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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 14, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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expressions of relief. sadness. and outrage. the verdict is in. but the case against george zimmerman might not be over just yet. good evening. i'm ama daetz. we begin with developing news in the george zimmerman case. the protests right no here in the bay area. three rallies, one in san francisco. the two protests are also underway in oakland, two there. john alstons monitoring the
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situation own the -- on the ground. reporter: speakers have been going on for an hour here outside of oakland city hall. they have had several rallies that had been previously scheduled around the bay area for the day after the george zimmerman not guilty verdict. speakers have been surrounded by supporters here. some are holding signs featuring trayvon martin's face. the speeches haved a times been angry, slamming the police and the justice system. sometimes in profane terms and have been strategizing, saying there is power and numbers and could shut down oakland if they want to but would want to do it without damage. the verdict has re-ignited passions of residents still angry over the death of oscar grant. >> too many lives being loves and nothing done, and people need they still need to fight for this young black men, for
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their lives. the fight is not over. we still need to remember them and fight for them. for their lives. >> one of the speakers sayings the idea was to harness the power of what had happened and to, quote, get things done and make things happen in light of this verdict in florida. there are a number of oakland police officers stationed strategically around this area, keeping their distance and no problems have developed. the speakers are still going on. unknown whether or not the rally here will then turn into march through the streets of oakland. live in oakland, abc7 news. >> ama: and this is a live picture from sky 7hd over a large rally in san francisco. a crowd of about 200 people is making its way eastbound on market street. protesters are being watched carefully by police. now, the rally so far has been peaceful. people of all ages brought
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banners, posters and pictures to protest what they believe is a crooked system of justice. >> in oakland today, cleanup across downafter a demonstration turned to destruction last night. reporter: shattered windows boarded up. broken glass. graffiti, power washed, all remnants of a violent protest last night when 100 people gathered after the verdict was read, marched through downtown oakland and left destruction in their wake. >> i hear sound and saw glass falling. >> on the corner of 19th and telegraph, employees and pate tropes had to duck for cover number tables as the restaurant's windows shattered around them. >> really scary for everyone. the attitude is that everyone understands why people are so angry. so there's not a lot of
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animosity, i guess, but one of our girls was push up against the wall. >> down the black, this place has been a target. last night the worst damage yet. protesters used weights to smash nearly 30 windows and doors. >> i want to say pretty close to 50,000, around there. >> just to replace the windows they've already replaced before. >> correct. >> despite all the damage no arrests and no injuries. mayor jean quan released a statement condemning the protesters who took part in the vandalism and read, in part, sadly some of them disalreadied the memory of trayvon by engaging in violent activity. this is unacceptable as well. we will not tolerate violence in our city. >> people in the neighborhood hoped these boarded up windows will deter people from doing anymore damage as protests and rallies continued tonight in oakland, abc7 news. >> ama: today the justice department says it's looking into the shooting death of trayvon martin to determine whether his civil rights had
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been violated. today the martin family pastor urged people to not only keep the peace but keep the memory. >> we're not going to forget the verdict. we're not going to forget george zimmerman. we're not going to forget this trial. it will forever be on our minds. for us, in this generation, this is our mega effort moment. >> medgar ever s died in 1963. the family is trying move on. >> they're devastated and i gave in the mother the message and her response was, wow. this morning -- realized that the verdict is done, and now they must move forward. >> the justice department opened an investigation into martin's death last year but stepped aside to allow the state prosecution to proceed. today zimmerman's family
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said they were relieved after yesterday's verdict. on twitter george zimmerman's older brother, robert, sent out a message that read in part, quote, today i'm proud to be an american, and on cnn he tried to address a question about whether george regrets what he did. >> regret is a very strong word. implies your actions -- you have culpability for what happened and you're asking he share or accept the blame. the can that george, outside of blame, feels and has felt, very bad. >> report sis despite his younger brother being a free man, he will need to learn to move in a very low profile and keep to him. >> the white house today released a statement from the president about the verdict. president obama says the death of tray trayvon -- of trayvon martin is a tragedy and we could shoo ask ourself as individuals and a see site how to prevent
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future tragedies like this. >> and right later, one-on-one with george zimmerman defense team. will he get his gun back? that's next here at 7:00. >> search and rescue teams from santa clara and alameda counties were looking for daphne webb. missing since wednesday morning. officials are leave nothing stone unturned. >> this is an area where her father was known to walk with the daughter, so right now we're still just pressing forward, trying to locate her. >> john webb says he left daphne in his car to go into a convenience store. a woman was seen walking away with a child matching daphne's description. >> 31 students and teachers from asiana flight 214 are back in their middle school in china. anxious parents met the bus. the group intended to attend a
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summer camp in the bay area to expose them to english. classmates held banners, reading, welcome home safely. >> the group was originally 34 people. three students died in the crash. sfo and local blood banks will be holding a blood drive testify airport tomorrow to help passengers and crew members of the flight. it will be held inside terminal three at the arrivals level from 9:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. all airport employees are urged donate. the drive will help replenish supplies. 13 of the people injured remain in bay area hospitals. >> the ntsb is now focusing on several issues in its investigation into the crash. investigators want to know why there was delay in evacuating passengers who were ordered off the plane after it came to rest
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and after the fire started. the ntsb also wants to see if there was a so-called authority gradient between the pilots, that might have affected one pilot's willingness to tell another pilot what to do. investigators will explore claims by one pilot he was blinded by a flash of light during the approach you can keep on top of the investigation by following us on twitter and the smartphone app, and see live break news as it happens. find it at >> a young actor on a popular series is found dead inside his hotel. tonight, who investigators want to speak with in the mysterious death of "glee" star cory mon teeth. >> a staple of a north bay'm city reduced to a burnt shell. fire crews think this may be no. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. boy, a huge temperature spread.
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80s inland and 50s at the coast, and the reason why, you're looking at it right now. low clouds and fog moving movina
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♪ >> the producers of "glee" are describing cory monteith as an exceptional performer and even more exceptional person. the 31-year-old actor who played finn hudson on the series was found dead in his vancouver hotel room. police say there's no indication of foul play. he had struggled with addiction and went to rehab in april. investigators say he had been out with people the night before and those people are being interviewed. >> san hoe say police are searching for a gun man who killed a 17-year-old. police received a call about shots fired and when they arrived on scene a large party was breaking up and officers found the victim inside a car.
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he was shot several times. right now police don't have any suspects or a motive. >> new details on a shooting on interstate 580 in oakland. we now know a 29-year-old victim is in critical condition. we were over the scene. the shooting happened just before 8:30 last night. a media partner, bay area news group, report as man believed to be from oakland was the one injured. he was driving in a car with two other people when someone in a second car started firing. all lanes were blocked for several areas. >> what is next for a north bay landmark destroyed by fire. >> how a sandra francisco restaurant is helping a local business fight the federal government and stay in business. >> we're in for a bit of a
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>> this is a live picture from sky 7hd over a trayvon martin rally in san francisco. a crowd of about 200 people is making its way eastbound on market street. so far the rally has been peaceful and there are two other rallies in oakland. this is in support of trayvon martin after george zimmerman was found not guilty yesterday. >> a fire destroyed a landmark business in sebastopol. investigators say last night's fire is suspicious. crews from seven fire departments battled the flames. fire officials say one upon cause is arson. as to the hay that first caught fire, tiply needs something to start it. the feed store is the city's longest running business. the owners are insured and hope to rebuild.
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>> the drake's bay oyster farm fighting to stay open is hoping a party to tell its story. they're trying to stop the federal government from shutting them down. the govnmt claims the oyster bit has had a negative effect on sea life. the rally is set for 2:30 tomorrow afternoon at san francisco's waterfront restaurant. >> time to get to leigh glaser and fine out what the work week weather looks like. >> leigh: kind of like a yo-yo, down a few degrees and then spring back up the latter part of the work week, and you can see, may have been a few degrees cooler in your neighborhood, because of a very strong onshore wind component. the clouds now starting to spread over the bay, over towards oakland and berkeley. mill valley reporting low overcast in the city there, as well as the sunset district, and
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that's moving over towards the embarcadero of san francisco, and all because of the strong winds. sfo, northwesterly at 25 miles-per-hour. novato, 21. 26 in fairfield. concord and hayward, over 10 miles-per-hour wind gusts. mountain view, gusting up to 20 miles-per-hour. so the strong onshore wind will cool us down. a nice day -- nice live shot from the san jose cam. a lot of blue sky. it's 76 in santa cruises. emeryville cam showing you the cloud deck pushing in over the bay. santa rosa, 75. fairfield, inland temperatures still today near 90. fairfield, 88. livermore, 85. here's a look at my forecast highlights for you as we head on through the work week. clouds will really push a rush inland overnight tonight. the wind will be stiff,
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especially at the coast, breezy and cooler monday and tuesday, and beyond that temperatures will start to warm back up. overnight lows tonight in some locations, upper 40s to right near 50 degrees. so a little a -- cool -- cooler with the winds. and now our concern will be an area of low pressure and it's going to drop a pool of cool air and also increase those strong north to northwest breezes. so, cooler days for monday into tuesday as well. 11:00 tonight the fog bank moving in. 5:00 a.m. excite time, low clouds and pockets of dense fog and then slowly ease back to the coast but notice brisk winds, san francisco, oakland, berkeley, and near the coast. your highs tomorrow, come down, san jose, 76.
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peninsula, 74. palo alto mid-up toker 50s at our beaches. daly city, 58. downtown san francisco, 63. petaluma. 74. 76. napa. gusty winds for hayward and oakland tomorrow. oakland, 68. 83 for antioch. 81 for concord. the seven-day forecast, coolest day of the work week on tuesday. low 80s inland, mid-to-upper 50s at the coast and then we'll warm back up thursday and friday, into the 90s. >> ama: colin rush is in for shu. >> the giants wanted to follow up tim lincecum's no-hitter and get a sweep in san diego, didn't happen. barry seat to unable to follow up timmy's no-no last night. he didn't get out of the second inning. and the a's on the oppos
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>> colin: red sox pitcher brandon workman made his major league debut in seattle and got shelled. you fig the a's had to be licking their chops and so was workman. he went to work early in his first career start. coco crisp caught looking. these fans applauding. colon, allowed two runs, workman had a no-hitter into the
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seventh. grounder from cocoa, too much speed. infield single. no-hitter over. two batters later, josh donaldson, sitting, game tied. he would complete the comeback in the 11th. bloop single to right. chris young scores from second. a's, a two-game lead over the rangers in the west. 3-2 the final. >> the day after for tim lincecum, sure he's still on cloud nine from the no-hitter. barry zito was not. road e.r.a. 9.89. giving up a solo shot in the first inning, game tied at one. sandoval made a terrific play in the seventh inning last night to help preserve lincecum's no-hitter but these are the freaky plans he gets injured on. zito, the loss, four runs, now 4-7. 10-1 san diego, avoiding a sleep. and romo named to the all-star
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game. >> kenny perry said his win today at the u.s. senior open was the biggest of his career. olympic club member michael allen two up on perry at the start of the final round. perry in the zone. calls his final round 63 the best of his professional career. butter believe that's going in. trailed by ten shots of the second round. wins by five strokes. >> phil mickelson with a par putt on the 72nd hole to win the scottish open. a three-put bogey, goes to a playoff to get a second career tournament win on european soil. vintage mickelson on the chip. maybe a lucky bounce. tap-in birdie for the win. he'll take that moment into the british open in muir feel. >> stage 15 in the tour de france. there were mountains involved.
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151 miles up mont ventoux. race leader chris froome, the stage leader. the final off day is tomorrow. >> american sprinter tyson gay tested positive for a banned substance. he blamed the positive test on a friend he says he trusted. tonight at 6:00, we're -- the a's 17 games over
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>> happening now. a rally in san francisco by those upset over the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial. you can see live from sky 7hd, protesters have gathered at justin herrmann plaza. two other protests are being held in oakland. we'll have live updates at 6:00. >> also coming up at 6:00, a bizarre turn at a blues fest when a musician was attacked on stage for sharing his opinion. >> also, a look at how much one book sales have surged a day after the harry potter author j.k. rowling said she used an alias to write the book. that does for us at 5:00. for leigh glaser, colin rush,
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thanks for joining. this is "world news." tonight, team coverage. george zimmerman found not guilty. acquitted in the death of trayvon martin, now a free man. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. tonight from the white house, new reactions from preponderate to the verdict. plus an abc news exclusive one on one with zimmerman's defense team. will he get his gun back? trayvon martin's parents, reaction from his mother and father. the demonstrations coast to coast. and what we've just learned from the justice department. will there now be a civil rights case? the sudden farewell. a young and beloved actor has been found dead. ♪ oh, why you look so sad what we're learning about the death of "glee" star cory monteith. the extreme weather -- the heavy rain and flooding,


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