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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 13, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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zimmerman murder trial. and a very big game for tim lincecum. a first for his career. and the shocking death tonight of one of the stars of "glee."
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the verdict, we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> the man who shot and killed the unarmed teenager trayvon martin in florida last year will not go to jail. tonight george zimmerman is a free man. that verdict stirring up anger and frustration for many across the country including right here in the bay area. good evening. i'm ama dates. we will have more on the protests in a few minutes. first, the decision came down about 7:00 p.m. tonight which is 10:00 p.m. in florida. marcy gonzalez takes us in the courtroom for the reaction. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty.
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>> george zimmerman is a free man. >> your gps monitor will be cutoff when you exit the courtroom over here. you have no further business with the court. >> the 29-year-old smiling. his wife in tears upon learning the found zimmerman not guilty of both manslaughter and second-degree murder in the death of trayvon martin. >> i think the prosecution of george zimmerman was disgraceful. i am gratified by the jury's verdict. >> we are so proud to stand before you and to tell you that when we announced the charges 15 months ago we also promised that we would seek the truth for vai vaughn martin. -- for trayvon martin. >> protesters gathered outside the seminole county courthouse reacting to the verdict. zimmerman maintained he shot martin in an act of self-defense. the prosecution spent more than two weeks trying
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unsuccessfully to prove he got out of his car and targeted the teenager as he walked in his neighborhood in sanford, florida last year. tonight the jury of six women coming to a unanimous decision after more than 16 hours of deliberations sending george zimmerman home to his family. and trayvon martin's parents who were in court every day of this trial were not in the courtroom when the verdict was read. their attorney telling us the weight for this day has been incredibly emotional. in sanford, florida, marcy gonzalez, abc news. >> oakland-based civil rights attorney john burris said he was not surprised by the not guilty verdict. >> the prosecution put on a witness that said there was a fight that was taking place, it looked like a fight, but trayvon was on top of mr. zimmerman. the prosecution put that witness on. that witness turned out to be a better witness for the defense, and in my own view ultimately was a lynch pin of the defense's case.
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>> protesters marched across the city after the verdict was read. sky 7hd was overhead as a group of protesters marched through the mission district. sergio is live with the latest. sergio? >> ama, within about an hour of the verdict being announced in sanford, florida about a hundred people turned out here to mission and 24th for a demonstration here in san francisco. but right now in oakland the demonstrations there are just starting up. you can see now live on sky 7hd there is a group of people, probably about 25 to 50 people who just moved out of the plaza near city hall and are now moving up on broadway. this demonstration in oakland started about an hour ago. now here in san francisco, a sizable crowd filled the bart plaza at 24th and mission street. organizers rallied for an hour and moved to mission street to
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march. traffic was squeezed to one lane southbound as the group continued to 16th toward downtown. demonstrators say this trial has stirred up plenty of emotions. it is a son and it is a brother. how many more members have to be targeted before they identify this is a racist system. >> he was put on trial for his own murder. >> i think it is really unfair that he is free and he killed trayvon martin for nothing. >> the group here in san francisco continued marching through the mission district for about two hours. they returned to mission and 16th and then peacefully disbanded. at its height the group here in san francisco was about 150 to 200 people. organizers planned a
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demonstration after learning of the trial and they do tell me that tomorrow they #r* planning another demonstration as well. we will be continuing to monitor the demonstration in oakland. we may have updates later in this newscast. reporting live in the mission district, abc7 news. >> thank you, sergio. stay with abc7 news with any new developments. stay with us on and twitter and facebook. actor cory montiz has been found dead in downtown vancouver. the 31-year-old checked into the hotel on the 6th and was scheduled to check out today. when he didn't the staff went to his room and found his body. police say there were others with him in his room last night. the video shows him returning to his room by himself in the early morning hours. now to developing news in the east bay. a shooting on interstate 580 has backed up traffic for hours.
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abc7 news reporter john alston joins us with those details. john? >> ama, traffic is a mess on i-80 eastbound. behind me you can see traffic moving very, very slowly near the seminary exit. that's where the shooting went down. sky 7hd was over the scene and at this point three eastbound lanes of 580 are shut and one westbound lane is shut. you can see traffic backed up for a mile and the vehicle that was involved, a red car with some glass on the freeway as well as evidence of possible shell casings you can see from sky 7hd. we talked to some neighbors who say they heard six gunshots around 8:30. >> i counted them. i asked my neighbor and she said, yes, i heard six, pow, pow, pow. but we hear them a lot around
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here, unfortunately. >> did you hear a car crash at all? >> no, and normally we would. that's why i am shocked. normally we would hear a car crash. >> i heard a couple of gunshots and probably two i think, two or three maybe. just a short period of time passed and i heard return fire, one right after another. >> numerous chp vehicles and opd vehicles on i-580 eastbound trying to sort this out. at this point we do not know the nature of the possible injuries. we don't know if police are looking for a suspect at this time or if the suspect has gotten away. i have to tell you that i covered a rolling gunbattle on this stretch of 580 several months ago. again something has happened here tonight which rattled neighbors who heard gunshots here on 580 in oakland. live in oakland, abc7 news. >> thanks, john.
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new at 11:00, vallejo police arrested a woman this evening after detectives say she left her baby inside the restroom at a gas station. officers found joya at a home on wilshire avenue around 9:45 this evening. this child spent about an hour in the restroom at the chevron station on lincoln road east. surveillance video shows the boy being wheeled into the bathroom. it then shows somebody who looks like hookle leaving a few minutes later without him. >> the female subject had taken the child in there in a stroller. the stroller was -- the seatbelt was on so the child was very frustrated when the citizen went in there and found the child basically tied up in the stroller. >> the boy has been placed into emergency foster care. now to the latest on the crash at sfo. a vigil for the victims of flight 214 was held in burlingame today. among those in attendance were the parents of two of the victims. the vigil was sponsored by the buddhist group.
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the organizers say the ceremony should help with the healing. >> it is very important that we get all of the energy and the love from the people in the bay area and radiate that love and energy to those families. >> flowers were laid on the platform to show each person's compassion for those who died and those still suffering. we are learning more about the third victim of the airline crash. a 17-year-old died yesterday at san francisco general hospital. she never regained consciousness after the crash. 14 are hospitalized two at sf general and two in critical condition. two at mills peninsula and two at california pacific and one each at st. francis and saint mary's. there was a -- sky 7hd was on the northern end where
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pieces of the plane have been placed. south korea is complaining about the amount of information given out regarding the information. korean officials asked the ntsb for a faithful and periodic disclosure of accident-related information. you can keep on top of any breaking developments in the crash investigation by following us on twitter and the new abc7 news smart phone app lets you watch our newscast on the go and see live breaking news as it happens. find it at it is time to get a check on our forecast. it is a warm day across the bay area. >> it was. we have the low clouds and the fog that you can see from live doppler 7hd. it is starting to make inroads in land across the bay area. we will have to deal with that tomorrow morning. 92 was the high in antioch as well as fairfield. 77's for san rafael and napa and san francisco 69 and 94 today in morgan hill.
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more changes in the accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up shortly. >> thank you. >> giants' pitcher sim lincecum joined -- tim lincecum joined an elite fraternity in san diego. >> high in the air and catchable. blanco and it's a no hitter for tim lincecum! >> the crowd goes wild. the giants mobbed lincecum after the final out of the 9-0 win over the padres. abc7 sports anchor colin rush will have more on the giants' third no hitter in the past four years coming up in sports. and still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, we are keeping track of protests in oakland tonight. we'll keep you updated throughout the newscast, this after the zimmerman verdict. >> and more than a dozen people injured after an accident involving a muni light rail train. how the van collided with the rain. and the watching and the waiting and why it
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and our breaking news is in oakland. you are taking a live look from sky 7hd. we saw some sort of fire spark up. this is after the george zimmerman murder trial wrapped up. verdict, not guilty. these protests have sparked. this is telegraph across from the fox theater. we are getting reports now of broken windows and again it appears there is some fire going on there as well. we will keep an eye on this. we have sky heavy live -- sky 7 live over the scene. we will update you throughout
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the newscast and always follow us on twitter, abc news bay area where the reporting continues. we have new details about the man charged with killing two women at san francisco's jewelry mart. the suspect is identified as 23-year-old barry white of antioch. authorities say robbery does not appear to be a motive. they add there was a rifle in the back of white's car. police say he attacked three people yesterday afternoon inside the jewelry shop at the san francisco gift center and jewelry mart. one woman was shot and the other stabbed. another employee of the shop, a man was wounded and is in critical condition. white surrendered after firing at officers. today the jewelry mart was closed, but 10 nents showed up. >> they had -- but 10 nents showed up jie. they had to have security guards escort me to the showroom. >> what did you see as you went through the building? >> there was not that many people working today. >> white was booked on two counts of murder and seven counts of attempted murder. >> san francisco police
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believe an illegal turn caused a crash between a van and a muni light rail vehicle this afternoon. sky 7hd shows us the scene at third street and evans avenue. the van's driver turned left and into the path of the lrv on the t line. the collision injured 19 people. some were hurt by broken glass after the van struck a light pole and the pole smashed through a window on the train. >> i didn't know what it was. i just seen it come in and i tried to cover up my baby. >> the ambulance rushed the muni passengers to hospitals across san francisco. the fire department says they suffered minor to moderate injuries. the crash delayed traffic at the busy intersection for several hours. thousands turned out to watch the first head to head race leading up to the america's cup. team new zealand beat italy by more than five minutes near their race. at least one man -- at least one fan thinks the interest
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will grow. >> it is all of the hype and the everything that happened over the last 18 months is going to come to fruition. it is really going to happen. >> today's race happened to be part of the louis vuitton cup series. the winner of this cup will defend oracle for the america's cup in september. >> and a bit of a breezy day out there. leigh has more on the conditions we saw today. >> yes, it certainly was. you saw some white caps on the bay. a small craft flag up tomorrow afternoon with the northwest winds getting up to about 15 to 20 knots for the sailing up there. here is a look at live doppler 7hd and you can see the low clouds and the fog banking up near the golden gate bridge as well as near the coast. you can see from our rooftop camera the trans america pyramid and some of the white cloudiness, those are the low clouds that are already starting to move inland at this hour. oakland 65. at this hour san fransisco is 56 degrees. 53 in san jose and 58 in santa cruz.
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golden gate bridge a little fuzzy as well. a little of the fog is drifting around. napa 58 and livermore 66. novato is down to 52 degrees. sutro cam and where you see the dark -- darkness is where the low clouds are moving in. low clouds and fog are in the forecast. a little change tomorrow afternoon temperature wise. and then get ready for a big cool down. breezy conditions as we head into monday and tuesday. lows this evening as the low clouds and the fog just funnel in through the passes there. upper 50s and interior east bay and we will keep the 50s near the coast. here is pretty much the pacific satellite. we have high pressure dominating and that is going to stay in place for one more day. expect sunshine tomorrow afternoon. especially inland after the low clouds burn back to the coast. we'll keep some patchy clouds coast side tomorrow and then as we get into monday and tuesday the high will slip to it south and a cool partial
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will drop temperatures as much as 10 degrees especially on tuesday. 11:00 our fog forecast, you can see it starting to make inroads inland by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can definitely see the fog is mainly in the north bay valley areas. and then it starts to pull back off the coast. so we will look for some sunshine. the temperatures may come up a degree and they may come down a degree depending how quickly the low clouds and fog burn back to the coastal communities. so here is a look at your high, santa clara 80 and the peninsula upper 70s to maybe a few low 80s. we will go 77 for palo alto and breezy daily city and 60 degrees dl. san francisco morning overcast and afternoon sun and then in the north bay we will look for 82 for santa rosa and nava tau 81 and 81 for napa. hayward 74 and berkeley 70. oakland 72 and the interior
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east bay 91 for brentwood and livermore you will touch on 90 as well. the accu-weather seven-day forecast and monday and tuesday really the coolest days of the upcoming workweek. low 80s and 50s at the coast and then we will switch the trend around and warm things back up thursday and friday and saturday. abc7 is a proud sponsor of the aidswalk san francisco. the event will be in eight days on july 21st in golden gate park. visit aidswalk . net or text walk sf to 292929 and by the way the forecast model for next weekend turning very hot. we'll see. good thing to keep in mind. >> shu is off and colin is here. and a great night for timmy. >> this is awesome stuff. what a night in san diego. tim lincecum is further in giant
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good evening. much maligned in recent years tim lincecum proved tonight he still has the stuff to be a dominant pitcher. he threw the seventh no hitter in san francisco giants history. earlier this week timmy with an 11 strikeout performance. tonight he mowed down 13 padres. will venable, and he strikes out the side in the third. cabrera victimized and timmy on his way to a 148-pitch night. 2-0 giants and after 0 for 8 on monday night, brandon belt with a hit in each of his last home games. homerun. hunter pence. and the bases clear and 7-0. i will state the obvious. pence with his best game as a giant and solo homer in the eighth. 14th of the year for a 9-0 lead. pence with five runs bated in, but it was what he did in the bottom of the eighth that will live in the minds of giants fans forever.
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right there. a diving catch to rob amarista of a base hit and it preserves the no hitter. lincecum heads out to a standing ovation. giants and padres fans. strikeout number 13 and 12 go downswing and carlos quentin would be outnumber two and bring up alonzo and here is the call. >> high in the air and catchable. blanco, it's a no hitter for tim lincecum! >> you just saw the score. what a night for lincecum and the giants. they win it 9-0. just 11 days after the giants get no hit by the reds, timmy does it to san diego. here is tim. >> i just wanted to stick to my game plan. buster and i did a great job of staying on the same page of what we wanted to do and tried not to alleviate from that. i felt fine from the first pitch. a little sweaty, but other than that, great.
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>> matt kane with -- matt cain with the perfect game. and the
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after starting the season 13-0. shirzer suffered his first loss to texas. the rangers pulled within a half game of the a's. he is getting some homerun derby practice and hits some bombs and did this into the o. the derby is monday night. no chance of this ball getting out. but it should be a hit. he disagrees with me. score less until the fifth. derrick norris and meet john lester. take him toward the o and out. aj griffin didn't have a no hitter, but he pitched eight score less and strikes out three. he gets the win and improves
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to 8 and 6. the a's add some insurance. this one will find the grass. he scores from second and 2-0a's. cocoa crisp added a run. rubber game of the three-game set tomorrow. the a's are one up in the west. earthquakes hosting the sounders. it is brandi chastain. 31-year-old hahn dure ran international walter martinez for the quakes. san jose a winner 1-0. later in the show and another huge day for the u.s. national team. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you so much, colin. we do have reports of damage tonight in oakland. protesters break windows and businesses along broad -- broadway. you are looking at sky 7hd. they are in the area as they continue to march down. we saw somebody appearing to
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be spray painting on the side of the building. we are keeping an
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updating our breaking news from earlier, you are looking at live pictures from sky 7hd of a protest in oakland going on following the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial in florida. we have had reports of windows being broken in oakland and you can see that happening right there. there is some sort of destruction going on there. this is actually a police car that was trashed on the street. the last live video we saw was at seventh and broadway and police set up a line there. as protesters continue to go through the streets i did see
11:36 pm
somebody who appeared to be spray painting on the side of the building. again this is after the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial. this is video. there was a police car that was trashed. we saw what appeared to be a fire that was started. you can see that right there. we are continuing to keep an eye on this situation as protesters approached the police line at seventh and broadway and we will of course keep you updated. if you have to leave us know the reporting continues on twitter abc7 news bay area. now sky 7hd shows another breaking story along interstate 580. nearby residents heard about six gunshots around 8:30 this evening. oakland police and the highway patrol closed several lanes while officers hunted for clues . vallejo police arrested arrested a mother this evening after officers say she left her son in the restroom at this chevron station. the
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eight-month-old has undergone an evaluation and placed in foster care. there is about to a new law in texas. the measure was approved while 2,000 demonstrators in the state house watched. ryan owens reports. >> just before the stroke of midnight, the lone star state was the largest state to pass severe restrictions on abortion. >> this bill raises the standard of care in texas. >> hundreds of protesters gathered to witness the historic vote. >> a few had to be hauled away from the state capital. >> tonight is not an ending point. it is a beginning poi fl t -- point as we work to take the state back. >> the bill will make abortion illegal after 20 weeks. it will also require the procedures be done only in
11:38 pm
surge cal centers. >> i am rising on the floor today. >> two weeks ago davis filibustered this bill in her pink sneakers for 13 hours. this time even she had to admit she didn't have the vote. >> i don't think i will be wearing them on the floor today. >> reporters say it will make abortion safer and opponents say it will shutdown most of texas' abortion clean -- clinics. similar bills have passed in a half dozen other states and just this week legislators in north carolina are debating them. courts blocked abortion restrictions in several of those states and a lawsuit will be filed in texas the second the governor signs this bill. ryan owens, abc news, austin. >> heavy rains have soaked parts of the atlantic seaboard with a foot of rain causing flooding and other problems. powerful winds toppled trees and power lines in many
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communities. many spent the day waiting for their electricity to be restored. drivers encountered flooding and it stretched from florida to delaware. his family calls it a miracle tonight after a six-year-old boy survived after spending more than three hours trapped beneath tons of sand in indiana. witnesses describe it as a freak accident. the boy fell into a hole while walking at the indiana dunes national lakeshore along lake michigan. they used heavy equipment to free the boy after he was buried by 11 feet of sand. he remains in critical condition after being rushed to a children's hospital in chicago. the birth of the future king or queen of britain is still being awaited around the world. prince william and his wife kate are due to become parents at anytime. as abc reports, the new baby will not only have an impact on british royalty, but also british revenue. >> they are calling it baby fever. prat -- proud britting are
11:40 pm
counting down the day until the baby is born. at the hospital where the duchess of cambridge is expected to deliver, more photographers staked out positions to capture the first images of the future king or queen of england. the baby is due any day. that's welcome news on a number of fronts and not the least of which is financial. proceeds from tourism and product sales related to the birth are expected to pump nearly $400 million into the british economy. 90 million alone is expected to be spent on some three million bottles of shame pain purchased to -- of champagne to toast the birth. they have a lot to celebrate these last few years from the royaled with together wimbledon championship for andy murray and the queen's jubilee and now a new baby. royal baby-related items are flying off store shelves. among those buying, joe jamil of carefree, arizona who said she spent thousands of dollars pre ordering merchandise.
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>> everybody loves will and kate and they are having a baby. how can they not be excited about it? >> as for this royal super fan he spent dozens of hours singing his praises to a future monarch. indeed the entire world is ready for the royal baby including local economists who predicted that $400 million will increase 10 fold when we have a gender and a name and especially an image of the future monarch. >> we believe that the due date was today. who knows if she craved twinkies while pregnant. the twinkies are back. they hit shelfs ahead of schedule. wal-mart rolled out the new batch in 1600 stores. by tomorrow they will be available across the nation. the retailer is selling the first batch of twinkies in a collectible box. they haven't been produced since november when hostess filed for bankruptcy. fruit pies and mini muffins
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will be available next week and hoho's and the others by august. fruit veil station opens in the bay area. what they have to say about the movie that depicts the shooting of a man by a bart officer. and the explore for yum, who can get in without paying? >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. we'll take a trip back east. that is, if you are traveling in that direction. we'll show you where you could find some slow down and
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and we have more breaking news in oakland. you are taking a live look from sky 7hd. this after the george zimmerman verdict. the verdict is not guilty in florida. protestors have taken to the streets. there are reports of broken windows. this is near seventh and broadway on seventh. there is actually a police line where protesters had come up to. they faced off for a little and stood there and there is a video of a police car trashed. and it started a fire. we haven't heard anything too serious, but protesters are still marching the streets in oakland. the reporting twonts on twitter -- continues on twitter. we will keep you updated. the long-awaited film of oscar
11:46 pm
grant opened at three bay area theaters. it depicts grant's life on the day of his death at the hands of a bart police officer. as jonathon bloom explains, the film was shot in oakland and is drawing strong emotional reactions from people watching it there. >> what is going on? >> it is based on a tragic true story that sent the city of oakland into upheaval. now just a few miles from where it happened, the grand lake theater is one of three in the bay area to show the film "fruit veil station." it is a short movie, an hour and a half, but it packs a punch. >> i was like, -- i mean, i was speechless. people were crying in the movie theater. you could totally feel that could have been you. >> for many in oakland, the story of a struggling young father who finds himself on the wrong end of a police officer's gun hits close to home. >> the movie touched me in a
11:47 pm
real way. it is real. the attack is real. i am experiencing it right now. i was pulled over recently, may 17th by san leandro pd who took me out of the car and broke my wrist. >> a few years ago a friend of mine was shot by a cop outside of children's hospital. the cop didn't go to jail or anything. it brought me back to that day. >> i thought it was the most powerful movie i have ever seen. >> it is movies loo i can that that made for soldout shows. some of the popularity because the movie uses real locations in oakland. >> it had an authentic feel. i grew up here. this is my home. i love this place. i thought it captured what it is like to be here. >> it re-enacted his death, an emotional task said one of the assistants. >> the mood on the set was somber at most times. he was sad announcing the whole thing. now seeing it on the big
11:48 pm
screen we feel all of the hard work paid off. >> in oakland, jonathon bloom, abc7 news. >> public school teachers are getting a special gift from the explore for yum. free admission. kindergarten through 12th grade teacher can get a free voucher. you can find a link on under see it on tv. summer is the perfect time to check out the new exploratorium. >> and live doppler 7hd is still picking up a bit of the fog already making its way into the north bay and down toward the golden gate bridge and even toward the hayward area as well as fremont. definitely you are going to deal with that early tomorrow morning. if you are traveling some of the connecting flights to dallas and houston and maybe even toward new orleans, we have got this area of low pressure and it is going to continue to bring up some pop up possibly even severe
11:49 pm
thunderstorms in these locations. keep that in mind tomorrow. you may encounter flight delays. hit and miss showers and 89 degrees. 91 washington, d.c. 108 for phoenix. as we swing back toward l.a. tomorrow, 86 degrees and 108 for palm springs. tahoe 83 degrees and here is a look at our sunday highs. we will keep low 60s at the coast and some 90s inland, livermore, an -- antioch and san francisco 66. the next few days enjoy them. monday especially tuesday, low 80s inland and 50s at the coast and then we will swing it back around thursday, friday and saturday and warm things into the 90s. >> sounds good. thank you, leigh. >> all right, colin is in for shu and a good night for the giants. >> this is fan it is -- fan it is a -- fantastic. he was struggling for run support. the only thing missing on tim lincecum's resume, a no hitter.
11:50 pm
check that one off the list. a dominant power pitching performance in san diego. the
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11:52 pm
if you have been watching the giants closely in recent weeks you noticed tim lincecum showing flashes of his former self. tonight in san diego he put it altogether. dominating the padres in route to the seventh no hitter in
11:53 pm
san francisco giants history. earlier this week and timmy had an 11 strikeout performance and mowed down 13 padres. will venable and the first of six straight k's. that's timmy on his way to a 148-pitch night. the fourth inning and 2-0 giants. after going 0 for 8 he had a hit in each of the last five games. the 10th homer of the year. 4-0. next inking and bases loaded for hunter pen cree and the same direction at belt's homer. one hopper off the wall. 1-0 giants. i will state the obvious, pence, his best game as a giant. solo homer for a 9-0 lead. five runs batted in. it is the defensive play in the bottom of the 8th with the diving catch to rob amarista of the hit and it saves the inning and saves the no hitter. we head to the 9th and
11:54 pm
lincecum heads out to a standing ovation of giants and padre fans. strikeout number 13 and 12 go downswing. bring up alonzo. john miller with the call. >> high in the air and catch a -- catchable. blanco, it's a no hitter for tim lincecum. >> wow. just 11 days ago timmy was on the loser end of the no hitter for the reds and tonight the euphoria is all his. 9-0 the final. here is lincecum. >> i just wanted to stick to my game plan. buster and i did a great job of staying on the same page of what we wanted to do and tried not to alleviate from that. i felt fine from the first pitch. a little sweat ear -- sweaty, but other than that feel great. >> shirzer suffered his first loss to texas. pulled within a half game. oakland hosting boston tonight and trying to get the lead up to one.
11:55 pm
homerun derby practice this afternoon. he hit that one into the o ease. into the o. no chance of this ball getting out, but it should have been a hit except he makes that play, a great play. derrick norris gone. that one is heading toward the o. his fifth of the season and 1-0 oakland. aj griffin and he didn't have a no hitter, but it was his best outing of the season and allowed six hits and struck out three. he would get the win and improves to 8-6. he adds some insurance and base hit to left and jed lowry scores from second. cocoa crisp added a late run. the rubber game is tomorrow. the rookie year is over. warriors and wiz. he is out with injured ankle suffered in the scrimmage. jerry west is in the house and
11:56 pm
he had 15. clearly a best player on the court. duane jones sealed it late. the warriors shot just 25%. they won it 56-52. the lowest combined points in vegas. to the pitch and earthquakes hosting the sounders. the 31-year-old walter martinez scored his first mls goal. san jose a winner 1-0. the quakes without chris wandalowski. five goals in two games and numbers four and five in salt lake city and 17mls games. he has five goals. the u.s. on to the quarterfinals with a 4-1 win. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. and timmy getting it done. huge day for him and the giants and they won three straight. that's great too. >> thank you, colin.
11:57 pm
and now let's take another live look over oakland. sky 7hd and hopeful plea we can show you where protestors are marching near 14th and franklin. there has been broken windows and a police car was trashed and this after the george zimmerman verdict came down tonight, not guilty of killing trayvon martin in that case. that's the latest. remember that we will follow this for you and have the latest on abc7 morning news at there are two kinds of folks
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how tond thinking about how to kill people--psychopaths and mystery writers. i'm the kind that pays better. who am i? i'm rick castle. castle. castle. i really am ruggedly handsome, aren't i? every writer needs inspiration, and i've found mine. i'm detective kate beckett. beckett. aah! beckett? could you get some backup, please? and thanks to my friendship with the mayor, i get to be on her case. oh! do i look like a killer to you? yes, you kill my patience. and together, we catch killers.


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