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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  July 14, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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thanks for joining. this is "world news." tonight, team coverage. george zimmerman found not guilty. acquitted in the death of trayvon martin, now a free man. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. tonight from the white house, new reactions from preponderate to the verdict. plus an abc news exclusive one on one with zimmerman's defense team. will he get his gun back? trayvon martin's parents, reaction from his mother and father. the demonstrations coast to coast. and what we've just learned from the justice department. will there now be a civil rights case? the sudden farewell. a young and beloved actor has been found dead. ♪ oh, why you look so sad what we're learning about the death of "glee" star cory monteith. the extreme weather -- the heavy rain and flooding,
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ginger zee says get ready for oppressive heat. the system moving in this week. the mystery solved. the mind behind harry potter author, jk rowling, tonight hear her new secret revealed. good evening. it's great to have you with us here on a sunday night. we begin with reaction to that not guilty verdict in the trial of george zimmerman. from the white house to the courthouse where he walked out a free man again. moments before zimmerman shaking hands, thanking his defense team. rarely showing any kind of emotion during the trial, displaying a broad smile right there. trayvon martin's parents in the courtroom the entire trial, not there for the verdict for that moment. tweeting overnight, his mother calling it my darkest hour. his father saying he was heartbroken but proud of the fight for his son. outside the courtroom in demonstrations across the country, outpouring of sorrow. some believing justice was not served. others saying they felt for trayvon martin's parents but
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that jurors followed the law. >> president obama saying we are a nation of laws and the jury has spoken. i now ask every american to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son. we have team coverage from florida to washington to reaction across this country. and we begin here with an abc news exclusive, abc's matt gutman one an one with george zimmerman's defense team. matt, we'll lead off with you tonight. good evening, matt. >> reporter: good evening to you, david. we learned tonight that george zimmerman is huddling close to his family. last night, after the verdict was read, he walked straight out of the front doors of that courthouse. still his attorney tells me that he will never be able to live a normal life. george zimmerman will always have to look over his shoulder. >> reporter: it was the gun that killed trayvon martin, and tonight george zimmerman's attorney tells abc news in an exclusive interview that his client will get it back. >> reporter: does he get that gun back? >> yes, he does. >> reporter: how do you think he feels about guns now? >> i think that he feels truly in his heart that if he did not have that weapon that night he
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might not be here. >> reporter: so do you think if he could he would carry a gun again? >> yes, even more reason now, isn't there? there are a lot of people out there who actually hate him, though they shouldn't. >> reporter: so you say he needs to protect himself? >> yes. >> reporter: and the way to do it is to carry a weapon? >> one way. >> justice for trayvon. >> reporter: because of those threats, george zimmerman isn't free, o'mara told me, despite being acquitted on all charges. where does he go now? >> i don't know. he will never be able to just walk down the street and not worry about who's looking at him or who's walking up behind him. >> reporter: does george zimmerman still walk around with a bulletproof vest? >> he wasn't during the trial, but i know that when he was out in public he wears it. i think that he has a legitimate fear and that he has a legitimate concern who's going to overreact. >> you think your bond will be released? >> reporter: o'mara said the threats have made zimmerman paranoid and his notoriety has made him un-hirable. >> reporter: he's almost untouchable. >> unfortunately, even though he did nothing wrong but protect his own life that night the way
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that things were visited upon him by the way the case was handled initially made him a pariah, even though it shouldn't have. >> reporter: but zimmerman isn't the only one fearing for his safety tonight. a lawyer for trayvon's parents told us their location is being kept secret because of the death threats they received. still martin's father tweeted this. "even though i am broken hearted my faith is unshattered, i will always love my baby travy." that tweet generated 50,000 retweets. we learned that the martin's spent this morning in church. they said they are broken hearted by the verdict but they accept it. their attorney says that he is now considering legal action, civil action against george zimmerman, who was acquitted of second degree murder but may not have seen the last of a courtroom. david? >> thank you, matt. >> matt, as you know in the moments after that verdict was read, an outpouring of emotion inside the courtroom from zimmerman's family. outside the court from supporters of trayvon martin's family.
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abc's gio benitez on the demonstrations still unfolding tonight. gio is live in florida as well for us. good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, david. trayvon martin's supporters have been calling for nationwide protests. as you're about to see, that's exactly what happened. reporter: from coast to coast, major cities saw anger over the zimmerman verdict spilling into the streets. in oakland, california, police say up to 100 demonstrators caused minor damage but protests, by in large, were peaceful everywhere. in san francisco, 200 people on the march. in chicago, signs reading "we are all trayvon," people gathering there earlier today. >> i thank you for waking us up this morning, god. >> reporter: and here in sanford, in the midst of trayvon supporters, shocked by the jury's decision. a church service urging peace. >> because violence on violence doesn't solve anything. it only promotes hatred.
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>> reporter: overnight, at the courthouse, we met a woman who drove for five hours to be here. you drove all the way from georgia, just for this? >> i could not imagine being that family right now. i just thought we were going to get some kind of justice. >> reporter: zimmerman sympathizers have largely supported him in secret, donating money to his defense fund. even so, some showed up here at the courthouse to speak their mind. >> i believe he is a patriach loyal to his neighborhood and had every right to self defense. >> reporter: and in new york's times square, voices siding with the legal system. >> jurors say he's not guilty, so he's not guilty. >> reporter: and even with all those protests across the country, david, here in sanford, no arrests. >> that's encouraging to hear. so many viewers at home tweeting me right after the verdict during our coverage. strong opinions on both sides. but you are among millions who jumped online. more than 3 million tweets in
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the first two hours, before midnight. this evening, that number is far higher. abc's rob nelson with both sides and some messages so threatening they weren't up for long. >> reporter: it took just seconds inside that florida court -- >> not guilty. >> reporter: to unleash the court of public opinion. millions of americans feverishly taking to twitter in a flood of fiery reaction to the zimmerman verdict. at its peak, nearly 48,000 tweets every minute, americans weighing in with outrage. wow, america, you can just kill any child and get away with it. also, support. very happy about the zimmerman case. the sentence was based off laws and rights, not color. how it should be. and calls for calm. i invite us all to pray for the martin and the zimmerman families. above all, for peace and unity in our nation at this difficult time. that verdict, another cultural flash point revealing a deeply divided digital nation. on one end, relief.
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conservative pundit, ann coulter, tweeting hallelujah. on the other, disbelief. new york giants wide receiver victor cruz, tweeting but later deleting, zimmerman doesn't last a year until the hood catches up to him. but for some, like rapper q tip, the verdict seemed almost expected. can't be surprised, black life has no value in this country. so far there have been 4 1/2 million tweets related to the verdict. that's more than the wake of the newtown school shooting. tonight #nojustice is still trending. david? >> rob nelson on the reaction. thank you. now to an intense focus on the jurors. six women, five of them mothers. i want to bring in abc's legal expert, dan abrams. dan, take us inside that jury room. you believe the crucial issue for those jurors was what, the moment? >> what was going on in george zimmerman's mind at the moment that he fired that gun. was he reasonably in fear that
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great bodily injury was going to be inflicted on him? was he in fear that he was about to get beaten up? and if the answer to that question is yes, or even maybe, then that's a not guilty verdict. >> so many of these cases, the civil case comes next. we know that trayvon martin's family could sue. in florida, you pointed out that could become very tricky. >> under florida's controversial stand your ground law, zimmerman can now seek immunity, try to prevent them from even suing him in a civil court. and if he wins that immunity, he could even get attorney's fees from them. so there are definitely some risks here involved in even suing george zimmerman in florida. >> our chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. dan with us every step of the way. thanks to you. one more question on this case tonight, will the justice department now bring a civil rights case after this not guilty verdict? naacp lost a petition tonight. hundreds of thousands of signatures already. let's bring in our justice corespondent, pierre thomas. you made the point that the court of public opinion, many
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who have real concerns, real unanswered questions. >> well, many in the african-american community have been concerned about this case from the very beginning. one of the things they point out is that trayvon martin was walking down the street between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. at night. not at 2:00 a.m. not in the wee hours. they want to know why george zimmerman pointed him out as a potential threat, as a criminal. and they believe that is a reason why trayvon martin is dead today. >> i know the justice department issued a statement. the ball will be high, will it not, for a civil rights case? >> the justice department has very narrow jurisdiction in terms of bringing such a case. they have to prove that racial discrimination and racism played a role in all the acts leading up to the death of trayvon martin. that's a high bar. >> thanks to you for our coverage of the george zimmerman verdict for this evening. tomorrow morning on "good morning america," we hear from the prosecutors in the case. it's a "gma" exclusive. that's tomorrow morning. and now to another headline
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tonight, the death of actor cory monteith. millions know him for his starring role in the musical tv series "glee." behind the scenes, a less cheerful story. this evening, an outpouring of sadness from his fans. here is abc's linzie janis. ♪ they can share the night ♪ it goes on and on and on >> reporter: cory monteith, playing his breakthrough role, high school football star turned singing heartthrob, in the fox hit series "glee." >> i have really great leadership skills. >> reporter: the 31 year old canadian actor was found dead in his vancouver hotel room saturday morning. police saying the cause of death was not immediately apparent but has ruled out foul play. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. the actor has been open about his life-long battle with substance abuse which started at the age of 13. in an interview, he described his drug use by age 16, anything and everything, as much as possible. i had a serious problem. in april, he checked himself in for treatment.
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his girlfriend both on and off the screen, lea michele, saying at the time she was proud of him. ♪ still here we are, both of us lonely ♪ >> reporter: costars, friends, and fans took to twitter to express their grief. >> we've always known we're special. >> mark salling, who played one of his best friends, puck, on "glee," simply said, no. dot-marie jones, who plays the football coach, tweeted "my heart is broken." and john stamos, a "glee" guest star saying, "we talked about how lucky he felt to be alive and sober. we talked about playing drums. glad i knew you, cory." the community here in hollywood is in mourning. producers of "glee" said monteith was an exceptional performer and even more exceptional person. david? >> linzie, thank you so much. we move on to the extreme weather from heavy rain and flooding and the building tonight of a heat dome baking much of the east this week.
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ginger zee on the extremes coming. >> reporter: as the northeast and mid atlantic are bracing for a serious summer sizzler, the heat is proving dangerous. in portland, maine, five half marathon runners hospitalized with heat exhaustion. out west, it's been a weekend under water. festival goers in denver running for cover, navigating water in the streets. the southeast, suffering that same soggy fate with up to 9 inches falling throughout the weekend. >> ginger is now with us on more on the heat dome. it already feels bad out there. >> yes. this week and next week are typically hottest. but watch this. we have excessive heat advisories for parts of eight states. this is going to expand as we go through the week. it's not just one day, it's the hot and the muggy. it will feel like 100 to 105. the actual temperatures, david, minneapolis included in this in the low 90s.
5:44 pm
new york city in the mid 90s. d.c. right there at 95 on tuesday. for example, philadelphia, one of the hottest spots going to be anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above average, but it will feel like almost 20. that's not just one day, two days, it's five days. >> good thing they're tough in philly. thank you. in the meantime, we go overseas this evening. man who led the main opposition group that topple mohammed morsi. he is now the country's vice president tonight. mohammad elbaradei is now the country's vice president tonight. elbaradei was sworn in today as the new leadership pushes forward with his transition. the 71-year-old was a u.n. nuclear negotiator. now to london tonight. the royal baby watch is in full force, but dad was some place else. prince william playing polo along with his brother, prince harry. we've been told they do have a royal chopper that's ready the moment prince william gets the call. lama hasan has the story. reporter: this modern couple will be following so many traditions passed down through generations of royals.
5:45 pm
including the announcement when baby cambridge has been delivered. as soon as kate has given birth, the palace will issue a formal statement. a royal aide carrying the medical document will rush down these steps, escorted by police and driven to buckingham palace. just as they did when william was born, with an air of historical theatre, a liveried footman accompanied by the queen's secretary will place the details written on buckingham palace note paper announcing the gender and time of birth. that's when the world finds out. the palace might also release other details. when william was born, they described him as having blue eyes and crying lustily. wee william was unveiled to the world 31 years ago. right here on these steps outside of st. mary's hospital where he is expected to stand right here with his baby any day now. david? >> you'll be right there. lama hasan,our thanks to you tonight. there's so much more on
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now to that mystery solved tonight. jk rowling, the woman who created harry potter, creating new magic tonight. but her fans had no idea until now. here is nick schriffen. >> reporter: inside this london store, the shelves bend under the books of jk rowling. but robert galbraith? >> reporter: do you know who robert galbraith is? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: i looked and couldn't find galbraith's debut novel released in april. >> no galbraith. >> it hadn't really caused a blip on the radar, a large scale sales or interest. >> reporter: in three months, "cuckoo's calling" sold 3 million. today it sold 100,000. why? she sold 450 million books. has aban order of the british empire. spawned an $8 billion franchise. jk rowling wanted to write unanimously so she could know what the reviewers really thought. >> it's very appealing, the idea of writing under a pseudo
5:50 pm
name, realistically, my chances of getting away with that are incredibly remote. >> reporter: she did get away with writing this book until the london journalist followed the clues. >> same agent, same publisher, same editor. crucially, you know, some of the same phrases. similar style of writing. >> reporter: can you show me where the harry potter books are? today we found lots of rowling fans, even this 10-year-old, who now say they're a galbraith fan. do you think you would want to read any jk rowling book? >> yeah. >> reporter: even one about a mystery? in the case of who the author is? mystery solved. nick schriffen, abc news, london. >> because of it sales now through the roof. when we come back, the discovery on the american coastline have some divers heading straight to the bank tonight. ng. ♪ hands, for holding. ♪ feet, kicking. better things than the joint pain and swelling
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and finally tonight, the the images dusted off. barbara streisand, cary grant with the top down. as you'll see it was marlyn monroe who captured the heart of this photographer. it's hard to believe the images of marlyn monroe left to be uncovered. tonight, never before published snapshots, 3,700 of them, all captured by photographer, milton green, who met marilyn while an a shoot for "look" magazine. he sent her the proofs, she sent back two dozen roses. this one holding a russian guitar. this image called nightgown in mink stoll. this shot taken during monroe's one-year exile. she tried to break free from a big hollywood movie studio.
5:58 pm
there was an entire series called red sweater. no explanation needed. this one in 1957 milton green called it graduation because she told him she never had a proper graduation sitting. this was the closest to it. not graduating from high school haunted monroe for life. in the 1960s, his lens trained on other stars, barbara streisand. september, 1958, this was just weeks before the release of her first movie, "funny girl." right there on the lot with the top down, cary grant. but it was monroe who green was perhaps closest to. she lived with his family for a time, sat before his camera on and off for four years. tonight, those images revealed. >> all in the photos about to sold in auction. "gma" first thing in the morning. diane sawyer right back here tomorrow night. good night.
5:59 pm
>> ama: next at 6:00. we're keeping an eye on protests underway after last night's decision in the george zimmerman trial, as well as cleanup from the damage. >> we'll tell you why zimmerman's legal problems are not over. >> a local blues musician is attacked on stage for his stance on the case. abc7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> ama: one day after a jury found george zimmerman not guilty of murdering an unarmed african-american teen oakland is cleaning up. a protest last night turned chaotic. today more protests are underway in oakland and san francisco. i'm ama daetz. let's take a live look from sky 7hd above the protest in
6:00 pm
oakland. hundreds-marching westbound. john alston is on the ground in oakland. reporter: this all began with a rally and speeches, and then at ten after five that group of people went on the move, 200 or so protesters started moving downs broadway toward the waterfront. they're angry at the not guilty verdict of george zimmerman in the death of trayvon martin. they are heading heading into wt oakland. it has slowed traction in portions of the city, which demonstrators hope makes a point. >> great injustice happened this weekend, and i think that if anybody stops and thinks, hey, this could have been my child. >> sky 7hd live again over the march in west


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