bridge and the top of the embarcadero center is easier to see than yesterday. the flag on the ferry building is showing a sea breeze
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developing bringing in the cleaner air. ing what read and mold are low and moderate ozone but the i index is very high this afternoon. the next 12 hours are the low-to-mid 50's with gray condition and the south bay and east bay valley not getting it yet and mile dug lunch hour at 58 at the coast and 66 around the bay and 76 as you head inland and cooler this afternoon, so it will not be so taxiing outside, and 72 around the bay and 84 inland and 58 at the coast and in the 50's at the coast and mid-60's at the bay and mid-70's by 7:00 inland the next three days show tomorrow and friday, cooler than today, probably the two cool of the days of the trust with a watching trend starting on saturday. we will see if it citizens into sunday but first, the commute. >> we have clear conditions. we have a few construction projects. top speed across our briggs at
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dumbarton is looking clear at top speeds. san mateo bridge is good shape. bay bridge, not too bad. we have clear conditions through emeryville and oakland and 580 and 8980 with no delays. some volume there, because of early construction that is wrapped up. in san jose, the drive along 280 away from 17, we are looking at clear conditions in the northbound and southbound direction but a couple of cars making the drive in the northbound direction so not too bad at this hour. kristen and katie? >> the maker of hamburger helper -- i remember that -- hoping they have a new recipe for success. bit business -- bloomberg business report is next. >> new development of a fiery crash in canada has turned into a major crime scene. >> and edward snowden has an offer of a new home after
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is 5:12. check out low clouds over the bay area right now, especially right around the bay. and meteorologist mike nicco will talk about when we have
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clear skies coming up. >> fremont police are asking for the public's help to fine the man who stole packages from the doorsteps of homeowners. a surveillance video shows the man taking a package from the front porch of a home on vermilion drive in june and video of the suspect's car entering the neighborhood. though compared the plate and compared the picture of the register owner with video of man and he is identified at 27 -year-old from san jose as the suspect. police say he is he is possiblyn the san jose area. >> in quebec there was a fiery train derailment that killed at least 15. 50 remain missing after saturday's disaster near the border with maine and police say they ruled out terrorism but they say they have discovered elements that suggest some kind of criminal wrongdoing with five oil tanker cars exploding after the train broke away from a locomotive and jumped the tracks.
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the explosions that followed levels 30 building. >> today is a critical day in the george zimmerman with the defense expecting to wrap up before the jury. george zimmerman is on trial for second-degree measurer in the death of unarmed teenager trayvon martin with tensions high yesterday dug the proceedings without the jury present. the against attorney and the judge argued over the admission of text messages mar tip superintendent friends about fighting. the state says they have nothing to do with the case. the defense called it "compelling evidence" as they try to prove george zimmerman shot the 17-year-old in sell defense. the session ran late into the night lasting 13 hours and ended when the judge walked out. >> i don't know who spents more on back-to-school shopping. here is jane king and the bloomberg business report. >> are you planning on spending more on back to school stuff? shopper retail sales will be 4 percent higher this year because of higher consumer confidence.
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this year, people could being to venture beyond the discount retailers and spend what it takes to get kids ready. a mixed picture for teens. employment says that teen hiring had the strongest start in seven years in may but slowed down in june as more shopped online and mall hiring dropped. the july is strong enough that the teen implement could be higher than last year. general mills changing hamburger helper to appeal to younger folk with new versions coming with a soft pound and you use chicken. last night, a million households had hamburger helper for dinner. at the new york stock exchange for the bloomberg business report. >> we will take you back to amy hollyfield with the ntsb chairman for the latest update on the asiana flight 214. amy? >> well, she is at the holiday
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inn waiting for the news conference to begin. of course, details continue to come out with each piece of information the ntsb gets and sharing it with the public. >> amy, what else did deborah share with you this morning? >> good morning. she is here with us now. we want to get right to the throttle, the automatic throttle. was it on? they thought it was on or armed. how much does this matter? do pilots rely only on it or are they supposed to monitor it? >> what i can tell you is the switch positions we identified in the cockpit and information from our interviews with the crew what we identified post crash is the automatic throttles were armed and available for use. that does not mean they are active but when we talked to the crew if their interviews they relayed to us they believe the
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auto throttles were helping to maintain speed for the aircraft. now, we have multiple pilots in the cockpit, one is flying but the others are responsible for monitoring things such as altitude and airspeed so we want to understand what was happening with the crew and with the airplane. >> does they say anything about why they were going so slowly and how it got to that point? >>guest: they relayed in their interviews to our investigators they believe the auto throttle was managing their speed. they recognized, however, their speed had decayed but it came very late as they approached the runway. >> the flight attendants ejected from the plane, what was your reaction? you have seen a lot in your career but i a not sure you have seen that? >> all accidents are difficult. they are challenging situations. when we hear about survival, it
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is for all of us, a moment where we really thing about those individuals and what they want through. we are glad this was such a survivable accident and we are thankful more people were not killed or injured. it could have been worse. >> sounds like you have made a lost progress. do you have much more? what is the plan if today and your timeline? >>guest: we have a great team and they are so engaged and active and they cannot wait to get started each morning to get their work done. they will be trying to finish up some of the work on the airport property particularly so we can get that runway cleared county get them started open repair process to get it back opened up. there is a lot of debris on the runway that needs to be picked up and, also, maintained for evidence. >> any time it will be opened? >>guest: we will get a better idea when we turn it back over to the airport but when it will be ready for opening, that is
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going to depend on a lot of theys including making sure that all of the safety that needs to be done on runway is complete and we still have that big 777 right off the runway and i am not sure it will be removed as quickly as we would like. >> thank you. that is ntsb chairman with us this morning. kristen and katie? >> thank you. a lot of great information. meteorologist mike nicco checking out the weather forecast. low visibility. >> pretty were like yesterday with flight arrival delays. they health us know early yesterday so i will watch that and let you know. as you step away from the tv you can check out twitter. oakland is at 10 miles per hour, and fairly at 24 miles per hour, so there is a little bit of a sea breeze. you can barely see mount diabolo in the distance and the clouds are eventually going to be
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switched out with high clouds with moisture from the south coming up toward us and the sea breeze will bring us cooler conditions and the cool of the days are today through friday with warmer weather as we head to the weekend n san francisco, it is 52, 53, or 54 degrees. temperatures in the 50's everywhere until walnut creek and pittsburg at 62 and tracy at 67 degrees. the area of low pressure enhancing the sea breeze the next couple of days and we have moisture from what is left of tropical storm eric with high clouds in forecast this afternoon. upper 70's to low 80's for the santa clara valley and mid-70's for most of the peninsula but well hang around 72 in san mateo and 68 in millbrae and upper 50's along the coast and a cool day for you with limited such shine. sausalito is at 68 and we will have low-to-mid 80's through the north bay and if there is an isolated chance of a shower it
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would be here but it is so remote i late to bring it up. 20 at berkeley and america close. we have mid-80's to near 90 in the east bay valley. here is the seven-day forecast, a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow and friday and the summer remain whatth returns just in time for the weekend. >> we have great conditions on the road with no crashes. what we see is quite a bit of construction and congestion. eastbound side of 580 between greenville to flynn road we have drainage work. that will last until 9:00 this morning and you can see it is causing a slow down in the eastbound direction traveling along westbound, coming from tracy to dublin it is very slow and you are looking at at least a 40-minute commute already. outside, it is looking wide open and you can see eastbound traffic moving fine and westbound tail lights in foster city are not a problem. >> thank you, ahead, seven things to know use start the
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>> it is now 5:24. whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. the ntsb investigation continues into the asiana flight 214 at fog. investigators say the pilots thought the automatic controls were maintaining the proper airspeed until the moment before the crash. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield will have a report in a few minutes. >> new information on the two teen girls who died in the
5:25 am
asiana flight 214. a chinese newspaper reporter says the parents of the two victims were originally not going to let their daughters go on the trip to the united states but they begged to go so they could be together. the parents relented and allowed the girls to go. >> three, officials are holding a special meeting in oakland to discuss the delayed opening of the new span of the bay bridge. it will take contractors until december, at the earliest, to repair 32 broken rods. >> a newly re-instated legal team plans to suggest a new fine against pg&e for the deadly 2010 san bruno explosion after the fine was credit -- criticized as being too lenient. >> 280 had a big collision when a big rig hit a van. the fire was put out and no one was hurt, though.
5:26 am
>> six, we do see clear conditions on eastbound and westbound 80 through emeryville but right now at the bay bridge toll plaza cash-paying lanes are loading up with a lot of congestion building and drive times coming up. >> we can see the low clouds great mount tamalpais this morning and we will talk about flight arrival delays into sfo with drizzle on the way if one of the commutes and i will let you know when that will happen with a week warming trend on the way. >> there is word that accused n.s.a. leaker edward snowden could be on the move soon. venezuela's president said he received the request for asylum and says that the fugitive has to decide if and when he will fly there. snowden has spent two weeks hiding in a moscow airport. he said he tried to do his job but no one stood up to stop what he saw the government doing, he felt obligated to leak the information. there will be a big goodbye on "the view" use ahas announced
5:27 am
elizabeth is leaving and today is the last day. she is take on the new role as a co-host on fox news "fox & friends" and barbara walters said we have had ten wonderful years with her and she will now be swimming in new waters. we will miss her and wish everything good. she joined "the view "in november of 2003. >> the abc7 news continues at 5:30 with the top stories.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, at 5:29 on this wednesday
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thanking for joining us. >> we will send you over to mike nicco and the weather center for the latest. >> nice to see you both. nice to see you and the live doppler 7 hd for the only commute. we have low clouds and can you see them from the exploritorium camera. it looks like the clouds will take until 10:00 to dissipate. when they do, watch out for high clouds coming in from the south. the stronger sea breeze is not so warm as yesterday. 80 in the north bay and south bay to 90 in the east bay valley and around the bay we will have 64 in san francisco and 72 in oakland to 82 down in san jose and at the cost it will be 58 to 62. a check of traffic. leyla gulen? >> we are seeing pretty much top speeds in most areas, of course, slowing in the usual spots including the altamont pass and, also, the four coming from antioch so we are looking at slow-and-go conditions and
5:31 am
decent speed coming from hercules to the hoffman split in the westbound direction long 80 we are still at top speed and 71 miles per hour through berkeley. we are starting to see a buildup of traffic from the westbound direction along the bay bridge and at the toll plaza, but those would have fast track are in good shape and highway one we have one way traffic control in affect until 7:00 a.m. because of paving work but so far so good and maybe foggy conditions. outside, we will look at the drive through walnut creek and east bay along 680 southbound from highway 4, you are at ten minutes to get to the junction 24. >> developing news this morning from san jose where police are investigating the death of a man there. it happened after midnight at a homeless shelter on west julian street. a man was stabbed to death during an argument inside the julian street inn with his identify not released yet. investigators have detained a possible suspect.
5:32 am
this was the city's 26th homicide of the year. >> also, we have breaking news, another incident at sfo. passengers had to be evacuated off of a flight from san francisco to cincinnati last night after a tug crashed into the plane on the tarmac. delta flight 2396 was set to take off at 11:15 and passengers felt a strong jolt. the pilot left the plane to inspect the damage and evacuated passengers. no one was hurt. some passengers say they were thinking of the crash of asiana flight 214 on saturday. delta put passengers on another plane that took off at 1:00 o'clock a.m. and that plane is expected to land in cincinnati around 9:00 our time. >> developing news on the crash at sfo. the chair woman of in the second revealed on abc7 news that the crews will work today to finish the job at the airport so they can clear the runway but there is still a lot debris.
5:33 am
amy? >>guest: yes, she revealed several new details about the investigation. they have released new video. this is from the crash scene showing the debris on the runway. investigators say they have finished interviewing the pilots. one of them said that one of the emergency chutes did not work. it opened inside the airplane. one of the flight attendants was trapped and the pilot had to free her. we have learned that two flight attendants were ejected from the become of the plane and found on the runway. they survived. >> all accidents are difficult. though are challenging situations. when we hear about survival it is, for all of us, a moment where we think about those individuals and what they went through. we are glad this was such a survivable accident.
5:34 am
we are thankful that more people were not killed or injured. it could have been worse. >> we have learned more about the pilots. they told investigators they thought the auto throttle was on. now officials have to figure out if it was, working, if it was being used reasonly, but that zone answer why the many was coming in is slowly. experts say the mights should be monitoring the equipment and their speeds not relying on it entirely. the chairwoman said they are making progress but they still have a ways to go with no word on when the runway will be cleared at sfo. we now know which of the two 16-year-olds killed could have been hit by a fire vehicle. the coroner has told the parents of ye mengyuan her injuries are consistent with being hit by a fire rig. it will be two or three week before the coroner determines how she died.
5:35 am
san francisco police tell abc7 news that the department's major accident investigation team is assisting federal investigators to determine what happened on the tarmac. >> the parents and classmates of the two victims are sequestered at a hotel near the airport taken over by federal investigators. so far, the best view of america for the chinese students is from the window of the crown plaza hotel in burlingame. despite attempts by staff to shield and protect the students some stepped outside to pose for pictures year. they were unable to leave the hotel without an escort but they celebrated one girl's birthday and visited an eye doctor who gave them free glasses to replace those glasses lost in the crash. a class hate of the two 16-year-old girls who died posted the pictures and a message on chinese social media, describing the crash and how their seatbelts automatically unbuckled and seats that completely flipped with passengers stuck below. >> after the crash, there is
5:36 am
still an impact on travels in and out of sfo. an airport four runways 28 left is closed as the investigation conditions. aircraft pieces are strewn along the runway. every piece is a possible crucial piece of evidence. passengers could face delays until the wreckage is removed. >> a delay of 3 1/2 hours. >> at this stage we are thing friday morning? we are supposed to be home now. we do not really know. >> sfo canceled some flights yesterday mostly smaller regional carriers. or flights saw delays between 60 and 90 minutes. if you are flying out check with your airline before headed to the airport. >> we will have more on the crash at sfo throughout the morning and reporting continues on twitter@abcnews and at with photos of the crash scene and complete news conference by the ntsb. >> in other news, happening
5:37 am
today, bay area drivers will learn details behind the delayed opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. officials are holding a special meeting in oakland today to discuss the delay that they announced to state lawmakers on monday. it will take contractors until december to repair 32 broken rods in the new span. hundreds of other rods will need to be addressed but not before the $6.4 billion bridge opens and caltran need as four-day weekend to move traffic from the old bridge on to the any one which means the opening may not happen until early next year. bart and the biggest unions are scheduled to resume contract negotiations on friday the two sides motivately with mediators, the first time talks were held since management and the unions decided last week to continue the country contract for 30 days. that allows workers to end their 4 1/2 day strike and for bart service to resume while negotiation airports try to hammer out a new contract. union leader could go on strike again if a new deal is not
5:38 am
reaped by august 4. >> walnut creek officials will release a controversial investigative report today detailing the actions of city employees after they learned an employee was suspected of inappropriate contact with teen girls. jason turned himself into police in if enand scheduled to return to court july 18. he was an actor and theater teacher at the center and the manager and three other city employees were put on paid leave for failing to report the suspected abuse to police during an internal investigation. >> the wildfire in san diego county is still burning this morning after it destroyed 100 cabins at a camp. right now, mandatory evacuations are in place if residents. the fire is 40 percent contained but it is still threatening homes in the rural area. 10020 buildings and fire crews
5:39 am
members have suffered minor injuries sin the fire break out on saturday afternoon. >> we have low clouds out there. what else is going on? mike? >> visibility is okay from most reporting stations but the low clouds are out there and fog at the coast with two mile visibility at half moon bay and just announced flight arrival delays into sfo nearly 2 1/2 hours so use our flight tracker at bottom. if you were standing on the radio of the broadcast center, this is what you would see off to the east ... a lot of low clouds hanging around law 7:00. by noon, though, it is brighter. there is a little bit of haze because of moisture in the air. the next 12 hours will be 58 at the coast at 4:00, and 84. we transition to high clouds and it will be 356 at the coast and 74 inland by 7:00. that is the day planner today. how about as we move forward? from mount tamalpais or from mount sutro to mount diabolo
5:40 am
above the cloud cover deck the clouds are steady thursday and friday as will the sea breeze so here's the coolest days and warmther with more sunshine saturday. now a check of the traffic. >> we do have a severe traffic advisory in napa county because of a report of a brushfire. this is happening right at the dam along highway 128. motorists are wise to avoid this area. or you will have give yourself plenty of time. bart and everything is running on time. at san jose camera, on 280, the sun is up and we can see a few extra cars making the drive in the northbound direction away great 17 and clear conditions there, and certainly southbound direction all is quiet and calm. >> it is now 5:40. next, a passenger and crew who wanted the crash at sfo from another plan just a few yards
5:41 am
away and we will hear that pilot's firsthand account. >> hero's story emerges from the ashes of a devastating apartment fire on the
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, and all the bay area
5:44 am
this is abc7 news. >> we are hearing from members of a martial arts academy on board flight conflict with all eight saying they were shocked and raced to get east plane after it crashed. some of them sprang into action acting as first responders to passengers who were badly hurt toward the rear of the plane. >> we stayed with each of our victims until emergency personnel got there. once they got this and took control of that person, we left them and went lock -- looking if more people. >> they lost the competition medals and the belongings, but they are all grateful they received. some suffered cutses and bruises. >> a first-hand account of the crash from the people what have perhaps the most dramatic vantage point a crew on united airlines 747 was on the end of the runway when asiana flight 214 came down. the first officer wrote it
5:45 am
looked like the plane would hit the approach lights on the bay but the united drew and passengers wanted the 777 hit the seawall and the tail section and landing gear sheared off. >> we see people in the immediate area walking around. >> walking outside the airplane right now? >> yes, a couple of people, looks like several. >> the pilot went to the main cabin of the plane where he says the passengers were concerned but generally calm. they could see that fuselage and debris out the window. the pilot praised the attendants on the plane, some were shaken but all did an outstanding jobs of comforting the passenger. >> investigators are expected to return today to the scene of a deadly six-alarm fire in redwood city. some residents returned to the apartment building on woodside road yesterday to collect belongings. it is the first time they have been allowed inside since the fire break out sunday morning.
5:46 am
one person was killed and nearly 100 were displaced. residents are causing 509 man a hero when he helped a mother in distress. >> the mother had two babies so i took one of the babies with me, and i ran from the third to second floor and i gave the baby to the police officer. >> investigators are trying to find the cause of the fire. no one can live in the building now which is red tagged. >> police are trying to determine if several fires in clayton were deliberately set. three fires started yesterday afternoon along the walking path. firefighters had them out before they could threat were any homes. investigators say this is evidence that the scene could have been a proved arson. one person was released after being questioned. mike, what is going on outside? >> do not adjust the set it is
5:47 am
that fuzzy. >> this is not a repeat of yesterday but the morning, yes, it is a repeat with low clouds and flight arrival delays at sfo with radar showing nothing but -- well, no radar runs with a possibility of drizzle on the cost tomorrow but it is limited this morning. the golden gate bridge shows the clouds on the diagnosis right now and it looks like everyone is using the low peoples. they paying attention. high clouds and cooler conditions this afternoon, and our coolest days are today, thursday, and friday, and we have a warming trend this week, and it will not get out of control but back to where we should be. all the north bay temperatures, the cool of the at bodega at 48 and novato 49 and 51 if santa rosa and 50 at mill valley and san rafael 57 degrees. most of us around the bay not
5:48 am
mid-to-upper 50's and san carlos 53, and cupertino is at 60 and lafayette is 59 and comfortable morning with an area of low pressure and this is the game changer in our forecast. that and the leftovers great tropical storm eric bring us the high clouds. upper 70's through low 80's, in the south bay and in los gatos and gilroy, mid-to-upper 80's. 70's will dominate the peninsula today until you get to milbrae at 68 and the south by, at 80, and along the coasts upper 50's this afternoon, to mid-60's in downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito at 68 and 79 to 83 is the temperature range through the north by valley and the coast is 58 at bodega bay can we will start at 68 in richmond and hurricane cheese and castro valley at 78 and oakland at 72 degrees with mid-80's law the san ramon valley and highway four and possibly 90 in livermore. day game, 12:45 first pitch and
5:49 am
mostly sunny so watch out for that u.v. index is rather high with temperatures hanging around, mid-60's during the game. the seven-day forecast shows a slight chance of elevated thunderstorm in the north by this afternoon, almost so slight i hesitate to bring it up but there is that chance. thursday and friday temperatures are our coolest but headed through the weekend and into next week, 80's around the bay and 90's inland and 60's at the coast. >> we have quiet conditions on the road but for some congestion and construction. in the eastbound way away from livermore eastbound 580 we have drainage work. the drive time traffic at 580 westbound from tracy to dublin/pleasanton, we are look at more time for the commute, 40 minutes to get there. along westbound four, coming from antioch to conquer is 30
5:50 am
minutes. 85 in san jose from 101 to cupertino that is under 20 minutes and that is quiet. we seeing folks report -- well, this is a vehicle on the shoulder. we have reports of fog headed through orinda to the tunnel. the bay bridge toll plaza have metering lights on and another sea of headlights in the westbound direction from emeryville to san francisco. >> the super pac pushing a presidential bid for hillary clinton in 2016 is hiring a firm that president obama's successful campaign operations. hillary clinton has not said whether she will seek the white house in 2016. she stepped down as secretary of state in february. but the super pac for hillary clinton has hired a democratic firm to oversee grass roots organizing, volunteer training and recruit president.
5:51 am
the firm helped get president obama elected in 2008 and re-elected last year. >> senate democrats will vote today to try to bring student loans interest rates back down with rates doubling to 6.8 percent july 1 and the stat measure will bring the rates back to 3.4 percent if one year. if lawmakers do not manage to pass the measure, the increase could mean an extra $2,600 for the average student in the fall. >> new ever surfaces in the murder investigation involving former tight end, hernandez and he could be linked to a deadly shooting. >> cut at the neighborhood post office and a move by the postal service could affect you. >> drink or tipsy, men and women see a big difference after they have had a little too
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> shoppers in san francisco will experience the closing of several post office on sunday including in stockton starting july 21. marina green will do the same, starting july 28. lake shore plaza will close newspapers starting in august, and the airport station on westfield will end sunday service on august 11. the postal service is getting
5:55 am
less demand as people buy stamps from private retailers. awe have almost captured another sunrise from mount tamalpais this morning and you can see the crusting -- cresting of the sun. we will have temperatures from two degrees cooler in san francisco at 64 to possibly ten degrees cooler in santa rosa at 83. you can see the showers and thunderstorms moving through the high desert and also los angeles right now, at 81 this afternoon and 108 in palm springs and some may return to yosemite at 98 and 92 in sacramento and 100 in fresno and chico and 83 with clouds in tahoe. >> we have a rot of a hit-and-run accident in emeryville north of an early fiery crash this morning. the early crash has cheered -- cleared but this just popped up
5:56 am
possibly blocking one lane. but, so far so good from albany to berkeley to the maze. we are starting to see a buildup of traffic at the maze and busy conditions when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> thank you at 5:56. a study says people with pair shaped bodies could have greater risk if deadly disease with researchers looking at 3,000 patients and those with increased belly fat were at greater risk for cancer and heart disease because an -- abdomen fat is more dangerous because it surrounds the internal organs. >> gender could affect perception at drinkenness. researchers say that in a study people judging a man who had a drink or two or more likely to think he is hammered and judging a william they say he is "tipsy." the level of the drunkenness
5:57 am
has nothing to do with perception of the people, maybe something for bartenders to consider when deciding whose keys to take away. >> just now, next at 6:00, continuing coverage of the asiana flight 214 including new information we just learn overnight of the teenage victim. >> new this morning, look at this, flames lock traffic on a major pay area interstate overnight and what led to the huge fire. >> later, "consumer reports" and "7 on your side" reveal which printers use the most ink and which offer real
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now at 6:00 we are learning new details on what want wrong moments before asiana flight 214 crashed at sfo and a pilot's
6:00 am
perspective what the crew experienced before the crash the. >> a freeway fire blocks traffic overnight, ahead, the highway patrol tells us what led to the flames. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00 on this wednesday. we want on get you a check of the weather, a fresh check of the weather. >> mike? >> no need to worry about wet weather this morning according to live doppler 7 hd. possibly tomorrow. today, if our bay neighborhood, we have fog and clouds in the mid-50's and hanging around the upper 60's by noon and hazy sunshine and high clouds and upper 70's in the afternoon hours, to upper 60's for the evening. inland valleys we will have clouds in the not by, it is clear in the east bay and temperatures in the mid-50's and cooler this afternoon at 76 at noon and normal at 84 at 4:00 and a pleasant 74 in the evening so hopefully you will not need to turn on the air conditioning. at the coast we have low clouds and partly cloudy and maybe partly sunnbu


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