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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 12, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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be holed up inside the building? >> we're in the process right now of shrinking the perimeter, however, the 800 block of brannan will be closed for some time. >> we do have an edge weapon, and we have a firearm, but we don't know which was which. it appears to be a revolver. >> two dead, one injured at the hospital. anybody else hurt? >> not at this time. i'm not going to discuss anything with regard to victims until next of kin's identified. sfwrt person that was taken to the hospital was a man who was shopping? or somebody who -- >> i don't want to discuss that right now. >> and can you at least tell us, were they from san francisco, the victims? >> i do not know that. >> did they work at this place? >> i'm not going to speculate at this time. >> can you describe the edge weapon? >> i believe it was a folding knife. >> and what is happening to the suspect right now? >> the suspect's being attended
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to for his wounds at the hospital, which were superficial, i'm told. thank you. >> reporter: the chief giving us details. we'd heard moments before that they believed there were two suspects. the chief coming out and saying no, just one. apparently that is based on video from a nearby store of a person who they have in custody walking into the jewelry mart. apparently an attempted robbery. and that person came out of the jewelry mart, saw police, fired at police, then went into a mexican restaurant next door. fired more shots at police. according to the chief, the suspect ran out of ammunition, threw the gun down on the ground and surrendered to police without police having to fire a shot. we're reporting here from 7th and brannan. abc 7 news.
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if it was a knife injury or if shot. they've found both types of weapons. the person has been transported to san francisco general hospital. the police will not tell us
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what the relationship is between the victims and the man they have in custody. just that they know the man had been in that form before today if there was some sort of confirmation of that. that is the latest from here. >> all right. thank you. we're going to continue our coverage with abc 7 news reporter located at 8 and bryant. that is one block at least away from the shooting scene heather is coming to us via cell 7 technology. heather what is the latest of the -- of your location. >> we are a block north of the scene. on brannon. i'm going to step out here and push into that quite multi story building there.
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we're told by the family of witnesses in addition to conference that it happened on the ground floor or sort of like a basement level. here, traffic has been stopped, pedestrians and cars. and so, we have a couple people concerned about family members. we spoke to a couple of them. they were men whose wives work at businesses in there. and the first man said he was so upset when he got a hold of his wife using my cell phone which we loaned him. she works in a business to where it happened. a gold shop. a gold dealer called victago. his wife worked at another
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store. she described hearing multiple shots and believes at the time the owner of victago and the girl working at the counter had been shot. we've heard now from chief sur there are two female deceased victims and a third male in stable condition. not sure of the different roles at the gold business. one man's wife was okay though frightened. another man walked up waiting for his wife. she works at a diamond store, a diamond dealer called dicco a long, well established business. some people in san francisco milt be familiar with it. his wife, too, in dirco was across from where the shooting happened and she said they heard a couple shots and
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everyone, when that happened in dirco hit the floor knew those were gunshots and just by instinct got down low. his wife is all right but was shaken and frightened and couldn't get to weight get out of there. traffic being blocked. both foot traffic and vehicle traffic here a block north on 8th street at bryant. and this is what a lot of police vehicles have been driving in. earlier during a live moment we saw police officers here questioning a man who sort of emerged from behind a mercedes-benz dealership on the corner and kind of a tense moment there. we thought there was a second suspect outstanding. we heard that is out of an abundance of caution. we believe there is only one suspect. this encounter we've had live
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he was just questioned and released. so not being held as a suspect. larry, ama? >> thank you so much. the chief was saying that the perimeter is shrinking back down. 800 block is going to be shut down sometime. our news reporter sergio quintana is live at the scene tell us about where you are. >> i'm catty corner to triple a brannon. you've got to tell police officers standing outside of the door we've been seeing activity there for a half hour or so this, is a building where this happened. this is where the chief described what happened inside. from what we understand, talking to people inside of the building when this unfolded, there was a man walking into a jewelry store in, the basement of the building, the police believe that that man has been to this
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building before. there is video surveillance of some of the jewelry stores inside the basement of the building. that basically illustrates what happened. there was some gunshots. there were two women who were shot, unfortunately they're deceased. police say there is another person also wounded. the suspect ran out of the building and came up to the surface, police when arriving on scene noticed he was bloodied did you bu did not know if he was a suspect or victim, then he retreated back into triple a brannon and brandished a weapon, started firing at police officers and shortly thereafter he was taken into custody by the police. the chief tells us they dmot believe there are any further suspects they're continuing to go through. >> i think it's important to point out what we've heard there which is at this point,
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the police don't believe there is any threat to public safety. initially they thought there might be two gunmen. then, they learned and believed there was only one suspect and he gave himself up. we're operating under that premise. this is all investigative. now, chief sur did mention in addition to two dead women, that another man was shot. and is at the hospital in stable condition. as we continue we go live to abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard on the phone live. what's happening there now? >> a lot of confusion and chaos here. we're here originally at san francisco general getting an update on patients from the asiana plane crash. ambulances began arriving here quickly. this happened about 45 minutes ago. this ambulances we're told coming from the south of market area. police are confirming to us
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that two patients have been brought here and are being treated. it's believed one victim is the suspect in this case. another could be, according to a police officer i just spoke with, someone who may have been caught in a cross fire of the shooting. all of this explains the very, very heavy police presence i'm looking at right now here in the ambulance parking. i'm counting six police cars, squad kafr -- cars and daily city police just pulled up here, too. but, heavy police presence out here. police standing guard here, three ambulances are parked here. for the ambulance area, just to recap two patients being treated. one, we believe stable
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condition. we believe that could be the suspect in this case. another person who is being treated their condition remains unknown. >> and cornell you said the chief talked about the one in stable condition. you said someone else may is been caught in the cross fire somehow? >> a police officer told me there are two patients asked who was another person being traded. they said koit have been someone, could have been a civilian. so that is what we're going on right now. but again a big police presence here, they try to work out the details. >> thank you very much. chief found an etched weapon besides the resolver. >> right. but it wasn't clear we've got
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the shot this, is different from a mall setting you'd go look up at counters and you'd be greet bid a sales person. you can't just saunter in, you have to have an appointment, or you have to know someone and call ahead. when you go in, and i've been to a couple stores dirco and unique designs, owned by a friend, you go in but there is not like there is a heavy presence there. it's a pretty open setting actually. all do you is sign in, and it's kind of like a gift card, my name is, you sign n so when you walk around this building, you have an identification on. so people can see that you belong in the building. but you can't just walk up when you feel like buying gold and go in and have three entry to the building you have to go down to basement? >> well, it's unique, are rather odd actually. there is an area where you do
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have a little bit of security. there is a place you can get snacks going down stairs there are two levels but it's like entering a maze. it seems like dozens of stores specializing in gold. some specialize in diamonds. some do a mix. some do unique mixes of jewelry. but have you to know someone in order to get in there. we heard the chief say they do think those involved had been in the building before so they had a connection to someone at the establishment where we believe the shooting took place which is would explain how they got in the building in the first place. once getting down in there, it's easy to get lost.
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it's a series of twists and turns, and having been in the gift center numerous times, i can say every time goi in there, i'm like okay. go down the steps. am i going left? which way do i go? it's confusing and from the police standpoint, if you believe perhaps we have a gunman on the loose that is a dangerous area. there are many turns and blind spots. have you to go store by store by store in order to clear that kind of facility to be comforted to the point you no he there is nobody down here with a gun going to be a threat to anyone. so just wanted to give you perspective. you good down stairs at least two levels and we're told that victoga located on one of the lower suites so that would be down below, again, shooting
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takes place the gunman has to come back up and out. one or two levels again we're waiting -- operating under aassumption this was an attempted robbery of the police have not confirmed na. they have the suspect in custody we don't know if he got any gold or jewelry. roo we have our reporter on scene. thanks for joining us. what can you tell us about the situation? >> well, i happen to be two block as way from the shooting at police headquarters. we're talking to police about the plen crash investigation when i left the building there were dozens of cars flying over there. i just followed them to the scene. i got tlt police tape wasn't up yet. got as close as the taqueria.
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there was an individual on the ground. a male hurt. there were paramedic as tending to him and there were police everywhere trying to get bystander as way from the scene warning people there may be still a shooter on the loose at that time. there were people coming out of the convention center and around where zynga is located and they were making sure they cleared the scene. there are police on the roof tops. i think that was the rei building. police cordoned off the area. moved everyone back. and from then, the investigation was continuing. >> we're going show some of the video that you shot there on the scene. you mention that had you saw the person on the ground. police are saying that the person was covered in blood and initially they weren't
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sure if the person was injured. or perhaps that was the shoot yir but you saw that? >> yes it was difficult to tell who was a suspect and a victim. i saw two ambulance that's were loading up two was who. neither were flying away from the scene indicating they weren't in skin. i saw one individual on the ground. and an ochser asked me to stop shooting and move away. at that point i was taken away from that area. >> thank you very much for the time. and the video that you provided. let's go live to abc 7 news mark matthews. mark? >> the best information has
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been from chief greg sure. >> about 2:00 this afternoon officers responded to a call at 888 brannon. responding officers came on scene. and a suspect was covered in blood. officers went to engage the suspect not knowing if he was a victim or a suspect. at this point the suspect produced a weapon and fired upon the officers. he then retreated into the restaurant that is just up the block and we believe ran out of ammunition through threw the gun on the ground and surrendered. we subsequently went back into 888 brannon street.
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an old store called victoga we found two deceased females. suffering from wounds that will be determined by the medical examiner. and another male was also suffering from gunshot wounds transported to general hospital where right now, he's in stable condition. the suspect and the weapon are in kufrt we believe from video there was one suspect s.w.a.t. is clearing the building. they're finished with the glound floor, sthen will proceed through the rest. >> we heard two people were transported to san francisco general that is one male found inside of the store.
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perhaps more than one gunshot wound and the suspect himself who police say when first encountered him was covered in blood. they have not been able to describe injuries to the suspect but transported to the hospital and that accounts for what we've seen there. >> before we leave you, you covered scenes like this in the past. what is the general sense in the street now? you know when you're on the line right now, there is a level of tension what is it like on the street right now and more relaxed than it was just a half hour ago. police believe there were two suspects. that was the initial belief they're talking about the suspect in custody. more than maybe 20 minutes ago
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they believe they were two. and one person is -- it is far less presence of police in terms of we don't see the big grupg of s.w.a.t. officers down there in front of 888 brannon. and here it's beginning to break up a bit. >> thank you. >> and chief did say they're starting to chase that premt ter a little bit. we'll be cutoff sometime. >> yes this, is going to go on several hours and there is going to be a spill skbrofr traffic in that area because there are freeway access points and exists so it's going to be impacted but want to show a picture we've received now this, is a look at the corridor this, is how narrow it s on either side, you can see store fronts and
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go and it goes seemingly forever. there is gold stores on and on. you go left and right it's kind of like a spider web of stores in there. because it seems to go endlessly. >> right. you said when you first go in, you can't just walk in. you have to have a reason for being there. correct? >> right. you have to get an appointment or know someone. we have a, i believe nicole now. i'm told, nicole you're in the gift center right now. is that correct? >> i'm sitting in the lobby. >> it's not about the -- the cops making sure we're all okay. they don't want to move us get.
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>> nicole you work in the gift center? >> yes. >> what did you hear and see when that happened around 2:00? >> i didn't hear anything. i work in one of the stores that is near where the incident happened but i was walking stuff upstairs. i got a phone call from my employer saying if i was okay. i was rushed into the room i was safe. and we didn't have cops in there yetd. we weren't sure, we heard people were injured but there are a lot of thing goesing around. a lot of words flying around. >> there has got to be flying people -- frightened people i assume. >> they evacuated the floor. but where i was that is what we call manufacturing is where we do the jewelry. and so we were safe. >> so do you have any idea how many people may still be in the building besides law
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enforcement? >> um they have most of us down here. they're about they're going try to escort us out. >> are you familiar with the store? have you ever been down there? suite 147? >> can you still hear me? >> she was being escorted out. she says plea were talking to them. she went over from the store but had gone up stair tz take care of the thing. >> fortunately for her just to recap police believe there is a gunman. they may be the guy in custody skpk treated presently. >> right. that is correct. and we have been on the scene a block away.
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and so there is a bit of a deal yai. what are you seeing where you are now? >> just had a briefing here. i thought we're -- this has been a main access point. people have come in the last hour, law enforcement from the corner of the jewelry mart. we got here, maybe an hour ago or two, we've had traffic closures sounding not so important in light of a couple fatalities but just to bring you up to date. 8th street has been closed. but just in 15, half an hour they closed 8th except for this very moment now. i'm seeing a bunch of cars.
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they're coming in this way. also, bryant here is also now also closed off at 9th. and had been open to come across 9th here as we are in the commute hours, it can be useful information for viewers out there. so we're a block north. i'm going to step here and let photographer push in to the gift center which is a white multi story building then down the block, perhaps we'll be able to show you the coroner there with yellow tape. this corner where we are north has been a spot where closed it was closest some people could get worried about their
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loved ones in the center. one man arrived here not having his cell phone and not really knowing what was happening. he actually is the owner of a business inside of the jewelry mart on the ground floor. so we loaned him my cell phone. he sort of doubled over and said oh my goodness and turns out that she -- she, their interest store is on the wall close to shootings happen. she believed the owner of the store and the girl at the counter had been shot. exactly who those are, other than female, we don't know.
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and that is otherwise things have settled down quite a bit here at 8th and bryant. >> thank you. two people have died two women we're told were found dead just inside of the shop inside of the jewelry mart. >> yes two. dead a gunman in custody. we believe there was only one shooter involved in this. there may twob others it's unclear whether they were mere victims. that is the aassumption at this point opposed to them having a connection with the actual robbery we presumed took place. >> that is light. we'll have a full rye cap as we come up hereupon 4:30. if you do have to leave your television throughout the
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newscast at 5:00 and 6:00. our reporting continues on twitter.
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we continue to cover this breaking fuss in san francisco. 888 brannon where there was a
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shooting two women found dead inside of a store. >> right. a suspect in custody. we're presuming this is an attempted robbery or that went bad. do we know anything more about that? >> we don't. that is the supposition when police went out. police arrived there were three officers. they saw a man coming down the street just about a block from where i'm standing. and he was covered in blood. they ducked for cover. police did not return fire. the suspect ran out of ammunition and surrendered. police went into 888 brannon
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into the gift mart there. the chief picked it up. >> and in more 147 we found two deceased females. suffering from wounds that will be determined by the medical skmer. -- customer. -- examiner. this time, and another male was with gunshot wounds transported to general hospital. right now he's in stable condition. the suspect and weapon under custody. we believe from video there was a suspect we believe that is the person we have in custody. >> that person taken to general hospital. sf general along with and who was wounded with a gunshot found inside of the store well. don't know the relationship between the people who were killed and the
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person wounded and the person apparently did the shooting. we're waiting for confirmation about whether or not waits a robbery. that was the supposition made by police. >> police say they recovered some sort of edged weapon. our live team coverage continues. are you still a block away from the scene. >> yes. we're at 8th and bryant a block north. and a block west of the police department. which is part of the reason officers got there so quickly. i'm going to step out and down on this block you can see the police activity, emergency vehicles. and unmarked police cars that
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came and parked and continued to arrive to pour in as we, after we arrived around 2:30 or so. this area here has been a point where people concerned about people in the gift mart their loved ones came as close as they can get with police tape. and thaift in one case a man called his wife. another case there is a man had spoken to her but in that case the man waiting for his wife explained she works at the diamond dealer, diamond business which is well established happens to be where i picked out my engagement
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stone stochblt his wife who works there said that she is, or durco is across from are where the robbery or what, the shooting happened. and that everyone immediately dropped to the floor. and that there is no hesitation in hitting the dirt there. and that she was very shaken and very frightened and he was concerned though she was not in immediate danger to go through something like that. so he was hoping she'd be able to come out. he since left. so we're not sure whether she's been released or not. police have to be meticulous
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about getting witness accounts they can and hold people back before they let them go. so one change that did happen here they closed streets around this area. it could be a little bit of a headache for commuters. back to you. >> before you go here, we saw while you're talking police escorted a man toward the scene. and down the street. you can see a group of people waiting for those still inside. 888 brannan. we had an employee from the gift center on the phone with
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us. she said they're waiting to be question bid police. do you have a sense of what the time line might be? interest tl is a lot of employees down there this, is going take time to be processed and i'm up yum i'm assuming police goring to want to get statement autos we're back with officers responsible for traffic control and keeping people out of the danger zone or crime scene. evidence zone and they don't have that kind of information that you're asking for. soy won't know how to answer question other than just it women take the time it take autos yes. serge joe at 8th and brannan. >> let me show you the building we've been talking about all afternoon from that building. it's for a lot of the tenants
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inside we're escorted out. let me show you larry asked about a lot of the tenants inside. that clump of people there are people just been interviewed by the police. they're right now waiting for information. i just had conversation was people inside. they described to me a chaotic scene. they leshed what is going on inside sm. say they did hear gunshots then heard police officers coming in, then, safely one of the more interesting thing that's one tenant inside described to me is that this is a wholesale building. people have to have a reason for going to the wholesaler
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inside. he says it's likely he happens to know the two people who were shot. and who are unfortunately killed. and also that, third person also injured. people here have had businesses for 20, 25 years. so while there are a lot of people who have their stores inside, this is an established building. so he says it's a good chance he knows people that are victims in the shooting. they're waiting to hear about who they are. that is one of the thicks that is very somber going on. did not want to describe what is going on. i think they're in shock. >> that is very understandable. >> seshlgo mentioned that this
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area were the gift mart is established. viktoga founded in 2009. so a relatively new store with sales ranging up to a million dlarks i believe annually is the guess here specializing in jewelry, watches and precious stones and precious metals. there is an aassumption of an attempted robbery. >> we don't know why this happened. and reporting continues on twitter, follow us on abc 7 news bay area, stay with u
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welcome back. doctor as nouns aid third victim from the crash at sfo died. she was a young girl in critical condition. the girl died from her injuries this morning. her family asked officials not to release her name or is a what injuries she had and treated of 67 crash victims two adults remain in critical condition. >> san francisco police chief confirmed one of the two asiana airlines passengers was
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run over by a fire truck. you can see a yellow fire engine dousing the fuj lauj. >> the fire truck continued to battle flames aboard fuselage. the victim passenger was discovered in the tire tracks of the fire truck autos what we're looking is whether injuries were as a result of the airline crash or a secondary incident. >> the coroner says his investigation into how the 16-year-old was killed should be completed by next week. >> the wreckage of the plane moved off the runway overnight. you can see the plane with the wings still intact but no tail. the wreckage is slowly being towed to a hangar where officials can continue their investigation. >> there was a lot of smoke as wreckage of the plane was being removed from the tarmac
4:47 pm
today. >> yes. abc 7 news has more on what happened early this morning at the airport. >> the salvage operation turned into an emergency situation. smoke started to spew out of the airplane. abc 7 news captured this exclusive video. crews were cutting the fuselage in half so they can move it. >> we do this, it's cutting through metal. creates a lot of friction and heat. we had reports of smoke but no fire and we did have a fire crew standing by during the process. and they were able to pult out smoke. >> debris comes spilling out. this and the smoke just el straits what officials have expected the unexpected we didn't know if we're going to be able to move it. we didn't know how wreckage would react, if it would buckle so there are things we didn't know z could have gone wrong. >> they did manage the move
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the plane off the runway. they parked what is left of it next to the united air lines hangar next to north access road. you can get a close look at the wreckage. police say it will sit here while airline decides what to do with it. >> national transportation safety board gathered pieces they need for the investigation so. remaining elements are the property of the airline. >> a new problem popped up here on access here. people stopping in the street to take pictures of the wreckage. a police officer has been out here trying to tell people to move on. they cannot stop here. as for the run wair this is now out of the way. but officials say they have some work to do out on the runway. they hope to get it opened by sunday night. >> and do stay with us for continuing coverage of the asiana crash chblgt you can get alerts on the investigation on our new abc 7
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smart phone app. if you have our original app you'll need to down load the new one. >> coming up we'll take a look at the forecast and then, on abc 7 news at 5:00 latest on dublg shot shooting in san francisco. two dead and a gunman is in custody after a shooting at the gift center
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heading into the weekend it's time to check on the forecast. >> low clouds near the coast. sunny skies across the bay area. a live view from mount tam right now. you can see over the bay area warmer tomorrow and cooler and breezier through next week. a surge of low clouds across the bay and locally inland overnight. and then, tomorrow, it will resume the forecast 5:00 in the morning clouds burning back from the coast and away from the coastline in spots. 70s to 80s around the bay. pin anyone slarks 72 in san
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mateo. breezy on the coast. but mild with highs into low 60s there. downtown san francisco a high of 66 tomorrow. breezy near the coast. on the east bay look for highs into 70s, the inland east bay will have highs into upper 80s to about 90s in antioch. here is the accu-weather forecast. breezy and cooler weather on monday and tuesday, and then, getting warmer towards the end of the week. thank you. >> okay. >> i want to give you a look at the scene scene. it's gridlock downtown near 888 brannan. site of a double shooting. two people killed today outside of the jewelry mart. it's going to be very slow going for everybody trying to get on to 101 to try to get
4:54 pm
home. our coverage continues and you can follow us here on abc 7 news, on the air as well as on twitter.
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here is tonight's prime time line up. at 8:00 it's shark tank what would you do comes on at 9:00 then 2020 at 10:00. then join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. the pakistani school girl shot in the head by the taliban celebrated her 16th birthday addressing the united nations today. she has made a remarkable recovery after being shot last year in pakistan, targeted for prochl yoting education of girls today urging the world to give every child an education. >> let us speak up on books they are the most powerful weapons one child, one teacher.
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one book. one pen can change the world. >> it's an amazing young lady. 500 youth leaders attended the assembly to hear her speak. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> larry thank you. breaking news out san francisco gift center. a gunman killed two women. we'll have live team coverage on the suspect now in custody. >> we're learning of another life lost as the result of an asiana plane crash just as flights could be getting back on track. >> temperatures trending higher for the weekend. i'll have the numbers coming up. >> s.w.a.t. team is on the scene of the san francisco gift senter and jewelry mart going door to door making sure there are no suspects inside
4:59 pm
after a deadly shooting killed two women. good evening, i'm ama daetz. >> streets around the crime scene are still blocked off while police finish their search. this tragedy began this morning and sky 7 over the scene. a search is underway and police interviewing witnesses right now. we have team coverage. mark let's begin with you we're here where the best information we have received so far comes from a couple people. chief of police and ken lamb who owns may's jewelry inside where the shootings took place. we're going to hear from them. >> we believe from video there was one suspect. we believe that is the person we have in custody.
5:00 pm
out of caution, s.w.a.t. is clearing the building. >> then, we go. just went inside of the store to clean it up. put jewelry away. then, that is it. a lot of police cars coming in. and had to stay inside. >> ken lamb says he saw a woman on the floor in her shop just as he was being evacuated out of the building. police arrived three officers were responding to a call. they're on the north side of brannan street walking up towards the gift mart they saw a man covered in blood. police say they walked up to that person who pulled a resolver. police ducked for cover. the man ran inside of a mexican restaurant.


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