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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 10, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the. >> a freeway fire blocks traffic overnight, ahead, the highway patrol tells us what led to the flames. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00 on this wednesday. we want on get you a check of the weather, a fresh check of the weather. >> mike? >> no need to worry about wet weather this morning according to live doppler 7 hd. possibly tomorrow. today, if our bay neighborhood, we have fog and clouds in the mid-50's and hanging around the upper 60's by noon and hazy sunshine and high clouds and upper 70's in the afternoon hours, to upper 60's for the evening. inland valleys we will have clouds in the not by, it is clear in the east bay and temperatures in the mid-50's and cooler this afternoon at 76 at noon and normal at 84 at 4:00 and a pleasant 74 in the evening so hopefully you will not need to turn on the air conditioning. at the coast we have low clouds and partly cloudy and maybe partly sunny but not so were
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sunshine, temperatures hanging around 60 this afternoon. now a check of the morning commute, a fresh check, with legal hail -- leyla gulen. >> the altamont pass is the busy area with traffic building at maze. at the split along westbound 80 law east richmond to el cerrito we have a report of debris blocking the lane. and an early report of a potholes as well. as we lock at the drive time traffic from 101 that is 25 minutes and headed along 680 from concord to 24 that is a short 90-minute commute and continuing along 24 in the westbound direction to the tunnel it is 12 minutes. we have clear conditions in those areas and to san jose, here is a look at 87 past the julian off-ramp with great conditions there, as well. katie and. >> thank you, leyla gulen. all eastbound lanes of i-80 in emeryville have re-opened after a big rig and a van collided.
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it happened before 1:00 o'clock a.m. at powell street on-ramp causing the van to catch fire. all eastbound lanes were shut down as leyla reports to clean up the oil and grease that spilled. no one was hurt. the signature alert -- the signature alert was canceled. in the last hour you heard from ntsb chairwoman on the use a morning news and amy hollyfield joins us from san francisco. amy, what does she reveal? >> i asked about the progress of the investigation. they have a lot to do. they released this video from the runway. it proves it: all that debris still needs to be cleaned up they have to move the airplane and it lookings like that may not be moved as quickly as they would have liked. she also revealed more detail of
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the investigation, and has done that each day this week and she says putting all the information out there to the public is having an impact. >> i have been approached at the airport by flight crews, attendants about what we are doing. it make them think twice when they are coming in here about safety. if we can get everyone to be more vigilant and focus and make sure another crew doesn't have an airspeed that is incorrect on arope. that is good. >> investigators have finished interviewing the pilots and say that the interviews were revealing. the pilots said they thought their automatic controls were on investigators found the controls in "armed" mode so they were able for use. they gave this response to answer the question of why the plane was coulding in so slowly can they thought the auto throttle was monitoring their speed. still, no conclusion, though, about the cause of the crash.
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the investigation still has a ways to go. >> thank you for that at 6:04 with new video giving us a pilot pore perspective as plane approaches san francisco international airport. this happened yesterday above san francisco bay, the pilot showed cnn how most planes land at 4,000 foot marker on the runway. flight 214 missed the marker leading to the crash. the question is, why? >> we got details from a parent and teacher of the two 16-year-olds who died. a chinese newspaper reporter interviewed the mother of wang linjia saying she originally wasn't going to let her daughter go on the trip but she begged saying if she didn't go her best friend ye mengyuan parents would not let her go. both parents relented and the teacher revealed wang linjia was sitting in the second to last row on the plane but switched to
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be with ye mengyuan because another girl was in between them and that girl only suffered minor injuries. >> two dozen of the 182 passengers hurt in the crash are still in the hospital this morning, grand general is treating most of them, 12 people. five of them are in critical condition including one child. stanford medical center is treating five people. one of them is critical. but stable. nine other passenj." ers are being treated. we have new information on the smartphone app and you and watch the ntsb news conferences with the next at 2:00 p.m. >> if you have our old or current app you will need to download the new one because that old app is going away soon. >> we will find out today if nearly 30,000 inmates in california prisons are going to refuse meals for a third day in
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a row. the hunger strike the past two days is in support of fellow inmates held in solitary confinement at the state prison at pelican bay the third hunger street in two years. thousands state-wide refused to go to their jobs or classes year. previous strikes have ended after a few days. in san francisco, a crowd seek to save city college from being stripped of accreditation took the message to the department of education, they held a protest rally year evening in front of their san francisco office. the school was notified last week by the commission for junior colleges they will lose accreditation in july. city college has until the end of the month to appeal the decision. >> from fremont this morning, police are asking for the public's help to fine the man who stole packages from the doorsteps of homeowners. surveillance video shows a man taking a package off the front porch of a home back in june. there is also video of the suspect's car entering the
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neighbor. they ran the plates and compared a picture of the registered owner with video of the man taking the package. police identified the suspect, a 27-year-old hispanic from san jose as the suspect. he is a transient but could be in the san jose area. >> from berkeley this morning, the city's humane society is asking for the public's help after the van was stolen over the fourth of july holiday welcome. officials say the van was in their parking lot when it was stolen and it is insured but it is old so insurance will not cover the full coast of replacement. they have launched a fundraiser to try to raise $5,000 for replacement van. later this year, the berkeley humane society is launching a capital campaign to rebuild the shelter. much of it was destroyed three years ago in a fire that killed 15 cats. if you would like to help the hue main society we post add link at abc7 news co-under oh see it on tv."
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>> samsung is breaking ground for headquarters in san jose a 10-story office tower. the $300 million project be completed in 2015 housing 2,000 employees and a million square feet of office space. the employees will work in sales and research and development. >> santa clara county will spray tomorrow after mosquitoes found in south san francisco tested positive for west nile virus. ground fogging starts at 11:00 p.m. in san jose tonight. the fogging kills mosquitoes which carry the virus. >> waking up this morning to low clouds. our meteorologist, mike nicco, will see if it is different from yesterday. >> not so foggy as it was yesterday. yesterday we had a mile
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visibility and santa rosa we have seven and 2.5 mile visibility at half moon bay and down to a quarter mile sometime and the low clouds are ought hugging the ground as they did yesterday. the east bay right now, 59 in lafayette and downville and 58 and pleasanton and dublin/pleasanton at 55 and conquer at 56 and livermore is 57 and highway four in the throw mid-60's and mountain view at 60 and everyone else is in the 50's right now and now, what is happening today with the u.v. index it will be high but notice our pollen counts are throw moderate and that is only the trees. as far as temperatures today, as we look at the low clouds they will be gone by 11:00 and replaced with high clouds keeping the temperature from two to ten degrees cooler than yesterday. now an update on traffic. >> we are starting to see a buildup of traffic and accidents. first i get to severe traffic
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advisory on highway 128 in napa county we have word there is a brushfire burning in this area and c.h.p. is advising motorists to avoid the area. this could be shut down in this area. in santa rosa we have word of southbound 101 a car and a big rig crash with one lane blocked and the car was spun and now facing the other direction in the southbound lane. if mass transit, ace, muni and bart, all on time. this is the golden gate bridge and all the fog means you should use the low beams and not the high beams. we have clean conditions headed into san jose. >> ahead, the big decision awaiting accused n.s.a. leaker edward snowden, but, first, new photos of accused murderer
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hernandez and new evidence against the former pro football star.
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>> covering cupertino, concord and the wine country this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on this wednesday, this is a picture of mount tamalpais and the clouds sitting over us. our meteorologist, mike nicco, will let us know when the clouds will leader and how warm it will be. >> the george zimmerman trial is underway in florida. this is a picture from the courtroom. today is critical with continues high yesterday without the jury present with the dense attorney and the judge arguing over the add missibility of text messages martin sent friends, talking about fighting. the state says that the emergencies have nothing to do with the case. the defense calls them "compelling evidence" as it tries to prove george zimmerman shot 17-year-old trayvon martin
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in sell defend. the session ran late into the night yesterday lasting 13 hours. >> new details on the murder investigation involving former new england patriots tight end honor hernandez. a just-released search warrants includes photos of him in his home after the june 17 shooting death of lloyd. a system captured these images he is in a white hoodie with to men who helped hernandez shoot lloyd. the warrant reveals tire tracks found at the murder scene are similar to those of a car he rented. hernandez pleaded not guilty. >> still in word as accused n.s.a. leaker edward snowden will sell venezuela veteran's offer of asylum. the venezuela president said that snowden has to decide if he will fly to the country. snowed has been hiding in a moscow airport for two weeks. a fund released part 2 of the very much with snowden conducted
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a month ago in a hotel room if hong kong. snowden tried doing his job but when no one stood up to stop what he saw the government doing he felt obligated to leak the information. >> a criminal investigation is now underway in quebec following a fiery train derailment that killed at least 15 people. 50 people remain missing after the disaster on saturday near canada's border with maine. police say they have reeled owl terrorism but they say they have discovers elements that suggest a criminal wrong doing took place. at least five oil tanker cars exploded after the train broke away from a locomotive and jumped the tracks. the explosions that followed leveled 30 buildings. >> after the return of same-sex marriage to california, a new lawsuit is aiming to bring them to another state. "new york times" reports that the american civil liberties union is suing the state of pennsylvania over the ban on same-sex marriage which dates back to 1996. they have said that they will
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spend $10 million over the next few years to expand same-sex marriage throughout the country. >> get ready for a good by on "the view" today with hasselbeck leaving the show. today is her last day. she is taking on a new role as co-host on "fox & friends" and pa behalf issued a statement saying we have had ten wonderful years with her and she will be swimming in new waters. we will miss her and wish her everything good. hasselbeck joined "the view" in november of 2003 often the lone conservative voice. >> the waters will be more friendly where she is going from her view. >> and at midday we will not be so gray, try, mike? >> absolutely. we have high clouds, those on way and i will show you what that means for the cooling trend. live doppler 7 hd shows it is showing dry conditions this morning, and we will look at the
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america's cup pavilion from the roof camera to the northeast, and you can see the richmond-san rafael bridge in the distance, and a little bit of a wind blowing from the ocean inland on the left side of the screen. and we talk about what will happen today and moving forward with high clouds and sunshine and cooler conditions this afternoon. our cool of the days are today, tomorrow, and friday and warmer weather for the weekend but nothing that will get outrageously hot even inland. here is a look at low pressure we are tracking, which is bringing us the stronger sea breeze and that will bring us the cool weather. here is the high clouds, here are the high clouds, leftover from tropical storm. we will want this. upper 70's and let 80's if the santa clara valley. mid-to-upper 80's in los gatos and morgan hill.
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68 in milbrae is the cool spot on the peninsula. 72 at san mateo up to 80 in los altos and 50's sticking along the coast until you get to the sunset at 60 and mid-60's in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito is at 68 but the benches are ten degrees cooler and as you head inland we have temperatures in the low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and let to mid 70's if a lot of the east bay shore and union city is 77 and hercules and fremont at 78 for the warm areas and mid-80's to upper 80's through the san ramon valley and antioch to brentwood, to live more, we have temperatures around 90 degrees and above average. if you head to the game today we will have temperatures running in the mid-60's with a lot of sunshine for the 12:45 pitch to 3:30 so grab the sunscreen. clouds everywhere and drizzle along the coast and temperatures are cool and in the 50's the seven-day forecast shows tomorrow and friday the cool of the day, with the sea breeze
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stronger with the low approaching, and it falls apart and high pressure takes over and temperatures are back to normal, 60's at the cost through next week and 80's around the bay can low 90's inland. leyla gulen? >> we have the accident that we are tracking in santa rosa southbound 101 coming away from 12 involving a big rig. the car spun around and we now are looking at backups blocking a lane but it sounds like c.h.p. is pushing everything to the shoulder and it is leaving its mark. at the devil's slide we have maybing work causing when way traffic criminal until 7:00 a.m. and we are seeing slowing in the northbound direction and foggy conditions out this. be came as we head over the altamont pass it is bumper to bumper, and at tracy, northbound 101, at 880, we have our wazers reporting back. you can check it yourself at
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apple app and google play and gin our group. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is packed right now with a sea of headlights making the drive from emeryville to san francisco. the i-team is digging into asiana flight 214 cash with passengers and crew who watched the crash yards away in another plane. hear the first-hand account. >> first, printer savings, "consumer reports" and "7 on your side" reveal models that go ♪ [ male announcer ] ever wonder why no other mouthwash feels like listerine®? because no other mouthwash works like listerine®. in your mouth, bacteria forms in layers. listerine® penetrates these layers deeper than other mouthwashes, killing bacteria all the way down to the bottom layer. so for a cleaner, healthier mouth, go with the mouthwash dentists recommend more than all others combined. #1 dentist recommended listerine®...
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>> if you have had to buy ink for the printer it is frustrating because the cartridges are so expensive. >> including that print are behind us. >> how ink does the print are use in "consumer reports" has partnered with "7 on your side" to find out. >> good morning. when it time to buy new ink for the printer, the cost can be a shock. what if i told you your printer is taking up ink that never hits the page. you would be mad, right? consumer report tests 30 big name printers and found just that. >> keeping a printer in ink is an annoying expense. >> it costs probable close to e.
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>> many do not realize this is the most expensive liquids you can buy. ounce for ounce it can cost more than buying champagne the when readers complains the ink was disappearing debters testified. >> the print are prepares to print after not being used so if you do not print frequently more ink could be used for machine like cleaning the printhead. >> "consumer reports" designed a special test to see how were ink was making it on to the paper. testers printed 30 pages of text or chored graphic over three weeks. some printers were much less efficient with ink. the worst used up to $120 a year in ink that never is useed in printing everything, the hp office pro and the office edge pro4,000. most brands had printers that
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used a lost ink for maintenance and ones that were easy on ink. if they kept usage down for some they should keep it down for all. one brand stood out: brother. all throw of the brother printers tested were frugal with ink at start-up. a best buy? the bro, bcp at $80. >> you can save on ink no matter which you own by following this advice from "consumer reports": first, try to print all at once rather than every few days. also, leave your printer on between jobs, the small amount of stand by power used costs much less than the ink used when the printer turns back on. >> i do that! >> good to know. >> late night drivers got the show in the east bay ahead at 6:30 huge flames that brought out firefighters overnight and stopped traffic on a busy bay
6:27 am
area freeway for hours. >> the ntsb chairman is doing interviews this morning, something she has been criticized for. next, hear her response to the criticism. >> you can see the low clouds causing flight arrival delays of 2 1/2 hours into sfo. a cooling trend is on the
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> wednesday at 6:30, good morning, thanks for joining us. thank you for joining us today. >> always happy to be here. >> i am katie marzullo here for eric thomas. we will check with mike nicco who is always here. mike? >> try to be here for the ladies. well, for everyone! i will get in trouble to that. 2 1/2 miles visibility. don't look at me like that! next 12 hours for the bay you can see it is foggy with clouds and temperatures in the mid-50's and mostly sunny by noon with high clouds and sunshine and low 70's at 4:00 and in the mid-60's and jacket weather in the evening. inland, most of the clouds are in the north bay and mid-50's, we will be sunny but cooler at noon and mid-70's and hang out
6:31 am
in the mid-80's so close to average with high clouds and sunshine. by 7:00, we are in the mid-70's and will not need the coat. coat weather at the coast today with clouds and 54 and now partly sunny and upper 50's in the afternoon and mid-50's in evening. leyla gulen? >> in santa rosa we have a crash that has cleared involving a big rig, southbound 101, and everything is pushed to the shoulder and we are looking at normal speeds. to the south, through petaluma, we have a heavy backup approaching 116, and easing up south of there to 58 miles per hour, and 17 is running smooth at top speeds between scotts valley and the summit and moving into san jose, knocking these two accidents out in one map, northbound 101, at 880, we have a crash that is pushed to the shoulder and another one, southbound, 880, that is still
6:32 am
there. now, outside we look at that drive through walnut creek and 12 minutes now to get you from highway 4 to highway 24. >> new this morning, another incident involving a passenger plane at sfo and passengers had to be evacuated off of a flight from san francisco to cincinnati last night after a tug crashed into the plane on the tarmac. delta flight 2396 was ready to take off at 11:15 and passengers saw the strong jolt. the pilot left the plane to inspect the damage and evacuated passengers. no ones what injured. delta put passengers on another plane that took off a few hours later. >> now the crash at sfo: the ntsb is updating abc7 news in the plans to remove the wreckage of asiana flight 214 from the runway. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins from south san francisco. >> the chairman has been criticized for giving the
6:33 am
briefings but she is here this morning doing it again. she has released new video from the crash scene. authorities will be out there again this morning. they have finished interviewing with the pilots. the interviews were revealing. investigators have gone public with what they learned. the largest pilot union is critical of that saying this could lead to wrong conclusions. i asked the challenge about that. we are a transparent organization, that is one of our hallmarks. we work for the public and provide the information to show our work so people know what is happening. there are a lot of advocates for different groups and organizations out there but we are the advocate for the traveling public. >> here is a picture of the scene with investigators out there in about an hour to start their work for the day. they have no estimated time of when they will get runway cleared. they have made progress, though,
6:34 am
for example, in the interview with the pilots, they say the piles told them they not the auto throttle was on and monitoring the plane speed. at the scene investigators found it was in the "armed" mode meaning it was available for use. lots of critical pieces coming in, but investigators say they still need time to put them together before they can reach a conclusion. >> thank you, at 6:34, the parents and classmates of the victims are sequestered at a hotel take ever over by federal investigators. the best view of america if china students is from the window of the crown plaza hotel. some students stepped outside to pose for pictures year. they are unable to leave the hotel without an escort. classmates celebrate add birthday and visits an eye doctor who gave them free glasses to replace those lost in the crash.
6:35 am
now, an i-team investigation. >> a first-hand account of asiana flight 214 from those who had the most dramatic vantage point, a crew on a united airline 747 was sitting at the end of the runway as asiana flight 214 came down. the first officer where it looked like the plane would hit the approach lights and the passengers and crew watched the 777 hit the seawall and the tail section shear off. >> we see people that need immediate attention, they are alive and walking around. >> walking outside the airplane? >> yes, some people are walking around. >> the pilot went to the main cabin of the many where he says his passengers were concerned but generally calm. days after the crash, it is still having an impact on traveler ms. and out of the sfo.
6:36 am
one of the four runways, 28 left, is closed as the ntsb investigators leaving the aircraft puzzle across the runway making for a slow clean up with every piece possibly crucial part of evidence. passenger could face delays until the wreckage is removed. sfo canceled some flights year mostly smaller regional carriers. other flights saw delays between 60 and 90 minutes. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the asiana flight 214 crash. "good morning america" will have much more at 7:00 a.m. >> the fire is out and all lanes are open after a big rig and a van collided in emeryville. all eastbound lanes were closed while crews put out the fire and cleaned up the crash. no one was injured. the sig-alert was canceled. >> new word this morning from san jose where police are investigating the death of a man
6:37 am
shortly after midnight at a homeless shelter. police say a man was stabbed to delegate during an argument inside the inn but his identity is not released. a possible suspect has been detained. this is the 26th homicide of the year. >> happening today, the surviving boston marathon bombings suspect is ready to make the first court appear an empty. >> first, summertime flames fan in southern california and the new firefighter that has crews mobilizing. >> a lock outside at the golden gate bridge showing the fog right now. traffic and weather are
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>> thought i would start to show you temperatures headed out the door in the upper fists the to low 60's here from about 55 in santa teresa, novato is in the upper 40's and 66 if brentwood and 60 if cupertino. at walnut creek, we are starting off with sunshine, 680, and traffic is headed south war, and temperatures are anywhere from two to ten degrees cooler with concord, your neighbor to the north dropping to 88, six degrees cooler. showers from the south will bring the high clouds and sunshine and drop the temperatures to 92 if sacramento and 83 in tahoe.
6:41 am
leyla gulen? >> we have a traffic advisory shutting down highway 128 completely. this is in napa county. if you plan on heading to the dam you cannot until further notice because of a brushfire. in sunol southbound 280 we have a car that is showing lumber in the lane. 580 westbound direction bumper-to-bumper traffic is slow and 40 minutes between tracy to dublin, and jumping up to highway 4 is a slow drive through antioch at 12 miles per hour as the top speed is better as you head into pittsburg. right now, the drive through san rafael coming in the southbound direction, those are the headlights and it is a smooth drive. >> it is 6:41. a wildfire is burning in san diego county after destroying 100 cabins at a camp. right new, mandatory evacuations are in place for residents and
6:42 am
the fire is 40 percent contained only but, still, threatening homes in the rural area. the chair idea fire has destroyed at least 120 buildings, five crew members have suffered minor injuries sin saturday afternoon when it broke out. >> apple news that could change the way they do business on intent. >> trading is underway on wall street and here is a look at the big board, the dow is up slightly seven points. we will go to jane king at the new york stock exchange. >> the boston marathon bombings suspect is getting ready for the first court appearance.
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>> covering novato,," sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> happening today, bay area drivers will learn details behind the delayed opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. fours are holding a special meeting in oakland today to discuss the delay that they announced to state lawmakers on monday. it will take until december at all right iest to repair 32 broken rods with hundreds of others that need to be addressed. caltran says they need a four-day weekend to move traffic from the old bridge to the new bridge which means the opening may not happen until early next year. >> walnut creek officials will release a controversial
6:46 am
investigative report today detailing the actions of city employees after they learned a center employee was suspected inappropriate sexual contact with teen girls. the suspect turn himself into the police in february in walnut creek and will return to court july 18. he was theater teacher with the manager and city employ ayes put on paid leave for failing to report the suspected abuse to police during an internal investigation. >> happening today, bought boston suspect is scheduled to appear in a boston courtroom for the first time. the 19 year old is charged with killing three spectators in the boston marathon bombings bombings, and a police officer who was ambushed. his older brother was killed in a confrontation. the prosecution expect a packed courtroom. center seats will be set aside for victim families, the victims, and the court could use a lottery tom so decide who gets
6:47 am
in the courtroom. >> texas lawmakers will vote on a controversial abortion bill. the bill was initially stalled last month after an 11 hour filibuster by a state senator difficult banning abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy and hold abortion clinics to the same standards at surgery center. the bill got approval yesterday in the house of representatives and now it goes to the senate where the republican majority will approve the bill. >> breaking apple news right now about antitrust violations. jane king is at the new york stock exchange with pice -- bloomberg business report. >> apple did violate antitrust laws claiming by the judge that apple conspired to fix problems on e-books and the judge ordered apple to face a trial on this in firm court in manhattan. the united states sued apple and five others claiming they pushed publishers it sign agreements to
6:48 am
sell digital copies of the boxes with publishers fought retailers setting the rice and apple getting 30 percent. citigroup is putting 90 bank branches up if sale mostly if the bay area and los angeles and orange county. they are asking $300 million for the real estate which they plan to lease become. citigroup announced they were closing bank branches entirely so this is a continuation cost- cutting. >> do not mistreat those who owe money with new penalties if you break that law. the new rules oversee nonbanks now, such as credit bureaus, payday lenders and debt checkers. they cannot lie about who owns the debt or they can be arrested. >> stocks are positive and searching for direction, but we are waiting for the fed chairman bernanke with the perspective on the fed later today so that could certainly move markets and
6:49 am
the silicon valley index is trading a little bit higher. shares h.p. are up, the stock getting attention today, and city group is besting the ratings on shore from "buy" to "sell." that is the news from the new york stock exchange for bloomberg business report. >> after a memorable play 50, basketball fans can not get enough of the warriors. the san francisco business times reported that the war yours have sold a record number of season tickets for next season, and may is lost in the second round of the lay off but the success went far beyond expectations according to the warriors' president fans brought 13,400 tickets for the new senator -- season, 3,000 more than last year. when you win, everyone wants to go. >> keep the momentum going. >> we will see, what about the giants? >> day game, maybe things will change.
6:50 am
>> good morning, were, it is almost 6:50 on this wednesday and we have live doppler 7 hd with the low clouds and the 2 1/2 hour flight arrival delays and you can barely see sutro tower hooking from mount tamalpais so, most of san francisco and the bay covered if low cloud. it will be cooler because of the stronger sea breeze and our cool of the day through friday with warmer weather this weekend. i don't think we will get anywhere extreme like we have the last couple of warming trends. the lows are the main focus developing a sea breeze, with leftovers from former tropical storm eric, and that will be mid-level moisture with a bit of energy braking off from the low that moves across the north bay in the evening that could spark high elevated thunderstorm and otherwise the storms stay to the south with high clouds and sunshine today. mid-to-upper 80's at gilroy and everyone else in the upper 70's to low 80's such as san jose at
6:51 am
82 degrees. 80 in los altos and drop to 75 in redwood city and 68 in millbrae. headed north, speaking the cooler weather and a breeze to millbrae. upper 50's along the coast, and you could track 60 in the sunset but clouds better part of the day with a now breaks in the cloud cover but not a lot. mid-secretary downtown and 68 in sausalito and let to mid-80's through the north bay valley and near 60's, in lurk cheese, 78, and the east bay valley, we will have mid-80's, possibly a few 90's around antioch and brentwood and livermore, a 12:45 first pitch with sunshine dress for temperatures in the mid-60's feeling warmer in the sun and cooler in the shade. the seven-day forecast shows coolest weather or biggest drop is inland thursday into friday but notice by saturday, sunday, and monday, we are back in the
6:52 am
90's inland, summer like but without the extreme heat. i thought the tropical storm took the day off. in napa county we have severe weather advisory there is a brushfire there. no word when that will re-open. westbound 580 tracy to dublin/pleasanton at 37 minutes. 680, 580 to mission boulevard, 21 minutes because of debris that fell on sunol boulevard and 101 if you are capping -- catching a flight, twelve minutes to get to sfo. the bay bridge toll plaza is packed with a flood as you make it into san francisco. the golden gate bridge is blanketed in fog at this hour but coming from sausalito to san
6:53 am
francisco still a breeze at this hour. >> 6:52. seven things to know before you
6:54 am
>> as we are ready to hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know but, first, the san mateo bridge is cloudy but moving fine. seven things to know: one, the ntsb is scheduled to give an update on the investigation into the asiana flight 214 at sfo. the pilots thought the automatic controls were maintaining the proper airspeed. two, we are learning more of teen two girls killed in asiana flight 214, with their parents not going to let them go on the trip but they relented when the two girls begged. the parents are here this morning waiting to identify their daughters. three, there is another incident
6:55 am
involving a plane at sfo. a delta flight to cincinnati was delayed last night after a tug crashed into the plane on the tarmac. the pilots left the plane to inspect the damage and of evacuated the passengers. no one was hurt. the delta put passengers on another plane that took off at 1:00 o'clock this morning. four, san jose police are investigating the stabbing death of a man that happened at midnight at the inn shelter on west julian street the 26th homicide of the year. >> five, all eastbound lanes are i-80 are open again after a big rig collided with a van before 1:00 o'clock this morning. traffic is backed up as crews put out the fire and cleaned up the crash, but no one was hurt. >> six, we are waking up to low clouds and patchy fog with visibility at half moon bay the lowest this at 1.75 miles. as far as the forecast, we are going to have high clouds and sunshine and 80 to 90 inland, and 64 at san francisco to 82 at
6:56 am
san jose and sunny conditions at the coast. >> seven, another look at the bay bridge toll plaza, packed conditions from emeryville to san francisco and 15 minute wait especially if you are in the cash-paying lane. as we look at the drive over 580, busy in the westbound direction, but we do have construction that will last until 9:00 a.m. in the eastbound direction and devil's slide highway one with one way traffic control in affect until 7:00 a.m. so just a few minutes we will see the the cones picks up. >> the ntsb will hold the next news conference updating 9 investigation at 2:00 p.m. and we will bring coverage on air.
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good morning, america. the latest details on tropical storm chantal coming in at this hour. on track for the southeast, with a half a foot of rain. and the stunning, devastating flood pictures coming out of china overnight. entire cities destroyed. the pilots of flight 214, now talking about the crash, as we learn the plane did a full 360 on the runway, ejecting two flight attendants. brand-new video just released from the scene. bombshell in the aaron hernandez murder case. his alleged accomplice, revealing the nfl star pulled the trigger. as we begin to see the surveillance pictures from inside his home that broke the case wide open. and the extreme boiling point, as the george zimmerman trial goes


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