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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 15, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> all right, developing news, oakland police are on alert ready in case more local protests break out in the wake of the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial. there were two nights of violent demonstrations. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has the latest. >> police declared unlawful assembly last night so they could break up the crowd. a crowd of people caused problems around the intersection of broadway and 14 near city hall. they blocked cars from getting through the intersection. they forced drivers to turn around threatening them. there were reports there were people breaking windows and spraying graffiti while protesting the verdict against george zimmerman found not guilty in the death of trayvon
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martin. >> i have been a victim in a situation like this in my neighborhood. >> the crowd was mostly peaceful through the day. people gathered in the afternoon to march through downtown oakland and made statements again the verdict. sunday morning, property owners spent time choneing up the vandalism that happened from saturday's march and last night problems started again. the mayor released a statement saying "this is unacceptable." >> breaking news from san mateo at a condo complex fire forcing the residents of half a dozen units to grab what they could and get out. matt? >> we still have an active scene
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in san mateo. at this complex on bridgepoint parkway, the fire started in a dryer and spread from the 2nd to 3rd floor in the walls. six units are affected. the red cross was called in to help and the firefighters are making sure the fire in the wall is out. no injuries were reported. we will monitor the situation in san mateo and bring the latest. >> thank you. now the latest on the crash at sfo, group students from asiana flight 214 are offered counseling this morning after returning to their hometown. 31 students and teachers of the middle school arrived home to a huge group of parents, friends and well winers after losing three classmates.
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local authorities are putting together lawyers and experts to form a consulting group to help work out compensation for the victims. the students were going to attend summer catch in california to learn english and visit several universities. a blood drive is held this morning at sfo to replenish the supplies used to help victims in the crash. many needed surgeries. the drive will be held in terminal 3 starting at 9:00 this morning with donors asked to schedule an appointment head of time by calling first. >> stay with abc7 news on air for continuing coverage of the crash. you can follow us on twitter, as well. or on >> an amber alert is in effect for a missing toddler in oakland five days after disappearing. search-and-rescue teams found no
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trace of daphne viola webb, missing since wednesday. they searched trails near her family home yesterday. last week the teams combed waterways and handed outposters. >> this is an area the father was known to walk with the daughter and we are pressing forward in the seven to locate her. >> the father said he left daphne viola webb in the car to enter a store and a woman was seen walking away with a chide matching daphne's description. >> the deliberations will begin for juries in the trials of two men accused in the gang rape of a teen girl at richmond high school. they are on trial for the 2009 attack on a 16-year-old girl during the high school homecoming dance. the 22-year-old and the 20-year-old men are tried in the same courtroom. each defendant has his own jury which will deliberate separately. both men face life in prison.
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four others faced charges. two have accepted deals. >> this morning two men are under arrest for leaving the scene of two separate hit-and-run crashes seven months ago. our media partner reports that 23-year-old rojos turned himself into police in connection with the december 24 accident. in that case a man was using a crosswalk on broadway and he was hit by at least two vehicles believed drag racing. police also arrested the 35-year-old charles sanders for fatal hit-and-run crash december 20 when a man and his dog were killed near louisiana while walking. >> back to the bargaining table for both sides in the bart contract talks. bart and union negotiators met face to space -- face on friday. they made progress on safety issues but are far apart on pay and benefits. union leaders vow workers will
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walk off the job august 4 unless they have a deal. a mediator is working with both sides. >> firefighters are watching for flareups from a fast-moving grass fire that broke out at 7:00 p.m. last night. this is the scene as flames moved up the hillside. it went to two alarms before crews from the fire department and cal fire brought it under control. it blackened 30 acres. no structures were damaged. now a look at the weather forecast. mike? >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd. we have visibility to focus on with thicker marine layer at 2,000 feet and 5 miles visibility at half moon bay. you can drive up into the cloud cover this morning whether coming through sunol or across the bridges, that is how low it
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is. it is mild this on from 50 in santa rosa, a cool spot. napa and fairfield and san francisco and half moon bay at 5 2. 53 in concord and 55 in oakland and mountain view. you cannot seat top of the bay bridge. we will show clouds for the day planner through 7:00 with low-to-mid 50's. privateer by -- brighter by noon. we will be in the 70's to 80 near the bay and inland. by 7:00, 54 at the coast and 7 inland with below average temperatures. leyla gulen has traffic. >> we do not have crashes. what we do have is construction. in hayward, we do have projects going on on the northbound and southbound side of 880 between a
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and 238, five lanes will be blocked. if you are traveling in the southbound direction you will be met with cones blocking off four lanes that will last until 5:00 a.m. and southbound side between davis and marina. the drive time traffic 580 in tracy to dublin is 26 minutes and highway 4 between antioch and concord is 15 minutes and 101 from san rafael to san francisco is also under 20 minutes. walnut creek commute shows few tail lights maybe the southbound drive to highway 24 but all in all, accident free and clear. >> a bay area mom is arrested accused of abandoning her child at a gas station with surveillance video obtained by abc7 news. >> mysterious death of "glee" star.
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>> a bizarre turn at a local bl
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>> covering benicia, san ramon and san mateo and all the bay area. >> 4:41. a look at the embarcadero with only one car in the bay and the bay bridge, traffic will pick up . mike, how is the forecast? >>guest: as we have been covering demonstrators took to the streets for protests over the verdict in the george zimmerman trial including in san francisco. >> what about the rights of trayvon? a crowd of 200 protesters marched down market street for the second day of protests over the not guilty verdict. they headed to the shopping district and to the back dairy.
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protesters say the verdict makes them wonder if there is equal justice for all. >> so many black people are killed because they were walking down the street looking suspicious. >> the protesters made their way to the plaza and held a rally. they disbanded peacefully after a few minutes. in los angeles hundreds matched up and down busy city streets blocking traffic in response to the george zimmerman verdict. the protests turn violent, throwing rocks at officers forcing them to fire rounds into the crowd. no vandalism was reported but there were several arrests. >> a well-known bay area musician is speaking out after being attacked for dedicating a song to trayvon martin during the blues festival. he is known for work as a member
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of the 1960's groups the chambers pro and dedicated the song "people get ready" in martin's honor which did not sit well with a woman who rushed stage. >> i was publicked off my feet and went flying 4' to 6' in the air landing on equipment. >> fortunately, the injuries were not serious and police arrested and charged a 43 -year-old woman with battery against an elder. investigators say the woman told officers she suffers from ptsd. >> we have video showing a woman accused of abandoning her child in a bathroom. this surveillance video shows the woman entering a bathroom on saturday night with her one-year-old baby boy and comes out but without the baby. the child was alone for an hour before someone found him. she was arrested at her home and
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backed on child endangerment and abandonment. the boy has been placed in emergency foster care. >> investigators are expected to return to the scene of a fire that destroyed a landmark business. investigators say saturday night 's fire is suspicious. crews from seven fire departments battled the flames. fire officials say the fire may have been deliberately set because the hay needs something external to ignite it. the feed store is the longest running business and the owners are insured and hope to rebuild. >> commuters can expect a traffic headache as the section of interstate 5 near downtown los angeles is closed while workers repair an underpass damaged by fire. the section of freeway has been closed since a tanker truck flipped and spilled 8,500 gallons of gas on saturday. authorities expect repairs to be extensive and urge commuters to
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avoid the area and take public transit today. >> the average cost of gasoline has dropped by a penny over the past three weeks but enjoy it while it lasts. the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded nation-wide is $3.59 and in california it is $3.95. los angeles has the highest in the state at $4.02 and sacramento has the lowest at $3.79 but the prices will jump a dime a gallon the next few weeks. >> the historic oyster farm is holding a support rally in the fight to stay open, the latest move to try and stop the federal government from shutting it down. the national park service claims that the oyster boats have had a negative impact on sea life but drakes and experts say false sanction was used to evaluate the environmental impact. the rally is 2:30 this afternoon
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and san francisco -- in san francisco at the waterfront restaurant. mike? >> if you like the cool weather, we have it. we have mist. we have drizzle. we have warmer weather on the way. here is live doppler 7 hd, with clouds everywhere this morning. no organized areas of rain. just a lot of mist and low drizzle this morning. winds will kick up this afternoon in the delta communities at 10 to 25 knots from 2:00 to 9:00 in the evening we have small craft advisory. it is calm in san jose. can you see gusts up to 33 in fairfield, a sign that a strong breeze is out there. from emeryville you can see low clouds to the southeast or southwest. cooling tomorrow. tomorrow is the low water mark. we will see warmer weather on the weekend.
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from the roof camera this morning, you can see it is cloudy with temperatures from four degrees cooler-than-average in livermore and eight degrees cooler in redwood city and san jose at 75 and 76. 75 in santa clara and possibly low 80's around morgan hill. in santa cruz, about 72 degrees. in milbrae it will be 67 degrees and the coast is brick day but raw and temperatures are in the upper 50's with the wins not so fast as they could be, especially around the bay, but, still, with a lack of sunshine and temperatures in the 50's it will feel cool. south san francisco is 65, and through the north bay valley in san rafael, around 74 to 76 degrees and ten degrees cooler in sausalito and about mid-to-upper 50's at your beaches. in the east bay shore everyone is in the mid-to-upper 60's and hercules is possible low-to-mid 70's and the east bay valley from 79 in walnut creek to
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livermore and brentwood at 84 degrees. tonight, clouds again, mist and drizzle, again, also, temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's. tomorrow we could drop a degree or two and we will get closer to average on wednesday and summer warmth or average temperatures for thursday, friday, saturday, meaning low-to-mid 90's and low-to-mid 60's at the coast. have a great day. leyla gulen? >> good morning, we are look at good conditions so far this morning but we the mist or drizzle in certain areas that could create slick conditions on the road so make sure you drive cautiously and slower. we do not have too much in the way of accidents with congestion and construction in san francisco, southbound 101 between market and mission we will have cones out there blocking off a couple of lanes until 5:00 a.m. this morning. we are looking at decent conditions out there as we take a jump to san jose.
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we have top speeds northbound and southbound along 280 and 85 as you make the drive up to cupertino, 101, you are in good shape. the track shows along 80 westbound from albany to the maze it is four minutes, and fremont to san jose is 15 minutes. 101 to cupertino, 12 minutes for that stretch. this is the drive across the san mateo bridge and you can see few folks making the drive but it is all clear. >> an autopsy will be performed today on "glee" actor cory monteith to figure out why he died. he missed checkout time at the hotel. he played singing heart throb on the show. a friend spoke to his hours before he died. >> i had several interactions
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with him yesterday where he said to me he was feeling amazing and even said he was feeling fantastic. again. >> cory monteith drug eled with drug addiction for 18 years and went into rehab in april. there is no evidence of foul lay. they are interviewing several people seen with the actor on friday night. >> next time you fly get ready for the randomizer, the "los angeles times" reports t.s.a. will install electronic devices to randomly direct travelers to different screening lines. federal officials say the so-called randomizers are needed so t.s.a. officials can not be accused of profiling passengers when selecting those to be searched. there is no word on when the randomizers will appear at airports. >> i like the family-only line. >> there is a warning of a certain type of nut and a danger.
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>> a special ceremony today bringing former president george h.w. bush back to the white house. >> a return of a popular tasty treat.
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>> happy birthday, today twitter is celebrating the 7th anniversary of the public launch. seven years ago today the site went live to the public, 224 tweets went out that day. this is different from the 7th birthday this year marking the founder's first tweak. today they send an average of 400 million tweet as day and the short messages containing 140 characters are less. can you follow us on twit, as well. they are back.
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>> twin kids back this morning -- twin kids are back this morning. fans lined up to get the collectible box. the products have not been produced since november when hostess filed for bankruptcy and went out of business. the new owners now have a shelf life of...45 days, up from 25 days for the old ones. according to the "wall street journal" they are looking at making more healthy twinkies from whole grains or sugar substitute. >> why? >> exactly. what we have here says best buy december 9, but we should try it. >> of what career? >> it doesn't say. does it? >> i defy you to tell a stale twinkie from a fresh twinkie. >> it has been on the wall if case of emergency and it only says "december 9," not the year.
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we will talk about air quality. everything is good today, low tree and ozone and ragweed. radar and satellite shows quiet everywhere. we will have 90 in sacramento and 1309 in palm springs and comfortable in los angeles and 83 and same in tahoe. leyla gulen has the traffic. >> i suggest we celebrate twitter's birthday with a bite of the twinkies. >> you go first. >> we are looking at clear conditions across the bay area and not too much construction. we will focus on this project in hayward area northbound 880. the cones are being picked up but we had several lanes blocked. in the southbound direction between davis and marina, that will be picked up by 5:00 a.m. so far, so good.
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over the altamont pass, we will see a buildup of congestion at 31 miles per hour up to 47 and slow-and-go in the westbound direction. the drive in san jose along 101 away from 880, it is busy this morning. >> some pistachios sold in california are under a recall warning from the treasure harvest brand could have salmonella sold in 6-ounce plastic cup and were distributed between october of 2012 and april of 2013. if you have the product, return it for a refund or throw it away. >> president obama and first lady will host former president george h.w. bush for a special awards ceremony with an honoring for an award that president bush
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established to on those would made a difference in communities recognizing during his administration more than 1,000 volunteers as "points of light" which is the largest organization dedicated to volunteer service. >> the world is watching england where the duchess has yet to deliver. her husband, prince william, remains relaxed playing polo at a charity match with his brother, harry, and kate will be taken to st. mary's which is surrounded 24/7 by media with bets placed on the delivery date, the time, color of hair and eyes and the name. we will break it to program with a special report when the royal baby is born. >> we are following breaking news on the peninsula where firefighters are at the scene of a fire at a condo complex and we will take you there. >> bay area counties are taking three major paint manufacturers
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to court today in a
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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> it is 5:00 a.m. and we thank you for joining us. >> we have breaking news. firefighters are on the scene of a fast-moving place at a san mateo condo complex. abc7 news reporter is at the scene. the area is across the street from the busy shopping center, right? >> this is a busy area. i spoke with the deputy chief of the fire department and he said the fire is out. he said more than 100 people living in this apartment


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