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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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wreckage now being hauled away. >> a live
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breaking news the asiana crash site a huge crane lifting large sections of the fuselage and hauling them away from runway 28 left. good evening. >> just a short time ago, nancy pelosi and jackie speier joined other dignitaries to tour the crash site. >> dan: we have live team coverage for you. >> nancy pelosi and jackie speier were returning from d.c. tonight and they want to take a look at the wreckage. you can see some photos of their tour that they took. they wanted to thank first responders, the airport and the city. paid tribute to mayor ed lee. fire chief and n.t.s.b.
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chief and seeing the wreckage was jarring. >> you see how much destruction there is and to think that 302 passengers got out and the staff and flight attendants -- it's really a miracle. >> the miracle was by science and technology that enabled many lives to be saved. what public policy can save lives in the future. >> reporter: pelosi wants to find out what lawmakers can do in collaboration to make sure that something like this doesn't happen in the future. >> dan: thanks very much. meanwhile, tonight, national transportation safety board is wrapping up the on-site investigation and in a final formal briefing the head of the ntsb gave clear indications that pilot error is likely
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the cause of this crash. lilian kim has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: major activity going on right now on the runway. workers have cut up the fuselage and a crane is lifting each piece and putting them into a container. they will eventually be transported and stored inside a hangar out of the elements. earlier today the n.t.s.b. revealed new information about the investigation in the last bay area briefing. >> n.t.s.b. chair says the team of investigators will head back to d.c. she says they have a mountain of information including investigators didn't find any mechanical problems and the pilots failed to notice their approach was dangerously low and slow until way too late. >> there is no mention of speed until about nine seconds before impacted when they are hundred feet. >> also released today new photos of the wreckage that show parts of the plane but
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also boulders before it crashed. losing the tail it did a remarkable job of holding together, particularly in the front section. firefighter described what it looked like. >> it looked like if you fluffed the pillows you could turn the plane around and go out for the next flight. >> runway has been cleared of the debris and fuselage will be moved to hangar and then restore runway 28 left which will be reopened on sunday. >> we expect hazardous materials, fluid that needs to be cleaned up in that area. >> wreckage will soon be long gone but restoration is months from being finished but they will have the final report done. >> it will be high priority for our agency and we look at getting close to or
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under that 12-month mark. >> as for reopening the runway the airport director wouldn't commit to a time but barring the unexpected, runway will reopen sometime on sunday. >> carolyn: the father of one of girls is still distraught because he hasn't been able to see the body. we have a picture of her. she is the girl on the right. the father told a chinese newspaper, i know everyone is doing this for my child but my daughter is my flesh and blood. i can't stand to let her lie in the medical examiner's freezer. they are making arrange tomorrow's pick up the body. >> a touching memorial in southern california for the two chinese students killed in the crash. ♪ ♪ >> dan: the names of the
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girls were displayed on two wreaths as a choir sang amazing grace in chinese. 35 students were headed to the west valley christian church for a summer exchange. families of the church are heartbroken. >> i was touched. i feel like i know these girls already. i always pray for them. >> dan: church members signed banners to be sent to family members in china. >> carolyn: six flight attendants of 214 are back home in south korea where they are seen as heroes. many of those flight attendants lost their composure is your when they landed. cabin manager described her conflicting emotions. >> i wanted to help so much but i am happy we are here now but my heartbreaks when i think of my colleagues
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and patients in the hospital. >> they help evacuate 300 people one included that carried a passenger on the back. stay with abc news for continuing coverage of the crash. you can get instant alerts on the crash investigation on our new "abc 7 news" smart phone app. go to to find out more. if you have original app you do need to download the new one as the old one is going away soon. >> dan: search continues for a missing little girl. her father is being squeezed tighter by police. she was reported missing by her dad and now he is facing charges and under increasing suspicion. >> we are asking people from the community. >> oakland police and coastguard launched and extensive search for daphne
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web w. the father claims she was taken while he was in this store. >> police arrested webb yesterday for possible child endangerment. he left daphne in the car with the mother who has dementia. police went door to door near the store passing out flyers hoping somebody saw something. they also searched an area the father frequented. the oakland estuary along the regional shoreline. they used a piece of equipment called robot to help the search. helicopter searched the shallow area but so far nothing has been found. the search will continue tomorrow. now, webb is being held oh child endangerment charges. bail is set at hundred thousand dollars. >> carolyn: developing news
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a information is sj police assigned to sexual assault unit is accused of a sex crime himself. seen here in a interview has been charged with two felonies after police say he became involved with a 16-year-old girl online. he is accused of possessing sexually explicit photos of the girl. >> what is especially aggravating about the case here a man who is responsible for investigating sex crimes and actually is charged with committing one. >> carolyn: we're told there is no physical evidence of the relationship with the teen -- he is how on administrative leave. >> dan: coming up next at 11:00, big ruling in san jose. why police there are angry, some threatening to quit that jobs. >> a long swim, what one man did to save his family
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stranded. >> and decision on whether a local restaurant will really let you bring home the bacon. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. preview of the morning commute. cloudy and cool, temperatures in the 50s. i'll have a look at wake-up weather
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in san jose tonight. police officers are angry and threatening to quit after an arbitrator sided with city turning down the pay raises. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> reporter: it comes down to money. two years ago these officers and all the city employees gave up 10% of their salaries. now, the cops want it back and if they don't get it, they will leave the city and head over to santa clara to find work. >> no one denies they are understaffed but now they have lost their fight for higher rages, union president expect a mass exodus of officers. >> about 70 officers resigning each year. we are still on par to make those numbers this year. i think this ruling is going to accelerate those numbers. >> homicide detective is
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ready to walk. >> it's an emotional decision. it's not about the people i work with. it comes down to is this. >> they agreed to a pay cut to help balance the budget but the city says the san jose can't afford to increase the entire department's pay by 10%. >> we have capacity to give 2% across the board and 4% retention bonus. >> city sent this email to the union asking them they come back to the bargaining table. they refuse insisting the san jose has the money and they needs to pay up. residents want to feel safe again. >> why did you become cops in the first place, if we are not going to come out and get them, i might as well grab my shotgun. >> a new wave of rekruilts
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will be on on the force by the end of the year. >> both sides of the bart contract negotiations will meet face to face tomorrow since the strike ended and based on the meeting things could get testy. meeting was packed with bart employees some cursed the members for their role in the strike. they told the board employees will be prepared for the longest strike since the 1970's. >> dan: this story from the east coast. a man in maryland spent five hours in the dark in jellyfish infested water. a thunderstorm capsized their 16 foot boat and clinging to the boat for an hour and a half, he set out for shore. >> it had to be done. i would have been on there all night.
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>> dan: five hours later, at 1:00 a.m. he staggered toward a beach and someone to call for help. by the time they were rescued the family had been holding on to the boat for more than eight hours but they survived. >> and 65-year-old san francisco man has been arrested for vandalizing trees at golden gate park. police took him into custody after officers saw him damaging trees in the park. they cited for malicious destruction of property. >> dan: crews are out in south san jose right now spraying insecticide on mosquitoes infected with the west nile virus. it's in the area bordered by monterey highway, blossom avenue and castle road. there you see it on the map where infected mosquitoes and dead crows have been found. >> after a packed house planning commission a
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decision on the bacon bacon restaurant in the haight district. the location was first to shut down after neighbors complained about the noise and strong smell of bacon. restaurant now plans to reopen shortly. >> dan: talking about bringing home the weather bacon. >> sandhya patel. >> i will bring it home for your weekend plans. live doppler hd, as you notice, overcast conditions, not just near the coast but over the bay already and heading into the napa valley. we're seeing the gray skies out there from high definition emeryville camera. interstate 80 and look back towards the west, this is what you'll be waking up tomorrow morning. santa rosa, 55 degrees. it is 57 in livermore. novato, cool 50 degrees and 59 in los gatos. from the roof camera we look down the embarcadero and it's also pretty cloudy
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here. here is a look at the forecast. widespread low clouds tonight and a little warmer as we head into the weekend so we will see some changes in our weather. tonight, clouds possibly some mist and drizzle near the coast. low clouds first thing in the morning extending low into our valleys. you may even run into damp rhode roadways due to the mist and drizzle. it's going to be a cool start. temperatures in the 50s under cloudy skies. fog out there, as well. at we head into the afternoon hours, we will start to notice some changes. this is what brought the cooling trend yesterday and today. it's an area of low pressure. this will finally started to push on out of here. we have one more day of cool conditions at the coast. a little bit on the breezy side much like today. mild inland for your friday and then we'll warm it up for high pressure builds up for the weekend. it will end would be a major heat wave.
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highs in the south bay, 77 in san jose. 76 in santa clara. 72, santa cruz. morgan hill, 81 degrees. palo alto, menlo park, 71. 68, san mateo. 74 in los altos. it's going breezy and cool side. you'll need to bundle up. daly city, 58. north bay communities, 50s and 60s coastside most other areas will be in the 70s except around ukiah and clearlake. 76 in santa rosa. heading out to the east bay, berkeley, oakland, mid-60s. low 70s for union city. inland areas is running behind for this time of year. 84 in livermore. 82 in concord and san ramon. those temperatures will be rebounding to average. low 90s inland.
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temperatures within a few degrees next week. we have another great weather resource, live doppler 7-hd for latest conditions. get video forecasts and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. we'll always keep you posted. >> thanks. >> giants baseball to talk about. >> larry beil is in with that. >> the cure, the cure, excellent pitching, madison bumgarner. to the rescue for the
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>> good evening, two depressed teams. giants lost 14 of 16 and
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visiting the padres lost 11 of the 12. two toothless cannibals trying to gum each other to death. >> he loses the handle and look at the guy wrestle away from the woman there. and madison bumgarner went 7 innings. padres took a 2-0 lead. pablo sandoval it's up and out. 2-1 game. giants tied in the fifth. and here first major league r.b.i. and here a drive. ground rule double. that stores one and posey follows with a single giants ending a four-game slide 4-2.
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a's had the day off. red sox in seattle. pride of petaluma, jonny gomes, great catch! single up the middle and scores one. red sox best record in the al, they win the game. >> warriors introduced their new player, andre iguodala. either are okay but one thing he does not like, do not call him iggy. he signed a $48 million deal with golden state. he turned down more money because he truly wanted to be a warrior. he led the nuggets in the regular season and they knocked them out in the playoffs.
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and this made an impression on andre iguodala. >> he was looking at team that was financially strapped and said i would like to come play for you. that motivated you. this is a guy, great person that wants to play for us. now, we have to go figure out how to get it done. >> defensively, i can play defense in my sleep. i'm going to try to bring it and to the game when it is most important. >> tour de france, huge pile-up. careening into each other, 20 riders but sprint to the finish and he beats him by a spoke. yellow jersey is leading. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino.
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>> huge deal for the warriors as they are perceived as a destination. >> i like how you are going with his pro nuns yiax rather and his mother's. >> iggy. >> never iggy. >> all right. coming up. an update on breaking news at sfo. >> where crews are
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year. >> a look at wake-up weather. you will definitely need an extra layer. cool start. temperatures mostly in the 50s. mike nicco will be here at 4:30 to 7:00 a.m.. >> the latest on flight 214. wreckage being cleared off the runway right now. workers lifted a huge trunk tonight. it's all going to be
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stored. >> nancy pelosi and jackie speier toured the crash site late tonight. both were stunned by the wreckage. >> the ntsb expects to have the final report of the crash of asiana airlines 214 ready in about 12 months. >> big day for the crash site. >> that is our report. >> i'm
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"jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jeff bridges. from "bravo," jeff lewis. and music from capital cities. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everyone, nice to have you on the show. thank you for watching. thank you for all coming.


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