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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 14, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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hundreds-marching westbound. john alston is on the ground in oakland. reporter: this all began with a rally and speeches, and then at ten after five that group of people went on the move, 200 or so protesters started moving downs broadway toward the waterfront. they're angry at the not guilty verdict of george zimmerman in the death of trayvon martin. they are heading heading into wt oakland. it has slowed traction in portions of the city, which demonstrators hope makes a point. >> great injustice happened this weekend, and i think that if anybody stops and thinks, hey, this could have been my child. >> sky 7hd live again over the march in west oakland near
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mandela parkway. it has been loud, somewhat boisterous, but peaceful. police have not heard any reports of vandalism. nothing to indicate what happened last night. it has been peaceful and loud. earlier in the protests, speakers said they hoped that this event today would somehow force change and awaken people, in their words, to what is going on and they would be able to, at one point, shut town the city without doing any damage and at this point it has been peaceful as the march through the city continues. >> ama: also in oakland today, workers cleaned up businesses, damaged in last night's violent march. here's the major vandalism done bay small group of protesters. reporter: downtown oakland is riddled with damage from the
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demonstration that turned to destruction. sky 7hd shows hundred people marching from the plaza after the verdict was read. they shattered win toys, graffitid businesses, set fires, and even strandized a police car. at one restaurant, appropriateses used bike locks to break windows and customers took cover. >> it was scary for everyone. but even with the staff, everyone understands why people are so angry. so there's not a lot of animosity, but one of our girls was push up against the wall, and so that's not okay. >> down the block at sears. it windows were broken and. >> this is laminated glass, very expensive, and also got a scratch resistant film on top of it. which makes it almost impossible to get in. >> outside, workers power washed
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graffiti from buildings, trash cans and sidewalks across downtown. >> this not helping at all. this is us rioting and reacting in a violent manner. >> no arrests and no injuries. the mayor released a statement condemning the protesters who took part in the vandalism and reads in part: sadly some of them dishonored the memory of trayvon by engaging in violent activities. this is unacceptable as well. we will not tolerate violence in our city. many businesses closed early on sunday and employees won't be here to guard their shops but hopeful tonight will not be as destructive as last night. >> ama: we do want to continue our team coverage with reporter sergio quintana, who shows up the rally going on in san francisco. reporter: this is day two of demonstrations here in san francisco, following that
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acquittal of george zimmerman in a florida courtroom. and you can see this -- these demonstrators first actually started off at pawle and market and made their way her to justin hermmann plaza. they're starting to wrap things up. this is a view from sky 7hd earlier this afternoon as demonstrators made their way down market street. life are estimating 200 people took part in the demonstration. organizers have been planning a series of demonstrations immediately following the verdict in the trial of george zimmerman. this protest is intend to be in coordination with other marches across the country. at this event there are lot of young people who say there'd shocked by the verdict and want to have their voices heard. >> it's not fair. it's not like -- it's not fair someone can kill somebody and not get in trouble. >> zimmerman should be --
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>> were you surprised by the verdict? >> yeah. that's why i'm out here. >> this is a group that made up of a cross-section of people from across the bay area, and they're starting to disburse. some people are saying they are planning to have candlelight vigil later on this evening at civic center plaza. reporting live, sergio quintana. >> ama: a well-known bay area bruise musician was attacked on stage last night after he dedicated one song to trayvon martin. 73-year-old lester chambers is known for his work as a member of the chambers brothers. the assault happened as he played at a blues festival in hayward. the attacker disagreed with the dedication and ran on the stage, shoving chambers, causing him to fall and injuring his back heavily was taken to the hospital for treatment. >> i went flying back, maybe
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four to six, eight feet in the air, landing on the equipment. >> ama: police and security guards weren't far away and rasted the woman, 43-year-old deanna potter from barstow. >> the justice department is going to re-open an investigation into the murder. they previously used the federal civil rights law to convict defendants who have been acquitted in state cases. zimmerman's family said they are relieved that he is a free man for now. speaking to cnn this morning, zimmerman's older brother, robert zimmerman, jr., said the entire ordeal has been deeply emotional for the family but hope george can move on. >> freedom is a new concept him.
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he is really free to move about the country and do whatever he pleases for the first time in a long time. >> robert says despite his younger brother being a free man, george zimmerman will need to learn to move with a very low profile, and keep to himself. >> if you want to follow the department of justice investigation, or the protests, you can find updates on our twitter feet, abc7 news bay area. >> still to come on abc7 news at 6:00, where authorities in alameda county searched for a 21-month-old last seen wednesday morning. >> a million dollar powerball winner in the bay area. >> the author of the harry potter series, j.k. rowling, reveals she has been moonlighting as a most writer. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. some locations today, temperatures came down thanks to the low clouds and fog racing over the bay.
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how does that affec
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>> a fifth straight day of searching has revealed now clues to the whereabouts of a missing oakland gov. daphne webb was last seen in the back of her dad's car wednesday
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morning. officials told us that's where webb took his daughter for walks, in the park. witnesses reported seeing someone walk away with a girl reaching daphne's description. >> survivors of the flight 214 are back home. they began at the middle school where their odeal began. a trip to the bay area camp to be exposed to english turned into the nightmare. classmates had signs that read, welcome back safely. >> the group was also touched by personal sadness. three of their classmates died in the crash. >> coming up next as 6:00, a look at how much one book's sales have surged a day after harry potter author j.k. rowling says she used an alias to write the book. >> and meteorologist leigh
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glaser tells us what to expect in the forecast. >> colin: the giants with a letdown coming lincecum's no-hitter,
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there is a newly manipulated millionaire somewhere in the the bay area. someone matched five of the six numbers last night. it was sold in san francisco. let's see if the winner was you.
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winning numbers are 2, 8, 22, 35, 37, powerball, 6. the ticket sold in san francisco is worth $2.6 million. >> and team new zealand sailed away as we big winner this yankeeend. scoring its fourth point in four races on san francisco bay. we caught some of the action on our exploratorium camera. they did it unopposed because the scheduled opponent is still trying to get their second boat ready for the competition. the winner of this cup challenge will challenge oracle for the america's cup in september. the next head-to-head race is next sunday. >> a pt. -year-old california man is one of nearly two dozen people who are hurt during the annual running of the bulls in spain. the man, whose name or home up to was in the released, suffered nonthrive threatening injuries. 23 others were badly hurt,
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including an ohio man who was gored and had to undergo surgery. the annual event attracts thousands of runners from around the world despite the risks. >> jk rowling, the author of the harry potter series, reveals she is write agnew genre. she wrote a book under the name robert galbraith. she wanted to write a book without the hype and expect stations from fans and publishers. the sales of the book went from 4,700 ninth best seller to number three best seller. today is a nice day to go out and read a book on the poach. >> leigh: if you are near the coast or even in san francisco, boy, probably needed a scarf or a jacket as the onshore winds really started to increase late this afternoon, and you can see
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the wall of life clouds clouds - wall of low clouds and fog that will move inland tonight and bring us kind of a dicey commute tomorrow morning. we're picking up quite a bit of low cloudiness and fog. over the golden gate bridge, and that is stretching out over towards oakland right now as well. very strong winds. sfo reporting gusts to 22. 26-mile-per-hour wind gusts in fairfield. 15, livermore. and mountain view, gusts to 21. san jose being affected by some gusty winds, up to 13 miles-per-hour, and that has helped to drop temperatures today down two at sfo. livermore, fairfield, san jose, mountain view, down six degrees and san carlos down seven. so that's the trend for the next several days. san francisco, 60 this hour.
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san jose, 71. 55 this hour in half moon bay. you can see the wall of fog over the bay from our live emeryville cam, and temperatures right now. santa rosa, 72. still have some heat. fairfield, livermore, low 80s. novato, 75. and from the roof top cam, seeing some blue sky but the low clouds and fog will push inland overnight. get ready for breezy and cooler temperatures monday and tuesday, and then warm up as we head into the latter part of the work week. lows because of the strong onshore winds, upper 40s, and the push to the south and advance of an area of low pressure that will bring us a cooler air mass tomorrow, also increase those onshore winds, temperatures definitely will come down. 11:00 tonight, notice the low
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clouds and fog starting to spill in towards the bay and the delta. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, the fog and also the strong winds. some of them will pull back to just near the coast. so, we'll look for 50s there tomorrow. and the 80s will push back towards the delta. here's a look at your highs tomorrow, los gatos, 79. 76, san jose, temperatures trending below where we should be this time of year. half moon bay, 58. san francisco tomorrow, 63. morning overcast. afternoon sunshine there. 74, petaluma. napa, 76. you'll see oakland tomorrow, 68. onshore winds, and even kole it down. antioch, pitburg in the mid-to-low 80s. the coolest day will be on tuesday. 50ness at the coast, winds shift around, see more sun, thursday, friday, back into the 90s.
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>> toasty for a little bit. >> ama: colin rush is in for shu and the a's wrap up a series with with the red sox. >> taking it to the division leaders. i love brett anderson's tweet after today's game. that's what an all-star third baseman does. oh, wait, referring to josh donaldson in this heroics against boston. brandon workman making his first career start. he was on. coco crisp, caught looking. then a's fans raging the announcement grant balfour attending the all-star. workman no hitter into the seventh. coco crisp beats and it the no-hitter is over.
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josh donaldson, day before the all-star break, not invited. number 16, two-run shot. game tied at 2. completes the comeback in the 11th. chris young scores from second. game over. 3-2 the final. a's now 17 games over .500. pie me, please. >> nice because i was swinging the bat well the entire series and having a little tough luck, and helped us win the game, awesome. >> supposed to be able to come out with the series win right there, especially how well they were playing. shows a lot about our team. >> colin: the day after for tim lincecum, barry zito, rough day. his hood e.r.a., 9.89 after his eighth start on the road. solo shot in the first, game tied. pablo sandoval, terrific play last night to preserve the no-hitter. i leak -- like the effort but
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those are the plays he ha has been getting injured on. second inning, back-to-back home runs. zito the loss, four runs, four hits, two innings, 10-1 san diego, they avoid a sweep. >> despite 13 career wins on the pga touren pare said his win of the senior open was the biggest of his career. michael allen two up on perry and fred funk but the dreaded flop. called the final round the best round of his career. perry trialed by ten shots after the second round. wins by five streaks, on the heels of the pga championship in may. >> phil mickelson wins the scottish open. three-putt bogey, goes to a playoff to get his second career tournament win on european soil. vintage mickelson on the chip. a lucky bounce, tap-in birdie
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for the win. he will be at next week's british ohm open. >> john deere classic 7 '2nd '2nd hole for jordan spieth, in from the bunker. gets him into a three-way playoff. he prevails, becoming the youngest player to win a pga tour event since 1921. >> the tour de france, 150 miles up mount ventoux. chris room in is the stage winner. the final off day is tomorrow. >> tyson gay tested positive for a banned substance some will well out of the world championships in moscow. the hundred meter record holder says he will have his b sample tested soon. he blames the positive test on a friend he says he trusted. interesting. >> coming up tonight. at 11:00.
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>> playing for the future. just want to be part of that. >> i'll go one-on-one with andreing dolla and how -- andre ing -- igudola. a really good guy. good interview. >> up next, giant robots and aliens invade the big screen.
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>> ama: join my tonight on cable 1. we'll tell you why information nsa leaker edward snowden has with him that a person says is potentially tajing to the u.s. government. then at 11:00, the new pen that can help correct your spelling as you write. the unusual spellchecker, all coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> a group of comedy all-stars took on giant robot saving the planet at the box office. which one? neither. animated comedy, "despicable me 2" earned nearly $45 million.
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that boat out the debut of "grownups 2". the movie made $42.5 million. the monster invasion, pacific rim, made just 38 million in its debut despite strong reviews and critical consensus analysis. the heat was 14th, and the lone ranger made just 11 million in its second week. >> that's it for us at 6:00. thank you for joining us.
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>> right now, bruce willis gets back to work! i'll let you know when i start having fun. monsters take tinseltown! >> it's absolutely unique. jeff daniels in the hot seat! >> he knows absolutely everything and nothing at all. >> switched at birth shows signs of drama! >> it's madness, it's crazy, and it so much fun. >> we're rolling out the red carpet now. >> hello, welcome to on the red carpet from the set of abc family's "switched at birth." i'm rachel smith. we'll get you to the red carpet in a moment, but first the big story in hollywood. we'll show you around, take you through the kennish household and catch up with this award-winning cast. but fi


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