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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 12, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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america making news in america this morning, final countdown. the case that captivated the country comes to a close. the fate of george zimmerman will soon in the hands of the jury. but not before one last pitch from the defense. we're live with the latest. removing the wreckage. new video just in of the plane that crashed in san francisco, as crews finally start to clear the runway. arsenic concerns. it's already known that apple juice contains the chemical. but now, the government is cracking down amid outcry from parents. and you will likely hear the word sharknado today. well, what is it? and why is it getting so much attention? and good friday morning,
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everybody. i'm rob nelson. john muller has the morning off. >> i'm diana perez. you happen to notice something a little different here, is we have -- not a brand-new set. but we've rearranged ourselves on this set. we have a brand-new background. and new graphics. welcome to the brand-new look. >> i appreciate that. >> all for you, rob. >> yeah. good morning, everybody. getting to the news now. defense attorneys make one last appeal to the jury this morning in the george zimmerman trial. >> and later this afternoon, they are finally expected to go behind closed doors and begin deciding zimmerman's fate. abc's preeti arla has more on this highly emotional case. >> reporter: the george zimmerman trial wrapped up today with closing arguments from the defense. it's their last chance to convince the jury of six women that zimmerman acted in self-defense when he shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin. the prosecution took an emotional approach during closing arguments yesterday. >> a teenager is dead. he is dead through no fault of
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his own. >> reporter: the prosecutor called zimmerman a wannabe cop who took the law into his own hands. he said zimmerman profiled martin as a criminal. and it's because he acted on that wrong assumption that martin is dead. >> it was raining. he was wearing a hoodie. last i heard, that's not against the law. but in this man's eyes, he was up to no good. he presumed something that was not true. >> reporter: zimmerman stared blankly in court. but the prosecutor seemed to strike a cord with one juror, who looked away as jurors were shown pictures of martin's body. >> do you believe that there's an innocent man sitting over there right now? >> reporter: the jury could convict zimmerman of either second-degree murder or a lesser charge of manslaughter. though in florida, manslaughter convictions carry tough penalties, and zimmerman could still get life in prison. the third option, the jury finds
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him not guilty. the state of florida is preparing for possible violence if zimmerman walks out of that courthouse as a free man. police are ready to react. and they've been working with local religious leaders, calling for a peaceful response. diana? >> preeti arla, thank you for that. and stay with abc for continuing coverage of the george zimmerman trial. we'll bring you the verdict live on air and online at there's breaking news from russia on efforts to return edward snowden to the u.s. several human rights groups are meeting with snowden today at the moscow airport where he's been hiding for three weeks. snowden has asked for asylum in more than 20 countries. but "the new york times" reports that the u.s. is pressuring countries in latin america not to give snowden asylum. also, investigators looking into asiana flight 214's doomed landing in san francisco, say they're making progress. but their work has only just begun. the big job of clearing the damaged tarmac is under way,
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with crews removing a huge section of the fuselage overnight. it's said to be stored in a hangar where investigators can zero in on a possible cause. so far, they say they have no evidence of mechanical or electrical failure in that plane. that means they'll be focusing more closely, now, on what the pilots did and said before and during that deadly crash. former new york governor eliot spitzer has taken another step toward a political comeback. just days after announcing plans to run for new york city comptroller, spitzer met the deadline to submit the petition signatures required to run. a prostitution scandal forced spitzer to resign in 2008. now, he's asking new yorkers to give him a second chance. egyptians are bracing for another round of possible clashes today, as supporters of their ousted president called for more protests. the muslim brotherhood wants people to rally in the streets for the reinstatement of mohamed morsi. morsi is believed to still be in the country, held up at a military compound in cairo. and it's a big day for the pakistani schoolgirl who nearly
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died after she was shot in the head by the taliban for promoting education for girls. malala yousufzai will give her first public speech this morning, taking place at the united nations. the address to a special gathering of young people actually comes on her 16th birthday. an emotional meeting last night in newtown, connecticut, as residents discuss how to divide the $11 million in donations after the sandy hook shooting. a preliminary plan would give $7 million to the victims and their families with the rest goes to the community. some residents say they don't like that. >> why isn't all of the money going to the victims? the american public gave very generously out of their hearts because they saw those people who were killed so violently, so tragically. >> i don't want to criticize anybody because this town has been overwhelmingly wonderful to all of us. so, it is what it is. it's almost over. six months later. i'm happy it's almost over.
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and we'll go on. >> under that plan, each family who lost a loved one in the shooting would get $281,000. the families of 12 surviving children who witnessed the shooting would each get $20,000. and two teachers who were injured would get $150,000 between them. investigators may have cracked one of the nation's biggest unsolved mysteries. the man long believed to be the boston strangler has apparently been linked by dna to the strangler's last victim. albert desalvo confessed to the murders that terrorized boston in the '60s. but it was inadmissible. dna testing wasn't around back then and he was never prosecuted. the family of that final victim who is 19 years old is thankful that detectives never gave up. >> i've lived with mary's memory every day. my whole life.
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and i didn't know nor did my mother know that other people were living with her memory, as well. and it's amazing to me today, to understand that people really did care about what happened to my aunt. >> in 1973, desalvo was stabbed to death in prison where he was serving a life sentence on other charges. his remains will now be exhumed to look for an exact dna match. 24 bodies have now been found in the aftermath of that canadian train derailment. investigators say they believe at least 50 people died in the accident. so, the search goes on for more remains. the u.s. owner of the runaway train has been heavily criticized for not visiting the site until four days after that accident. you may wonder just what the hubble telescope is up to out there in space. well, get this. it actually revealed the existence of a distant, deep blue planet, 63 light years from earth. this is an illustration what
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blue planet may look like. hubble actually found it back in 2005, but the telescope observations just now helped nailed down its color. though it may be a pretty color, you wouldn't want to live there. that's because daytime temperatures run about 2,000 degrees fahrenheit. that's hotter than arizona. >> i'll stick around in new york where it's about 70. >> yeah. we'll take that. thankfully it's a lot cooler here on earth. today, you can expect heavy rain, though, in the southeast. storms in the great lakes, west into the dakotas. and more monsoon-style rains over the rockies. but sunny and dry in the midsection and west. >> and across the south, more stifling hot temps into triple digits. 70s along the west and east coast. mostly typical 80s and 90s everywhere else. still ahead, your money. why it's likely to be another good day for your 401(k). >> that sounds nice. plus, arsenic concerns. new information overnight about contaminants found in apple juice. and caught on camera. taken to the ground and held for police. this morning, a good samaritan takes down a runaway thief.
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and welcome back. wall street kicks off this morning in brand-new territory after benchmark indices soared to record highs. the dow hit 15,460. the nasdaq hit its highest level in nearly 13 years. and the s&p closed at its highest level ever. the rally is fueled by federal reserve chief chair ben bernanke promising to keep the money policies in place as long as it's needed. and those historically low mortgage rates are really history. the average rate on a 30-year
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fixed rate mortgage is now at 4.51%, a two-year high and more than a full percentage point higher than just six months ago. but experts say it's good news. higher mortgage rates are actually a sign that the economy is doing better. also on the climb, gas prices, thanks to rising crude oil prices and also a drop in u.s. supplies. the price at the pump is now up 4 cents in the past week to a national average of $3.52 a gallon. and experts say it could climb another 15 cents or more over the next two weeks during the annual july peak. things aren't looking so rosy for paula deen, who is scrambling now to save her crumbling empire. she fired and replaced her legal team, after cutting ties last week with her long-time agent, who helped launch her into food network stardom. it's the latest fallout from her admission that she used racial slurs in the past. and when we come back this morning, an apology and a plea for help. why the mayor of san diego is now vowing to change. plus, a day on the water nearly turns tragic. wait until you hear what a man did to save his family after their boat capsized in the night.
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simply click, peel off the strip and attach to surfaces in your house. febreze stick & refresh, another way to breathe happy. ♪ heat wave burning in my heart ♪ got to like that song. summer is like a permanent heat wave in death valley national park, where rangers say they've had enough of would-be fry cooks trying to scramble eggs on the sidewalk. they admit when recent temperatures hit 120 and above it was tempting to try it all out. now, the rangers say they've had enough, especially since most folks breaking their yolks are not cleaning up their gooey mess. >> i think it means it's not all that hot if it's not frying. we have a few trouble spots to tell you about as you set out on your morning commute.
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roads will be wet and slippery around the gulf coast throughout florida and up into the carolinas. also, watch for possible mudslides along the mountain roads in the rockies. >> and if you're flying today, airport delays are possible in boston, new york city, philadelphia and my old home and my favorite city always, new orleans. and back to the headlines this morning. the mayor of san diego is admitting he has made some serious mistakes, saying he has disrespected the women who work for him and even intimidated them at times. >> but for now, at least, mayor bob filner is not stepping down. >> i begin today by apologizing to you. i have diminished the office to which you elected me. >> the mayor didn't detail his misdeeds. but he asked voters for their patience. accusations of sexual harassment have been swirling around him for some time now, until recently when a former councilwoman and one-time key supporter came forward. >> when i received firsthand evidence of more than one woman being sexually harassed, i could
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not not act. i believe what they have told me and they need to know that they are not alone. >> and one more blow for the beleaguered mayor. earlier this week, his fiancee announced in an e-mail that she was breaking off their engagement. >> shocker there. welcome news for many parents this morning. for the first time, the government is issuing guidelines about arsenic in apple juice that so many children drink every day. the fsa has set a limit for organic arsenic for the same level in drinking water. this move comes a year and a half since dr. oz pushed the issue into the national spotlight. and while out on a story, a kentucky news team happened to capture a good samaritan tracking down and holding a purse snatcher. brandon groh was sitting at an outside pub when he heard someone scream. that's when he took off after a purse snatcher. his actions resulted in an arrest and conviction. and a fishing trip turned into a nightmare for a family after their boat capsized in a storm off of the coast of maryland.
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john riggs was tossed into the water, along with his dad, sister, 9-year-old niece and 3-year-old nephew. he left everyone clinging to the boat to get some help. he actually swam for five hours, battling rough tides, rain, even high winds. he was so exhausted by the time he reached the shore that he couldn't even walk. so, he crawled to the nearest house. >> just not knowing what was going on with them when i was gone. it was getting nastier and blowing harder all the time. not knowing if they'd find them when we got back out there. >> he said a little prayer. and he said, my feet hit the sandy bottom. i come out. i look around the corner. and there's a man standing on my deck. and he kept saying, i just need to save my family. >> by the time they were rescued, the family had been in the jellyfish-infested water for eight hours. no one suffered significant injuries. time, now, for sports. and in his season debut, derek jeter suffers another injury. >> here's our friends with espn with all of the details.
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>> good morning. welcome to our "sportscenter" studios here in los angeles. stuart scott alongside stan verrett. >> the yankees had so many injuries this season. >> how many injuries have they had? >> they had so many injuries, they had to call derek jeter back from a rehab stint. because they've had so many injuries, they needed him to come back early. bottom first, yankees down early. jeter making his return against the royals. infield single in his first at-bat. he swung on the first pitch back. jeter left the game early. an mri on his quad to see if he can go on friday. but the yankees win in his return, 8-4, over kansas city. miguel cabrera and the tigers hosting the white sox. cabrera, facing chris sale in the fifth. miguel, boo-yah. 30th home run of the season. seven-straight seasons with at least 30 home runs. tigers up 3-1. top sixth. luke putkonen, facing alexei ramirez. first pitch goes behind him. uh-oh. ramirez is not happy. he starts taking steps toward the mound.
4:20 am
putkonen ejected. ramirez had to be restrained. jim leyland ejected. white sox would win the game, 6-3. dodgers and rockies. bottom four. dodgers up 1-0. mark ellis at the plate. that's going to drive in two. juan uribe and jerry hairston come in to score. dodgers up 3-0. yasiel puig at the plate. reaches on an infield single. but the dodgers may have a concern about him. puig left the game with an aggravated hip injury. dodgers go on to win it, 6-1. that's it from here. >> thanks, guys. coming up next, it's "the pulse." it's being called the best and worst movie of all-time. what in the world is sharknado? >> oscar buzz for that one. and a beef over pork. everyone in a big city is keeping tabs on a court case. and guess what. it is all about bacon.
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♪ have you seen the little piggies ♪ ♪ crawling in the dirt time to check "the pulse" this morning. i've never felt shorter in my entire life. we start with this. a san francisco restaurant in hog heaven after a fierce battle with neighbors. >> bacon, bacon, was shut down in may when neighbors complained to the city that the scent of the grease was constantly blowing in the wind and right into their homes and up their noses. bacon lovers protested. and thousands signed a petition to support bacon bacon. >> last night, the city ruled that bacon bacon can reopen its store. the only catch, it has to get a new ventilation system. i love the smell of bacon. >> that's a wonderful smell in the morning. wakes you up. helps you go to sleep at night. >> love that dirty swine.
4:24 am
one of scientology's famous followers have left the church. a spokesperson for leah remini says that she is parting ways with the group. >> remini had been questioning the practices of the church for years. tom cruise and john travolta are among the other church members. it's silly season for the tv networks. case in point, right here. the new disaster pic called "sharknado" which debuted on the sci-fi channel. >> it should be obvious. but this movie is about a tornado which drops great white sharks on l.a. tara reid stars along with '90210's" -- i can't say his name. take a listen. >> it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. >> we have to get inland. >> where.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning. it is 4:28. thank you for joining us. >> we have break news. an unexpected development as sfo, fire breaks out at site of the asiana flight 214 as crews work to clear it. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is in burlingame. what is happening? >> the video is something to see. quite a surprise. we were expecting to see them moving the pieces off the runway but we got a show of smoke. look at it billowing from the wreckage happening in the hour. fire crews rushed in to put out the fire. this happened as crews tried to lift the airplane wreckage and move it out of here. look at what they are dealing with. it is a mess.
4:29 am
they loaded the tail out of here. you can see pieces dripping from it. they are falling everywhere. we are waiting for a call back to hear what caught fire, if they even know they said all week this would be a significant salvage operation. they did not know what to expect. in fact, jut before they started moving the pieces, they talked about concerns. they said they didn't know if they would find hazardous materials on the runway or if pieces would break apart as they lifted him. they did not know what to specific. they had never done anything like this before. the pieces hauled away are huge but they are getting them out of here. they are saving some of them so investigators can go through them.
4:30 am
the ntsb has released pictures of all the damage. they hope to get this done by sunday and get it re-opened and the runway re-opened, a week and a day after the crash. >> congresswoman nancy pelosi and jackie speier decided to see the wreckage firsthand, photo of the tour they took, thanking the first toppeders and airport and city and paid tribute to the fire chief and the mayor and ntsb chairwoman. seeing the wreckage was jarring. >> you see how destruction there is and to think that 3202 passengers got out,, the staff and the flight is a


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