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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 11, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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over to oakland and 78 in san jose and the clouds will be thickest and sticky not leaving the coast today at 58 to 60 degrees. how about the first commute or first look at traffic? leyla gulen? >> thanks, mike. all is quiet. we do not see any accidents. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza we have clear conditions and not many making their drive from emeryville to san francisco. in the san mateo bridge it is looking similar, and clear from hayward. it is a hazy picture so you might see maybe a slight visibility hampered but all in all a good drive as you make it in the westbound direction. >> it is 4:30, an update on of thes to on the 4th runway as san francisco international
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airport after the crash of asiana flight 214. crews are working to remove debris from the crash. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has the latest from millbrae. amy? >> the crews were busy over overnight. we saw them taking away key pieces of the wreckage including the engine and the tail. this is the first time we have seen them. doing clean up and the ntsb is hoping it will be able to give the runway back totoday but said it would be a significant salvage operation. this was the focus overnight, yesterday there was a lot of attention placed on the evacuation after the crash. the first time the flight attendants asked, should we evacuate, the answer was "no." the second time they asked, the pilot said yes when they saw fire. they did not evacuate for a minute and a half after the
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crash. >> pilots do not have a good sense of what is going on behind them. they need to get that information from the flight attendants. we will certainly be locking into the issue. >> the ntsb says they hope to return the runway to sfo today. i asked the sfo spokesman how long after that happens will it take to get the runway open? he said it depends on the damage done to the runway. they have not gotten a good look at it pause the plane is sitting there. then they can assess how badly damaged the runway is and start the repairs. until that happens, the runway remains closed. yesterday that meant delays for flights up to 45 minutes and some flights were canceled. if you are flying today or any time soon you need to check with your car your. >> thank you.
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survivors of the families of the two girls who were killed went to the crash site. survivors and family members of those on board asiana flight 214 were escorted by police and airport officials on buses from burlingame. there were eight relatives of wang linjia and ye mengyuan, the two 16-year-old girls killed in the crab. they stayed at the scene for 30 minutes. after they left, sky 7 was over the scene as three large black buses arrived at the site, staying on the tarmac and looked at the wreckage from a distance. >> prayer vigil is held tonight at the son california church where for the two victims and fellow classmates headed there for camp. the group of 35 students were originally planning to spend three weeks at a christian camp in west hills learning english, sightseeing and visiting california universities. they are now raising money for
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the families. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the crash at sfo. we will keep you updated on the removal of the debris from the runway and a plan tick call to 9-1-1 after the crash. >> developing news, a one-year-old baby is safe after being taken during a carjacking. the suspect ordered the family to get out of the car just before 10:30 last night. the driver took off before they could get the child out. 20 minutes later, the baby was found in its car seat sleeping on the sidewalk, a few blocks away. the family and baby were reunited a short time later and police are still looking for the man and the suspect. >> final closing arguments are expected today in the trial of two men accused in a brutal rape and beating of a teen girl at richmond high school. the two men are on trial for the 2009 gang rape of a 15-year-old girl on campus during a high school homecoming dance.
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the 22-year-old and 20-year-old are being tried in the same courtroom. each has his own jury deliberating separately. if convicted both face life in prison. four others have been charged and two have accepted plea deals. >> negotiators are at bargaining table to avert a strike at a.c. transit and resumed talks after taking a few days off this week to reach a deal for a new labor contract as the drivers continue working. the old contract for drives and mechanics expired june 30 and the talks are everseen by a state mediator. >> the delay of the opening of the new span is meeting with heart criticism saying a delay could put drivers at risk. the existing span is structurally vulnerable and could collapse in an earthquake and officials say it would not open until at least december,
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needing the time to replace faulty bolts but the head of the panel says that is not good enough. >> no question, we should put the traffic quickly as possible on the new bridge. >> the panel recommended a temporary solution. it would allow for the bridge to open to traffic while the permanent fix is installed and could be in place in 30 days. >> commissioners are meeting again today to consider a legal settlement that could open waterfront property for a major league baseball stadium involving howard terminal north of jack london square. the company leasing it is suing the court because a competitor received more generous terms. the mayor supports the settlement allowing the company to get out of the lease freeing up howard terminal for the city to build a baseball stadium to keep the a's in oakland. plans would include a retail development at the site. >> one of the big sponsors
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america's cup want as refund. according to the san francisco business times, they are asking for a $3 million refund from the initial sponsorship of $10 million, because the contract was based on eight teams competing in the cup but the two month round robin corn addition that determines which team will sail against oracle for america's cup with only three teams competing in the series and the business times reports that the company is entitled to $1 million rebate for each team less than six that participate. >> now the weather forecast. mike? >> we will start with visibility. most of us are doing okay as far as visibility. our reporting stations are not near where the fog or the lowest clouds are hanging but they are out there. if you driving through sunol grade or dublin grade, those areas will be cloudy as you drive into the clouds.
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they are lower this morning. temperatures are mild elsewhere: 50's and antioch, the warmest is only at 56, but the warm spot today is san jose at 58. 54 in san francisco and concord and 52 in novato. today, the day planner the next 12 hours shows spotty drizzle through the morning commute, with temperatures holding low-to-mid 50's. bien knew, it will be dry and mostly sunny but the coast will have more stubborn clouds. we will have a temperature spread of 56 to 82 by 4:00. the cooling that began yesterday will continue today with no worries this evening and 56 to 74 under mostly sunny sky. this is how it looks from the exploritorium, tomorrow the same as today. saturday and sunday, temperatures are back to where they should be but nothing too hot. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everything is
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locking quiet out there and we have a little bit of construction and we did have one way traffic control in affect along highway one at devil's slide so give yourself a few extra minutes headed out which will last until 7:00 a.m. this morning. right now as we look outside, this is the oakland maze into emeryville, with the westbound 80, you can see the tail lights moving over to the bay president reagan and we have clear conditions, and eastbound 80 right through berkeley you are in good shape and at walnut creek, this is an eight-minute drive and traveling along 680 from highway 4 to the 24 junction. kristen and eric? >> we continue to follow will new developments in the crash of asiana flight 214. this is the work underway right now to remove the wreckage. we will watch the progress all morning long. >> san francisco airport, our airplane just crashed upon landing and we need some help. >> also ahead, the 9-1-1 calls
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from crash witnesses and survivors. why it seemed to take so long for the first responders to arrive but, first, america's money report. >> good morning, stock futures soaring overnight on news that the federal reserve will keep pumping money into the economy. bernanke says the popular policies will continue for the foreseeable future. of course markets were rocked when he said that the fed would reduce the stimulus. the senate failed to restore lower interest rates on student loans that doubled last week, although both parties agree the current rates are too high. the circuits and a keyboard is one of the first apple computers made by steve jobs that sold for $400,000, but someone bought another one for twice
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>> covering novato, oakland,
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sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 4:43 on this thursday. 20 passengers and crew from the crash remain in the hospital this morning. san francisco general released four parents yesterday. only eight remain there. three are in critical condition including one child. four patients are still receiving care at stanford hospital. one of them is in critical condition. mills peninsula and california pacific medical centers are each treating three patients. st. mary's and st. francis, also, have one patient each. >> we hear the 9-1-1 calls that followed the asiana flight 214 crash with many passengers called before they were concerned about the emergency response. abc7 news reporter has this story. >> we are at san francisco international airport and we just saw a plan crash. there are a last people that need help. >> this was one of the first plane crash survivors to call 9-1-1. there are a lunch of people who
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still need help. there are not enough medics. there is a woman out here on the street, on the runway who is pretty much burned very severely on the head. we don't know what to do. >> another caller echoed the concern. >> were you on the plane? >> i was on the plane, we are on the ground, been here 20 minutes or half an hour and people are lay on the tarmac with critical injuries. we are trying to keep her alive. >> she had been in seat 15d and trying to him others. >> we were looking at the workers and saying we need help. i am not sure what they were doing but it felt like they lagged a bit. then maybe they had other things to consider. >> that is the case, according to the spokesman for the san francisco fire department. in a large-scale emergency, she says they have to respond differently. ambulances can not just pull right up to the plane. >> one of the reasons they did
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stage the ambulances a distance away from the aircraft was in case there was an explosive event we would not be left without an ambulance. >> victims may not is seen a lot of the medical personnel but they were there, triaging patients and taking them to hospitals. >> san francisco had units on the scene in 13 minutes. when they arrived, san mateo had already had units on the scene. >> san mateo says there was an ambulance at the airport when the police crashed and they report two units on the scene in the first five minutes. eight units in 20 minutes. the total is 38, and they give units from other counties to make sure regular calls were handleed. >> now two men are in custody this morning following a high speed chase in sonoma county that ended in a crash and brushfire. the chase ended when the car crashed into a field south of
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santa rosa yesterday afternoon. it sparked a fire that spread to 30 acres before crews got it under criminal. several homes were threatened but not damaged. the ranchers moved the cattle in the area. a driver would not pull over and the chase ensued. the two men were arrested and both are on probation. >> we have moisture out there. you predicted drizzle, and i hit the 101 and 280 slick and i hit it. >> a nuisance for those flying, because it will cause flight arrival delays at sfo this morning. live doppler 7 hd is showing dry other than drizzle. now what is going on as far as the temperature. you may have noticed in the hotter spots it was cooler this morning when you stepped outside, and livermore and concord, four degrees cooler and fairfield five, everyone about the same if not one or two
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degrees warmer around the bay and in the north bay. you can see the dry air that kept the thunderstorms down to our south yesterday and that dry air is also going to help mix in to this marine layer and bring us sunshine this afternoon. notice with the low spinning in its counterclockwise flow we keep the onshore wind that will drop the temperatures below average this afternoon. in the south bay we will be in the mid-80's in san jose and 78 degrees. we will get to the mid-80's but you have to go to morgan hill and gilroy. a cool day in santa cruz at 68 degrees. temperatures on the peninsula will start in the mid-to-upper 60's around millbrae and san mateo and hang out in the low-to-mid 70's to mountain view in the south bay. 60 at half moon bay is the warm spot along the coast and you will be partly sunny. most of you are in the upper 50's with more sunshine and mid-60's in south san francisco. throughout the north bay, we will have mid-to-upper 70's and sausalito is cooler at 66 and
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cooler than that at the beaches, upper 50's and to the east bay shoreline we will not get out of the 60's in berkeley and low-to-mid 70's for everyone else and 75 is a warm spot at fremont. mid-80's to near 90 degrees after the 50's this morning, you can track all the cool air in the house you will not need the air conditioning. tonight, a repeat of this morning, throw mid 50's with clouds in a lot of the areas but maybe not the drizzle we are dealing with. here is the seven-day forecast, tomorrow, about the same as today maybe a degree or two cooler with temperatures rebounding back to average on saturday and we steady all way through the end of the seven-day forecast. have a great day. leyla gulen? >> thanks, everyone. we do not see any crashes but we have construction projects. this will last until 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. this is along the eastbound side of the bay bridge so if you are traveling into the east bay and into oakland, we are going to see a few lanes blocked out
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there with lots of construction on the bay bridge and we have this project, nobody, along 880 as you head between 23rd and embarcadero. we are looking at slowing in the southbound direction that could be spectator slowing or the caltran crews are doing something with the sensors is right now we do not see too much traffic in the area. outside in san jose, you can see the drive along 87 beyond the allunion off-ramp and you make the drive to the tank, we are looking at cheer conditions and a few headlights making the drive in the northbound direction. >> president obama is scheduled to meet today with two senators playing a major role in immigration reform. the white house says that the president will talk immigration with arizona republican john mccain and new york democrat chuck schumer in the oval office. they were part of a bipartisan senate group that drafted a comprehensive bill that would create a path to citizenship for 11 million people in the united states illegally. the bill passed by the senate is facing uphill battle, though, in
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the house, and leaders say the measure is flawed and will pursue a step-by-step approach but it is not clear if that will include a path to citizenship. >> after 12 days of dramatic testimony in his murder trial, george zimmerman will learn this morning which charges he will face for shooting trayvon martin. attorneys for both sides use add mannequin in the florida courtroom to stimulate the struggle between george zimmerman and martin. the defense rested yesterday. this morning, the court will announce which charges george zimmerman the face, a difficulty process than we see here in california. closing arguments are going do begin at 10:00 our time and the case is expected to be in the jury's hands some time tomorrow. >> a lot of people drink diet soda to trim their waist but it could be a waste of time. >> and pork prices could go higher at the grocery store. >> we follow the progress of removing the wreckage of asiana flight 214 with a look at the
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work continuing, right now, on
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>> good morning, everyone, on this thursday. a picture of san francisco from embarcadero. it is pretty empty. what is traffic and the weather like? we will have updates coming up. >> today, san francisco will crown the 50th champion in the cable car ringing con contest. last year, this gentleman won. it dates back to 1949. two years ago it was canceled because of labor problems. today it is back at noon in union center. >> if you want to see that, how is the weather going to be, mike? >> finally sunny by the afternoon. as we look at our temperatures outside, they are going to be cooler than yesterday and that
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is because we still have that breeze the check out thunderstorms. they did not quite make it up to us. they stayed to the south. but they are out there. if you are traveling around the state watch out south of stockton and headed to fresno where they may get close today and yosemite. they are retreating to the east as the afternoon unfolds. no more 100's, it is 99 in fresno and palm springs and 91 in sacramento. 80 in tahoe. leyla gulen? >> we do have clear conditions out there, no crashes. we have mostly green with top speeds on all the briggs with no slow downs on the dumbarton, maybe a little bit of volume on the san mateo but along the peninsula, through san francisco and if you need to make it to sfo it is 12 minutes. over the altamont pass, this is where we are showing the top
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speeds through the pass. before you get to the pass, right out of tracy, there is slow and go traffic and it will be 25 to half an hour to get to dublin and up to highway four which is looking wide open as we speak, 57 miles per hour through antioch and up to 63 miles per hour as we make it to bay point concord. >> crews will be out in south san jose this evening spraying for mosquitoes infected with west nile virus where dead crows were found. fogging will take place from 11:00 to 2:00 a.m. boarded by monterey highway and blossom avenue. the fogging kills infected mosquitoes that spread the virus to people. >> expect to pay more for pork chops and bacon. a new virus is killing biglets in 15 states which could cause
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an increase in the price of pork. the virus is not harmful of humans. >> diet soda may not be a healthy choice if you want to lose weight. a professor at purdue found that drinking diet soda and other artificially sweetened benefit programs could have the same increased home risk as regular soda. they include heart disease, diabetes, and weight gain. the professor came to her conclusion after reviewing a number of recent scientific studies. the american beverage association is saying the quote was "an opinion piece," not a second study. >> study shows more of us are exercising but the same study shows that the increase has had little impact on the rate of obesity. in california, 59 percent of women now get the recommended amount of exercise, up nine points over the decade and men are up to 2 points to 61
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percent. however, obesity rates increased in all california counties between 2001 and 2009. the experts say exercise is good but dietary changes are needed for weight loss. >> we continue to follow new overnight developments in the crab of asiana flight 214. next at 5:00, we have new details of the crash investigation. >> also, developing news in oakland, a desperate search if a missing toddler and the delay police face in searching the father's home. >> break in a string of robbery cases involved attacking muni passengers.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> work has begun on removing the wreckage of asiana flight 214. >> first up, we will check on the weather forecast on this thursday morning. mike? >> thank you. patchy fog and drizzle are out there. no organized areas of wet weather. no slick streets. it is thickest along the coast and headed to the peninsula. we have clouds pushing through the golden gate bridge this afternoon and the clouds will be stubborn keeping you cool at 58 to 60. mild and mostly sunny around the bay from 63 in san francisco and 70 in oakland. inland, they feel the cooli


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