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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 12, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, good morning on this friday. >> we begin with developing news frightened moments for crew removing the wreckage of asiana flight 214 from the crash site at sfo. it brought airport firefighters rushing to the scene. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has that story from burlingame. >> look at this amazing video
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captured overnight by our photographer, huge amounts of smoke coming out of the runway and another fire on the runway within a week. firefighters rushed to the scene and it happened as crews were lifting parts of the wreckage. they got the fire out quickly. the airport duty manager has not called us to tell us what happened and has referred to us a spokesman. we are waiting for details. here is what we saw moments of budget fire, the fuselage was lifted and they put a sling around it and debris came billowing out. they expected this to be a significant salvage operation. before they got started they talked how they had no idea what would happen. >> we expect there will be a lot of hazardous materials, jet fuel, hydraulic fluid that needs to be cleaned in that area. >> officials say they hope to have this all cleared and the
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runway repaired and re-opened by sunday. they are working around the clock because they realize that the impact the closure is having on the airport, 10 percent of flights are being canceled. on the runway right now you can see it is very active out there and they are trying they save some of the pieces although it looks like it is a mess. they say investigators are still going to want to look at some of the pieces from the wreckage so they will put it in a storage unit to have it available although the ntsb has announced no mechanical problems have been found on the plane investigators still want to have all the pieces or some of the main pieces available to continue to look at it as they wrap up their investigation. >> this new animation provided to abc7 news shows how far off the boeing 777 was from a standard and safe approach coming to us from a retired
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airline captain showing the path the asiana flight 214 should have friend. you can see how far off it was when it crash landed saturday at the end of a ten-hour flight with more than 300 people on board. 123 people walked away without a scratch. >> six flight attendants of asiana flight 214 are back home in south korea this morning with the attendants considered heroes losing their composure when they landed at seoul after a draining 12-hour flight. the cabin manager described her conflicting emotions. >> i have kids at home and i wanted to come home so much. i am happy we are here but my heart breaks when i think of our colleagues and patients at the hospital. >> seven flight attendants were injured. the other five evacuated 300 people including one who carried a passenger on her back. five flight attendants are still hospitalized in the bay area. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the
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asiana flight 214 and you can get instant alerts on the crash investigation on our new abc7 news smartphone app at for all the details. if you have an original app you will need to download the new app. >> week forecast for us with mike. >> good morning, everyone, good news when you step outside, the drizzle is not there like yesterday. we still have the clouds but no wet weather. here is san jose this morning, we are looking near h.p. pavilion and it is cloudy down here. we will talk about the forecast, by none it will be sunny inland and 75 in the south bay and north bay and 787 in the east bay valley lingering around the bay from 64 to 74 and from the coast to san francisco, we will is sunny spots as you get to the bayside in san francisco and 58 to 62. now the morning commute, friday lite. that is excellence news for everyone who does have to get to work today, we have
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construction, though, if you are traveling along the eastbound direction from the bay bridge over to 880 and oakland where we have this transition, eastbound 80 to southbound 880 until noon so there are detours in place there. back to shows where we have a reported fire university avenue, the fire department arrived on the scene and it appears a homeless encampment. the fire is out. the traffic shows antioch to hercules at 30 minutes. from four to the maze along 80 is 15 minutes and 87, is seven minutes up from 85 to the san jose airport. >> thank you, developing news, oakland police are questioning the mother of the missing 21-month-old girl who is the subject of an amber alert. her father remains in custody in a case with a bizarre twist. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is at oakland police headquarters. >> several new things this morning as you mention.
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one, a source temperatures us that daphne's mom is here at oakland police headquarters being questioned by police right now. and her father, john webb is still in jail being held on $100,000 bail on a child endangerment charge. we understand he could be arraigned on the charges this afternoon. the search continues for the 21-month-old girl. he dad says she was taken while he went to a store and he left her in his car with his mother and went into a store around 11:00 on wednesday. police and the f.b.i. are passing out flyers at the store with the girl's picture hoping someone may have seen her, may have seen what happened. a marine unit with an underwater robot is searching the water near the airport which is a place where the father and daughter were known to frequent. the oakland police department are also using a helicopter. >> they will fly over the
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waterways as the tide recedes. >> the reason that police arrested john webb on child engine dairiment is the fact these left his young daughter with his mom who suffers from dementia inside a car alone at 79th and international boulevard. that is an area known to have a high crime rate. the oakland police department have scheduled a news conference for 7:00 this morning and we plan to stream that for you on our website at >> new this morning a carjacking suspect landed in the hospital after a chase through the streets of oakland ended in a car wreck. the suspect's car flipped when the chase helped at 82nd avenue after beginning a short time earlier open 73rd avenue. firefighters helped to free the suspect from the over turned vehicle and police arrested him and took him to the hospital to be treated. >> both sides of the bart
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contract negotiations will meet face to face for the first time since the strike ended based on the bart board meeting the talks could be more testy and was packed with bart employees who cursed the board members for their role in the strike. the president of the local union told the board that employees are prepared for the longest strike since the three month walk out in 1979. if they don't have a contract bart workers vowed to strike again on august 4 when an extension of the current agreement ends. >> investigators want witnesses to come forward after a marin county sheriff shot a driver during a traffic stop. the shooting took place in marin city on sunday evening. the deputy says he opened fire because the drive tried to ram him with the car. grayson remains in jail after being released from the hospital. the novato police department is overseeing the probe and detectives are looking for anyone who could have recorded video. >> san francisco police believe they found a man who has been
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vandalizing trees in golden gate park and he was cited for vandalism after damaging trees in the western end of the park. this is after recent string of people snapping off the tops of newly planted trees. investigators do not know whether he is responsible for the vandalism but the recreation and park department says he has a history of harassing gardeners who work in the park. >> san francisco police released surveillance video of a man wanted for attempted robbery on board a san francisco muni bus. the 21-year-old suspect boarded a bus at 11th and national last month and sat next to two young people, pulled out a hand gun and demand their cell phones. instead, the juveniles reported the incident to the bus driver and the suspect jumped off the bus and ran down market street. police say the man is 6' 1" and 180 pounds with a gray hoodie. >> before you head out the door you want to catch the forecast.
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>> it is more dry this only but the clouds are still out there. here is how it looks from the roof camera to the southeast, under the bay bridge to the port of oakland where it is cloudy this morning. tree pollen is moderate but low ragweed and low grass and low mold and low ozone and the u.v. index is high so keep that sunscreen handy. have it handy throughout the weekend if we are out during the afternoon because we will have clouds in the morning but we will see a lot of sunshine by noon. here is the day planner, starting off with the low-to-mid 50's so the jacket weather throughout and mid-to-upper 50's along the coast the better part of the 12 hours and 64 around the bay at noon and 72 inland with the slow clearing and around noon again and 70 is the temperature at 4:00 around the bay to 82 inland and warmer there and we will fall back into the 60's inland. through the weekend, tomorrow, low clouds, afternoon sunshine, about an hour quicker and it will be warmer, low clouds and afternoon sunshine and an hour quicker, on sunday, warmer, still, and the clouds
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re-establish their dominance over our morning weather and it is cooler on monday. enjoy. leyla gulen? >> we have on 101 northbound direction we have one lane blocked right now. we are so far seeing green conditions so we are at top speed as you make the drive from santa rosa to petaluma, toward san francisco back to san jose where we have report of debris, a pallet in the lanes at southbound 80 at 897 and another area of lots of green. the bay bridge toll plaza is wide open and quiet so far this morning. as can you see the cars are making their drive from the east bay and into san francisco. all is quiet. >> forget about back to school target is on to the black friday. isn't that thanksgiving? good grief! >> also, the premiere of the oscar movie getting a good
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review from bart. >> millions of dollars poured in after the sandy hook elementary school shooting and what is being done with the money that is making people
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this friday morning, well look at fog the runway where the wreck average flight 214 remains. you do not see the smoke but you still see some emergency vehicles and that is due to a fire that broke out a couple of hours ago or so. we have a video showing them towing the wreckage away very slowly. it is moving. >> it is more than half a year since connecticut was the largest school shooting and now
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there is a dispute over how the $11 million donated to the sandy hook elementary school fund will be distributed. some families of the victims of sandy hook elementary school met last night to talk about how the money is being handled bit board overseeing it. more than $7 million is going to the families of the 26 victims and 12 other children but this is a disagreement about the other $4 million that would go to the community. many say all the money should go to the victims, families, and survivors. >> the founder of solyndra will not face criminal charges as the investigation into the bankrupt fremont solar panel loan application nears its conclusion. our media partner reports that the c.e.o. will avoid charges even if charge are brought against other former executives. solyndra filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy two years ago after getting $528 million in federal loans. the f.b.i. launched a probe into whether company executives fully disclosed their business
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situation when a court filed for bankruptcy. we are letting people know there is more to oscar grant. >> anything that he could do, anything that we can do, to help in assist in the healing process of other bay area families, i think we all owe it to that grant family and ourselves to learn from what happened so we can move forward and prevent something like that from happening again. >>the chief says that the department has taken huge strides to change since 2009 including increasing officers' training and accountability. >> it is 5:15. christmas?
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christmas? i know, it and creeping closer for one major retailer. >> it's july. >> here is jane wing with the bloomberg business report. >> how much do you worry about loading your job, a university of phoenix survey says 60 percent of, working adults concerned and one in ten thing of it each day what of adults say it impacts the work performance and avoiding out of the box ideas and being more competitive are among the things workers report doing. big day for stocks yesterday, the s&p 500 surging to a new record high because of bernanke, indicating the fed would continue to stimulate the economy. christmas creep may have gotten more creepy target has a two day black friday sale today and tomorrow and advertising bonus black friday deals on the web site including price cuts and free shipping officers, black friday, of court, is usually the day after thanksgiving but no word from target on whether it will hold another black friday sale in november. at the new york stock exchange for bloomberg business report.
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now the weekend forecast the. >> the temperatures are going to be similar to yesterday? >> i think so, but tomorrow we could get a warming trend and it will be out of hand the i will show you what is going on. if you liked yesterday you will like today and tomorrow and sunshine will show up quicker with more warmth butting in from the or. here is live doppler 7 hd it is quiet and more dry and not so much drizzle. we have winds this afternoon and that will kick up across the bay water so west win at 15 to 23 knots from 1:00 o'clock to 9:00 and not quite so calm as it was yesterday if you are going to head out on the bay, later this afternoon, into this evening, and it is friday, could be a great idea to do that, so a little sunshine today, and this week, gray in the only but sunny in the morning, and we will be just a little bit warmer. here is how it looks from mount tamalpais, big surprise, the cloud cover and another 2,600',
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no cloud cover. today, everyone is going to be cooler than average, even livermore is four degrees cooler-than-average and san francisco at 62 at 6:00, and napa at 76 and oakland at 66 and pop out at 77 in san jose and all those are seven degrees cooler-than-average and redwood city should be 82 today. the south bay, benefit the 77 in san jose we have a lot of mid-70's headed deeper into the valley there, we will have low 80's around los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and 72 in santa cruz. redwood city, 72, and palo alto, and menlo park, 71 and a few 60's around san mateo, and we will have a temperature in daly city at 58 with partly sunny conditions. more sun on the bay side and low-to-mid 60's around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and 70 at san rafael and up in novato and north and east you will hit the upper 70's in the valleys and near 60 at the beaches and a lot of mid to upper 60's along the shore and berkeley and oakland are the
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last to see the sunshine with low-to-mid 80's for most neighborhoods in the east bay valley with walnut creek around, say, 83 degrees and pittsburg at 84, same thing at livermore. as far as the game, yes, red sox are in town a premium game and 65 is the first pitch temperature at 7:05 and down to 58 by the end of the game. the seven-day outlook shows a couple of degrees warmer both saturday and sunday and cooler on monday and warmer on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. not too wild. weather will be nice. >> traffic isn't too while at this hour, we are sitting quiet across the bay area, we have construction projects and this is no different in conquer, lasting until noon today eastbound highway 4 but so far so good and clear in the westbound direction, and we are starting to see fog building through antioch. as we take a drop down to the altamont pass, right now, look at all of that red, it is very
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busy in this area. it is all congestion, though, at 35 miles per hour is going to be the top speed but it starts to ease up and you are looking at 32 minutes to head along 580 in the westbound direction from tracy to dublin at 16 minutes and 101 coming from san rafael to san francisco is under 20 minutes. outside we go and we will look at this drive through san jose, northbound 87 beyond the julian off rap, a few extra headlights in the northbound direction. kristen and eric? >> thanks. seven things to know use start your day. [ washer and dryer sounds ]
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for the things you can't wash, freshen them with febreze. febreze eliminates odors and leaves a light, fresh scent. febreze, breathe happy.
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>> whether you are staying inside or headed out the doors breaking news at sfo as crews cleared the wreckage of the asiana flight 214 with smoke coming from the bin next to the body of the plane. we are trying to find out what caught fire with more from abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield. >> two, crews have started the slow process of moving the fuselage to a hangar at sfo. that work is happening now. it is moving slowly. workers will restore runway 28 left re-opening on sunday. the investigation into the crash is months from being finished. >> the search resumes at the oakland area for a missing daphne viola webb the subject of an amber alert.
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her father is expected in court today accused of child endangerment in the case. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo will have the latest next. >> san jose police officers mike walk east job for higher paying positions, after an arbitrator's position to reject the call for pay raises. the officers agreed to half the pay cuts. time to fill the gas tank, prices are expected to spike up to 15 cents a gallon the next few weeks and analysts blame the hike on the highest demand of the year, higher crude oil prices and unrest in egypt. >> six, june gloom in july is how it looks from mount tamalpais this morning, i will tell you how it is going to affect your weekend weather. >> seven, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are not open but the cash paying lanes are loaded up. so far, so good, it is friday lite. >> leyla gulen, 5:25 a major decision for america's cup
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challengers, the america's cup international jury has overruled the regatta director's decision to change the design rules enacted after the fatal accident. boaters have new zealand and italy opposed the proposal to modify the rudders. italy sat out last weeken's opening race and are back on the bay tomorrow against new zealand^. >> marriages can have ups and downs but so can a wedding ceremony. an unusual wedding ceremony at great america. that is the bridge or that is the bride and groom tying the knot on the roller coaster. it was hard to hear i do but the couple assured us they exchanged vows. the wedding party hit the rapids there, with the wedding party. >> they look a little worn out.
5:27 am
and that is how it is going to be. >> that is the rereception. >> the top storyies are ahead including grievances at the latest bart board meeting. >> the new agreement just reaped in oakland that could pave the way if a new waterfront baseball
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning, everyone at 5:29. >> an unexpected develop in the at sfo this morning. fire brakes out at the site of the flight of the asiana plane wreckage as crews are removing
5:30 am
it. >> i want to get straight to this video. it was an unexpected surprise at 3:30 this morning, smoke came gushing out of the wreckage. crews had to rush in. they got it out. authorities said they weren't sure what to expect. necessity got the unexpected. they were worried there would be jet fuel or other hazardous fuel under the wreckage. we saw this huge amount of smoke coming from the runway less than a week in the crash and fire that happened on saturday. now a look at the picture showing they are making progress on the runway hauling away the plane. slowly. as we watch them lift large pieces here this morning, we have seem them break apart, we have seen debris spilling out so they are dealing with quite a mess here.
5:31 am
they are trying to be careful with their salvage process because they want to save some of the pieces for investigators. they will tuck them away in a storage unit so officials can take a second, third, or fourth look at it to were what up the investigation. authorities worked through the night because they are trying on get this runway re-opened by sunday. they say 10 percent of their flights each day are getting canceled because they don't have this runway and they understand it is the busy summer season, of course, and they need to get this thing opened so although it has been eventful they are making progress for getting this runway opened by sunday. >> thanks, congresswoman pelosi and jackie speier were returning from washington, dc, and decided to see the wreckage firsthand. these are photographs of the photo they took and they wanted to thank first responders, the airport and the city paying tribute to the mayor, san
5:32 am
francisco fire chief and the ntsb chairwoman. she said seeing the wreck an was jarring. >> you can see how much destruction there is and to think that 302 passengers got out...and the staff and the flight attendants. : it is a miracle. >> pelosi wants to find out what lawmakers can do in cooperation where federal and local authorities to make sure it doesn't happen again in the future. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the asiana crash with instant alerts on our smartphone app. if you have our original news app you need to download the new one. >> a hallmark of sfo, low clouds which are here this morning. >> that means we will have delays. hopefully we will know in the
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next few minutes and i will let you know. here is a look at what is going on with live doppler 7 hd. it is quiet. this is not as much drizzle as yesterday. the clouds are not as low as yesterday. from the exploritorium camera, you can see inland 75 to 87 at east bay valley. and an the bay, sunny and 64 to 74 and partly sunny all day at the coast into san francisco at 58 to 62. leyla gulen? >> we have a report of an accident on the sunol grade traveling along season -- the sunol grade blocking a middle lane. so far, so good, with clear conditions and not seeingty delays. here is a look at the travel times headed away from tracy into dublin along westbound 580 at 32 minutes and from 680 to mission boulevard south, that is still 15 minutes and 85 coming northbound 101 to cupertino that
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is five minutes. now a look at this, your drive, through walnut creek, and you can see a few more tail lights making your commute away from highway 4 to the 24 investigation. >>:34. the oakland father whose 21-month-old daughter is the focus an amber alert was arrest build on child endangerment charge. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has the latest on the investigation. katie? >> right now, john webb is in jail and held on $100,000 bail. he faces child endangerment charges for the circumstances that led up to his daughter's disappearance. we have a new picture of john webb this morning, and this is the backing photo on this case telling police that daphne was taken from his s.u.v. after he left her inside the vehicle with his mother who suffers from dementia when we want into a store for a few minutes, one of
5:35 am
three areas that police are accepting for the little girl. yesterday they handed out flyers with her picture on it hoping someone will come forward. they are look near the oakland waterway an area near the airport. they are using a marine unit, a boat, and an underwater robot and a helicopter to search the shoreline at low tide. at the oakland police department a source says that daphne's mother is here right now being questioned by police. we also understand that the police are going to give an update at 7:00 this morning so when that happens we will try to stream that for you on our website at >> a san jose police police officer assigned to the sexual assault investigation unit is accused of sex crime himself. the 33-year-old tony fregger seen here in a 2006 abc7 news interview has been charmed with
5:36 am
two physical anies after police say he became involved with a 16-year-old girl online. for example are is accused of asking for and possessing sexually explicit photos of the girl. >> what is especially aggravating about the case is here is a man who is responsible for investigating sex crimes and actually is charged with committing a crime. >> there is no evidence of a physical relationship the tenniel. fregger is on leave. >> negotiators for bart and the unions are set to meet face to face for the first time since a five-day strike ended a week ago, with both side agreeing to extend the existing contract for a month. workers voiced griefances at the board and pushed for fair contract. one claimed that worker cut back could make trains less safe. >> the d got rid of our clerks
5:37 am
so we do clerical work. i am asked to do inspection work because they do rid of two-thirds of our inspectors. that is leaving me little time to work on the trains. >> the board listened but did not respond which prompted a threat from the president of the union and told the board if negotiations don't improve "we will be prepare for the long of the strike since the 1970's," referring to a strike that shut down bart for three months in 1979. >> the commissioner at the port of oakland have approved a little to produce the first super sized terminal and pave the way for a waterfront baseball stadium for the city. the tribune reports that the agreement ends maritime operations at howard terminal, the location near jack london square is seen as the most viable site for a new major league baseball park and a retail development. the terminal sued the board claiming they gave a sweet heart
5:38 am
deal to a competitor and allowing them to end the lease early and take over two other terminal lease and extend two leases until 2022. >> at 5:38, with 9 weekend just about here, we check out the forecast with mike nicco. >> we have cloud cover, a great start. mostly clouds and noting for, our low is six miles at half moon bay and seven at santa rosa. from the east bay hills you can see the clouds clear long enough to see mount diabolo in the distance, quite a beautiful picture. 52 to 56 and dry this morning. we will still have a few gray arounds around at noon especially the coast and across parts of san francisco and the bridge, and 56 at the coast and 72 inland so nice during lunch. by 4:00 we are 58 and partly sunny to mostly sunny and 82 inland and mid-50's at 7:00 and mid-60's around the bay and mid-70's inland so a few of us may need a coat in the evening.
5:39 am
now the next three days, today, it will take until noon for us to get sunshine and tomorrow, about 11:00, a couple of degrees warmer and sunday at 10:00, and, then, the say breeze reestablished itself and we become cooler again on monday but not too wild. now a look at the traffic. leyla gulen? >> it was friday light and then it was busy. we had the crash southbound 680 coming away from sunol believe, c.h.p. moved it to highway 84 and it sounded like at first it involved three vehicles, possibly one vehicle was involved but it overturned and resting on the wheels and we looking at top speeds with one lane currently blocked. as we take you over to the bay bridge headed along eastbound direction, between the bridge to southbound 880, the transition will be closed until noon today and a look at the mass transit, the trains are on time and muni and bart all looking good and a
5:40 am
look outside at this drive, 101, through san jose, coming up from 880, the cars making the drive to the san jose airport. eric and kristen? >> coming out on the losing en, next, the decision that left a lost san jose police officers angry, some even threatening to quit. >> how does your car stack up for safety? we will tell you why a popular
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:43 as we watch the removal of the wreckage of asiana flight 214. it is being towed from the crash site closer to the terminal passing some of the other jet ready to lobby. we are following it and amy hollyfield will have a report coming up. >> san jose police officers have lost their battle for a raise for now. a judge sided with the city officials and decided against giving the officers a restoring of the cut made to wages in 2011 when they took a cut to minimize the layoffs. the union president says expect
5:44 am
a mass exodus of officers. >> 70's resign each year and we will make the numbers this year and the ruling will accelerate the loss. >> we have the capacity in $10 million to give 2.5 percent general wage increase and 4 percent retention bonus. they asked the union to come back to the bargaining table and the union refuses insisting that san jose has the money and needs to pay up. >> the mayor lee has signed legislation clearing the way for the rebuilding of the california pacific medical center and the mayor signed the measure at a city hall ceremony yesterday and joined by several members of the board of supervisors. the new medical center is a combination of san francisco's four oldest medical institutions including st. luke's hospital with plans for the center include a bed count of almost 500, a disaster center at the new cathedral hill hospital along with an emergency room centrally located in the city. >> the new toyota has received a "poor" rating in a crash test
5:45 am
given by the institute for highway safety. the 2013 got "poor "in the front overlap test the worst worse stimulating hitting a car or tree at 40 miles per hour. it received highest rating of "good" in other crash tests. they asked the institute to exclude it from testing early this year while it made changes to improve the vehicle performance. the results for the other small s.u.v.'s were released in may. >> gas prices are expected to surge in the next couple of weeks in time for demand reaching the yearly high in the month ofup. energy analysts say rising crude and falling supplies are driving up the gas prices. it is expected to be passed on to consumers over the next couple of weeks with prices jumping up to 15 cents a gallon or more. crude oil prices have spiked $7 a barrel because of the unrest
5:46 am
in egypt. this morning, the state average for a gallon of regular is $3.99 in san francisco at $4.07 and $3.96 in oakland and san jose. we will possibly take a drive this week you need to have sun screen for the weekend. we will have strong sunshine at noon today the air is more dry with no reports of drizzle like yesterday and we will have faster winds on the bay if you are kicking off early and taking out the boat from 1:00 o'clock to 9:00 with west win at 15- to 25-knots so not so calm as year. in san francisco at 52 in portrero hills and 56 at the ferry building, coming across
5:47 am
the bridge, about 55 degrees and same in ocean beach and the temperatures are three degrees warmer than yesterday. most of us are in the 50, and we will look around and i don't see anyone not in the 50's, santa clara is 53 and pleasanton 52 and the cooler spot is petaluma and union city at 56 at walnut creek. belmont is 65. oakland, you can see sunshine this afternoon but it will take until noon to happen. it will be gray this weekend. in the morning. but sunny in the afternoon. each day we get sunshine an our quicker so each day will be warmer. from mount tamalpais this morning, looking down from 2,600 feet on the cool whip, temperatures about the same as yesterday so hope you enjoyed yesterday so today will not be different, everyone one to two degrees of where they were during the afternoon hours on thursday. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70's in the south bay to low 80's around los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy at 76 in santa
5:48 am
clara and 72 in santa cruz and sunshine there. 65 in millbrae and let to mid-70's for the let of the peninsula and half moon bay is the cool spot and 60 and low-to-mid 60's around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito 66, and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay and mid-to-upper 60's along the east bay shore in union city, fremont, around 70 and low-to-upper 80's in the east bay valleys. the seven-day forecast shows one to two degrees difference on saturday and sunday and cooler on monday and back to average on tuesday and wednesday. >> if you are coming down southbound to 80 we are hooking at heavy conditions if you are traveling along the altamont pass, and in the westbound direction 580 you are running at under 40 miles per hour and we will pick up the choser you get to highway 4, but, still, very close and 32 minute ride from tracy to dublin. the crash is slowing traffic a little bit, so this is south of
5:49 am
sunol boulevard around 84, involving a car that flipped and landed on the wheels. one lane remains blocked at this time. the nimitz, southbound 880 to southbound 238, the degrees, we have a stalled car and, actually, it is involving a fender bender on the shoulder and south of there cardboard boxes are at industrial. we want to let you know the number three train from stockton to san jose is about ten-minutes of a delay. kristen and eric? >> a man in maryland swam file years in -- five hours in the d. he took his family fishing and a thunderstorm capsized the 16' boat after clinging do the boat for an hour and a half, he decided to set out for shore. >> there was no option. it was blowing out harder all
5:50 am
the time. >> five hours later, at 1:00 o'clock a.m., riggs staggers to the beach, he had to crawl, and he got someone to crawl for help. by the time they were rescued they were holding on to the boat for eight hours but amazingly, everyone survived. >> coming up at 6:00, the offer happen this weekend that i don't get you a new tablet computer for nearly half price. next, royal baby watch with the latest guess on when the youngest royal will be born. >> bacon fans rejoice, a popular restaurant is prepared to re-open after an important decision. >> this is the fuse imagine -- the fuselage from asiana flight 214
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>> covering fremont and palo alto and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:53. we have a picture from sfo where you are look, at the fuselage from the wreckage of asiana flight 214 being moved right now. the towing has been going on for 0 minutes. they are taking it to a hangar for further investigation. ntsb officials are trying to get the runway opened by sunday. we will keep you posted of the fire that broke out among the wreckage coming up. >> it looks like bacon lovers can pig out in san francisco.
5:54 am
the san francisco planning commission sided with the bacon bacon restaurant yesterday in a battle over the location after it was forced to shut down because neighbors complained of the noise and strong smell of bacon. the commission says the restaurant can re-open when the owner installed an air filtration system. >> mike nicco is looking at the visibility with low clouds. >> two hour and 29 flight arrival delays at sfo. if you are headed to the game, the red sox are taking on the a's at 7:00 first pitch and 65 under sun, dropping down to 58 so it will be chilly by the end. showers in southern california but not record setting like yesterday when we had .04" in los angeles. we could have the showers in san diego and yosemite. 93 in yosemite. 89 in sacramento. 64 today with clouds in
5:55 am
monterey. in lake tahoe the temperatures are close to average with low 80's and mid-40's under sun from morning to afternoon and los angeles will be around 80 giving way to afternoon sunshine. leyla gulen? >> we have report of a crash in papa along highway 29 at madison street in the northbound direction with lanes blocked there. we are going to continue with our coverage of this crash southbound 680 at highway 84 and it is causing a bit more slowing in the southbound direction involving a car that flipped and landed open its heels. as we go back to the nimitz we have a report of car boxes across the lanes at southbound 880 at industrial boulevard. so far we do not have delays. right now to the bay bridge toll plaza the cash-paying lanes are looking busy from oakland to san francisco but the fast track is looking good. >> researchers at uc davis found a possible link between autism
5:56 am
and antibody found in the blood of some pregnant women. the 18 body affects brain development during pregnancy and the research shows that the antibody could account for up to 23 percent of autism cases. >> even if you are negative you could still have a child with autism a "rule in" test. we think if you have them, you will very likely have a child with autism. >> they thinks identifying the mothers with the antibody could help them realize their child has autism so families can help the child sooner. they hope doctors can develop a treatment to block the antibody from reaching unborn babies. >> the royal baby watch is hitting a frenzy this morning. in london, photographers are catched outside the hotel where -- no, not at the hotel, the hospital where princess di gave
5:57 am
birth to prince william. so that is where kate and will's baby will be delivered in mid-july. the first child, boy or girl, under new law, will be an heir to the throne and it is said that prince well is going to play polo 100 miles away this week. that sounds risky. >> or is it a ruse? >> that is what we are guessing. >> we will see. we are an hour away from learning new information on the search for a missing bay area toddler with more in oakland. >> first, breaking news from sfo still, the wreckage of asiana flight 214 catches fire. we have the late-night response from the firefighters and the video you will see only on seven. >> putting hybrids to the test. do they really get their posted mile
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> fire crews respond to for overnight after heavy smoke pours from the wreckage of asiana flight 214. here is a look at the scene right now with the fire out with a slow movement that is the fuselage, the main portion of the wreckage is being toed away by crews as work continued to re-open runway this week. thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> first up is the weather forecast. >> it is dry this morning, not so much drizzle but, still, a lot of low cloud cover. the day planner the next 12 hours is dry and mid-50's headed through 7:00 hour and in the mid-to-upper 60's under partly sunny conditions by the time we get to noon and almost total sunshine by 4:00


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