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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 10, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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and that breaking news is happening right now in oakland. police have issued an amber alert for a toddler taken from a car. sky 7 live over the scene. a man says his 21-month-old daughter missing. >> this is the child police are looking for. they say her father reported her missing after 11:00 this morning we'll bring you her photograph in just a moment.
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good afternoon. >> the little girl was apparently taken from a car parked at gazalli's supermarket. at at 79th avenue and international boulevard. >> we're live with the latest. wayne? >> here is a ground view of the search fog on now inside that have car. we believe is that car. let's show you a picture of daf knee. -- dapne. she's 21 months old now the object of an amber alert. police describe her as a female african american. she has short curlly black hair, brown eyes, a light complexion last seen wearing a two piece set of pajamas with pink hearts on them and pink socks. this started after 11:00 this morning let's go to the police department spokeswoman for the details. >> he had driven to a store in the area, while inside of the store, he came out noticed the little girl was missing.
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he did have an adult family member in the car. that adult family member suffers from a disability. so we're interviewing that person. and inquiring as to what happened while the father was in the store. how did this child become taken from the car? >> we have located the father, the family member, the vehicle is still there. our crime scene is coming out they're going to process the scene. legality me share with you who is involved. we have an active search going on. >> the suv is now cordoned off. investigators going over looking for evidence and fingerprints. police are not holding back on the search. they have chp helping and dogs. they're going door to door through this neighborhood and they're widening their net. the description of the woman they're looking for she's between 30, 40 years old.
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police describe her as light skinned with distinctive long black hair either african american or hispanic, witnesses told police they saw the woman leaving carrying a baby that matches the description of the 21-month-old dapne webb that. is just about all of it for now. an active investigation at the corner of 79th avenue and international boulevard. for a missing 21-month-old girl, dapne webb. she was taken from the family car at 11:00 this morning with a web of the -- member of the family inside. a woman reportedly seen going down street with her. that is the latest from oakland, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thank you. and now to the crash at sfo. abc 7 news obtained first 911 calls made by the passengers. >> we're going to play calls for you. when you listen it's amazing
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how calm some passengers are after escaping that wreckage. listen now. >> from san francisco airport. our airplane just crashed upon landing and i think we need medics. >> are you at pa sichic runway? >> i don't know the he we just ran out of the airplane. >> there are people that need help. >> yes. is there anyway an ambulance can be sent. >> are you seeing ambulances there? >> no. we have people who were not found they're burned badly. >> we have more of the 911 report reporteddings to share with you. we'll play more coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> they sound calm given the circumstances. federal investigators have released information on how long it took to get passengers
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off that have flight following the crash. vic lee joins with us more. vic? >> the chairman just finished her briefing here at this conference room at holiday inn. she spoke extensively about the automatic controls. the triple 7. but emphasized it's still the responsibility of the cockpit crew. the pilots to monitor computers. the reason pilots under the cockpit, she said is to fly, control and command 9 plane. she said that they checked on 9 pilot histories both captains at controls said that they had eight hours sleep and were at home night before. investigators interviewed six of the 12 flight attendants. also describing the chaotic scene inside of the plane. flight attendants were trying to evacuate passengers while
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at the same time trying to extinguish the fire. though the told investigators the conversation with a pilot after the plane crash landed. >> cabin manager seated in 10 asked the flight attendant seated with her in that area to go to the flight deck and ask the crew what to do. and the -- the interest was should we evacuate? begin an evacuation? the flight crew told the flight attendant not to initiate an evacuation. they were communicating with the tower about the emergency. i can tell you in previous accidents there have been crews that don't evacuate they wait for other vehicles to come. to be able to get passengers out safely. certainly if there is an wareness there is fire on board an aircraft that is a
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very serious issue. >> now a senior cabin manager saw the fire and told flight attendants to again evacuating passengers. it took 90 seconds before doors were opened and some of the slide inflated. the infer yens is that it should have been sooner. the national transportation safety board is apparently wrapping up its investigation here at the airport. the chairman says they can relinquish that runway as early as 8:00 tonight. that is the latest, vic lee abc 7 news thank you. the airline brought six of the flight attendants in front of the cameras. the flight cabin manager made a very brief statement to reporters through a translator said she's praying for family members of the passengers on her plane. >> asiana airlines and flight attendants and related personnel are working as hard
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as possible in order for to recover from this accident. >> the other five did not answer questions from reporters but you take a look they appear shaken. two of them broke down in tears during this briefing and as soon as it's over they were hurried away. >> we're hearing from another survivor this afternoon. one was heading back home to silicon valley when that plane crashed. he didn't realize how bad the situation was until he got off the plane. >> i looked down when i got to the exit. i looked down and then, i was like, oh, just, that is the situation. i turned around and looked at the back end, boom. there is a lot of black smoke coming up from the other side. i was like, oh mirks god time to go. slide down the slide. then just get out of the way a
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way from the plane. >> he said there wasn't a lot of time to think or to be scared. coming up at 5:00 we'll hear more of what he saw when that plane crashed on saturday. >> we're learning from a parent and teacher of the two 16-year-old who's died. a chinese newspaper reporter interviewed the mother of the girl on the right in this picture, her mom says she was in the going to allow her daughter to go but she begged saying if she didn't go her best friend's parents would not let her go, either. both sets of parents relented. their teacher revealed wong was sitting in the second to the last row but switched to the last row to be with yae. there was another girl between them that, girl suffered just minor injuries. >> abc 7 morning news anchor kristin zee talked with some of the students. one says he's fine now despite jumping out of a plane from 20
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feet up because the chute did not deploy. he says he saw the plane on fire. and says his group may continue on with the u.s. trip. in inside of the hotel the staff is busy taking pictures and preparing travel documents for students. >> you can get alerts by using our new smart phone app. you'll be able to watch the conferences live as they happen. next one is tomorrow afternoon this, app is easy to down load. if you have our current one, the old one is going away, soon the opening of the new bay bridge. >> take a look from a camera at work on the new span. officials just as they were briefing the bay area toll authority on this delay.
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>> we're live. it's amazing twists and turns in this story every day. >> that is right, monday officials made the tough announcement this bridge would not open until december because the contractor couldn't get the permit fixed for the broken bolts in place until then. but today, at a briefing the top advisor to those officials said there is another way and could allow the bridge to open months safer. >> we can achieve safety within a month's time. >> two days after caltrans officially announced a bay bridge the head expert on the pier review panel says the new eastern span could open sooner. >> what they're proposing to put these shims here. >> that is, if the temporary shim system used to shore up 32 broken bolts on the east
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tier. >> we shim these bearings that we engage bolt that's hold bearings to the pier. this week caltrans told officials their primary contactor would need until december 10th to install a permanent system on the bolts. that pushes back at least three month autos never hurts to have a plan b. and i do believe this idea merits further veting. >> to see if it's a vieible way to get the bridge open sooner. >> yes. it goes on. >> yes. not over yet. >> let's take a look at the forecast now. >> you probably have observed high clouds around today. but still a mild day. here is a live day at the kocht. sunny skies we want the passage of high clouds.
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here is a live view right now in abc 7 towards bay bridge. a59 in half moon bay. another live view of the approaching low clouds from mount tam. 77 in napa. 88 in livermore, 82 los gatos, here is the forecast looking at a little bit of the low clouds hovering over golden gate bridge we'll have mainly clear skies around the bay and inland but little areas of fog moving over the bay. then tomorrow morning we'll see low clouds and fog lingering. sunny skies in the afternoon. high temperatures ranging from upper 50s on coast to upper 80s inland. we'll take a look at the weekend later. larry and carolyn? >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news
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at 4:00 legal set back for apple how it may affect the books you buy. >> plus, congressional glid lock. how what happened will affect thousands of college students. >> the new tech company moving into silicon valley. >> at 4:14 let's check your afternoon commute. this is interstate 880 in berkeley. it's gridlock in both directions. traffic headed towards berkeley. on left back towards 5806789 very slow in both directions. back with more8taúxtes0p0p
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continuing dprumpblg oakland an amber alert has been issued for this toddler, dapne viola webb. police say her father reported her missing just after 11:00. the little girl apparently taken from a car on 79th avenue and international boulevard. our reporting continues now on twitter. >> this fiery crash caused big problems this morning on interstate 80 in emoriville. a big rig and van collided, causing the ran to catch fire. the chp shut down lanes while crews cleaned up oil and grease that spilled and nobody was hurt police arrested this mampb, mark ease reese, investigators say reese used a stolen suv in those robberies is accused of robbing three
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gas stations and a liquor store during daylight hours. these are images of him. police say in the robberies reese had his face covered and threatened clerk was a handgun. >> a major loss for apple and the tab blet take over of the pc market continues. >> good afternoon, apple lost its e book antitrust case. a judge sided with the justice demt ruling that apple conspired with five major publishers to raise the price of e books. apple says it disazbreez vowed to appeal. a separate trial can be scheduled. eddie q joined tim cook at the annual conference for tech and media moguls. the shrinking pc mashlgt
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shipments drped at the fifth daurt quarter sales slid and makes this the longest decline in pc market history as consumers turn to inexpensive tablets and smart phones. investors analyzed minutes from the federal reserve's last meeting. and the apple app store celebrating a milestone. five years ago the i tunes app store launched with 500 apps. today, 900,000 apps are available and 50 billion have been down loaded. thank you. >> millions of current and future students seeking college loans will pay double interest rates after the senate failed to extend a rate decrease today. the senate voted 51-49 in favor of keeping the rate at
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3.4% at another year. it means rates are now at 6.8% and will cost average student borrower an extra $2600. existing loans will not be affected. >> this is, if have you a college age student it's remarkable. >> it is continuing. >> that is behind me. my kids are. >> they'll have kids celebrating. >> looking g mainly sunny skies. low clouds at the coast we have that this time of the year. more active weather with more moisture in at moss sphere moving into sierra. but here in the bay area, beautiful late afternoon right now looking northward from our camera under blue skies. these are the forecast features, fog and high clouds overnight.
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slightly cooler not a dramatic cool down. a warmer pattern continuing into next week. here is our fog forecast. fog continuing to press across the bay area. the official beginning of the rush hour could be areas of reduced visibility so bear that in mind. during overnight hours, low temperatures in a range similar to last night and early this morning. near coast we'll see mainly low 50s and other locations we'll see mid-50s and antioch will be a mild spot. let's take a look at our progression of clouds over the next few hours, mainly sunny skies. cooling continue continues. next couple days will be cooler. tomorrow in the south bay
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mainly sunny skies, high temperatures mid to upper 70s. some locations will be milder. los gatos about 82. 73 in palo alto. on the coast, breezy and cool. 60 in half moon bay tomorrow. downtown about 63 degrees tomorrow norjs bay highs into upper 70s from novato to santa rosa over to napa. here is the accu-weather forecast. so warmth returns saturday, sunday. inland area was highs getting up to 90 digs, warmer still, monday. and then, wednesday, mid week we'll see temperatures beginning to taper off a bit.
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very pleasant. >> warm. >> yes. >> up next the special white house honor for george lucas. >> then, after 4:30 smart phones gone wrong. you're going to want to see this, a toddler makes a big purchase on daddy's phone.
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country music legend randy
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traf jis showing signs of improvement after being hospitalized on sunday. the condition stabilized. he does remain in critical condition with congestive heart failure, doctors installed a booster to help pump blood through his heart. his family has a history of heart problem autos the bay area film maker who gave us yoda and darth vaider was honored today. >> george lucas among those awarded 2012 national medal of arts. the president presented at ward and spoke about the impact of the special affects on the industry. there is a generation thinks special affects always look like they do today. but if you see the me, you'd see a string on model space ship autos watching star trek episode. you'll see what he's talking about. this musician were among other that's were awarded medal
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autos those are lovely. >> gorgeous. >> faa announces new rules for airline pilots. >> pollution accused boston bomber appears in court today. support showing up today for tsarnaev sarn. >> and why turn r attorneys in the george zimmerman trial used a dummy as part of their questioning today. >> the competition between apple and samsung heats up. samsung had ground breaking today. we'll have tha
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we continue to follow breaking news out of oakland. an amber alert issued for this toddler dapne viola webb. the little girl was apparently take gren a car parked at gazali supermarket just after 11:00 this morning. police say the father went in by himself and left his daughter in the car with an adult family member who is mentally disabled. when he returned the family member was still in the car but the little girl was gone. want to show you another look at webb last seen wearing orange pajama was pink hearts and pink socks. our breaking news reporting
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will continue on twitter on abc 7 news bay area. >> update now on latest developments in the investigation of the crash of asiana flight 214. there are questions surround wlgt crew aboard the flight began he vac wasting passengers. ntsb confirmed reports the pilot dz not fishl initially order are that plane to be evacuated but when a flight attendant saw flames the plane was emptied. >> we're learning not fwoo two, but three flight attendants were ejected from the plane. all seated in jump seats at the rear. a fourth was still found inside. runway 28 could reopen soos tonight. >> four more patients from the airlines crash have been released from san francisco general hospital. leaving eight passengers and crew still hospitalized there. three remain in critical condition including one child.
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today a chinese group met with parents of one of the young people. >> they're just taking care of the children. we just expressed that. we hope kids will get better. >> 20 patients remain in the hospital. st. maries and st. francis has a patient each. >> vice president joe biden expressed condolences of the families of the two girl that's were killed in the crash. >> i want to express my sadness of the american people in the loss of two beautiful young lives. our sympathyes to the families. biden called the site of the wrecked plane remarkable
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delivering a message for two days of high level talks. coming up one thing many passengers did wrong after the crash that could have put everybody in more danger. the story coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> today faa making changes after another disaster involving a plane crash several years ago. this in response to the crash near buffalo. 50 people died, pilot error was to blame there. new rules will require co-pilots flying passenger and cargo planes to have at least a1500 hours of flight time up from 250 hours requiring first officers to have a thousand flight hours before serving as a captain. >> police found bodies of 20 victims of saturday's plane crash and told families of another 30 they're presumed
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dead as well. the president of the company blaming an engineer for blaming an engineer to properly set the brakes. 30 buildings were leveled and parts of the site still too hot to enter. >> boston marathon bombing suspect johar tsarnaev pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges today. court appearance was quick but highly anticipated for those who suffered from the attack. escort bid guards, johar tsarnaev arrived at this court house inside of a white van. he accused the many drk-accused boston bomber slapped with 30 charges. he pleaded not guilty to all counts including using a weapon of mass destruction to kill.
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some victims from that day when bombs interrupted the boston marathon. the attack killed three people and injured 250 others. >> i wanted to stand up on two two feet like this. have you no idea how bad i want to get up. >> tsarnaev had his supporters outside of the court house. his older brother was killed after a high speed police chase. authorities say johar ran over his brother. he can be seen making a kissing motion towards his two sisters who were in attendance. if convicted he can face the death penalty. >> george zimmerman will not be testifying in florida. defense lawyers rested their case after calling 18 witnesses.
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both sides tried to prufr their case. the prosecution claimed he if he had attacked zimmerman, zimmerman would not have been able to reach his gun. >> apple and samsung are fierce competitors and now both rushing to build head quarters in silicon valley. abc 7 news david lieu gee live for what westbound lb a skyline changing structure. >> yes. you know north first street can be described as a series of squat low rise building that's look pedestrian. samsung building a high rise going to change everything. samsung putting up what it hopes will be a new headquarters reflecting technology. a 10-story $300 million building with places for people to interact.
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more spaces will be open to invite collaboration. no one will be more than a floor away. the architect says that helps employees stay focused. >> anywhere you're going they can talk and have meetings and they're hard to have if you're across town. you've got to go whenever it might oob this will be home to samsung's research and development and will be a place for customer meetings. there could be a public showcase of the latest technology similar to one in its headquarters. samsung expects to do aggressive hiring. add a ground breaking ceremony, cisco joked about porching employees. >> officials see the new
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building as a catalyst for other companies to do their offices to reclut talent. >> they're looking for something reflecting create activity. i think it's raising the barre. we're seeing other companies that were build like ford taurus. he vishent but not a lot of pizazz. still ahead never before seen video of president roos skprelt secret it may reveal. >> what happens when a toddler buys something on a smart phone? wait until you hear what this 14-month-old bought, coming up. >> and then this, french sheep dog with tricks up its pau. it's only the start of what he can do. the world record he's going for. >> looking west high clouds near the coast. pleasant weather continue continues. i'll have the accu-weather
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forecast coming up. >> and taking a look at traffic right now, in walnut creek this is 680.
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an oregon family figuring out what to do after a toddler accidentally bought a car with a smart phone. >> the 14-month-old is the
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buyer of the 1962 sprite. it does need some work. the toddler bought it by punching buttons on the phone using an ebay app. dad didn't know what happened until he received an e mail congratulating him. he's relieved his daughter only spent $225 on the first car. >> panic. what do we do? we can't afford it but i'm glad she didn't buy the $38,000 porsche. >> the dad says he might keep it and fix it up to give to her for graduation or perhaps 16th birthday. lucky girm. he started a kick starter page to help pay for that and added security measures on the phone good idea. >> if he starts now the car may be ready by the time she's 16. >> lots of work to do, yes. a dog trying to get into the guiness book of world records
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atake a look. this 3-year-old french sleep dog puts the dirty dishes in the washer. takes items out of the refrigerator and wipes his mouth on a towel after drinking water. take a look, he's writing a bike. he has to do this in 30 seconds is that norman? >> doesn't it look like someone in a cost zblum. >> it does. the owner says he's loved scooters since he was a puppy its bizarre. he cuddles as well. >> he's bright. we might have some intern in the weather service. >> here is a look at live doppler 7. low clouds near the coast and sunny skies inland.
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tomorrow a mixed weather picture. steamy in dallas. 95 salt lake city. showers in that area. state wide mixed weather picture, mainly sunny and dry up north. warm with highs into 90s. lots of high clouds south and eastward. here in the bay area calm conditions tomorrow. breezy and cool at the coast. highs there into upper 50s to 606789 60s to 70s around the bay. mid to upper 80s inland east bay. and no dramatic changes here
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or there. >> if you're an skpechlant parent there is a reason why you should kick the habit. >> plus a bay area father reveals criticism when fellow parents during his four-month
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san francisco giants pitcher has been charged with open and gross lewdness after police say he groped a woman in a hospital six months ago. police arrested him in las vegas back in january. they say' approached a woman on a hospital gurney, told her she was gorgeous ask touched her face and breast. an employee told him to leave the woman alone but the employee said he refused. stick had to wrestle him to the ground. prosecutors charged them month. he's married with one son. there is another reason why kpektant parents should kick the smoking habit.
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prenatal smoking could lead to hearing loss in children. doctors survived and found those who suffered from mild hearing loss had at least one parent who smoked while in the womb. and there are doults about the role of soy with men being diagnosed with prostate cancer. found men that took soy supplements had the same risk as those did not take soy. >> some rare fattage shows former president franklin d roos sflelt a wheelchair. take a look. you can see his head as he's being pushed in a wheelchair in 1944. fdr and aideses went out of the way to hide the fact he was in a wheelchair and journalists at the time agreed not to take photos, well, they didn't have videotape, that showing his disability.
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rose roos velt was partially paralyzed from polio. it was widely known after his death. >> one new father is sharing his experience while on paternity leave. >> he is a facebook product manager saying he was treated as an outcast by mothers at the playground. movie "what to expect from when you're expecting" got laughs from tom stocky until he decided to become a stay at home dad. >> was it harder than you snougt yeah. i mean, waits so demanding. >> his wife worked as google stocky took a four-month paternity tern nitty leave. >> she'd try to find new things to try to eat. there are dangers on all sides. >> another looming surprise? snarky moms. >> they're just low
4:51 pm
expectations for me as a dad. some is like that is so great you're bringing your daughter to the grocery store, i'm like well, of course i am. >> he vented on facebook about negative perceptions of mom who's work when dads don't. one stranger cracked it's too bad you can't earn as much as your wife so she can be thetown stay home. >> what made you want to write this? >> i felt like there are things i hadn't heard talked about very much and challenges and nudges that kind kind of pushed dads away from homes and there are nudges pushing women into the home. in the beginning to be honest i missed my job here at facebook so i would say after two months i started getting benefits of the work i was putting in with my daughter are. >> stocky witnessed his daughter eating solids and taking steps, today he's back on the job leading the launch of graph search a way to find people and places on facebook. >> i kind of miss being with her.
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nothing will replace those four months i had of full time. amazing. >> for good morning america abc news, menlo park, california. >> california became the first state to offer paid family leave for daughters. under the leave act federal law requires most to require 12 weeks of unpaid leave after birth or adoption of a child. >> coming up what is next for a shut down nuclear power plant on california coast is in the lost electricity, jobs and other consequences. >> i'm cheryl jennings. coming up at 5:00 runway site shocking many after the crash of flight 214 is a luggage lesson we can learn from. michael finney looks at printer that's go easy on the ink.
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helping us
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here is a look at tonight's prime time line up. modern family at 9:00 followed by neighbors and lookout. then, its abc 7 news tonight at 11:00. >> there is a relatively new power concern. >> abc 7 news reports state lawmakers want to know what the plan is for taking up the slack. lawmakers grilled energy executives on how to makeup thes for a power supply now that a leak forced a permanent shut down of the nuclear generator station. the plan supplied energy to northern san diego counties.
4:57 pm
upgraded transmission lines increased generation and cut backs helped meet demand when things are running fine but hiccups could spell trouble. >> we're limited in ability to ship in additional power meet demand. >> we've taken stop steps to make sure we can handle the system but certain liftings are going to be tight. >> the other issue is whether the state with meet a goal of 33% renewable energy. ita to slow global warming but boosting solar use but since the closure, the state is going in the opposite direction. >> shows ghgs have increased since the shut down. >> several cities are celebrating the state is down to one nuclear plant. >> there has been pr about
4:58 pm
nukz being green house gas free but that is a stretch of the imagination. >> in sacramento abc 7 news. >> thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00 thank you. breaking news in the east bai. a search underway now for a toddler kidnapped from a car. >> motional appearance of the heoric flight attendants from flight 214. and the bright light part of the investigation. >> i'm sandhya patel. temperatures down today. i'll let you know if the cooling trend is going to continue coming up. an amber alert in affect in three counties to find this
4:59 pm
toddler. police say she was taken from a car outside of a market. >> we have a massive search underway now to find that little girl taken around 11:00 today. sky 7 shows you the investigators searching the car. abc 7's wayne freedman has been at the scene all afternoon. wayne? >> good afternoon. here we are after 5:00. they haven't found her. let's show you a picture of her, she's 21 months old, the object of an amber alert. short curlly black hair, light complexion sneen a two piece pair of orange pajama was pink skmarts pink socks. this started after 11:00. her father told police he
5:00 pm
leftner a car with a family member he went into the store to buy an energy drink. he might have been inside three minutes he found the child gone from the car seat and back. police are interviewing skmim his mother describing the subject as a woman between 30, 40 years old, light skin, long black hair. witnesses have said she saw the woman leaving the scene carrying a baby matching dapne's description we swr have two sound bytes. fwrun a witness who spoke with the father, but first, police spokesperson. >> we don't have information at this time that would lead us to connect to any other crimes. >> how far is this net extended?. >> continues to grow as we speak. we're working our way not only throughout the area but expanding out wards. >> in calls? tips? nothing yet?


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