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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 11, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> work has begun on removing the wreckage of asiana flight 214. >> first up, we will check on the weather forecast on this thursday morning. mike? >> thank you. patchy fog and drizzle are out there. no organized areas of wet weather. no slick streets. it is thickest along the coast and headed to the peninsula. we have clouds pushing through the golden gate bridge this afternoon and the clouds will be stubborn keeping you cool at 58 to 60. mild and mostly sunny around the bay from 63 in san francisco and 70 in oakland. inland, they feel the cooling trend, at 75 in the north and
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south bay and 89 is the warmest temperature in the east bay valley. leyla gulen? >> we have construction in the east bay if you are traveling northbound 680 you may be impacted with a couple of lanes that will be shut down for construction work. this is between monument boulevard and 242. watch out for that. so far, so good, if you need to make it to walnut creek we are looking at an eight minute commute and 680 is clear. we have construction on the bay bridge that is going to slow down the commute in the afternoon hours until 2:00 p.m. with lane closings that will last until that time. right now, we have more volume-building in the westbound direction. kristen and eric? >> new develops in the asiana flight 214 at sfo, overnight the crews have been working to remove the wreckage of the plane. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is in milbrae with the latest on what is happening on the runway and in the
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investigation. >> they have made significant progress overnight. look at the video, the first job was to move big pieces off the runway and we saw them take the engine away and the plane's tail. they removed the smaller pieces by hand. this was the focus overnight: investigators revealed new details of the seconds after the crash saying the lead flight attendant ask the pilot if they could evacuate and the pilots said "no." >> the lead or the cabin manager made an announcement over the p.a. for people to stay in their seats and to not evacuate. >> she says it wasn't until they asked a second time when they had seen fire they got the all clear to evacuate so it was a minute and a half later. they say they are working on the runway clean up, on the debris and will not move the futures large for a few more days.
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it is an enormous plane and they is to figure how they will cut it up and move the pieces and which are important to them and how they will store the saved pieces. the runway will be closed for another few days if not a week association keep that in mind if you have travel plans. >> 70 chinese student whose survived the crash finally got to see san francisco last night. these are pictures from the dinner they attended at chinese countries general's residence. he arranged for the students to have video conversation with families back home. one student described the meal as a were needed taste of home. he sent me a message this morning saying and i quote, "san francisco is a great city." >> the first public appearance for flight attendants who survived was too emotional for
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most of them to speak. six of the telephone flight attendants face dozens of cameras in the international terminal yesterday. two of them burst into tears. >> they were escorted out after one spoke. a translator although did not offer her name said it was too much for them to handle. >> it was very emotional event for the people who are here right now and a lost their co-workers are still hospitalized. >> the lead flight attendant was the only one to speak and she offered prayers for the injured and their families. >> we have continuing coverage of the crash at sfo and you can keep on top of the new developments by downloading the smartphone app and watch our newscast when you aren at go and see breaking news as it happens. you will find it at /apps. >> we move to oakland where the senator for a missing 21-month-old toddler is in the 18th hour. police and the f.b.i. seem to be
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putting the father's story of how she van ired under the microscope. katie marzullo is in oakland. katie? >> right now police say that the father, john webb is future a suspect. this is where we believe he lived. police are in front of his home. crime scene tape is up. police want to search the home and we are not clear if they have gone inside or not. look at the little girl we are talking about, 21-month-old daphne viola webb last seen with her grandmother who we understand has dementia, in a car, outside of a supermarket at international boulevard. the dad ran in for an energy drink. she was last seen with orange two-piece pajamas. oakland police and the f.b.i. and k-9s have been searching for the girl since yesterday morning
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going door to door and sending near the store, near the family home and looking along the water near doolittle driver. the family is then to ticket that area. also, police are asking for your help, for the public's help to put together an exact timeline. >> anyone who may know them, be familiar with them, provide a timeline, a date, when they last saw them together. >> police are asking anyone who has seen john webb with his daughter in 30 days to contact hill. they are having trouble finding people who is seen the plan with his daughter. police have talked with "baby grace's" mother and show does not live with her daughter or with john webb but she is cooperating and police released a suspect discretion, a woman seen leaving the area of the store with a girl matching "baby grace's" description and she is described as black or hispanic between 30 and 40 years old with long, dark, straight hair.
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>> thank you, developing news this morning oakland police are searching for a carjacking suspect who did not realize there was a baby in the back seat when he took a family van. the one-year-old baby was found safe 20 minutes after the carjacking. the suspect ordered the family to get out of the car at a gas station on foothill boulevard. the driver took off before they could get the child out. 20 minutes later, the baby was found in their car seat sleep on the sidewalk a few blocks away. the family and baby were reunite add short time later. >> two teens accused of robbing a woman on muni and we showed you this surveillance video, showing one of the girls grabbing a 68-year-old woman's purse and punches her. over the weekend someone called fugitive watch and identified a girl who was already in police custody in another case.
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the second suspect turned herself if on sunday. aanother tip to police led to the arrest of a man accused of stealing packages from the doortemperatures of fremont homeowners. the man from san jose was taken to custody after the police got a call by his sister. he was booked in jail. police say surveillance video helped them identify the suspect taking a package off the front porch of a home back in june. police compared this to another video of the suspect's car entering the neighborhood and arrested the suspect. >> cleanup continues today after authorities discovered a huge marijuana garden near gilroy with ten,000 marijuana plants found deep inside a state park in santa clara county yesterday. they seized two pellet guns with high powered scopes. the sheriff believes that a mexican cartel is responsibility. c.h.p. helicopter removed the pot plants in 500-pound loads from the park. the 10,000 plants would be worth
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up to $5,000 if sold on the street curing to investigators. >> and mike, how is it looking? >>guest: drizzly in some of the higher elevations the deck is pretty low around 400 to 500'. downtown, and all over san francisco, either 51 or 52 degrees. off to a cooler start. the cooler weather has made it into the central valley and tracy is 58 degrees. everyone is in the 50's right now and walnut creek and pleasanton at 56, and petaluma at 50. saratoga is about 59 and beaumont is at 55. the exploritorium camera and the clouds hanging around as we talk about our air quality it is good with the fresh air off the ocean and only trees above the low category as far as any type of pollen. ozone is going to be low and the u.v. index is high. for the next 12 hours, 50's,
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60's, and 70's at the coast, the bay and inland. by noon we will see sunshine but for the coast it will be limited during the afternoon hours and we will hit the low 80's and 68 at the bay. through 7:00 you may need a jacket, and mid-50's to low 60's and maybe not a jacket inland at 74 degrees. enjoy the day. >> now, as we head back over to livermore we have construction out there that will last until 9:00 this morning headed along the eastbound direction along 580 between greenville road and flynn road we have lanes taken out for work being done. the cuff time traffic westbound direction from tracy to dublin along 580, it is 34 minutes. 18 minutes along highway four from antioch to concord and 101 great san rafael to san francisco it is 16-minute commute. in san jose, 101 shows along in the northbound direction away from 880, we are seeing clear
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conditions. if you need to make your drive out to the san jose airport it is going to be a quick six-minute drive. very few headlights making the drive in the northbound direction. >> thank you, leyla gulen. the bloomberg business report is next. >> a hit-and-run accident in a store parking lot and shocking surveillance video police hope will lead them to the driver. >> target stores are the "target" of a lawsuit. >> a look at wreckage of asiana flight 214 at sfo with work crews trying to cheer the runway so it can re-open
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, the embassy in cairo is closed to the public today because of a possibility of protests near the embassy. there have been demonstrations in cairo by supporters of ousted egyptian president morsi calling for his return to power saying he was overthrown in a military coup. the military backed government has tightened the crackdown on the muslim brotherhood ordering the arrest of the leader to choke off the campaign to re-instate morsi. officials in the united states have advised people not to travel to the embassy and warned
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americans to avoid areas with large crowds. >> police in michigan are trying to identify a driver who backed into a woman pushing a stroller with her child in a store parking lot. the van dragged the stroller a short distance, and you can see in the video, the driver speeds away with the troller attached and the one-year-old in the stroller was not heard amazingly. >> three former workers in northern california target store are suing the retailer for alleged discrimination. the former employees are hispanic and the lawsuit was filed that managers regularly used racial slurs when addressing hispanic workers and cited a training documents of stereotypes which red every hispanic doesn't "wear sombrero," and a spokesman
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apologized saying it was not part of a 16-wide training and that it was an isolated incident. >> another sign that the housing market is getting back on solid footing, with new members showing that fewer united states homes entered foreclosure in june. last month, banks began foreclosuring on 57,000 homes the lowest in 7 1/2 years with completed foreclosures dropping, with the recovery driven by job growth, low interest rate, and rising home values. >> congress could be ready to take action on a measure to reduce student loan rates which took a huge jump. now the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, possible progress in efforts to rollback the cost of student loans. senate negotiators have reached a tentative agreement on rolling back interest rates on federally subsidized stafford loans with the rates doubling to 6.8 percent in july. the senate agreement ties rates to changes in treasury yields and caps on how much rates can
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rise each year. it is not cheer how many in the full senate backed the agreement. something many parents do not want to hear: going to college in the united states is a risky financial investment according to the "wall street journal" with a study from the organization for economic cooperation says that the students and their families pay more for college than in other developed countries but fail to learn the skills employers need. 401(k) filings fell 14 percent in june compared to may and 35 percent from a year ago with investors looking at jobless claims. analysts say a wet june may have sent more consumers to the malls and driven sales higher. mixed closed for stocks trying to figure out long the fed will stimulate the economy. if you are going to buy a used car, the prices have been falling since 2011 and are expected to keep going down for the rest of the year.
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that is the news from the new york stock exchange for the bloomberg business report. >> want something for free today? head to a 7/11 celebrating the 86th birthday with free small slurpees. it is double the size of the seven ounce drink they have given in the past from 11:00 to 7:00 tonight at participating stores while supplies last. >> so good on a hot day. >> where were they when we had the 100-degree days in a row. >> that would have been nice. >> the kids will take it, summer vacation, running around outside. >> get there early. there is usually a big line. we have tried in the past. >> now we will talk about what is going on this morning, we have live doppler 7 hd showing how cloudy it is this morning.
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patches of drizzle for the commute but no issues otherwise. eight miles visibility in santa rosa and seven miles in half moon bay and that is as low as it gets but the cerealing is low if some areas to 400'. the higher elevations have clouds and mist. the winds are calm. we will take a little bit longer to get rid of the cloud deck in the air. it is it will drive above it with a lack of clouds. we just have the sea breeze that is going to keep the cooling trend from yesterday going. at mount tamalpais, you can see a beautiful sunrise here. as far as our forecast, cooling spreads inland and clouds tonight and coastal drizzle possible with highs rebounding this weekend and warming up and get back to average. the dry air is over over the top of us and moisture could have spark add thunderstorm but the drier air put up a roadblock and
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entity away from us. what that low is going to do is keep the onshore flow and temperatures are below average from 73 in sunnyvale to 78 in san jose and low-to-mid 80's around los gatos and gilroy. on the peninsula, cooler in some spots, mid-to-upper 60's in san mateo and upper 50's to near 60 along the coast with limited sunshine today, and mid-60's for downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito. and mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay valley. upper 50's at your beaches and over to the east bay shoreline, maybe low-to-mid 70's but berkeley and richmond, you are more influenced by the cloud cover and the sea breeze in the upper 60's and the temperatures are cooler although we still in the mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay valley. the cloud cover is taking over and all neighborhoods are comfortable again tomorrow morning, low to mid 50's. now, how much longer can the cooling friend last in tomorrow the temperatures are going to rebound on saturday and from saturday going forward we will flirt with 90 inland and 8 an
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the bay and only 60's at the coast. have a great day. >> we have a couple of crashes and we have construction. the first part is the construction and this is going to last until 7:00 a.m. this morning if you are traveling northbound and southbound highway one we have one-way traffic control in affect because of maybing work, so, again, one way traffic control will last until 7:00 a.m. this morning and you may want to give yourself a few extra minutes. we have this accident on surface streets headed through the hills, sierra road east of sky view drive we have a car reportedly that went off a cliff so that is 200' down so hopfully the emergency crews will be out there. as we look at our drive time traffic along 80 away from the hoffman split to the maze is a four-minute commute 880 southbound between fremont and san jose and 280 from cupertino to 101 that is just a 13-minute drive and to the toll plaza.
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the cash-paying planes are busy from emeryville and fast trackers are on the fast track. >> thank you, seven things to know as you start your day. >> new concern of a supplement taken by millions of men. >> new health battle for randy travis. >> today we will talk with some of the biggest ledge olds in sport would have inspired female athletes everywhere part of a new film series "9that's "ameri" i'm diana perez. have a great day. the makers of one a day believe, as i do,
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that everyone should have access to good nutrition. so they're donating two meals to feeding america for every purchase of one a day women's multivitamins. help families across america get nutrition they need. buy one a day women's, make a difference.
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>> whether you are just joining us or head out the door here are seven things to know, an amber alert is in affect for daphne viola webb a missing 21-year-old toddler. her father says that he left her in the car while going into a store on international boulevard yesterday morning. we will get the latest from the scene in a report at 5:30. >> crews have started removing the wreckage of a plane that crashed at sfo. the ntsb plans to return to the runway and return it back to sfo control some time today. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield will have more in a report in a few minutes. three, closing arguments continue in the trial of two men accused in a brutal rape of a teen girl at a richmond high school. they are accused of 2009 gang rape of a 16-year-old girl on campus during the homecoming dance. if convicted both face life in prison. >> four, a tip led police to the
5:26 am
arrest of two teen girls accused of robbing a woman on muni in san francisco's bayview district. someone called the group fugitive watch and identified one of the girls. the second turned herself in on sunday. >> five, talks continue today for a.c. transit and the unions back at bargaining table to avoid a strike. employees' current contract expired a week and a half ago. >> 96, we are starting off with patchy fog and low clouds, cooler-than-average temperatures the fiscal year couple of days with an update on the week warming trend in your seven-day outlook. >> seven, a look at the san mateo bridge where traffic is miling well but building up at 14 minutes getting you from hayward to foster city with construction out there. more to come. >> country music legend randy travis is in critical condition this morning at a texas hospital, the 54-year-old suffered a struck and had emergency surgery last night to relieve pressure on his brain. he was hospitalized on sunday
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after breathing illness spread to his heart. he is one of the top selling artists and won seven grammys and dogs of others. >> a study out this morning says fish oil supplements taken by millions of men to reduce the risk of heart disease may increase the risk of ross state cancer. the study published today in the journal of the national cancer institute suggests that men who have higher levels of omega three fatty acids face 43 percent increase risk of development ross state cancer. our chief medical editor caution opened that men should not stop taking fish oil but, instead built talk to their doctors. >> the abc7 morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. survivors and families of flight mit get a special escort by police and this trip is letting them get some closure. troubles for the america's cup would now demand
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on this thursday at 5:30. thanks for joining us. >> we have developing news involving the disappearance and possible kidnapping of a 21-month-old girl in oakland. police and the f.b.i. have been convassing the neighborhood and checking the father's version of what happened. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has more from oakland. >> this is where the family is living, you can see the police in front of the bluish gray house there and crime scene take. contra costa times is reporting the police and f.b.i. spent several hours inside the home searching and talking with neighbors in the neighborhood. we do not know what they have turned up because of the searches. look now at the little girl we are talking about: 21-month-old
5:31 am
daphne viola webb last seen in orange two-piece pajamas with pink hearts and pink socks. when you you look at video, according to the game's father, john webb, yesterday he left her in the car with his mother who is suffering from dementia. he popped into a store at 78th and low came out his daughter was gone. a witness would was there described the father's behavior. >> he seemed to be in disarray. he was thumbing around in his car and my immediate response was, did you call the police and he said, no, i haven't, and i said call them right now. maybe it was just the stress. >> at this point the police are not calling him a "suspect" but are asking people to come forward, anyone who might have seen webb with his daughter in the last 30 days.
5:32 am
we understand police have talked to the girl's mother and she does not live with the father. she cooperating as are other family members. police are releasing a description of a woman who could be a suspect who was seen in the area with the daughter who matches daphne viola webb's description and this woman is described as being black or hispanic between 30 and 40 years old with long black straight hair. the search for daphne viola webb continues leader at the house and the store and elsewhere in oakland. >> thank you, katie. >> behind us, you cannot tell there is drizzle but it is out there. >> we will find out more from mike. >> there are pockets. that is the key. some of us are driving through the clouds so there could be mist on the windshield. as far as live doppler 7 hd, no organized areas of wet weather near our neighbors and this is how it looks from mount tamalpais on the cloud cover this morning. we are going to see sunshine slowly today but by noon, it
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will be mostly sunny inland with cooler conditions especially in the east bay valley and 75 to 89 degrees, 75 being in the north bay and 89 in the east bay valley. an the bay it is sunny and 63 in san francisco and 70 in oakland and 78 to san jose and the clouds will be sticky at the coast with limit sunshine and 60 degrees. that is the first forecast. now a look at traffic. leyla gulen? >> as we take you right over to the bay bridge toll plaza we have a report an accident that is blocking a cash-paying lanes in the westbound direction so watch out for that. we have slow conditions as you approach the tolls if you are paying with cash and the fast track lanes are wide open and we have this accident in san jose on sierra road involving a car that went down 200' off the roadway so emergency crews headed out there as we speak. the drive time traffic shows 580 is building quite a bit and almost 40 minutes to get out of tracy to dublin and 680
5:34 am
southbound from dub lip to mission boulevard. now, a look at the drive headed southbound into central san rafael, as you come out of novato to 580 you are looking at eight minutes to get you there. >> thank you, leyla gulen. now the asiana flight 214 at san francisco international airport with crews now working to remove the debris and wreckage. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is in millbrae with the timeline and the investigation. amy? >> we saw a lot of activity overnight, look at the video. we saw them using cranes to move the big pieces off the runway, the engine and the tail. they say they will clear the little pieces by hand and this is just the debris on the runway. they will move the plane in a few more days. the ntsb has also announced they are investigating the evacuation
5:35 am
after the crash saying that the first time the flight attendants asked the pilot, should we evacuate, they said no. then the glide attendants saw the fire and asked for a second time and the answer was yes, so people started exiting the plane a minute and a half after the crash. the pilots are in the front of the plane and do not have a good sense of what is going on behind them. though need that information from the flight attendants. we will be looking into that issue. hindsight is 20/20. >> here are the latest headlines from the investigation. the pilot told the ntsb he saw a flash of light blinding him just before the crash and they don't know what that could be. three of the four flight attendants seated in the back were ejected on to the runway and still strapped if their seats. there was a delay and the questions remain of the auto landing mode: was the equipment working? did the pilots have it in the wrong mode? officials say they still think it will be days or a week before
5:36 am
they can get this runway at sfo re-opened. >> thank you, survivors and the families of the two girls who were killed went to the crash site to honor the victims. survivors and family members those on board flight 214 were escorted by police and airport officials on buses from the crown plaza hotel in burlingame. the first group was eight relatives of wang linjia and ye mengyuan and the two 16-year-olds who were killed in the crash. though stayed on the scene for 30 minutes and then sky 7 was over the scene as three lark black buses arrived at the site. they stayed at tarmac and looked at wreckage from a distance. a prayer vigil is held at the southern california church school for the two victims and fellow classmates headed for camp. a group of 35 students were originally planning to spend three weeks in west hills in the san federal than dough valley learning english and visiting
5:37 am
california universities but the catch has been canceled. the church is now raising money for the families. stay with us for continuing coverage of the crash at sfo to keep you updated on removal of the debris from the runway which is happening right now and the frantic calls to 9-1-1 immediately after the crash. >> developing news, a one-year-old baby is safe after are being taken in a carjacking in oakland. a man ordered the family to get out of the car at a gas station around 10:30 last night the driver took off before they could get the child out. 20 minutes later the baby was found in a carseat sleep on the sidewalk a few blocks away. the family and baby were reunited. police are still locking for the van and the s ought delay in the re-opening of the bay bridge is meeting with harsh criticism saying a delay could put drivers at risk. the panel says that the existing span is structurally vulnerable
5:38 am
and could collapse in an earthquake. on monday, bridge officials said opening the new span would not happen until at least december. they need time to replace faulty bolts and install support saddles but the head of the panel says that is not good enough. >> there is no question what we should do: put the traffic as quickly as possible on the new bridge. >> they are recommending a temporary solution that would allow the bridge to open to traffic while the permanent fix is installed. >> commissioners for the port of oakland are meeting to consider a settlement that could open waterfront property for a major league baseball stadium involving howard terminal at part north of jack london square. the company leasing it is suing the port because a competitor received more generous terms at another terminal. the mayor supports the settlement allowing the company to get out of the lease freeing up the terminal for the city to build a baseball stadium that could keep the a's in oakland. plans would include a retail development at the site.
5:39 am
>> this morning, a big sponsor of the america's couple wants a refund. according to the san francisco business times they are asking for $3 million refund from the initial sponsorship $10 million. the french retailer's contract was based on eight teams competing in the america's cup. the round robin competition that determines who sails against oracle for the america's cup. only three teams are competing in the challenger series and they say they are entitled to $1 million rebate for each team less than six that takes part. >> our meteorologist, mike nicco, will talk about whether it will be a good day to be on the bay. >> we will have sunshine in the afternoon, with fog cross golden gate bridge and to angel islands but the wins will not be that stiff compared to what they could be. >> we will talk about the south bay with a few 60's in campbell
5:40 am
and cupertino is 60, san jose at 58 and same in am -- 56 in redwood city and san carlos is 54 and novato around 48 degrees. that is how the roof camera looks this morning looking on the exploritorium. some spotty drizzle the next 12 hours but mostly hanging out in the low-to-mid 60's with a lot of sunshine inland and 356 at the coast where we will have clouds to 72 and cooling around 4:00 at 56 to 82 from our coast to inland neighborhoods and no worries in the evening, at 56 at the coast and low 60's an the bay and low 70's inland. next three days, tomorrow, a carbon copy of today and temperatures warm enough to get back to average on saturday and sunday and 60 at the coast and 80 around the bay and 90 inland.
5:41 am
here is the traffic. leyla gulen? >> we have an accident involving three vehicles at the dublin interchange and it appears it has been pushed over to the shoulder. it was blocking middle lanes causing slowing. the westbound direction shows the accident with backups as a result. that will dissipate but we are starting to see quite a bit of traffic developing over the altamont pass if you are headed in the westbound direction. as we take you back to the bay bridge we have this accident, westbound 80 at the toll, still blocking a lane there and want future that and it is busy. the drive time traffic, 101 from san francisco to sfo ten minutes gets you there and 880 northbound and to the san jose airport, a short 13-minute drive and the maze coming down from westbound 80, that drive through berkeley is getting busy at this hour. >> 5:41. closing arguments set they begin in the george zimmerman trial in
5:42 am
florida. ahead, how a mannequin is playing a role in the final days of the case. >> san francisco airport, our airplane just crashed upon landing and we need some paramedics. >> the 9-1-1 calls from asiana flight 214 crash victims and why it seemed to take so long for the first responders to arrive. >> we continue to follow overnight developments in the crash. this is a picture from sfo of the plane's wreckage. we will watch the progress to remove it throughout the
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. abc7 news has obligated the dramatic 9-1-1 calls made directly from passengers who escaped the crashed plane and arranged -- a range of motions as they waited for help. one calm. one agitated. >> we are at san francisco international airport and we saw a plan crash and a lot of people need help. >> were you on plane? >> i was. we have been on the ground about on minutes or half an hour and
5:46 am
people are laying on the tarmac with critical head injuries. we are almost losing one. >> the fire department says in a large-scale emergency they keep blankses a distance away from the aircraft in case it explodes. they say the victims may not have soon a lot of medical personnel but they were there triaging patients and taking them to the hospital. >> f.b.i. and i.r.s. agents are revealing nothing about a raid belonged to american indian charter schools in oakland, but are shown taking boxes evidence at a school in oakland yesterday afternoon. the warrants were sealed. in march the school board voted to revoke the school charter because of financial improprieties and will remain open during the appeal. we contacted the school representatives but they would not comment. >> two men are in custody following a high-peed chase that ended in a crash and a brushfire^. the chase ended when the car crashed in a field south of
5:47 am
santa rosa yesterday afternoon. it sparked a fire that spread to 30 acres before crews got it under control. several homes remain threatened but none damaged. some cattle were moved. the driver would not pull over and the chase began. officers arrested the two men, both on probation. >> split pea soup, does that describe what we have? >> have not had hat in a long time do you make that? >> i say look at the san francisco fog. >> kind of cool in here. that is not what you want to eat. >> better served warm. now, a look outside and show you what is going on. here is live doppler 7 hd and you can see how quiet it is this morning. as far as radar and organized areas of wet weather we have patchy drizzle and a misty morning with all of the low cloud cover hanging around and temperatures are running in the 50's and visibility is running
5:48 am
unlimited horizontal. the cooling will spread inland today and we have deeper penetration of the cloud cover and the sea breeze today. coastal drizzle is possible tonight and even clouds for all of us and maybe a patch of drizzle here and there and other places but most prevalent at the coast and the highs, we will see a warming trend this weekend but there will be a huge rise in temperature not to be seen, but notice the dry air was over the neighborhoods yet keeping the thunderstorms away from us and it will keep pushing them to the south and east and away from us today. temperatures rebound to 78 in san jose. that is a warmer spot in the immediate south bay. deeper in the santa clara body, morgan hill and los gatos in the low-to-mid 80's. the peninsula, today, redwood city and south, throw mid-70's
5:49 am
and north of that, 60's, going to be cooler. temperature is 60 at half moon bay and jacket weather loan the coast again today, and mid-60's downtown and south san francisco and you will feel cooler in the shade during lunch. mid-to-upper 70's in the north bay valley and near 60 at the beaches and along the east bay shore and the cool spot is richmond and berkeley in the upper 60's, and, finally, free air conditioning, mid to upper 80's and not too many people use their air conditioning in the east bay valley when it is that warm. and as we head through saturday and all the way into next week we will be near 90 inland, close to average, and 80 around the bay and 60 at the coast with the clouds pulling back by 11:00 or noon. >> another accident just happened to the east from the early accident recorded on 580 in the eastbound direction we have a report of a two-car crash
5:50 am
with though center divider so it appears it possibly is blocking one lane in the westbound direction, we are still seeing the stop-and-go traffic because of this accident, westbound side, and the drive coming from tracy over the altamont pass and into dublin, that will take you 45 minutes right now. as we take a look at the drive time traffic, 680, southbound, from highway 4 to walnut creek that is quick six-minute drive with a picture in a moment and westbound direction to the tunnel, nine minutes to get you there to 580 westbound at 42 to a 45-minute drive. walnut creek at 680, quick to get to the junction with highway 24. >> closing arguments are set today in the george zimmerman trial amid signs the prosecution is not sure of the strength of its case. the prosecution is asking the judge to allow the jury to consider lesser charges like manslaughter if they cannot agree on second-degree murder
5:51 am
charges. a hearing is set for this morning, and defense lawyers and the prosecution both used a mannequin to stimulate the struggle the night trayvon martin was killed. the defense shows how george zimmerman was likely injured in the struggle and the defense rested without calling george zimmerman to the stand. >> the jury will get the case tomorrow. >> our coverage of asiana flight 214 continues at 6:00 with an aviation consultant reacting to reports that the pilot saw a flash of light as the plane approached sfo. >> lot of people drink diet soda to trim their waistline but it could be a waste. >> the illness that could drive pork prices up at the local grocery
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> today san francisco will crown the 50th champion in the cable car ringing contest. last year, trinny won the competition and the san francisco tradition dates back to 1949 but two 2002 -- two years ago it was canceled but it is back today at noon in union square. >> how will the weather be? >> sunshine with temperature in the low 60's and a breeze coming through, typical for this time
5:55 am
of year, maybe cooler-than-average temperature. the camera shows a bit of sunshine in the afternoon. temperatures are the big story, inland east bay are back to average and everyone else is three to ten degrees cooler-than-average. thunderstorms will stay down to our south and around yosemite and possibly even fresno and down into palm springs and los angeles looks to be dry today at 79. it will be sunny in tahoe and 80 and the same in sacramento. leyla gulen? >>guest: we have slow conditions headed over the altamont pass in the westbound direction so coming right over from tracy into dublin it will be 45 minute commute. 33 miles per hour is the top speed and it jumps up slightly to 36 miles per hour as we focus near the dublin interchange we have a couple of accidents and eastbound side right here, and
5:56 am
on westbound side we have another accident. on highway one we have construction that will last until 7:00 a.m. with one way traffic control in affect until then. 101 to petaluma is 15 minutes from santa rosa. and 580 is looking clear, also. >> crews are out in south san jose spraying against mosquitoes infected with west nile virus after a dead crow was found. it will take place from 11:00 tonight until 2:00 a.m. with the fogging kills infected mosquitoes that could spread the virus to people. >> you will pay more for bacon and pork chops. experts say a new virus is killing pigs in 15 states and the decreases supply could cause the pork prices to rise causing severe stomach distress in pigs that can lead to fatal dehydration but not harmful to humans.
5:57 am
no reports of disease in california. >> diet soda may not be healthy choice to lose weight. a recovery at purdue found drinking diet soda and other artificially sweetened beverages could have the same increased health risk as regular soda including heart disease, diabetes and weight gain. the professor came do her conclusion after reviewing scientific studies. the report is being dismissed saying it was an "opinion piece," not a scientific study. >> our coverage of the asiana flight 214 continues at 6:00 including a special dinner for survives. >> from oakland, the search continues right now for a missing toddler with an update next. >> "7 on your side" is the new list of the safest
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, a search to find a missing girl where police are focusing their efforts and what they are saying about the parents who reported her missing. >> crews are removing the wreckage of asiana flight 214 at sfo. ahead, the delicate process to make sure the clean up goes according to plan. >> police make a break in a muni robbery caught on camera and investigators got the young suspects in custody. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. mike nicco is up first with a look at the forecast. >> thank you, everyone. live doppler 7 hd shows no organized areas of wet weather although we have patchy drizzle. it is so light it is not causing issues. patchy drizzle at the bay and 55 degrees. mostly sunny by noon and


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