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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 12, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> smoke billowed again from asiana flight 214 at san francisco international airport as crews cut through the wreckage to move it away from the runway. >> this is a picture of the crash seen from sky 7. you can see the progress being made to clear the scene so that the airport can resume flights. >> goodgood morning, over to our news reporter at san francisco international, amy you were
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there when the crews starting arriving because of the smoke? >> that is right. here is the wreckage. it is behind me. this is the closest we have been. the ntsb has already pulled the pieces that it needs for the investigation. this is what is left. it is now out the way. but now they have to figure out what to do with it. the salvage operation turned into an emergency situation overnight when smoke started spewing from the airplane wreckage. abc7 news captured this exclusive video as crews were cutting the fuselage in half to move it. >> when we do this, it is cutting through metal and it create as lot of friction and a lot of heat. we had reports of smoke but in fire and we did have a fire crew standing by during the entire process. they were able to quickly put out that smoke. >> moments before, we saw them lit the back part of the aircraft with a sling and debris come spilling out. this and the smoke just illustrate what officials expected: the unexpected.
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>> we didn't know what to expect, if we could move it or how the wreckage would react to being lifted or if it would buckle. there are a lot of things we didn't know and a lot of things that could go wrong the. >> they managed to move the plane east runway before the sun came up and parked what was next to it next to united hangar where you can see the wreckage. officials say it will likely sit here for a week while the ail decides what to do with it. >>the ntsb has gathered all the pieces they need for the investigation so the remaining elements are the property of the airline. >> a new problem has popped up on access road. watch for a few seconds and see what happens on the airs we have seen cars continually stopping on the road, pausing here and take pictures of the wreckage. there was a police officer out here earlier trying to tell
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people to move on the you cannot stop here in the middle of the road. as far as the runway this is obviously out of the way, now, and they still have work to do out there. they are hoping, though, to get it open by sunday night. >> thank you, new this morning, san francisco's police officials say that evidence shows a fire truck did, in fact, hit one of the two girls who died in the crash. i confirmed what the chinese consulate thought the coroner had told the parents, as well, and the coroner still must determine whether ye mengyuan was hit before or after she died. was she still alive when the fire truck ran over her? she was on the ground can covered in foam that had been sprayed by fire crews. that may take two or three more weeks to determine. the fire department is cooperating with all the agencies investigating her death. >> the father of the other girl killed is in a lot of pain because he still has not been able to see his daughter's body
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because there are procedures that have not been completed. the parents of wang linjia made the journey from china to bring their daughter home. he said to the newspaper, i know everyone is doing this for my child but my daughter is my flesh and blood. how can i stand let her lie in the freezer by her lonesome? the chinese consulate is help to making arrangements with the funeral home and setting up meetings with murders. >> amid the satness many of the chinese students got a chance to sight see with a big tour bus taking the students, teachers and security to san francisco yesterday afternoon, with the pictures provided bit world journal newspaper. fisherman's wharf is a spot they visited. the girl on the left in this picture tells the paper at first, she cried and cried after the crash but now she looks forward to continuing their tour. another student told me by social media he would like to
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return to san francisco because it is so beautiful. >> congresswoman pelosi and jackie jackie speier were returning to washington, dc, and wanted to see the wreckage. they thanked the first responders, airport, and city and paid tribute to the san francisco fire chief, the mayor, and the ntsb chairwoman saying the wreckage was so jarring. >> you can see how much destruction there is and to think that 302 passengers got out...and the staff and the flight's a miracle. >> pelosi said she wanted to find out what lawmakers can do in cooperation with federal and local authorities to make sure something like this doesn't ever again happen in the future. >> look at this abc7 news simulation showing the final moments of the asiana flight
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214, with the ntsb urging for a decade that airliners should have a voice warning system to alert pilots when they are flying too low or too slowly but part of the probe into the crash has focused on the low airspeed. "usa today" reports that some in the airline industry oppose putting another noisy distraction in the cockpit. >> you can go to to find out more about a blood drive the airport is hosting on monday to help the passengers and crew injured in the crash and to help replenish the bay area blood supplies. that is all for you on use , just click on "see it on tv." you can get ininstant alert on the investigation on our new abc7 news smartphone app. if you have our original app you need to download the new app. >> more trouble this morning for boeing 787 dreamliner, fire
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crews sprayed foam on an empty ethiopia airlines dreamliner after fire break out on the plane at heathrow airport forcing all arrives and departures to stop for a short time. the dreamliner was grounded for three months because of overheating of the batteries. >> oakland police and volunteers are passing out flyers looking for a missing to the her, 21-year-old daphne viola webb, the subject of an amber alert after her father reported her taken from the vehicle two days ago. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is at the jail where the dad is in custody. katie? >> job webb is inside the jail and he could post bail any time. he has been held on $100,000 bond and held on child endangerment charges and we understand he is scheduled to make his first court appearance this afternoon. the search for his young daughter, his 21-month-old
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daphne viola webb continues. police have been passing out her picture in the neighborhood of 79th and international where webb says she was snatched from the s.u.v. on wednesday. 200 posters went out, and the area is actually expanding today. also, a marine unit, a boat, with so far capability and an underwater camera and a helicopter searched the water near the oakland airport yesterday which is a place that webb said he and his daughter would frequent. they are not going to be able to take the boat out today due to the tide. what police most need is the public, that people who saw something could be of great help. >> time is of the essence, we know that, and so as we move forward in this investigation timelines are going to be crucial. when were they last seen together? if anyone has seen them in the last 30 days if they would contact the oakland police department and missing persons'
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unit. >> he was charged because of the fact that the father left his young daughter and mother who suffers from demint too alone in a car in a high-crime area. police say that daphne viola webb's mom and other relatives have been questions and are cooperating with what is an ongoing and very active investigation into the missing little girl. >> new this morning, secretary of homeland security has resigned her post to head up the u.c. system nominated by a committee of university of california regents with the appointment to be approved by the full board of the regents. if approved she is the first woman to head the system in the 145--year history to serve as sent of homeland security for four years. happening now, both sides of the bart contract talks are meeting face to face for the first time since ending the strike.
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the meeting was in oakland at the caltran building. the bart board of directors meeting was testy yesterday. the head of the union told the board that employees are prepared for the long of the strike since the three-month walk out in 1979. bart workers are threatening to strike again august 4 when an extension of the current agreement ends if they do not have a new contract. happening today, the movie based on the fatal shooting of an unarmed bart passenger of oscar grant and shows his last 24 hours before being shot by former bart police officer. the bart chief sat down with film maker and oakland native and said the goal was not to open old wounds but to let people know that there was more to oscar grant. >> anything that he could do, anything that we can do to help and assist in that healing
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process of the bay area, for the family, i think we all owe it to the grant family and ourselves to learn what happened so we can move forward and prevent it from happening again. >> the chief says the department is a taking huge steps to change since 2009 including increasing officer training and accountability. a chair any is accepting applications from families who need help to provide school supplies for their children. between 400 and 500 lined up at the services center in san jose hoping to fill 2,100 backpacks with supplies but right now, they only have 100 backpacks so, organizeers are asking for donations of cash and supplies. >> coming up on abc7 news, closing arguments are wrapped up in the george zimmerman murder case and when the jury will begin to deliberate. >> whether you are planning a weekend road trip or driving around, get ready for more pain at the pump.
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how soon you will want to fill up to save
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>> closing arguments have wrapped up in george zimmerman trial of florida with the prosecutors saying george zimmerman lied about the shooting of trayvon martin. the defense attorney say george zimmerman shot the teen in south defense and the prosecution failed to prove george zimmerman committed second-degree murder. the jury took lunch and will get jury instructions when they come back. deliberations are expected to
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begin this afternoon. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton is cashing in, "new york times" and the "washington post" report that clinton commands a speaking fee $200,000 per event. to put that in me expectative the only political figure paid month to peek is her husband, bill clinton, who commands $200,000 for speeches, as well. as a couple they have earned $100 million since president clinton left office. >> now we will talk about the aids walk that is coming up, abc7 news is a proud sponsor of the aids washington san francisco which will be held in nine days on sunday july 21 in golden gate park. you can call to register or text to 292929. >> we will not ask mike nicco for the nine day forecast but for the weekend. >> we will focus on this weekend. how about that? on monday we will focus on next
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week and the aids walk. open up the weather window and you can see at&t park, the boys on the other side have a bay against the red sox and that forecast is ahead and warming trend this weekend. more on that ahead. >> i thank you. still ahead on abc7 news, why does five-year-old
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>> taking a look at the wreckage of asiana flight 214 with the plane being cut away and at a different place from this morning because in the past few
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hours, they have towed it to a hangar from off the runway so they can get the runway cleared up and the ntsb says they will still be doing investigations and that work could last a whole year. >> all right, turning to gas prices they are expected to surge in the next couple of weeks just in time when the demand reaches the high with rising crude and a falling supplies driving up wholesale prices that will be passed on to consumers the next couple of races jumping at least 15 cents a gallon and crude oil spiking by $7 a barrel because of egypt. the state average for a gallon of regular is $3.99 and san francisco is $4.07 and $3.69 in oakland and san jose. >> gas prices are climbing. will the temperatures climb? >> i still do not have the bill of the stretch of 100-degree days. no need to do that.
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we will warm a little bit and it will be comfortable this weekend. now, outside, i will show you a beautiful picture, just an an awesome shot, remember last week he had a bay big picture, and i will put that on facebook and tweet it, also, if you want to look at it. here is a look at the radar and satellite, live doppler 7 hd not picking up radar returns but we have clouds around the north bay and the coast. although we are clearing out at sfo we have two hour and 29 minute flight arrival delays in oakland and san jose doing okay and if you are going on the bay it will not be so calm as
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yesterday often and evening, 1:00 o'clock to 9:00 and west win at 15 to 15- to 25-knots. the satellite shows how long it is taking the clouds to dissipate through san pablo and the north bay and toward oakland and berkeley that will be stuck in the 60's because you will see the sunshine latest and this is a slow sun, again, with temperatures below average and it will be gray in the morning and sunny in the afternoon, an hour quicker each day, so we will have a slight warming trend. an area that sees sunshine all day, walnut creek, your neighbor to the south, livermore, with temperatures four degrees cooler-than-average and six in san francisco and redwood city at ten degrees cooler-than-average. we will start the numbers down in san jose, 77 there, and most of the neighbors around that and
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warmer as los gatos and gilroy could be 80 and partly cloudy at the boardwalk and 68 in san mateo and low 70's for the rest of us, and 60 is as warm as it gets at half moon bay and everyone else in the upper 50's and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-to-upper 70's in the north bay and near 60'ss at the beaches and cooler weather in berkeley and hayward and san leandro at 67, and richmond and newark and everyone else in the 70's with low-to-mid 80's in the east bay valley. and no need to air conditioning. a premium day, big crowds expected with red sox in town and 7:05 and first pitch dropping down to a cheer 68 by the end of the game with temperatures in the 50's overnight with everyone but for the east bay valley and the south bay dealing with clouds. the tahoe forecast looks inviting, with temperatures near 80 during the day and mid-40's during the morning hours with no record highs but a lot of sunshine. you can see we added a degree or
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two on saturday and sunday and pulling back a few degrees sunday and monday and the first time all summer we have had almost a very steady summer-like pattern morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. hope you enjoy it. >> we will. >> listen to this, a five-year-old girl in new jersey saved her mother's life by calling 9-1-1. the girl knew what to do when her mother started choking on a chip. she picked up the phone and called 9-1-1 but in the she was calling someone else. listen. >> daddy? daddy? mommy is choking. >> she is choking? >> yes, she can't talk right now. >> okay, can you on the front door and i will get help over to you. on the front door, i will be right there. love you, bye. >> she thought she was talking to her dad because her mom had been on the phone with him, and the mother is okay and mom is
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okay, and chloe could be in line for an award, and so might the dispatcher. >> coming up today, perfect pet today, tuscon,
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>> now friday's perfect pet. mike nicco has a couple of new friends. emily, tell us about your buddy? >> this is tuscon, up for adoption. just relaxed and a really good first pet. >> i was trying to give him the squeaky noises. is he the only one? >> he is alone. >> okay, all right, so, we are short on time but give a call and check out facebook page because i have a lot more about tucson and how he can become your perfect pet. >> he only need as couple of seconds to win our hearts
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