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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 10, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. investigators search the interior of the cabin of asiana flight 214 in a continuing effort to learn what happened after it crash landed at san francisco international airport on saturday. we are learning more of the two girls who were killed and how they beg their parents to go on the trip. >> we will get right to abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield on the latest. amy? >> this is where the ntsb
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released the information they gather from the runway and the chairman believes her investigation has already had an impact on air travel. some are not so sure. >> ntsb investigators climbed on board the plane today. they continued the search for the cause of saturday's crash. the chairman said when she goes inside the airport she is hearing the investigation is already having an impact. >> i have been approached at the airport by flight crews, flight attendants. i know it makes them think twice when they are coming in here about safety. >> the world's largest pilot union has criticized her for releasing too much information too soon. the latest information from investigators is that the pilots thought their automatic controls, which are similar to a car's cruise control, were monitoring their speed. >> what we identify post crash is that the auto throttles were armed and available if use. that does not mean they are
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active. >> the pilots union worry that information like this will cause people to jump to conclusions about the cause of the crash. we asked the chairman about the criticism. she says people in the aviation community need this information. >> there are a lot of advocates for a lot different groups and organizes, but we are the advocate for the traveling public. if we can get everyone to be more vigilant and focus a little bit and make sure another crew doesn't have an airspeed probable on approach, that would be a good thing. >> she is showing no signs of stopping the updates and has another one scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon. there is also no sign that the runway will be cleared any time soon, they don't know when they will have it cleared. it is still causing delays, 45-minute delays at the airport and, also,45 flights have been
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canceled. >> new details this morning from a parent and teacher of the two 16-year-old girls who died. a chinese newspaper reporter interviewed the mother of wang linjia, the gill on the right in the picture. the mom originally wasn't going to let her daughter go on the trip but she begged saying if she didn't go her best friend ye mengyuan parents would not let her go. both parents relented. their teacher reyielded wang linjia was in the second to last row on the plane but switched to the last row to be with ye mengyuan and there was another girl in between them. that girl only suffered minor injuries. >> i spoke by phone this morning with students who survived the crash. lisa sue who is staying at the crown plaza tells me he is fine despite having jumped out of the plane from 20' up since the chute did not deploy his area of the plane. le was running away and saw the burning plane. the group could still continue with their trip.
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inside the hotel, the chinese consulate staff is taking pictures and preparing new passports and travel documents for the students. >> stories about the moment of impact continue to pour in this morning. we hearing from another passenger who was on board with his wife and three children. >> actually, i don't remember the impact. the only thing i remember is a loud noise as i woke up from my sleep as the plane was landing and the next thing i remember i was laying down in a field. first responders were work on me. >> he opened his eyes to make sure his family was okay. his wife is still at san francisco general hospital. when he is diswill chad from the hospital they do plan to head home to colorado. the family took their individual s to seoul to teach them about family heritage. >> this is a pilot's perspective approaching san francisco
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international airport showing how most pilots land at 1,000' marker and asiana flight 214 missed the marker leading to saturday's crash. >> and an account of those who had the most dramatic vantage point a cockpit crew sitting on the run way at asiana flight 214 came down the runway. a first officer said it looked like the plane would hit the approach light in the bay and the passengers and crews watched the 777 hit the seawall and the landing gear shear off along with the tail section. >> we see people on the runway, alive and walking around. >> people are walking outside the airplane right new? >> yes, peopled are tumbling around. >> the pilot then went to the main cabin of his plane where he says his passengers were concerned but, generally, were
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calm. they could see the fuselage and debris at the window and the pilot praised the flight attendants. some were shaken but all did an outstandarding job of comforting the passengers. >> the f.a.a. is raising the qualification standard for those who flight for united states airlines. previously, co-pilots or first officers only needed 250 hours of flight time. the new requirements increase that to 1,500 hours and it requires them to have an aircraft type rating which means training and testing specific to the airplane they fly. the change followed a 2009 plane crash near buffalo, new york, which 50 people were killed. the rule change was expected to be released this fall but it is not clear if the f.a.a. released it this week as a result of the asiana flight 214. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the crash of asiana flight 214. the national transportation safety board is scheduled to hold their next briefing at 2:00 p.m. and when that happens we will bring it to you live right
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here on abc7 news. you can also watch it on our new abc7 news app and on our website at >> there was another incident involving a plane at san francisco airport, a delta flight to cincinnati was evacuated last night after a tug crashed into the plane on the tarmac. the pilots got out to inspect the damage and evacuated the passengers. delta put passengers on another plane that arrived safely in cincinnati at 6:00 this morning. >> the report is out on the broken bolts on the span of the bay bridge and we are learning why the bolts broke and who is to blame. katie marzullo is in oakland outside the meeting of the toll bridge program oversite committee. katie? >> i just stepped out of the meeting with the toll authority being briefed on the problem bolts. the executive director is saying there is plenty of blame to pass
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around between the owner, which is caltran, the designer, and the contractor, too, pointing out a few things so far. one, the wrong bolts were picked for this highly specialized unique bridge, or at least if certain points on the bridge. it was not a one size fits all kind of scenario. also, the design, the rods are embedded in concrete which is a problem and that is why it is so expensive to fix them when they are broken. the price tag is at $10 million. that and the fact that the steel itself was not strong enough. >> the 2008 rods that broke had higher-than-normal susceptibility to hydrogeneral brittleness. the steel was not you have to snuff but that complied with the specifications that were selected by the designer and owner of the project. if you have poor steel there is something wrong with your spec. >> he said that caltran should have tested the bolts before
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they were installed. that means right now that the 32 bolts that did break cannot be replaced again because they are embedded and that is why the "fix" is so expensive and idea opening date has been delayed. it will take some time, of course. caltran, the director of caltran, he says that the department has learned some lessons if all of this. new this morning, a new york judge ruled apple. conspireed and fixed prices to compete with amazon charging only $9.99 for e-books and the judge is calling if a new trial to determine how much they should pay in damages. they say they will continue to fight what it calls false accusations and appeal the ruling. >> also, google went down in parts of country this morning around 6:30 our time. mail, google plus, google drive, and youtube went down for people in several southeast states. google fixed the problem about
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an hour later, with no word on the cause of the service to go down. >> also, the texas house of representatives has approved a controversial abortion bill which was stalled last month after an 11 hour filibuster by senator davis that banned abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy and would hold abortion clinics to the same standards as surgery centers. the texas house gave it approval and now it goes to the senate where the republican import is expected to approve the bill. happening now, motorcade carrying boston marathon bombings suspect has arrived to a packed federal courthouse in boston. the 19-year-old is scheduled to make the first public appearance at 12:30 this afternoon and is expected to appear in court on 30 charges including killing four people. survivors and victims' families are expected to attend. he is accused of setting off two bombs at the finish line of the boston marathon and carried out the attacks with his older
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brother who was killed in a con gallon station with police. >> next on abc7 news, a bad start to the morning commute. will a fire shut down part of his 80. >> a warning for dog owners in san francisco, where poison meatballs are being left and how you can protect your
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>> eastbound lanes of interstate 80 have re-opened after a big
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rig and a van delighted before 1:00 o'clock near the powell street on-ramp causing the van to catch fire. the c.h.p. had to shut down all of the eastbound lanes while crews put out fire and cleaned up the oil and grease that spilled. no one was luters. the sig-alert was canceled and all lanes reopened before 4:00 this morning. >> there was a small brushfire that closed a road overnight east of the dam with a fire growing to three acres before the crews brought it under control. >> controversial investigative report details the actions of city employees after learning an employee was expected of inappropriate sexual contact with teen girls. the suspect turned himself in to police in walnut creek in february and will return to court in july 18. three was an actor and theater
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teacher. the manager and three other city employees failed to report the suspected abuse to report and are on paid leave. >> from fremont this morning, police are asking for the help of the public to find a man who stole packages from the doorsteps of homeowner. the surveillance video shows the man taking the package from the home of a home june 13. there is video of the suspect's car entering the neighborhood and police ran the plate and compare add picture of the registered owner with video of the man taking the package and police identified the 27 -year-old from from san jose as a suspect, a transient but could be in the san jose area. >> our meteorologist mike nicco has a chilly forecast. >> it is cooler across the board today. we will look and show you what it looks like from south beach with the clouds cleared in many areas but we are in the middle of a cooling trend. it could bring an isolated shower to the bay area today.
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>> it could seem like an egg -- celent way to test the
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> police have new information about poison meatballs found in san francisco that have made two dogs sick, at least two dogs. we told you of the problem last week. meatballs containing rat poison are found along buildings and
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places where dogs like to sniff and hundreds have been found across the city mostly on park ridge drive and burnett avenue in upper market area. so far, police have not made any arrests. the f.b.i. is offering $100,000 reward in hopes of finding $1.2 million stole be from a plane at john f. kennedy last month part of a bank shipment transported on swiss air from switzerland to the new york federal reserve. when the jet arrives at john f. kennedy airport the money was gone. the f.b.i. believes it was an need job. you have heard the phrase it is hot enough to fry an egg, rangers want you to stop trying to see if it is true. they say it is stuff enough working in the hottest place on the planet without cleaning up the mess after people try to fry eggs in the park lot. this is a picture of the national park service on facebook, with the high in death valley 120 degrees and it home as record for the hottest
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temperature ever recorded, 134 degrees set 100 years ago today! >> i don't like to waste food. the idea of frying eggs on the pavement unless you eat it. not that hot here or not today. >> no fried eggs maybe from fried people in the stands if they are not possible at at&t park for a day game. make sure you grab the sunscreen and i will give you the forecast in a minute. here is live doppler 7 hd and we have clear conditions and it is dry. we are seeing the clouds evaporate and you may see a little bit more clearing at coast than yesterday but, still, a sea breeze with the wind on shore keeping our temperatures down compared to yesterday. everyone in san francisco is in the 50's but downtown and the financial district is at 61 degrees. 55 at half moon bay and 69 in belmont and 72 in santa clara,
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and 77 at walnut creek and tracy is warmer at 83. this is how it looks from mount tamalpais and sausalito, barely under the cloud cover right now and we will have low clouds and at the coast but high clouds are coming in and making the rest of us partly cloudy helping the cooling friend. our coolest days are still ahead, today, tomorrow, and friday, but if you missed summer we have warmth this week but not dangerous with temperatures where they should be. you can see the cloud cover over the golding gate and two degrees cooler in san francisco than yesterday and 64. oakland and sanç jose are 72 d 82, four degrees cooler and 78 from fremont, and 88 in concord, and santa rosa is the biggest drops, down to 83 after being 93 yesterday. the two players in the forecast an upper low senator chancing the sea breeze and moisture left over great the tropical storm
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and if those two join, which they may do this evening and overnight, we could have a scattered storm. the best chance is to the south. that is a possible. well look at the high clouds and sunshine and temperatures in the upper 70's and low 80's in most of the south bay. mid-to-upper 80's in gilroy. in the 70's opposite peninsula and a lot of mid-to-upper 70's but millbrae is 68 and topping out in the upper 50's at the coast with mid-60's in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito at 68, and low 80's in the north bay valley but in the 50's at the beaches and 60 at richmond for the cool spot with lingering clouds at berkeley and 70. in the mid to upper 70's by castro valley. we have mid-80's to possibly 90 around antioch and brentwood. maybe you need the air conditioning. at&t park looks beautiful with high definition from the south
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beach camera and temperatures today are in the mid-60's with a very high u.v. index so you may fry to you are going there. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures in the 50's to low 60's, the next couple of days. we are 80's saturday through tuesday and 80's inland, thursday and friday but 90's come back saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. over the weekend, the temperatures will be where we should be. if you think there are not enough pictures of cats on the intent, get ready for more with an app that lets your cat take a picture of yourself and you can leave the photograph any to the cat themselves with the app lights up the screen with lasers that the cat tries to catch. when the cat's paw hits the screen a picture is taken.
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you can add a filter and the makers claim this work for babies and toddlers. humans can use it. if you want. an update on the top story
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>> later today, a working father is criticized from other parents for taking off four months to be with his newborn. on abc7 news at 5:00, we look at printers that go easy on the ink so you can safe on this costly expense. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of asiana flight 214 with investigators back at the crash site going through the wreckage. >> we will get more information later today. >> the ntsb will hold the next briefing at 2:00 and we will bring it to you on abc7 news and on
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[cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody and welcome. to millionaire. today's contestant is thought of so highly by her friends that they refer to her as maria-pedia.that knowledge hopefully all that knowledge pays off big today. please welcome from new york city, maria barnett. hey, maria. >> hi, how are you? >> so is that you are, like, a real trivia nut or you just can retain a lot stuff? >> both. >> really? >> all of the above, meredith, which is always a good trivia answer. maybe not that good. but yes, my brother also calls me squawkers because he says that i parrot the right answer all the time, and he says, "you go, 'squawk, squawk, i know the answer.'" and he follows me around at home on the holidays, so you can imagine christmas is more tropical in my home than usual because of the parrot running around. >> well, then, you're at the perfect show. you brought along your husband.


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