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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  July 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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sky 7hd over the scene of a muni crash that left nearly two dozen passengers hurt in san francisco. tonight, police are blaming the driver of the van for causing the crash. good evening, i'm ama daetz. sergio quintana is live at the scene with more. sergio? reporter: this is a pretty busy muni line and there are quite a few people aboard the train during the crash.
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this happened just before 1:00 this afternoon. from sky 7hd can you can see the light muni rail vehicle at rest on the tracks and a white van next to it. the van was driving alongside the muni train and hit it as the van driver attempted to make a left turn in front of the train. the driver of the van was transported to the hospital. 19 people board the muni were taken to three area hospitals for minor injuries. people aboard described for us what happened. >> i was super scared. really scared. i didn't know what it was. i just seep it come in, and i had to cover up my baby. >> there's video on file with the muni. light-rail vehicle and this particular intersection that has a video monitor also. reporter: this crash did affect the t-line for a couple of hours and muni used buses to shuttle passengers from downtown into the neighborhood. a little more than an hour ago
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the muni train was hauled away and muni service here on the t-line has been restored. you're looking at a traffic signal that was also knocked down in the crash. there are two orange cones that are marking that. i'm told it's going to take two and a half hours to fix that. after it's fixed basically everything will be back to normal at the intersection. reporting live, abc7 news. >> ama: people gathered to honor and remember three girls who lost their lives in the asiana crash at sfo one week ago today. to the mass roman is where some of the victims families are staying in burlingame. reporter: some of flight 214's passengers are still here at the crowne plaza hotel in burlingame also at the hotel are the parents of the two young women who were the first ones to die in the crash. they are surprised and pleased the organizers by coming over and speaking to the crowd.
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>> more than 100 people, mostly from the buddhist group gathered at the small park in burlingame to hold a vigil for flight 214's passengers. among the people attend were the parents of the two first victims of the crash. the parents are still visibly grieving and spoke through a friend. a volunteer translated. >> they were really grateful for everyone that is out here today. they don't know anyone here in this country. >> a third passenger has died. 17-year-old lui yiping died friday at san francisco general hospital where she has been since last week's crash. she is the ceo and organizer of the video. >> important give all the energy and all the love from the people in the bay area together, and that kind of love and energy to those families.
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>> flowers were laid on a platform to show each person0s compassion for those who died and those still suffering. the vigil was held an sfo, and the plan has been moved to the northern part of sfo. some who attended the vigil say they were not invited but drawn to the ceremony by me music, love, and peace emanating from the people gathering. >> a spiritual sense. such a peacefulness and kindness that drew me in here, and i can't say -- >> there are still 13 injured passengers in local bay area hospitals. the ntsb says the investigation is far from over. the plane actually that you saw will be cut up, parts sent to washington, dc and parts stay here for further study. the ntsb says it will hopefully hold an investigative hearing into the crash within the next 12 to 18 months.
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we're live, abc7 news. >> ama: 41 survivors of the asian airlines crash are back home in china today. the studented and teachers are from a middle school who traveled to san francisco to attend a summer camp. three people who died were part of this group. the survivors will spend a night in beijing before heading home tomorrow. you can follow us on twitter, at abc7 bay area. and the new chance abc7 smartphone app lets you watch our newscast on the go and see live breaking news as it happens. iy. >> san francisco police are investigating the deadly shooting and stabbing at the jewelry mart. officers were called in yesterday on a call of shots fired two people died. one injured, before the gunmen surrenders. today the jewelry mart complex is open for business. security guards are escorting owners and shoppers into the
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building. people today comments on the violence. >> scary. i don't think it will affect business or anything around her. a random act of violence. >> two women were found dead inside a jewelry mart store. one had been shot, the other stabbed. one man was stabbed and shot and remains at san francisco general with life-threatening injuries. the gunman has not been identified. >> now details as the search continues for a missing toddler in oakland whose father says was abducted from the family car. john webb was back in the area where he says his daughter was taken, looking for cures. he was released from jail after police dropped charges of child endangerment against him. they're not convinced daphne violet webb was abducted. webb says someone snatched the girl and stole his mother's purse while he was inside a neighborhood store. webb spoke with report reporters. >> i don't know what happened to
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her. could have been killed. my daughter. i have to live with that. >> ama: webb's mother suffers from dementia and is unable to help investigators. police can't find anyone who saw webb with his daughter that day or in the previous weeks. >> san jose police are investigating the city's 27th 27th homicide of the year. the shooting happened just before 10:00 lastneath on state and are cher streets. a man in his 30s was would talking to someone when he was shot. officers do not have a motive. the victim's name is not being released. police in redwood city have identified a man who died in a six alarm fire that gutted an apartment complex earlier this week. 48-year-old darren pines was killed when the fire broke out at the hallmark house apartments
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sunday morning. more than 20 people were injured and nearly 100 displaced. investigators are still trying to determine the cause of that fire. a nation on edge tonight. coming up, england is ready for the birth of a new royal. today is the due date for the dutchess of cambridge. how prince william is blowing off steam before the baby comes. >> plus, they call it flying on water and you can see why. find out who won the first real race of the america's cup. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. gorgeous day today, temperatures up as much as eight degrees in some locations. what about tomorrow? we'll l
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jurors asked. >> the jurors asked for additional information, asking to clarify the manslaughter charge in george zimmerman's shooting death of trayvon martin. he claim he shot the 17-year-old in self-defense. jurors can consider second degree murder and manslaughter. the jury of six women appears to be willing to work into the evening. the panel ordered dinner late this afternoon. >> british investigators say there is no evidence that a five on a boeing 787 was caused by faulty batteries. the investigation found a damage to the ethopian airline plane was far from the area where the batteries are located. that was no one on board at the time. boeing investors meant the battery problem hadn't been
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fixed. the fire closed both runways at heath -- heathrow. >> the first real race of the america's cup got underway today. new zealand beat italy by five minutes in sailing terms, that's a lot. spectators were surprised there wasn't a bigger crowd. >> it's a little skinny, and don't know why. but we're surprised. we made it over here in 30 minutes. bam, bam, and here we are. yeah. >> the actual americas cup was on hand for fans to take their picture with. the winner will face defending champ oracle team u.s.a. for the cup. >> up next, royal baby watch. the beg celebrations planned for the new arrival. >> first, a race against time. how rescue crews say a boy survived three hours buried under 11 feet of sand.
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>> taking you live outside, we'll see some ups and downs ahead for our temperatures.
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block. >> ama: fire officials say an air pocket saved a six-year-old boy who was trapped for more than three hours under a sand commune dune in indiana. the dune was cordoned off for restoressation when he fell partially into it. it collapsed on him. you can see crews had to bring in some heavy equipment to reach him. the boy is recovering in a chicago hospital. >> the royal baby watch continues around the world
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today. the dutchess of cambridge has not gone into labor. the father to be burn off some nervousness by playing polo. the royal baby will be third in line for the throne. >> the prince charles will come to the reign, better experienced an in the of his predecessors, including the present queen. >> the baby well be celebrated with two separate gun salutes. >> we have had a nice warm day outside. let's get leigh glaser. >> leigh: started off with the low clouds and fog, auld burned off to the coast and we were left with sunshine and temperatures jumped up as much as nine degrees in some locations. the live doppler 7hd showing you a little eddie right here, little counterclockwise spin and that is bringing a little fog
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in, right near the golden gate bridge, also reporting league -- light fog towards the great highway, and here's a look at the 24-hour temperature change. up nine degrees in fairfield, up six in livermore, concord. up five in oakland. up two at sfo, and mountain view and san jose, up seven. and san jose right now, blue sky, and temperatures this hour, 67 in san francisco. mountain view, 76. we have 81 in san jose right now. santa cruz, 75. from the rooftop cam here in san francisco you can see the embarcadero. santa rosa, 80. fairfield, 92. novato, 82. you can see the bay bridge in the background, and the highlights, low clouds and fog well revisit overnight tonight
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inland. look for a little change in our temperatures, but was we head into sunday, looks like a much cooler and breezier weather will move in monday and tuesday. overnight lows as the fog moves a little further inland, we'll go upper 50s, far east bay location. then near 50, near half moon bay and san francisco, with overcast sty tonight. -- overcast sky tonight. here's the high pressure responsible for the temperatures. it will stay in place one more day. so sunshine tomorrow, keep the clouds near the coast, and a kole -- cooler air will slide south and drive the temperatures done to below normal valueses and tuesday. tomorrow morning, low clouds and fog and then starts to burn back to just the coast late in the afternoon. so, expect 90s inland. and we'll keep some 60s near
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the water's edge. here's the highs for sunday. san jose, 81. milpitas, 78. the wind will pick up tomorrow afternoon. half moon bay, 62. palo alto, 77. san francisco 66. much like today. morning overcast, afternoon sunshine. 82, santa rosa. sonoma, 79. calistoga, 82. oakland, 72. castro valley, 77. low 90s for brentwood, 91. concord, 88. and pleasant-on 88. the accuweather seven-day forecast looks like this, a little change in the numbers for sunday. low 90s, and then check out monday, tuesday next week, the coolest day, with 50s at the coast and then reverse the trend thursday and friday. in fact warm things back up. we have another great weather re
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source for you. follow@live doppler 7 hd on twitter for the latest conditions rain or shine, and "spare the air", power info and weather 2010s. >> ama: shu is off. collin is in, and you have some soccer? >> you know what it's like to do no wrong. right? if you do it every night on the newscast. >> okay, quiet. >> chris can get used to this bus he is doing nothing wrong. five goals in 17 games with the earthquakes this season. how about five goals
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>> for the most part the nba summer leagues are about rookies getting their first taste of professional competition, or sloppy basketball. the great jerry west turning his attention to two guys not rookies. basemore, the best player on the court. washington's glen rice, jr., like his old man, you have to respect the range. bazemoore bites, the warriors shoot 25%, 56-52 the final. the lowest combined total in vegas summer leagues history.
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>> in 394 career starts in the pga tour, michael allen has never won inch his first champions tour event he declared victory. allen, seeking a second major this weekend in omaha. five-stroke lead heading into today. back-to-back birdies on 13 and 14, and after a 63 yesterday, 72 today. stays at 9 under allen's lead down to two strokes. fred funk is tied for second with kenny perry. a 3-under 67. at the pga tour's john deere classic, tractors, yes. rogers, a 30 on the front nine and then birdie the first two holes only the back and the outright lead at 13-under.
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tied for 12th. a 9-under 62 in the clubhouse at 19-under. two up on david hearn. aerial shot of my vacation home in inverness, scotland. phil mickelson has just one career victory. on the other side of the atlantic, at the scottish open. british open next week. >> at buckshot stadium tonight, the earthquakes host seattle and will do it without chris wondolowski. in the midst of a scoring rampage for the u.s. national team four and five goals today. our friends on univision on the call. [speaking in foreign language] [cheering]
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gooooooooooooool! >> translated, goal. wondo, five of team u.s.a.'s gels. stage 14 of the tour de france which ends next sunday. the 12-man sprint to the finnish leon. trenton, first career stage win. half of a wheel difference, chris froom. tonight at 6:00 we hear from the a's. >> thank you so much. up next, forget sitting and begging. one dog has some
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coming up at 6:00, why nearly two dozen california kids were rushed to the hospital after a lunktime prank. >> how the look of downtown berkeley will change. joan us at 6:00. a trainer of youtube video of his dog has blown up on social media. meet the four and a half-year-old, jumping into a pool and, skateboarding. omar trained his dogs to do all the tricks and people really like it. historiedow has been seen half a million times on youtube. he also trained the dog featured in the movie "the artist." having a good time. thanks for joining us.
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for leigh glaser, mike shumann, thank you for joining this is "world news." tonight, behind closed doors. the all-female jury now deciding george zimmerman's fate. this evening, the clues. what they have asked to see. and what to make of the fact that their decision wasn't immediate. our team in florida and our chief legal affairs anchor dan abrams right here. dramatic rescue. the little boy buried in 11 feet of sand. his parents desperately using their hands, then the rescuers and the digging that followed, pulling him out. how he's doing right now. the extreme weather. the massive flooding pictures coming in from florida through ohio. and the dust storm in the west. meteorologist ginger zee on the rest of the weekend. and home free. the american mother and daughter trapped, not allowed to come back to america for weeks, why they couldn't get their passports back, and tonight, how they got home.


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