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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 10, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tonight. ntsb hopes to have it done within 24 hours. but lights will need repairs. there were three flight attendants not two as thought ejected from the plane. >> so there are questions in final moments of the flight. abc 7 news is live in south san francisco tonight with the latest from the ntsb. >> the ntsb chairman briefed us here at the conference room at the holiday inn and told us about the pilot history. the pilots were apparently well rested with eight hours sleep night before but there are still many unanswered
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questions. investigators trying to understand why the systems that control speeds were set in multiple moments just before landing. the chairman told reporters those systems and modern planes are sophisticate td in triple 7s. she said pilots are responsible for the planes reform yens. >> there are two pilots. in the cockpit for a reason. they're there to fly, to navigate, communicate. and if they're using auto maigs a key is to monday tear investigators djrñedded six of the 12 cabin attendants. the lead gave the ntsb this account of the conversation with a pilot immediately after the plane crash landed. >> the flight crew told the flight attendant not to
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initiate an evacuation. they were communicating with the tower. about the emergency. >> a senior are saw the fire and ordered evacuation. >> minute and a half after the aircraft came to stop, door 2 l followed by 1 l were opened and slides deployed. >> the evacuations should have happened sooner also describing the scene inside of the cabin where flight attendants were trying to evacuate the passengers. also confishling the pilot told investigators he saw something strange as' approached sfo. >> flying pilot stated to korean authorities there was a flash of light at 500 feet. that blinded him. investigators did interview
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e flying pilot. he did relay some of the information to our pilot, our investigators. >> strange. investigators trying to figure out what that was. ntsb is wrapping up the investigations here at sfo but there is still a lot of investigating to do. as the wreckage of the plane and debris are moved to other locations the chairman said they can relinkish as early as 8:00 tonight so that may be good news. >> thank you, vic. tonight we're hearing from the people who first called 911. among them, several passengers sm. calm, others agitated. >> hi, i'm reporting an airplane crash at sfo. we were hiking on a trail outside of pacifica and just
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heard a giant explosion. >> an airplane just crashed upon landing. i don't know the runway. >> were you on the plane, ma'am? >> yes. i was on the plane. we have been on the ground i don't know, 0 minutes to a half hour. we're almost losing a woman here, we're trying to keep her alive. >> the fire department says ambulance dz not go directly to the crash site but stont a triage area set up nearby. >> well, when you hear calls like that it makes you think. we've probably all wondered how we would have responded oneman says said there was no tichl to be scared, only to react. >> wendel looking forward to coming home, spent a month in bali, and south korea.
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the software engineer says it's not the way he wanted to end his trip. >> then, my body was like thrown this way. >> went jelz the crash felt like a scary rollercoaster ride. the aircraft bounced and slid off the runway. he knew it was serious when the oxygen masks deployed. >> i was just thinking of getting out of the plaechblt you see movies something, you crash land, explode. right? so my thoulgt is how owe do i get off the plane he told us some were shoving. when he reached one exit, he hesitated. >> i turned around and looked at the back end, then, boom. there is a lot of black smoke coming out from the other side, i was like oh my god, time to go. i slide down the slide. then just go away from the plane. >> then, he took out a phone.
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>> well, i did something we're not supposed to do. took a picture. >> he took several this, shows passengers walking away, some with suitcases. the plane not yet engulfed in flames and crews still on the way. >> there wasn't time to be scared or think. it just happened suddenly. >> this senior cost ware engineer went to work the next day to take his mind off the crash. he is planning any -- not planning any other trips in the near future. >> i think it will be okay. but... you know, you never know until you actually get on a plane. >> after the accident he didn't post anything because he didn't want his mom to worry. she thought he was on another flight. and he had to tell her the
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truth thank you. >> apologize for that. six of the 12 from the flight returned to the airport today. what was billed as a news conference. abc 7 news is there live tonight where the flight crew left reporters with a lot more questions. mark? >> yes. they d you know? we've heard a lot about the cabin manager efforts of getting passengers off the airplane. remember, san francisco fire chief praised efforts to get people off the plane. so there is a fair amount of anticipation as he talked in to the international terminal. officials backed photographer as way. six crew walked through, one of the flight attendants snil a wheelchair. the manager delivering a brief
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opening statement about passengers. >> i hope for family who's have suffered from this accident to recover as quickly as possible. they're in my prayer autos today, the national transportation safety board revealed how many flight attendants were ininjured. of the dozen six are still in the hospital. >> there was one flight attendant at 1 r. that flight attendant is hospitalized and she was pinned by one of the evacuation sides. there is one flight attendant at 2 r door also pinned by evacuation slide that deployed insid of the aircraft. >> in a news conference she was praised for helping passengers, pairing one bye boy on her back and later discovering she'd broken her
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tail bone. >> we're working hard in order for to, recover from this accident. >> then, she bowed and that was it. no further statement no. questions answered. lee yun hay delivered two staimtz. the briefest conferences you've seen every bit of it. >> and we want to take to you a live picture now. of the crash wreckage at san francisco kra. here is what is going on. here is a caravan just arrived on runway 2 a eleven. some survivors asked to hold a memorial for the victims. many of the victims of the crash wanted to go back to the scene and perhaps take a look
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and honor the memories of two lost and wish for the best. later tonight abc 7 morning news anchor will report on conversation was one student who survived this crash. stay with us for that. >> now to the search for a kidnapped todd fler oakland. the bill girl disappeared apparently snatched from a car. police issued a amber alert and have been searching the area tonight. wayne freedman is there live for use they cleared the scene. there was a car over there. the police have taken that car away. let's show a picture first. dapne webb, the object of the amber alert. police describe her as african american, short curlly black hair and she has pink socks on. a background starting after
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11:00 this morning. her father told police he left her in the car with a family member as he went into the store to buy an energy drink. he returned, the child was gone and police are interviewing him and that family member for details they can give. let's go to sound byte here. a man passing by at the time. the first to speak with the father after he discovered his daughter missing. >> things are in disarray a little bit. still coming around in the car. so my immediate response was did you call the police? he said no. i haven't. i will call now. >> how old is sne. >> approximately maybe 40s? >> look intoxicated?. >> absolutely. absolutely not. i can day not intoxicated. may have seen just you know under the stress. >> people describe the suspect
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as a woman between 30 and 40 years old, light skin with long black hair, either after ririn american or hispanic. witnesses say they saw her leaving carrying a baby matching the description of dapne but now there is a press conference going on with the oakland police and just moments ago we learned police are releasing a photograph of the father and they have reasons we don't understand yet perhaps to doubt his story. they want anyone who has seen him with the child in the last 30 days to contact oakland police. there are now at this point questions about his role in the abduction or apparent abduction. as we're able to clarify we'll tell you more but that is just seconds old at this point. >> thank you very much. >> still ahead tonight a possible fix for the broken
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bolt on the bay bridge. >> also a major outsider sets up shop you're going to hear from a crash victim playing a key role of the ground breaking today. >> our cooling trend is well underway. how much temperatures have dr
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authorities including fbi and irs are serving warrants at five buildings is a associated with american
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indian model schools. investigators at one of the schools on mcgee avenue this afternoon. they're loading up evidence but would not say what they're serving warns for. there are three american indian model schools considered some of the best performing in the nation. the school board voted to revoke the charter, however, because of financial improprieties. monday a judge ordered schools to stay open and could stay open while the school appeals this decision. representatives are not commenting at this point. >> a high-speed chase ended with a crash, a brush fire and two people in custody. the car crashed into a field off primrose avenue south this afternoon. the fire spread before crews managed to get it under control. several homes were in danger. rangers moved away from the flames and smoke.
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and officer as rested two men on probation. >> the pier review panel overseeing the bay bridge project says the decision to delay the opening of the span is unnecessary and potentially dangerous. several told the toll authority it could put drivers at risk because they'd be using older vulnerable span that could fail in an earthquake. officials said the opening had to be pushed back to december in order to repair 32 broken bolts but official dz not a.agree with the reqeeft we should consider it as an opportunity to open up the bridge at its earliest possible time. to ensure safety of the motoring public. >> the experts proposed a temporary solution. represented by the shims in the model.
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>> the competition between apple and samsung is moving beyond smart fobs and tablets. both building showcase head quarters in silicon valley. samsung broke ground on what will be a skyline changing structure, samsung putting up what it hopes will be headquarters in the type of innovation it's producing. along with places for people to interact. >> no one will be more than a floor away from an area that opens to outdoors. architect says that helps employees staying focused on the mission. >> you know where they're going they can have meetings and really hard to have if you're across town. you've got to go downtown when
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it might be. >> this will be home of a place for customer meetings. there could be a public showcase samsung exexpects to do aggressive hiring. at a ground breaking next door neighbor cisco joked about poaching employee autos i'll continue to be looking at recruits skup down as you add several thousand people to the campus. >> planning officials see the new building at the catalyst for other companies to redo their offices to recruit talent. >> they can work around the world. and so they're looking for something reflecting create activity. and they're built like ford tauruses. >> samsung expects this to be ready in two years and yes, it will be offering employees
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special amenities including a cafeteria and gym facilities. >> that sounds right. >> it does. >> weather looks nice today as well. >> spencer chis kris chin is here. >> a bit of a cool down. livermore a high of 100 degrees. nowhere near 100 today there. is less cooling closer to the coast. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. we've got sunny skies at this hour. he clouds moving overhead. 13 degrees cooler in nef vatto 18 degrees cooler in santa rosa. and 15 in livermore. then yesterday, sfo at half moon bay above two degrees milder than at this hour yesterday. here is a live view from our
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camera. looking down on to the bay. you can see low clouds and fog santa cruz. looking out over the bay you can see clouds moving overhead but sky is mainly blu. 69 degrees in santa rosa. so inland east bay is still warmest reej yichblt taking a look at a few clouds in the sky over downtown san jose. forecast features are these. fog and high clouds continuing through maintaining presence tonight. cooler then a warmer weather pattern developing over the skbeekd continuing into next week. notice how goitsing to push across the bay well inflnd spots. that means there may be a slow
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down there could be reduced visibility. low temperatures will be mainly into low 50s along the coast and into north bay. and now you'll see high clouds continuing to push through and moving eastward. mainly sunny skies cooling trend continues tomorrow with sunny skies. so we won't expect much of a warm up until probably the weekend. tomorrow, sunny skies, look for highs into mid-70s. about 78 in san jose. peninsula, highs from 69 in san mateo to 73 palo alto. upper 50s on the coast. in the north bay upper 70s up to about 77 in santa rosa and
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napa. here is the accu-weather forecast. so warm up comes back on saturday and sunday, highs climbing back up to about 90 inland. to 60 open the coast so pleasant weather for seven days but warming up over the weekend. >> yes. >> thank you. >> coming up next the verdict against apple in a major case over the case of e book autos why apple
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a judge in new york ruled apple broke law ndz a conspiracy to raise prices of electronic books and found three years ago apple worked to raise e book prices when it launched ipad. amazon had been charging $9.99 for the popular e books. analysts say the ruling may not have much affect on consumers because the plan essentially failed. >> the court said apple tried to rig prices but it didn't work. amazon has been successful in offering cheaper e books than fixed prices apple is after. >> the company has vowed to appeal saying quote, apple did not conspire to fix pricing and we'll continue to fight against false accusations. damages will be determined in
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a separate trial. the ruling had minimal impact on apple stock today. >> tonight money matters a double dose of bad news for silicon valley. personal kmoout computer sales have fallen another 11% as more and more people turn to tablets. novo edged out hume as top pc maker. the nasdaq stock showed a gain of 16.5 points today. fed chairman says the u.s. economy needs help, blaming higher taxes and federal cuts and says because unemployment is high the fed will continue keeping rates at near-record low autos there has been a new twist in the disappearance of a little girl in oakland. why police are now looking for her father. >> abc 7 news morning news
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anchor will report on the conversation with one of the students. who survived the crash. >> george zimmerman's lawyer offers a display of what happen
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the missing toddler out of oakland, back to our breaking news. >> an update from police on this investigation. wayne, what do you have? >> dan, it keeps changing. let's just back up a little bit. dapne webb, 21 months old. her father went to the store at about 11:00 this morning he came out and said his daughter had been taken from the car. police were looking for a woman with long black hair that. has been the story line. but 6:00 tonight another press conference from the oakland police. spokeswoman johna watson now there is some interest in the father. they're circulating a photograph of him. his name is john webb. let's show you some sound of what she told reporters just moments ago. >> not looking at him as a suspect right now we're trying to narrow the time line down
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for the child so. anyone we're going to be releasing the photo of the father. we have photo of the 21-month-old little child out there. if anyone recognizes her or him and have seen him and her in 30 days we want to know and narrow that time line down. >> there are questions of police leading to other questions. one would be when is the last time this little girl was with her father? so police say they could have video from inside of the store. so far, no sign of the little girl and it's been seven hours. >> wayne, thank you. >> now to the latest on a crash of asiana airlines flight 214. >> some survivors are at the site for a memorial. the bus to the left brought them to the airport about half
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an hour ago. it's difficult to see what is happening there are efforts to protect price vassy there. >> keep in mind 20 passengers and crew are still in the hospital. investigators condirmed reports pilots delayed ordering accusations. investigators will look at the pilot use of the auto flight systems. the pilot in control of the plane claims he was briefly blinded by a flash of light during the final approach. also new details on two 16-year-old who's died in the crash. the mother of the girl on the right told the chinese newspaper reporter she wasn't going to let her daughter go on the trip but she begged
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telling her mother if she couldn't go her best friend's parents wouldn't let her go, either. both parents relented. their teacher revealed wong switched seats to so they can sit together. another girl seated between them suffered just minor injury autos you can imagine how those parents feel tonight. the surviving students are still in the hotel and two talked from the room by phone. >> i talked with two young students. i'll sum up with what they said. their group all survived the crash with only one minor injury. this is are the 13-year-old who told me he had to jump out of the plane because passenger you chutes did not deploy. lee says after hitting the ground he ran, looked back and
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saw smoke consume the plane. he saw one flight attendant unconscious and many injured people. his friend told me damage didn't look that bad. they said they were thankful to have left with he is skorts to attend an ice cream party. they haven't been allowed to leave the crown plaza they've spent days picking -- taking pictures for new pass ports. they don't know if they'll return to china once travel arrange manies are finalized. for now, they wait. >> the people who fly commercial airlines will have to pass tests unveil bid the faa today. co-pilots or first officers as known must now have 1500 hours of flight time under their belts before they can be
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hired. that is a significant increase. they must have an aircraft type rating which invoflz training ses spef spefic to types of planes they will be flying. they're the result of a crash in which 50 people were killed. changes have been expected to be leased this fall. now, you can keep track of the developments in the crash by down loading the abc 7 news smart phone app. see live breaking news as it happens. and do it soon. >> a dramatic seen today in florida lawyers used a mannequin to simulate the struggle the night trayvon martin was killed. they sem demonstrated how george zimmerman was likely injured in the struggle
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indicating if martin attacked zimmerman, zimmerman won't be v.been able to reach his gun. zimmerman did not take the n stand. >> 9 the surviving boston marathon suspect pleaded not guilty today. the courtroom was packed. tsarnaev faces 30 federal charges in the attack that killed three people and injured 260 others. the charges include using a weapon of mass destruction. authorities say he planned attack with his brother who died in a police shootout three days later. >> well, when we come back tonight how to make international smart phone calls for next to nudging. >> yes. michael finney explains how we can do
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many of us have unlimited calls we think cell phone plans are free. >> that is true if you're calling overseas and tonight michael finney reports there is now, yes, an app for that.
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>> here san app you might want to down load. it's worked well for grant calling home from australia. >> costs a couple pennies per minute. >> when you connect tolt internet there is no charge at all. if you go fob to phone, rates are still cheap. >> then, i believe it costs money. only a few cents. >> he's right. only a few cents. that is for the call. phone china and it will cost less than two cents per minute. traditional mobile phone companies will charge $1.99. andrea is the founder which is based out of sweden. >> what we're doing the background is buying these. >> it the same phone line,
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cell towers and same satellites but the time is in bulk. >> user hasn't got a clue just making a kault same way. but instead of paying maybe i don't know, $1 to make an international call they're doing it with one cent. >> michael finney reporting. rebte sl. short for rebel telephone. >> just click on the left of the screen you'll find it way that way. >> coming up how tough your tablet is. >> this looks like a bad idea. watch as we put a new
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from facebook to angry birds your phone is hardly about just making calls. a conference about your mobile phone yielded big product announcements. >> venture beat now spans long
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rooms so how do you find your way around? well, not with gps it doesn't work inside. this is a big thing. >> they showed thus individual yof a cell phone from aisle to aisle in a store. this, they say is the next frontier in location. and unlike solutions google and apple are working on theirs does require wi-fi. >> based on small magnetic variations which are typical in buildings. >> how do you measure that? using a built in compass. >> like, also, shopping malls and campuses finding friends. >> it is becoming a place for product announce many autos we deliver tablets used by u.s. military. >> they're tough, big and heavy. >> sometimes there is overkill.
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they don't have to withstand impact of an ied. >> cable guy and plum jer who this is for. at $1300 it's found another audience. >> people doing mountaineering,. >> if you driver four wheels... sprint and ibm announced a system making the phone a car remote and so much more. >> remember things about you so it makes your car your car. and it's all getting stored within the cloud. >> so instead of grabbing your questions and wallet, your phone may be all you need. >> bay area film maker who gave us darth vaider was honored at the white house receiving national medal of arts from president obama. the president spoke about the movery impacts on the industry. two dozen others also received
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medals including poet day ryan. >> in honor of yoda, pleasant, it is. >> i got special affects for you. let's take a look at live doppler 7 out here. low clouds and fog near the coast. sunny skies inland. tomorrow, it's going to be a mixed bag across state of california north mainly sunny and warm. remnants of what was tropical storm eric producing showers and thundershowers over parts of the sierra. here our conditions will be quiet and mainly sunny tomorrow. mild but cooler with highs into mid-80s and around the bay. 60s to 70s and upper 50s on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll warm up over the weekend by monday, inland highs back into low 90s and 80s around
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the bay. we've got a bit of a temperature range there for everybody. pleasant. >> wait seven days cool down or warm up thank you very much. >> had was a particularly bad day for matt. >> if you notice a trend of bad days. >> yes. we're finding new ways to say bad days. matt cane beaten by
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good evening, we saw giants hit rock bottom. surely they couldn't go lower than the 16 inning ross to the mets on monday oh yes, they can. especially when you have no opponent at this point. matt cane started with an advance by eric young. daniel murphy drives them n still in the first bases loaded john buck. scoring so does david rice. 3-0 metropolitans last just in
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the inning. cane's counter part zach wheeler smoke. remember he was traded for carlos belltran in 2011 had his best career outings fifth inning marlon bird two run shot here, oh, i got it. i got it. i ain't got it. how do you drop that? they win 7-2 completing a three-game sweep now lost 14 of 16. bocci says cane is not injured and wants to keep it that way. >> so, you know, i don't want you know this to be a health issue that. is why i pulled them. >> i know we're a lot better than we are. you know? going out there to have an outing like that is really disappointing and it's kind of hard to swallow. but got to get over it oo. as if giants did not have enough
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problems pitcher has been charge charged with open lewdness saying' approached a woman told her she was gorgeous then touched her face and breast. security wrestled him to the ground. police say he appeared to be drunk at the time. 's hoping to wrap up a series in pittsburgh tonight and i say hoping because of this. a rain delay of about two and a half hours. good news they've taken the tarp off the field. a's and pirates should be getting underway anymore now. new raider has been charged with assault following a fight in hawaii saying they got into a brawl in maui in a bar named life's a beach. he is facing two misdemeanor charges. usc product spent four years with the cleveland browns. the warriors officially completed deal that will bring all star to golden state today. they also extended their deal
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with head coach mark jackson. jackson led to the second round of the playoffs this past year with a team on the rise a longer term extension for the coach would seem likely. espn reporting free agent center andrew binam sign aid deal with cleveland. do you remember him playing with the lakers? only $6 million of the contract is gaifr run teed because of the recovering knee issues. stage 11 of the tour de france a timed trial. 20 miles to the town. tony martin one of the first to hit the pavement. and fastest to finish here. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00,
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cable channel 13 abc 7 nuts at 11:00 will have latest on breaking news an amber alert for a toddler missing in oakland why police want to show a picture of a person that reported the girl missing. that is her own father. >> also on abc 7 news at 11:00 emergency response. some of the survivors of the asiana crash are saying it took too long to get help. the first responders explain what happened there. that is coming up tonight at 11:00. >> join us for that and tonight here on abc 7 we have middle, family tools and then, modern family. followed by the neighbors, look out and of course, carolyn and i will be back at 11:00. >> but that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. noins thanks for joining us. >> from all of us here, appreciate your time see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. stay connected at twitter any time. >> good night for now.
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