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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 13, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, six women, one defendant. the all-female jury in the george zimmerman case, now entering day two of deliberations. why a verdict could come quickly, as police warn the community to keep calm. buried alive. a young boy swallowed up by a sinkhole on the beach. and the frantic effort to pull him back to safety. even his rescuers say they've never seen anything like it. shark attack. a woman teaching a little girl how to surf, ends up in the jaws of a shark. how she protected the child and the remarkable thing she's saying now about whether she'll ever get back in the water. and wienies on wheels. a half-dozen oscar
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wienermobiles on a cross-country road rally. they're outside our studios this morning. good morning. we'll get to that breaking wiener mobile news. paula faris is here this morning. >> i'm back because -- >> miss bianna golodryga is over in london. i think we can see her. >> good morning, america, from a very anxious london, where i have to admit we're all in labor watch, now, in anticipation of this royal baby. a future king or queen. you know, it must be surreal for the entire world to be on royal baby watch like we are here right now. contraction watch. but coming up in the show, i'm going to give you the tick tock of the events that will transpire when kate checks into
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the hospital. and when she delivers. a very traditional, regal set of events. something this country hasn't seen in nearly 30 years. >> an extraordinary set of events. i think that name, contraction watch. i can see the graphics package already. bianna, we'll get back to you in a moment, with more on the baby watch coming up. we begin with the six women, five of them mothers, who are reentering the jury room this morning to decide the fate of this man, george zimmerman. >> it's a case that transfixed and divided america. abc's matt gutman is in sanford, florida. >> reporter: good morning, paula. good morning, dan. that is a heavy burden they bear. and the six jurors are expected back here this morning. they're probably going to take up a room on the other side of that courthouse. for the past two weeks they've been listening, prohibited from talking about the case, even that each other. now, it's their turn to talk. they spent about 3 1/2 hours
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deliberating yesterday. and judging by the first act as a jury, they are taking this responsibility very seriously. it was the first decision as a jury. >> it's in the form of a request from the jury. is there an inventory list of the evidence by number and description? >> reporter: the controversial case put in their hands, after attorneys for both sides made their last pitch. >> i'm asking you to use your common sense. >> reporter: an appeal from prosecutor john guy, for the six jurors, five of them mothers, to think with their hearts. >> who is responsible for the state, not being able to ask trayvon martin to come forward. and put my hand on his shoulder. i wish i could do that. >> reporter: insisting that zimmerman's claim of self-defense is a lie. and saying his responsibility began when he followed trayvon martin. >> this case is not about standing your ground. it's about staying in your car. >> reporter: zimmerman's lead
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defense attorney, mark o'mara, also employed theater. even halling out this block of cement, saying that he had to shoot in self-defense, to keep his head from being beat into the sidewalk. >> that is not an unarmed teenager. >> reporter: tension overnight mounting with the jury recessing until morning, delaying the verdict. at times, it seemed almost too much for trayvon martin's parents, now determined to see it through. >> they started this journey over 17 months ago. just asking for simple justice so his death won't be in vain. >> reporter: now, everyone here is waiting anxiously. i'm told zimmerman is huddling with his family. trayvon martin's parents also very anxious. but throughout, they've been urging everyone to stay calm. i spoke with the chief of police. he said he does not expect any kind of unrest. still, he's canceled all vacations, all furloughs. it's all hands on deck with his
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police force. >> nervous hours in florida. matt gutman, thank you. for more on all of this, let's bring in abc's chief legal affairs anchor and "nightline" anchor. these jurors have three options. second-degree murder, manslaughter or not guilty. in your view, which of the options are most likely to choose? >> if these jurors follow the letter of the law, and jurors in high-profile cases tend to follow the letter of the law, i think they'll find him not guilty. what does it mean? it means they won't be able to find beyond a reasonable doubt that it wasn't self-defense at the moment that this happened. and people talk about the elements needed for second-degree murder and manslaughter. those are all true. but the most important legal issue for these jurors is have the prosecutors overcome proving beyond a reasonable doubt that it was not self-defense in that moment? and i think that most people who have been watching this case, most lawyers in particular, think that's a tough, tough burden for the prosecution. >> you think it's possible we could see a verdict as soon as today. why so quickly?
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>> because it hasn't been that long a case. this is not a case about whodunit. we know who did it. george zimmerman shot trayvon martin. the question is how and why? and i think when jurors are determining that issue, if there's not a divide, if there's not a split, if there's not one person who is separated from the rest of the jury, i don't think there's any reason why we couldn't have a verdict late today. >> it's possible this will be a big day in florida. dan abrams, thank you very much. we'll come back to you as the story develops. paula, back to you. >> thanks, dan. now, to the dramatic rescue. a 6-year-old boy swallowed up by a sinkhole on the beach. he was trapped inside for more than 3 hours under 11 feet of sand, while rescuers tried frantically to find him. rob nelson is here with the story. >> reporter: incredible story here. good morning, guys. that little boy is lucky to be alive after a peaceful family trip to an indiana park turned into an hour's long rescue mission. the 6-year-old nearly buried
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under a building's worth of sand. overnight, a race against time as crews work to rescue a 6-year-old boy who was trapped under 11 feet of crushing sand when a massive sand dune swallowed him up. >> we honestly don't know what happened. this is unprecedented. we never had anything like this. >> reporter: it all took place at the mt. baldy sand dun, at indiana dune lake shore park. the dune is the park's tallest, standing at 124 feet along lake michigan, equivalent to a 12-story building. his parents were nearby. >> they didn't actually see the initial collapse. but when they got to him, they could actually see him for a little bit, tried to dig him out. and that's when the total collapse as they described it happened. >> reporter: after 3 1/2 hours, workers lifted the young boy to safety, using heavy machinery and shovels.
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this morning, officials say the 6-year-old is lucky to be alive, after being rushed by helicopter to the university of chicago children's hospital. >> condition at this point is unknown. and we're just waiting and holding our breath. >> reporter: officials tell abc news the boy, who is from illinois, may have been saved by an air pocket deep inside that sinkhole, created by an old tree. the youngster is being treated for sand that he may have ingested that in his lungs. but lucky to be alive. >> we're pulling for him this morning. rob nelson, thank you. let's get over to rob claiborne, for a look at the stories overnight. >> hey, dan. and my office neighbor. i'm not around and you're not around. good morning. the texas senate passed one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. the bill gained national attention when a filibuster block the republicans' original
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attempts to pass it. rick perry, who supported the bill is expected to sign it into law. a third passenger onboard that asiana airlines flight that crashed at san francisco airport has died. the girl had been in critical condition since the crash last saturday. also, san francisco police department officials are confirms that another victim, a 16-year-old girl, was run over by a fire truck rushing to the scene. but investigators say they don't know yet if she initially survived that plane crash. and more problems for boeing 787 dreamliner. empty ethiopia airlines plane caught fire on friday. that cause is under investigation. the dreamliner was grounded earlier this year you may remember over concerns of overheating batteries that caused fires. and new information about a rain derailment near paris that killed six people. a faulty connector on a rail switch caused the packed train to jump into a station on friday.
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almost 200 people were injured, 9 of them critically. and remember that brave pakistani teen who was targeted by the taliban. she celebrated her 16th birthday with an emotional speech at the united nations on friday. malala yousufzai was shot last year, for promoting education for girls in her country. she spoke to youth leaders from around the world. >> the taliban shot me on the left side of my forehead. they shot my face, too. they thought that the bullet would silence us. but they failed. >> very brave girl. malala said that girls and schools in pakistan are still being targeted by the taliban because she says, the taliban is afraid of the power of educated women. and of course, it is july. that means, as always, it's time for the annual running of the bulls in pamplona, spain. in today's run, one person was seriously injured in a stampede
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by people racing ahead of the bu bulls. and on friday, three people, including one american were gored by bulls. they all survived. the tradition was made famous in the ernest hemingway novel, "the sun also rises." i always wanted to. but maybe not. >> i went there and watched. >> you watched? >> why am i surprised you watched? >> i concerned it a journalistic act. >> was it cool? >> cool might not be the word. >> frightening? overseas now, fugitive spy edward snowden has finally decided on a new home, not far from the moscow airport where he's currently hiding. snowden says he wants asylum in russia and will agree to stop spilling american secrets if he's allowed to stay. but considering all the new pressure from the white house, that's a pretty big if.
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abc's kirit radia has more from moscow. >> reporter: edward snowden has finally surfaced. what he is asking for threatens to derail russia/u.s. relations. >> i had a family, a home in paradise. and i lived in great comfort. >> reporter: that's the first a we've seen and heard directly from edward snowden, since he leaked some of america's most sensitive intelligence secrets. >> i also had the capability, without any warrant of law, to search for, seize and read your communications. >> reporter: at a mysterious meeting with human rights activists in the moscow airport on friday, snowden announced he will seek asylum in russia. why russia? he doesn't think he has save passage to asylum offers in latin america. there's no direct flights from moscow to venezuela, nicaragua or bolivia. >> there has to be some kind of a solution. that's that's what makes him --
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>> reporter: snowden has been stuck at the airport for nearly three weeks. something he joked about when he was interrupted by one of the airport's frequent announcements. >> i've heard this many times over the last couple weeks. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin has previously said that snowden can stay. but only on one condition, that he stop harming the united states. the white house is warning russia not to harbor snowden. >> mr. snowden is not a human rights activist or a dissident. he's accused of leaking classified information. >> reporter: president obama himself raised the snowden situation with president puten in a phone call friday night. the two leaders will hold a summit in moscow in just six weeks. u.s. officials have signaled that if snowden is still here, obama may not come. there's no saying how much longer snowden will remain here stuck at the airport. but he's made two things clear. he can't stay forever. and that the ball is in vladimir putin's court. dan and paula? >> kirit, thank you. let's go to a geopolitical story of a different variety
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now. in our ally, great britain, this morning, they are on high alert. not because of a security threat. because of the impending arrival of a royal baby. let's go back to bianna in london. they have an elaborate plan to roll out the news when it comes. walk us through it. >> here's what we know. we believe the duchess is due to go into labor, any day, any hour, any minute now, quite frankly. she will be delivering at st. mary's hospital. this is no ordinary delivery. we're talking about a future king or queen of england. so, there are a set of protocols they will be following. the first announcement is when the duchess has been admitted to the hospital. the second announcement will be the birth announcement. and the third announcement will be when the duchess and the baby leave the hospital the day following the delivery. the birth itself will be announced on a creamy buckingham palace head of paper. the baby will be delivered by the queen's royal combigynecolo.
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the announcement will be delivered to a waiting driver, and driven to buckingham palace to be posted on the gate. we will know the sex of the child, as well as the weight. most likely not the name yet. and like the late princess diana, kate has chosen the lindo wing at st. mary's, in the private suite, likely to cost up to $15,000. this royal baby will only be the second future monarch to be born in a hospital, following his father, prince william. his or her father. and kate isn't too posh to push. she is hoping for a natural delivery. not planning for is caesarean. most people here are rooting for a girl. why? we've watched two adorable boys, william and harry, grow up before our eyes. and history will be made if kate delivers a girl, since earlier this year the queen and parliament changed the succession law, allowing the first born, even if it's a girl, to take the throne. we also believe that kate's
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mother, carol, and sister, pippa, will likely be with kate during labor in the delivery room. they're a close family. and in addition, a royal salute of 41 guns will be fired to mark the occasion when kate does give birth. top baby names, if a girl, alexandra, victoria and charlotte. if it's a boy, it's george. i think daniel and ronald would suit a king, as well. >> i hear the odds being placed on the girl name chardonnay, 250-1. and we know which direction they're probably not going. >> and even higher. >> higher than that, 5,000-1, the odds of bianna. yeah. >> all right. >> i'll take it. >> thank you, bianna. we'll come back to you later in the show. >> i love that he's not too posh to push, either. now, to a scary sum irsighting. frightening shark attack in carolina. a woman bitten while teaching a child to surf is telling her
4:17 am
harrowing story. aditi roy has the story. >> reporter: these pictures capture what was to be a memorable experience, for 10-year-old cassandra calaway. it was unforgettable. but for a different reason. >> i didn't really see the shark. but i saw the fish that the shark was after. >> reporter: she and her 63-year-old instructor, barbara cory, were three to fore feet in murky waters off the coast, when a shark zeroed in on them. >> next thing i knew, something just clamped on to my ankle and started thrashing around. >> she said, a shark just bit her. and to get out of the water. >> reporter: cassandra's mother and brother were nearby. >> my son started screaming, she's been bit. when you look and your child's coming out of the water and you don't know who it is, i prayed a whole lot in those few seconds. >> i was more concerned about getting cassandra in safely. >> reporter: for 30 seconds, she said the shark ripped into her ankle. her little girl got on a surfboard. her brother helping her to
4:18 am
shore. while cassandra's mother ran to barbara. >> i looked down and her ankle was mangled. it was horrid. >> reporter: dr. mark hannah treated barbara, taking these pictures of her puncture wounds. >> this would be a significant bite. >> i was just thankful there was a foot there. >> reporter: cassandra and her mother are thankful, too. >> barbara corey is -- a lifelong hero for me. she saved my children. >> she's such a sweet woman. and she's just amazing. >> reporter: an instructor who may now see as a lifesaver. and barbara says the shark attack won't scare her away from the water for good. but it will take her some time until she's back to surfing. her doctor tells us it will be five months before she is fully recovered. she's been doing it for 50 years. >> boy. >> and in shallow water, no less. >> thank you, aditi. time, now, for the weather. let's get it to ginger zee, who is outside this morning. >> good morning, guys. it's sticky and a muggy start to
4:19 am
the day. but we had a downright inundation, if you go south into the mid-atlantic and the southeast. and that stuff is going to stick around for much of the weekend. kayaking in bethany beach, delaware. we had more than seven inches of rain. you had to do it. then, more than half a foot of rain fell in wilmington, north carolina. also, big flood pictures coming out of there. like i said, it is not over. look how much rain is going to fall by the end of the weekend. we've got big-time numbers coming at you. that's unfortunate, that stationary front not doing much. asheville, north carolina. and columbia's going to get a half-inch to one inch on top. and tallahassee making it into one of the bull's eyes. watch on the southeast for more of the flooding of potential flash flooding. then, we have to talk about the haboob. everybody loves that word, don't you? a big dust storm coming through phoenix. you know who doesn't love it? the people who live there. now, they have the dust in their home. terrible to breathe in. and more of the monsoon flow going to make the dust storms possible.
4:20 am
this is through sunday, too. we're talking more rain. some of the lightning and lightning can spark wildfires. this is bad yet good news in different ways. and the summer heat out in front of that, i'm telling you what. 103 for san angelo. and 104 for goodland, kansas. and the 90s for parts of the northeast. philadelphia at 9578. >> i also have a severe weather forecast that i'll have in a couple of moments.
4:21 am
but back in to dan and paula. >> back inside, very quickly. we want to get back out to ginger. ginger has the big story of the morning. everybody is, of course, well aware. this is national hot dog month in america. and oscar mayer is not letting the opportunity go to waste. they're sending wiener mobiles across the country. >> i'm going to practice restrabt right now. it's bizarre. you know it's going to get ginger's attention. let's go back outside to ginger. >> oh, wow. >> hey. just enough time for me to get in front of the driftdog. it is one of six wiener mobiles. they've been around for decades. now, they have personalities. look at this. i'm going to open this door. it's heavy and nice inside, let me tell you. this is part of a big campaign, a road rally, and oscar mayer needs your help. let's be frank. hot dogs are america's tastiest tradition. and with national hot dog day coming up on july 23rd, oscar
4:22 am
mayer is rolling out the wienies on wheels, to gear up for a huge competition. >> it's crazy. one of the staples of my diet. >> reporter: oscar mayer dogs have become a relished eye con. remember this classic jingle. ♪ i'd love to be an oscar mayer wiener ♪ >> reporter: they're turning instagram into insta-ham. a competition between six teams. speedywiener. wonderstruck. and driftdog. >> you get points when you take pictures and throw them up online with a hash tag. >> and the competition is sizzling. so, keep your ketchup handy. these buns could be coming to your hometown next. ♪ everyone would be in love with me ♪ >> if you have your favorite already, we want you to go on
4:23 am and vote for maybe the driftdog. this thing has a sunroof. can it get any better? we're going to take a ride around the block and see how it goes around new york city. >> and i hear they call it riding shot bun, actually. i didn't make that up. >> dan's funny this morning. >> you didn't make that up? it sounds like something -- >> i'm going to save myself by saying the following. the economics of the royal baby. the impending birth is fetching a king's ransom. also, the shocker at city hall. the mayor accused of sexual harassment. his public apology says i need help. and we have "sharknado" news this morning. some are calling it the best bad movie ever made. could a sequel now be in the works? the answer coming up in "pop news." keep it here. every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america.
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♪ awaiting the most anticipated birth announcement since kim k. and kanye west. visitors in london, forking over a king's ransom for royal baby memorabilia. $400 million handed over by royal watchers, anticipating the arrival of the newest monarch, who is stimulating that british economy. good morning, america on this beautiful saturday morning. it's kind of rainy. >> it depends where you are. >> i'm paula faris, in for bianna. >> speaking of bianna, we have a lot of news this half hour. before we get to that news, we want to bring bianna in for a preview of the story of the british economy and the impact of the royal baby. there's a lot -- we're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars being spent here. >> hundreds.
4:31 am
nearly $500 million. i feel like i'm having labor pains just anticipating the birth of this baby. today is scheduled to be the hottest day of the year so far in london. heat is said to induce labor. today could be the day we're all on watch here in london. >> as bianna put it, contraction watch coming up here on "gma." much more from bianna coming up in a few minutes. we want to get straight to the combustible mix of politics and sex, overtaking city hall in san diego right now. the mayor there accused of serial sexual harassment. >> overnight, a major defection. his chief of staff resigned. but the mayor is pleading with the public to keep his job. linzie janis is in our l.a. bureau with the story. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: mayor bob filner is apologizing for his behavior toward women. but he never admitted to sexual harassment. now, he says his innocence will be proven. >> i am embarrassed to admit that i failed to fully respect
4:32 am
the women who work for me and with me. >> reporter: in this taped message, san diego mayor bob filner says he's sorry for the way he treated women. >> i'm humble to admit i need help. i've begun to work with professionals to change my behavior and my approach. >> reporter: he's clarifying that apology. issuing this statement. i'm confident that a fair and independent investigation will support my innocence, with respect to any charges of sexual harassment. the scandal erupted thursday, with former san diego councilwoman donna frye, said she was speaking on behalf of those too afraid. >> they have told me and they need to know that they are not alone. >> reporter: flanked by lawyers, frye refused to reveal the identities or the number of women. >> when a friend like donna frye is compelled to call for my resignation, i'm clearly doing something wrong. >> reporter: even the mayor's supporters are calling for him to resign. >> there's a time and a place,
4:33 am
when somebody is no longer fit to be a boss. and i think given the stories that i heard today, that mayor filner has roaeached that point. >> with his admission of mistreatment of women on his staff, i think he can no longer lead our city. >> reporter: and overnight, filner's chief of staff, quitting over twitter. as a life long activist for women's rights and equal if i, i feel i just resign effective today. many are betting that the mayor's political career is over. >> the thing that leads me to believe he's on the end of this, is his own party is starting to call for him to resign. >> reporter: also this week, the mayor's 48-year-old fiancee, broke off their engagement. the mayor has canceled two engagements. one in the city of pride parade this weekend. donna frye and the lawyers that first called for his resignation, are going to call the women who complained and give a response to the mayor next week. one quick correction here. yesterday, we incorrectly showed a picture of the former
4:34 am
san diego mayor. we should have showed a photo of the current mayor, bob filner. we apologize for that. a lot of news overnight. we turn to mr. ron claiborne. >> it's to the jury in the george zimmerman trial in florida. the jury deliberated for three hours after hearing closing arguments on friday. zimmerman was charged in the second-degree murder death of the shooting of trayvon martin. and settlement in the works to bring an end to the penn state sex abuse scandal. they claimed they were abused as children by jerry sandusky. and the remains of confessed boston strangler albert desalvo have been exhumed to solve a decades-old mystery. they believe the dna results will prove he killed the last strangler victim, mary sullivan. what do you give to a baseball pitcher who has five
4:35 am
world series rings and a lock for the hall of fame? how about this? his own plane. delta airlines unveiled a boeing 757 with his number, 42. only one in baseball. and his signature on it. >> he doesn't get to keep the plane. >> why not? >> he probably has a plane. >> he probably has his own already. >> he's a good guy. >> he's a great guy. go out and celebrated by saving the game for the yankees last night. 2-0, they beat the minnesota twins. i just happened to know. >> you stayed up late. >> yes. i'm going to have them put your face and your name on the weinermobile. so -- >> is that a compliment? >> we all get something when we worked very hard. okay. we'll start talking about your weather. we have to get into the -- he does owe me. from rapid city, to pierre, alexandria. you have the severe weather possible today. the northern plains, something to be looking for. and we want to check in on the
4:36 am
florida keys. somewhere that's nice this morning but could become a little stormy throughout the afternoon. a really nice shot there this morning. look at the storminess in the southeast. so much saturation. 88, tallahassee. orlando, 90. atlanta, 82. you're hanging out around that stationary front. that's not a fun police station for the weekend. it becomes stormy and nasty. seattle 73. portland, close to 80. >> this weather report brought to you by target. dan, paula, of course, i would ask for a weinermobile for you. there's six of them. >> we just want hot dogs. >> nice to know you have our back. thank you, ginger. the royal baby bounce. the hundreds of millions of dollars that is being spent on
4:37 am
everything from onesies to mugs. bianna with the latest from london. it's j.t. and jay. z hitting the stage together. the summer heating up with justin's new album and the start of their summer tour. wait until you find out. straight ahead in "pop news."ul ♪ ula ula ula ula al revés, ♪ hago que lo imposible sea posible, ♪ ♪ que todo lo increíble se vuelva visible, ♪ ♪ tres, dos, hola, ula... ♪ aplaudan en la luna. ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula ula ula al revés, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula ula ula al revés, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula,
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the royal baby hasn't been born yet. but he or she is making a lot of people a lot of money. >> we're talking hundreds of millions of dollars. bianna said almost $500 million spent on every kind of memorabilia you can imagine. and some idtems you probably never heard of. let's go back to london and bianna. >> hi, guys. when talking about a baby, you talk about how expensive they are. thousands of dollars for your average family. but this baby, the reverse. pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into an economy that badly needs it. the excitement with the arrival of britain's newest monarch, is reaching a fever pitch. and for good reason. the baby is not only heir to the throne. it's also a much-welcome stimulus to an anemic british
4:42 am
economy. it's expected to make as much as $400 million from a bounce in tourism and product sales. >> the royal baby is good for the british economy. >> reporter: stores are already selling royal baby mugs and royal baby onesies. and the internet is filling up with royal baby paraphernalia. >> these are cute. little souvenirs for the baby. >> reporter: jo jamil says she's preordered thousands of dollars of royal memorabilia. >> everybody loves will and kate. and they're having a baby. how could they not be excited about it? >> reporter: london hotels are also getting into the act. for 60 pounds or about $90, it treats royal watchers to a special high tea and private views of an exclusive collection of royal photos, which includes queen elizabeth building a sand castle. the royal baby economic boom comes on the heels of a banner
4:43 am
year for the united kingdom. first, there was the queen's jubilee. then, last summer's olympics. and most recently, andy murray's wimbledon win. no wonder there are so many union jack items up for grabs. what do you think? u.k. lovers are wearing their british pride on their sleeves and on their royal baby carriers. you are the royal baby carrier. >> yes, indeed. i am. >> reporter: and how does the palace contact you? what is your background? your pedigree? >> well, i used to have three hamsters. >> reporter: three hamsters? >> yeah. >> reporter: literally a case of god save the king or queen if that is the royal nanny. did you think i wouldn't get you guys something? of course, i did. let me roll it out. daniel, daniel, you're all about ties, right? i thought this would be a great tie for you, the union jack. >> yep. >> this is coming home with me, when i do come home. ronald, you're traveling all the
4:44 am
time. you may not have time to do your laundry. here's some boxers, you can take with you. the union jack. >> okay. >> i finally realized i couldn't -- i couldn't pull off this dress. so, ginger and paula, you can fight over this. as you drive around in the weinermobile. >> i give it to ginger. >> and finally, i had to get myself something as i'm sitting here waiting for this baby to come out. i got myself some flip-flops. what do you think? >> and your toes match, too, bianna. very nice. >> bianna, thank you very much. we'll come back to you and your flip-flops at the end of the broadcast. coming up, something to tug on your heart strings. the surprising bond between an orphaned cat and unlikely surrogate mom. that's after a quick break. keep it here. this day calls you.
4:45 am
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♪ that techno always heralded the arrival of rachel smith and "pop news." >> love that music. great to see you guys again. and some fun stuff this morning. first up, justin timberlake, known for bringing sexy back to the air waves. he seems to be bringing us another hit in his newest comeback. "take back the night" which is awesome, in my opinion, just dropped and is getting a lot of buzz. and heeds taking the stage with jay-z, at the queen elizabeth olympic park in london this weekend. and on wednesday, the duo will kick off the north american tour. it's called legends of the summer. going to take over yankee stadium next week. >> there's probably some -- >> i know. >> you have connections. >> yeah. so, some bad is good. that seems to be the case for
4:50 am
syfy's "sharknado." it stars tara reid and ian ziering. they said they would be up for another round. it seems to be a bad joke. sharks swirling around the sky, terrorizing los angeles. but more than 1 million people tuned in. and its premiere took over twitter. 5,000 tweets a minute on twitter. it was ridiculous. a network sporkesperson says, a sequel is being discussed. >> oh, yeah? >> the odds of a "sharknado" are high. there's a haboob and a shark nao coming together. >> really? >> i learned that this morning. how about this, guys? willie nelson is taking his career in a new direction. are you ready for it? high-end fashion modeling. oh, yeah. that's right. at 80 years young, mr. nelson was capped by head fashion designer john varvatos. and his sons are featured in the
4:51 am
ad. they were great. in a seriously sweet moment, meet the unlikely duo, harley the bulldog and the kitten. you would expect them to be at each other's throats, wouldn't you? they cuddled together. and harley's even started making licks on the little guy. >> what is that? >> it melts my heart. >> bringing a tear to dan's eye. >> yeah. >> aw. >> these tear ducts don't work. >> i know. >> heartwarming. i love when she's moved, the southern accent comes out. >> bless their little hearts, in a good way. >> we'll be right back. keep it here. >> we'll be right back. keep it here. more "gma." ah! wait for it... wait for it... [ laughs ] you know, i'm not trying to be ungrateful here or anything... but i just don't think i should have to wait for it! who do you think i am, quicken loans?
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we're back, y'all.
4:56 am
>> we are back, y'all. >> want to thank paula faris for sitting in this morning. and bianna is over in london. she'll be there again tomorrow. is she waving? >> nice headband. >> enjoy the flip-flops. they look good. see you tomorrow on the broadcast, everybody.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> good saturday morning, everyone. it's 5:00 a.m. i'm eighty marzullo. this morning we have francis ding lawsen in. >> good morning. temperatures are starting off on the cool side. only upper 40s in some locations and 50s elsewhere. we will see some low to mid-50s in the monterey bay. things will warm up. the low clouds and fog will clear by midday. we will see low clouds in the background. temperatures a few degrees warmer compared to yesterday. inland communities nice and sunny is bright. upper 70s to even some low 9os. around the bay


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