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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 15, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> it is 5:00 a.m. and we thank you for joining us. >> we have breaking news. firefighters are on the scene of a fast-moving place at a san mateo condo complex. abc7 news reporter is at the scene. the area is across the street from the busy shopping center, right? >> this is a busy area. i spoke with the deputy chief of the fire department and he said the fire is out. he said more than 100 people living in this apartment complex
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were let back into their homes. however, six units are still evacuated and firefighters say it started at 2:00 a.m. in a dryer vent and the units are across the street from the mall. fire alarms went off and the sprinklers in the six units. the firefighters set up ladders just in case they kneed to evacuate. everyone got out. no injuries were reported. i was told it was mostly water damage to the sex units and the red cross has been called in to help out people who are affected by this and help them find shelter this morning. >> now at look at the weather forecast. we have mist out there. >> you cannot see the top of trans america building. >> it is moist out there. humidity is running above 83 percent. yes, you will find a few wet spots the form of mist hanging in the air and maybe drizzle
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along the coast but no organized area of wet weather. you can see the clouds hugging the coast. the rest of us will be sunny by noon. inland we have 74 in the north bay and south bay and 84 in the east bay valley. in the bay, 64 to 74 into san francisco but not much of a spread at 58 to 61. the morning commute is brought to us by leyla gulen were. >> the construction projects are being picked up but along eastbound the bay bridge you will be met with a few lane closures and that will last until 6:00 a.m. because of bridge repair work. we have a buildup of traffic westbound with the cash-paying lanes loading up in the morning. eight minutes to get you southbound across the golden gate bridge from sausalito and 80 bay bridge westbound is nine minutes and san mateo bridge is 12-minute commute.
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the briggs -- the bridges of looking decent. not too many cars along the northbound side. >> protests turn violent in oakland on the second day of demonstrations over the george zimmerman verdict. protesters japped the street near oakland city hall for three hours yesterday preventing any track from getting through. the protests started off peacefully early in the afternoon but by 10:00 a small group began vandalizing businesses with rocks and bottles thrown at police and cars and some residents say they wish the community to come together peacefully. >> i would rather see us continue to pray and talk to god and maybe this can stop. >> transit buses were detoured because of the protest. a of frommer reported to police he was attacked by a crowd when he wandered in the middle of the group. >> george zimmerman protests
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have been held across the country and they can continue as we learn new information of his futures. now this developing news. >> the justice department is considering filing criminal civil rights charges against george zimmerman and trayvon martin's family is likely to file a civil suit against him. abc7 news has an exclusive interview with george zimmerman's defense attorney in their first interview since the verdict. we have learned george zimmerman will get back the gun he used to kill trayvon martin and his attorney say he needs it more than ever to protect himself. >> i don't know how he could not lawfully carry a gun at this point because he is lawfully allowed to carry him. this is the worst time in his life. >> right now with his family likely outside of the state of florida. >> abc7 news spoke with the attorneys for the martin family saying they are heartbroken over the verdict and they talked about a phone call they had
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yesterday with trayvon martin's mom. >> she said that we are not going to let this verdict define trayvon. we will define our son's legacy. we have a long way to go to make sure this happens to no one else's child especially after this verdict. >> coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00, more of the collusive interview with george zimmerman's attorneys and more with the attorneys for trayvon martin's family. >> if you want to follow the justice department investigation or the protest there are updates on our twitter feed. now to the latest in the crash of asiana flight 214. more than a week after the crash the wreckage still sits near a hangar at sfo. the fuselage was slowly being towed after the back portion of
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the plane they had to cut away. the ntsb took what is needed for the investigation and turned the rest of the wreckage over to the airport. sfo says flight political -- says asiana flight 214 has two weeks to remove it. >> there is a blood supply to replenish the blood supplies used to help the victims in the crash starting at 9:00 a.m. in terminal three. donors are asked to schedule an appointment ahead of time by calling. you can keep on top of the investigation by following us on twitter@abcnews base -- bay area, and you can see the breaking news at it happens an our app. >> san jose police are sending for a gunman who killed a
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17-year-old victim after 1:00 o'clock a.m. yesterday. police received a call of shots fired. a large party was breaking up and officers found the victim inside a car. he was shot several times. there are no suspects or motive. a trial is set to begin in superior court to make the paint industry pay to remove lead paint from millions of homes around the state. ten california cities and counties sued the industry in 2000 alleging paint manufacturers knew of the dangers by the late 1980's but kept selling it. the industry argued it never deliberately sold the hazardous product and the paint is no longer a significant public health threat in california. the case seeks to have the paint industry remove the paint from an estimated five million homes at a cost $1 billion. >> now the weather forecast.
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mike? >> we will start with the temperatures if you are headed to friend, we are either 50 in forest hills or 52 at the ferry building. a cool morning there but elsewhere in the 50's but petaluma is only 49. unionty and palo alto at 57. in the east bay valley, 54 in walnut creek and belmont. 55 in pleasanton and tracy is warmer at 60 degrees. today, the next 12 hours we will have mist and drizzle in the morning. so far, i not heard of slick streets at 52 to 55 degrees. slow clearing today and at noon we will get sunshine but the coast is partly sunny and in the mid-50's and mid-70's inland and by 4:00 we will top out at 80 inland and extend around the bay and 56 at the coast with the temperatures below average. they will be below average tomorrow and probably the cool of the day in the forecast. warming begins wednesday and,
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finally, summer comes back on thursday. leyla gulen? >> we have a report of an overturned vehicle at coyote creek golf drive involving an overturned vehicle northbound 101 and so far, so good but we do not have delays. that could change soon where we are seeing delays is over the altamont pass one of our busiest drives. we will look outside right now at the big bridge where we had construction crews making their drive in the northbound direction picking up cones and they are now out of sight and southbound side you are running at top speeds and you need to drive carefully because the roads are slick. >> apple could be gearing up to produce the next iphone. bloomberg business report is next. >> the information edward snowden leaker has with him which is potentially damage to the u.s. government.
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>> covering daly city, dublin/pleasanton, los gatos and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:12. the journalist who first reported the leak by edward snowden says that the former n.s.a. contractor possesses dangerous information about the u.s. government. snowden has been on the run
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since revealing a top secret national security agency program that spied on journalists -- americans, and the journalist says he has thousands of documents showing how the n.s.a. is built. he says they could be harmful to the reputation of the u.s. government but he says snowden insists the details not be made public. >> new legislation could allow all california voters to cast their ballot on saturdays if they want. san francisco state senator ye opens this boosts turnout requiring counties to have a polling place open for early voting for at least one saturday in the 29 days before an election. right now, only 25 of the state's 58 counties allowed saturday voting. >> the back-to-school shopping season is approaching, but you may not be able to find everything you are looking for. >> now here is the bloomberg business report. >> good luck finding exactly what you want if you are doing
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back-to-school shopping, with retailers cautious about ordering back to school inventory after getting burned by slow consumer spending during the cold spring but consumers are likely to spend more this year than last year on the season meaning either a slow down in spending is coming or it could be tough for consumers to fine the clothing and electronics they want. investors are looking at a report on june sales from the commerce department with stocks on friday squeezing out a small gain and the s&p 500 hit another record high because of stronger than expected earnings from the banks. apple may be close to starting iphone 5 production with the new iphone available in late september or early october. at the new york stock exchange. >> there is a newly minted millionaire in the bay area, after matching file of the six numbers during saturday night's powerball drawing and was sold at cable car wine and spirit
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grocer in san francisco. the winning numbers are 2, 8, 22, 35, 37. powerball number is six. the ticket sold in san francisco is worth $2.6 million. >> going today, we are bringing you a new way to experience abc7 news programming anywhere. we explain how "watch abc" works. >> it is an exciting new way to watch a stream of your favorite abc7 news tv shows. >> investigators try to put together what happened. >> at local programming, almost anywhere, but are at home, at the office very running errands you can get your favorite shows, sports and abc7 news on the smartphone, tablet or computer. it is on demand. abc7 news is among the first stations in the country to bring
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account information and log in for the streaming now. >> no more fighting with your family members. find out how you can access on our website to download the app now, search for "watch abc," at wherever you need us to be. >> no fighting over the tv because this will always be fighting. >> now the weather forecast. we have mist. >> you encountered a little bit across the bay bridge so you can see how low the clouds are hanging, you will run into mist. five mile visibility in half moon bay and eighth in santa rosa as far as having fog, it is
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not that much but the higher elevations. we will have flight arrival delays in sfo. if you step away from the tv, is at bottom. in the southwest, emeryville, we have more cooling and then we will ramp the temperatures back to where they should be later in the week. from mount tamalpais, we are seeing the sun come up ever so quickly this morning and the sky is turning blue and it looks like we will have a hard time getting rid of the cloud cover. above 2,000 feet it will look like that. the rest of us, it will take noon until we get the sunshine and 24 hour temperature change, the same for san jose and oakland and san francisco. toward fremont, that is where we see the biggest chains in temperature at four to seven degrees. in the south bay, low-to-mid 70's and we will be near 80 in gilroy and 72 in santa cruz, and, also, in milpitas.
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70 in san mateo up to 75 in redwood city and at coast we will have temperatures in the upper 50's this afternoon with partly sunny sky and the bay side, more sunshine and downtown south san francisco, 61 and 65. and close to that in sausalito, the north bay beaches no different than elsewhere, upper 50's under sun, and inland valleys, mid-70's is it, that is comfortable, and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's with the cool spot being richmond at 64 degrees. the warmest spot is not that warm by summer standards, at 79 in walnut creek to 84 in brentwood and livermore in the east bay valley under free air conditioning. we will have cloud cover again and fairly decent at low-to-mid 50's. another cool day tomorrow, maybe a degree or two cooler than today and we start to warm on wednesday and temperatures are back where they should be on thursday, friday, saturday and
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sunday but nothing too hot to handle. is traffic too hot to handle? >> a little bit. we have possible injuries because of this overturned crash on 101 northbound at coyote creek golf drive. the rest of the areas are at top speed. the tunnel is slower but it could be the fog and mist. the mist could cause slick conditions. there is no congestion just mind your speed. as we look at the altamont pass traveling in the westbound direction, the red is solid brake lights and the top speed is 29 miles per hour, and 33 miles per hour when you exit the pass so that is 37-minute ride. outside, we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza and the cash-paying lanes are loaded up at this early hour.
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, here are seven things to know today. breaking news from san mateo where firefighters are mopping up after a three-alarm condo fire that started inside a dryer at a complex across from the shopping center. six people are out of their
5:24 am
homes. protesters turned violent in oakland in the second day of demonstrations over the george zimmerman verdict. protesters jammed the streets of 14th and flood way near oakland city hall vandalizing some businesses and throwing rocks at police. protesters in san francisco were peaceful. >> autopsy results are pending for 15-year-old third victim of the plane crash at sfo after being rescued from the plane seat almost a week earlier will the crash also killed two of her classmates. >> four, an amber alert is in ever if evening for a missing 21-month-old daphne viola webb five days after disappearing in oakland. search-and-rescue teams from santa clara found no trace of the toddler yesterday after searching a series of trails near her family home. >> five, an autopsy will be performed today on "glee" star actor cory monteith who was
5:25 am
found death in his hotel room if vancouver. he was in rehab in april and admitted to struggles with addiction since being 13. >> starting off with deep marine layer again temperatures below average to start the week and i tell you how warm it will be by the weekend. >> seven, walnut creek drive is quiet but go have a sig-alert in gilroy and crash on 101 in san jose with the details coming up. >> mystery unraveled, the author of "harry potter" has revealed she is writing a new genre of literature and wrote a crime novel and difficulty under a false name publishing a book without the hype and expectation from her loyal fans and publishers. after revealing this sales jumped 156,000 percent on amazon
5:26 am
in one day. sold out. from 4,700 best seller to the number three best seller on amazon. >> it did win critical aclaim. >> man in california was hurt in the running of the bulls this spain. his name has not been released and suffered life threatening others, and an ohio man was gored by a bull and had surgery, and a 20-year old utah college student was gored and is in the hospital. the annual event attracts thousands of runers from airport world despite the risks. >> each year, i ask, why? each year, you have no answer. >> the abc7 morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. >> what about rights of trayvon?
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including the large demonstration against the george zimmerman verdict bringing out people to the streets of san francisco. >> also ahead, the new turn that the richmond
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is monday. hope you had a great weekend. i am kristen sze. >> there is fog out there to greet you on this monday. maybe some mist. >> if you are below 500' you okay but above that you drive into the cloud deck where it is misty. maybe drizzle at the coast. the clouds are thicker. the moisture is more prevalent. there are no organized areas of wet weather. you can see the ebb and flow of
5:30 am
the cloud cover. the first forecast shows sunshine inland by noon and 74 in the north bay and south bay. fog is hanging around the golden gate bridge and 64 to 74 and the coast is sunny with temperatures around 60 into san francisco. leyla gulen? >> injury accidents in the south bay and the first is along 101 in the northbound direction involving an overturned wreck. northbound we do not have delays. it sounds like the vehicle is off to the side of the freeway so it does not appear to be blocking lanes. to the south into gilroy we have a sig-alert because of a head-on collision involving a car and a big rig. we have one-way traffic control until further notice. 152 at lover's lane we have traffic in the westbound direction.
5:31 am
outside, the drive from central san rafael shows lots of cars southbound side so give yourself an early start. >> thank you, breaking news in san mateo where this is a three-alarm fire at a major apartment complex. crews have been at the complex across the street from the bridgepoint parking center since 3:30 this morning starting inside a dryer and spread through the walls. more than 100 people evacuated. no one was hurt. we will have another update next half hour. >> police in oakland are on alert for the possibility of more protests following george zimmerman's aquittal in the killing of trayvon martin. most protests have been peaceful but small groups have resorted to violence. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more from
5:32 am
oakland. >> people headed to work are seeing a lot of this in downtown oakland, boards in place where windows used to be. this is wells fargo on broadway at 12th, some of the damage from the protests. last night there was a crowd that took over broadway and 14th and they forced the drivers to turn around with reports of people throwing rocks at police. residents are disappointed. >> i understand the protest but this is senseless. this is now how you handle things there is a better and smarter way to handle things. early in the day yesterday people were peaceful marching through downtown oakland to protest the verdict if the trial against george zimmerman. the mayor quan released a
5:33 am
statement saying she condemned the violence or vandalism that erupted last might and saturday calling it "unacceptable" saying it dishonors the memory of trayvon martin. >> a cease of protests in san francisco over the weekend proved more peaceful. >> what about trayvon's rights? a crowd of 200 protesters marched yesterday over the verdict headed first to the shopping district and then to the embarcadero the verdict makes them wonder if there is equal justice for all. >> so many black people are killed because they were walking down the street looking push. >> they made their way to the lazy and held a rally. they disbanded peacefully after
5:34 am
a few minutes. in los angeles, hundreds of demonstrators manned up and down the city streets blocking traffic in response to the george zimmerman verdict. the protester turned violent with demonstrators throwing rocks at police officers and forcing them to fire bean bag rounds into the crowd. no vandalism was reported but police made five arrests. >> this morning the legal fight may not be over for george zimmerman. a civil lawsuit against the neighborhood watch volunteer could be the next step for trayvon martin's family. the justice department says they are looking into the case to determine if it should file civil rights charges against george zimmerman. the department opened an investigation into martin's death but stepped aside to allow the state of florida to prosecute their case. abc7 news reporter will have a report in the next half hour. if you want to follow the investigation or the protesters over the george zimmerman verdict, can you get updates on
5:35 am
twitter@abcnewsbayarea. >> a group of survivors from asiana flight 214 is being offered counseling this morning after returning to the hometown in china. 31 students and teachers of a middle school arrived home to a huge group of parents, friends and well wishers. the students lost three classmates in the crash. abc7 news has learned local authorities are putting together lawyers and experts to form a consulting group to work out compensation. a blood drive is being held this morning at sfo to replenish bay area supplies used to help victims in the crash. many needed surgeries. the driver will be held in the baggage claim level of terminal three starting at 9:00 a.m. this morning with donors asked to schedule an appointment ahead of time by calling.
5:36 am
stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the crash and you can keep on top of the investigation by following us on twitter@abcnewsbayarea or >> amber alert remains in affect for a missing toddler in oakland five days after she vanished. teams from santa clara have found no trace of the 21-month-old daphne viola webb missing since last wednesday. they searched trails from her family home. last week temperatures combed the local estuary. >> this is an area where her father was known to walk with the daughter so right now we still pressing forward in our search. >> he says he left daphne viola webb in the car to go into a store on international boulevard. a woman, he says, was seen walking away with a child matching daphne's description. >> today, deliberations are to
5:37 am
begin for both juries in the trials of two men accused of a brattle rape of a teen girl at richmond while. the two men are on trial for the 2009 gang rape of a 16-year-old girl dug the high school homecoming dance. the 22-year-old and 20-year-old are being tried in the same courtroom each defendant has his own jury which will deliberate separately. both face life in prison. fore ours face charges, two have accepted plea democrats. >> two men are under arrest accused of leaving the scene of two separate hit-and-run crashes seven months ago. our media participate, the vallejo times herald reports a 23-year-old suspect turned himself into police. a man used a crosswalk on broadway and he was hit by at least two vehicles that were believed drag racing. police also arrested a 36-year-old charles sander toss a failing hit-and-run crash on
5:38 am
december 20th. a man and hissing do were killed near louisiana and sutter while out for a walk. >> back to the bargaining official in the bart negotiations. bart can union negotiators met for the first time face to face since the strike ended july 4. they made some progress on safety issues but are far apart on pay and benefits. they vow workers will walk off the job august 4 unless they have an agreement. a state mediator is working with both sides. >> 500' altitude is a key factor in your life. >> absolutely, that is where the clouds begin bygone by 2,500 and the relative humidity is 7 percent relative humidity and 12 percent on mount mount diabolo. temperatures are in the upper 40's in bodega bay, petaluma, novato. everyone else in the north by at
5:39 am
51 to 52 degrees including sausalito. richmond is at 51 and a lot of mid-50's in the bay sure and cupertino is the warm spot at 60 and lafayette at 55 and san ramon is 53. from mount tamalpais this morning, for the next 12 hours, clouds and low-to-mid 50's through 7:00 and sunshine but the coast, and mostly sunny this afternoon and 56 at the coast where it is partly sunny to 80 inland and at 7:00 it will be mild from cool conditions to 54 at the coast to 76 inland. >> i have an update and we have one crash that cleared in the south by northbound 101 but this is still going to be around for some time, a sig-alert, eastbound 152 at lover's lane
5:40 am
the westbound traffic is building because of a head-on collision involving a car and a big rig. the good news is minor injuries recorded. we have a stalled car northbound 101 and we have delays in the southbound direction from san francisco continuing in the southbound direction we have this stalled vehicle northbound 680 at 780 and that could be causing a delay but, all in all, we are decent shape on the cartinez bridge. on the toll plaza the tolls are not so great with cash-paying lanes really loaded up. >> a bay area mother is arrested and accused of abandoning her child at a gas station with new surveillance video obtained by abc7 news. >> mysterious death of cory monteith and what one of the last people talking to him is
5:41 am
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5:43 am
>> covering san francisco, east bay and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 5:43. we have new video showing a woman accused of abandoning her child in a chevron station bathroom. the police say this surveillance
5:44 am
video shows the woman entering a bathroom on saturday night with her one-year-old baby boy and comes out later but the baby does not. the child was alone for about an hour before someone found him. she was arrested at her home and booked on child endangerment and abandonment. the boy is placed in emergency foster care. >> investigators are expected to return to the scene of a fire that destroyed a landmark business. investigators on saturday night say it is "suspicious." crews from seven fire departments battled the flames. fire officials say the fire may have been deliberately set because the hay that caught on fire needs something to ignite it. the feed store opened 80 years ago and is the longest-running business in the town. the owners were insured and hope to rebuild. commuters in los angeles have a
5:45 am
problem with a section of highway 5 closed near downtown after a tanker truck flipped and spilled 8,500 gallons of gasoline that is causing extensive repairs. you should avoid that area entirely and take public transit. >> the average cost of gas has dropped a penny the past three weeks but cherish it. the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded nation-wide is $3.59. in california the state average is $3.95 down six cents. los angeles has the highest in the state at $4.302 and sacramento is the lowest at $3.79. prices will jump a dime a gallon in the next few weeks. >> the historic drake's boy oyster farm is trying to stay open because the federal government is trying to shut them down with the park service saying it has a negative impact
5:46 am
on sea life but marine experts and drake's say false science was used to study the environmental impact. >> mike, how is the forecast? >> cool weather. that is unusual for this time of year. this morning, we have mist hanging around. very moist boundary layer but not giving up any sort of organized wet weather the form of rain. you can see live doppler 7 hd showing it is dry. winds will pick up and a reason why we will be cooler-than-average is our fastest winds around san francisco bay and the delta community from 2:00 this afternoon to 9:00 this evening the wins will come from the southwest at 15- to 25-knots. this morning, you can see how low the clouds are hang around and waiting on word from sfo how long the delays will be because of the cloud cover. slow sunshine today with more
5:47 am
cooling tomorrow and i see temperatures ramping up toward the week. you can see a bring start and the reason why is we are four degrees cooler in livermore and oakland at 67 is five degrees cooler-than-average and napa tops out at 76, and seven degrees cooler-than-average and san jose at 76 and eight degrees cooler-than-average, high pressure has moved to the north and that tapped into the cooler air coming down our way and it will be here today and tomorrow before high pressure retreats off to the west and the warmer high pressure over the four corners pushes warmer weather our way. expect low-to-mid 70's in the south bay and near 80 for you and 72 in santa cruz. throw mid-70's on the peninsula and cooler around milbrae at 67 and upper 50's this afternoon along the coast with partly sunny sky and low-to-mid 60's
5:48 am
around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-70's through the north bay develop with upper 50's at your beaches and we have hercules and union city and fremont the warm spot along the east bay shore and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 60's and the east bay valley 79 at walnut creek and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80's. the seven-day forecast shows one to two degrees cooler tomorrow away from the coast. temperatures start warming closer to average on wednesday, with a three to six degree jump and another two to four degrees gamp on thursday and through the week, we will 30 with the low 80's and low-to-mid 90's inland. >> we do have a crash in berkeley that is shutting down on-and-off ramps to eastbound and westbound 80 at university avenue and no word when it will
5:49 am
re-open but we are already seeing delays if you are headed along the westbound side of 80 eastbound looking clear as we take you right back to gilroy where the sig-alert is in effect and one way traffic control and eastbound is 52 because of a head-on collision involving a car and a big rig and taking you back to benicia bridge northbound 680 at 780 the car is blocking one lane and a stall. the drive time traffic shows mass transit running on time and caltrain and muni and bart looking clear. 280 is looking clear. eric? >> thank you at 5:49. an autopsy will be performed on actor cory monteith in canada the workers found the 31-year-old in his vancouver hotel room. he played high school football star continued singer on the show of "grow." the facebook has 700,000 "likes" an indication of how popular the actor was with fans of the show.
5:50 am
a friend said he spoke to cory monteith hours before his death. i had several interactions with him yesterday where he said to me he was feeling amazing and even said "i'm feeling fantastic again." cory monteith entered rehab in april. there is no sign of foul play. his girlfriend is asking the public if privacy. >> get ready for randomizer at the airport when you fly. the "los angeles times" reports the t.s.a. is planning to install electronic devices to randomly direct travelers to different screening lines at airports. federal officials say the so-called randomizers are needed so officers cannot be accused of profiling passengers to be searched. though word on when the ran droppizers will appear at airports. >> sounds like a arnold
5:51 am
schwarzenegger movie "the randomizer." we will update you on the royal baby watch.
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>> 5:53 on monday morning. have you seen these before? these are old ones and the new twinkies are back on the shelves. fans lined up to buy early release of the knacks. the treats hit other stores today. twinkies and other products have not been produced since november when the brands filed for bankruptcy and shut down. the new owners of hostess say there is a shelf life of 45 days up from 25 days. i said days, not years. according to the "wall street journal" host says look at making more healthy twinkies from whole grains or sugar substitutes. >> dare me to eat that. i know it is best buy seven months ago. >> they are antiques! put them down. gently.
5:55 am
>> here is a look at golden gate bridge you can see the low deck of clouds hanging around taught on the deck but it is there and it is prevalent and it will cause flight arrival delays. trees, ragweed, grass, mode, ozone, all low. u.v. index is very high because we will see sunshine by noon. traveling around the state more quiet than last week with the showers and thunderstorms in southern california. today we have 83 in los angeles and 77 in san diego and 102 in fresno and 90's for sacramento and tahoe, 82 degrees. >> we look right now our berkeley drive, there is 80 headed along westbound direction the headlights and we do have police activity blocking the eastbound and westbound ramps 2
5:56 am
80 because a pedestrian accident. the pedestrian was hit. no word when it will clear. we have a lot of traffic making the drive toward emeryville. you cannot get off at university avenue. we have bumper-to-bumper traffic slowing down the commute to the bay bridge. 101 has a stalled car northbound side. >> former president george h.w. bush will return to a familiar address today, the white house, the gifts of president obama at a white house ceremony for the "point light" award and the 5,000 winner is honored. president bush established the ward in 1990 to honor those individuals who make a difference in the community and is the largest organization dedicated to volunteer services.
5:57 am
>> the world is watching england with the duchess yet to deliver. her husband, prince william, remains relaxed playing polo at a charity match yesterday. kate will be taken to the hospital which is surrounded by media. bets have been placed on the date, time, color of hair, eyes and the name. abc7 news will break in to programming with a special report when the royal baby arrives. >> governor brown is out of the country reuniting with his heritage. >> there is a peninsula condo complex fire. >> later, how your smartphone is being used by retailers for their
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> flames brake out in an farm complex and we are live with the help that displaced residents. >> from florida to the bay area protesters hit the streets of oakland for a second day to demonstrate against the george zimmerman verdict. again, the protests turned violent. >> a little more than a week after the asiana flight 214 disaster we can tell you what you can do to help the victims. >> good morning on this monday at 6:00. >> first up, a check on your weather forecast. >> we will start by looking at what is going on with the day planner. we will break down the next 12 hours. you can see our radar and satellite showing a lot of cloud cover. 7:00 a.m. is misty and sunny


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