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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 13, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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spain, as often happens during the running of the bulls many people were gored. but it was an american who seemingly got the worst of it. folks call this fun? not for me. well, thanks for watching abc news, tune into "good morning america" tomorrow, and as alw s always, we're on line at abc news. good night america.
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live from the kgo broadcast center. >> attack at the san francisco jewelry mart, these people brought out of the building after two women are dead approximate and a man is hospitalized, the suspect in suspect. good evening, the attack happened at 8th and brannan, we are live and let's go through what happened? >> reporter: tonight, we are learning more about those three victims you just mentioned, 2 of the victims that we are learning from merchants were employees at a jewelry wholesaler and the man who was injured was the owner of
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that store. this is video of one of the victims inside the gift center and jewelry mart being carted to a ambulance. this man was feet from where it happened. >> i was working inside and i heard bullets, two, three, four shots and i look outside and i see people running. >> in this picture taken inside th where where the crime unfolded you see the police down the hall. >> a gold store, we found two deceased females. one was shot to death, the other stabbed to death, the man that was rushed to the hospital was shot and stabbed. the attacker managed to get out of the building. >> the suspect was walking on the north side of the street, covered in blood. the officers went to engage the suspect, not knowing if that
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person was a victim or a suspect. the suspect surrendered in a nearby mexican restaurant because he ran out of ammunition. the swat team went through the building and merchants were escorted out, and one tells us he saw a victim. >> when i evacuate, i went to the hallway through the emergency. emergency. then i saw the woman laying on the floor. >> many of the tenants of the jewelry mart said they are shocked this happened, because security is very picky and you have to have a special pass to get in. >> and right now, streetbrannat between eighth and he seventh street is shut down as is the entire jewelry mart. that means that the dozens of merchants will not be able to get in until early tomorrow
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morning. reporting live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. new at 11:00, the marry of a missing 21 month old girl, talks to abc seven news as he is release friday jail. we are live at the jail in dublin and allen, you questioned him extensively? >> reporter: yeah, he answered most of my questions but there were some that he could not or would not answer and that is police are not police are not convinced that his daughter was abducted, tonight, they dropped the charges and let him out of jail. >> my daughter is missing. and i have to live with that. even though i'm out of jail, i'm still not free. >> reporter: when 49-year-old anthony webb walked out of the neighborhood market wednesday, he said that his 2-year-old daughter was gone from the suv and his mother's purse was
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stolen. police cannot find anyone that saw webb with his daughter that day or in the previous weeks. >> who saw me? i don't know who saw me, to tell you the truth. like i said, i'm a home body. faf any is at home, my mom is at home, i talk to my wife every day where she is at. and she hears her in the background playing. >> his wife has been in a drug rehab program for three months and has not seen the child in two weeks. >> reporter: did you see your wife endanger your baby? >> i don't want to say that. i'm already sad, no, i don't want to, you know, and i know her mother loves her. she gave birth to her. >> reporter: webb said is his wife was living on the streets with the baby. he admits there was a restraining order on his wife and daphne is missing part of her ear, which was part of the cps investigation. >> reporter: can you tell us how she lost that part of the ear?
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>> i'm not doing that on national tv. >> reporter: why? >> i'm not doing that. i just want my baby home. >>said will go home and prepare to go out and find his daughter. abc 7 news. >> a third young woman has died from injuries suffered in the asiana airlines crash at sfo, we have learned that the victim is a 17-year-old girl, a chinese national. chinese media reports that she was unconscious at the hospital since saturday's crash. >> today, we are sad to announce that one of the victims of the plane crash expired this morning. she died of her injuries. it is a pediatric patient that has been in the icu since the time of the crash. >> 14 people from the crash remain in bay area tals. 6 at sf general and two at california pacific medical center and one each stamford
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saint mary's and saint francis. the 16-year-old was run over by a fire truck, and may have been killed in the crash before the truck arrived. ye was struck at least once, and she was covered by firefighting foam when it happened. and no one saw her. planes are running again on the runway. this evening the airport reopened the runway where the flight 214 crash landed. we are live at sfo tonight, cornell? >> reporter: it's been a difficult week, but things are returning to normal here at sfo, a big relief for travelers tonight, there are fewer flight delays now that a run way is back open aheadschedule. planes are landing side-by-side again on the both parallel runways at sfo, right and
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2-8 left. we were here when it returned to full operation just after 5:00 p.m., almost two days ahead of schedule. in the past 24 hours, crews picked up debris, repainted run way lines and repaved a lot of asphalt. >> the deepest were eight inches deep, one foot by one foot. there were scrapes that were over 100 feet long. >> reporter: moving the wreckage by crane began early. and scraping caused smoke. hours later the plane was on its way the to a remote section of the airport for storage and now its hidden from view. >> i was worried about my mom seeing the crash site. you know, it's my mom getting on in age. >> reporter: this woman and their family are traveling and
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expected delays she was surprised to see an on time depa departure. >> it means that all the runways are now save. >> reporter: stephen weiss is putting his daughter on a flight to germany. >> there was not a long line. it was not crowded at the gates. so, it hob fairly easy. >> visiting my family that is over there. >> reporter: in fact, we found few flight delays after a long week of cancellations and delays after the crash. at sfo, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> the consulate said that dozens of students that were here since saturday's crash have now left the bay area. they have posted this photo to the website, showing the s beijing this afternoon.rding others boarded a shuttle bus to continue their tour of the united states. you can keep on top of any
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breaking developments in the crash on twitter, or the new abc 7 news smartphone app that will allow you to watch news casts on the go and watch live breaking news as it happens. new details tonight on the poisoned meatballs that were deliberately left to kill dogs. we have learned that one of the dogs did die. a test showed that it had enough stricknine to kill a human. up next on abc 7 news at 11:00, the b.a.r.t. talks and how they are going. and artemis getting ready to sail. his plan for the america's cup,
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following the death of a teammate. the heated debate over abortion has just ended in texas. the late night vote next. >> only patches of fog as you can see from the east bay hills camera, temperatures right now in the 50s and 60s with the
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>> labor and management of b.a.r.t. will be back at the bargaining table on monday, after day of negotiations, today marked the first time the sides
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have met face to face since last thursday when the strike ended. slight progress was made on the safety of employees, the sides are far apart on benefits and payments. if an agreement is not reached the employees may go on strike again august 4th. artemis racing hopes to get back in the water next week. artemis has been out of commission since the boat capsized during training on may 9th. crew member, andrew simpson was killed. the america cup issued rule changes, but an international jury ruled that two changes will not be enacted and that involved the rutters that helps to stabilize the boats. artemis is being tested to see if it can handle the choppy waves. we were told in the first interview since yesterday's decision, that artemis is staying in the race and gaining strength from each step of the
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rebuilding process. >> every day that we achieve another thing like finishing the building of the boat and now we are going to accomplish the structural tests and then we will put the boat in the water, every one of these are wins for us from where we came from. it's been a steep hill, but artemis is not about dropping our or quitting. it's not in our dna. >> tomorrow races for the louis vuitton cup will begin. >> jurors in florida will reconvene tomorrow morning to resume deliberations in the george zimmerman case, the six-woman panel was given the case earlier today after lawyers wrapped up closing argumentme argumentments. zimmerman is claiming self defense and the prosecution is claiming that zimmerman shot martin because he wanted to.
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texas passed sweeping changes to the abortion law. wendy davis filibustered for ten hours, and lawmakers were called back to a special session, democrats say the legislation is not constitutional, and it will ban abortions after 20 weeks, limit where and when women can take abortion enducing pills and shut down half of the abortion clinics. the white house would not offer details of the russian conversation on snowden. this is cell phone video of the meeting. kn snowden said he would stop releasing secrets in russia would help him to gain asylum in south america.
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the head of homeland security stepped down from her post today, after being nominated as president of the uc system, her management and political experience make her an ideal candidate, but critics said she has no experience in higher they will education. they will consider the nomination next week. all right, as we go into this weekend, it's time to check in on the weather. >> it's going to be a little bit warmer this up coming weekend, so if you have been tired of the cooling trend that we saw the last couple of days, it's over. we are going up.iving aradar gi of why we are seeing the temperatures rise, check out the fog, it's really just in patches, and limited to the coast tonight. so that marine layer that was deep this morning has pretty much vanished, we only have a few patches as we look towards the transamerica pyramid. still mild around mountain view, san jose and half moon bay has
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dropped to 48 degrees. great visibility as you look back towards the west. patchy fog at the coast tonight, a little bit warmer this weekend and it will be cooler and breezy early next week. so, here is a look at the forecast, tonight, we will see the patches of fog. expanding a little bit. so, by morning, locally inland and not really making the same kind of advance as we saw last night. temperatures first thing in the morning, upper 40s in half moon bay, santa in thecruz, most in 50s. a cool start and you will need to bundle up if you have early morning plans. watch the fog, it's once again, very limited in coverage. it pulls away quickly and the sun is out, temperatures will get up into the low 90s inland, and low 60s coast, could he see lingering patches of fog into the afternoon, but most areas will enjoy a nice sunny saturday afternoon. south bay temperatures, 84 in morgan hill, and 84 los gatos,
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these numbers, 81 in san jose, on the peninsula, 75, and palo alto 76. you will see breezy conditions line. that will keep the temperatures s. the lows. 66 in san francisco, 62 in the sunset district. and as you look at the north bay communities, you will rise back up to normal. the last couple of days have been five to 10 degrees below normal. getting you up to 80 in santa rosa. and mid 90s in clear lake. east bay communities, oakland 72, newark 75, and union city 76. and in the inland spots, 85 in san ramon and low 90s for antioch and brentwood. as you look at the seven-day forecast we will be in the summer-time range. monday and tuesday, an area of low pressure will get closer to
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the coast line, deepening the marine layer and kicking up the sea breeze, the temperatures coming down to the mid 80s and to rise again as high pressure builds in. really the big tore here is no extremes, we are talking just minor ups and downs. >> okay, sandy, thank you so much. sports director larry is here. and hopefully this is the giants really turning it around. >> i love your optimism. heading into the all-star break that is exactly what is likely the occur. if the could play giants could padres every night, life would be good. posey, best rbi night of the season as the
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>> evening everyone, this weekend is a great measuring stick nor the oakland a's, they have hosting the team with the best record in the american league, tonight it was a battle of first place clubs. the umpire got drilled in the head with a pitch and had to leave the game. second inning, runners at second and third for holt, left off to left off of parker. napoli and nava score. so it's 2-0 boston, quickly. now the a's cut it to 2-1 in the fifth. donaldson, lined shot, and pedroia robs him. the dive to start the inning ending double play. tying run in he in the sixth. lowry, 2-2 game. parker after that slow start retired 16 in a row. goes 7 innings and the sox take advantage of the a's bullpen,
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it's pedroia here in the eighth. a 2-run single off of ryan cook, that turns out to be the game winner. 4-2 sox the final. with 47,000 plus in the house. tim timmons wishing to be invisible, get me out of here. preventing crawford from catching the ball and calls it foul when it was fair. did everything wrong there. sandoval breaks a tie, and his bat is starting to heat up. speaking of heating up, giants score three more in the sixth. posey brings home two more to make it 5-1. and the padres load the bases with nobody out, the giants would erupt for five more in the seventh, as i said, if only they could play the padres every night. posey caps off the inning with a two-run double. a season best five runs batted in this evening as the giants cruise to victory by a final of
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10-1. i tell you what the warriors have done with the off-season roster, this off-season, it's a phenomenal, shedding bad contracts and today they introduce the new power forward, maurice spates, 6'10", physical players has touch. basically he will play the landry role following landry's move to sacramento. spates, averaged ten points and five rebounds, split time with the cavs and the grizzlies and does he like what he sees in golden state. >> that is what you dream for when you are in the league. a great city like this and a great organization and great coaching and great court of guys is always a great fit. >> finally, congratulations to a young golfer. 10-year-old lucy li was the youngest player to qualify for the u.s. amateur. she shot a 5 over 75 innd.
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thoakland. the usga event is august 5th. not even a teenager, 10 years old and so talented. the future is bright. she is amazing. >> remarkable and belle get to watch her for -- and we will get to watch her for years to come. >> thank you. from
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>> here is a look at the wake up weather. patchy fog near the coast, clear inland, light winds, temperatures to the upper 40s and 50s. >> thank you, a bay area native
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movie may be a cult classic thanks to twitter. the director of the scyfy network's shark-nado, his movie last night created a huge social media buzz, it had 387,000 comments on the website and twitter averaged 5,000 tweets per minute during the movie's run. he thinks it was a hit because it's not dark, it's fun. i can't wait to see it. thank you for joining us, abc 7 news continues online, on
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announcer: today on "katie" -- the cast of "grown ups 2," behind the scenes of this summer's most hysterical comedy. jay: were you all wearing
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thongs? >> yes. >> i don't jiggle like that. announcer: then, salma hayek reveals all. jay: you actually got kicked out of school? announcer: and a major shaq attack. but it's not over yet. katie's got some huge surprises for our stars. >> there he is! jay: please welcome -- [cheers and applause] >> yeah. announcer: from studio 1 in new ork, it's "katie." cheers and applause] rp i-! put. i-uh comm put guys, so much for coming. have a see. are you all ready to have some fun today? good, because i'm so excited. we have a show full of surprise asks we're ready to act like kids again because the cast of grown-up is here. [applause]


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